Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : B
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
BiddulphJohn Burnet and Wilhelmina TheodoraEdward JohnView
BerryWilliam and Mary AnnMary AnnView
BissetAlexander and Alicia TindalAlicia HonorView
BissetAlexander and Alicia TindalHarriet HarrisonView
BuysFilming Floris and MaryAnneView
BuysFilming Floris and MaryFlorisView
BuysFilming Floris and MaryJohnView
BrookThomas and ElizabethAugustusView
BuysJacobus and Dorothea (Arie)FredericView
Buirt (Birt Or Burt?)Samuel and JaneJamesView
BissetAlexander and Alicia TindalGeorgeView
BiddulphJohn Burnet and Wilhelmina Theodora ElizabethThomasView
BerryWilliam and MiriamSophiaView
BrookesThomas and ElizabethEmmaView
BakerThomas and EstherEdwinView
BrownJohn and AnnChristianaView
BrownJohn and AnnCatharineView
BrownNathaniel and Sarah AnnGeorgeView
BrownNathaniel and Sarah AnnCharlotteView
BrentElizabeth John FoxcroftView
BailieThomas Cockburn and Margaret AnnJohn CrauseView
BanksJames and ClaraMary AnnView
BrownWilliam and HarrietStephen EdwardView
BanksJames and ClaraMariaView
BanksWilliam and CatharineGeorgeView
BowkerOctavius and Mary AnnMary ElizabethView
BanksJames and ClaraSarah AnnView
BanksWilliam and CatharineJames HenryView
BanksJames and ClaraLouisaView
BankdWilliam and CatharineMary AnnaView
BlundellHenry Caslon and ElizabethThomas TaylorView
BiddulphGilbert Burnet and Frances AnnFrances ElizabethView
BanksJames and ClaraJames HenryView
BanksWilliam and CatharineElizabeth SarahView
BanksWilliam and CatharineWilliamView
BanksJames and ClaraJeremiahView
Borger??George SmithView
BrownJacob and Sarah JuliaWilliam ValentineView
BuckleyJohn and JaneJohn EdwardView
BanksWilliam and CatharineCatharineView
BarrowJames and Emerentia AnnaMargaretView
BowkerSeptimus Bourchier and Frances MarthaJohn BourchierView
BuckleyJohn and JaneJamesView
BuckleyJohn and JaneEdward AlexanderView
BanksWilliam and CatharineLenoxView
BanksJames and ClaraEmma ElizabethView
BarrowJames and Emerentia AnnaCatharineView
BartlettJames and CharlotteElizabeth AnnView
BuckleyJohn and JaneJane HarrietView
BowkerSeptimus Bourchier and Frances MarthaWilliam Henry EgertonView
BiddulphErnest Wahlstrand and Emma RosalieErnest WahlstrandView
BanksWilliam and CatharineAliceView
BuckleyJohn and JaneAlfredView
BrownThomas and ElizabethAlfred MilesView
BartlettWilliam and Sarah JaneWilliam HenryView
BanksJames and ClaraRebeccaView
BiddulphErnest Wahlstrand and Emma RosalieAlice Sophia SusannaView
BanksJames and SusannaWilliam GeorgeView
BiddulphErnest Wahlstrand and Emma RosalieWilliam BurnetView
BoardmanWilliam John and EmmaElizabeth JaneView
BiddulphErnest Wahlstrand and Emma RosalieAlphonsoView
BanksJames and SusannaGeorge ReubenView
BartlettBenjamin and ElizabethSelina ElizabethView
BiddulphErnest Wahlstrand and Emma RosalieIreneView
BanksJames and SusannaMartha JaneView
BartlettJames and CharlotteWalter JamesView
BowkerThomas Holden and Julia ElizaJohn MitfordView
BiddulphErnest Wahlstrand and Emma RosalieNina CliffeView
BanksJames and SusannaCornelius GodfreyView
BartlettJames and CharlotteSamuel Albert EdwardView
BanksJames and SusannahAgnes SarahView
BlundellHenry Caslon and ElizabethLaura CopelandView
BowkerThomas Holden and Julia ElizaJulia ElizaView
BlundellHenry Caslon and Elizabeth MariaFrederick MossView
BanksJames Henry and SusannahCharles JohnView
BartlettBenjamin and ElizabethSarah MariaView
BartlettHenry and SarahArchibald JohnView
BanksJames and SusannahAlice Jane BanksView
BartlettHenry and Sarah CatharinaClifford HenryView
BingGeorge and Laura CassandraLucy Emma MayView
BanksJames and SusannahBernetta MayView
BartlettHenry and SarahLetitia EmilyView
BartlettBenjamin and ElizabethIvy LouisaView
BingGeorge and Laura CassandraWilliam FillView
BanksJeremiah and JesseClara MariaView
BaculaSamuel and MariaSissyView
BartlettHenry and Sarah Catharine AnnMortimer SamuelView
BanksJeremiah and JessieLouisa GertrudeView
BanksJeremiah and JessieHenry JamesView
BartlettJohn Henry and Alice ClaraEdward JohnView
BartlettJohn Henry and Alice ClaraCecil Walter BenjaminView
BarberHenry Mitford and Mary LayardThane RenshawView
BarberHenry Mitford and Mary LayardAllen McGowanView
BartlettJohn Henry and Alice ClaraWilliam Leonard HenryView
BanksWilliam George and Louisa Emily Jane WrightGerald UptonView
BainesJames Herbert and Gertrude Alice AmyDesmons Lawrence HerbertView
BainesJames Herbert and Gertrude Alice AmyTerence DeryckView
BartlettWilliam Leonard Henry and Hilda EileenLeonard OswaldView
BartlettWilliam Leonard Henry and Hilda EileenEdgar RalphView
BartlettWilliam Leonard Henry and Hilda EileenPatricia DawnView
BartlettWilliam Leonard Henry and Hilda EileenDaphne HildaView
BredenhamPhilip Albert and HazelBruce DellView
BradfieldOwen John and Bernice MaryChristopher JohnView
BirkettCharles James and JoanAdellView
ButtHugh Stanley and Renie OlgaJohn RichardView
ButtHugh Stanley and Renie OlgaCharles AlanView
BarbourBrian Atherstone and Pamela GayJillianView
BirkettCharles James and JoanBarry CharlesView
BurdettCharles Henry and UnaClaire UnaView
BradfieldOwen John and BerniceCatherine MaryView
BurdettCharles Henry and UnaHenry CyrilView
BriscoeGilbert Eliott-Drake and Patricia ElizabethRichard Eliott-DrakeView
BurdettCharles Henry and UnaLorna PatriciaView
BradfieldRonald Wesley and Prudence AnnPeter RonView
BuchnerJohan Vallentyn and Rosemary MargaretSarah JaneView
BradfieldRonald Wesley and Prudence AnnAnn JoyView
BuchnerJohan Vallentyn and Rosemary MargaretDavid Johan VallentynView
BradfieldRonald Wesley and Prudence AnnHelen MaryView
BaileyJoseph and Louise MariaLouisa JaneView
BushmanGeorge and FetyePetro BushmanView
BushmanGeorge and FetyeFetje BushmanView
BushmanPetro and FetyeElisa BushmanView
BushmanPetro and FetyeIvan?View
BodleyJoseph and AllenJoseph HoratioView
BevageFrancis and MarthaAlice AnnView
BodleyJoseph and Eleonor JaneElizaView
BadeCharles and AugustaFriederich WilhelmView
BlaineBenjamin Shaw and Augusta Louisa AnnHenry Robert BlaineView
BezantCharles Augustine and Emma ElizabethAlfred HenryView
BingGeorge Fill and LauraFrederick WilliamView
BezantCharles Augustine and Elizabeth EmmaMabel BezantView
BezantCharles and EmmaCharles NewmanView
BingGeorge Fill and Laura CassandraAlpha Ferdanand JosephView
BingGeorge Fill and LauraUna RoseView
BakerJohn Stephen and LouisaGeorge ThomasView
BezantCharles and EmmaWilliams ClementView
BingGeorge Fill and LauraFlorence GertrudeView
BakerJohn Stephen and LouisaGeorge HenryView
BezantCharles and EmmaLeigh GordonView
BezantCharles A. and EmmaAlexis Edwin MurrayView
BegbieThomas and MaryJames WarburtonView
ButlerJames SarahSadie IreneView
BroomfieldGeorge James and Julia HelenNellie GraceView
BingGeorge Fill and LauraRhoda Irene FinlandView
BezantCharles and EmmaGladys VivienneView
BingGeorge Fill and Laura CassandraRalph Reginald ByrneView
BlackCharles William and Janet MargaretCyril Herbert Charles PakenhamView
BadhamJohn and Adelaide Minnie DorothyBerylView
BroadGeorge and CharlotteIda MaryView
ButlerThomas and IsabellaHannah HesterView
BoylanThomas Nicholas and CharlotteCaroline SophiaView
BoylanThomas Nicholas and CharlotteSusanna MaryView
ButtonCharles and AlettaCharles AlfredView
ButlerThomas and IsabellaThomas HopeView
BoardmanWilliam John and EmmaHumphrey ThomasView
ButtonCharles and AlettaAlfred CharlesView
BoyesRobert Charles Rutledge and Anna AmeliaLaura May RawstorneView
BoardmanPhilip William and Caroline FrancisJane Sophia HolderView
BoardmanWilliam John and EmmaJohn HenryView
ButtonCharles and AlettaWilliam JasperView
ButtonCharles and AlettaElizabethView
ButtonCharles and AlettaGeorge PeterView
ButtonCharles and AlettaSarahView
BoylanThomas H. and Julia B.Gustaf AdolphView
ButtonCharles and AlettaLitta CharlotteView
BerryWilliam Bisset and MarionBeatriceView
BoylanThomas Nicholas Julia B. S.Theresa JoannaView
ButtonCharles and AlettaEliza MatildaView
BoylanThomas Nicholas and Julia B. S.Charlotte IdaView
ButtonCharles and AlettaHelen JaneView
BrownJames and HelenIda Charlotte WeimerView
BojeHermann and Minnea AugustaMax ChristianView
BoylanThomas Nicholas and Julia B. S.Wilhelmmina JessieView
BrownJames and HelenCharlotte HelenView
BrosterCharles John and Lois EmmaLaurence BroughtonView
ButtonCharles and Aletta Cecillia CorneliaDanielView
BrandfordGeorge and ElizabethLawrence FrederickView
BoylanThomas Nicholas and Julia BarbaraEmma MariaView
BloemJohn and MargaretJohnView
BrownJames and HelenWilliam JamesView
Boylen (Boylan?)Thomas Nicholas and Juliana BarbaraJulius FranciscusView
BloemJaphet and EstherJaphet Jacobus StephanusView
BottrilWilliam and ElizabethHenry WilliamView
BrownJames and HelenEdith IsabelView
BrandfordGeorge and Elizabeth EugenieEdwin ClaudeView
BruceWilliam John and Catherine LucyWooldridge ArnotView
BrosterJames John and Lois EmmaGwendoline PhyllisView
BrownJames and HelenCharles Adrian HughesView
BurlEdwin and RebeccaSusannah PonsonbyView
BranfordGeorge and Elizabeth EugenieEthel MayView
BrosterCharles John and Lois EmmaLois ErildaView
BagnallHarvey and LavinaPaulineView
BurnardJohn Burnard and CarolineEdwardView
BurlEdwin and RebeccaSusie PonsonbyView
BarrowArthur and EllenAda GraceView
ButtonElizabethWilliam Robert HamiltonView
BlakeJohn and Susan MargaretCecilView
BlakeJohn and Susan MargaretLlewellynView
BlountRobert and SusannaRobertView
BallamWilliam Parkins and Sarah AnneDaisy Adeline Constance ElizaView
BlakeJohn and Susan MargaretEthel FrancesView
BerryMatthias and Anna Margarita CeciliaElizabethView
BishopCharles James and Maria MagdalenaMaria MagdalineView
BallHerbert Saddleton and Amelia Alice ElizabethErnest LeslieView
BerryMatthias and Hannah Margarita CeciliaEmilyView
BlakeJohn and Susan MargaretTrevorView
BishopCharles James and Maria MagdalenaWilliam JamesView
BoltonAlfred and ClaraArthur SidneyView
BranfordThomas Henry and Gertruda MagdalineLawrence FredView
BerryCharles Ernest and Isabella ElizabethBedford VernonView
BevanWilliam Henry and LillyJoseph HuntleyView
BakerWilliam and EllenWalter JoslinView
BlakeJohn and Susan MargaretArthur LlewellynView
BranfordArthur James and Martha JohannaElizabeth MaudView
ButtonJasper William and Maria MargaretAlletta EllenView
BerryMatthias and Hannah Margarita CeciliaHenryView
BranfordThomas Henry and Gertrude MagdaleneEthel Elizabeth MaudView
BranfordArthur James and Martha JohannaDanielView
BerryMatthias and Hannah Margarita CeciliaAgnesView
BehrmannWalter and Agnes MaryMary AlmaView
BrandonGeorge and Livina CathrinaLivina HendrinaView
BlakeJohn and Susan MargaretSylvia MargaretView
BerryMatthias and Anna Margarita CeciliaFrankView
BrandonGeorge and Livina CathrinaSarah JaneView
ButtonGeorge Peter and Annie SusanJohn ArthurView
BranfordAlbert George and Hendrina CarolinaVincent AlbertView
BartlettRuben Rupert and Lillie Kathleen PohlRonald JamesView
ButtonWilliam Jasper and Mary Margaret EstherAlfredView
BrussowErnest Jaachen and Johanna MargaretLydia SusanView
BoysenJohannis Christoffel and Aletta ElizabethPhilip JohannisView
BranfordArthur James and Martha JohannaAdelaide AnnView
BerryMatthias and Margarita CeciliaGeorgeView
BaileyArnold Egerton Henry and Dorothea Aletta CatherinaEdith MaudView
BranfordThomas Henry and Gertrude MagdaleneAdelaide MagdaleneView
BowerGeorge Alexander and Catherine SarahGeorgina WilhelminaView
BromanCarl Axel and Alvina ElizabethAnders EdwardView
BartlettRuben Rupert and Lillie Kathleen PohlViolet Elizabeth CharlotteView
ButtonWilliam Yesper and Mary Margaret Esther KatherineLetta CharlotteView
BrandonGeorge and Lavinia CatherineMarthaView
ButtonGeorge Petrus and Annie SusanBennie AlfredView
BothaPaulus Stephanus and Elizabeth MagdalenaPaulus StephanusView
BromanCarl Axel and Elvina ElizabethAxel WitalisView
BaileyGeorge Horne and ClaraBertie JohnView
BarlowNicholas and SusanGabrielView
BranfordArthur James and Martha JohannaGeorgina AmeliaView
BrownAlfred James and JohannaHerbert HenryView
ButtonGeorge Peter and Annie SusanAnnie SusanView
BakerWilliam Edward and Johanna ElizabethEdward JohnView
BromanCarl Axel and Alvina ElizabethOlga AlvinaView
ButtonWilliam Jasper and Maria Margaret Hester CatrinaSarahView
BarberCharles Evelyn and Harriet MayCyril EmbletonView
ButtonGeorge Peter and Annie SusanEdwardView
BranfordArthur James and Martha JohannaArthur JamesView
BarrowJohn Edwin and Gertrude JohannaAmy GertrudeView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaDouglas ArnoldView
BishopCharles James and Maria MagdalenaMaria MagdalenaView
ButtonWilliam Jasper and Maria Margareta Hester CatherinaMartha JohannaView
ButtonGeorge Peter and Annie SusanRobertView
BranfordArthur James and Martha JohannaMartha JohannaView
BarrowJoseph Mee and Bertha ElizabethEric JosephView
BromanCarl Axel and Alvina ElizabethCarl Axel WilhelmView
BatesJoseph Victor and Bertha MaryMary AdelineView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaDoris Susan ElizabethView
BrandonGeorge and Levena KatrinaHarriet CharlotteView
BromanCarl Axel and Alvina ElizabethEdith ChristinaView
BranfordArthur James and Martha JohannaAlbertView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaEllen Matilda MaudView
BatesJoseph Victor and Bertha MaryIrene SylviaView
BarberHugh Montague and Harriet MaryHarold Montague HiltonView
BarberHugh Montague and Harriet MaryAlice Mary HiltonView
BarberHugh Montague and Harriet MaryThomas George HiltonView
BakerGeorge Henry and Edith MariaHilda Susanna ElizabethView
BarrowJohn Edwin and Gertruida JohannaElizabeth MadelineView
BranfordArthur James and Martha JohannaWalterView
BrownAnnie MarthaGeorgina Allan WarrenView
BarrowJoseph Mee and Bertha ElizabethBertha MurielView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaArchie John ArthurView
BrandonGeorge and Lavina CatherineJohannes JamesView
BrendonGeorge and Lavina CatherineHester JohannesView
BothaRudolph Johannes and Maria MagdalenaRudolph JohannesView
BakerGeorge Henry and Edith MariaGeorge HenryView
BurnWilliam Tomlinson and Henrietta DorothyWilliam WalterView
BellAlfred and Annie StephennaKathleen MaryView
BranfordArthur and MarthaEllenView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaReggie William JamesView
BojeMax Christian and Jessie StewartCecil JamesView
BishopCharles James and Marian MagdalenaBeatrice JohannesView
BellAlfred and Annie StephannaRonald AlfredView
BadenhorstPetrus Arnoldus and Anna MariaSusanna JacominaView
BakerGeorge Henry and Edith MariaAlexanderView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaWilliam HenryView
BellAlfred and Annie StephannaIrene AnnieView
BranfordArthur and MarthaCaroline Margaret IreneView
BishopMartinus Johannes and ElizabethCharles JamesView
BarrowJoseph Mee and Bertha ElizabethNeville Charles MousleyView
BanksJohn Edwin and Gertruide JohannaJohn Edwin StarkeyView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaVincent PatrickView
BishopMartinus Johannes and ElizabethPetrus HendrikView
ButtonDaniel and MagdalenaJohanna AndrinaView
ButtonDaniel and MagdalenaGeorge PetrusView
BoveyAlfred Ernest and Laura ElizabethThelma LilianView
BellAlfred and Annie StephennaDouglas WilliamView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaIvan ColinView
BranfordGeorge and Caroline Margaret AlettaArthur JamesView
BishopCharles James and Maria MagdalenaElizabethView
BoschJacob Rudolph Jacobus and Hester MariaBeatrice RuthView
BranfordGeorge and Caroline Margaret AlettaLettie JohannaView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaPhyllis EdnaView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaDaphne SheilaView
BranfordGeorge and Caroline MargaretJohannes MartinView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaStellaView
BranfordGeorge and Caroline MargaretMarlena? JohannaView
BrowneHerbert Henry and Mary AnnStella WinnefredView
BrandtJustus Christian and Gladys MargaretJustus GastonView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaMonaView
BrowneHerbert Henry and Mary AnnStanley HerbertView
BakerJohn Arthur and Ellen SophiaAubrey RonaldView
BirchSydney and Margaret MoltenoDoris ElizabethView
BranfordAlbert Henry and Thora AngelaMyrtle LorraineView
BranfordArthur James and Dina CarolinaSylviaView
BrowneHerbert Henry and Mary AnnElaine MaryView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenJoan CharlotteView
BaylyJacobus Arnold Burger and Maria JohannaMarenaView
BakerArchie John and Engala Bertha MargarithaGraham JohnView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenBrian PercivalView
BeamishFrancis and Isabel MaudGwynneView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenNeville JohnView
BaylyJacobus Arnold Burger and Maria JohannaFrancis CarrView
BakerArchie John Arthur and Engelberta MargarithaDesmond GeorgeView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenHazel EllenView
BakerReginald and Margaret CorneliaJohn ArthurView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenTrevor PeterView
BoschJacob Christian and Maggie RosalineFreda AgnesView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud OlgaIvan DouglasView
BakerReggie William James and Magrietha CorneliaCynthia MyraView
BamberJohn Albert and Isla MacKinnonRoderick WilliamView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenSheila AnnView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenDenis CliveView
BamberJohn Albert and Isla MacKinnonDavid WaltonView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenAudrey MyraView
BooysenZacharias Pieter and Magdalena Petronella MagriethaChristoffel Philippus PetrusView
BooysenZacharias Pieter and Magdalena Petronella MagriethaIsebella FredriekaView
BakerDouglas Arnold and Maud EllenRuth CarolineView
BooysenZacharias Pieter and Magdalena Petronella MagriethaGert JakobusView
BatemanWilliam Henry and June EloiseGail BiccardView
ButcherJohn Tredwick Richard and Molly AdeladeBraddon AshleyView
BatemanWilliam Henry and Eloise JuneWilliam BiccardView
BruindersLeon and SallyKim LeonitaView
BartisGeorge and MargaretAlexander WaldyView
BartisGeorge and MargaretEdwin CharlesView
BierCarel A. and Agnis M. J.Frederick Welhelm ShermanView
BrownJoseph A. W. and Lavinia J.Joseph William JamesView
BartieGeorge Waldie and Johanna WilhelminaJohn WaldieView
BartieHenry John and Josephine ElizabethGeorge ThomasView
Borcherds??Hessie MaryView
BeckfordWilliam and MariaCharles WilliamView
BrillFrederick and ElizabethWalter WilliamView
BrownGeorge and CarolineAnneView
BrightMattheu and RosannaLaura RosannaView
BeckfordWilliam and MariaWilliam JamesView
BartonMontagu and SarahAnnie AugustaView
BeckfordWilliam and MariaJames BlytheView
BenningThomas and ElizabethNicholasView
BarnsJoseph James and Mary MariaJoseph John LandreyView
BarnsJoseph James and Mary MariaEdward CharlesView
BekarmannHenri and JohannaEliza Magdelina AgustaView
BrownGeorge and CarolineHenry FrancisView
BroedeletOtto Christian and Emma LouisaHelen AugustaView
BarnesJames (deceased) and Mary MariaMary Ann FrancisView
BrownGeorge and CarolineWalter FrederickView
BreretonThomas Ladleir and Frances GertrudeFrances GertrudeView
BroedeletOtto Christiaan and Emma LouisaCaroline BeatriceView
BilletUnknownWilliam HenryView
BalkeleyWilliam James and EmmaEmilyView
BittlingerJohn and ChristianaAdolph Heinrich CarlView
BroedeletOtto Christiaan and Emma LouisaGeorge PaulView
BrownGeorge and CarolineArthur JamesView
BreenJohn and SarahClaudine BelfourdView
BerryTheunis and MarthaJesse ElizabethView
BerryWilliam and ElizabethEmma MargaretView
BergquistCharles and LouisaCharles HenryView
BulkeleyWilliam James and EmmaMatildaView
BroedeletOtto Christiaan and Emma LouisaAlice MaudView
BoothmanRobert and MargaretRobert HenryView
BrillFrederick and ElizaFrederick WilliamView
BrabantEdward and Mary B.Guy AlfredView
BeswickJohn and Elizabeth JaneAlice LauraView
BroedeletOtto Christian and Emma LouisaJohanna ChristinaView
BrydenJames and SarahLouisa MaryView
BeckerFerdinand Thorpe and MarthaMarian IreneView
BayleyWilliam and KateSusanna ElizabethView
BeckerHenry Edward and Harriett ElizabethFerdinand Thorp CharlesView
BarrattFrederick Ambrose and Edith FrancesRowland LorraineView
BaileyHenry Charles and Harriett RachelRobert Henry GainsfordView
BeckerFerdinand Thorp and Martha PetronellaAmalie JessieView
BainCharles Edward and ElizabethMildredView
BoormanAlfred William and CharlotteClaraView
BerrierJohn Francis and Jane AnnThomas John FrancisView
BettingtonRowland Albemarle Arthur and FannyGladys EgertonView
BarnesJohn and LovedayJohnView
BeadleWilliam and MargaretWilliamView
BoyyensMatthias Stephanus and Helena Aletta Duplice?Anna Helena Elizabetta MariaView
BlakewayJohn and AnnMark JamesView
BlakewayJohn and AnnCharles FrederickView
BlakewayJohn and AnnJohn GeorgeView
BarnesDavid and ElizabethEleanorView
BowlesRichard and ElizabethJohnView
BowlesRichard and ElizabethWilliam CharlesView
BrownHenry and ElizabethHenryView
BrouleAnthonie Enzel and Elizabeth PrusallaJoachum PieterView
