South African Constabulary Search : W
Surname Names Date of Birth View
WaceCharles Willoughby29 June 1880View
WaddinghamWalter 17 September 1874View
WaddingtonThomas29 March 1876View
WaddyPercy Harvey30 November 1879View
WadeCyril Joseph16 July 1879View
WadeErnest15 May 1868View
WadeErnest1 May 1880View
WadeWilliam Smythe Seaton19 July 1876View
WadhamArthur James23 August 1879View
WagnerLouis Charles Henry27 May 1880View
WagstaffFriedrich 25 December 1879View
WainwrightDaniel View
WakeGerald Baldwin29 November 1866View
WakefieldEdward Howard23 April 1875View
WakefieldMark22 August 1870View
WakesFriedrich 21 October 1879View
WalbeyArthur Rayment21 April 1879View
WaldeckJohannes Frederick 6 July 1877View
WaldeckJohn Johannes1 May 1867View
WaldeckRaymond Miller 30 August 1879View
WaldegraveFrederick James27 May 1880View
WaldenAlbert Edward11 December 1880View
WaldieDavid11 September 1880View
WaldieEdward 13 November 1878View
WaldronErnest7 March 1875View
WaleWilliam Arthur7 January 1876View
WalfordBert26 September 1870View
Walke William James Elford1 August 1875View
WalkerAlfred Edward Docetti21 July 1867View
WalkerCharles25 September 1880View
WalkerDaniel McLennan7 August 1885View
WalkerEbenezer Alfred22 June 1866View
WalkerFrank Ruben Adolphus17 July 1877View
WalkerHarry 28 September 1878View
WalkerHorace Oxborough16 October 1881View
WalkerJames27 December 1872View
WalkerJames Chisholm11 November 1879View
WalkerJohn15 March 1876View
WalkerJohn Thomas 3 June 1872View
WalkerLauchlan31 December 1880View
WalkerRobert27 January 1879View
WalkerRobert 6 February 1879View
WalkerRobert Henry5 November 1879View
WalkerSamuel 2 October 1872View
WalkerSeptimus25 February 1874View
WalkerThomas 18 February 1869View
WalkerWilliam 16 January 1870View
WalkerWilliam Alfred10 October 1872View
WalkerWilliam Edward21 May 1872View
WalkerWilliam McCombie21 February 1880View
WallFrank Rob14 May 1881View
WallThomas Arthur15 November 1880View
WallaceAlexander18 October 1873View
WallaceAlgernan Edwin14 October 1880View
WallaceGeorge31 March 1880View
WallaceGeorge12 June 1876View
WallaceGeorge Bryson25 November 1874View
WallaceGraeme Feuton29 March 1877View
WallaceJames19 November 1869View
WallaceJohn 30 March 1881View
WallaceThomas 27 September 1881View
WallerWilliam Henry12 July 1873View
WalletIvie15 November 1875View
WalleyGeorge11 May 1873View
WallingerCharles22 November 1881View
WallisArthur Knight17 June 1871View
WallisGeorge24 April 1873View
WallisRobert Edward26 March 1874View
WallisStephen Fuller1 August 1878View
WalnisleyJohn28 May 1881View
WalpoleErnest Herbert4 April 1880View
WalpoleHenry31 March 1874View
WalshEdward Innes26 February 1881View
WalshHenry28 February 1880View
WalshJohn12 July 1878View
WalshRichard22 February 1866View
WalshWalter2 May 1880View
WalshWilliam 13 July 1876View
Walter Tracey12 October 1879View
WaltersAlbert25 December 1877View
WaltersHarry James10 December 1880View
WaltersJohn1 July 1881View
WaltersJosiah Perry29 August 1877View
WaltonAlbert17 July 1880View
WaltonArthur Henry18 December 1876View
WaltonHugh Armstrong26 July 1874View
WaltonJames24 May 1873View
WaltonJohn Henry20 August 1874View
WaltonJohn James17 August 1869View
WaltonJohn Robert Charles1 April 1876View
WaltonWilliam 15 November 1886View
WandlessJohn Finlow19 February 1879View
WarburtonGeorge22 November 1879View
WardArthur 1 February 1878View
WardArthur Charles13 November 1879View
WardBertram Melvin8 April 1878View
WardCharles 25 December 1873View
