Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : A
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
AndrewsJacob and Hannah (Kiewit)MariaView
AustinWilliam and DesouzaHenryView
AustinWilliam and DesouzaJohnView
AllenWilliam Thomas and ElizaJohn WilliamView
AllenWilliam Thomas and ElizaThomas WilliamView
ArmstrongMichael Robert and Sarah JaneElizabethView
ArmstrongMichael Robert and Sarah JaneMichael Robert BenjaminView
ArmstrongMichael Robert and Sarah JaneThomas QuintonView
AllenJohn William and CatharineJessie LaviniaView
AllenJohn William and CatharineRosetta BarrowView
AbernethyWilliam and SarahEliza DavisView
AllenJohn William and CatharinaWilliam ThomasView
AllenJohn William and CatharineClifford DudleyView
ArmstrongRobert John and LouisaSarah LouisaView
AllenJohn William and CatharineClement WallisView
ArmstrongJohn and LouisaElizabeth EmmaView
ArmstrongRobert John and LouisaAlice ClaraView
ArmstrongRobert John and LouisaWilliam JohnView
ArmstrongRobert John and LouisaGeorge HenryView
ArmstrongJohn and LouisaHenry JamesView
ArnoldJohn and IsabellaJohn FrederickView
ArmstrongRobert John and LouisaArthur CliftonView
ArnoldJohn and IsabellaThomas LeslieView
ArnoldJohn Leslie and IsabellaRobert LeslieView
ArnoldJohn Leslie and IsabellaAlma LaviniaView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice GertrudeHarold DudleyView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice GertrudeGladys RubyView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice GertrudeCharles BramleyView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice GertrudeAlice MaudeView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice GertrudeJessie BarbaraView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice BertrudeKathleen GwendolynView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice GertrudeAmy PhillipsonView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice GertrudeMona DoreenView
ArchdeaconCharles John and Amy MaudSheila MaudView
AllenClement Wallis and Alice G.Gerald RoyView
AdcockEdwin John and Charlotte MayCharles HenryView
AltriaFrancis Gordon and Aileen AnnieRuth HowardView
ArnoldRobert Leslie and Ida GenievePamela LeslieView
AllenGerald Roy and Constance MaryJennifer AliceView
ArmstrongWilfred James and Aletta MariaAndrea LandryView
ArnottAlfred George and Sarah AnnShirley LeightonView
ArmstrongDouglas Clifton and Molly CynthiaArthur JohnView
AusleyGilbert Hugh and Doris Pamela MadeleneArthur Beresford ClaudeView
AustinHarold and May JaneyRichard ThomasView
ArnoldLionel Gordon and May AlisonJohn PurdonView
AustinHarold and May JaneyTrevor WarrenView
AinleyDerek and Mora MargaretMichael ClarkView
AldagGeorge Evelyn and Isabel MargaretGarth BarrieView
ArnoldLionel Gordon and May AlisonNigel BarrieView
ArmstrongDouglas Clifton and Molly CynthiaDelia LilyView
ArenholdAdolf Friedrich Carl and AnnieCaroline Sarah LouiseView
ArmstrongGeorge William and Eliza RebeccaRobert WilliamView
ArmstrongGeorge William and ElizaSarah JaneView
ArmstrongGeorge William and Eliza RebeccaGeorge HarnotView
AndersonDavid and Agnes LeechElizabeth JaneView
ArmstrongGeorge William and Eliza RebeccaJohn EdwinView
ArmstrongGeorge William and Eliza RebeccaWilliam FutterView
ArmstrongGeorge William and Eliza RebeccaEarnest CharlesView
ArmstrongGeorge William and RebeccaFrederick JamesView
AitchesonAlexander William Hay and Mary AnneJessieView
ArmstrongGeorge William and Eliza RebeccaWalter SeptimusView
AitchesonAlexander William Hay and Mary AnneGeorge MurrayView
ArmstrongMichael R. Benjamin and Sarah ElizabethAmy Rosamond PollockView
ArmstrongMichael R. B. and Sarah ElizabethAlbert GeorgeView
ArmstrongGeorge William and Eliza RebeccaAlice RebeccaView
AitchesonAlexander William H. and Mary AnneEdith Mary SarahView
ArmstrongGeorge and SarahAda MildredView
AitchesonAlexander William H. and Mary AnnDonald CharlesView
AitchisonAlexander William Hay and Mary AnnAngus RalphView
AtherstoneWalter Herschel and FannyHarold DamantView
AyliffWilliam Edward and Miriam RoxburgDouglas ClaudeView
AldridgeWilliam and JaneJane Aldridge CockView
AndrewsJames and Amelia CaldecottJames William HerbertView
AndrewsJames and Amelia CaldecottBerthaView
AndrewsJames and Amelia CaldecottWilliam JohnView
AndrewsJames John and Amelia CaldecottAndrews de leurView
AndrewsClinton William and Sarah AnnaCelia CharlotteView
AndrewsJames John and Amelia CaldecottJessie GerhardinaView
AbrahamsAfrica and EvaRachel JohannaView
AustenJohn and Elizabeth (Justa)Elizabeth SophiaView
AbrahamsAbraham and CatherinaSarah ElizabethView
AndrewsJames John and Amelia CaldecottMary ClaudineView
AndrewsClinton William and Sarah AnnaGerald HardwickView
AndrewsJames John and Amelia CaldecottMarion KatharineView
AndrewsClinton William and Sarah AnnAnna RosalieView
AndrewsJames John and Amelia CaldecottRobert JamesView
AdamsonJohn and Emma YoungMabel View
AckmanDavid and Marthina SusanNellie RosalineView
AndrewsJames John and Amelia CaldecottCatherine IdaView
AbercrombieJohn Alexander and Sarah JohannaFrancis View
AbercrombieJohn Alexander and Sarah JohannaHarryView
AndrewsHardwicke Henry and Alicia AnnieNoel EdwardView
AndrewsHardwicke Henry and Alicia AnnieLancelot HalseView
AllisonPeter James and Mary JaneElizabeth AnnView
AndrewsHenry Hardwicke and Alicia AnnieEffie LouiseView
ArendsDavid and Katherine FrancinaJohanna GertrudaView
AndrewsHenry Hardwicke and Alicia AnnieMervyn HardwickeView
AhrendsAbraham John and Mary ElizabethEliza Silvia JohannaView
AbercrombieSarah JohannaJane CatherineView
AhrendsRobert and CatherineMary ElizabethView
AndrewsHenry Hardwicke and Alicia AnnieArthur AyliffView
AhrendsAbraham Johannis and Mary ElizabethSarah Catherina EffieView
AndrewsHenry Hardwicke and Alicia AnnieFrancis GeraldView
AndersonErnest John and Alice Johanna JacobaStella RosemondView
AfricaHoward and SarahAlbertView
AugustRobert and MaryJohn IsaacView
ArendsJohn and LenaElizabethView
ArendsJohn and LenaTorieView
ArendsJohn and LenaFrederick MarthinusView
AlderwickGeorge James and FlorenceReginald GeorgeView
AndersonHarold Molteno and Doris NewtonMargaret MoltenoView
AlderwickGeorge James and FlorenceCecil CharlesView
AndersonHarold Molteno and Doris NewtonThomas HaroldView
AtkinsonJohn Edwin and Millicent BeatriceJohn WilliamView
AndreuCyril George Frederick and Majory GraceJoan Edith SherryView
AndreuCyril George Frederick and Majory GraceAntoinette StellaView
AshwellWilliam Benjamin and Ivy Rosaline MaryDorothy JoanView
ArnoldVernon John Warren and Mavis AgnesMarianView
ArnoldVernon John and Mavis AgnesJanet ConstanceView
ArnoldVernon John and Mavis AgnesPatricia MavisView
AnnandaleJan George and Johanna ElizabethVernon ArthurView
ArendsIsaac and Tina?Salvia ElizabethView
AllcockRichard and Louisa AnnMortimer Hicks RichardsView
ArnoldJohn and Susanna ElizabethWilliam IsaacView
ArnoldJohn and Susanna ElizabethJane CatherineView
AveisJamesJohn ObediahView
ArnoldAugust and CatherineGustavView
ArnoldJohn and Susanna ElizabethSusanna MantonView
AllcockRichard and LouisaAda Floratta LouisaView
AviesJames and CharlotteHarriet Jane Catharine MariaView
ArnoldJohn and Susannah ElizabetEdward FisherView
AllenJoseph Prin? And Kennea?Edmund JamesView
AvisJames and CharlotteEmily Alice Louisa Eliza Emmanuel BarnesView
ArnoldJohn and Susanna ElizabethRosanna Louisa SarahView
AllenJoseph and AnnaCharlesView
ArnoldJohn and SusannaJames WestonView
ArlettJames and HannahAnne ElizabethView
AkermanJohn and JeanetteJohnView
ArthurJames and FrederickaEllen JaneView
AngoveHenry and JaneBeatrice Maud HelenView
AlmondMichael and Margaret AnnMarianne BerthaView
AstonEdgar George and Sarah ElizabethEdgar George HenryView
ArlettJames and HannahBenjamin GibsonView
AngoveHenry and Jane MatildaAmy Louisa ClarissaView
ArmstrongAlexander Boswell and MaryAlexanderView
ArmstrongAlexander Boswell and MarySarah ThomasineView
ArmstrongAlexander Boswell and MaryHenrietta FrancesView
AllenSamuel and SarahWilliamView
AtherstoneWilliam Guybon and Catherine HandelGertrudeView
ArmstrongMichael and SarahMary AnnView
AtherstoneJohn Frederick Korsten and Anna MariaJohn FrederickView