BowerBarint Daniel and Catrina JacowaJohannes Frederick MartinusView
BuckEdward and HannahGeorgeView
BesuydenhoutCoenraad Pieter and Elsie Catrina ElizabethaCornelia MariaView
BesuydenhoutHendrick and Cornelia MariaCornelia MariaView
BothaChristophel Roedolph and Catharina MargaritaGertruyda PhillipinaView
BoiseFrancis Abraham and Petronella CatharinaElizabethaView
Brickley (Buckley?)Thomas and AnneSarahView
BiggarAlexander and MaryHarriet WillisView
BarkleyWilliam and IsabellaMary janeView
BurchellJames and AnneMatthewView
BagotRobert Wood and LetitiaHenry EdgarView
BertramJohan and Rosena PetronellaSusanna MagdalenaView
BamWillem and Zacharya Maria Magdalena SophiaZacharya SophiaView
BeadleWilliam and MargaretHenry EssonView
Buttler (Butler?)Thomas and ElizabethGeorgeView
BezuydenhoutJohannis Jurie and Sara ElizabethWeynant JacobuaView
BezuydenhoutGerrit Pieter and Johanna HerminaPetrus CoenraadView
BezuydenhoutPetrus Coenraad and Elsze Catrina ElizabethaWeynant Coenraad JacobusView
BehrensMartienus Chreparus Johannis and Sara SusannaSara SusannaView
BrownJohn and ElizabethJohnView
BezuidenhoudtWynand Jacobus and Anna MargarettaMary Anne ChristianaView
BlakewayJohn and AnneRichard HarrisView
BrownThomas Saunders and ElizabethLouisaView
BrickleyThomas and AnneGeorgeView
BrownHenry and ElizabethElizabeth AnneView
BothaJacobus Pieters and Sarah SusannahJohannis Ludolf LodovicusView
BoltonThomas and AmbrosenaJohanna MartinaView
BagshawRobert and UrsulaUrsulaView
BowerBarend Daniel and Catrina Willimina JacowaDierk Colina Amirescija SusienaView
BezuidenhoutHendrik and Cornelia MariaMaria CatrienaView
BrorleCarlo and EliesabetthaEliesabettha CatrinaView
BertramJohn and Rosina PetronellaHermanus JohannesView
BesterWilliam Abraham and Elsie JosenaWilliam Abraham Hanby Blair GreenView
BowlesRichard and ElizabethJosephView
BlackbeardCharles and CatherineCharles AlexanderView
BoltonThomasMary AnnView
BrightWilliam and AliceJohnView
BeckAndrew William and MarthaEmilyView
BerryWilliam and LouisaWilliam Thomas EstmentView
BradyDavid and SusanDavidView
BlundellHenry Caslon and ElizabethHenry CaslonView
BlackbeardCharles and CatharineRobert AlstonView
BarberFrederick William and Mary ElizabethHenry MitfordView
BrownThomas and ElizabethSarah AnnView
BehrensKarel Johannes Ignatius and Anna ElizabethCharles HenryView
BarrowJames and Emerentia AnnaPeter JohnView
BrooksHenry George and AnnGeorge William HenryView
BeckAndrew William and MarthaJohn FrederickView
BalmerJohn Whitfield and MaryJoseph PatrickView
BeadleWilliam and LouisaWilliamView
BradshawHenry and Jemima MatildaWilliam FrederickView
BerryWilliam and LouisaEllen SophiaView
ByramWilliam and Mary AnnEdward HenryView
BartleyThomas and MaryThomasView
BoothEdward and Emma MortimerMinnie MortimerView
BushnellJohn and LydiaAnne LouisaView
BazleyWilliam and SusannahElizaView
BlundellGeorge and EmmaSamuel GeorgeView
BankesGeorge and EmilyGeorge HenryView
BankesJames and Mary AnnJames WilliamView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Thysina JemimaLilian MayView
BentleyMitford and Sophy AnnViolet Amelia PayneView
BentleyMitford and Sophy AnnDaisy Maria PayneView
BentleyMitford and SophiaWilliam Mitford FrancisView
BentleyMitford and Sophia AnnFredrick EdmundView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Christina JemimaEveline GraceView
BanksGeorge and EmilyGeorge HenryView
BanksJames and Mary AnnJames WilliamView
BentleyMitford and Sophy AnnViolet Amelia PayneView
BentleyMitford and Sophy AnnDaisy Maria PayneView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Thysina JemimaLilian MayView
BentleyMitford and Sophia AnnFrederick EdmundView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Christina JemimaEveline GraceView
BentleyMitford and SophiaWilliam Mitford FrancisView
BentleyMitford and Sophie AnnEllen CatherineView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Selena JemimaWalter Gordon RoutrowView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Cecilia JemimaAlfred HenryView
ButlerWilliam and Amelia EmilyAmelia EmilyView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Thynisa JemimaAlice AmeliaView
BowlesW. Thomas and Illegible JemimaHilton MelvilleView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Tesina JemimaArthur CharlesView
BezuidenhoutCornelius Faber and Jacomina ChristinaFrederic CorneliusView
BezuidenhoutJohannes Jurgens and Hester TheodoraJohanna JurginaView
BezuidenhoutJohannes Henricus and Edna Regina MayJoyce HildaView
BeaumontHarold Gilmore and Maria Elizabeth JohannaEdward RonaldView
BussFokke Tholen and Christiane JohaneOtto KarlView
BradleyGeorge Henry and ElizabethThomas HenryView
BradleyGeorge Henry and ElizabethEdward JohnView
BakerGeorge and Annie ElizabethGeorge ErnestView
BlankleyThomas and Janet ElizaJohn CyrilView
BarnardJohn Thomas and Mary AnnWalter JohnView
BarnesJohn and Louisa Maria GertrudeLilian PrudenceView
BakerArthur James and Annie IsabelGladys WinifredView
BarrettNicholas and ElizabethNicholas GeorgeView
BagshawThomas William and Hilda MayThomas William WellsView
BatesNathan William and Emma TheresaGladys EvelynView
BarberCharles Gascoigne and Annie ElizabethLewis Ernest GascoigneView
BlankleyThomas and Janet ElizaConstance MayView
BakerGeorge and Anna ElizabethAlbert EdwardView
BateGeorge Frederic and Mary TempletonEileen MaryView
BelingWilliam and Annie MariaAlfred William JacobusView
BarnardJohn Thomas and Mary AnnOxley Wilfred MorrantView
BoormanPercival and Maria AugustaGeorge RobertView
BlankleyThomas and Janet ElizaPatricia MaryView
BushErnest George and Isabel KatherineWilliam GeorgeView
BelingWilliam and Annie MariaHerbert DouglasView
BainesArthur Capel Valentine and Norah LeischingFreda MargaretView
BarberHugh Montague and Harriet MaryFanny Ellen HiltonView
BotesGabriel Johannes and Magdalena MariaGabriel JohannesView
BarrettWilliam and AgnesMinnie FlorenceView
BraceyPercival and EllaFlorence DoreenView
BarnardJohn Thomas and Mary AnnSheila FannyView
BennettJoseph James and Christina KatrinaHenry Cornelius DavidView
BaylyStanley James Henry and AgnesBeatrice Annette NormaView
BushErnest George and Isabel KatherineMona Gertrude BeatriceView
BevanArthur Emlyn and AgnesNala WilliamView
BennittErnest William and Vera Charlotte Ann CarolineAvis Shirley JoanView
BenjafieldFrederick Sidney Charles and AdaWilliam JohnView
BradshawPercy Walter Wingham and Charlotte AnnMaud EllenView
BarringtonGeorge Taylor and Ada Mary HopeLouisa Nora HopeView
BalzerRudolph and ElizabethIrene Kathleen WilhelminaView
BotesGabriel Johannes and Magdalena MariaAlbert StephenView
BrownWilliam James and Anna ElizabethClifford AmosView
BelingWilliam and AnnieEddie DavidView
BarberHugh Montagu and Harriet MaryElizabeth Evelyn HiltonView
BushErnest George and Isabel KatharineStanley ErnestView
BowdenRobert Walker and Mary AnnGeorge AlexanderView
BoucherJoseph and Gertie SophiaElizabeth SarahView
BellCharles Albert and MurielEdward JudgeView
BradleyJohn and Esther ElizabethEdward JohnView
BassetWilliam Jesse and Catherine HarriettMaisie Agnes CavellView
BurnsRobert and DorothyBettyView
BleskeGeorge Richard and MarthaBertha MatildaView
BleskeGeorge Richard and MarthaCharles MartinView
BalzerRudolph and ElizabethEdith ElizabethView
BradshawWilliam Frederick and Ellen MaudGeorge Delville WoodView
BraceyPercival and EllaMargaret SylviaView
BotesGabriel Johannes and MagdalenaAlice BlancheView
BushErnest George and Isabel KatherineErnest LeslieView
BryceWalter John and Elizabeth (Wolpert)Walter JohnView
BettsAlfred Robert and Muriel Evangeline RubyGeorge HenryView
BrittainWilliam Benjamin and EmilyNatalie FlorenceView
BusseAlfred Carl and Jessie MariaAlfred NormanView
BarlowEric George and Flora MariaJemmy MartinView
BallendenChristopher William and JoanMargaret AnnView
BuckholtzEdward Ernest August and Ivy MaudeEdward Albert ThomasView
BotesMary ElizabethClarenceView
BlytonChristopher Samuel Thomas and Anna Margaretha Johanna MariaHelene Yvonne MaryView
BouwerJohn Herman and Ann Louisa CatherineJohn HermanView
BellCharles Albert and MurielEdna CloseView
BarlowWillie Adam and LenaLetty FlorrieView
BarlowNicholas Wood and Dinah (Gysman)Susan SophiaView
BrittainWilliam Benjamin and EmilyDorisView
BansemerEdward Leonard and Florence MargaretWalter Leonard CharlesView
BedwellGeorge Alfred and Ellen AnnieSylvia ElizabethView
BatesNathan William and Emma TheresaEdward RolfeView
BarrettNicholas and ElizabethSamuelView
BiddingtonBruce Alexander and Mary GwendolineBruce BeresofrdView
Billson??Agnes PearlView
BurzeAlfred and JessieSidney RalphView
BakerMary JaneBarbaraView
BarnesRonald William and Violet HelenZoe VioletView
BailingJohn William Joseph and Alice Cornelia MaryJohanna Alice RubyView
BreetzkeLeonard Clement and Emily JulietDaphne DoreenView
BuchholtzEdward Ernest August and Ivy MaudeCharles Francis RowleyView
BalfourJohn Johnstone and Elizabeth MaryJohn ParnellView
BastoneGeorge and Alida Johanna LuciaLeonard DicksonView
BurmeisterJohn Peter and FriedaEdna AileenView
BeckerFerdinand Franz and Dinah RuthNorman FerdinandView
BarrettChristopher Harry and Josephine MariaHarry HenningView
BurseyHilton George and Iris MaryMaureenView
BradleyJohn and Hester ElizabethDoreen ThoraView
BansemerEdward Leonard and Florence MargaretJoyce MaryView
Bennett?? (Nee Arnholz)HildaView
BrowningAllan William Baird and Catherine BlancheJoan MaryView
BentleyJames and MargaretEric DudleyView
BusseAlfred and JessieMarjory FlorenceView
BaileyEdward Arthur and Alice Gertrude MayGwendoline Alice GertrudeView
BoltonThomas Jarvis and Amy Margaret HopeIrene MargaretView
BoltonThomas Jarvis and Amy Margaret HopeAmy VeraView
BradleyJohn and Hester ElizabethIvy MayView
BiddingtonBruce Alexander and May GwendolineJoyce BlancheView
BrackleyJohn Henry and Sophie Louise AdelineJohn ArthurView
BeckerFerdinand Franz and Dinah RuthDesmond NevilleView
ButlerFrederick William and MarthaYvonne JuneView
BillingRichard Pascoe and Martha GoodliffeYvonne DoreenView
BleasdaleHerbert Fred and Aletta MariaLeonard JohnView
BallardCharles John and Ivy MayDennis George Harry MarkyView
BadgerCharles Cecil and Ruth MayPhyllis JoyceView
BentleyJames and MargaretElaine MargaretView
BruceAlbert Oswald and Ernestine Anna BerthaJoyce MargaretView
BuckholtzEdward Ernest and Ivy MaudeRheda Constance EllenView
BorcherdsGerhard Martin Bains and Mavis Valetta GordonHelena AmyView
BurnieRobert Love and Clarice MaudDoreen ElizabethView
BarkerHenry George and Gertrude Dorothy MaudeDennis GeorgeView
BelcherGeorge and WinifredDerek EdwardView
BradleyJohn and Esther ElizabethRuby SylviaView
BrussowWilliam Henry and Jane EdithDoreen MargaretView
BennettJames Gibson and BeatriceDorothy JoanView
BezuidenhoutCoenrad Peter and Maria ElizabethWillie RobertView
Bruce-BaysEric Ronald Arthur and Alison ElizabethMalcolm JamesView
BiddingtonBruce Alexander and May GwendolineDerek OliverView
BelingJacobus and MinnieFrederickView
BarichievyAugustus William and Ada MaySidneyView
BruceAlbert Oswald and Ernestine Anna BerthaMona SybilView
BelingFrederick and Bertha Louisa EmmaKenneth NormanView
BoltonCharles Edward and Emily AmaliaRona JoanView
BusseAlfred Carl and Jessie MariaDaphny BlancheView
BoydDavid and Jessie MayStuartView
BentleyJames and Margaret JohannaJames ClarenceView
BailingGeorge Alfred and Jeanie RosinaGeorge WilfredView
BerryAlfred John and Elizabeth CharlotteGerald JamesView
BarnardJohn Seaden and Charlotte CarolineBruce CompstonView
BurnieRobert Love and Clarice MaudJohn MalcolmView
BarrettFrederick Conran and Alice LouisaMarjorie GraceView
BoltonThomas Jarvis and Amy Margaret HopeThomas Jarvis MichaelView
BetonSidney John and Lilian RuthDorothyView
BurtonCecil Starr and Edith MabelAlister EbbageView
ButlerCecil Albert and Florence BlancheJune LouiseView
BrussowWilliam Henry and Jane EdithMargaret JeanView
BartholomewJack and IreneHarold FredrickView
BrownAlfred Pearson and Beatrice EdinaAlfred HamiltonView
BusbyAlbert Robert and Lilias McCabeJoan EdithView
BarnardJohn Seaden and Charlotte CarolineShirley AnneView
BailingGeorge Alfred and Jeanie RosinaWilliam FredrickView
BruceWilliam Harold and May AnnieHarold WilliamView
BodeWilhelm Heinrich and ElizabethYvonne MonicaView
BoltonPercival James and MabelDennis WilliamView
BowenDudley Akeroyd and Margaret EllisPeter Desmond AkeroydView
BirkholtzAugust and JosephineJosephineView
BusbyAlbert Robert and Lilyas McCabePamela JoyceView
BowlesPercival James and Johanna Frederika WelhelminaBrian RaleighView
BurmanEdmund Adrian and Gladys PentreattShirley GraceView
BodeWilhelm Heinrich and ElizabethGraham QuintonView
BryceRalph Drummond and Winifred SusanFay RuthView
BailingGeorge Alfred and Jeanie RosinaJohn EdwardView
BrownGeorge William and Doreen BessyGeorge SydneyView
BradleyAmy Elizabeth HenriettaMalcolm keithView
BrownRobert and Claris DorothyAgnes SybilView
BakerThomas Cecil and Ethel MarjoriePeter MichaelView
BrussowWilliam Henry and Jane EdithAlbert WilliamView
BotesWillem Adriaan and Lillian BarbroMichael WillemView
BrownGeorge Sydney and Doreen BessieNorman BeveleyView
BillingRichard Pascoe and Martha GoodliffeHerbert RichardView
BurrowsDouglas Frederick and Elfreda EvaValerieView
BusbyAlbert Robert and Lilias McCabeRobert JohnView
BowlesPercival James and Johanna Frederika WelhelminaHeather BerniceView
BeamishFrancis and Isabel MaudMichaelView
BallackErnst Wilhelm and Maria KathleenPeter Jacobus FrederickView
BellJames and CarolineJohn Baden-PowellView
BrownSeymour Bertram Duncan and Mary TrazetteAnthony DuncanView
BestHenry Edward Chandler and Maria MagdalenaDorothy ShirleyView
BowdenJoseph Stanley and Elizabeth LillianAllan JosephView
BeetgeAbraham Stephanja and SophieFrederik JacobusView
BentleyDavid James and Ada Caroline KateMalcolm ColinView
BoysAlfred Henry and RuthPamelaView
BruceCharles Francis and DaphneNoel FrancesView
BrettellRobert and LilianRobert WalmesleyView
BurgessLeslie Joffre and Henrietta MaudTrevor LeslieView
BradleyAmy Elizabeth HenriettaNeville BrianView
BartholomewJack and IreneMerle HopeView
BosseAlbert Richard and JohannaGloria Sophia StellaView
BosseAlbert Richard and JohannaJohanna EileenView
BradleyEdward John and Anna SusanneHerbert EdwardView
BoucherAmos Stanley and Dalina JohannaField AmosView
BroliMontague Victor and Kathleen AnnieMaureen RosalieView
BuckleyThomas Benjamin and LouisaClaude ArnoldView
BushWilliam George and Evelyn MyrtleClive GeorgeView
BrownGeorge William and Doreen BessieGerald GodfreyView
BrownRobert and Claris DorothyLawraine ClarisView
BurgessLeslie Joffre and Henrietta MaudBarry MelvilleView
BeetgeAbraham Stephanja and SophieElsie CatherineView
BrownSeymour Bertram Duncan and Mary TuzetteBridget Mary DuncanView
BagshawThomas William Wells and Grace LouisaClaude ThomasView
BaileyBertie John and Margaret Maria IsabellaDeniseView
BrandonHarry and Anna CatherineRobert HarryView
BartholomewJack and IreneJoan IreneView
BoucherAmos Stanley and Dalina JohannaBasil StanleyView
BlattNicholas Johannes Buster and Vera ElizabethDawn CynthiaView
BothaJan Jacobus and Emily Norah ElizabethMarjorie ElizabethView
BurgessJoseph Nathaniel and Maria MinnieMichael BurtonView
BlaggFrancis Osmund and Laura MayPhoebe ChristinaView
BrewerPieter Willem and Margaret ElizabethDaniel PieterView
BestEric Arthur and MargueriteElizabeth MargueriteView
BrandonHarry and Anna CatherineKathleen AnneView
BadgerArchie Robert and Ernistine HildaColleen MaryView
BollmanReuben Stanley and Phyllis DaphneDennis StanleyView
BothaConrad Louis and Yvonne HayhurstMarlene NonnaView
BaisleyAlfred Walter and Lilian VioletCyril AlfredView
BothaRudolph and Gertrude ElizabethBasil CedricView
BosseAlbert Richard and JohannaAlbert RichardView
BeachCharles Edward Henry and Kathleen MaudStanley EdwardView
BeetgeAbraham and SophieSophie PhyllisView
BradleyEdward John and Anne SusannaJean Minerva AnnView
BardwellGarnet John and Alexandria GertruidaDenzil GarnetView
BurgessWilliam Henry and Desiree CynthiaGarth TraversView
BuchananJames and Kathleen FlorenceDonald JamiesonView
BotesAlbert Stephen and FlorenceMalcolm Gabriel ThomasView
BeswetherickHedley Crossman and DorothyHedley CrossmanView
BallackErnst William and Maria CatharinaDorothy MaryView
BoschBarend Johannes and Charlotte ElizabethCyril EdgarView
BowlesPercival James and Johanna F.Gavin TrevorView
BricknellIvor Leslie and Winifred RoseMalcolm JohnView
BothaAndries Frederick and Mary JacobaTheodore FrederickView
BookVictor Hjalmar and EllenMarjorie DoreenView
BettlingerEdwin Charles and Ilva ThelmaVeronica Edna MargaretView
BairdWallace Melville and Thora DoreenGraham MelvilleView
BruceWilliam John and ElsaNigel StrathearnView
BothaJan Jacobus and Emily Nora ElizabethKathryn MargaretView
BrewerFrederick Gordon and Ivy MayDennis GordonView
BakerRobert William and Doreen MayAlfred KeithView
BurmeisterWilhelm Albert and Doreen EthelRosalieView
BinedellArthur and AnnorelGeoffery JohnView
BricknellIvor Leslie and Winifred RoseCyril IvorView
BowenJohn and Manfred Mavis LevinaKathleen JoanView
BeamishFrancis and Isobel MaudMary Elizabeth FrancesView
BartlettRolfe Stenlake and Joan HeywoodMarion HaywoodView
BelchersMichael and Phyllis NoraJohn MichaelView
BrettReginald George and Rita LuiseJillian BerylView
BookVictor Hjalmar and EllenMichael OswaldView
Bellad-EllisWilliam Elstob and Barbara AdelaidePenelopeView
BuchananJames and Kathleen FlorenceJanet MargaretView
BlackCharles Arthur and EdithWendyView
BurdenRobert and HendrinaNorma CynthiaView
BrownAlexander Denholm Duncan and Isobel DorothyLesley Mary DuncanView
BradshawGeorge Delville Wood and Irene GeorginaLynette EllenView
BoschBarend Johannes and Charlotte ElizabethJennifer VictoriaView
BothaMichael Christopher and Wilhemina SuzanneValda YvonneView
BrunetteJack Arnold and Fynnette RennieAlison DorothyView
BoothJohn and Clara Amelia MarthaMichael JohnView
BennettRichard Hilmer and Johanna CerlinaGraham LeslieView
BusseErich Johannes Alwinus and Stella EleanorGary EricView
Burnham-KingAlexander and Alexandra AliceMarilyn JoanView
BothaStephanus Andries and Edith Hannah IreneSylvia LucreciaView
BillettLancelot Charles Henry and Sibyl EdithWynsome YvonneView
BridgesSydney Arthur and Florence MadelenePamela MayView
BrownRobert and Clarice DorothyGraham RobertView
BeaumontEdward Ronald and Daphne PearlShirley ElizabethView
BakerThomas Cecil and Ethel MarjorieGraeme CecilView
BensonBernard Sylvester and Helen MargaretFay Edith DawnView
BruceWilliam Charles Alan and Anona BraithwaiteEithne MerleView
BleachLaurence Sydney and Thelma FlorenceBettyView
BruceAlbert Oswald and Ernestine Anna BerthaEsme ElaineView
BruceAlbert Oswald and Ernestine Anna BerthaMelville OswaldView
BruceAlbert Oswald and Ernestine Anna BerthaSelwyn BrianView
BryantRolf Gilbert Edmund and Helen Mary BoyterLeslie AnneView
BartlettGilbert and Clarice ElizabethEsme EdnaView
BlairJames and Elaine MavisIan JamesView
BruceWilliam Charles Alan and Anona BraithwaiteNatalie RuthView
BruceAlbert Oswald and ErnestineLois AnnView
BoveyBasil Frederick Parish and EvelynBarbara JeanView
BeaumontEdward Ronald and Daphne PearlBarry RonaldView
BassanoCharles Denis and Ann Marie CeliaMichael AnthonyView
BoschNicholas Jacobus and Avory LepierAvril BeulahView
BryantRolf Gilbert Edmund and Helen Mary BoyterRolf AnthonyView
BruceWilliam Charles Alan and Anona BraithwaiteAlan ChippendaleView
BruceAlbert Oswald and Ernestine Anna BerthaDennis WilliamView
BrettellRobert and LilianJudith AnnView
BosmanPierre Francois and Phyllis Florence DoreenCynthia LynetteView
BrownJack Rowland and Mavis AudreyGraham RowlandView
BlairJames and Elaine MavisBasil MalcolmView
BoyErnest Luc Otto and Julia AugustaDudley GrahamView
BruceWilliam Charles Alan and Anona BraithwaiteNoelene IvyView
BothaWilliam Samuel and Janet ElfridaAlma KathleenView
BryantRolf Gilbert Edmund and Helen Mary BoyterCarol HelenView
BurnettKenneth McAlpine and Ada PhyllisTerence CharlesView
BruceWilliam Charles Alan and Anona BraithwaiteSheila AnonaView
BirtnorDennison Harold and Hendrina MagdelinaJennifer AnnView
BryantRolf Gilbert Edmund and Helen Mary BoyterMichael EdmundView
BundockJames Clarence and Enid EvelynJohn Montagu WilfredView
Burgess??Mona MaryView
BradfieldMervyn Hall and Barbara MaryJennifer BarbaraView
Burls?Alexander Noel and Henrietta VictoriaCynthia VictoriaView
BacklundFelix and Constance VeraRobert ArthurView
BakerJohn Richard and JoyceRaymond LewisView
BakerJohn Richard and JoyceMaureen SylviaView
BuckleyPeter Gordon and Edna MarySharonView
BurnsNorman McLeod and Nora AndersonShirley ClareView
BlumenthalEric Benjamin and Gladys MaudPhilip WalcottView
BrownHenry James and Kate BridgetEdgar LancelotView
BerlynLeonard Thomas and Joan LouisePeter JohnView
BellHenry George Harland and Linda JohannaHarland RodneyView
BergmanElof Edwin and PatriciaDavid JuleView
BrownIan Stenhouse Duncan and Ruth ElizabethIan Ross DuncanView
BruceMelville Oswald and Joan SybilSharron BeverleyView
Barnes??Beryl EvonneView