WardEdward George Frederick Thomas3 April 1879View
WardFrancis30 December 1879View
WardJames5 January 1869View
WardJames Ernest21 February 1880View
WardJohn Cuthbert21 January 1876View
WardPercy5 May 1880View
WardRalph Leonard19 October 1882View
WardSydney13 January 1877View
WardThomas Henry5 May 1881View
WardWalter11 December 1879View
WardWalter11 December 1879View
WardWilliam9 November 1871View
Ward Walshan Walter29 July 1869View
Ward7Walter John5 February 1868View
WardaleWilford Richard30 September 1874View
WardaleWilliam10 May 1880View
WardleyJohn28 February 1873View
WardlowDuncan19 February 1885View
WardropEgerton20 November 1880View
WardroperJames4 March 1875View
WarehamBenjamin 3 February 1876View
WarehamBertie Henry1 January 1880View
WarehamBertie Henry1 January 1880View
WaringArthur13 March 1878View
WarmanRonald William21 October 1881View
WarmingtonAlfred Ernest 26 January 1874View
Warne John16 September 1882View
WarnerHerbert John27 January 1882View
WarnerPhilip George7 March 1874View
WarnerThomas Isaac17 November 1869View
WarnerThornton Span20 February 1882View
WarnerWilliam Henry11 February 1880View
WarnerWilliam Thomas6 November 1873View
WarnockWilliam 29 June 1880View
WarrenArthur John25 August 1880View
WarrenFrederick William17 March 1881View
WarrenHenry Edward24 October 1881View
WarrenJohn Purser19 November 1876View
WarrenTom9 March 1877View
WarrenerEdwin21 September 1877View
WarrilowHerbert Henry8 January 1872View
WarwickErnest7 August 1879View
WarwickJohn Purser31 March 1879View
WaseJohn 5 September 1867View
WassermanAdam 4 September 1877View
WaterhouseHeaton27 November 1879View
WatersBertram20 February 1884View
WatersEdgar Stanford3 August 1882View
WatersEdgar Stanford3 October 1882View
WatersNorman 17 April 1882View
WaterworthThomas 26 January 1873View
WatherinJoseph Henry7 February 1879View
WatkinCharles Norman21 September 1880View
WatkinWalter James1 May 1882View
WatkinsArthur 11 October 1877View
WatkinsJesse Thomas9 January 1881View
WatleyFrancis 14 September 1879View
WatlingAlbert Philip2 October 1881View
WatlingJubal Alexander27 February 1876View
WatsonAlexander Wilson22 March 1872View
WatsonAlgernon Ernest21 October 1875View
WatsonEric Evensleigh20 March 1880View
WatsonFrancis5 March 1878View
WatsonGavin30 August 1872View
WatsonGeoffrey Clement6 July 1876View
WatsonGeorge9 April 1870View
WatsonGeorge David25 August 1878View
WatsonGeorge Eley24 October 1876View
WatsonGeorge Wauchope Burger18 May 1873View
WatsonHarold Arthur29 April 1879View
WatsonHarry Thomas James2 February 1874View
WatsonJames Percy19 October 1879View
WatsonJohn18 June 1873View
WatsonJohn Quartly16 September 1877View
WatsonThomas Edward20 March 1877View
WatsonTom25 December 1879View
WatsonWalter Henry25 August 1878View
WatsonWilliam24 October 1878View
WatsonWilliam2 October 1880View
WatsonWilliam 8 May 1879View
WatsonWilliam Henry8 December 1875View
WattFrederick27 March 1868View
WattGeorge12 November 1877View
WattJohn27 November 1872View
WattOrington20 February 1882View
WattRitchie26 February 1878View
WatteHenry Herbert 15 July 1879View
WatteWalter Edwin29 June 1876View
WattersThomas Edward26 May 1881View
WattsAlbert5 June 1877View
WattsCharles Samuel16 January 1881View
WattsGeorge Arthur18 December 1879View
WattsGeorge William 10 May 1880View
WattsHenry Edward5 June 1880View
WattsHenry William8 April 1880View
WattsJohn Robert30 May 1869View
WaughRichard20 May 1881View
WaughRobert Brown 22 January 1872View
