South African Constabulary Search : Y
Surname Names Date of Birth View
YabsleyAlbert Henry31 March 1880View
YandellGeorge Wallace Locke26 September 1882View
YappCharles Mills2 April 1877View
YappHerbert Edward2 September 1879View
YarworthJames Elton17 February 1880View
YatesFrancis Oliver Sextus24 May 1872View
YatesFrederick Alfred Joseph4 December 1880View
YatesHenry Fred10 December 1880View
YatesJohn3 December 1871View
YatesJoseph15 August 1875View
YatesLeon George Pratt31 July 1881View
YatesLewis7 December 1868View
YatesLewis7 December 1868View
YeatesArthur17 November 1872View
YeatesJames 12 August 1876View
YeatmanRupert 25 August 1881View
YeatsAlbert 23 May 1880View
YeatsAlbert 23 May 1880View
YeatsJames22 March 1879View
YeomansHarry6 November 1880View
YerburyStuart Browning16 October 1881View
YewenCharles Frederick27 June 1877View
YorkAlfred15 November 1877View
YorkReginald William20 January 1874View
YorkThomas 23 October 1880View
YouelGerald Fitzgerald21 January 1871View
YouellFrederick George13 August 1870View
YouldAlbert 4 October 1871View
YoungAlexander 13 March 1877View
YoungAndrew26 September 1881View
YoungArthur John28 December 1880View
YoungCranston19 August 1879View
YoungDennis James10 February 1873View
YoungErnest Frank 31 December 1886View
YoungFrank10 January 1878View
YoungFrederick Henry6 May 1878View
YoungGeorge William23 November 1880View
YoungJohn19 February 1880View
YoungPercival Thomas14 December 1879View
YoungRobert20 April 1878View
YoungSidney Hewett6 July 1876View
YoungThomas 1 June 1876View
YoungWilfred Andrew Bricknell1 August 1880View
YoungWilliam27 July 1874View
YoungWilliam28 November 1874View
YoungWilliam Grindley4 September 1878View
YoungWilliam Henry2 April 1878View
YoungmanWalter19 January 1881View
YuleAlexander18 September 1880View
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