BuckleyKenneth Barbus and Patrine MargaretHelenView
BerlynLeonard Thomas and Joan LouiseGerald DavidView
BoyErnest Lue and Ruth ElizabethRodney ErnestView
Britnor??Hendrina MagdelenaView
BassettClive Torre and Priscilla FayDavid CliveView
BurseyBrian Norman and StellaNeil JohnView
BornIvan Eric and Melba DorisWendy MelbaView
BarnesEric Lancelot and MargaretPamela MaryView
BatemanAlan Edward and Bertha PaulineJudith MarieView
BowieDennis William and Susan Elizabeth LaurieTerry SusanView
BurmeisterWilhelm Albert and Doreen EthelAngela ClaireView
BuckleyKenneth Barbus and Patrine MargaretJohnView
BrownIan Stenhouse Duncan and Ruth ElizabethAlan DuncanView
BruceMelville Oswald and Joan SybilDavid CharlesView
BowenPeter Desmond Akeroyd and Valerie ElaineMichael PeterView
Beachy HeadWilliam Peter and PatriciaMichael AlanView
BrackleyRaymond and Erica AnneAmanda LouiseView
BlumerRichard and Jennifer AnneJeremy DavidView
BurmeisterJonathan Paul and Audrey PhyllisRichard PaulView
Burnett??Daphne MayView
BeattyPatrick William and Amber BereniceDierdre AnnView
BothaConrad Lodewyk and Yvonne HayhurstFayeView
BettlingerEdwin Charles and Elva ThelmaDenise ThelmaView
BarnesCharles William BerthaBeryl DeniseView
BakerEric Mouton and Emma ElizabethMartin EricView
BuckleyJames John and Dorothea DoloresDavid BryceView
BerlynGeoffrey Marcus and Muriel Mabel LydiaJeremy DavidView
BerlynGeoffrey Marcus and Muriel Mabel LydiaAnthony JohnView
BornRuben Eric and Ethel MayBrian AnthonyView
BooyensHenry and Barbara LuluAnne ShawView
BothaConrad Ludewyk and Yvonne HayhurstLynneView
BidenAnthony Jasper and Frances AdelineRobin AnthonyView
BeeslyRaymond and Priscilla DaphneBeverley PhyllisView
BruceWilliam John and ElsaAnn StrathearnView
BelchersMichael and Phyllis NoraChristopher HyltonView
Bromilow-DowningBromilow and Nancy GwendolinePatrick HerbertView
BuckleyJames John and Dorothea DoloresPatricia AnneView
Bellad EllisWilliam Elstob and Barbara AdelaideWilliam RobertView
BricknellIvor Leslie and Winifred RoseNolan LeslieView
Barlow??Sandra AliceView
BennRobert Mitford and Muriel EthelJennifer JoanView
BeukesStephanus Jacobus and Sheila JeanElizabethView
BoyceCharles Thomas Johannes and Johanna JacobaMichael JacobusView
BrownRaymond Eric and FlorenceJennifer MargaretView
BoyceDavid Jacobus and Emmarencia NaurienieFlorence ElizabethView
BurnsNorman McLeod and Nora AndersonJean DeboraView
Brownlow-HewettFrederick Charles John and Olive VeraDorothy MayView
BakerEric Martin and Emma ElizabethRita EmmaView
BlackCharles Arthur and EdithAngus ErnestView
BrandThomas Debenham and Doreen MargaretJohn DebenhamView
BrandonHarry and Anne CatherineClaude ColinView
BakerArthur Earnest and Isobel BarrasGloria JoanView
BerlynGeoffrey Marcus and Muriel Mabel LydiaBridget AnnView
BeedenJohn Thomas and Irene AgnesBrian GilbertView
BrownSeymour Bertram Duncan and Mary TozetteMary Claire DuncanView
BushellKelvin Gordon and TheresaDenise ElizabethView
BanksSidney William and Margaret Magdalene Francis BrinkCheryl AnnView
BoschChristian Petrus and MargaretDavid JohannesView
Beal-PrestonJohn and Daphne MargaretPeter JeremyView
BaileyBertie John and Hester Maria ElizabethPamela DawnView
BuckleyJames John and Dorothea DoloresJean HeatherView
BelingKenneth Norman and Margaret RebeccaTrevor ArthurView
BowlesClarence and OliveGail LesleyView
BouwerMalcolm Ralph and PatriciaFelicity AnnView
BuchholzNeville Arundel and Mona SybilSandra AnnView
BakerEric Martin and Emma ElizabethDouglas ErnestView
BilsonEdward Andrew and PamelaMichael AndrewView
BerningHarry Xavier and MaryPeter DrummondView
BowkerThomas Stephen and Antoinette CharlotteMercia MelodyView
Brownlow-HewettFrederick Charles John and Olive VeraCharmaine BeverleyView
BooysenNorman Edward and Olive EmilyBruce BarryView
BennettHarold Roderick and EleanoreRoderick AdairView
BreetzkeReuben Edward and Sylvia Moira SarahGlenda MarleneView
Burnham-KingAlexander and Patricia MildredIvan AlexanderView
BealGeorge Ernest and Marie CatherineTrevor GeorgeView
BrownRaymond Eric and FlorenceRaymond LawrenceView
BaileyBertie John and Hester Maria ElizabethLydia DesireeView
BentleyMelvern Mitford and Ruth AmeliaGlen AllanView
BeeslyRaymond and Daphne PriscillaBernadine ValerieView
BakerEric Martin and Emma ElizabethRoger GeraldView
BrownLaurence Guildford and Alice Lilian MayPamela AnneView
BetteridgeCharles Thomas Victor and Lorna McDonaldMarilyn AnnView
BanksHerbert Kitchener and Una Sylvia ConstanceHaroldView
Burnham-KingBrian and Melody Marion CollardAnne Mary CollardView
BurseyBrian Norman and StellaWarwick NormanView
BurseyPeter Henry and Maureen JoyceGlynnis ColleenView
Burton??Lesley AnnView
BlackbeardDennis Luke and EdithSandra AnnView
BanksHerbert Kitchener and Una Sylvia ConstanceSusan MonicaView
BurlClyde Ponsonby and Muriel AgnesGlynis AnneView
BradleyMalcolm Keith and Cynthia Eileen LornaBarbara ElizabethView
BilsonEdward Andrew and PamelaKevin LeslieView
Brownlow-HewittFrederick Charles John and Olive VeraGraham Harry WilliamView
BentleyMelvern Mitford and Ruth EmeliaCarol JenniferView
BaileyBertie John and Hester Maria ElizabethAngela CherylView
BeckwithWilliam Richard and JoanLinda MargaretView
BrewerFrederick Gordon and Ivy MayBrian FrederickView
BradleyErnest Clifford Desmond and Mary MagdaleneBrian EricView
BrandThomas Debenham and Doreen MargaretJennifer JaneView
BaileyGodfrey Theodore and Ireen WinifredPamela Alice LilyView
BellJames Ernest and May CatherineDelia AnneView
BrownRaymond Eric and FlorenceGary RobertView
BilsonEdward Andrew and PamelaGillian DaleView
BakerArthur Earnest and Isobel BarrasRosemary JeanView
BradleyErnest Clifford Desmond and Mary MagdaleneKeith AllanView
BlackRobert Johnson and Martha EllenAlastair RutherfordView
BelingKenneth Norman and Margaret RebeccaWinston IanView
BrandtHerbert Hilbert and Laura GwennythAshley GrahamView
BosseErnest Ferdinand and Johanna MarieCharmaine AletheaView
BosseErnest Ferdinand and Johanna MarieColleen AmandaView
BaileyBertie John and Hester Maria ElizabethBertie JohnView
BentleyMelvern Mitford and Ruth EmeliaDean AllisterView
BusbyAlbert Robert and Lilias McCabeJaqueline AnneView
BrandThomas Debenham and Doreen MargaretPamela JillView
BlackbeardDennis Luke and EdithGraham AlanView
BowenPeter Neville and Ellaleen JoanSusanView
BilsburyRobert and Edith MargaretMichael JohnView
BookNils Syrud and Barbara Cecile DeidreGeraldineView
BrettVictor Dennis and Roberta DawnRobert LeslieView
BeechamDesmond Thomas and Erika YvonneIvan LynnView
Brownlow-HewettFrederick Charles John and Olive VeraDiane JenniferView
BoucherMichael Martin and Lilian AnnElijah MartinView
BieldermanHendrik Jan and Hazel KathleenHarry JamesView
BoschNeville Walter and Margaret JeanPatricia JeanView
BakerArthur Earnest and Isobel BarrieMarjorie JanetView
BreetzkeReubin Edward and Sylvia Maria SarahReubin LesterView
BurseyPeter Henry and Maureen JoyceJennifer-AnneView
BlumrickOwen Samuel and Jeanette Myra MyrtleDerek OwenView
BrownRaymond Eric and FlorenceDerek BruceView
BrowneHarry and IvyJanice ElizabethView
BowdenPeter Harold and Edna MyrnaNeville PeterView
BosseErnest Ferdinand and Johanna MarieBelinda GailView
BarrowGaynor Valentine Weber and Joan ElizabethChristopher John EdwardView
BilsonEdward Andrew and PamelaSandra ElizabethView
BellJames Ernest and May CatherineJames AnthonyView
BuchholtzGordon Luyke Dendy and JoanJulie AdrienneView
BowenPeter Neville and Ellaleen JoanHeather LeeView
BentleyJames Clarence and Anne ValerieMarise ChristineView
BentleyClifford William henry and Brenda JoanAlistair SidneyView
BentleyClifford William Henry and Brenda JoanJennifer AllisonView
BentleyClifford William Henry and Brenda JoanClifford KinView
BrandtHerbert Hilbert and Laura GwennythLynette WinifredView
BrettVictor Dennis and Roberta DawnLeslie WilliamsView
BeechamDesmond Thomas and Erika YvonneMichael RichardView
BrownGeoffrey Edmund and Barbara JessieRoger EdmundView
BosseErnest Ferdinand and Johanna MariaUrsula VeronicaView
BreetzkeReuben Edward and Sylvia Moria SarahGlynn BarryView
BarrowGaynor Valentine Weber and Joan ElizabethDiane ElizabethView
BrownKenneth Alfred and JoanPhilip AlfredView
BeaumontDonald Ivor and Heather BerniceSusanView
BreetzkeDerrick Charles and Joan CynthiaSharon AnneView
BatesReginald William and Magdalena Elizabeth Wayalina CatherineMervin JohnView
BealSydney Frederick and Doreen janeCarol AnnView
BrownGeoffrey Edmund and Barbara JessieCraig EdmundView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Stephanus and Catherine AnnCharlesView
BaillieJames Cecil and Valerie St. JohnNigel GrevilleView
BeaumontDonald and HeatherJeanetteView
BieldermanJan Hendrick and Hazel KathleenHennieView
BrewerFrederick Gordon and Ivy MayErnest GeorgeView
BowenPeter Neville and Ellaleen JoanChristopher HughView
BessengerFrederick Conrad and Johanna EileenBelinda AnnView
BosseErnest Ferdinand and Johanna MariaUlric EdwinView
BoschNeville Walter and Margaret JeanSandra JoyView
BrutonErrol Hilton and BettySharon ElizabethView
BradleyMalcolm Keith and Cynthia Eileen LornaGarth Charles JamesView
BeetsJosia Petrus and May ElizabethZelda GailView
BoschNeville Walter and Margaret JeanSandra JoyView
BothaKenneth Edward and Joan DawnJacqueline DawnView
BrownKenneth Alfred and JoanAnne ElizabethView
BreetzkeDerrick Charles and Joan CynthiaJon CharlesView
BowenPeter Neville and Ellaleen JoanJanice SusanView
Breckon??Nolan GeorgeView
BothaHendrik and Maria Johanna ElizabethPeter-JohnView
BentleyClifford William Henry and Brenda JoanDonald MartinView
BowenAntony David and Anne ThomsonHeather ElizabethView
BedserRobin and Daphne ElsaShawnView
BridgerHavelock Llewellyn and Valerie KathleenBarry HavelockView
BridgerHavelock Llewellyn and Valerie KathleenBeverley AnnView
BreetzkeDeerrick Charles and Joan CynthiaDerek James HarrisonView
BraunEdward Lancelot and Denise Colleen FaySharon MarcelleView
BraunEdward Lancelot and Denise Colleen FayJennifer LucilleView
BalingAlbert Jacobus and Sylvia MyraHenry AndrewView
BieldermanHendrik Jan and Hazel KathleenReindView
BakerGraeme Cecil and JudithPatrick JohnView
ButtonPeter Monty and MarySamantha AnnView
BosseAlbert and DeannaEvan GuyView
BakerGraeme Cecil and JudithDavid GraemeView
BoucherRonald Dan and MarjorieCharlotte AnnView
BreetzkeDerrick Charles and Joan CynthiaBrian David HarrisonView
BoucherRonald Dan and MarjorieRenelle DeleneView
BosseAlbert Richard and Deanna RosemaryLara AnnView
BannisterAlan Michael-John and Celesta GailSamantha KimView
BurbidgeAlfred Richard and Barbra AnneMatthew AllenView
BarrowMichael Wayland and Susan JaneAndrew Neville StanleyView
BarrowMichael Wayland and Susan JaneAndrea JaneView
BarrowMichael Wayland and Susan JaneMichelle AnnView
BoothVincent Robert and DeniseWarren AllanView
BelchersJohn Michael and lesley FrancesJonathan RowanView
BaxterJames Dartnell and Shirley AnnSusan JeanView
BallThomas Richard and Marion AnneLukeView
BurbidgeAlfred Richard and Barbra AnneTimothy RichardView
BarnesBarry Bruce and Julia ElizabethMichele AnnView
BlomMalcolm and JillianJacqueline AngelaView
BlomMalcolm and JillianMichelle BernadetteView
BlomMalcolm and JillianMalcolm GavinView
BezuidenhoutLyndon John and Martha Elizabeth AnneShaunView
BellinganClifford Ray and Cheryl FayJean-PaulView
BrussowAlbert and YvonneGraham Albert Rommel WilliamView
BrussowAlbert and YvonnePeta EthelView
BelterBrian and MaureenCharmaineView
BrussowCheryl YvonneMelanie CatherineView
BurbidgeAlfred Richard and Barbara AnneClara ElizabethView
BurgerKaren HeatherJade LesterView
BacklandCharles Edwin and Janet SharonJulie WendyView
BoothWalter Septimus Leigh and LeighTamryn LeighView
BattyEdward Jardine and Alida MarieJulie-Anne NicolaView
BoothRowan Allistair and AnnAngie TineelView
BarclayEric Colin McGowan and Eva MaureenStuart AlexanderView
BattyEdward Jardine and Alida MariePhilippa BronwynneView
BoothWalter Septimus Leigh and LeighTravis LeighView
BirkholtzMark and Elizabeth CarolineBrandon MarkView
BrussowAlbert William and Yvonne EthelMark ErwinView
BornJonathan Leslie and Adellyn Lynnys IrisTarryn LeaView
BornJonathan Leslie and Adellyn Lynnys IrisDaniel JonView
BellGraeme Shinglewood and Colleen JeanetteMatthew Andrew GeorgeView
BirkholtzLoretta MayDwayne MichaelView
BeardEdward James and Beverley ElizabethMichael CampbellView
BezuidenhoutPeter and LynnKerri-Lee RoseView
BellGraeme Shinglewood and Colleen JeanetteHarland Shingle-WoodView
BezuidenhoutPeter and LynnRickView
BorchardsRalph and HeidiShirwin LoganView
BorchardsRalph and HeidiTamera AmyView
BussChristopher and WinifredDannielleView
BoormanAlfred William and CharlotteThomas Charles GrahamView
BeckerFerdinand Thorp and Martha PetronellaHarold Paley WereView
BainCharles Edward and Eliza JaneCharles Edward YuleView
BootyWilliam Stanbury and Sarah AnnBernard Walter TuttonView
BettingtonRowland Albermarle Arthur and FannyArthur VereView
BabbageJohn William and Louise JaneWilliam Henry ThomasView
Brink-JohnstoneJoseph and ElizabethClaraView
BoormanAlfred William and CharlotteAnnie MayView
BerrierFrank and ElizaMarta PascalineView
BateOsborn Hambrook and AmyCron IvorView
BarnesJohn and LovedayMary Anne TregeevView
BarnesAlexander Russel and KateEthel DeaneView
BromfieldFrancis Henry and EmmaFrederick CharlesView
BeckerArthur Richard Gurney and Louisa MariaHope AskewView
BettingtonRowland Albemarle Arthur and FannyEgerton MitfordView
BrowneJohn Heitland and Sara AnneMarion ElizabethView
BrowneHerbert Howard and Jessy AnneHerbert Charles FrancisView
BrowneHerbert Howard and Jessy AnneAmy MayselView
BrillWalter William and Julia MariaMay Annie ElizabethView
BoormanAlfred William and CharlotteLillyView
BloomerEdward and JoyceEdward ParkerView
BarichievyAugustus and EdithAlbert EdwardView
BowkerWilliam Russel and Helena ElizabethMary Mitford RusselView
BarnesJohn and LovedayGeorge WilliamsView
BerrierJohn Francis and Jane AnneArthurView
BruceGeorge Henry and Elizabeth EmilyWilliam Henry WhatnellView
BarnesArthur McDonald and AmeliaHoraceView
BarnesAlexander Russell and KateLionel FurmageView
BeauchampWalter Oscar and Sarah MariaMuriel Constance StarrView
BeckerFerdinand Thorp and Martha PetronellaNellie AileenView
BarichievyAugustus and EdithAugustus WilliamView
BennettSam and Annie MaryRobert GibsonView
BennettSam and Annie MaryMary EthelView
BettingtonRowland Albemarle Arthur and FannyRowland OsbaldistoneView
BrowneWilliam Alexander and Jane StickneyHelen Joan RossView
BruceGeorge Henry and Elizabeth EmilyLilian Louisa MaudView
BrownThomas and Clara EllenJames FrederickView
BeckerFerdinand Thorp and Martha PetronellaEdith GeraldineView
BansemerCharles and Emma Bridget CatherineRebecca Henrietta Elizabeth FrancesView
BromfieldFrancis Henry and EmmaFrank HensleyView
BedfordGeorge William and Katherine FrancesRosanaView
BarichievyAugustus and EdithBernice Alice JaneView
BainCharles Edward and Eliza JaneHerbert ReginaldView
BarberJohn and Julia KatzkeEmily Louisa ElizabethView
BarnesArthur McDonald and AmeliaStanley StannardView
BrownThomas and Clara EllenArthur John EdwardView
BruceGeorge Henry and Elizabeth EmilyFlorence MayView
BruceWilliam Blomfield and MargaretSidney RushView
BettisJohn and KeziahJane ElizabethView
BarichievyAugustus and EdithEthel MaryView
BroungerRichard Ernest and Mary JeanMary GertrudeView
BrowneJohn Heitland and Sarah AnnLeonora Mary HeitlandView
BodeTheodor and Maria DalbockWilhelm HeindrichView
BodeTheodor and Maria DalbockHermine AugustaView
BennettMichael St. Leger and Elizabeth AnnConstance HopeView
BakerJohn and ElizabethStanley BakerView
BruceGeorge Henry and Elizabeth EmilyElizabeth AnnView
BarichievyAugustus and EdithWilliam JamesView
BallHerbert Saddleton and Amelia Alice ElizabethClement SaddletonView
BlakewayHenry McArthur and Georgina MargaretDorothy DrennanView
BriscoeWilliam Henry Bruges and Lillian MaryDoris Evelyn BrugesView
BerghoffEdward and MargaretThomas FredericView
BissetAlexander Charles and Sarah JaneAlice CatherineView
BowkerGordon Cross and Eveline SelinaRuby GordonView
BleasdaleJohn and MaryLeonard VictorView
BennettMichael St. Leger and Elizabeth AnnLeslie EdwardView
BennettJoseph and AnnaRichard HilmerView
BroedeletGeorge Paul and Louisa AliceLydia AliceView
BarnesAlexander Russell and KateRupert VictorView
BothaChristoffel Johannes and Hester GertrudeDesiree JeanView
BeardGeorge Richard and Alice MaureenDesmond CarterView
BrillFrederick Richard and Alice Johanna (Nee Clark)Iris StellaView
BrillArthur Robert and Iris StellaDesmond JeffreyView
BricknellIvor Leslie and Winifred RoseSharon RoseView
BoyesHarry Edward and Nancy ElaineBrian EdwardView
BothaChristoffel Johannes and Hester GertrudeDaniel JohannesView
BakerDonald George and Phyllis HarcourtCarol IreneView
BekkerHendrik Nicolaas and Audrey MaryJan HendrikView
BailieLawrence Herbert and Elizabeth MargaretPeter LawrenceView
BradshawHarold George and Esme JoanGraham RoyView
ButlerPeterRoger GarthView
BekkerHendrik Nicolaas and Audrey MaryMarguerite LeoneView
BrillArthur Robert and Iris StellaMarion DorothyView
BezuidenhoutTheodorus Cornelius and Sylvia DawnRenee AnnView
BricknellIvor Leslie and Winifred RoseDenzil RobertView
BothaChristoffel Johannes and Hester GertrudeNoel PeterView
BentleyEsmond Clarence and Margaret April WykehamAnne Elizabeth OwenView
BakerDonald George and Phyllis HarcourtMichael GeraldView
BoothFrank and Kathleen ElizabethAllanView
BricknellIvor Leslie and Winifred RoseBryn DavidView
BulleyRodney Kenneth and Eileen JeanBruce GavinView
BowenPeter Desmond Akeroyd and Valerie ElaineTeral BarbaraView
BadenhorstWilliam Edward and Maria Catherina ElizabethBeverley AnnView
BadenhorstWilliam Edward and Maria Catherina ElizabethShirleyView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Johannes Jacobus and Madeline LucillePeter BernardView
BrillArthur Robert and Iris StellaCarol MaureenView
BedserBernard Sidney and VioletLincoln WalterView
BrownGerald and Diana StrugnellRobert GeraldView
BuckleyPatrick Dennis and Sheila AnnTerylView
BaardSan Johannes and Catherine JoyceTeresa IreneView
BaardSan Johannes and Catherine JoyceSandra Mary-AnnView
BekkerHendrik Nicolaas and Audrey MaryElizabeth MaryView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Johannes Jacobus and Madeline LucilleJohn EugeneView
BoyesColin Desmond and Lorraine Marjorie WinifredStephen DavidView
BoyesClive Robert and Dawn IreneDebra LynetteView
BuchlerMelvyn and Valdry VioletColleen GayeView
BuchlerMelvyn and Valdry VioletAnita AnnView
BuchlerMelvyn and Valdry VioletDeonView
BeltDennis Ashby and Pamela DoneePatricia AnneView
BeaumontHarold and LauraHaroldView
BooysenNorman Edward and Olive EmilyVivian RoyView
BekkerHendrik Nicolaas and Audrey MaryPieter NicolaasView
BowdenPeter Harold and Edna MyrnaJudy EdnaView
BouchierDesmond George and Margaret ElaineRosemary SheilaView
BeetgeFrederik Jakobus and Bernice RoseMarkView
BassetKenneth John McKellar and Joyce DorothyIan KennethView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Johannes Jacobus and Madeline LucilleRonald LlewellynView
BaileyBertie John and Hester Maria ElizabethNoelView
BeltDennis Ashby and Pamela DoneeLynn AlisonView
BrannonJohn Lindsay and Hermina ChristinaElizabeth RosemaryView
BoyceClive Robert and Dawn IreneAlison GailView
BezuidenhoutTheodorus Cornelius and Sylvia DawnVonda PatriciaView
BassetKenneth John McKellar and Joyce DorothyHeather JoyView
BlumrickPhilip Arnold Theodor and Valerie MaryMarcelle EdithView
BellfieldStanley and MarieJanet AnnView
BellfieldStanley and MarieAndrew DouglasView
BuchholzGlen Eldred and Alice DinahBeverley AnnView
ButtnerEldred Vernon and MarjorieGeoffrey GeorgeView
ButtnerEldred Vernon and MarjorieKevin BruceView
BrannonJohn Lindsay and Hermina ChristinaRobert CharlesView
BlumrickPhilip Arnold Theodor and Valerie MaryDion EdwardView
BakerPeter Michael and Marleen ElizabethCatherine ClareView
BakerPeter Michael and Marleen ElizabethSusan AnneView
BrandJoseph Andrew and SarahCecil EdwardView
BosseErnest Ferdinand and Johanna MariaDonovan AshleyView
BelterAllan Kenneth and Isabell MayTrevor AllanView
BelterAllan Kenneth and Isabell MayHiltonView
BelterAllan Kenneth and Isabell MayAndrew DuncanView
BradfieldGladwyn and Olive DesraeElizabeth AltheaView
BridgeDerek Arthur and Susanna JacobaDesrae LilyView
BuchholzGlen Eldred and Alice DinaLaurette MaudView
BadenhorstVictor and Joan ThelmaDeon AshleyView
BadenhorstVictor and Joan ThelmaCheryl AnnView
BadenhorstVictor and Joan ThelmaVictor ShaneView
BadenhorstVictor and Joan ThelmaShaun AlfView
BelterAllan Kenneth and Isabell MayColin JamesView
BeetgeWilliam David and SandraAngelaView
BurckardJohn Charles Ethelbert and Shirley AnnAngela KarinView
BussiahnErnst Almero Cilliers and Elaine MaryClinton CarlView
BauerBarry Greville and Joan ElizabethLinda MichelleView
BurckardJohn Charles and Shirley AnnWarren JohnView
BothaAnthony Bruce and Beryl GloriaChantel ElizabethView
BauerBarry Greville and Joan ElizabethSteven CraigView
BowkerKeith and DorothyJason PaulView