AndersonWilliam and RebeccaMary ChristianaView
AtkinsonThomas and HarrietteHarriette Marian Emily ForbesView
AtherstoneWilliam Guybon and Catherine HandelEdmund SancroftView
AtherstoneJohn Frederick Korsten and Anna MariaAlice GraceView
AllisonSamuel and AnnJohn HenryView
ArmstrongMichael Robert and Sarah JaneHenryView
AtkinsonThomas and Harriet LydiaHenrietta LouisaView
AshingtonStephen Thomas and Johanna ElizabethJulia Ann CopeView
AinslieAndrew and Rose Ann FoxCarolineView
ApseyGeorge and ElizabethChristana AntonataView
ArnotWilhelm Johanna ChristianaLouisa Pauline AugusteView
AdamsJacob and SarahAgnes AnnieView
AdcockWilliam Christopher and Margaret EmmaLucretia Louisa EmmaView
AdcockWilliam Christopher and Margaret EmmaHilda Jemima FlorenceView
AdcockWilliam Christopher and Margaret EmmaEveline Millicent BowlesView
AdcockWilliam Christopher and Margaret EmmaLucretia Louisa EmmaView
AdcockWilliam Chrisotpher and Margaret EmmaHilda Jemima FlorenceView
AdcockWilliam Christopher and Margaret EmmaEveline Millicent BowlesView
AdcockWilliam and Margaret EmmaEdwin William CharlesView
AdcockWilliam C. and Margaret EmmaArthur Claude CollingsView
AdcockWilliam Christopher and Emma MargaretCecil John WiltonView
AnsellCharles George and SusannahGeorge William JamesView
AndersonWilliam Henry and Violet MayStanleyView
AngelJohn Fry Wreford and Mary WinifredPhyllis EllenView
AveryJames Ernest and Jemima ElizabethMuriel KateView
AveryJames Ernest and Jemima ElizabethCecil GeorgeView
AveryJames Ernest and Jemima ElizabethClaude ErnestView
AveryJames Ernest and Jemima ElizabethJohn GlynnView
ArnottJoseph and Beatrice EvelynDouglasView
AkakiosNicholas and Isabel Margaret AnnHelenView
AllyneJames and MatildaJames Wesley AllyneView
AldhamJarvis Samuel and Rachel LouisaAgnes Edith VeronicaView
ArnottJoseph and Beatrice EvelynWiltse FarreView
AngelJohn Fry Wreford and Mary WinifredTriphena EvelynView
AugustineCharles and GraceMary MatildaView
AdamsJohn Liddell and Ruby EllenHarold MartinView
AdamsRobert and Margaret HannahMargaret JoyceView
ArnoldFerdinand Daniel and FredrickaMyrtle BeatriceView
AdamsJames and Elizabeth AnnieJaffarena Rosina PetronellaView
AugustineCharles and GraceSalome ElizabethView
AngelJohn Fry Wreford and Mary WinifredEileen RosalindView
AveryJames Ernest and Jemima ElizabethMontague TrevorView
AudiLudovic and Derkie CorneliaMartha CarolinaView
ArnoldFrederick Daniel and FredericaStella FlorenceView
AugustineCharles and GraceMary Gnathweesum EthelView
ArnoldFrederick Daniel and FredericaDouglasView
Anderson-MorsheadArcher and Winifred MatildaAthalie Winifred JeanView
AllanHarry James and JosephineMyra Winifred BirkholtzView
AdamsRobert Albert Thomas and Gladys ElizabethAlbert James HermanView
AdkinsPrescott Henry Ashton and Clarice MayNancy PatriciaView
AllanHarry and JosephineNorman HarryView
AskelandJohn Henry and Emily MaryJoan MargaretView
ArnoldFerdinand and FredericaIrisView
ArtzGeorge Patrick and Hilda MaudDoreen EthelView
AlbrightsonJorgen Olai and WinifredDaphne ElizabethView
AskelandJohn Henry and Emily MaryPeter Charles MagnusView
ArnoldFerdinand Daniel and FredrickaViolet MayView
AngoveBertram Harry and Maria HendryMary ColleenView
AdkinsPrescott Henry Ashton and Clarice MayShepperson PrescottView
ArnoldFred Daniel and FredricaWalter Gilbert EdwardView
AngoveBertram Harry and Maria HendryEdna MurielView
AngoveBertram Harry and Maria HendryBasil ArthurView
AlbertBasil and Kathleen Wallace RandellAmelia FlorenceView
AlbertBasil and Kathleen Wallace RandellDavid GeraldView
AngoveBertram Harry and Maria KndryNicholas Albert JohnView
AdkinsCyril William Clifford and Lilian Ella MasonEvelyn MayView
AshtonCharles and Margaret JaneThora NancyView
ArthurBurgess Oscar and Nora AnnieTerence BurgessView
AshtonCharles and Margaret JaneVera MarianView
ArthurBurgess Oscar and Nora AnnieClyde DixonView
AdkinsCyril William Clifford and Lilian Ella MasonHenry James CliffordView
AldousJames Henry Lee and Thelma EvaJames DennisView
AdkinsCyril William Clifford and Lilian Ella MasonMaureen AnnView
AshtonCharles and Margaret JaneMaureen SophiaView
AlbertsStephen Andrew and Mary ElizabethElizabeth CatherineView
AylesburyLyle George and Iris GwendolynCecily KathleenView
ArthurBurgess Oscar and Nora AnnieTheodore LeonardView
AlbrightsenAnthony Lawrence and Phyllis EdnaMerlene UnaView
AngoveBertram William Henry and Maria HendrienaDorothy DawnView
AudieEdward John and Stella MavisGarnetView
ArmstrongRaymond Fullarton and DorothyRichard FullartonView
AdamsBryan Sherridan and Violet AvrilRonald SherridanView
AbbottAlbert and WinifredHazel JeanView
AlbertNicholas and Chalms BeulahHelen VivienneView
AustinGerald Eardley Helmut and Blanche ValentineTrevor WilmotView
AlbertNicholas and Chalms BeulahRaymond NicholasView
AddinallRichard Calivet and Nancy WilhelminaMaureen EllenView
AllrishThoe Felix and Doreen BessieSheila ElaineView
AndersonEric Daniel BerylOwen DuncanView
AtkinsonJesse and Millicent MargaretHaroldView
AttwellAlfred Lee and Catherine HeleneEileen BethView
Anderson-MorsheadJohn Waldegrave Leslie and Florence HeatherPatricia NoelView
Anderson-MorsheadJohn Waldegrave Leslie and Florence HeatherFlorence LeslieView
ArentsenNorman and Edna MayRodney NormanView
AlstonLisle Percival and Margery Enid HildegardJennifer JillianView
AllchurchWilliam Baron and Elizabeth AdelaideWilliam StatenView
AldousCharles Edward and Enid LouisaColleen AliceView
ArentsenNorman and Edna MayNorma EdnaView
AdkinsWilliam Arthur and Patricia ErneBeverley JoanView
AdamsJohn Herman and Dorothy JoanPeter JohnView
ArentsenNorman and Edna MayErica FayView
AtkinsonCharles Daly and Elizabeth PaulineChristopher BarryView
AlstonLisle Percival and Margery Enid HildegardDiana LydiaView
AbreyBertram and Rosemary SheilaTrevor RichardView
ArchbaldWilliam Ridley and Violet NancySusan PamelaView
AndersonWilliam and CynthiaJohn WilliamView
ArendsonReginald Edward and MarjorieNeil GavinView
ArentsenReginald Edward and MarjorieMichael ClaudView
AtkinsonNigel Geddes and Sylvia WinifredLinda CarolView
AllnuttArthur Desmond Michael and Myra MagdelenMichael JohnView
AllnuttArthur Hadold and Iris GwendolineTrevor HaroldView
AtterburySylvester Harold and Edna AnneStephen JohnView
AndersonRichard and Jeanette JacobaGenevee ElizabethView
ArmstrongArthur and EthelJohn LumsdenView
AlexanderJames Anderson and Irene EdithJohnView
AlbrishTheo Felix and Doreen BessieMaureen PhyllisView
AndersenSigurd and AlexandraIngridView
AlbrishTheo Felix and Doreen BessieMargaret AnnView
AlbrishTheo Felix and Doreen BessieTheodore FelixView
Austin-DayJames Beaumont and Anne Penelope HermitageCarol-AnneView
AlbrishTheo Felix and Doreen BessieJennifer DawnView
AlbrishTheo Felix and Doreen BessieRobert MichaelView
AbbotRobert Thomson and Peggy MaudeLeslie MarionView
ArthurArnold Owen and Wendy MayMarilyn DianeView
AllnuttArthur Desmond Michael and Myra MagdalenaVeronica AnnView
AbbottDennis William and Valerie LynnGraham CecilView
ArthurArnold Owen and Wendy MayDerek CharlesView
AbbotRobert Thomson and Peggy MaudeCatherine CharlotteView
AndrewsGordon Charles and Sybil ElaineMelanie JillView
AdamsWilliam Malcolm and BettyWilliam MichaelView
AngelbeckPaul Ivan and Esme HeatherDesiree DulcieView
AnglebeckPaul Ivan and Esme HeatherSharon JoyView
AngelbeckPaul Ivan and Esme HeatherEvan ErnstView
ArnoldWalter Gilbert and DorisGloria AnnView
AbbottNorman and NormaWendy AnnView
ArendtCarl August Oscar and Mabel BlancheAnna MariaView
Austin-DayJames Beaumont and Anna Penelope HermitageDavid JamesView
AbbottNorman Robert and NormaMichele DawnView
AndersonRichard and Jeanette JacobaDianne DawnView
AlexanderRuairider? MacKenzie and Mary EmilyShona MaryView
AbreyDenzil and Heather EsmeJulieView
ArthurTheodore Leonard and Beryl CynthiaJulian MacArthurView
ArmstrongDaniel Shaw and Annette ElizabethTwanette ChanelView
AmmChristopher Verity and Mavis AnnChristopher VerityView
AmmChristopher Verity and Mavis AnnCathrine VerityView
AtterburyMichael Roger and Margaret AnneMandy MaryView
AldousPeter and MayMichelleView
AdamsMichael John and Jill Lesley-AnnChristopher WilliamView
