South African Constabulary Search : U
Surname Names Date of Birth View
UglandAlexander Dugan28 July 1880View
UnderhaySydney10 October 1877View
UnderhillWallace Charles11 December 1878View
UnderwoodAlbert 26 November 1880View
UnderwoodAlbert Joseph27 February 1874View
UnderwoodHugh Llewellyn Eondra21 April 1875View
UnstedJohn24 February 1877View
UnwinHenry18 August 1885View
UptonArthur Edward4 May 1877View
UptonCharles Francis28 July 1875View
UptonGerald1 June 1879View
UptonJohn29 September 1880View
UptonWilliam Murray2 January 1871View
UrenBertie 28 July 1876View
UrenWilliam John9 August 1884View
UrquhartDonald30 October 1877View
UrquhartWilliam Thomas27 September 1880View
UsherGeorge Thomas28 July 1879View
UysChristoffel Jacobus11 July 1881View
UysMarthinus Johannes12 February 1882View
UzzellWilliam John20 September 1876View
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