BedserEric and Zelda KateClaudetteView
BallThomas Richard and Marion AnneSymonView
BhaniDoraZimbini MinaView
BouchierTeral Anne (Buchholz)Toby EdwinView
BuchholzGlen AliceCarl GlenView
BriersAlan Pieter and Glenda AnnSianView
BronkhorstJohannes Jurie and AnnKenneth MartinusView
BothaDaniel and JenniferJacqueline AmandaView
BrownBrydon James and Hester Johanna HelenaKaren ElizabethView
BowlesGeorge William and Henrietta JohannaAgnes PearlView
BowlesGeorge William and Henrietta JohannaHarold AlmaView
BowlesAlfred Ernest and Winifred DeborahEileen WinifredView
BennettFrederick Howard and Noel EdenboroughHelen MaryView
BerlynErnest Philip and Ethelwyn MaryClive Wyn GeraldView
BowlesAlfred and VioletThora LilianView
BowlesHarold Glen and Janet Mary AnnaCynthia MerleView
BowlesHarold Glen and Janet MaryJoyce JanetView
BowlesHarold Glen and Janet MaryDulcie DelphineView
BowlesAlfred Ernest and Violet ElizabethRita ElaineView
BradshawGeorge Delville Wood and Irene GeorginaDelene EsmeView
BarnesAlexander Russell and KateAlice FrancesView
BirdThomas Poston and Alice SarahNellie HeathcoteView
BateOsborn Hambrook and AmyJohn Osborn SheppersonView
BartleyGeorge and RoseCaroline RosetteView
BrownRobert Malcolm and Sarah AnnaLeonard VennView
BenderBerend Edward and Jessie JaneJames EdwardView
BansemerCharles and Emma Bridget CatherineCharles August William WalterView
BentleyMitford and Sophie AnnSusannah MaudeView
BeatonCornelius and AugustaAdaView
BrownRobert Malcolm and Sarah AnnaCyrill HerbertView
BoswellStephen and ElizabethFredrick DavidView
BillingsRichard and DoratheaRose MaudView
Boomzanier (Boonzaier?)William and RoseMargaret EllenView
BansmanCharles and EmmaEmma Wilemna Rebecca ChristinaView
BarnettCharles and Elizabeth JuliaCharles Alexander PohlView
BissettAlexander Charles and Sarah JaneAlexander View
BallardWilliam Francis and EleanorDaisyView
BarnicottAlfred and Elizabeth CatherineAlice SophiaView
Boomzaier (Boonzaier?)William Francis and RosenaWilliam EdwardsView
BettisJohn and KeziaAgnes Mary RebeccaView
BoswellStephen and ElizabethCharles WilfredView
BennettJoseph and SophieSophie Ada MaryView
BowlesWilliam Thomas and Thynia JemimaThomas AlwinView
BeceniM'Boko and NancyElizabethView
BallardWilliam Francis and EleanorThomas HenryView
BissettAlexander Charles and Sarah JaneAlicia GraceView
BowlesJohn Henry and Maraget MariaWilfredView
BettisJohn and KeziaJoseph EdwardView
BakerHerbert George and Minnie MariaMabel IsabelView
BillingsRichard and Dorathea (Roody)Jessie AmeliaView
BissettAlexander Charles and Sarah JaneSarah MariaView
Boomzaier (Boonzaier?)William Frances and RosenaRosanna JaneView
BowlesJohn Henry and Margaret MariaHenry Charles BenjaminView
BennettJoseph and AnnaSarah Ann LillianView
BissettAlexander Charles and Sarah JaneJohn Bertram BowkerView
BrownCharles and FlorenceCharles William CrownView
BillingsRichard and DorotheaAlice KateView
BarnicottAlfred and Elizabeth CatherineQueeney FlorenceView
BowlesJohn Henry and Margaret MariaRuby FlorenceView
BentleyMitford and sophia AnnErnest GeorgeView
BennettJoseph and JunaJosephView
BarnettCharles and Elizabeth JuliaCharles PohlView
BarnicotAlfred and Elizabeth CatharineAlfred Henry EdwardView
BillingRichard and DorotheaRichard PascoeView
BrownCharles and FlorenceThomas Edward StackView
BakerArthur William and Lavinia CarolineFrank ReginaldView
BennettJoseph and AnnaAnna AgnesView
BrocknorAugust and AnnieHerman Edward AugustView
BowlesJohn Henry and Margaret MariaClifford MontfortView
BaxterRobert and MaryMaud GertrudeView
BrowningWilliam Henry and Annie FlorenceWilliam EdmundView
BrownCharles and FlorenceJoseph AlfredView
BennettJoseph and AnnaWilliamView
BennettJoseph and AnnaHenryView
BowlesJohn Henry and MariaEdwardView
BartleyGeorge and Sophia AliceSophia AliceView
BrownCharles and FlorenceErnestView
BarnicottAlfred and Elizabeth CatherineKathleen MarieView
BowlesGeorge William and Henrietta JohannaBertram LaurenceView
BennettJoseph and AnnaCharles MartinView
BurnsMichael and MatildaMary LornaView
BrownCharles and FlorenceReuben HenryView
BennettJoseph and AnnaMary MatildaView
BellardOliver Frederick and Jane ElizabethOliver John ClarenceView
BurgessRichard Simpson and Kathleen Christy ElizabethEllen FlorenceView
BessonFredrick Jacobus and Annie JohannaHarmano AndrewView
BessonFredrick Jacobus and Annie JohannaEsther CatherineView
BamfordHarry Horton and Eugenie Mary HelnorThomas WilliamView
BowlesAlfred and Winifred DeborahHilton RaymondView
BrownWilliam and ChristinaCharles William ThomasView
BurnsMichael and MatildaOwen JohnView
BissetHarry Walter and Julia JohannaAlexander CharlesView
BissetHarry Walter and Julia JohannaAlicia AlexandraView
BowlesReuben George and Amelia MariaStanley Walter CharlesView
BesterSusanJulius Albert JacobyView
BanksGeorge Henry and Lucy RosaAda Daphne PernellView
BrewerPercy Wyndham and Jess MaudMary Katherine LouiseView
BrussowJohannes Frederic and Eliza WilhelminaLilian MabelView
BrownWilliam James and Anna ElizabethJacobus Nicolas PetrusView
BarnesJohn and Louisa Maria GertrudeLoveday LouisaView
BillerGeorge Thomas and Annie SusanRachel LouisaView
BrowneJohn Hairland and Claire da Penha Garcia GrayBarbaraView
BollesMichael and Charlotte EdithGeorgeView
BowlesReuben George and Amelia MariaDonald GeorgeView
BrussowJohannes Frederic and Elise WilhelminePercy Richard CecilView
BarrowJohn William and Susanna ElizabethReginald Gordon TheodoreView
BentleyFrancis and Rose LenaPolly GarnessView
BennettJoseph and Charlotte Catherine AlidaJosephView
BrowneJohn Arthur Heitland and Claire de la Penha Garcia GrayJohn HewittView
BlundellThomas Henry and EllenMaud LouiseView
BentleyErnest George and Emily KateJames MitfordView
BrownCharles William and Christina Valeria FredrikaChristina FlorenceView
BrownCharles William and Christina Velena FredrikaRobert GeorgeView
BurnsMichael and MatildaPhyllis AlwinView
BrownCharles William and Christina Velena FredrikaViolet MayView
BarrowWilliam George and Isabella PetronellaElizabeth MaudView
BillerGeorge Thomas and Annie SusanGeorge HenryView
BentleyFrancis Mitford and LenaVeronica MayView
BlundellThomas Henry and EllenStella MayView
BentleyErnest George and Emily Kate??View
BowlesReuben George and Amelia MariaPhyllis AmeliaView
BaileyJohn Thomas and Florence VioletGordon Richard TenterdenView
BastoneGeorge and Alida Johanna LuciaElizabeth Alida MarthaView
BallHubert and Violet EugyneMabel IreneView
BillerGeorge Thomas and Annie SusanArnold PercivalView
BloemhofSamuel Benjamin and Anna LouisaAnna LouisaView
BrownJoe Alfred and Martha MabelAlfred GeorgeView
BarrowWilliam George and Isabella PetronellaCharlotte MagdaleneView
BoschLouis Jacobus and Magdalena EngelzinaLouis JacobusView
BlundellThomas Henry and EllenAlma DoreenView
BashoneGeorge and AlidaCharles GeorgeView
BentleyErnest George and Emily KateFrederic JohnView
BowlesMyrtleEdna MayView
BrownChristina Wilhelmina FredricaKathleen MaudView
BrownChristina Wilhelmina FredricaEdith FrancisView
BassonDaniel David and CatherineFrederic DanielView
BentleyFrederic Edmund and Ida HarriettDoreen ConcordiaView
BassonMariaAnnie EileenView
BowlesReuben and FannyFrank AllanView
BarrowWilliam George and Isabella PetronellaSheila MayView
BowlesEdward and Muriel GraceOlive JoyceView
BurgessFrank and MaryNellie EvelynView
BentleyErnest George and Emily KateIrene MaudeView
BowlesWalter Gordon and Johanna WilhelminaMarjorieView
BissetHarry Walter and Julia JohannaWalter Ernest HubertView
BlundellThomas Henry and EllenReuben DonaldView
BentleyFrederic Edmund and Ida HarriettFrederic ErnestView
BerryWilfred Cuthbert and Marjorie MaudJohn LeslieView
BowlesEdward and Muriel GraceIsobel MadgeView
BrightThomas William and HarrietWinifred MayView
BentleyErnest George and Emily KateEric FrancisView
BrightThomas William and HarrietClarenceView
BrightThomas William and HarrietMyrtleView
BrightThomas William and HarrietArchibald AlfredView
BlundellThomas Henry and EllenStephen NoelView
BlundellThomas Henry and EllenArthur RichardView
BirchWalter Edward and Gladys ChristianWalter ThomasView
BowlesArthur Charles and AliceArthur RoyView
BentleyErnest George and Emily KateLawrence HaroldView
BentleyFrancis Mitford and RoseThelma MaryView
BowlesHilton Melville and Katherine MargaretColin MartinView
BentleyFrederic Edmund and Ida HarrietViolet LydiaView
BerryWilfred Cuthbert and Marjorie MaudEileen JoyceView
BowlesEdward and Muriel GraceEunice PatriciaView
BowlesAlfred Ernest and Violet ElizabethLewis ErnestView
BallWilliam George and Elsie MildridiaLilian RebeccaView
BowlesClarence Ronald and Margaret JohannaClarenceView
BowlesWalter Gordon Rotro? and JohannaCecil NormanView
BothaRalph Cornelius Gideon and Christina JohannaCornelius GideonView
BothaHarry Benjamin and AngelinaAnnie Sarah MariaView
BowlesThomas Alwyn and Annie Florence MaryAlwyn GarnetView
BowlesReuben George and Amelia MariaCliveView
BirchWalter Edward and Gladys ChristianGladys EdnaView
BassetJohn McKellar and Mary AgnesWilliam JesseView
BassetJohn McKellar and Mary AgnesLeslie McKellarView
BentleyFrancis Mitford and RoseStanley FrancisView
Ballviolet EugenieFlorence IreneView
BottEdmund George and Rhoda Elizabeth SarahShirley MayView
BlumrickSamuel Herbert and Augusta MarthaMoreen ElaineView
BowlesHilton Melville and Catherine MargaretMary ElizabethView
BentleyErnest and KateRonald LukinView
BerryWilfred and MarjorieCecil CharlesView
BowlesClarence Ronald and Margaret JohannaZoe HazelView
BoucherWilliam and Louisa MariaIrene VioletView
BeerCyril Irvine Vivian and Florence MayJohn William CharlesView
BassonHarry and AnnieAnnie RachelView
BushGerhard Cecil and Dorothy MiriamJohanna ChristinaView
BowlesArthur Charles and AliceStellaView
BentleyFrancis Mitford and Rose LenaMelvern MitfordView
BothaHarry Benjamin and AngelinaAlfredView
BowlesThomas Alwyn and Annie Florence MaryDesmond BertieView
BarrowFrederic Robert and Margaret IdaGordon RobertView
BrightThomas and HarrietGeorge WilliamView
BrightGeorge William and Maria SusanKeith JohnView
BallWilliam George and ElsiePhyllis WinifredView
BowlesEdward and MurielTrevor MalcolmView
BerryWilfred and MarjorieMichaelView
BushGerard Cecil and Dorothy MiriamDaphne MiriamView
BowlesAlfred Ernest and Violet ElizabethNesbit RadonView
BlomCharl Christian and Francina ElizabethLouis BarendView
BelingHugo Stanley and Alice Bertha PansyRaymondView
BentleyFrancis Mitford and Rose LenaLincoln FrancisView
BowlesBenjamin Rhodes and Edith WinifredAlan BenjaminView
BouchierWilliam and LouisaDoreen DaphneView
BarrowFrederic and MargaretDorothy MargaretView
BothaHarry and AngelinaLouisa AngelinaView
BentleyErnest and KateHiltonView
BirchEdward Philip and Wilhelmina PetronellaAngelina WilhelminaView
BothaJaneAlfred JamesView
BarrowFrederick Robert and MargaretFrederic JohnView
BridgerThomas Henry and FannyThomas HenryView
BooHenry and Lena (Nel)HenryView
BetonSydney John and LilianBrian CharlesView
BowlesArthur and KathleenDaphne MurielView
BesterSarel Wynand Louw and Emily ElizabethJohannes PieterView
BottEdmund and RhodaEdmund LlewellynView
BowlesAlfred and VioletRedvers WilliamView
BentleyFrancis Mitford and Rosa LenaJoyce MaudeView
BoltonThomas Jarvis and Amy MargaretSylvia MyrtleView
BothaBarend Johannes Hermanus and Leta MildredMabel Una Ray GwenView
ButtlesFrederic and violet MaryMargaret PatriciaView
BushJoseph Alexander and AnnieMary MagdaleneView
BirchEdward and WilhelminaMavis ElizabethView
BowlesCharles Arthur and AliceKeithView
BowlesArthur and NellieNellie FrancesView
BarrowFrederic and MargaretKenneth AlanView
BowlesAlfred Ernest and Violet ElizabethKenneth VernonView
BothaAndries and MagdalenaBarend JohannesView
BartonNathanael John and Dorothy VioletAvery AlmaView
BoucherEric Armstrong and PollyTerrenceView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesMichael CharlesView
BlessSarah JaneMathelena VuyiswaView
BoltonJohn and Rosa HelenMargaret HelenView
BothaRoelph Cornelius Gideon and Irene Esme VioletChristiana GertrudeView
BirchWilliam Edward and Dollsie Emily BerthaYvonne EdithView
BeckerGotlieb and Mabel MaudJennifer JeanView
BoucherEric Armstrong and PollyxenyMary EricaView
BirchWalter Thomas and Jean GrantWalter RobertView
BerryJack Leslie and Ailsa LorraineGeoffreyView
BirchWilliam Edward and Dolsie Emily BerthaGerald EdwardView
BothaJames Alfred and Louisa KathrineHansView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesLynette JuneView
BoucherLlewellyn John and Hester JohannaAshley LlewellynView
BooysenPeter Jacob and Marjorie MaryPeter DesmondView
BooysenPeter Jacob and Marjorie MaryCarol JoyView
BoltonJohn and Rosa HelenLesley FlorenceView
BothaDaniel Andries and Juliana BoadiceaDesrae AnnView
BeukmanLouis and Jacomina Johanna ChristinaMartha Christina ElizabethView
BooysenGonfrey Desmond and Daphne VernaLynette JudithView
BirchWilliam Edward and Dollsie Emily BerthBasil WilliamView
BevanRonald Ervin and Rosalie SybilJoan RonwinView
BeaumontHarold and LauraMarlene EthelView
BirchWalter Thomas and Jean GrantEdward JohnView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesCynthia ElaineView
BlomStephen Martin and Mary MagdaleneNoel ClaudeView
BonifaceArthur Edward and Audrey OliveLynette ElizabethView
BoucherLlewellyn John and Hester JohannaLeon JohnView
BessengerJohannes Martinus and Martha AlettaDavid JohannesView
BishopWilliam Charles James and Marcia MagdalenaDenise EstelleView
BothaDaniel Andries and Juliana BoadiceaDalene StellaView
BrownHugh Frank and Margaret AnneNeville HughView
BoldFrederick Johannes and Phyllis DorothyLynnette AnneView
BordenRobert and HendrinaRobertView
BeaumontHarold and LauraGavin GillmoreView
BakerBurnett Norval and Joyce EvelynNolene FayView
BlomStephen Martin and Mary MagdaleneMelvin KeithView
BessengerJohannes Martinus David Petrus and Marth AlettaPaulus AlbertusView
BirchWalter Thomas and Jean GrantJennifer AnnView
BoucherLlewellyn John and Hester JohannaCedric GutcheView
BevanRonald Ervin and Rosalie SybilJohn Ronald CannonView
BothaDaniel Andries and Juliana BoadiceaCharlotte ElizabethView
BrownMargaret Anne and Hugh FrankKenneth GavinView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesPamela JoanView
BentleyLincoln Frances and Phyllis EdithLindsay DellView
BradshawGeorge Delville-Wood and Irene GeorginaBeverley ElizabethView
BlomStephen Martin and Mary MagdaleneSharon MerleView
BooysenConfrey Desmond and Daphne VernaRosemary AnneView
BarrowFrederick John and Gladys EvelynMonicaView
Burnham-KingAlexander and Patricia MildredGordon RobertView
BessengerJohannes Martinus Dawid Petrus and Martha AlettaSaloni AntoinetteView
BoucherElijah and Machel Cecilia JohannaAubrey IanView
BoucherLlewellyn John and Hester JohannaFiona SandraView
BonifaceArthur Edward and Audrey OliveTheona AnnView
Burnham-KingBrian and MelodyMichael Peter GrantView
BirchWilliam Edward and Dollsie Emily BerthaVernon DonaldView
BurnsNorman McLeod and Nora AndersonMichael AndersonView
BurnsNorman McLeod and Nora AndersonElizabeth PatricieView
BerryJack Leslie and Ailsa LorraineLesley AnneView
BerryMichael and Anna CatharinaMichael VernonView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesHeather AnneView
BartlettWalter Jennings and Jocelyn MerleGary WalterView
BakerBurnett Norval and Joyce EvelynLorna RayView
BishopHerman Julius and Beatrice ChristinaColin JuliusView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce Grace IdaBrenda ElizabethView
BothaDaniel and Juliana BoudiceaLouis EugeneView
BreckonFrederick and Alice JaneLindy ElizabethView
BarnardSorrel Stephanus and Salome MariaSalome MariaView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce Grace IdaDavid EdwinView
BessengerFrederick Conrad and Jean ElizabethOscar ConradView
BaisleyDonovan William and Shirley CarolineDebra LaelView
BessingerJohannes Martinus David Petrus and Martha AlettaJohannes GerhardusView
BernardSarel Stephanus and SolominaMartinus HendrikusView
BoucherEric Armstrong and PollyAthena VivianView
BonifaceArthur Edward and Audrey OliveAndrew EdwardView
BarrowFrederick John and Gladys EvelynStephen GordonView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce Grace IdaBeulah VeronicaView
BuchholtzGordon Luyke Dendy and JoanRobert EdwardView
BentleyLincoln Francis and Phyllis EdithRowan JohnView
BockAlbert Mervyn and Elaine JoySharon JulieView
BlomStephen Martin and Mary MagdaleneRenee MaryView
BarrowFrederick John and Gladys EvelynKevinaView
BockAlbert Mervyn and Elaine JoyJanine HelenView
BoucherJoseph William and Shiela RosaJoanView
BothaGraham Lynne and June NormandyAndrew GrahamView
BothaGraham Lynn and June NormandySherene JaneView
BridgeDereck Arthur and Susanna Jacoba JohannaLeoView
BlignautWilhelm Johannes and Marlene WinifredLindieView
BarrowKenneth Allan and Marjory JoyDianneView
BridgeDereck Arthur and Susanna Johanna JacobaLydiaView
BamfordHarry Lowden and Beryl RosemaryHayden ChadView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce GracePeter WilliamView
BehrensAlfred George and Anna JohannaCharles AlfredView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce GraceAdelina SheilaView
BelingRoger Julius and Heather JoyGraham ReginaldView
BridgeDereck Arthur and SusannaAllenView
BelingRoger Julius and Heather JoyMichelle DesireeView
BoucherRonald Dan and MarjorieSteven DanView
BoucherPeter William and Denise LornaAmanda LouiseView
BoucherCedric Gutche and Crystal VirginiaCedric LlewelynView
BoucherHester Louisa Hendrika and Leon JohnRiaanView
BoucherPeter William and Denise LornaTyronne PeterView
BurgerMark Richard and Denise Shirley (Frohbus)Ryan MarkView
BezuidenhoutReuben and BrendaLauren leeView
BoucherCedric Gutche and Cyrstal VirginiaChantalView
BoucherPeter William and Denise LornaClinton WayneView
BezuidenhoutReubin Jobhie and Brenda ElizabethDale ReubinView
BaatjesHerbert Charles and Dorcas PatriciaValerie RuthView
BaatjesHerbert Charles and Dorcas PatriciaVera DorcasView
BaileyEdward Arthur and Alice Gertrude MayJoan MargaretView
BailingGeorge Alfred and Jeanie RosinaJean MavisView
BakerJohn Henry and MarionPeter RonaldView
BakerEdgar Alfred and Mary NellieGeoffrey KennethView
BakerEric Martin and Emma ElizabethShirley ElizabethView
BallJoseph and SusanHarry DenisView
BallsArthur and Iris EvelynValerie JeanView
BarkerRobert Andrew and Sybil MaryHilary Mary GillView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceEdward GeorgeView
BarkhuizenEdward and FlorenceBeatrice EleanorView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceConstance CynthiaView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceVictoria ValerieView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceLorraine PatriciaView
BarlowJohnny and AliceNeville JohnnyView
BarnardWalter John and Irene EdithDorothy AnnView
BarnardWalter John and Irene EdithJohnView
BarnesMervyn Stannard and Jean EvelynAnthony StannardView
BarnesMervyn Stannard and Jean EvelynJill JenniferView
BarrenAshley Henry and Auriol Ursula LuytDiana FinetteView
BarrettJohn Wilbur and CynthiaJohn RoryView
BarringtonAlfred Benjamin and MurielRobert IrvinView
BarringtonSidwick Biddulph and Laura JanetAnthony LeeView
BarringtonAlfred Benjamin and MurielMarion JoanView
BarringtonSidwick Biddulph and Laura JanetMichaelView
BassonMariaDesmond DavidsView
BassonWilliam Henry and Annie MariaKenneth Edward JamesView
BassonWilliam Henry and Annie MariaGavin Richard HenryView
BassonWilliam James and Annie MariaWilliam JohnView
BattenAshley Henry and Auriol UrsulaThomas AshleyView
BeardRobert William and Eunice OlgaCharles BernardView
BeebeGeorge Chamberlain and Hilda FlorenceGraham EdwardView
BeebeGeorge Chamberlain and Hilda FlorencePatricia AdelaideView
BehrensNathaniel John and Louisa ChristinaAlfred GeorgeView
BellingRobert Louis Fred and Albertha Mary JohannaEdgar RobertView
BellingRobert Louie Fred and AlberthaRodney LouieView
BelterHilton and Una LouiseBrian KeithView
BelterHilton and Una LouiseGloria JeanView
BennettThomas and MinnieKathleen StellaView
BennettThomas and MinnieIrene ConstanceView
BennettThomas and MinnieJoseph HenryView
BennettHenry and SusanTrevor AlgieView
BennettArthur Leslie and Audrey TrevelyanHenry james TrevelyanView
BennettJoseph and ChristinaWilliamView
BennettHenry David C. and Susan JacobaEldred WinstonView
BennettHenry and SusanLaureen MayView
BentleyClifford Clarence and Marjorie ElizabethChristopher JohnView
BentonAlbert Anthony John and June PatriciaAngela EileenView
BerryHerbert John and Hope GreyLynnette AnnView
BessingerChristopher William and Margaret JacobaJean ThoraView
BevanRonald Ervin and Rosalie SybilJacqualine RosalieView
BezuidenhoutCornelius Koenraad Abraham and Nellie SusannaMargaret FrancesView
BezuidenhoutDavid and FredaElaine Valerie VioletView
BezuidenhoutDavid Stephanus and Maud FredaBasil AntonyView
BezuidenhoutDavid and MaudCecil WilliamView
BezuidenhoutCornelius Conrad and Nellie SusannahNellie AnnView
BezuidenhoutNelliePeter Errol du PreezView