AttenboroughLionel and AnneRussell KennethView
AdamsMichael John and Jill lesley-AnnMichelle BernadineView
AfricaErrol and ElviraByron WilliamView
ArlettJames and HannahWilliam Wolfgang FauchonView
AndrewsJames Henry and Elizabeth Downing ToyArthur EvelynView
ArnoldJohn and SarahSidney John OwenView
AngoveHenry and Jane MatildaFlorence Athelia MaryView
AndersonKitchener and Louisa ElizaWilliam AlfredView
AndrewsJames Henry and Elizabeth Downing ToyHenry GodfreyView
ArnoldJohn and SarahGladys MoorcroftView
AngoveHenry and Jane MatildaEdith Mabel JaneView
AngoveHenry and Jane MatildaBertram William HenryView
ArnoldJohn and SarahRobert MoorcroftView
AlickAugust George and Mary WatsonEleanor AnnView
AngoveHenry (deceased) and Jane MatildaAlbert RobertView
AckermannAlbert and Mary AnnOlive IreneView
ArnoldJohn and SarahDouglas JamesView
AllickAugust George and Mary WatsonMabel JaneView
AxlandJohn Erik Gustave and Louisa SophiaAlice SophiaView
AckermanJohannes Jacobus and ElizabethCharles HenryView
ArnoldJohn and SarahSinclair ErnestView
AdkinsBenjamin John and Minnie MatildaManfrid BenjaminView
AndersonRichard and Jenneatte JacobaJenneatte SharonView
AndrewJohn Angus Wallace and Cynthia ClaudineJohn AngusView
AndersonRichard and Jennette JacobaDeryk RichardView
AlfordEvan Atkey and Phyllis Dawn WilsonCameron StuartView
AvisCharles Henry and Elaine JoyceCharleneView
AdkinsHenry James Clifford and Sheila RhodaShirley NanetteView
AndersonIvor Sutherland and IreneMarlene Alice MayView
AndersonIvor Sutherland and IrenePatrick DenzilView
AndersonIvor Sutherland and IreneDeloras ElfabyView
AvisCharles Henry and Elaine JoyceDesireeView
AllenDavid MacDonald and Bessie CalvertMurray FletcherView
AngelbeckPaul Ivan and Esme HeatherAlan JohnView
ArundelErnest James and Vivienne ShirleyJeanette SharonView
AllenDavid MacDonald and Bessie CalvertJudith InnesView
AinleyRonald and DorisRoyView
AngelbeckPaul Ivan and Esme HeatherDiane HeatherView
ArthurTheodore Leonard and Beryl CynthiaPenelope AnnView
AngelbeckPaul Ivan and Esme HeatherBarry IvanView
AnsellLeonard Rex and Sheila LornaDiane HeatherView
AngelbeckPaul Ivan and Esme HeatherRoy EdmundView
AlstromBrian Kenneth and Priscilla MaryBrendon HarroldView
AveryTrevor and Carol AlvinaBrentView
ArthurJames and Frederika HenriettaMargaret MarthaView
AlflattWilliam Matthew and Sarah AnnLaura Kathleen NataliaView
AncrumFredrick and Margaret Emily EsteGertrude Sophia BurseyView
AckermanAlbert and Mary AnnLeopoldView
AndersonJames and MarthaEdith AlexenaView
AckermanAlbert and Mary AnnBertha MaryView
AmosDavid and ElizabethWilliam NielView
AckermanAlbert and Mary AnnAdalia AlgaView
AldredCharles William and FlorenceErnest John HallifaxView
AlexanderAlexander and Anna JohannaLouisa Irilda AlexandraView
AmosDavid and ElizabethLilian AliceView
AdcockWilliam Christopher and Margaret Emma H. A. C. H.Daisy Maud MargaretView
AmosDavid and ElizabethMarianView
AndersonJohn Theodore and Laura KasparaLouisa Mary KasparaView
AtherstoneWilliam John and Annie LiddleJames DallasView
ArmstrongHenry and EthelBertram RobertView
AlanderAndrew Peter and CarolineAlma LilianView
ArmstrongHenry Neil and Ethel MildredRonald Wilfred JohnView
AndriesMartin and KatherineEllenView
ArmstrongAlbert George and Ruby FlorenceCyril RoyView
AtherstoneWilliam John and Annie LiddleAnnie Phillis DallasView
AlanderAndrew Peter and CarolineLily Louise JosephineView
ArmstrongHenry Neil and Ethel MildredIsobel MargaretView
AtherstoneGeorge Hornsby and Charlotte HelenAnne HornsbyView
AndersonTheodor and LouisaHenry EdwardView
AdcockEdwin and EthelClaude HamiltonView
ArmstrongHenry Niel and Ethel MildredFlorence MavisView
AdamsGert and AnnaKlaas AugustView
AdamsHendrik and LenaElsie Annette MariaView
AdcockEdwin William Charles and Ethel MaryTerrence DelvilleView
ArmstrongHenry Neil and Ethel MildredPhyllis Gladys DecimaView
AikmanJames and JohanaMatthewView
ArmstrongCharles Gradwell and Gertrude Clara MayAlfred Edward BenjimanView
ArmstrongHenry Thiel and Ethel MildredGweneth JoyView
AdcockEdwin William Charles and Ethel MaryJoyce DoreenView
AttieJoseph and EmilySalim GeorgeView
ArmstrongHenry Neil and Ethel MildredNancy ElizabethView
ArmstrongCharles Gradwell and Gertrude ClaraNorman GradwellView
AttieJoseph George and Mary EmilyMavis VeronicaView
AdcockEdwin William Charles and Ethel MaryDonovan HirstView
ArmstrongCharles Gradwell and Gertrude Clara MayNatalie VeraView
AtteeJoseph George and Emily Mary AnnAlbert ReginaldView
ArmstrongHenry Neil and Ethel MildredLauraView
AndersonHarold Graham and Daisy AnnFredrick ThomasView
AndersonHarold Graham and Daisy AnnMuriel FrancisView
AndersonHarold Graham and Daisy AnnFlorence MyrtleView
ArmstrongCharles Gradwell and GertrudeDesmondView
AttieJoseph George and Emily Mary AnnJosephineView
ArtkinsonEdward Ernest and Edith DaisyHarold ErnestView
AnsellAlfred Charles and Lena MatildaCharles NormanView
AdamsJohn and ElizaHenryView
AdamsPeter and RoseFaith and Hope (twins)View
AfricaWillem and HendrinaJoseph CarolusView
AnsellAlfred Charles and Lena MatildaStanley Emil GeorgeView
AtkinsonEdward and EdithNeville JamesView
AfrikaCarolus and MariaLukasView
AlthorpeReginald Jack and Hester MagdalenaGraham EdwardView
AnnandaleAnn MargaretSydney CliveView
AdcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudeBarry EyreView
AdamsonWilliam Paul and Constance JoyceMonnica AnneView
AdcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudePatrick Hamilton OwenView
AdamsonWilliam Paul and Constance JoyceJoan SheilaView
AtkinsonNeville James and Audrey ElizabethSandra ElizabethView
AdamsonWilliam Paul and Constance JoycePeter JamesView
AdcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudeEvelyn GlendaView
AtkinsonNeville James and Audrey Elizabethallan JamesView
AbbotRobert Thompson and Agnes CatherinePeter DavidView
AndrewRichard Bernard and Shirley RonaJustin LlewellynView
AtkinsonNeville James and Audrey ElizabethPaul RandallView
AbreyBertram and Rosemary SheilaPeter RobertView
AdamsAnthony and Gladys ElizabethAnthony George DesmondView
AdamsRosie CarolineWilliam RaymondView
AdamsJafferina RosinaOlga Laura JuliaView
AdamsRosie CarolineLouisa MaudView
AdamsBryan Sheridan and Violet AnnieValerie GailView
AdamsAlbert James Herman and Maria ElizabethCynthia AnneView
AdamsHenry and MollyAlbert EricView
AddyMaxwell and Dorothy ClaireDavid MaxwellView
AframFrederick and MariaLettie PeggyView
AggieFredrick and MariaRonnald AndrewView
AgramFrederick and MariaSydney DenisView
Ah WhyHenling John and NoraYvonne Louisa SophiaView
Ah WhyHenling and NoraDolores LorettaView
Ah WhyHenling and NoraLynn GloriaView
Ah WhyHenling and NoraDeniseView
AhyeeWalter Joseph and Blanche MurielBasil KennethView
AinslieJohn James and Elaine SylviaArthur RoyView
AlexanderWallace and MaryLouiston LouisView
AlexanderWallace Christian and MaryMona MaudeView
AlldredEmmanuel and ElizabethGeorgeView
AlldredGeorge and Alice PatriciaMoira JeanView
AlldredGeorge and Alice Patricia TempanyGeorge KennethView
AllenEdgar Wallace and Johanna MathildaJoan MaryView
AllenJoseph and Ethel MaryEdward JosephView
AltEdward Joseph and Ethel MabelRosemarieView
AltEdward Joseph and Ethel MabelVivienneView
AndersonArthur Priscotte and MaraWalter ArthurView
AndersonArthur Priscott and MaraMalcolmView
AndersonAnnie-MariaRonald JohnView
AndersonAlice Sarah AnnPamela MavisView
AndersonAlice Annie SarahPamela MavisView
Anderson-MorsheadJohn Waldegrave Leslie and Florence HeatherJohn WilfridView
AndrewsLewellyn Henchman and Christina MaggieRonald JosephView
AndrewsJames Redvers and Julia MargaretJames ThomasView
ArendsPhilip and SabinaJohnView
ArendsPhilip and SabinaMariaView
ArendzeDavid Louis and DorisNorma RosalindView
Arendze?? (Bentley)DorisView
ArentsenAndrew John and Dorothy JohannaDawn AlmaView
ArentsenNorman and Edna MayEsme JoanView
ArmstrongCharles Gradwell and Gertrude Clara MayMaureen SybilView
ArtzDorothyCynthia Joan WinifredView
AtkinsonMaurice George and Bessie PhyllisJoyce AnnView
AtkinsonMaurice George and Bessie PhyllisEric ArthurView
AtkinsonMaurice George and Bessie PhyllisJohn WilliamView
AtkinsonMaurice George and Bessie PhyllisMerilyn AnnView
