South African Constabulary Search : V
Surname Names Date of Birth View
VailCharles4 April 1880View
ValentineJohn3 January 1878View
ValentinePercy2 January 1876View
Van AardeAbraham6 February 1881View
Van AswegenJacobus Albertus12 September 1873View
Van AswegenWilliam Philip3 February 1870View
Van CollerAdolf Johannes30 September 1885View
Van den BerghJohannes Willem Hendrik28 May 1874View
Van den HeeverAbraham Jacobus7 January 1880View
Van der BankAndries Jacobus3 October 1876View
Van der MerweDaniel Johannes26 March 1883View
Van der MerweFerdinand Petrus27 April 1877View
Van der MerweIsaac12 August 1876View
Van der MerweJames Jacobus29 August 1883View
Van der MerweJohannes Francis10 May 1881View
Van der MerweJohannes Matthias6 August 1878View
Van der MerweJohn Johannes1 January 1882View
Van der MerweMarthinus Johannes11 March 1869View
Van der MerwePetrus Lodewicus1 March 1877View
Van der MerwePieter Willem Jacobus12 November 1875View
Van der PoelCornelius Abraham 31 March 1881View
Van der SchyffJohannes Jacobus4 July 1872View
Van der VliesAndries Bernard25 January 1877View
Van der WaltGert Hendrik21 October 1884View
Van der WaltJohannes Hendrik7 January 1881View
Van der WaltThomas John 11 June 1881View
Van der WesthuizenGert Stephanus28 February 1883View
Van GraanJohannes Frederick4 October 1876View
Van HeerdenJohannes L.12 June 1879View
Van HeerdenLourens Erasmus4 August 1880View
Van HeerdenRiemer Johannes13 June 1874View
Van HeeverJohannes 12 November 1884View
Van JaarsveldMarthinus Wessel8 December 1881View
Van KraayenburgGert Florus Albertus7 May 1881View
Van LelyveldCharlie19 June 1887View
Van NiekerkDaniel Jacobus18 March 1871View
Van NiekerkHendrik Johannes15 February 1884View
Van NiekerkLouis Lucas 26 October 1881View
Van ReedeCornelius Rudolph3 July 1882View
Van RensburgAdam Janse21 January 1880View
Van RensburgGert Antonie Petrus18 September 1882View
Van RensburgJacobus Oosthuize Janse16 June 1877View
Van SittertFrancis Petrus10 January 1876View
Van Stan ?Adolphus10 February 1871View
Van VredeJacobus23 June 1877View
Van VuurenMarthinus Johannes4 December 1883View
Van VuurenPetrus Andries13 December 1870View
Van VuurenStephanus Petrus Jansen8 November 1878View
Van VuurenTheunis Johannes12 October 1880View
Van WykJohannes Willem 11 November 1878View
Van WykLewis Jacobus 5 April 1883View
Van WykNicolas Wilhelm29 October 1886View
Van WyngaardPieter Johan26 December 1879View
Van ZylGideon Frederick George15 June 1874View
Van ZylMarthinus Johannes7 September 1876View
Van ZylPetrus M.9 October 1881View
VandrinReginald Walter Valpy18 January 1868View
VarleyWilfred Ernest20 August 1881View
VassWilliam1 February 1879View
Vasser-SmithJohn George Lawley10 December 1868View
VassilaAlessandro13 May 1882View
VaughanClaude12 December 1871View
VaughanSidney Hector1 July 1874View
VeallCharles 12 December 1878View
VenablesAlbert 2 April 1877View
VenablesRichard James9 August 1880View
VennAlbert Edward24 July 1878View
VennAlbert James31 May 1876View
VennHerbert Edward31 January 1881View
VenterBarend Johannes8 July 1875View
VenterErasmus Albertus14 May 1882View
VenterFloris29 December 1877View
VenterGabriel Gideon Lawrence9 July 1882View
VenterJan Hendrik 23 May 1880View
VenterJohannes George9 December 1875View
VenterJohannes Jacobus 1884View
VenterNicholas Jacobus6 August 1882View
VenterPetrus Jacobus7 April 1868View
VerinderAlfred Arthur15 July 1880View
VermaakFranz Nicolas Stephanus13 October 1880View
VermaakSolomon Cornelius Johannes7 August 1875View
VernallLeonard16 September 1877View
VernonGeorge Nicholas8 March 1880View
VerrenderWilliam Henry? 1880 View
VerseyAlfred James22 November 1881View
VerweyPetrus Willem7 August 1881View
ViallWalter George5 January 1880View
ViccarsJames Hudson11 February 1880View
VickersFred11 August 1878View
VickersGarnet Henry23 November 1882View
VickersGeorge Nicholas8 November 1876View
VigorHerbert Hest1 December 1880View
ViljoenConrad Jacobus? View
ViljoenFrank George9 June 1885View
VilleauxOliver10 April 1875View
VincentBertram Woodward1 February 1881View
VincentCharles13 March 1880View
VincentRobert Edmund23 September 1878View
VincentRobert James21 September 1876View
VineJohn24 February 1878View
VineStanley15 August 1877View
VineThomas Walter22 July 1870View
VinerConrad Charles1 November 1880View
VisserJohn Daniel7 March 1873View
ViviersFrank Edward5 April 1882View
VizardAndrew Henry13 December 1875View
VlokNicholas Johannes22 August 1876View
VogesDavid William25 January 1883View
VollansWilliam 14 April 1881View
Von GuttenbergLouis Vernon4 October 1870View
VorsterHermanus Johannes16 February 1882View
VorsterJohannes Petrus17 January 1878View
VortsmanPetrus Jacobus2 June 1880View
VoyseySidney14 January 1875View
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