BlackCharles Arthur and Jenny GilbraithAgnes DoreenView
BlackCharles Arthur and Jenny GilbraithWilliam JohnView
BlakerCharles Bernard and Marjorie AllanJohn RichardView
BlomLouis Daniel and Anna SusannaDaniel JacobusView
BlomLouis Daniel and Anna SusannahJohn Johannes JacobusView
BlumenthalCyril Julius and LilikaJohn RogerView
BoldAndries Johannes and Muriel LilyAnne YvonneView
BoldPeter Matthew and Sheila DorothyLorraine KimView
BoldPeter Matthew and Sheila DorothyBeverly JoanView
BoldPeter Matthew and Sheila DorothyGordon LeslieView
BolzeGlyde Louis and Lorraine ElizabethLorraine JoyView
BonifaceArthur Edwin and Margaret SusanDaphne CynthiaView
BonifaceRichard Alexus and Florence MayRaymond TrevorView
BonifaceRichard Alexus and Florence MayMerleView
BonifaceRichard Alexus and Florence MayJoanView
BoothReginald Charles Henry and Margaret IngeborgBrian MarsonView
BoothWilliam James and Beryl Olga FaithWreford WilliamView
BoothReginald Charles Henry and Margaret IngeborgGerald CedricView
BooysenPetrus Fredrick and Gertina JacobaPetrus FredrickView
BorehamHenry William John and Irene Beatrice MayFay MaryView
BorlandJohn Patrick and Ellen Johanna FredaPatricia Janet JuliaView
BoshardIthol Frederick Keddie and Edna ConniePamela EdnaView
BosmanPierre Francois and Phyllis Florence DoreenNora ValerieView
BosseAlbert Richard and JohannaEarnest FerdinandView
BothaNorman and Hester PetronellaHarold EdwinView
Bothasophia ElizabethMariaView
BoucherHenry William and Catherina JackominaJames FroszsView
BowdenPercy Edwin and Ivy IreneBruce WilliamView
BowdenPercy Edwin and Ivy IrenePeter HaroldView
BowdenPercy Edwin and Joy IreneCayla DoreenView
BowenEvan Warde and Mildred LombardMichael JohnView
BowenGeoffery Day and JeanAnne DayView
BowerArthur Charles William and Eileen LambertJuneView
BowlesThomas Alwyn and Annie Florence MaryBeatrice YvonneView
BoyErnest Lue Otto and Julia AugustaEldyn MelvynView
BoyErnest Lue and Julia AugustaNola JoanView
BoyceJohn and MariaElizabeth ElaineView
BoyceJohn and MariaArthur PercyView
BoyeldieuGeorge Thomas and LouiseGeorge PaulView
BoyleTrevor Charles W. and Elizabeth MurielSheila AnnView
BoysAlfred Henry and Ruth HelenHenryView
BoysAlfred Henry and Ruth HeleneJoan YvonneView
BradleyJack and ElizabethErnest Clifford DesmondView
BridgerIrisSheila HarrietView
BrightArchibald Alfred Bergh and Edith MurielJillView
Britnell?Robert and LilianJaneView
Britnow??Basil OwenView
BrownAlbert Edmund and Doris EdnaGeoffrey EdmundView
BrownJohn Edward Reuben and Dorothy KathleenEdward ReubenView
BrownAlexander Denholm Duncan and Isobel DorothyIan DuncanView
BrownJohn Edward Reuben and Doris KathleenLouisaView
BrownJohn Edward R. and Dorothy CatherineGeorge HerbertView
BrownOswald James and FrancisIan GaryView
BruceWilliam Harold and May AnnieJune Florence CatherineView
BruceCharles Francis and DaphneMargaret AnnView
BruceCharles Francis and DaphneDaphne JoanView
BryantPeter Venning and Margaret LangfordJennifer JoanView
BryantAnthony Leatherland and MonaSusan KathleenView
BryceJames and Irene EthelJean MaureenView
BryceTrevor Owen and Hazel ClaireJuneView
BuchholtzCharles Francis Rowley and Lorraine MarjoriePatricia DawnView
BuchholtzEdward Albert Thomas and Joyce PhyllisDouglas AllanView
BuchlerBenjamin and VioletJoyce JohannaView
BuchlerBenjamin and violetGwendoline WilhelminaView
BuckholtzCharles Francis Rowley and Lorraine MarjoryMary ElizabethView
BurnettKenneth McAlpine and Ada PhyllisMaureen Heather AnnView
BurnettKenneth McAlpine and Ada PhyllisDenise EveralView
BurnieIsmael and AmeliaSallieView
Burrell??Patricia AlisonView
BurrowsDonald Edward and Catherine MariaDonald Charles DanielView
BurrowsDonald Edward and Catherine MariaLorraine MargaretView
BurseyHilton George and Iris MaryRoydon Hilton ArmstrongView
BushellKelvin Gordon and TheresaAnn TeresaView
BusseTheodor Edward Arthur and Elizabeth Magrita SophiaYvonne Bertha ElizabethView
BrownHenry and MariaEdward HenryView
BroleJacob Petrus and PetronellaPetronella Elizabeth EstherView
BrownHenry and Maria LouisaEmma MariaView
BowkerWilliam Monkhouse and Hessey SusannahWilliaminaView
BattesonJohn and Sarah PearceCharles PinnockView
BrownHenry and Maria LouisaSophia LeonoraView
BroleJoachim Petrus and PetrusElizabeth Priscilla WihelminaView
BrutonThomas and Martha SophiaThomas HenryView
BeamishCharles and Charity RebeccaArthurView
BowkerThomas Holden and Julia ElizaThomas HoldenView
BrownHerbert Howard and Maria SusannaJames HoughamView
BeamishCharles and Charity RebeccaCharity RebeccaView
BroleJoachim Petrus and PetronellaJoachim PetrusView
BottonJames Witts and Mary AnnMary Ann FlorenceView
BottonJames Witts and Mary AnnGertrude JaneView
BrettenJames and Sarah Ann (Bolton)Arthur JamesView
BottonJames Witts and Mary AnnRichard ValentineView
BethuneKenneth and Mary RebeccaRebecca WalshView
BethuneKenneth and Mary RebeccaWilliam John AliceView
BrownHerbert Howarth and Maria SusannaWilliam HartView
BarnesEdward James and Ann JaneMartha AgnesView
BarnesEdward James and Ann JaneCatherine MargaretView
BottonJames Witts and Mary AnneAlice MaudView
BottonJames Witts and Mary AnneMary SullivanView
BrownThomas Hilman and ElizabethAlice JaneView
BrownJacob and Sarah JuliaJohn ClementView
BrownJacob and Sarah JuliaFrederick LeoView
BartlettJames and CharlotteCharlotte Rosetta Forward?View
BowkerHolden and JuliaMiles McGowanView
BartlettBenjamin and ElizabethWilliam BenjaminView
BartlettBenjamin and ElizabethEliza JaneView
BayesEdward David and Johanna OliffiniaThomas EdwardView
BayesEdward David and Johannah OliffiniaHenry WilliamView
BriscoeGilbert Eliott-Drake and Patricia ElizabethRichard Eliott-DrakeView
BowmanPhillip Lawrence and Eileen Margaret KestellChristopher Phillips ThomasView
BradfieldGeoffrey Winston and Megan MargaretCarl CrispinView
BlackbeardCharles and CatherineCharles AlexanderView
BoltonThomasMary AnnView
BrightWilliam and AliceJohnView
BeckAndrew William and MarthaEmilyView
BerryWilliam and LouisaWilliam Thomas EstmentView
BradyDavid and SusanDavidView
BlundellHenry Caslon and ElizabethHenry CaslonView
BlackbeardCharles and CatharineRobert AlstonView
BarberFrederick William and Mary ElizabethHenry MitfordView
BrownThomas and ElizabethSarah AnnView
BehrensKarel Johannes Ignatius and Anna ElizabethCharles HenryView
BarrowJames and Emerentia AnnaPeter JohnView
BrooksHenry George and AnnGeorge William HenryView
BeckAndrew William and MarthaJohn FrederickView
BalmerJohn Whitfield and MaryJoseph PatrickView
BeadleWilliam and LouisaWilliamView
BradshawHenry and Jemima MatildaWilliam FrederickView
BerryWilliam and LouisaEllen SophiaView
ByramWilliam and Mary AnnEdward HenryView
BartleyThomas and MaryThomasView
BoothEdward and Emma MortimerMinnie MortimerView
BushnellJohn and LydiaAnne LouisaView
BazleyWilliam and SusannahElizaView
BlundellGeorge and EmmaSamuel GeorgeView
BachelorJames Richard and Alma CoraJames TrevorView
BadderleyFrank C. John and Elizabeth MargaretFrancis Elizabeth MinaView
BadderlyFrank Cecil John and Elizabeth MargaretSheila MyrtleView
BadenhorstCornelius Laurence and Aletta KatrinaAnnaView
BadenhorstCornelius Lourens and Aletta KatrinaAletta KatrinaView
BahlmannErnest Christian and Emma OlgaDonald DanielView
BaileyJohn Horn and Hannah MatildaNorman LeslieView
BaileyHarry Stafford and Elaine MargueriteDesiree DawnView
BaileyHarry Stafford and Elaine MargueritePeter MichaelView
BailingJoseph and ElsieErnest RudolphView
BailingLilian GertrudeShirley DorothyView
BainArthur Herbert and Catherine BessArthur Matthew ArnoldView
BainArthur Herbert and Katherine BessKenneth Herbert ArnoldView
BainArthur Herbert and Katherine BessSydney Raymond ArnoldView
BainArthur Herbert and Katherine BessLorna Gwendoline alldermanView
BainesCharles and MargaretNorman HenryView
BakerGeorge Spenceley and FrancesLeslie GeorgeView
BakerGeorge Spenceley and FrancesEdna FrancesView
BakerGeorge Spenceley and FrancisHazel PhyllisView
BakerGeorge Spenceley and FrancesDoris MavisView
BakerGeorge Spenceley and FrancesMay EuniceView
BakerGeorge Spenceley and FrancesJack NormanView
BakerWilliam Francis and CatherineBasil SydneyView
BallackJohn Frederick and Johanna MaryFreda Victoria ReginaView
BallackJoseph Frederick and MaryWilliam FrederickView
BallackWilliam Frederick and Minnie MaryValerie HeatherView
BalzerAlfred Herman and AngelaDoreen MayView
BanksRupert Redthorn and Hilda MayEvelena CatharineView
Banksrobert Redthorn and Hilda MayMagdalene EllenView
BanksRupert Redthorn and Hilda MayIvy VioletView
BanksThomas C. H. and Hilda MabelReuben ThomasView
BanksThomas Banks and Hilda MayDorothy LilianView
BanksHilda MayDouglas LaurenceView
BanksEllen MagdaleneMelvin IsaacView
BanksReuben Thomas and Emma DorothyDaphne ValerieView
BanksReuben Thomas and EmmaErrol VernorView
BanksJohannes Mattheus and Evelyna KathleenShirley MaureenView
BannockHerman Arthur and Aletha KathleenArthur HenryView
BarfordEdward Walter and Jane MaudDorothy Ellen GaleView
BarkerRobert Peter and Elizabeth JohannaCatherine MargaretView
BarkerRobert Peter and Elizabeth JohannaRona MarieView
BarkerArthur Vincent and DorothyKristin SusanView
BarkisAlbert and Ethel RoseEmily CharwoodView
BarnesFrederic Crouch and Constance MayPruenella ConstanceView
BarnesFrederic Crouch and Constance MayFrederic BarrieView
BarnesFrederic Crouch and Constance MayBasil GrenvilleView
BarnesFrederic Crouch and Constance MayDonal RichardView
BarnettRobert and Alfreda LeonoraBerylView
BarrettJames Thomas and Antonia AugustaDesiree ElaineView
BartlettErnest William and Ada MyrtleAthalie PatriciaView
BatchelorClarence William and Eileen BeatriceLeo ErrolView
BatchelorJames Richard and Alma CoraColin EdwinView
BatchelorClarence William and Eileen BeatriceRoy AshdownView
BauerDavid and Amy FrancesCyril GeorgeView
BauerGeorge Henry and MatildaLydiaView
BauerAlan Vernon and AthalieMichael AlanView
BaumFelix Vincent and Nelly SophiaHelen JoyceView
BauwerJohannes Hermanus and Olive Muriel MinnaJohannes GarnerView
BawdenCharles James and Bertha Elizabeth SmithDoreen Alice Marie DrummondView
BeamentWilliam Edward and Thelma Priscilla ElizabethKenneth William HerdView
BeamentWilliam Edward and Thelma Priscilla ElizabethWalter Edward HeadView
BeardGeorge Stanley and Annie Maria MargaretGeorge StanleyView
BeardGeorge Stanley and Annie Maria MargaretLeslie KenoldView
BeardLeslie Kendel and Aletta CatherineGeorge KendelView
BeardCharlesCharles EdwardView
BeardGeorge Stanley and Olga NoraShirley DeannaView
BeardGeorge Stanley and Olga NoraEstelle JeanetteView
BeardLeslie Kenneld and Aletta CatrinaYvonne JoanView
BeardGeorge Stanley and Olga NorahColwyn EdwardView
BeauchampWalter Oscar Starr and Margrguerite GladysMary DorothyView
BeauchampWalter Oscar Starr and Marguerite GladysGwyneth RitaView
BeavonWilliam George John and Florence AgnesJean MaryView
Beckett??Percy Cecil JohnView
BedserWilliam Henry and Louisa BerthaBernard SidneyView
BedserWilliam Henry and Louisa BerthaDoris LouisaView
BedserWilliam Henry and Louisa BerthaIris VirgieView
BedserWilliam Henry and Louisa BerthaOlga IreneView
BedserWilliam Henry and Louisa BerthaHestor LeslieView
BedserWilliam Henry and Louisa BerthaNorma ConstanceView
BedserWilliam Henry and Louisa BerthaBurnice LorraineView
BehrensCharles Johannes and Katie ElizabethNorman AlfredView
BeltonWalter and Ethel LouisaPercival Stephen ThomasView
BeltonWalter and Ethel LouisaLoraine Ethel MayView
BeltonWalter and EthelEnid Daphne JoanView
BeltonWalter and Ethel LouisaPhyllis Doreen JoanView
BenckhePaul Jacobus and JohannaJoan SybilView
BeneckhePaul Jacobus and JohannaWilliam PaulView
BenfieldFrancis Frederick and Kathleen IrisEleanorView
BentleyRobert Moode and MariaClifford ClarenceView
BergholtzRudolph and HelenMartha IsabelleView
BeukesAntonio Gustavus and Hendriena CarolinaSusannah MagdalenaView
BeukesJohannes Hendrik and Bertha Hermine HuldaElaineView
BeukesJohannes Hendrick and Bertha Hermina HuldaDennisView
BexfieldFrancis Frederick and Kathleen IrisFrederick IngramView
BexfirldFrancis Frederick and Kathleen IrisWinifred IrisView
BezuidenhoutCornelius and Jacobina ChristinaJacobina ChristinaView
BezuidenhoutNicholas Johannes and Martha MaryPhilippina MarthaView
BezuidenhoutCornelius Febre and Jacobmina ChristianaSophia Marguerita HarriettView
BezuidenhoutDaniel and MariaDorothy Gertha JaneView
BezuidenhoutJohanus Jacobus and Susan CornelliaJeremiah DanielView
BezuidenhoutJohannes Cornelius and ErnestinaEthelView
BezuidenhoutJohannes and ErnestinaDaphneView
BezuidenhoutJohn Johannes and Myrtle JeanJohn JamesView
BezuidenhoutGert Pieter Christiaan and NellieJohannes AugustView
BezuidenhoutJan Johannes and Myrtle JeanPamela RuthView
BezuidenhoutGert and NellieMary KatrinaView
BezuidenhoutGert Peter and Ann MariaHenry Stephen ConradView
BidenWilliam Edgar and Christina ShairpMarion ChristianView
BillettLancelot Charles Henry and Sibyl EdithEldred NoelView
BirkholtzRudolph and Helen KathleenRudolph ThomasView
BirkholtzRudolph and HelenWilliam ArthurView
BirkholtzRudolph and Helen KathleenMyra MagdaleneView
BirkholtzAugust and JosephinaRudolphView
BirkholtzDavid and ElizabethMay Katie KathleenView
BirkholtzRudolph and Helen KathleenEric NormanView
BirkholtzAuguste and JosephineAlbert WilliamView
BirkholtzDavid and ElizabethDorothy JosephinaView
BirkholtzRudolph and Helen KathleenMarjorie NoreenView
BirkholtzDavid and ElizabethJean Elizabeth EspreyView
BirkholtzRudolph and Helen KathleenCecil BenjaminView
BirkholtzDavid and ElizabethThora BarbaraView
BirkholtzRudolph and Helen KathleenHazel LilianView
BirkholtzRobert and MarthaNorbert HerbertView
BirkholtzElizabethStella DoreenView
BirkholtzNobert and JosephineHerbert BenjaminView
BirkholtzNobert Herbert and Josephine CorneliaKathleen MavisView
BirkholtzNobert Herbert and Josephine CorneliaYvonneView
BirtRayer George Bobbins and Nesta MaudMartin KennethView
BischoffEmil and EleanorLouis HenryView
BishopJames and MarthaIza CatherineView
BishopWilliam James and Johanna ElminaWilliam Archcibald GunningView
BishopWilliam James and Johanna HerminaCatherine ElizabethView
BishopWilliam James and JohannaJohannaView
BishopCharles James and Mary ElizabethCynthia ElizabethView
BishopCharles James and Mary ElizabethMatilda AnnView
BishopArchie William and Susan Kathleen MadelineErrol WilliamView
BishopArchibald William and Susan KathleenYvonne Susan KathleenView
BithreyRossini and Eirene GraceRobert William RossiniView
BlaineBenjamin and Ethel ConstanceConstance Una RossView
BlaineDelabere Ross and Jennel ThompsonClaire Imogen RossView
BlakemoreClifford and Doris AugustaAstley DeaneView
BlakemoreAlfred and PhoebePeter BarkerView
BlakemoreClifford and Doris AugustaIanView
BlakemoreAlfred Rubin and PhoebeJoan EleanorView
BlumrichCecil Felix and Agnes MatildaJean AlmaView
BlumrickEdward Albert and Edith Lucy MayClarence EdwardView
BlundellEdmund Keith and Dorothy CathcartAnn GrahamView
BlundellEdmund Keith and Dorothy CathcartGillian GrahamView
BlundellEdmund Keith and Dorothy CathcartKeith GrahamView
BockLouis Johannes and Edith ElizabethStanley VictorView
BockJohannes and Ellen ElizabethElizabeth AlexandraView
BockJohannes and Ellen ElizabethFrank Frederick FillisView
BockJohannes and Ellen ElizabethJoseph CliffordView
BockConrad Gustav and Myrtle MaudJeanView
BockLewis Johannes and HesterLewis BasilView
BockConrad Gustav and Myrtle MaudKenneth RussellView
BondWilliam Purnell and Christina RateMargaretView
BondWilliam Burnell and Christina RaleWilliam RobertView
BondWilliam Purnell and Christina RatePaulineView
BonifaceArthur Edwin and Hellie ChristianaBertrand SigismondView
BoothWilliam James and Beryl Olga FaithMargaretView
BooysenPieter Johannes and Catharine MagdalenaGertrude MargaretView
BooysenPieter Johannes and Catherine MagdaleneGertrude MargaretView
BorcherdsGerhard Martin Robins and Mavis Valetta GordonDorothy AnnView
BornReuben Eric and Ethel MayIvan EricView
BornRuben Eric and Ethel MayEdna MyrnaView
BoswellAlfred Frederick and Kathleen Mary MagdaleneLond Graham WharrenView
BoswellAlfred and KathleenJames AlfredView
BothaPieter Johannes and Johanna MariaWilliam JohannesView
BothaPeter Johannes and JohannaSamuel PrestonView
BothaGert Pieter and Sarah ElizabethWilliam JohannesView
BothaStoffel Jacobus and CarolineStoffel JacobusView
BothaHarry Bridgeman and AngelinaHarry John BridgemanView
BothaA. Harry and Helena ClaudinaTinus JacobusView
BothaStoffel Jacobus and CarolineEdithView
BothaHarry B. and AngelinaLaura VioletView
BothaAndries Hercules and Helena ClaudinaAndries HerculesView
BothaHarry Benjamin and LenieGeorgeView
BothaHarry Andries and HelenaJanView
BothaTheunis and ElizabethJoyce Kathleen MinnieView
BothaStephanus Andries and Edith Hannah IreneWilliam JamesView
BothaHenrik Gustav and Leata JohannaCornelius JohannesView
BothaHendrik Gustav and Leata JohannaHermanView
BothaSamuel Preston and Euneta LiliasBrian SamuelView
BothaSamuel Preston and Euneta LilliasColleenView
BothaChristoffel Jacobus and Anna SusannaGertruda MariaView
BothaSamuel Preston and Euneta LilliasGlenda EunetaView
BothmaHelena WilhelminaPhyllis JoyceView
BothmaHelena WilhelminaGeorge Henry BothmaView
BoucherLaurence Robert Amos and Lucy AdaLeslie John JamesView
BoucherAlbert Walter and Ernestine Whilmine SophieEdwin ErnestView
BoucherJohn and Mabel FrancesMavis JoanView
BoucherJohn and Mabel FrancesSusan JohannaView
BoucherJohn and Mabel FrancisBrian JohnView
BourkeTalbot and AnneBernica TalbotView
BowkerJohn Mitford Pringle and Sarah AliceDuncan CampbellView
BoxallAlfred John and Violet LilianVernon Delville LawranceView
BoyFrederick and LydiaRuby JuliaView
BoyFrederick and Alice DorothyDorothy EdnaView
BoyHenry August and Beatrice BlancheHenry ChristianView
BoyHenry August and Beatrice BlancheSidney HenryView
BoyHenry August and Beatrice BlancheDouglas HenryView
BoyIreneHarold NevilleView
BoyErnest Luc Otto and Julia AugustaAubrey ColinView
BoyHerbert Albert and Edith Constance ClareMaureen ClareView
BoyHerbert Albert and Edith Constance ClareEnid MayView
BoyHerbert Albert and Edith Constance ClareVictor AlbertView
BradfieldJohn Daniel and Lily IrmgardJune LilyView
BradleyWilliam Charles and Frances AliceAlan CouttsView
BradyGeorge Valentine and Mildred SusanMary RoseView
BradyGeorge and MildredGeorge BryceView
BrainCharles Townsend Hook and Charlotte SarahLeonora CharlotteView
BrainJohn and CatherineHopeView
BranfillLavinaThora LavinaView
BraunLudwig Albert and Freda FrancisAlbie LouieView
BreetzkeAugustaFrederick FerdinandView
BreetzkeFerdinand Louis August and PaulinaBernard EdwardView
BreetzkeFerdinand August Ludvic and PaulinaBernard EdwardView
BreetzkeFerdinand Breetzke and PaulinaViolet RoseView
BreetzkeBernard Edward and BeatriceHilda HesterView
BreetzkeWilliam August Ludwig and Daphne KatieWilliam DesmondView
BreetzkeWilliam August Ludwig and Daphne KatieGeorge AugustView
BreetzkeWilliam and DaphneRobert FennonView
BreetzkeWilliam August and Daphne KathleenPaulina JoanView
BreetzkeWilliam and DaphneNorman ErnestView
BrentHilary Dennis and Hazel Dorothy BlancheGloria RoseView
BrentHilary Dennis and Hazel Dorothy BlancheEldridgeView
BrettJohn James and Penelope NewtonAnthony EdwardView
BricknellArthur and CarolineEdna CarolineView
BricknellArthur and CarolinePercival GeorgeView
BricknellArthur and CarolineFlorence BerthaView
BricknellErnest Arthur and Athalie WhelminaElaine PhyllisView
BricknellErnest Arthur and Athalie WhilminaErrol ArthurView
BricknellErnest Arthur and AthalieDorne MerleView
BricknellWalter Edwin and Mary EllenBarbara AnnView
BridgerHenry Thomas and FannyLeslie EdwinView
BrownHarry and ElizabethGladys JohannaView
BrownHarry and ElizabethHarriet EmmaView
BrownArthur Hart and Nellie MariaJohnView
BrownArthur Hart and Nellie MariaWilliamView
BrownRobert and MaudJoan DawnView
BrownGladys JohannaNorman James FrederickView
BrownGeorge Thomas and Ivy CeciliaMay ElizabethView
BrownGeorge Thomas and Ivy CeceliaEdith GladysView
BrownGeorge Thomas Hards and Esther Elizabeth MagdalenaValerie CarolineView
BrownGeorge Thomas and Joy CeceliaMaureen IvyView
BrownGeorge Thomas Hards and Esther ElizabethRaymond Thomas HardsView
BrownGeorge Thomas and Ivy CeciliaCyril Norman GeorgeView
BrownGeorge Thomas Hards and Esther Elizabeth MagdelenaMargaret JoyView
BrownGeorge Thomas Harts and Esther Elizabeth MagdalenaVictor EmmanuelView
BrowneArthur Hart and Nelly MariaAletta Maria Susannah WilhelminaView
BrummerCarl Theodorus and Dorothy AugustinePhilip ArthurView
BrunetteRalph Vincent Petrie and Mabel MaudeRoyView
BrunetteRalph Vincent Petrie and Mabel MaudePatrickView
BrunetteRalph Vincent Petrie and Mabel MaudeWendyView
BurgerThomas Frederick and GraceRolandView
Burgesscharles Roscoe and Letitia BelindaBryan RoscoeView
BurmeisterFrederick Michael and Agnes JohannaEveline CatherineView
BurmeisterJohannes Peter and Frieda Sophia HelenaArthur PercivalView
BurmeisterFrederick Michael and Catherine Johanna AgnesTheodore Martin VyvyanView
BurmeisterJohann Peter and Freda Sophie HelenaJohn RobertView