WayJoseph4 December 1866View
WayeJohn Frederick4 December 1873View
WaymanArthur 25 October 1878View
WaymouthHarry4 December 1875View
We;;sFrank10 November 1880View
WealAlbert8 June 1880View
WealleansJoshua14 August 1879View
WeatherellFrederick15 January 1874View
WeatherlyEdward William18 January 1881View
WebbCharles 24 February 1878View
WebbFred Archer5 November 1881View
WebbFrederick29 May 1876View
WebbHarold 22 June 1880View
WebbHerbert Douglas6 October 1884View
WebbJacob Charles11 February 1872View
WebbJames13 January 1882View
WebbJames6 April 1878View
WebbRoland Drury25 June 1875View
WebbWilliam 10 April 1881View
WebbWilliam 23 December 1874View
WebbWilliam George23 January 1871View
Webb William James4 October 1872View
WebberCharles Francis10 June 1880View
WebberJames Lionel12 May 1874View
WebberJames Ricketts7 May 1881View
WebberJohn Baker22 March 1881View
WebberJohn Edward10 March 1882View
WebberRichard11 June 1880View
WeberHendrik Johannes3 August 1881View
WebsterDavid Bowman14 June 1880View
WebsterGeorge26 April 1879View
WebsterHarry 27 March 1880View
WebsterHarry 21 October 1879View
WebsterHenry17 November 1876View
WebsterJames23 January 1870View
WebsterJames Kinlock3 April 1877View
WebsterJohn Randall6 May 1878View
WebsterRobert 28 February 1880View
WebsterRobert 3 March 1881View
WebsterWilliam24 October 1863View
WedgewoodJoseph 28 April 1877View
WeeksAndrew John7 July 1879View
WeirJames31 October 1879View
WeirJoseph 31 July 1878View
WeirMoses3 July 1875View
WeirThomas 18 July 1878View
WeirWilliam Arthur 24 September 1860View
WeisnerPeter10 September 1874View
WelchHenry16 June 1878View
WelchPercy Norton7 May 1881View
WelchPercy Norton7 May 1882View
WelchThomas 8 August 1881View
WeldonFrances Gregory4 January 1879View
WelhamWilliam2 November 1882View
WellerThomas 12 March 1873View
WellsFrancis24 December 1872View
WellsWilliam14 February 1879View
WelthagenPetrus Johannes22 December 1884View
WeltonThomas 3 April 1880View
WenbornPercy Sindle17 August 1885View
WepenerArnold Francis11 March 1883View
WestAlfred31 July 1880View
WestCharles 24 March 1876View
WestCharles 1 January 1880View
WestEvelyn Roden7 August 1882View
WestGeorge30 September 1880View
WestGeorge8 April 1881View
WestGordon Thomas31 January 1876View
westHarry27 May 1879View
WestRobert 5 April 1880View
WestbrookGeorge Francis21 August 1878View
WestbrookTom17 September 1879View
WestcombeJohn28 November 1880View
WestfieldArthur Harold29 January 1880View
WesthallHenry Francis12 April 1879View
WestlakeGeorge John6 December 1877View
WestmacotThomas Reginald30 April 1880View
WestmecottRichard21 May 1878View
WestonCharles Jessie23 May 1880View
WestonFrederick20 March 1877View
WestonFrederick 20 March 1877View
WhalebellyJohn14 June 1879View
WhaleyEdward23 July 1874View
WhalleyFrederick Lionel20 March 1882View
WheatleyArthur 27 January 1877View
WheatleyHarry Percy 1 January 1876View
WheatleyJohn Francis10 September 1884View
WheelanWalter18 June 1876View
WheelerAlfred 7 September 1882View
WheelerCharles 8 May 1869View
WheelerDavid Henry19 June 1880View
WheelerFrank Olrick2 October 1879View
WheelerLeonard29 April 1880View
WheildonErnest4 September 1878View
WhelanStephen15 December 1871View
WhelanWilliam View
WhiltonAlexander26 August 1880View
WhitakerHarry 29 January 1881View
WhitbreadWilliam Percy1 February 1881View
WhitbyPercy Edward Robert5 March 1868View
WhitbyTimothy Albert 14 February 1876View
WhitbyTimothy Albert 14 February 1876View