AugustineEdward Lawrance and Eveleyn LouisaDorcas Ann LorraineView
AugustineEdward Lawrence and Louisa EvelynCharles Edward RonaldView
AugustineEdward Lawrence and Louisa EvelynTrevor John FrederickView
AugustineEdward Lawrence and Louisa EvelynSteven JonathanView
AugustusJohnnie and MaryEdward AndrewView
AugustusMaryNeville IsaacView
AveryWilfred and GertrudeCynthia GertrudeView
AvisRobert Charles and Dulcibell ElaineKingsley MoultrayView
AndersonBenjamin and Harriett Anne HartleyJane EmbletonView
AndersonBenjamin and H. Anne HartleyRobert EmbletonView
ArtWilliam and MargaretThomas FredrickView
ArnoldRobert and MargaretThomas LeslieView
ArderneRalph and CharlotteEdith Charlotte EllenView
AtkinsonFrancis Augustus and Anna Margaret CarolineFrancis AugustusView
AtkinsonFrancis Augustus and Anne Margaret CarolineAmy Maria CarolineView
ArderneRalph and CharlotteRalph Sandiland AlexanderView
ArderneCharlotte and RalphSophia Theresa KennerlyView
AtkinsonFrancis Augustus and Anna Margaret CarolineArabella HenriettaView
Adriqin?? (Machininto)JohnView
ArmstrongJohn and LouisaEmily MayView
ArmstrongRobert John and LouisaRose AmyView
ArnoldRobert Leslie and Ida GenieveLionel GordonView
AtherstoneWilliam Guybon and Catherine HandelGertrudeView
ArmstrongMichael and SarahMary AnnView
AtherstoneJohn Frederick Korsten and Anna MariaJohn FrederickView
AndersonWilliam and RebeccaMary ChristianaView
AtkinsonThomas and HarrietteHarriette Marian Emily ForbesView
AtherstoneWilliam Guybon and Catherine HandelEdmund SancroftView
AtherstoneJohn Frederick Korsten and Anna MariaAlice GraceView
AllisonSamuel and AnnJohn HenryView
ArmstrongMichael Robert and Sarah JaneHenryView
AtkinsonThomas and Harriet LydiaHenrietta LouisaView
AshingtonStephen Thomas and Johanna ElizabethJulia Ann CopeView
AinslieAndrew and Rose Ann FoxCarolineView
ApseyGeorge and ElizabethChristana AntonataView
ArnotWilhelm Johanna ChristianaLouisa Pauline AugusteView
AdamsJacob and SarahAgnes AnnieView
AckermanArthur Christopher and Rina Bertha AugustaCyril LesterView
AckermanArthur Christopher and Rina Bertha AugustaArthur ClementView
AckermanArthur Christophel and Rina Bertha AugustaFlorence MayView
AddisonArnold and Edith AliceArnold MervynView
AgramFrederick and MariaFrank AubreyView
AinslieHenry Morris and Phyllis JanetRex James MorrisonView
AinslieWilliam Stuart Thomson and Constance Paulineallan StuartView
AinslieHenry Morrison and Phyllis JanetAndrew MorrisonView
AinslieHenry Morrison and Phyllis JanetPhyllis SybilView
AlbrechtWalter Theodore and Mabel SophiaNorman EdmundView
AlbrechtWalter Theodore and Mabel SophiaDavid AdrianView
AlbrechtWalter Theodore and Mabel SophiaAubrey MoonyView
AlbrightsonJorgen and Winifred AgnesAnthony Lawrance JorgenView
AlbrightsonJorgen Oli and Winifred AgnesDouglas BesantView
AlbrightsonJorgen and WinnifredSheila WinnifredView
AlbrightsonJorgen and WinifredRuby DorothyView
Albrightsondouglas Besant and Rose StellaRonald David JurgenView
AlbrightsonDouglas Besant and Rose StellaJohn DouglasView
AngellVictor and IrisJoyceView
AngellVictor and IrisFelixView
AnnandaleJohn George and Myrtle Clarice BelindaVenessa MargeryView
AnnandaleJohn George and Myrtle Clarice BelindaColin DenisView
AnnandaleJohn George and Myrtle Clarice BelindaAlthia MaureenView
ArmstrongFrederick James and HannahHarry EdwinView
ArmstrongFrederick James and HannahHerbert StanleyView
ArnholzMichaelis and PaulaFrieda?View
AshtonHerbert Henry and ClaraClarence JohnView
Assheton-RowErnest Albert and RosalieEuniceView
AtherstoneCecil Romaine and Winifred CatherineRobin NevilleView
AtherstoneCecil Romaine and Winifred Catherine BrownFrank RomaineView
AtherstoneCecil Romaine and Winifred Catherine BrownCecil Frederick RomaineView
AtherstoneCecil Romaine and Winifred Catherine BrownHugh Walter RomaineView
AtherstoneCecil Romaine and Winifred Catherine BrainShirley Catherine RomaineView
Atherstone??Peter GrahamView
AtherstoneCecil Romaine and Kathleen MaryBarrie RomaineView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and Winant JacobusJohnView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and Wenen? JacobaArthur JohannesView
AvisJohn Obadiah and CharlotteEdward HenryView
AvisAlbert Arthur and GertyMary Elizabeth SelenaView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and Gertrude JacobusAlbert Arthur ThomasView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and GertrudeCharlotte WinifredView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and Gertrude JacobusJoseph Robert CharlesView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and GertrudeAubrey NealeView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and GertrudeEdna Ruth GertrudeView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and GertrudeIrene Violet IsmayView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and GertrudeNorma DawnView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and GertrudeElla DoreenView
AvisJohn and Petronella Cornelia JohannaAlbert George JohnieView
AvisJohnie and Petronella Cornelia JohannaGertrude WinifredView
AvisRobert Charles and Dulcie ElaineElaine RaynelView
AvisObadiah and Petronella Cornelia JohannaNorma DawnView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and Johanna JacobaBeryl AnnView
AcresHenry John and Una ThoraLynetteView
AvisAlbert Arthur Thomas and Johanna JacobaCarol MayView
AvisJohnnie and Petronella Cornelia JohannaAubrey ArthurView
AttwellCharles Edward and DorotheaJoan ElizabethView
AvisJoseph Robert Charles and Dulcie ElaineKevin CharlesView
AndrekaArthur Albert and OlgaGailView
AndrekaArthur Albert and OlgaJuneView
AdcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudeJeremy EdwinView
AspinallRoy and Denzi PatriciaSusanView
ArendseRichard Benjamin and Mariam (Mahomed)Selwyn MarlowView
ArendseRichard Benjamin and Mariam (Mahomed)Joseph Le RoyeView
Allen??Peter LesterView
AweEric Adolf and Hermine PaulineMaureenView
AweEric Adolf and Hermine PaulineIngridView
ArendseRichard Benjamin and Miriam (Mohamed)Shirley MyleneView
AndersonMalcolm John Hay and Penelope ElseMurray Charles HayView
AmosCharles Henry and RuthLillian Joyce PearlView
ArnoldJohn William and Maria Elizabeth SusannahAnnie AllettaView
ArnoldJohn William and Maria ElizabethJohn WilliamView
AttwellEdward and Rachel ConstanceCharles EdwardView
AttwellEdward and Rachel ConstanceEdith IsabelView
ArnoldDavid Charles and Marjorie WinifredMarjorie JeanView
ArenholdAdolf Frederick Carl and AnnieAlbert KarlView
ArenholdAdolf Frederick Carl and AnnieAlfred FranzView
ArenholdAdolf Frederick Carl and AnnieHermannView
ArenholdAdolf Frederick Carl and AnnieArthur WilliamView
AndersonAlexander Williams and Adelaide EmmeyAlexander WilliamsView
AndersonAlexander Williams and Adelaide EmmeyVincentView
AllcockAlfred Joseph and HarrietAlfred JosephView
AllcockAlfred Joseph and HarrietNorman GeorgeView
AllcockAlfred Joseph and HarrietMartha EmmaView
AinslieArthur and RachelWilliam Thomas HenryView
AustenBenjamin Robert and Mary AnnThomas Cornelius StephanusView
AustenBenjamin Robert and Mary AnnJohn WilliamView
AndrewsChilton William and Sarah AnnaOlivia Georgina FrancesView
AdkinsHenry James and SarahFlorence HenriettaView
AndrewIsaac and Harriet LidseyWilliam AbrahamView
AndrewIsaac and Harriet LindsayJohn GeorgeView
AyliffJames and AnnaJessie WinifredView
AviesJames and CharlotteGeorge William Henry RobertView
ArnoldJoachim and WilhelminaCarl HubertView
AngellJohn Charles and ClaraClara GraceView
AshburnhamJohn Woodgate and Julia LetitiaLawrence PiersView
AshburnhamJohn Woodgate and Julia LetitiaKatharine Piers AshburnhamView
AshburnhamJohn Woodgate and Julia LetitiaCecile Mary AshburnhamView
ArmstrongMichael Robert and Sarah ElizabethJessie MayView
ArnoldRobert and MargaretThomas LeslieView
AshingtonStephen and Johanna ElizabethMay Hosburgh WrightView
AdonisStephen and Mary (Coppan)DinahView
AlbVictor and MariaAnthonyView
AtherstoneWalter and Mary Ann HornsbyWalter EdwinView
AmosWilliam and Sophia VictoriaElizabeth AnnView
AbernethyWilliam George and Sarah MariaFrances HopeView
AppelChristian and CharlottaWilhelmina Friedericka CharlottaView