BurmeisterWilliam Henry and Maria SusannaSylvia DorotheaView
BurmeisterFrederick and AgnesEsric DesmondView
BurmeisterEric Victor and Mary ElizabethHerbert MartinView
BurmeisterEric Victor and Mary ElizabethEric CharlesView
BurmeisterWilhelm Albert ahd Doreen EthelNita AnneView
BurneNewdigate Halford Marriott and Hillian RossJasper Knightley DuncanView
BurtonJohn Edward and Mildred JaneJackView
BusseFerdinand Julius and Johanna AlwinaMary Maria ElizabethView
BusseFannard and Johanna AmeliaHermannView
BusseJulius and AnnaIvan DesmondView
BusseMary ElizabethHerman Julies WuminetView
BusseHerman Julius and Iris HopeAda-JeanView
BusseHerman Julius and Iris Hope DaphneMerle EvelynView
ButlerLeslie Owen and Aeneid ElizabethPeter OwenView
ButlerLeslie Owen and Aeneid ElizabethKathleen MargaretView
ButlerGodfrey and DorothyGodfrey RalphView
Butler??James WilliamView
ButterfieldThomas William and Rose Alice VenetiaViolet WinifredView
BrownArthur Edward and Margaret FrancisNancyView
BridgerHenry Thomas and FannyAlbert Royal GeraldView
ButtnerGertrude HildaDolores ValerieView
BothaChristoffel Johannes and Esther GertrudeCynthia GailView
BeukesJohannes Hendrik and Bertha Hermina HuldaEuniceView
BrownGeorge Thomas Hards and Esther Elizabeth MagdalenaReginald OwenView
ButlerCharles Ernest and Maria Catrina PetronellaStephen ErnestView
BricknellWalter Edwin and Mary EllenJoan LesleyView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Coenraad and Thelma PearlFelicity AnnView
BanksReuben Thomas and Emma DorothyJeannette MonicaView
BauerAlan Vernon and AthalieRobin AnthonyView
BarnesDonal Richard and Eunice DorothyRichard DavidView
BirkholtzWilliam Arthur and Cornelia GertruidaMichael RudolphView
BothaChristoffel Jacobus and Anna SusanChristoffel JacobusView
BezuidenhoutErnest Claude and Ruth GraceJune GladysView
BarnesBasil Grenville and Beatrice SusanMichael BarrieView
BezuidenhoutJohannes Christian and ErnestineCynthia YvonneView
BreetzkeWilliam and DaphneEdwardView
BurgerRoland and Daphne MayCharyll DarleneView
BrownGeorge Alesbury Cave and Gladys RuthCecil George CaveView
BirkholtzNorbert Herbert and Josephine CorneliaMartha Elizabeth AnnView
BurmeisterTheodore Henry and Magtild MagrietaBevan LynnView
BrownArthur Edward and Margaret FrancisNancyView
BirkholtzLouis David and MavisMelville Peter LouisView
BezuidenhoutErnest Claude and Ruth GraceCarol AnnView
ButlerPeter and Wilhelmina FredrikaEthel DoreenView
BauerAlan Vernon and AthalieChristopher DavidView
BirkholtzLouis David and MavisGavin LindseyView
BerryCecil Herbert and Dorothy JoyceJoseph CecilView
BerryCecil Herbert and Dorothy JoyceAliceView
BezuidenhoutHendrick Cornelius and Aletta ElizabethEric MortimerView
BooysenDaniel Basil and Nathalie AudreyYvonne DelisiaView
BarnesBasil Grenville and Beatrice SusanLinda SusanView
BarnesFrederic Barrie and Hazel MonicaMeg BrittanView
BridgesPeter and Prunella ConstancePeter NoelView
BurgerRoland and Daphne MayVivian RolandView
BothaPetrus Rasmus Erasmus and Aletta KathrinaPetrus StephanusView
BevanRussell Sylvanus and HannahDavid SylvanusView
BezuidenhoutHendrick Cornelius and Aletta ElizabethFrederick LukeView
BirkholtzCecil Benjamin and Ethel MayCarol AudreyView
BirkholtzNorbert Herbert and Josephine CorneliaDouglas AubreyView
BridgerHavelock Llewellyn and Valerie KathleenMona Lettie VeronicaView
BeardGeorge Stanley and Olga NoraJennifer GladysView
BeardGeorge Stanley and Olga NoraDerick AnthonyView
BellingBenjamin and AnnaBrendaView
BothaPetrus Rasmus Erasmus and Aletta KatherinaMathilda SusannaView
ButlerPeter and Wilhelmina FredrikaBertha MargaretView
BurgerRoland and Daphne MayBeverley DianneView
BuchnerPetrus Self Petzer and Vera MagdalenaCynthia PatriciaView
BuchnerPetrus Self Petzer and Vera MagdalenaJacqueline DelpineView
BezuidenhoutErnest Claude and Ruth GracePatricia LouiseView
BridgerHavelock Llewellyn and Valerie KathleenIrene Edna FannyView
BooysenDaniel Basil and Nathalie AudreyIan BrianView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Coenraad and Thelma PearlLynette PatriciaView
ButlerPeter and Wilhelminah FredrikaWilliam EdwardView
BeckJohannes Henricus Meiring and NiesChristina HelenView
BezuidenhoutHendrick Cornelius and Aletha ElizabethHendrick CorneliusView
BesterWeinand Willem and Mary JacobaMary JacobaView
ButlerPeter Owen and Madeline HenriettaBeverley-AnnView
BerryCecil Hubert and Dorothy JoyceGordon RichardView
BerryCecil Hubert and Dorothy JoyceKenneth DouglasView
BerryCecil Hubert and Dorothy JoyceKeith RaymondView
BothaGeorge Kenneth and MaudeJennifer JuneView
BurmeisterDouglas Daniel and Inez MaudBarryView
BurmeisterDouglas Daniel and Inez MaudJennifer AnnView
BerndtCharles Edward and Ethel LorraineAvril CharmaineView
BurgerRoland and Daphne MayIllona CharmaineView
BarnesBasil Grenville and Beatrice SusanVictoria KathleenView
BarnesFrederic Barrie and Hazel MonicaGrenville BrittanView
BailieLawrence Herbert and Elizabeth MargaretJohn BruceView
BurseyHugh Allan George and Joyce MayMark AllanView
Bates??William Noel LeslieView
Beeton??Leslie GeorgeView
BirkholtzCecil Benjamin and Ethel MaryCynthia LorraineView
BoyIvan Dennis and Cecily MatildaErnest AlbertView
BricknellErrol Arthur and Maureen irisGary ArthurView
BurmeisterTheodore Henry and Magtild MagrietaRosemary patriciaView
BezuidenhoutErnest Claude and Ruth GraceJames GeorgeView
BridgerHavelock Llewellyn and Valerie KathleenSandra CharmaineView
BakerMelvin henry and Joan Patricia HartMarion JoanView
BurseyHugh Allan George and Joyce MayNeville JohnView
BirholtzCecil Benjamin and Ethel MaySylvia helenView
BoyIvan Denis and Cicely MatildaGlenda AnnView
BurmeisterTheodore Henry and Magtild MagrietaBeverley MargaretView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Coenraad and Thelma PearlBrenda JoyView
BoyHenry Christian and Mercy JoanWendy AnnView
BarnardPieter Godfrey and HazelAdelene LeoneView
BoyRobert Victor and Constance DoreenKeith RossView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Coenraad and Thelma PearlPeter ColinView
BurseyHugh Allan George and Joyce MayRussell MartinView
BurgerRoland Donald and Daphne MayKaren HeatherView
BurgerRoland Donald and Daphne MayVerna LeeView
BanksSydney Horatio and Muriel BerthaAndre CarlView
BarnardPieter Godfrey and HazelDebbie ElriaView
Burke??Hermias AlbertusView
BirkholtzCecil Benjamin and Ethel MayAubrey BenjaminView
BeardEstelle Jeanette RieckNeville BruceView
BridgerClem Richard and Lynette AnneHenry Thomas PeterView
BradleyJohn Gawith and Alice DaintreeAndrew John GawithView
BeachamJohn Desmond and Jeanne MargaretNiall JulianView
BanksMuriel Bertha and Sydney HoratioSandra LynnView
BridgerCecil Gavin and Jeanette GriseldaDebera LinnView
BridgerCecil Gavin and Jeanette GriseldaDesere AnnView
BurseyHugh Allan George and Joyce MayMeryl DesraeView
BishopArchibald William and Susan KathleenDavid JonathanView
BurgerRoland Donald and Daphne MayMark RichardView
ButlerPeter Owen and Madeline HenriettaCraig OwenView
ButlerJohn Warren and Gillian AnnWayne JohnView
BarryAndrew Johannes and HendrickaRenaldo JeanView
BuckCatherine Rozaly?View
BeamishGwynne and Dorothy HeatherMichael GwynneView
BrownDaniel Francis and Annie WilhelminaGilbert ThomasView
BothaThomas Ignatius and Mary Elizabeth GertrudeSylviaView
BrownSamuel William and Louisa DolphenaRita DaphneView
BatesFrank Alan and Sophia ElizabethSusan ElizabethView
BakerEdward Charles and FlossieNoona WinifredView
BearHenry Sydney and Doris Teviotdale GrantJohn Sydney MasonView
BothaThomas Ignatius and Mary Elizabeth GertrudeMonaView
BurchellAletta CatherineJohn HenryView
BrashEdward John Yelverton and GwendolineFrank AlexanderView
BrownSamuel William and Louisa DolphinaMorris MartinView
BrashEdward John Yelverton and GwendolineDonald YelvertonView
BakerEdward Charles and FlossyHildaView
BothaThomas Ignatius and Mary Elizabeth GertrudeRosieView
BrownAlfred Samuel and Christinna JohannaMartha ElizabethView
BrownAlfred Samuel and Johanna ChristinaJohn HenryView
BothaThomas Ignatius and Mary Elizabeth GertrudeWinstonView
BearHenry Sydney and Doris Teviotdale GrantLelia Harrie DorisView
BearEdward Arthur McDougal and Dorothy MariePamela LeliaView
BurlsRalph Spellar and Matilda MarieIris ValerieView
BrownDaniel Francis and Cornelia CatharineValery CatharineView
BothaThomas Ignatius and Mary Elizabeth GertrudeElmaView
BakerVivian Henry and Gertrude PearlDesmondView
BrownDaniel Francis and Cornelia CatherineEunice EileenView
BothaThomas Ignatius and Mary Elizabeth GertrudeGouldaView
BrownAlfred Samuel and Johanna ChristinaSydney CharlesView
BedserWilliam Henry and MatildaWilliam HenryView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubyFlorence IreneView
BrownSamuel William and Maria ElizabethJosephView
BakerVivian Henry and Gertrude PearlGrahamView
BrownDaniel Francis and Cornelia CatherineGordon FrancisView
BrownAlfred Samuel and Christina JohannaArthur JamesView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubyEileen MaudView
BoucherSamuel and Johanna JacominaJosephineView
BrownDaniel Francis and Cornelia CatherineMarjorie AnnieView
BothaThomas Ignatius and Mary Elizabeth GertrudeLeslieView
BrownArthur Edward and Margaret FrancesSarah MurielView
BrownAlfred Samuel and Christina JohannaErrold LewisView
BoucherAlfred and Ada ElizabethVivianView
BoucherSamuel and Johanna JacominaWilfred RobertView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubyReginald WilliamView
BrownDaniel Francis and Cornelia KatharineDavid GilbertView
BakerJohn Henry, Jr. and Violet ErnestinaHazel AllettaView
BrownAlfred Samuel and Christina JohannaHester Frances CarolineView
BoucherRobert Wilfred and Anna CatherinaFrank EroldView
BrownArthur Edward and Margaret FrancesKelly ArthurView
BoucherSamuel and Johanna JacominaDoreen kathleenView
BrownAlfred Samuel and Johanna ChristinaEdwin kennethView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubyNoona EuniceView
BrownDaniel Francis and Cornelia CatherineMavis MurielView
BouwerPieter Jacobus and Sarah ElizabethWalter JohannesView
BowkerEric Egerton and Helen IsabelEileen IsabelView
BrownAlfred Samuel and Christina JohannaWilliam ThomasView
BouwerPieter Jacobus and Sarah ElizabethPieter AlfredView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubyHelen DulcieView
BoshoffNicolas Francis and Florence MaudNicolas FergusonView
BooysenThomas Theron Powell and Patricia JoanWendy DianneView
BesterConstant and PulcherieFrederick ValentineView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubyMarjorie SynthiaView
BoucherWilfred and Anna CatherinaJacobus PetrusView
BouwerPieter Jacobus and Sarah ElizabethMarthinus JacobusView
ButlerReginald Edward Thornton and Jean RushmereWendy RushmereView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubySybil IsabelView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubyDaphne ShirleyView
BarnesNeville Clifford and Ruth LindreaLindrea JanetView
BatesWilliam Henry and RubyDesmond MarlowView
BerridgeKenneth Horace James and Brigid Marigold MurtonNeal David PeterView
BlessedwrightAlexander and SarahAntonyView
BoucherAlfred and CatherineAlfred StephenView
BoucherAlfred and CatherineGeorgeView
BrinkAndrew James and HannahJames BrownView
BurkeAnneMary AnnView
BrownCharles and Ann ElizabethCharles AlfredView
BrownCharles Edward and AliceWilliam StewartView
BrennerCharles Henry otto and EmmaHarriet JohannaView
Brizke (Britzke?)Christian Fredrick and Louisa MariaGodfred GurrView
BarnicottEdward and ElizabethMatthew HenryView
BlakeEdward and Johanna ElizabethAstleyView
BlakeEdward and Johanna Sophia ElizabethAlbert EdwardView
BarnsEdward and Mary AnnEmilyView
BerghoffEdward and MinnaFrederick William AnthonView
BrabantEdward Yewd and Mary BurnetEleanor MaryView
BlanksElijah and CarolineCharles FrederickView
BrownElizabethClark MorrisView
BoyaEmilyJessie AgnesView
BoyaEmilyNathaniel JamesView
BarberFrederick Guybon and Isabella CatherineGuy MacKintoshView
BrosterGeorge and AnnAnnieView
BaconGeorge and CarolineGeorge EdwardView
BaggeGeorge and MargaretGeorge HenryView
BanksGeorge Edward John and Catherina JacobaCharles FrederickView
BanksGeorge Edward John and Catherina JacobaFrederick CharlesView
BanksGeorge Edward John and Catherina JacobaGeorge HuddView
BrownHenry and EllenEllen MariaView
BrownHenry and EllenMaria SusanView
BrownHenry and EllenAnn SusanView
BindonHenry Vereker and ElizabethFrederick Charles HenryView
BakerHerbert Henry Coles and RuthHilda MaryView
BarberHilton and FannySydney HiltonView
BarberHilton and FannyFlorence GrantView
BuisJacob and Henrett ElizabethJohanna CatrinaView
BalushJacob and SarahAnneView
BarryJacob Dirk and CharlotteMary NoelView
BarryJacob Dirk and CharlotteOswald Charles MerrimanView
BarryJacob Dirk and CharlotteArthur JosephView
BellJames and JaneSidney SmithView
BrownJames Benjamin and Maria CatherineLuke JohnView
BissetJohn and Charlotte ElizabethMargaret AliceView
BreenJohn and MaryEstherView
BethuneKenneth and Mary RebeccaKennethView
BethuneKenneth and Mary RebeccaAnnanettaView
BrownLudewig and LouiseCarl Wilhelm LudewigView
Bruun? (Braun?)Ludwig and LouisaFriedrich Wilhelm HeinrichView
BeundermanPeter Hendrick and ChristinaSusanna Helena ElizabethView
BeundermanPeter Hendrik and ChristinaPeter James CorneliusView
BeundermanPieter Hendrick and Christina JohannaElizabeth mariaView
BathoRobert and EmilyEdith Beatrice GilbertView
BottenThomas Alfred and SusannahCharles Richard AlfredView
BottenThomas Alred and SusannahArthur John BeachwoodView
ButlerThomas and Ann ElizaThomas WilliamView
BurgessThomas and CatherineGeorgeView
ButlerThomas and ElizaMary AnnView
BrownThomas and Mary AnnElizabeth Ann CharlotteView
BostockThomas and Sarah AnnMary AnnView
BostockThomas and Sarah AnnAnnie ElizabethView
BarnettWilliam and BridgetAlbertView
BarnettWilliam and BridgetCharlesView
BrookWilliam and Hellen HannahPercy SpencerView
BrookWilliam and Hellen HannahEdaline AgnesView
BrookWilliam and Hellen HannahElla GeorginaView
BoltmanWilliam Cornelius and Ann MagdalenaLouisaView
BoltmanWilliam Cornelius and Anna MagdalenaWilliam RobartView
BrownWilliam Thomas and Susan Elizabeth AdrianaSydney CoswaldView
BrownWilliam Thomas and Susanna Elizabeth AdrinaDirk PeterView
BrownWilliam Thomas and Susannah Elizabeth AdrianaWilliam ThomasView
BrownWilliam Thomas and Susannah Elizabeth AdrianaMarthaView
ButlerJhn Henry and Virginia AnnieLucyView
ButlerJohn Henry and Virginia AnnaHenry PullenView
BrownNathaniel Edward and Sarah AnnFlorence LouisaView
BullEdward Joseph and ElizabethAlbert JosephView
BrownHenry and Louisa SophiaEmily LouisaView
BellJohn and DeborahGeorge EdwardView
BailieCharles Campbell and FrancesCampbell HopeView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElsdonAdelaide SophiaView
BirkigtAugust and MariaPaul Carl HermannView
BerlinCarl Godlieb and Christina WilhelminaFrancois Carl WilhelmView
BrownCharles and Ann ElizabethFanny SophiaView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElsdonMary FannyView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElsdonThomas HuntView
BrucesWilliam Rush and DorcasDorcas LouisaView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElsdonLucy HelenView
BadilyRobert and JaneMary AnnView
BruyntjesWilliam and ElsieChristina CatharinaView
BenekeJohn Philip and Elizabeth DawsonDorothea MariaView
BerryJohn James and Johanna NicolasinaElizabeth AnnView
BrutonWilliam and Cornelia Jacoba JohannaSarah AnnView
BreenCornelius and MatildaCharlesView
BaileyWilliam and AmyMartha HarrietView
BrutonWilliam and Cornelia Jacoba JohannaWilliam ThomasView
BrownJames and MariaJohn RobertView
BawdenWilliam and FrancesWilliam HenryView
BartlettGeorge Durant and Mary AnnEliza DurantView
BrownHenry and LouisaWilliam HenryView
BrownJohn and Rosewilliam Murdoch BallView
BainSamuel and FrancesFanny Charlotte JuryView
BilsonThomas and ElizabethEdwin ThomasView
BaileyWilliam and AmyWilliam CharlesView
BrownAlexander and HannahEllenView
BodilyRobert and JaneEdwinView
BrutonWilliam and Cornelia Jacoba JohannaCharlotte ElizaView
BaileyWilliam and AmyHenry KennardView
BlaineDelabere Pritchett and Catherine HoughFrances JaneView
BrownHenry and Louisa SophiaHenry JohnView
BrownHenry and Louisa SophiaLouisa JaneView
BirdThomas and Eleanor HenriettaEleanor HenriettaView
ButlerMaurice Mills and KathleenJoan BradlyView
ButlerLeslie Owen and Inid ElizabethRosemaryView
BurseyOswald Wilfred and Amy GertrudeJohn WilfredView
BouchierWilliam Amos and Gustie JohannaDesmond GeorgeView
BrownOtto Colin Mervyn and Ina ThelmaDennis JamesView
ButlerLeslie Owen and Enid ElizabethAnn Elizabeth AndrewView
ButlerMaurice Miles and KathleenLeslie BradleyView
BouchierWilliam Amos and Augusta JohannaMarjorie DorneView
BrillClarence and EvangelineKenneth HarleyView
BarclayHarry and Lorna MayJune Dorothea FordView
ButlerLeslie Owen and EnidLuke OwenView
BoucherWilliam Seymour and LornaElizabeth LornaView
BelterHilton and Una LouiseAllen KennethView
BelterGeorge Stephen Corbett and Kathleen VeronicaRonald CorbettView
BrillCecil Gordon and Ethel MayDenis NeilView
BidliAnnieElsie MqayiView
BelterHilton and Una LouiseNeville CharlesView
BrillClarence and EvangelineMargaret YvonneView
BouchierWilliam Amos and August JohannaBrian BarryView
BourkeMalcolm Bryan and Dorothy MayBryan RalphView
BrillCecil Gordon and Ethel MayMary IsabelView
BallWilliam Osborne and Lilian ThelmaAnn WykehamView
BehnkeWilliam and EvelynBasil AlfredView
BelterGeorge Stephen Corbitt and Kathleen VeronicaKenneth GeorgeView
BouchierNorman Stanley and Thelma AdelaidMichael JohnView
BelterGeorge Stephen Corbett and Kathleen VeronicaDawn AnnieView
BrillClarence and EvangelineRodneyView
BrownGeorge Harvey and Ethel StellaJoyView
BrownGeorge Harvey and Ethel StellaRaeView
BatchelorDouglas Haig and Olive AliceValerie JaneView
BrillClarence and EvangelineJeanView
BannisterJohn Hary and Sylvia DoreenAlan Michal JohnView
BainesCapel Southey and Joan FrancisBarbara Jane Mary NorahView
BakerJohn Ralph Sancroft and Colleen HelenCarol June SancroftView
BouchierWilliam Amos and Auguste JohannaGraham WilliamView
BrillVivian Merlyn and Sheila KayeDonald VivianView
BatchelorJack Francis and CrissieRoyston DodsleyView
BothaMichael and Dorothea GraceGillian CatherineView
BaisleyWilliam Philip and MollyWilliam HenryView
BunyanWalter Frederick and Edna Florence Hanrahan?Christine ClareView
BirdGeorge Henry John and Dorothy MaudGraham AnthonyView
BesterLaurence Gustavus and Hilda PhyllisPhillip NoelView
BrillVivian Merlin and Shiela KayeRaymond AnthonyView
BaisleyWilliam Philip and MollyLynneView
BrillAlfred Francis and Lottie AnnieAlfred FrederickView
BreckonFrederick and Alice JaneCynthia AnnView
BaisleyWilliam Philip and MollyJanetView
BradleyWilfrid Arthur and Johanna PetronellaCathleen CaroleView
BesterLaurens Gustavus and Hilda PhyllisShirley ElaineView
BradleyWilfred Arthur and Johanna PetronellaBrian Stephen MountainView
BaisleyWilliam Philip and Mollywilliam ShaunView
BattleJohn Edward and Mary DuncombeCharles DonaldView
BradleyWilfred Arthur and Johanna PetronellaJanet AnnView
BabuRichard and NolayiniHarrison NyanisoView
BabuRichard and NolayiniEusinia NorozanaView
BrillVivian Merlyn and Sheila KayeJeffrey HallettView
BaisleyWilliam Philip and MollyHenry LukeView
BellRonald MacKenzie and Doreen AnnLouise AnnView
BattleJohn Edward and Mary DuncombeMichael JohnView
Batala??Jackson MbhazoloView
BellHenry George Harland and Linda JohannaGraeme ShinglewoodView
BrillLionel Sydney and Helen GraceNeil RangerView
BrillVivian Merlyn and Sheila KayePamela KayeView
BurgerFreddy Norman and Maria LydiaLeonie JenniferView
BeckerGordon Herbert and Ellen FowlieSherryll AnnView
BattleJohn Edward and Mary DuncombeColin HughView
BrillDenis Neil and Irene IrisCheryl LouiseView
BellHenry George Harland and Linda JohannaChristopher Charles CyrilView
BrabantRichard and NancyCharles EdwardView
BrillLionel Sydney and Helen GraceJudith Helen RangerView
BrillDenis Neil and Irene IrisUrsula MayView
BrabantRichard Yewd and Nancy ClareRodney ArthurView
BrillLionel Sydney and Helen GraceAnn RangerView
BakerCharles James and Valerie AnnJennifer AnnView
BattleJohn Edward and Mary DuncombePatricia AnneView
BellHenry George Howland and Linda JohannaMichele AnneView
BirschoffEldred Raymond and Dawn CarolineLynne GraceView
BrillLionel Sydney and Helen GracePeter RangerView
BrillDenis Neil and Irene IrisStuart GrahamView
BusaniWilliam and NotobileLulanaView
BellHenry George Haslard and Linda JohannaJudy LynneView
BooiJude and LizzieGladman MlamtiView
BoyiRoro and NomfusiMaqardwanaView
BrillDenis Neil and Irene IrisAndrew WalterView
BonaniJamari and MaggieMavisView
BonaniRununu and NofikoVuyisileView
BrillRodney and Rosalie Mary DawnSharleenView
BebeleleWilson and DurgiweVictoriaView
BaisleyAndrew James and Carol AnnLee-Ann CherieView
BrillMichael Frederick and Angela RaeTracey AnneView
BlakeWilliam and Phillis EleanorSusan MargaretView
BlakeWilliam and Phillis EleanorMarianneView