WhitcherFrank Furlong13 September 1880View
WhitcombeAlexander24 October 1879View
WhiteAlfred20 March 1879View
WhiteArchibald Hercules Turton30 April 1881View
WhiteCharles Henry23 July 1867View
WhiteCyril de Lacy 7 June 1882View
WhiteEdwin 27 November 1877View
WhiteEwart 16 October 1882View
WhiteFrank Herbert24 January 1881View
WhiteFrederick Charles10 November 1874View
WhiteFrederick Charles10 November 1874View
WhiteGeorge Samuel30 January 1864View
WhiteGeorge Scott21 March 1881View
WhiteHarold 23 May 1878View
WhiteHarry Collins30 September 1880View
WhiteHenry Archer10 January 1878View
WhiteHugh Andrew9 October 1868View
WhiteJames Walker3 April 1877View
WhiteJames William4 January 1876View
WhiteJohn Lawrence William29 December 1872View
WhiteKerr Ross Raymond24 June 1874View
WhiteLionel Walter Hamilton25 April 1882View
WhitePatrick Ogilvie7 December 1874View
WhitePercival John15 April 1880View
WhiteThomas George5 September 1881View
WhiteTruman Myron10 August 1870View
WhiteWilliam10 February 1873View
WhiteWilliam 15 May 1879View
WhiteWilliam Henry20 May 1870View
WhiteWilliam John12 September 1869View
WhiteWilliam Mark12 February 1880View
WhitebreadWalter James31 December 1870View
WhitefootGeorge 2 1874View
WhiteheadArthur 28 May 1880View
WhiteheadCharles23 December 1873View
WhiteheadHenry27 March 1872View
WhiteheadWalter Richard9 June 1880View
WhiteheadWilliam20 June 1880View
WhitehouseHubert Benson4 April 1870View
WhitelawWilliam 2 July 1875View
WhiteleyCharles William15 January 1878View
whitelyFrederick George6 October 1879View
WhitewoodCharles Frank3 June 1880View
WhitewoodGeorge Henry24 October 1878View
WhitfieldGeorge 3 August 1880View
WhitfieldJames 4 May 1871View
WhitfieldJames 4 May 1874View
WhithamJohn Lawrence7 October 1881View
WhitlockCecil Elstone15 May 1871View
WhitmanCharles Robert13 January 1878View
WhitmoreWilliam22 October 1880View
WhitneyArthur James 16 February 1880View
WhittakerErnest August1 March 1879View
WhittakerSamuel Rickson7 October 1883View
WhitterPhilip24 January 1881View
WhittickWilliam24 May 1880View
WhittingHoratio Hornblower20 November 1866View
WhittinghamFrank 28 December 1880View
WhittingstallErnest Henry 25 March 1884View
WhittingtonAmbrose4 March 1180View
WhittingtonWilliam15 February 1881View
WhittleFrederick25 February 1880View
WhittonAlexander 3 March 1880View
WhittuckCecil Guy Melville5 November 1880View
WhitwamThomas Waltner31 May 1878View
WhyteColin Campbell18 October 1878View
WhyteJames Wingate 31 July 1873View
WhyteWilliam12 December 1886View
WickJohn24 September 1884View
WicksWalter Boyd5 November 1878View
WidlakeErnest William Ewart 27 December 1879View
WigginsLambert William28 February 1880View
WignallGeorge 12 August 1880View
WilcockThomas30 March 1877View
WilcockThomas 2 February 1881View
WilcoxAlfred 22 October 1880View
WilcoxEdward Lewis27 November 1880View
WilcoxEdwin 8 August 1880View
WilcoxEdwin James16 March 1875View
WilcoxJohn9 February 1880View
WilcoxLeonard Edward11 March 1881View
WildEdward Lewis7 November 1880View
WildHerbert7 July 1899View
WilesJohn29 September 1872View
WilkesAlexander 26 March 1880View
WilkesJoseph5 November 1875View
WilkesJoseph Hughes10 September 1872View
WilkieDavid Henderson 13 September 1881View
WilkieJames4 June 1871View
WilkieStewart Wilkie9 June 1879View
WilkieThomas Douglas2 February 1878View
WilkieWilliam20 March 1875View
Wilkin Francis Alfred8 July 1872View
WilkinsCharles28 November 1867View
WilkinsGeorge Ernest21 March 1878View