Armstrongwilliam and MatildaThomas JamesView
AckermanPetrus Gerhardes and Martha alletta MagdalenaMartha Alletta MagdalenaView
AyersWilliam Middleton and ElizaWilliam Middleton Levi TheodoreView
AndrewsCaesar and Maria JohannaAmy SophiaView
AttreeJesse and EmmaEmmaView
AshkettleWilliam and SusannaHarriet SophiaView
Annsley?Thomas Augustus and Johanna Ilrag?Thomas AugustusView
AdcockEdward and MariaEdward StanleyView
AttreeJesse and EmmaMary AnnView
AckermanSidney Wallace and Johanna AndriesaElsie JohannaView
AckermanSidney Wallace and Johanna AndriesaIrene YvonneView
AckermanSidney Maurice and Johanna AndrenaSidney ErnestView
ArmstrongArthur Gordon and MarieJoan Marie AnnView
ArmstrongArthur Gordon and Maria PetronellaSydney GuardView
AckermanSidney Wallace and Johanna AndrisaJoan MonicaView
ArnoldJohn William and Roma ElaineJillian LorraineView
AdcockEdward and JessieEdwardView
AustinWilliam and Hester SusannaGeorge PohlView
AdcockEdward and MariaSamuelView
Austinwilliam and Hester Isabella SusannahWilliam FerreiraView
AustinWilliam and Hester Isabella SusannahCharles FrederickView
AdcockEdward and MariaRichard SimmondsView
AustinWilliam and Hester Isabella SusannaFrederick John FulbrookView
AustinWilliam and Hester Isabella SusannaIsabella Hannah ChristianaView
AustinWilliam and Helen Isabella SusannaJames PhilipView
AustinJohn and Dorothea MarionJohn AlfredView
AustinWilliam and Hester Isabella SusannaArthur EdwardView
AustinJohn and Dorothea MariaThomas IgnatiusView
AustinWilliam and Hester Isabella SusannaArthur EdwardView
AustinJohn and Dorothea MariaThomas IgnatiusView
AustinJohn and Dorothea MarieGeorge Edward HartmanView
AustinWilliam and Hester Isabellla SusannaConstance MaryView
AustinJohn and Dorothea MariaMary GertrudeView
AustinWilliam and Hester Isabella SusannaThomas FulbrookView
AustinJohn and Dorothea MariaWilliam JosephView
AustinWilliam and Hester Isabella SusannaTheophilusView
AustinCharles Frederick and Charlotte ElizabethWilliam FerreiraView
AustinCharles Frederick and Charlotte ElizabethJohn Eardly WilmotView
AustinGeorge Pohl and Elizabeth SusannahHester SusannahView
AustinCharles Frederick and Charlotte ElizabethHester IsabellaView
AustinGeorge Pohl and Elizabeth SusannahEthelView
AustinGeorge Pohl and Elizabeth SusannahWilliam WilmotView
AustinFrederick John Fulbrook and Cecilia JohannaRonald JamesView
AndersonCharles and Mary JohannaBetty EmilyView
AndrewArthur Adam and Gertrude MariaCharles EdwardView
AustinCharles Frederick and Charlotte ElizabethJean GordonView
AustinGeorge Pohl and Elizabeth SusannahElizabeth DentonView
AshburnerErnest and Dorothea Adelaide AugustaClifford Arundell William ErnestView
AustinCharles Frederick and Charlotte ElizabethCharles AlfredView
AustinJames Philip and Nina RosaKathleen MayView
AustinJames Philip and Nina RosaArthur JamesView
AustinJohn Eardley Wilmot and Florence MayEvelyn Eardley WilmotView
AustinJames Philip and Nina RosaFredrickView
AustinWilliam Rodney and Nan LawreRozanne NanView
AnsellAlfred Charles and Lena MatildaWilliam JamesView
AnsellAlfred Charles and Lena MatildaEricView
AllenIsaac William and Ella MayWilliam ThomasView
AslerMichael and EvaSydney MichaelView
AndersonHarold Graham and Martha Johanna NellieEldred RoyView
ArmstrongRonald Wilfred John and Magdalena HarrietDudley RonaldView
ArmstrongRonald Wilfred John and Magdalena HarrietMalcolm BrianView
AlthorpeReginald Jack and Hester MagdalenaGraham EdwardView
AnnandaleAnn MargaretSydney CliveView
AdcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudeBarry EyreView
AdamsonWilliam Paul and Constance JoyceMonnica AnneView
AdcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudePatrick Hamilton OwenView
AdamsonWilliam Paul and Constance JoyceJoan SheilaView
AtkinsonNeville James and Audrey ElizabethSandra ElizabethView
AdamsonWilliam Paul and Constance JoycePeter JamesView
AdcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudeEvelyn GlendaView
AtkinsonNeville James and Audrey Elizabethallan JamesView
AbbotRobert Thompson and Agnes CatherinePeter DavidView
AndrewRichard Bernard and Shirley RonaJustin LlewellynView
AtkinsonNeville James and Audrey ElizabethPaul RandallView
AngelJohn Frey Wreford and Mary WinifredWalter Jack HoratioView
AlldredJames Henry and Eurica Christina (deceased)Leonie MargaretView
ArentsenJacob and Jane Sarah LydiaRose MatildaView
AndrewsWaldemar and Florence SarahEdward ArrasView
AndersonAnnie MariaLydiaView
Adams??Elizabeth Annie LaurieView
AnnandaleJohn George and Myrtle Clarice BelindaGeoffreyView
AvisAlfred and Agnes LouisaEvelyn GeorgeView
AveryErnest Claude and Kate EvelynKenneth JamesView
ArentsenJakob and Jane Sarah LydiaReginald EdwardView
AndrewsWaldemar and Florence SarahVictor DesmondView
AdamsRobert and GladysAgnes Elizabeth MagdaleneView
ArtzGeorge Patrick and Hilda MaudCecil GeorgeView
AhwhyLai and SophieMareling GertrudeView
AhwhyLai and sophieHenling JohnView
AhwhyLai and SophieChoiling ElizabethView
AhwhyLai and SophieDickling RichardView
AdamsRobert and GladysMerle OlgaView
AbrahamMargart JohannaRachel DoreenView
AugustineCornelius Jonathan and MaggieGodwin Gabriel SilvesterView
AdamsWilliam and LettieSophiaView
ArentsenJacob and Jane Sarah LydiaThora EileenView
AveryErnest Claude and Kate EvelynDenton NeilView
AdamsCornelius Henry and Mary MagdaleneChristina WilheminaView
Ah WhyLai and SophieSingling Alexander ArthurView
ArundelThomas Wilson and Hilda AnniePhyllis LouisaView
ArundelThomas Wilson and Hilda AnnieHylda JoyceView
AdamsRobert Albert and Gladys ElizabethTerance Patrick DesmondView
AppelFriedrich Wilhelm Oskar and Emma Alwina LouisaVernon Friedrich GottliebView
ArtzGeorge Patrick and Hilda MaudMavis PearlView
AdamsRobert Albert and Gladys ElizabethDaphne JefferinaView
AnderssonCharles William and Madis Erle ConwayWilliam JackView
ArentsenAndrew John and Dorothy JohannaKenneth PatrickView
AdamsCornelius Henry and Mary MagdaleneElizabeth RebekahView
ArtzGeorge Patrick and Hilda MaudeReginald VernonView
ArmstrongCharles Gradwell and Gertrude Clara MayAubreyView
AdamsHarold French Captain Doyle and Rose CarolineLaurence James JohannesView
Ah WhyLai and SophyYong Ling Sophy ConnieView
AveryClaude Ernest and Kate EvelynMuriel EvelynView
AggieFrederick and MarieChristella VioletView
ArentsenAugust and Agnes Francis AlexandraVivian TrevorView
ArentsenAndrew John and Dorothy JohannaRaymond DuncanView
AdamsHarold French and Rosie CarolineHarold Albert SamuelView
AtkinsonRobert and Caroline MargeryPriscilla IrisView
AtkinsonRobert and Caroline MargeryNigel GeddesView
AframFrederick and MariaDaphne EmilyView
ArentsenAugust and Agnes Frances AlexandraElaine JessieView
AnnandaleJohn George and Myrtle Clarice BerlindaNaideneView
AdamsCornelius Henry and Mary MagdalenaOlga Rosemary LouisaView
AugustusJohannes Isaac and May MatildaFreda Magdalene MavisView
ArmstrongCharles Gradwell and Gertrude Clara MayDavidView
AgramKristensany and SavirmoirFrederickView
AgramFrederick and MariaErnest FrederickView
ArthurCharles Herman and MarieArnold OwenView
ArentsenAndrew John and Dorothy JohannaClive AndrewView
AbreyBertram and Rosemary SheilaMalcolm BruceView
ArendseJoseph Jacobs and Mary ElizabethRonald WilliamView
AinslieJohn James and Elaine SylviaJames TerenceView
AdamsonWilliam Paul and Constance JoyceMargaret ConstanceView
AmooreFrederick Andrew and MaryHugh TheodoreView
AmooreFrederick Andrew and MaryJohn NicholasView
AllenJoseph and Ethel MayHazel EthelView
AugustusFrank Mahamed and MaryLeonard TerranceView
AugustineEdward Lawrence and Louisa EvelynGrace Elizabeth BendetteView
ArendseJoseph Jacobs and Mary ElizabethAbraham SimonView
AddyMaxwell and Dorothy ClaireJonathan EsmondeView
Ah WhyHenling and NoraShirley Evelyn RosemaryView
AbbottDennis William and Valerie LynnRobert PaulView
ArendseJoseph and MaryElizabeth LouisaView
AlexanderMatildaMichael PhillipView
AinslieJohn James and Elaine SylviaSandra LeighView
AdkinsDale Bernard and Sallie GradwellRoger Anthony DaleView
AtkinsonMorpeth and Erna MayJean LouiseView
Ah WhyHenling John and NoraCharmaine PamelaView
AinslieJohn james and Elaine SylviaShane AustinView