BelfieldGeorge and MariaSarahView
BeanLeonard Orlando and Lavinia AnnDixon LouisView
BeanLeonard Orlando and Lavinia AnnMaria GeorgianaView
BodilyRobert and JaneJosephView
BodilyRobert and JaneJane ElizabethView
BeanLeonard Orlando and Lavinia AnnWillard ChristopherView
BeanLeonard Orlando and Lavinia AnnGustavus ChabeaudView
BrinkeysHenry and Catherine EllenMargaret Caroline CatherineView
BeanLeonard Orlando and Lavinia AnnFelix FrederickView
ButtWilliam and HenriettaEmelineView
BurnsDaniel and EleanorJohn Edward HenryView
BeanEugene Charles and Classina HenriettaHarry OrlandoView
BezuidenhoutFrank? and Gesenna JohannaGesenna JohannaView
BurdenJohn William and Agnes MargaretFrances JaneView
BerryJames Henry and CarolineJohn GeorgeView
BeckwithJohn William and Susan AgnesEdward FrederickView
BradfordFrancis James and RosaViolet MayView
BeckwithJohn William and Susan AgnesEdith MaudView
BrownJames and Esther MargaretElizabeth AdletView
BrownJames and Esther MargaretElla EthelView
BezuidenhoutHendrik and Cornelia MariaAletta SophiaView
BerringtonQuintus Jabez Bunting and CoraNina BerylView
BesterNicolas William and Susannah ElizabethMaria Elizabeth BarendinaView
BellWilliam Little and Minnie AliceWilliam Frank MooreView
BowenWarren Melhuish and Edith MaryGeorge Aveline AlanView
BowenWarren Melhuish and Edith MaryPatricia RuthView
BowenWarren Melhuish and Edith MaryGwylynn MelhuishView
BowenWarren Melhuish and Edith MaryEdith MefanwyView
BainesMalcolm Roberts and Mabel FrancesEileen SterleyView
BainesMalcolm Roberts and Mabel FrancesIrene PhyllisView
BainesMalcolm Roberts and Mabel FrancesAudrey IdaView
BainesMalcolm Roberts and Mabel FrancisAlfred BerkleyView
BillNohem and AnnieTittieView
BradfieldDonald Reuben and Avis DentonJune DeliseView
BradfieldDonald Reuben and Avis DentonPatrick GrantView
BradfieldDonald Reuben and Avis DentonNadine JoyView
BerringtonJasper and Jean LesleyJaynean CarolView
BerringtonJasper and Jean LesleyWarwick Quintin JasperView
BoucherWilliam and Louisa Maria SophiaOlga and Olive (twins)View
BlumrickSamuel and AugustaOwen SamuelView
BirchEdward Philip and WilhelminaWilliam EdwardView
BaylissEdward Charles and Isabel JaneColleen EvaView
BowlesArthur and Catherine FrancesArthur DouglasView
BentleyFrancis Mitford and Rosa LenaYvonne MyrtleView
BrownPaul and ReginaThomasView
BrownPaul and ReginaSarahView
BottEdward George and Rhoda SarahHarold AlwynView
BoyDorothy EdnaEdna MayView
BooysenPetrus Frederic and Gertina PetronellaAletha Elizabeth JohannaView
BothaBarend Johannes and Leta MildredJohannes BarendView
BowlesArthur and CatherineAudrey MargaretView
BehrensNathaniel John and LouisaThelma LouisaView
BessengerGerhardus and ElizabethFrederic CoenraadView
BessengerFrederic and SarahMagel MariaView
BornmannJacobus Johannes and Dirkie Jacoba AlbertaLilian MarthaView
BowdenRobert Walker and Sheila RomaWallace Edward RobertView
BowlesAlfred and VioletDesmond JeffreyView
BonifaceArthur Edward and Margaret SusanKenneth Elroy TrevorView
BishopCharles and MaryShirley RhonaView
BarnesJames and EdnaAndrewView
BooysenPetrus Frederic and Gertina Petronella JacobaPetrus JacobusView
BarlowGustinaBertie FreddieView
BowlesEric and RoseJeanette HarrietView
BrownRobert George and Eileen IrisShirley AnneView
BennettRichard and JohannaJoyce GabrielView
BothaRudolph and GertrudeMaureen ShirleyView
BirchWalter Edward and GladysDonaldView
BehrensNathaniel John and Louisa ChristianaStella FlorenceView
BentleyFrancis Mitford and Rosa LenaNeville GeorgeView
BooysenPetrus Fredrick and Grtina PetronellaMagdalena JohannaView
BooysenPetrus Frederick and Gertina Petronella JacobaFrankView
BowlesEric Sydney and Rose BerthaElaine DesireeView
BothaBarend Johannes and Leta MildredBrian AshleyView
BentleyErnest George and Emily KateWhitneyView
BenekePaul Jacobus and JohannaHerman JohnView
BehrensNathaniel John and Louisa ChristianaNathaniel John HerbertView
BowlesFrank Allan and Enid Daphne PamelaTerence GrahamView
BowlesFrank Allan and Enid Daphne PamelaClyde AtholView
BowlesEric Sidney and Rose BerthaHelen AnnView
BoldFrederick Johannes and Phyllis DorothyVeronica JoyceView
BowlesFrank and EnidPamela AmeliaView
BennettWilliam and Catherina Ada MariaRichard William HenryView
BadenhorstFredrick Johannes and Yvonne ElizabethLowrence CharlesView
BadenhorstFredrick Johannes and Yvonne ElizabethNeville DavidView
BehrensNathaniel John and Louisa ChristianaShirley RuthView
BoldFredrick John and Phyllis DorothyDaphne CeciliaView
BishopCharles James and Mary ElizabethWalter RonaldView
BakerJames Charles Walter and Hester CorneliaJane CarolView
BishopHerman Julius and Beatrice ChristinaMervyn CharlesView
BartonNathanael John and Dorothy VioletAvery AlmaView
BoucherEric Armstrong and PollyTerrenceView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesMichael CharlesView
BlessSarah JaneMathelena VuyiswaView
BoltonJohn and Rosa HelenMargaret HelenView
BothaRoelph Cornelius Gideon and Irene Esme VioletChristiana GertrudeView
BirchWilliam Edward and Dollsie Emily BerthaYvonne EdithView
BeckerGotlieb and Mabel MaudJennifer JeanView
BoucherEric Armstrong and PollyxenyMary EricaView
BirchWalter Thomas and Jean GrantWalter RobertView
BerryJack Leslie and Ailsa LorraineGeoffreyView
BirchWilliam Edward and Dolsie Emily BerthaGerald EdwardView
BothaJames Alfred and Louisa KathrineHansView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesLynette JuneView
BoucherLlewellyn John and Hester JohannaAshley LlewellynView
BooysenPeter Jacob and Marjorie MaryPeter DesmondView
BooysenPeter Jacob and Marjorie MaryCarol JoyView
BoltonJohn and Rosa HelenLesley FlorenceView
BothaDaniel Andries and Juliana BoadiceaDesrae AnnView
BeukmanLouis and Jacomina Johanna ChristinaMartha Christina ElizabethView
BooysenGonfrey Desmond and Daphne VernaLynette JudithView
BirchWilliam Edward and Dollsie Emily BerthBasil WilliamView
BevanRonald Ervin and Rosalie SybilJoan RonwinView
BeaumontHarold and LauraMarlene EthelView
BirchWalter Thomas and Jean GrantEdward JohnView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesCynthia ElaineView
BlomStephen Martin and Mary MagdaleneNoel ClaudeView
BonifaceArthur Edward and Audrey OliveLynette ElizabethView
BoucherLlewellyn John and Hester JohannaLeon JohnView
BessengerJohannes Martinus and Martha AlettaDavid JohannesView
BishopWilliam Charles James and Marcia MagdalenaDenise EstelleView
BothaDaniel Andries and Juliana BoadiceaDalene StellaView
BrownHugh Frank and Margaret AnneNeville HughView
BoldFrederick Johannes and Phyllis DorothyLynnette AnneView
BordenRobert and HendrinaRobertView
BeaumontHarold and LauraGavin GillmoreView
BakerBurnett Norval and Joyce EvelynNolene FayView
BlomStephen Martin and Mary MagdaleneMelvin KeithView
BessengerJohannes Martinus David Petrus and Marth AlettaPaulus AlbertusView
BirchWalter Thomas and Jean GrantJennifer AnnView
BoucherLlewellyn John and Hester JohannaCedric GutcheView
BevanRonald Ervin and Rosalie SybilJohn Ronald CannonView
BothaDaniel Andries and Juliana BoadiceaCharlotte ElizabethView
BrownMargaret Anne and Hugh FrankKenneth GavinView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesPamela JoanView
BentleyLincoln Frances and Phyllis EdithLindsay DellView
BradshawGeorge Delville-Wood and Irene GeorginaBeverley ElizabethView
BlomStephen Martin and Mary MagdaleneSharon MerleView
BooysenConfrey Desmond and Daphne VernaRosemary AnneView
BarrowFrederick John and Gladys EvelynMonicaView
Burnham-KingAlexander and Patricia MildredGordon RobertView
BessengerJohannes Martinus Dawid Petrus and Martha AlettaSaloni AntoinetteView
BoucherElijah and Machel Cecilia JohannaAubrey IanView
BoucherLlewellyn John and Hester JohannaFiona SandraView
BonifaceArthur Edward and Audrey OliveTheona AnnView
Burnham-KingBrian and MelodyMichael Peter GrantView
BirchWilliam Edward and Dollsie Emily BerthaVernon DonaldView
BurnsNorman McLeod and Nora AndersonMichael AndersonView
BurnsNorman McLeod and Nora AndersonElizabeth PatricieView
BerryJack Leslie and Ailsa LorraineLesley AnneView
BerryMichael and Anna CatharinaMichael VernonView
BrownJohn William and Lucy FrancesHeather AnneView
BartlettWalter Jennings and Jocelyn MerleGary WalterView
BakerBurnett Norval and Joyce EvelynLorna RayView
BishopHerman Julius and Beatrice ChristinaColin JuliusView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce Grace IdaBrenda ElizabethView
BothaDaniel and Juliana BoudiceaLouis EugeneView
BreckonFrederick and Alice JaneLindy ElizabethView
BarnardSorrel Stephanus and Salome MariaSalome MariaView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce Grace IdaDavid EdwinView
BessengerFrederick Conrad and Jean ElizabethOscar ConradView
BaisleyDonovan William and Shirley CarolineDebra LaelView
BessingerJohannes Martinus David Petrus and Martha AlettaJohannes GerhardusView
BernardSarel Stephanus and SolominaMartinus HendrikusView
BoucherEric Armstrong and PollyAthena VivianView
BonifaceArthur Edward and Audrey OliveAndrew EdwardView
BarrowFrederick John and Gladys EvelynStephen GordonView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce Grace IdaBeulah VeronicaView
BuchholtzGordon Luyke Dendy and JoanRobert EdwardView
BentleyLincoln Francis and Phyllis EdithRowan JohnView
BockAlbert Mervyn and Elaine JoySharon JulieView
BlomStephen Martin and Mary MagdaleneRenee MaryView
BarrowFrederick John and Gladys EvelynKevinaView
BockAlbert Mervyn and Elaine JoyJanine HelenView
BoucherJoseph William and Shiela RosaJoanView
BothaGraham Lynne and June NormandyAndrew GrahamView
BothaGraham Lynn and June NormandySherene JaneView
BridgeDereck Arthur and Susanna Jacoba JohannaLeoView
BlignautWilhelm Johannes and Marlene WinifredLindieView
BarrowKenneth Allan and Marjory JoyDianneView
BridgeDereck Arthur and Susanna Johanna JacobaLydiaView
BamfordHarry Lowden and Beryl RosemaryHayden ChadView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce GracePeter WilliamView
BehrensAlfred George and Anna JohannaCharles AlfredView
BoucherReginald Cecil and Joyce GraceAdelina SheilaView
BelingRoger Julius and Heather JoyGraham ReginaldView
BridgeDereck Arthur and SusannaAllenView
BelingRoger Julius and Heather JoyMichelle DesireeView
BoucherRonald Dan and MarjorieSteven DanView
BoucherPeter William and Denise LornaAmanda LouiseView
BoucherCedric Gutche and Crystal VirginiaCedric LlewelynView
BoucherHester Louisa Hendrika and Leon JohnRiaanView
BoucherPeter William and Denise LornaTyronne PeterView
BurgerMark Richard and Denise Shirley (Frohbus)Ryan MarkView
BezuidenhoutReuben and BrendaLauren leeView
BoucherCedric Gutche and Cyrstal VirginiaChantalView
BoucherPeter William and Denise LornaClinton WayneView
BezuidenhoutReubin Jobhie and Brenda ElizabethDale ReubinView
BarnesHorace and Merle EdnaYvonne MerleView
BarnesRobert Stannard and Rosie IreneMerwyn StannardView
BoucherJoseph and Gertie Sophia FisherJoseph GeorgeView
BowlesJoseph and Annie MariaAnnie MariaView
BowlesJoseph and Annie MariaJohnView
BowenEvan Warde and Esther MayAnthony DavidView
Bolze??Una Anna CarolineView
Bolze??Bertha Augustine ChristianeView
Bellairs??William Leopold du PlessisView
BarnesHenry Daniel and JohannaOlive MayView
Basson??George JamesView
BothaRichard and Emily AugustaAubrey JohannesView
BurnsRobert and DorothyJoanView
BassonNicholas (deceased) and Johanna JacobaAlfred DavidView
BaileyGeorge Horne and Clara AgnesThelma VioletView
BryantRolf Leatherland and Doris KathleenAnthony LeatherlandView
BartlettCharles and Beatrice IsobelBarbara StenlakeView
BarnesRobert Stannard and Rosie IreneAubrey RussellView
BrackleyJohn Henry and Sophie Luise AdelineErnestView
Basson??Maria GeorginaView
Basson??Julie ElsieView
BothaThomas Ekert and Lydia FranciscaGeorgeView
BothaThomas Ekert and Lydia FranciscaGeorgeView
Basson??Johanna JacobaView
Busse??Emma Louisa WinnieView
Bowles??Annie MariaView
BarnesHorace and EdnaPamelaView
BillsonDouglas McIntyre and Agnes PearlDorothy Natalie McIntyreView
BradleyJohn and Ester ElizabethAmy Henrietta ElizabethView
BarnesLionel Furmage and Amy Annie McKayGeraldineView
BakerMartin Henry and Edith MargaretEric MartinView
Bolze??Cicely Bertha RossView
BryantRolf Leatherland and Doris KathleenMichaelView
BritnorHarold Edward and Ethel MaudDennison HaroldView
BryantFrank Venning and JoanPeter VenningView
BaileyGeorge Horne and Clara AgnesDouglas EdwardView
BerryHerbert John and Hope GreyRoland NobleView
BothaThomas and LydiaWilliam AndrewView
BennettRaymond Hedley and Jessie DorothyDenis HedleyView
BarnesLione Furmage and Amy Annie McKayPenelope NewtonView
BennettsWilliam and Ada MaudWilliam BernardView
BonifaceLeonard and Dorothy MariaMargaret Maria JohannaView
BoswellSydney Oxford and KatieDouglasView
BradfordWilliam and Florence LilyBetty FlorenceView
BethelRichard and Mary JaneGeneralView
BoyceWalter and ElizabethAmy ElizabethView
BarnesFrank Eustace and Isabel AdaJohn EdwinView
BrownAlexander Duncan and Gwynneth MabelHeather DuncanView
BoucherWilliam and LizzieJoseph WilliamView
BritnorHarold Edward and Ethel MaudClifford EdwardView
BryantFrank Venning and JoanEdmund FrankView
BarnesHorace and Merle EdnaMolly EdnaView
BassetWilliam Jesse and Catherine Harriet Kennith John McKellarView
BothaWilliam and Nora LydiaCharlesView
BothaWilliam and Nora LydiaRichard WilliamView
BonifaceArthur Edwin and Hetty ChristinaGeorge RichardView
BoysReginald Willerborough and Bertha MaryEsme Frere NoelView
BishopWilliam and MarthaSusanView
BakerMartin Henry and Edith MargaretIvan VictorView
BakerRalph Augustus and DorothyWeymouth GrahamView
BatemanWalter and Constance MayReginald View
BansemerEdward Leonard and Florence MargaretRaymond BasilView
BoysReginald Willesborough and Bertha MaryDaphne BerthaView
BeckerOtto Theodore and Gladys Florence MinnieGordon HerbertView
BownesEric Briton and VioletRonaldView
BoucherWilliam and ElizabethReginald CecilView
BennettRaymond Hedley and Jessie DorothyBrian HedleyView
BallardAlfred Leonard and Coraline AnnieAllan GordonView
BeavittReginald and Ellen TheresaReginald AlvisView
BurseyLeslie Clarence and Queenie WilhelminaPeter HenryView
BaileyBertie John and Margaret Maria IsabellaMargaret MariaView
BonifaceLeonard Stanley and Dorothy MarieLouisa ChristinaView
BatemanWalter and Constance MayMargaretView
BryantFrank Venning and JoanGordon LeatherlandView
BishopWalter Edward and Doris MaryStephen WaldoView
BehrendtFrederick William and HelenaTheresa AlvinaView
BehrendtFrederick William and HelenaLydia HelenView
Brooks-VinnicombeEdward and Alice JaneAlice MayView
BurgessWalter James and Magdalene SusarahHarry HerbertView
BennettFrancis Henry and Dorice LillianPatricia VelmaView
BerryHerbert John and Hope GreyJeanView
BryceWilliam and Gladys AnnieSylvia MoreenView
BonifaceRichard Alexus and Florence MayFlorence MayView
BakerRalph Augustus and DorothyThelma MabelView
BerndtHermann Gottfried Wilhelm and Ernestina Fredericka WilhelminaPhyllis MargaretView
BeckerOtto Theodore and Gladys Florence MinnieElaine Ada MaryView
BellingRobert Louis Fred and Albertha Maria JohannaStephen CharlesView
BaileyBertie John and Margaret Maria IsabelGeorge HomeView
BailingEdward Charles and Kathleen EmilyKathleen Emily JohannaView
BaileyEdward Arthur and Alice Gertrude MayEric DeanView
BurseyLeslie Clarence and Queenie WilhelminaBrian NormanView
BradfordWilliam and Florence LilyDenis WilliamView
BuchholtzEdward Ernest August and Ivy MaudRosa Ada DaphneView
BishopWalter Edward and Doris MaryDavid Quintin?View
BatleyWilfred and Marjorie FrancesElizabeth MaryView
BarnesRobert Stannard and Rosie IreneGlyn LlewellynView
BessingerFrederick Conrad and Sarah CorneliaFrederick ConradView
BothaMagiel Coenraad and Esther SophiaEsther MagdalenaView
BakerRalph Augustus and DorothyEunice CynthiaView
BehrensWilliam Conrad and MinnieFrank Winslow ArthurView
BehrensWilliam Conrad and MinnieGeorge ConradView
BennettRaymond Hedley and Jessie DorothyShirleyView
BritnorHarold Edward and Ethel MaudJean LauraView
Barnes??John LeslieView
BowlesHenry Charles Benjamin and Alice AmeliaVictor NevilleView
BlundellThomas Henry and EllenNormaView
BishopWalter Edward and Doris MaryPhilip DantonView
BowlesClarence Ronald and Margaret JohannaDawView
BennettJohn Stuart and MarthaJohn EdwardView
BurrowsCharles and Mabel HenrietteDonald EdwardView
BurrowsCharles and Mabel HenriettaSheila PatriciaView
BonifaceRichard Alexus and Florence MayNorman Cecil RichardView
BurrowsCharles and Mabel HenriettaMaria Evelyn (Moira Evelyn?)View
BurrowsCharles and Mabel HenriettaMabel KathleenView
BurrowsCharles and Mabel HenriettaRonald HenryView
BurrowsCharles and Mabel HenriettaDouglas FrederickView
BaileyBertie John and Margaret Maria IsabellaBertie JohnView
BolzeClarence Adolph and Violet BlancheClarence AdolphView
BishopAlfred Jeune and Kathleen MinnieHerbert AlfredView
BehrensSimon Peter and Evelyn MayEthel MayView
BehrensMabel RebeccaDesmond NormanView
BarrableEdwin Maurice Vice and Sophy JaneBrian EdwinView
BurnsRobert and DorothyMichael JohnView
BonifaceArthur Edwin and MargaretArthur EdwardView
BerndtFrederick Carel and Betta LouiseCharles EdwardView
BoucherHenry William and Catherina JachaminaHenry WilliamView
BishopAlfred Jeune and Kathleen WinnieFrank JeuneView
BoldCharles Randle and Violet ElizabethCharles HenryView
BrownAlbert Edmund and Doris EdnaKenneth Edmund SpencerView
BeckerOtto Theodore and Gladys Florence MinnieLeslie TheodoreView
BezuidenhoutRichard Petrus and Margaret IsabellaMargaret LouisaView
BellingRobert Fred Louie and Albertha MaryMildred DaisyView
BurseyLeslie Clarence and Queenie WilhelminaColleen MaryView
BowlesThomas Alwyn and Annie Florence MaryFlorence EthelView
BooysenKatrinaMarie KathleenView
BrownRonald Leslie and Theresa Wilhelmina EmilAudrey JoanView
BarnesJohn Williams and WilhelminaLancelot Cornelius HowardView
BaileyBertie John and Margaret Maria IsabelTrevor KennethView
BlumrickEdward Albert and Edith Lucy MayBrian LawrenceView
BurtonCecil Starr and Edith MabelKathleen EdithView
BuchlerCaleb Martin and Lilian ElizabethChristopher Louis MartinView
BonifaceRichard Alexus and Florence MayGladys ElaineView
BonifaceRichard Alexus and Florence MayEvelyn MillicentView
BusseAlfred Carl and Jessie MariaDenis EricView
BohlingHeinrich Otto and Elizabeth IreneNola MerleView
BrettArthur and Alice Clara Vernon RaymondView
BrackleyJohn Henry and Sophie Louise AdelineRaymondView
BaileyEdward Charles and Elsie BeatriceLaura EstelleView
BoucherHenry William and Catherine JacominaFrank JohnView
BatchelorJames Richard and Alma CoraBrian WillisView
BehrensWilliam Conrad and MinnieWilliam LeonardView
BehrensSimon Peter and Evelyn MaryJoyce MaryView
BolzeGlyde Louis and Lorraine ElizabethMelou LilianView
BowSpencer Gibson and Ellen MatildaShirley MyraView
BonifaceArthur Edwin and Margaret SusanCatherine WhilheminaView
BaileyEdward Arthur and Alice Gertrude MayJohn EdwardView
BellingRobert Louis Freddie and Albertha May JohannaIrene EthelView
BassonLouisaMaria MaureenView
BothmaWhitney Martin and Helena WilhelminaCornelius ChristopherView
BrielWalter Edward and GladysElaine JoyView
BehrensNathaniel John and Louisa ChristianaMary MagdaleneView
BarlowNicholas and DinahMaria ChristinaView
BezuidenhoutJohannes Hermanus and Lulu Huldah (Drayton)Vera PearlView
BrownDaniel and Helen JohannaBasilView
BishopWalter Edward and Doris MaryJohn AdrianView
BuchholtzEdward Ernest August and Ivy maudGordon Luyke DendeView
BurseyHilton George and Iris MaryRuth ValerieView
BennettThomas and MinnieRonald CecilView
BaillieJonathan Robert and Ivy LillianLorraine HazelView
ButlerAlfred Rowland and Melrose PriscillaGilbert BruceView
BothaCharles and Joyce JohannaBenjamin WilliamView
BothaCharles and Joyce JohannaCarol BerthaView
BurrowsDonald Edward and Catherine MariaLaurette MerleView
BentleyEric Dudley and Rita GwenLynette JoanView
BraddockErnest and Amelia AgnesMargaret AnnView
BeardCharles Edward and Linda HarrietBrian EdwardView
BehrendtAlfred Fredrick and Kathleen AngnesFrank FredrickView
BothaSusanMagdalene AnnieView
BassonWilliam Henry and Annie MariaDenise LouisaView
BezuidenhoutJohn Anthony and EugeneSylvia AnnView
BowlesAllan Warren and Evelyn EuniceLouise EvelynView
BonifaceFlorenceMarlene DeniseView
BezuidenhoutDavid Stephanus and Georgina FredaRaymore ErrolView
BrooksGilbert and Mavis EllenRoger CliveView
BeukesTony William and MarjorieFlaviaView
BeavisLeonard Mercer and AudreyHeather GailView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceVincent KeithView
BadenhorstLourens and Edna MurielKeith LawrenceView
BadenhorstLourens and Edna MurielGlenda CarolView
BothaBenjamin Jacobus and ReginaCornelius William DanielView
BothaBenjamin Jacobus and ReginaAmelia PaulineView
BothaJan Hendrik and Johanna HelenaTheunis ChristoffelView
BarringtonAlfred Benjamin and MurielPaul AlfredView
BurrowsDonald Edward and Kathleen MariaDaphne PatriciaView
BakerEdgar Alfred and Mary NellieGlynis GloriaView
BradleyErnest Clifford Desmond and Hendrina JohannaCasper GrahamView