Wilkins Albert7 February 1867View
WilkinsonBasil20 July 1880View
WilkinsonDavid Rankin7 December 1877View
WilkinsonEdward30 January 1871View
WilkinsonErnest 14 August 1875View
WilkinsonGeorge Wilmot 10 October 1869View
WilkinsonHerbert 5 February 1869View
WilkinsonHerbert Norton15 January 1881View
WilkinsonJohn Joseph1 January 1879View
WilkinsonPercy14 February 1880View
WilkinsonRobert Joseph 1 October 1881View
WilkinsonValentine 25 March 1881View
WilksFrancis Enever15 April 1880View
WillOtho Philadelph1 December 1874View
WillardWilliam Charles4 February 1879View
WillcockWilliam Frederick 13 November 1881View
WillcoxEdwin8 August 1880View
WillcoxEdwin8 August 1880View
WillcoxLevi2 July 1879View
WillemseChristian Johannes1 April 1882View
WillemseNicholas Casperes14 June 1877View
WillesThomas 16 November 1879View
WilliamsAlbert Henry25 March 1873View
WilliamsAlfred7 May 1879View
WilliamsArthur31 March 1875View
WilliamsArthur Reginald 22 August 1881View
WilliamsBarend 7 June 1882View
WilliamsBernard Thomas23 February 1879View
WilliamsCharles31 September 1877View
WilliamsCharles15 May 1881View
WilliamsCharles3 January 1872View
WilliamsCharles Gordon31 December 1871View
WilliamsDavid 30 March 1873View
WilliamsDavid Owen24 November 1876View
WilliamsEdward26 June 1879View
WilliamsEdward Arthur27 August 1878View
WilliamsEdward James28 December 1872View
WilliamsEdward Sidney Heatley30 July 1880View
WilliamsErnest John Harold5 December 1876View
WilliamsEzra John25 March 1881View
WilliamsFrancis Vivian2 May 1882View
WilliamsGilbert28 September 1880View
WilliamsHarry Thomas19 April 1868View
WilliamsHerbert Percy28 July 1877View
WilliamsIvor7 January 1875View
WilliamsJack Leonard7 April 1882View
WilliamsJames18 February 1876View
WilliamsJames10 1879View
WilliamsJames28 March 1871View
WilliamsJames28 March 1871View
WilliamsJohn Davey22 October 1881View
WilliamsJohn Hill28 August 1879View
WilliamsJohn Percy 10 June 1874View
WilliamsJoseph25 April 1879View
WilliamsPascal Montgomery28 March 1880View
WilliamsPercy George Frederick5 June 1878View
WilliamsPercy Hardres17 May 1870View
WilliamsRichard22 March 1876View
WilliamsRodney Hall24 August 1879View
WilliamsThomas29 July 1877View
WilliamsThomas5 April 1872View
WilliamsThomas Bath1 August 1879View
WilliamsThomas George8 March 1875View
WilliamsThomas Rees13 September 1877View
WilliamsWilliam 21 May 1882View
WilliamsWilliam Charles1 January 1874View
WilliamsWilliam Edgar30 September 1880View
WilliamsWilliam Frederick15 June 1874View
WilliamsWilliam Victor31 December 1876View
WilliamsWyndham Garnet8 June 1879View
WilliamsonGeorge 3 November 1878View
WilliamsonGeorge 15 May 1867View
WilliamsonGeorge Royds16 September 1872View
WilliamsonJohn Manniefield17 April 1874View
WilliamsonJohn Pollock7 December 1880View
WilliamsonSidney Bruce4 July 1880View
WilliamsonThomas20 July 1875View
WilliamsonWilliam Thomas12 September 1870View
WillisFrancis Stephen17 January 1878View
WillisFrederic William13 March 1880View
WillisRobert Leroy15 April 1870View
Willis Alfred Henry20 February 1874View
WillistonRay6 November 1878View
WillsPhillip Martin25 April 1880View
WillsThomas15 September 1880View
WillsWilliam Alfred12 November 1879View
Wills Henry John29 June 1879View
WillsonJustus Duncan5 April 1860View
WilmotFrederic3 July 1876View
WilsonAlexander 4 January 1874View
WilsonAlexander Robert 27 March 1877View
WilsonAlfred 12 January 1877View
WilsonAlleyne Wallace3 March 1882View