AdkinsDale Bernard and Sallie GradwellDebra Anne KathleenView
AinslieJohn James and Elaine SylviaCharmaine FayView
AlexanderJoyce MillicentGary MooreView
AttwellKenneth Reginald and Audrey BeatriceVaughan FieldingView
AndrewRobert Brian and Jean PhyllisAnnette BeryleView
AndersenErik Henman and Ruth MabelMark GregoryView
AlexanderWallace Christian and AbedaSerbrina MagaretteView
AlexanderWallace Christian and AbedaWallace ChristianView
AlexanderPeter and Alice DorothyJames Peter GavinView
AlexanderWallace Christian and AbedaCheryl MagdalenieView
AtkinsonFrank Ronald and BrendaJohn KevinView
AshbyKenneth Mervin and TatjanaClifford WalterView
AndersonErik Hermann and Ruth Nelsh? Niels PeterView
AnsellStanley Emil George and Lettie ElizabethCharmaineView
ArnoldFrederick Albert and Jane ElizabethLinda GretnaView
AtkinsonFrank Ronald and BrendaJohn KevinView
AshbyKenneth Mervin and TatjanaClifford WalterView
Ah WhyLoretta DoloresFernado ElleryView
ArcherWilfred Grahme and Denise AllisonGrahame David LyleView
AnsellWilliam James and Lucy MaySharon AnneView
Ah WhyGloria Ah WhyDion Robert JohnView
AlexanderMona MaudeKelvin DavidView
AtkinsonFrank Ronald and BrendaLynneView
AndrewRichard Bernard and Shirley RhonaLeeView
AlexanderWinston Louis and Phyllis MarjorieRobert ThomasView
ArcherWilfred Graeme and Denise AllisonDenis Paul MalcolmView
AnsellStanley Emil George and Lettie ElizabethMaureenView
ArnoldDennis Brian and Jean EsterRobyn and PatriciaView
ArnoldDennis Brian and Jean EsterBrigid ColleenView
AndrewRobert Brian and Jean PhyllisLouis RobertView
ArnoldDennis Brian and Jean EsterVicky HopeView
AndrewAnthony James and Jennifer JoySimon BecketView
ArnoldDennis Brian and Jean EsterJudith PhilippaView
AldredJohn and ElizabethAmy JaneView
AllisonJames and HarrietAnne SuttonView
AppelChristian and CharlotteWilhelmina Friedericka CharlotteView
ArmstrongWilliam and MatildaThomas JamesView
AckermanPetrus Gerhardes and Martha Alletta MagdalenaMartha Alletta MagdalenaView
AlesburyThomas and ElizabethAnnieView
AlesburyThomas and ElizabethEdithView
ArenholdAdolf Simkins and Clara Elizabeth Sophia FriedaAdolf LauensteinView
AtherstoneCecil Romaine and Winifred Catherine BrownCecily WinifredView
AlpertAlexander MacDonell and Florence MayKathleen NanView
AlportAlexander MacDonell and florence MayHandley GearyView
AustinErnest Emile and Isola Olga RhodesAthol LyallView
ApplebyAlfred Thomas and ClaraSydney SwainView
ActonThomas Henry and Emily JaneWilliam FrancisView
ActonRobert and Lillian MaudStella MaudView
ActonRobert and Lillian MaudDennisView
ArnoldSinclair Ernest and Edina MaryJoyce SinclairView
ArnoldRobert Moorcroft and Frances MaudeDouglas GeorgeView
ArnoldSinclair Ernest and Edina MaryJohnView
ActonRobert Victor and DorothySunday? ElizabethView
ActonRobert Victor and DorothyRosemary JoanView
ArnoldSinclair Ernest and Edna MaryPatrick MorcroftView
ActonRobert Victor and DorothyJill LynetteView
AndersonRobert Henry and Hilda MabelRobin AngusView
ActonRobert Victor and DorothyRobert CarlinView
ActonRobert Victor and DorothyMargaret Christine MeganView
AntrobusRobert Michael and Janet Lyle HolmesNorman HughView
ActonRobert Victor and DorothyDavid Arthur CarlinView
ArendsHenry Nicholas and Annie MinnieNicholas WilliamView
ArendsHenry Nicholas and Annie MinnieMary MinnieView
ArendsHenry Nicholas and Annie MinnieGeorge HenryView
AndersonFrank Willis and Doreen AnnAnthony FrankView
ActonRobert Victor and DorothyJennifer DorothyView
ActonErnest and Martha EtresaDenise EstelleView
ActonJames Arthur and Myrtle BessiePamela JeanetteView
ActonErnest and Martha EtresaVernon LionelView
ActonJames Arthur and Myrtle BessieColleen GwynethView
ActonJames Arthur and Myrtle BessieCherry MyrtleView
ArnoldCharles Patrick and Margaret AnneJennifer AnneView
ArnoldCharles Patrick and Margaret AnneSally PatriciaView
ActonMichael and DawnLeon NormanView
AndersonArthur John and Ellen Mary AnnRudolph GilbertView
AnstrutherEric George Basil and Mary AnneWindham John BasilView
ArmstrongFrederick William and Ruth BeatriceDoreen Claire ArmstrongView
AndersonGeorge Robert and Charltote HenriettaHazel IreneView
AddisonJoseph and MarieIda LenaView
AndersonArthur John and Ellen Mary AnnEdward James HeathfieldView
ArmstrongFrederick William and Kate BeatriceGwendoline TophamView
AndersonArthur John and Ellen Mary AnnGerald JamesView
ArmstrongFrederick William and Ruth BeatriceGeorge Frederick VinallView
AtherstoneGuyton Blake and Helen DamantHelen MaryView
AdonisJames and JaneHenry RanerView
AndersonArthur John and Ellen Mary AnnOlive MaryView
AgliotiGuglio and Marie ElizabethEileen Rose SelinaView
AustinWilliam Milmot and Myrtle ConstanceWilliam RodneyView
ArmstrongArthur Clifton and Ina LillieWilfred JamesView
AngoveErnest Floyd and Adelaide MaryEric FloydView
AustinWilliam Wilmot and Myrtle ConstanceGlanville PohlView
AndersonArthur John and Ellen Mary AnnThelma MayView
ArmstrongArthur Clifton and Ina LilyDouglas CliftonView
AikenSamuel John and Mary LouisaAllen LancelotView
Angoe (Angove?)Ernest Albert and Adelaide MaryRaymond FloydView
AndrewsAlbert James and Mabel MaudeZita (Somers-Andrews)View
AmbroseVincent and LeenieEvangeline QueenieView
AmbroseVincent and LeenieRalphView
AmbroseVincent and LeenieNormanView
AdamsonRobert Terrence and Dorah VioletMaxine Muriel HartungView
AmbroseVincent and LennieMichael Percival ClarenceView
AmbroseVincent and LennieGilbert HughView
AmbroseVincent and LennieIvy UrsulaView
AikenSamuel John and Grace WinifredRita Isabel PaulineView
AbbottGerard and Mary AnnEdmund ArthurView
AikenSamuel John and Grace WinifredClement HicksonView
AndersonFrancis Hessey and LilliePhyllis CoraView
AikenSamuel John and Grace WinifredLennox VivianView
AllenHarold Dudley and Muriel Emily (deceased)Iona Doreen GilderView
AndersonFrancis Hessey and LillieNeville BilsboroughView
AdonisJacob Thomas and Louisa SusanKathleen Mary AnneView
AdonisJacob Thomas and Louisa SusanLouisa SusanView
AikenSamuel John and Grace WinifredPaul ClarenceView
AdonisJames William and Annie LouisaJane KathleenView
AndersonArthur John and Hester CarolineLouisa JudithView
AikenSamuel John and Grace WinifredEllen RosinaView
ArmstrongHarold Simon and Sutu AlfridaDiana NancyView
AndersonArthur John and Hester CarolineIreneView
AnsleyMaurice James and Brenda MerciaRosemary BrendaView
AndersonArthur Melville and Dorothy BeatriceEthene MonicaView
AdonisJacob Thomas and Louisa SusannahStephanie JeannetteView
AndrewsJoseph Andrew and Elizabeth LorahHerbert WilliamView
AikenSamuel John and Grace WinifredDorothea Katherine WhileminaView
AnsleyMaurice James and Brenda MerciaAnne Caroline LouiseView
AbbottCharles Garnett and Florence HannahKeith RossView
AbbottCharles Garnett and Florence HannahNoel LylaView
AbbottCharles Garnett and Florence HannahMillicent MadgeView
ArringtonMilford Arthur and Edith MayHenry GeorgeView
AlkenstedAndrew and MinnieIrene CarolineView
AlkenstedAndrew and MinnieMinnie ElizabethView
AusleyMaurice James and Brendon MerciaMaurice PatrickView
AlkenstedAndrew and MinnieGladys RosalindView
AshmeadWilliam Jack and Elsie EmilyJack ChattertonView
AmbroseNigel Thomas Cavendish and Maureen CecilNigel Peter RolandView
AlexanderRonald Hartley and Daphne Mary EvaBrian HartleyView
AppollosAbel John and Margareth ElizabethMichael DavidView
AlexanderAndrew and Sheila Jean (Parker)John Leo HiltonView
AdamsonGeorge and MargaretWilliam PaulView
AlkenstedAndrew and MinnieHester RachelView
ApollosAbel and Margaret ElizabethIris Margaret RosalineView
AlexanderFraser Roland and Mary GeorginaHeather EllaView
AikenLennox Vivian and SusanGavin VivianView
AllenGerald Roy and Constance MaryVerity MargaretView
ApollosAbel John and Rita ElizabethWilfred JamesView
AikenLennox Vivian and SusanPenelope EllenView
AsmusJohn Claus And Henrica Elizabeth Maria (Duckel)Henry PeterView
ArcherHenry And Ruth (Brooks)Verne MaryView
AlibertiniJohn Baptist And Maria (Pentolfi)John Vincent BaptistView
AsmusJohn Claud And Henrica Elzabete (Duckel)Margaret SusanView
AldridgeEdward And Mary A. (Dwyer)Mary JemimaView
AlexanderAnnieWilliam ArthurView