WilsonArchibald Coutes 21 April 1879View
WilsonArthur Robert22 June 1880View
WilsonBenjamin12 September 1880View
WilsonCharles Rowland7 April 1880View
WilsonEdward23 December 1880View
WilsonFrank Lawler28 January 1869View
WilsonGeorge Buckland23 April 1882View
WilsonGeorge Young 25 May 1871View
WilsonGysbert Jakobus Rynu31 April 1883View
WilsonHarry21 September 1877View
WilsonHorace Frederick11 October 1874View
WilsonJames4 March 1878View
WilsonJames4 April 1875View
WilsonJames10 March 1880View
WilsonJames26 December 1879View
WilsonJames21 May 1878View
WilsonJames28 February 1874View
WilsonJames25 January 1870View
WilsonJohn10 April 1871View
WilsonJohn23 May 1881View
WilsonJohn20 February 1877View
WilsonJohn 15 August 1879View
WilsonJohn Henry9 August 1870View
WilsonJohn Marcus10 March 1876View
WilsonJohn Pearson13 November 1883View
WilsonJohn Robert7 September 1878View
WilsonJohn Stewart18 September 1879View
WilsonJoseph Bartman3 August 1880View
WilsonKenneth Cumming27 December 1878View
WilsonRobert 1 January 1880View
WilsonRobert Francis29 July 1880View
WilsonSamuel 13 August 1878View
WilsonThomas 28 February 1867View
WilsonThomas 16 April 1876View
WilsonThomas 7 July 1877View
WilsonThomas Francis24 July 1881View
WilsonThomas Wright2 February 1876View
WilsonWallace30 November 1887View
WilsonWilliam1 May 1874View
WilsonWilliam 5 June 1875View
WilsonWilliam Bennett29 June 1878View
WilsonWilliam Henry21 March 1880View
WilsonWilliam Henry15 October 1870View
WilsonWilliam Henry21 March 1880View
WilsonWilliam James18 June 1877View
WiltshireArthur25 November 1876View
WiltshireErnest26 August 1871View
WiltshireGeorge23 September 1880View
WinderChristopher William6 July 1874View
WindhamClaude Seymour21 October 1870View
WindleyAlbert Ernest3 February 1881View
WinearlsRobert Aylmer24 December 1867View
WinfieldHerbert Arruthers7 December 1876View
WingFrederick William3 July 1869View
WingardGeorge2 March 1879View
WinnRowland 10 February 1881View
WinslowSeymour Leslie14 November 1879View
WinterCharles27 February 1873View
WinterClaude Howard Ruben17 November 1875View
WinterGeorge Ryallo5 June 1870View
WinterJohn4 August 1878View
WinterJohn15 January 1872View
WinterRobert Harold11 February 1880View
Winter George17 March 1878View
WintersJohn9 September 1873View
WintertonTom Gage26 February 1880View
WiseHenry Arthur 24 March 1876View
WitherowSamuel Butler22 December 1877View
WithersCharles23 January 1878View
WithersGraham2 August 1876View
WithersGraham2 August 1876View
WithersLewis Clark15 September 1879View
WitleyAlbert George12 November 1880View
WollJulius 8 April 1878View
WolseleyArthur Wilson Amcoats24 November 1870View
WoodAlbert William8 May 1880View
WoodArthur George15 September 1874View
WoodBenjamin5 February 1876View
WoodCharles5 July 1875View
WoodCharles5 July 1875View
WoodEdmund Thomas 10 December 1881View
WoodEdward Gillan4 September 1874View
WoodErnest Garrard George25 December 1877View
WoodGeorge12 February 1880View
WoodHarold Rowley22 July 1872View
WoodHarry6 February 1876View
WoodJohn James7 March 1879View
WoodJoseph Burke10 February 1880View
WoodMark12 June 1877View
WoodPercy16 December 1879View
WoodRobert Alexander 12 August 1880View
WoodVernon 6 December 1878View
WoodWalter7 May 1879View
WoodWilfred6 March 1876View
WoodWilfred Lawson6 July 1872View
WoodWilliam1 April 1880View
WoodWilliam28 January 1873View
WoodWilliam23 July 1870View
WoodWilliam 17 October 1877View
WoodWilliam Easton Bourhill21 July 1878View
WoodWilliam Prescott24 June 1874View
WoodWilliam Saville Rowland7 September 1879View
WoodardErnest Henry James13 December 1878View
WoodbridgeHerbert Thomas13 December 1883View
WoodcockErnest Augustus8 September 1878View
WoodcockLeonard8 February 1882View
WoodgateAustin Bradford12 September 1884View
WoodhamsEdward3 January 1880View
WoodhouseArthur James13 November 1871View
WoodlockDavid William Fair5 September 1880View
WoodmanDaniel John1 December 1873View
WoodmanEdward Samuel21 April 1870View
WoodroffeWilliam Bennett Palmer2 April 1880View
WoodroofeBertieMay 1877 View
WoodrowFrank15 May 1880View
WoodrowFrank Watson20 November 1884View
WoodrowJohn Hamilton 16 June 1871View
WoodruffAlfred Ralph17 December 1882View
WoodruffeHaddon Edward5 April 1870View
WoodsCharles20 November 1866View
WoodsEdwin Archibald30 May 1872View
WoodsEdwin Samuel18 May 1878View
WoodsPhilip James23 September 1880View
WoodsWalter Fowke3 February 1878View
WoodvineGeorge 30 March 1870View
WoodwardArnold Adler24 October 1876View
WoodwardCharles William3 November 1878View
WoodwardWilliam19 April 1875View
WoollardEdward 27 June 1879View
WoollattReginald4 January 1881View
WoollattSamuel 12 June 1880View
WoolleyWilliam23 February 1872View
WoolnoughHarry 19 September 1875View
WoolvenRobert Emanuel11 June 1876View
WorboysSidney21 August 1880View
WordenJohn Wightman8 November 1871View
WormaldReuben4 January 1881View
WorsfoldCharles Albert 15 May 1877View
WorswickRobert Bowman10 November 1876View
WortJames15 November 1876View
WorthAlbert Edward 8 December 1881View
WorthWilliam James30 November 1870View
Worth William John22 June 1875View
WorthingtonEdward Henry Burdett2 July 1871View
WortonSamuel19 March 1881View
WottonThomas Victor23 June 1882View
WrathallAlbert Edward 31 December 1876View
WrathallLeonard 22 September 1879View
WrefordSidney26 August 1881View
WresselJohn Bennett17 June 1877View
WrighleyDesmond George19 August 1872View
WrightArnold James28 March 1878View
WrightArthur18 May 1880View
WrightArthur 31 August 1876View
WrightArthur 18 May 1880View
WrightAugustus30 November 1875View
WrightCharles 21 March 1868View
WrightCharles William 30 September 1879View
WrightDavid23 December 1880View
WrightEdgar Lennon11 February 1880View
WrightEdmund Charles4 September 1880View
WrightFrederick Lewis19 August 1874View
WrightGeorge 18 September 1878View
WrightGeorge Herbert Harbroc14 March 1886View
WrightHarry 5 May 1877View
WrightHarry 9 August 1878View
WrightHarry George 20 December 1877View
WrightHarry Morley23 August 1873View
WrightHugh Brooks7 November 1876View
WrightJack Louis12 June 1885View
WrightPercy25 November 1881View
WrightRichard Garland29 March 1879View
WrightStanley Frank26 July 1877View
WrightThomas Marcus4 June 1881View
WrightThomas William6 June 1868View
WrightTom Hodgson14 November 1881View
WrightWalter Joseph16 May 1872View
WrightWilliam Frederick 16 September 1867View
WrightWilliam George 18 October 1880View
WrightWilliam Henry17 August 1880View
WrightonAlbert William 6 June 1880View
WrightsonReginald Thomas7 June 1878View
WrozinaJoseph16 November 1880View
WyattArthur Cuff14 July 1880View
WyattGodfrey Louis13 September 1882View
WyattThomas William 3 April 1870View
WyattWilliam Albert23 September 1880View
WykesErnest George21 August 1879View
WylieRobert12 May 1880View
WyndhamHerbert Henry17 October 1882View
WythArthur20 June 1879View
South African Constabulary Alphabetical Index

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