AnriquesPhyllis And Rose (Kennedy)Frederick AlexanderView
AnriquesPhyllis And Rose (Kennedy)Andrew AlbanoView
ArcherHarry And Ruth (Brooks)BerylView
AscensionAlbanus And Clara (Andriques)Imon LigorioView
AndriquesAndrew And Sophie (Cole)Maria AndrewView
ApponNicolas And Eva (Erver)Emile View
AlibertiniGiovani Bat. And Maria (Pentolfi)Magdalena JuliaView
AlexanderAnnHelena AnnView
Anderson??William AloysiusView
ArtzMichael And Annie (Erasmus)Bridget MargaretView
AnriquesPhillis Alexander And Rose (Kennedy)John Manuel AlexanderView
ArenoFrancisco And Louisa (Niekerk)Mary AgnesView
ArenoFrancisco And Louisa (Niekerk)Leo PatrickView
ArenoFrancisco And Louisa (Niekerk)Mary WinefredView
ArnoldRobert And Ann (Heines)Ann ElizabethView
AdamsCharlotteRose Edith MayView
AnriquesAndrew Alexander And Sophia (Cole)Mabel ElizabethView
Alexander (Van Der ?)George And DoliwaGiovanniView
AdamsCatherineEva HendrinaView
ArmstrongGeorge And Mary Catherine (Farrall)George EdwardView
AllinsonDaniel Moens And Ellen AllinsonDaisey MildredView
ArnoldRobert And Annie (Heines)Mary AngelaView
AscensionBarney And Clara (Andriques)RosinaView
AbrahamManuel And Johanna (Ringwest)Maria RosaView
ArmstrongGeorge And Mary Catharine (Farrall)John MichaelView
AbouchabkiAhel And Josephina (Antoni)John JosephView
AlibertiniJohn Baptist And Maria (Pentolfi)Joseph Angelo SebastianView
ArmstrongGeorge And Mary Catherine (Farrall)Mary CatherineView
AntonioFrancis And Maria Rosa (Goavea)FrancisView
AllenFredrick Arthur And Maria Marguerite (O'shea)Robert JamesView
AlibertiniGiovanni Battista And Maria (Pentolfi)Giovanni FrancescoView
Alembi??Mary Magdaline ClaraView
AlembiWilliam George And PambaMary AugustineView
AssamJames And Elizabeth (Groves)Clara ElizabethView
AkomLouis Charly And Marie Maley (Hocothee)Marie Idy?View
AndersonFrancis And Mary (Combridge)ElizabethView
AndersonFrancis And Mary (Combridge)RichardView
AndersonFrancis And Mary (Combridge)LilianView
Armstrong Joseph James And SusanAda MadelinaView
Armstrong Joseph James And SusanCharlotte IreneView
AyresWalter And Maria (Rutherfoord)Catherine Martha Eulalie Mary (Phelan Nee Ayres)View
AbdoFanus And Afriffe (Venieres)MichaelView
AdamiDerwish And Leila (Faris)EmmanuelView
Ascaray?? (Davis)Annie MaryView
AffetAlfred And Emily (Gingham)James CecilView
AscarayFrank And Annie Mary (Davis)Frank WilliamView
AbouchabkiHaal And Gessamine TuphiaView
AspreyWilliam And ElizaMary Sarah (Daniels Nee Asprey)View
AndrewsBernard And Eva (Jenniker)Clara Mary EvaView
Ah-KomLouis Charly And Nivukmine Marie Mulcie (Hocothee)Mary Eline (Aileen)View
AbdullaFrancis And SallieJoseph FrancisView
AlfredThomas And MargaretHenry JosephView
AlmanzaGianbattista And Regina (La Reservee)Andrew SalvatorView
Alvarez (Tesnear?)Desire And SarahVincent DesireView
Armstrong Mathonie And AnasAlma MaryView
AlembyWilliam And EveWilliam GeorgeView
AllisonIsaac And Lesetta (Petzinger)ElizabethView
ArmstrongGeorge And Mary (Farrall)Amy MaudView
AlibertiniGiovani Batista And Maria (Pentolfi)Julia Fiumana ClaraView
AdamsNicholas Player And Mary Teresa (Walsh)James Sanford JosephView
ArmstrongJoseph James And Susan (Galant)JamesView
AlmanzaJohn Baptista And Regina (La Reservee)Umberto AngeloView
Ah-KomLouise Charles And Nionkmine Malvie Marie (Aocothee)Herbert MandoneView
AnriquesPhyllis And Rosina (Kennedy)PhilipView
AffutAlfred And Emilie (Guingam)Ivy VernerView
AbuchapkirJoseph And Mary (Worthie)George MarionetteView
AdamsJonas And Wilhelmina (Schouw)Letitia Baptista (Ova Nee Adams)View
AdamsLetitiaFrederick JosephView
AlvarezEdward And Gertie (Munroe)Mary LouisaView
ArcherThomas John And May (Davie)Gladis MaryView
AlderWilliam Clavering And Augusta Susannah (Von Broembsen)Dorothy AliceView
ArmstrongJoseph And Susan (Holliard)Abraham EzechiasView
AdamsAliceHelina LidiaView
AdamsWilliam And Adelaide Elizabeth (Brown)Charlotte Elizabeth MaudView
AdamiDerwish And Lela (Faris)EugeniaView
AllisonIsaac And Elizabeth (Lesetta) (Petzinger)Grace Mary MagdalenView
AllisonIsaac And Elizabeth (Lesetta) (Petzinger)Norman EdwardView
AllisonIsaac And Elizabeth (Lesetta) (Petzinger)WilfridView
ArmstrongGeorge And Mary (Farrall)GertrudeView
AdonisMaryEliza MaryView
AbouchapkiJoseph And Mary (Harte)MaroonView
AbouchapkiAhel And Jessamine (Jabour)AnthonyView
AhkonLouis Charlie And Hcoukmine Marie (Hocothee)Marie LeiView
AndersonPeter Heribert And Eliza Agnes (Keogh)Gustave FrederickView
AlvarezEdward And Gertrude (Munroe)Henrietta ElisabetaView
AnriquesPhillip And Rosina (Kennedy)Wilfred AlexanderView
AtterburyJohn And Annie (Wood)Alice Mabel (Mcgregor Nee Atterbury)View
ArendtMilleyHerbert CliffordView
AdamiNami And Emilia Louise (Gostine)AnnieView
AbrahamsManel? And Sarah (Wiltshire)Emmanuel JosephView
AbrahamsJames And Annie (Wiltshire)Sarah MaryView
AdirianJohn And Rebecca (Margaret?) (Jeftha)Annie SarahView
AyresWilliam And Clara (Mcewen)William Alfred ErnestView
AdamiJaphte Meri And Labibi FeresJosephView
AdamsWilliam And Adelaide Elizabeth (Brown)FlorenceView
AlvarezEdward And Gerty (Munro)Emmanuel Victor HenryView
AskewThomas Hordon And Margaret Ann (Chambers)JohnView
AbouchabkiAhal And Jessie Antony (Jaobur)MaryView
AdrianJohn And Margaret (Japhta)John EdwardView
AllenFrederick A. And Marie (O'shea)Marie Adele Salance?View
AlmanzaJohn Baptist And Marie Ursula (Regina) (La Reservee)Marie Ursula Selina?View
AshkarJoseph And Lawsette (Zaila)Adwer (Edward?)View
AshAnnieRosie Magdalina (Adopted By Assumption)View
AlvarezEdward J. And Gerty M. (Munroe)Edward PatrickView
AndreucciUgo And Edith Florence (Benjamin)Cecil JosephView
AndreucciUgo And Edith Florence (Benjamin)Gladys MaryView
Andrews (Anriques?)Philip And Rosina (Kennedy?)David AlexanderView
AlstonEdward And Mary Elizabeth (De Kock)Ruby MargisonView
AlstonEdward And Mary Elizabeth (De Kock)Florence RuthView
AndriesHans And Mita (Deason)KateView
AndriesHans And Mita (Deason)RoseView
AyrisHenry William And Marie Madeleine (Devine)Muriel TeresaView
AdamsWilliam And Adelaide Elizabeth (Brown)Violet EdithView
ArnottThomas and Cornelia (Limberg)Martha Magdalene (VAN AS nee ARNOTT)View
ArnottThomas and Cornelia (Limberg)Johanna (JACKSON nee ARNOTT)View
AbouchabkiAkel Bechara and Jasmine (Antonie)George Elias Akel BecharaView
AlfredThomas and Margaret (Kido)Daniel JacobusView
AlexanderPeter and MaryThomasView
AffatAlfred and Emily (Giumgam)Mary IrisView
AkonLouis Charles and Mary (Maley)Mary ElaineView
Alexander??Elizabeth RebeccaView
AlexanderHans and Rosie (Smith)Annie LeahView
AdrianJohn and Margaret (Jeftha)William GeorgeView
AnthonyDavid and Sophia Magdalena (Solomon)Jane Rhoda MaryView
AndreucciUgo and Edith (Benjamin)MargaretView
AdrianAaron and Anne (Mcloughlin)Mary AnneView
AbrahamsEmmanuel and Mary (Wiltshire)Emmanuel MorganView
AdamsWilliam and Adelaide (Brown)William EdwardView
AlvarezEdward and Gertrude (Munro)Vincent GeorgeView
AlphonsoAntonio and Norah (Jackson)DomingoView
AllenEllenEric Lyland Jack Allen (MANCE)View
AlexanderThomas and Charlotte Rebecca (Matticks)Ida AugustaView
AdamsNicholas and Alice Gertrude (Clair)Ruby AliceView
AndrewsAlfred Herbert and Bernadette (Head)Constance MargaretView
ArnoldWillie and Annie (Jule)WillieView
AkomLouis Charles and Mary (Malcy)Arthur ManwhyView
AndersonElizabeth MaryRonald FrankView
AbrahamGeorge and Sarah (Jonathan)Edward CharlesView
AskewJohn and Ellen (Nellie) (Walsh)Thomas Patrick JohnView
AbrahamsMarianEsther ElizabethView
AdrianJohn and Rebecca (Jeftha)Peter AlexanderView
AlvarezEdward and Gertrude (Munro)Dolores Felicia AgathaView
AlexanderThomas and Charlotte Rebecca (Matticks)Charlotte MatildaView
AdamsWilliam and Adelaide (Brown)Ernest NormanView
AndrewsMabelMabel DoreenView
AssumptionGordon (Ligouri) and Sabrina (Antonie)Irene RoseView
AlmirallJoseph and Daisy (Norton)Joseph GeorgeView
AssamJames and Elizabeth (Groves)Harold SydneyView
AscarayFrancis (Frank) William and Maria (Niemand)Olga Mary CeciliaView
AskewJohn and Ellen (Walsh)Robert CyrilView
Armstrong?? (Nee Guerlaird)Susan ElizabethView
ArrowAlfred Henry and Rose Elizabeth (Field)Grace MaryView
ArrowThomas and Jane (Mitchell)Alfred Henry (MITCHELL-ARROW)View
AlfonsoAntoni and Nora (Jackson)Edward MathewView
AlfredThomas and Margaret (Kido)AnnieView
AnthonyDavid and Sophia (Solomon)William FrancisView
AndreucciUgo and Edith (Benjamin)NelloView
ArmstrongGeorge and Elizabeth (Alemby)Abraham JosephView
AburrowFrancis William and Sarah Elizabeth (Merritt)Frances Wilhelmina Aburrow (MERRITT, aka CARTER)View
AndrewsHenry and Maria (Smith)Sophia Mary VeronicaView
AlexanderThomas and Charlotte (Matticks)Thomas AntonyView
AlvarezEdward and Gertrude (Munroe)Joseph GeorgeView
AndriquesJohn and Elizabeth (Langeveldt)Thomas FrederickView
AndrewsElizaJoannes CharlesView
AndrewsRachelRose JohannaView
AscarayWilliam and Maria (Newman)Irine FrancesView
AlmarillJoseph and Daisy (Norton)Herbert BernardView
AdamsWilliam and Adelaide (Brown)Mona WinifredView
AssamAlfred Edward and Louisa Maria (Dowse)Mabel FlorenceView
AssamJames and Elizabeth (Groves)Herbert EdgarView
AdrianJohn and Rebecca (Jeftha)Henry ArronView
AlexanderThomas and Charlotte (Matticks)Richard JamesView
AskewJohn and Ellen Josephine (Walsh)Mary MargaretView
ArantiesCarolineJohn JacobusView
AlvarezEdward and Gertrude (Munro)Matilda Constance TeresaView
AssamJames and Louisa (Dowse)Eric SidneyView
AssamJames William and Louisa Magdalena (Lewis)Frederick JamesView
AscarayWilliam and Maria (Niemand)Francis WilliamView
AdamsWilliam and Adelaide (Brown)Gordon Joseph LeonardView
AckermannStephen Johannes and Gertrude Gertbreghta (Miennie)Johanna MariaView
AdrianJohn and Margaret (Jeftha)Rosine DorothyView
AlexanderThomas and Charlotte (Matticks)Sarah Ann JosephineView
AskewJohn and Ellen Josephine (Walsh)John JosephView
AssamJames William and Louisa Magdalena (Lewis)William FrankView
AssamAlfred and Louisa (Dowse)Dorothy MatildaView
AustinNorman Henry and Kathrine Emilia (A'Hern)Denis PatrickView
AdamsWilliam Jacobus and Esther Susan (Minnie)William EdwardsView
AlbertiniJuliaMaria MagdaleneView
AssumptionGordon and Sabina (Antonie)Ledia AugustusView
AssumptionGordon and Sabina (Antonie)Gordon AlbaniView
ArmstrongThomas and Mary (Maguire)MichaelView
ArmstrongRobert and Vera (Jackson)Joseph JamesView
Armstrong SusanThomas BenjaminView
AdamsWilliam and Adelaide (Brown)Eileen Mary LidwinaView
AscarayWilliam and Maria (Niemand)Edith AnnieView
Ah FoyElizabethAnnieView
AnglesAlfred and Annie (Harvey)AndrewView
AnglesAlfred and Annie (Harvey)ThoraView
AssamAlfred and Louisa (Dowse)Edward EdgateView
AdamsAidaSarah LouisaView
ArendsLenaPeter JamesView
ArmstrongCharlotteErnest JamesView
AndrewsJohn and Mary (Pitman)MabelView
AndrewsJohn and Mary (Pitman)EllenView
AndrewsJohn and Mary (Pitman)John FrancisView
AndrewsJohn and Mary (Pitman)ClaraView
AndrewsJohn and Mary (Pitman)MaryView
AdrianJohn and Rita (Jeftha)Mary Anne LouisaView
AlexanderThomas and Charlotte (Matticks)Edward PeterView
AdamsDavid and Lydia (Philander)HenryView
AbbittJames and Annie (Wilson)Verun Haig BuxtonView
AppollisIsaac and Mary (Mattheus)Abraham JohannisView
AssamAlfred Edward and Louisa Maria (Dowse)Gladys MaudView
AssamJames William and Louisa Magdalena (Lewis)Phoebe ElizabethView
ArmstrongRobert and Bertha (Jackson)HerbertView
AssumptionSamuel and Mona (Abdullah)FrankView
AssumptionGordon and Sabina (Antonie)MagdaleneView
AldridgeMaryAndrew ArchibaldView
AnglesAlfred and Annie (Harvey)MyrtleView
AdamsWilliams and Adelaide (Brown)Lilian JoyceView
AppollisIsaac and Mary (Matthews)James IsaacView
AssamAlfred and Louisa (Dowse)DouglasView
AndrewsMariaAlice ConstanceView
Ah FoyElizabethPeterView
AllwrightIrisMary JoyceView
ArendsEllenDorah SophiaView
Ankiewicz (Kuzch)Johann and ConstantiaJohann LeopoldView
Alt (De Beyer)William and MargaretWilliam HenryView
Arthur James and FredericaCharles HermanView
AnkowitzJohn and ConstantiaJuliusView
AnkowitchJoseph Matthias and ConstantiaMaria TeresaView
Alt (Oberem)William and MargaretLothar JuliusView
ArthurJames and FredericaJames JosephView
Alick (Watson-Pringle)August George and MaryFranz RobertView
Alt (De Beyer)William and MargaritaAntonia Cecily MargaritaView
Ankowitch (Casack)John and ConstantiaSophia VictoriaView
Arthur (Moller)James and FredericaWilliam AndrewView
Artz Martin and MariaMichael PhilipView
Artz (Hand)Phillip and Annie MaryPatrickView
Artz (Erasmus)Michael and AnnieGeorge KimberlyView
Arthur (Muller)James and FredericaLilian ImeldaView
Artz (Erasmus)Michael and AnnJane Maria KathleenView
Adams (Davey)John Matthew and Sarah AliceRose AliceView
Artz (Cain)Martin and MarieGeorgeView
Adair-Wright (Cotter)Walter Thomas Hamilton and Mary John Trevor CroftonView
Artz (Hand)Phillip and Annie MaryBertrand MichaelView
Adams (Mento)Alexander and SinaMaudView
Artz (Cain)Martin and Marie (Brigid)Herbert VictorView
Artz (Hand)Phillip and AnnieMary GertrudeView
Artz (Cahill)George and MargaretGeorge PatrickView
Artz (Hand)Phillip and AnnaWilliam NicolausView
Almeida (Assise)Manuel and AliceManuel AugustusView
Almeida (Assise)Manuel and AliceSophia Dorothea CatharinaView
Almeida (Assise)Manuel and AliceAlice JosephinaView
Artz (Cahill)George and MargaretCatherine MaryView
Artz (Hand)Phillip and AnnaN/EView
Artz (Cahill)George and MargaretWilliam James GlenView
Artz (Hand)Phillip and AnnieFlorence JaneView
Aiseck (Mardermootoo)Sannasy and AliceJosephView
AlldenRalph Trewalla and EllenMary MariaView
Alt (Kriedemann)William and PaulinaErnest GustavView
Artz (Hand)Philip James and Annie Mary GertrudeAnnie MayView
Alt (Kriedeman)William and PaulinaDorothea Theodosia PaulinaView
AlexisAngelaLouisa Mary JosephineView
Artz (Cahill)George James and Margaret MaryViolet GraceView
Adkins (Blumrick)Benjamin John and Annie MathildaBertram WilliamView
Adkins (Blumrick)Benjamin John and Annie MathildaEdward FernantView
Artz (Hand)Phillip and AnnieBernard PhillipView
Alt (Kriedeman)William and PaulinaMargarita Augusta RuthView
Azze (Lahoud)Herbert and LizaGeorgiusView
Artz (Cahill)George and MargaretMargaret HellenView
Atkins (Blumrick)Benjamin John and Annie MathildaMavis EileenView
Azzie (Lahoud)Herbert (Joseph) and ElizabethMargaritaView
Alt (Kriedemann)Wilhelm and PaulinaMyrtle VioletView
Abbott (Dunne)Henry and SarahMatilda (MCINERNEY nee ABBOTT)View
Alvarez (Tesnear)Desire and SarahAlphonsus VictorView
Aizzar (Davis)Alec and SusanJohn AlecView
Alt (Kriedeman)William and PaulineEdward Ernest JosephView
Abdoo (Hamach)Joseph and LizzieJoseph AlickView
Aboud (Botha)Joseph and Sarah CathlenaQueenie MayView
AlbrayN/ESapahia (Sophia?)View
AbdoJoseph and NezhaAlicView
Audain (Botha)Henry and DinahJoseph Rufus JonathanView
Audain (Quossie)Thomas and SusannaHenry JonathanView
Abder (Hosner)Joseph and LizzieSperoView
Audain (Botha)Henry and DinahJohn JacobView
Aboud (Goodchild)Abraham and LilySophiaView
Austin (Lawlor)Edward Neville Le Froy and Norah FrancisEmily Joan View
Ah Yee (Delport)Harry and Maria Catherina Gezina SusannahMary MayView
AdamsElizabethGladys Martha (BOYCE)View
AdrianMinnie ArthurPhillipView
Alt (Born Trilling)WilliamErnest Benson (adopted)View
Alexander (Jameson)Henry and Annie ThomassenDavid HenryView
Abdo (Hosner)Joseph and ElizabethDuffy John (or John Duffy)View
Aboud (Goodchild)Abraham and LennyJohannaView
Ah Yee (Delport)Harry and MariaJoseph WalterView
Acton (Farrell)Francis Edward and Mary AnastasiaStanley PatrickView
Aboud (Botha)Joseph and SarahJosephinaView
Adams (Hendricks)Cornelius and ChristinaRachel (GEORGE nee ADAMS)View
Ah Yee (Delport)Harry and MariaPeterView
Abdo (Hanna)Joseph and NazhaLotify MaryView
Adams (Adams)Gert and AnnieFrederickView
Arthur (Sansom)James Joseph and Beatrice CamilliaPatricia NolaView
Ah Fan (Leetion?) (Radloff)Choo and Wilhelmina Carolina AlbertinaAgnes MaryView
Augustin (Noel)Joseph and AnselieMalsie JosephineView
Arnold (Kleinhans)Percy William and Annie SophiaPercy WilliamView
Arnold (Kleinhans)Percy William and Annie SophiaAlice DorothyView
Artz (Blakemore)Patrick Bernard and IrisTrevor BernardView
Arthur (Sansom)James Joseph and Beatrice CamilliaAileen LilianView
Acton (Farrell)Francis Edward and Margaret AnastasiaIris OliveView
Abdo (Hanna)Joseph and NazhaAlbert JohnView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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