BradleyErnest Clifford Desmond and Hendrina JohannaElizabeth ElsieView
BekkerWilliam and Evelyn MillicentMarlene AlmaView
BarringtonEdmund James and Haylett EmmaWendy AnneView
BarringtonSidwick Biddulph and Laura JanetPatricia JaneView
ButlerAlfred Roland and Melrose PriscillaLynette AnnView
BuchholzVivian Edwin Richard and Alva JoyTeral AnneView
BritnowBasil Owen and Helena Theresa JohannaMarlene TheresaView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceGail PenelopeView
BeardCharles Edward and Linda CharlotteMichael RobertView
BishopAlexander and Doreen Agatha (Murray)Sheila JoyView
BassonWilliam Henry and Annie MariaVirginiaView
BothaBenjamin Jacobus and ReginaChristine Fredrika MariaView
BakerBurnett Norval and Joyce EvelynGail MarieView
BarnesEdward George and Gladys LilianMarlene ElizabethView
BentonAlbert Anthony John and Jane PatriciaBeverly AnneView
ButlerAlfred Roland and Melrose PriscillaCarol ElizabethView
BridgerJanetJudy MargaretView
BridgerJanetMyra MagdaleneView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceDawn DianaView
BeardRobert William and Eunice OlgaElizabeth FlorenceView
ButtonWilliam Jasper and Patricia Daphne DoreenChristinaView
BekkerWilliam and Evelyn MillicentAnnette MillicentView
BomfordRichard James and JulianaChevron yvetteView
BehrendtLeonart Albertus and Adina MiriamElaine ValerieView
BritnowBasil Owen and Helena Theresa JohannaAnthony OwenView
BothaAlfred Douglas and Louisa MaudBarbara AnnView
BishopFrank Jeune and Sheila JoyKaren JeuneView
BothaSusanVera DoloresView
ButlerAlfred Roland and Melrose PriscillaKeith AlfredView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceAlvin AlanView
BirkholtzJean ElizabethMyrna ElizabethView
BurnettVictor George William and Doreen ElaineDawn RosemaryView
BadenhorstLourens and Edna MurielDerek RalphView
BekkerWilliam and Evelyn MillicentCheryl LesleyView
BelterHilton and Una LouiseNorman TrevorView
BusseHerman Julius Otto and Letty CatherineDonald GrahamView
BusseHerman Julius Otto and Letty CatherineBrian DesmondView
BurrowsDonald Edward and Katherine MariaDerek LionelView
BassonWilliam Henry and Annie MariaMarlene YvetteView
BassonWilliam James and MariaLouisaView
BlumrickOwen Samuel and Janette Myra MirtleJennifer AnneView
BredenkampPhilip and Joyce VioletLeonView
BredenkampPhilip and Joyce VioletAndre PhilipView
BredenkampPhilip and Joyce VioletEugeneView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceBruce BrianView
BarlowJohn William and AliceErrolView
BarlowJohn William and AliceVanice GeorgeView
BoldPeter Matthew and Sheila DorothyWesley CharlesView
BishopFrank Jeune and Sheila JoyLinda MurrayView
BurrowsDonald Edward and Katherine MariaSylvia DorothyView
BrownDavid George Harry and Martha Maria MagdaleneMarilyn CeciliaView
BeetsPetrus Johannes and Margaret FrancisMagdalena MargrietaView
BarryCharles Montagu and Jean MargaretRichard CharlesView
BothaThomas George and Stella DorothyGary JohnView
BarnesNeville Clifford and Ruth LindreaSusan AnneView
BurrowsDonald Edward and Catherine MariaWendy LynetteView
BehrendtLeonard Albertus and Dinah MiriamRaymond JamesView
BassonWilliam Henry and Molly WinifredTerence RobinView
BirkholtzThora BarbaraSharon AnnView
BothaThomas George and Stella DorothyRaymond GeorgeView
BurbidgeAndrew George and JoycePeter AndrewView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceLynette VernaView
BritnowBasil Owen and Helena Theresa JohannaSharon ElizabethView
BentleyHarry Edgar and DaphneMaureen KathleenView
BassonWilliam Henry and Molly WinifredGary KevinView
Behrendt??Albert FrederickView
BirkholtzJoan ElizabethAnthony PeterView
BeetsJosia Petrus and May ElizabethGeorge ThomasView
BeardCharles Edward and Linda CharlotteBarbaraView
BezuidenhoutAndries Albertus and Helen MargaretPatricia CarolView
BarkerCharles Owen and WendyGlenView
BarlowJohnny William and AliceLeon EdwardView
BessengerChristopher William and LucilleRobertView
BrownDaniel Harry George and Martha MariaCharlene ElizabehView
BurnettVictor William and Doreen ElaineRosemary AnnView
BothaTheunis Jacobus and Petronella HenderinaLorraine CheryleView
BussellEdward Brooke Greville and Maria Johanna ChristinaEdward PeterView
BradleyErnest Clifford Desmond and Mary MagdaleneFelicity MarionView
BothaAlfred Douglas and Louisa MaudeLinda AnnView
BarnesEdward and MariaBaveny ShereenView
BuchholzGlen Eldred and Alice DinaEldred HannahView
BassonWilliam Henry and Molly WinnifriedMauriceView
BurrowsDonald Edward and Catherine MariaJoan SandraView
BezuidenhoutPetrus Stephanus and Catherine AnnAndieView
BothaStefannes and Chloris PatriciaChristine LeoneView
BentleyHarry Edgar and DaphneJeanette WendyView
BarlowJohnny and AliceKenneth PaulView
BarryCharles Montagu and Jean MargaretAnne MargaretView
BusseHerman Julius Otto and Letty CathrineRoger MalcolmView
BarkhuizenWilliam Edward and FlorenceCheryl GwendolynView
BattenAshley Henry and Auriol Ursula LuytChristopher WilliamView
BenskinVictor and Annie Susan CorneliaRobertView
BenskinVictor and Annie Susan CorneliaHaroldView
BlackbeardErnest and Sarah JeanettaMichael AshleyView
BelterNeville Charles and Thelma DaphneSteven NevilleView
BoukerCharles Owen and WendyBruce HenryView
BothaHans and Eileen EdnaLeandaView
BothaThomas George and Stella DorothyMichelle AlisonView
BurgerLionel Bernard Seymour and Alfrina HendrikaKevin RussellView
BuchholzGlen Eldred and Alice DinahDianne AgusteView
BessengerChristopher William and LucillePatriciaView
BehrendtEdward August and Hermine CorneliaHelen ElizabethView
BessengerAubrey John and Dawn JeanRoyland JohnView
BeetsJosia Petrus and May ElizabethPeter JohnView
BussellEdward Brooke Greville and Maria Johanna ChristinaDionne GrevilleView
BeechAlwyn Harold and Mary FlorenceJune MarieView
BurbidgeAndrew George and JoyceRaymond EdwardView
BassonWilliam Henry and Molly WinifredAnthony AlexanderView
BothaLouis Raymond Allen and Marina MaryGlenn JohnView
BeukmanLouis and Jacomina Johanna ChristinaBelinda CeciliaView
BelterNeville Charles and Thelma DaphneLeslie NeilView
BuchholtzGlen Eldred and Alice DinaTrevor CliveView
BeetsJosia Petrus and May ElizabethLennard ColinView
BrownDavid George Harry and Martha Maria MagdelenaVanessa MaureenView
BradleyJohn Ewart and Hazel TheodoraJean MarieView
BrasingtonWalter Page and Valerie JoyElizabeth AnnView
BothaKathleenPaul Roland PeterView
BezuidenhoutBasil Anthony and Valerie ErmayCheryl AntheaView
BessengerAubrey John and Dawn JeanGary WayneView
BothaAdam Jacobus and Juliet ElizabethStephen RandallView
BothaLouis Raymond Allen and Marina MaryDelphine JillianView
BowenPeter Desmond Akeroyd and Valerie ElaineDavid Victor DudleyView
BeardRobert William and Eunice OlgaCynthia HelenView
BottEdmund Llewellyn and Joan GeraldineNatalie NoeleneView
BirkholtzJean ElizabethLynnView
BelterBrian Keith and Maureen CeceliaSharon CeciliaView
BelterNeville Charles and Thelma DaphneAngela EllenView
BuswellKenneth Alan and Margaret AnnGilesView
BessengerAubrey John and Dawn JeanShane ReesView
BothaThomas George and Stella DorothyKathleen AnneView
BourkeBryan Ralph and Beryl ShoneAndrew JohnView
BennettDerek Lyddon and Margaret H.Jonathan Charles LyddonView
BensonDennis John and Edwina CarolMark CecilView
BowerSolomon and Georgina LillianGeorge PeterView
BothaAdam Jacobus and Juliet ElizabethLee-Ann JoyleanView
BirkholtzFrank Kirton and Jean ElizabethMarkView
BakerJohn Theed and ElizabethDavid JohnView
BartleyThomas Edwin and Marie PatriciaGrant LelandView
BrownBrian Luke and Aletta SusannaSean LiamView
BothaAlfred Douglas and Louisa MaudeGlenda DianneView
BridgeRoy Francis and Margaret PatriciaFrances RowenaView
ButlerDennis and Ismay ThellaSharlene ElaineView
BourkeBryan Ralph and Beryl ShoneSally RobinView
BessengerAubrey John and Dawn JeanBeverley JeanView
BusseJacobus Wilhelmus and Anna Elizabeth CeceliaCharmaine ElizabethView
BridgerClem Richard and Lynette AnnTerry-AnnView
BushellDouglas Walter and Eileen ElsieJacquelineView
BartleyThomas Edwin and Marie PatriciaSuzanneView
BusseJacobus Wilhelmus and Anna Elizabeth CeceliaColin WayneView
BirtJohn Anthony and Marlene DianeCharles JohnView
BartleyThomas Edwin and Marie PatriciaMirelleView
BridgerPatrick Duncan and Sussanna JocinaJeffrey GrahamView
BryantEwart Johnson and Valerie AnnNicole MaryView
BishopJames Lewis and Irene AugustusNorma ThoraView
BishopJames Lewis and Irene AugustusCarolin ValdaView
BridgerAlbert Royal Gerald and Freda JohannaLionel DionView
BothaAlfred Douglas and Louisa MaudeNeil DouglasView
BouchierTrevor John and Teral AnneShaun KellyView
BedserWilliam Henry and Edith AndolynChristopher JohnView
BothaJacob John Hendrik and MaeMarieView
BothaJacob John Hendrik and MaeFrancesView
BothaJacob John Hendrik and MaeLeonView
BridgeRoy Francis and Margaret PatriciaAngus BuckleyView
BridgerClement Richard and Muriel MaudThelmaView
BattenThomas Ashley and Elizabeth MariaNicholas AshleyView
BunnAnton and Gail AnneAngela MayView
BedserWilliam Henry and Edith AndolynGregoryView
BartlettJames and CharlotteWilliam Arthur GarforthView
BennettAron and EmeliaMary JaneView
BartlettWilliam and JaneAmelia JaneView
BartlettJames and CharlotteMartha SelinaView
BoltonThomas and SarahJohnView
BirkigtAugust and MaryAugust Friedrich FerdinandView
BlundellGeorge and EmmaAlice JaneView
BailieCharles Campbell and FrancesCampbell HopeView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElstonAdelaide SophiaView
BirkigtAugust and MariaPaul Carl HermannView
BerlinCarl Godlieb and Christina WilhelminaFrancois Carl WilhelmView
BrownCharles and Ann ElizabethFanny SophiaView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElsdonMary FannyView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElsdonThomas HuntView
BruceWilliam Rush and DorcasDorcas LouisaView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElsdonLucy HelenView
BarrattWilliam Shedder and FannyPervoi Vivian William FredericView
BrookesEdward Yorick and Mary ElsdonJessieView
BarrattWilliam Stredder and FannyIsabel Stratford BerylView
BartholomewJohn William Thomas Harvey and Frances JaneHerbert James RussonView
BanganiLazarus and AliceElizabethView
BanganiRichard and SannahMartha MaryView
BanganiJacob and DorcasSarah AnnView
BlackbeardJohn Frederick William and MargaretAileen MaudeView
BartholomewEdward George MacDonald and Julia RebeccaLavinia MayView
BlackbeardJohn Frederick William and MargaretMary KateView
BartholomewEdward George MacDonald and Julia RebeccaErnest George AugustusView
BurlEdwin and RebeccaEdwin Ernest PonsonbyView
BrannWilliam Edward and Eliza RebeccaGertrude RebeccaView
BurlEdwin and RebeccaClarence PonsonbyView
BartholomewEdward George MacDonald and Julia RebeccaJamesView
BrannWilliam Edward and Eliza RebeccaBertramView
BelterHerman and HannahAnnie ThorntonView
BeluWalter and EmilyElbertha WilhelminaView
BrannWilliam Edward and Eliza RebeccaWilliam BernardView
BlessWilliam and CarolineWilliam RobertView
BartholomewHerbert James Russon and Ethel MaryElla Ethel HarveyView
BartholomewHerbert James Russon and Ethel MaryEvelyn HenryView
BartholomewHerbert James Russon and Ethel MaryJohn HarveyView
BartholomewHerbert James Russon and Ethel MaryRonald HarveyView
BrentHylloville and JessieLancelotView
BramwellNathan David and Elizabeth AnnieWilliam CharlesView
BartholomewErnest George Augustus and Olive MarionKathlineView
BrentAshton Thornhill and Elsie EmmaBernice DaphneView
BrentAlbert and AmyReginald DaneView
BrentAshton Thornhill and Elsie EmmaAthalie AnnView
BartholomewRonald Harvey and Linda AvisKenneth HarveyView
BartholomewRonald Harvey and Linda AvisDesmond RonaldView
BrentHilary Dennis and Hazel DorothyPamela DeniseView
BrentHilary Dennis and Hazel Dorothy BlancheFlorence JenniferView
BrentHilary Dennis and Hazel Dorothy BlancheJeffreyView
BrentHilary Dennis and Hazel Dorothy BlancheRosemary JoanView
BrentHyllorille and JessieLancelotView
BehrensNathanael John and Maria MagdaleneNathanael JohnView
BartlettArchibald John and Annie EllenPercivalView
BehrensBenjamin and Cathrena Christena JohannaJames WilfridView
BehrensNathanael John and Maria MagdalenaSimon PeterView
BartlettArchibald John and Annie EllenHerbertView
BaisleyAndrew and Emily MariaAlfred WalterView
BatesNathan William and Emma TheresaFrances Elizabeth TheresaView
BehrensBenjamin and Cathrena Christena JohannaCathrena SusannaView
BostockWalter John and Annie RoseGeorge StanleyView
BehrensBenjamin and Katrina Christina JohannaBertie Henry HillView
BondWilliam Purnell and Christina RateJohn JamesView
BakerEdward Henry and ElizabethMaria HildaView
BostockWalter John and Annie RoseJack ReginaldView
BehrensBenjamin and Katrina Christina JohannaCaroline Wilhelmina CharlotteView
BostockWalter John and Annie RoseKathleen RoseView
BostockWalter John and Annie RoseMarguerite DaisyView
BostockWalter John and Annie RoseDorothy MayView
BritskiVernon and PaulinaAlice Annie LouisaView
BrandtAugust and Annie WhilhelminaAugust AlbertView
BraunAlfred and LilyEric ErnestView
BrandtAlbert Charles and JohannaBertha AmeliaView
BennetWilliam and AdaRosaleen LillianView
BraunAlfred Ferdinand and Lily HarrietCatherine AmyView
BostockWalter John and Annie RoseFrank Owen RowlandView
BraunAlfred Ferdinand and Lily HarrietGeorge AlfredView
BrooksCharles Reuben and Mary ElizabethVictor KitchenerView
BennetWilliam Forword and Ada ElizaArthur GeorgeView
BraunAlfred Ferdinand and Lily HarrietFrantz AdamView
BostockWalter John and Annie RoseFrances Winifred NoelView
BrooksCharles Reuben and Mary ElizabethUna DorcasView
BouwerJohannes Christoffel and Louisa HendrinaPietter JackobusView
ButlerWilliam John and Irene Patience AnnJohn WarrenView
BrownHarold George Hilman and Frances PearlViolet Helen PearlView
BraunAlfred Ferdinand and Lily HarrietMaria MarthaView
BezuidenhoutCoenderaad Peter and Maria ElizabethCornelius Johannes EdwardView
BlaineGeorge Langford and GeraldineShirley LangfordView
BoucherJoseph and Gertrude SophiaAmy ElizabethView
BousfieldCecil Leighton and Blanche MaryLeightonView
ButlerWilliam John and Irene Patience AnnHamilton Miles WarrenView
BezuidenhoutCoenderaad Peter and Maria ElizabethKatie AnnieView
BellingRobert August and Magdalena MariaKate Louisa MargaretView
BarkerRobert Peter and Elizabeth JohannaNorman WilliamView
BlaineGeorge Langford and GeraldineThomas LangfordView
BellingHenry William Louisa and Margaret GertrudeHerman Henry JosephView
BoucherJoseph and Gertrude SophiaEdna MayView
BrookeReginald William Acton and Hendrik LodewykKendall ActonView
ButlerWilliam John and Irene Patience AnnSelma WarrenView
BraunSiegfried and Julia FredericaRichard ReubenView
BlaineGeorge Langford and GeraldineMargaret LangfordView
BrookeReginald William Acton and Hendrik LodewykReginald ActonView
BoucherJoseph and Girtie Sophia FisherJosephine UnaView
BraunSiegfried and Julia FredericaIrene RitaView
BeatonPeter Andrew and Susan ElizabethPeter WilliamView
BostockHoward Robert and Frances AnnieMarie AnnetteView
BouldenWalter Davis and RubyGraham DavisView
BouldenWalter Davis and RubyMerleView
BousfieldCecil Leighton and Blanche MaryArielView
BousfieldFrederic Charles and Violet AnnieJohn Frederic VictorView
BlaineGeorge Langford and GeraldinePhilip LancelotView
BishopCharles James and Mary ElizabethEvelyn MarthaView
BaisleyJoshua Buller and EthelUnaView
BousfieldCecil Leighton and Blanche MaryFredericView
BeanJohn Hancock and Annie ElizabethDarrell SydneyView
BishopCharles James and Mary ElizabethWilliam Charles JamesView
BousfieldFrederic Charles and Violet AnnieFrederic Henry JamesView
BothaJohanna Erenz and Isabella ElizabethMaria GertrudaView
BuchnerChristoffel van Rooyen and Mary MagdaleneJohann FrederickView
BothaTheunis Christopher Barend and Irene MaudVivian KeithView
BaisleyJoshua Buller and EthelDonovan WilliamView
BaisleyCharles Andrew and Eleanor MaryPatrick HallView
BrandtErnest Matthes Heinrich and Lena Johanna MaryElizabeth Ernstina (adopted)View
BothaJohannes Erens and Isabella ElizabethWillem FredrickView
BostockGeorge Stanley and Thelma LouisaStanley BrianView
BousfieldFrederic Charles and Violet AnnieNealView
BodeRhodes Arthur and Stella ElaineKevin Clyde RhodesView
BostockGeorge Stanley and Thelma LouisaDavid RoyView
BakerWilliam Donald Royden and Margaret Irene Christine KathleenKathleen ElizabethView
BoothThomas and Jessica RosalindHaroldView
BedserWilliam Henry and Nathalie FrancisRobinView
BourkeMalcolm Bryan and Dorothy MayAnn RosemaryView
BaumannFelix and DorothyHelen AnnView
BostockFrank Owen Rowland and Mary StolleryJennifer MaryView
BodeFred William and Beryl Mary GeorginaJoanView
BoothThomas and Jessica RosalindSidney HarryView
BuchlerCaleb Martin and Lilian ElizabethJoyView
BluntReginald Cunningham and Johanna ChristinaJohn PercivalView
BoltonVictor George and Phyllis MayHazel MarianView
BostockFrank Owen Rowland and Mary StolleryGillian MayView
BothmaMartin Whitde and Helena WilhelminaEdith NancyView
BothmaMartin Whitde and Helena WilhelminaCornelius ChristoffelView
BostockFrank Owen Rowland and Mary Stollery WalkerPenelope AnneView
BehnkeWilliam Frederick and CarolinaWalterView
BehnkeWalter and Mavis MonicaJeanView
BurriEmil Heinrich and IsabelleCorinna JennyView
BurriEmil Heinrich and IsabelleElizabeth YvonneView
BacklundFelix and Constance VeraCharles EdwinView
BehnkeWalter and Mavis MonicaDenise PamelaView
BishopPeter John and Patricia EstelleRichard CharlesView
BehnkeCarl Franz and Hester SophieRonald Nicolas JacobView
BehnkeWalter and Mavis MonicaTex CarsonView
BuchlerMelvyn and Valerie violetSterling LyleView
BostockHoward Robert and Edith EvelynClarendon JohnView
BrunetteJack Arnold and Fynnette RennieNigel Rennie GrantView
BarrowDudley Bernard Valentine and Frances FlorenceYvonne ShirleyView
BedserWilliam Henry and Nathalie FrancisJennyView
BostockHoward Robert and Edith EvelynPatriciaView
BrunetteJack Arnold and Fynnette RennieJacquelyn CeciliaView
BousfieldFrederic Henry James and Margaret SusanTrevor JamesView
BrunettePeter Kirby and Margaret ElizabethRobin KirbyView
BrunettePeter Kirby and Margaret ElizabethGillian MargaretView
BrunettePeter Kirby and Margaret ElizabethIan KirbyView
BishopEdward John Bassett and Jennifer MaryEdward CourtenayView
BrunettePeter Kirby and Margaret ElizabethHelen ElizabethView
BostockClarendon John and Gillian May OrmsbyBridget LynnView
BishopEdward John Bassett and Jennifer MaryMary WaylandView
BesterPhillip Noel and Nancy MarthinaMarlene BrendaView
BrownHubert John Albert and Annie ElizaWilliam Richard WindsorView
BleanSteinman and RosesBooy BleanView
BinneyMalcolm Hamilton and Nelly HesterNesta Mary MacDonaldView
BellGeorge Ernest James and Sarah IsabellaClara GwynethView
BlomfieldHorace Miles and Ruby Mona GladysHorace MartinView
BrookesAlexander Yorick and Emily FlorencePhyllis AudreyView
BarnesHerbert Roger and Hester EdwinaNoel ElizabethView
BerryNewton Edward and Agnes LillianNewton FrankView
BrookeFrancis Richard and Johanna SusannahEveleigh JoanView
BarendseErnest Peter Henry and Anna SusannaMatthew JamesView
BodmerHarold Siemens and Alice MaryMaurice EdmundView
BowenWarren Meluish and Edith MaryCharles EssexView
BrowneJames and MaryRayView
BoschSimon Christophel and Elizabeth MariaChristine HenritaView
BarraudOswald Hilton Philip and Hilda MayThelma AvisView
BerryNewton Edward and Agnes LillianDouglas WilliamView
BodmerHarold Siemens and Alice MaryFrancis Bernard MilesView
BowkerFrancis William Monkhouse and Geraldine ElphinstoneFrancis William MonkhouseView
BrookeFrancis Richard and Johanna SusannahRichard Francis BourhillView
BrookeFrancis Richard and Johanna SusannahPeter Henry FaureView
BoschChristoffer and LilyFrances IsabelView
BowlesWalter Cullen and Gladys KatePeter CullenView
BarendseErnest Peter Henry and Anna SusannaErnest Peter HenryView
BennJohn and Florence AnnLucy MaudeView
BarendseJames John Andrew and Elizabeth MaryArthur EdwardView
BarendseMatilda LouisaCharles EdwardView
BarendseMatilda LouisaGertrude MarionView
BrightWilliam John and AnnieHarold HughView
BarnesHerbert Roger and Hester Edwina Alan FrancisView
BowlesRalph Graham and Ivy Mary MillicentEunice EdnaView
BrooksWilliam Edward and Naomi (Stanton)Ivy NaomiView
BowkerThomas Bourchier and Gladys ElaineJohn BourchierView
BakerCharles Leonard and BeatriceCharles BuckinghamView
BanksHenry James and Lilian ConstanceRuby MayView
BodmerHarold Siemens and Alice MaryRonald WilliamView
BessengerPeter Cooper and Ivy LassanClaude AllenView
BerryNewton Edward and Agnes LillianIvan ReginaldView
BoswellAlfred Frederick and Kathleen Mary MagdaleneDorothy LouiseView
BrinkCyril Gordon and Maggie NelsonGerrard Edgar PalmerView
BowlesWalter Cullen and Gladys KateNancy CullenView
BidenJasper Alvanley Sinclair and Violet RaeAnthony JasperView
BowkerThomas Bourchier and Gladys ElaineCecily BourchierView
BanksHenry James and Lilian ConstanceBasil NormanView
BodmerHarold Siemens and Alice MaryBarbara NicoletteView
BowinsArthur Robert and IreneJoseph Victor GrahamView
BoswellAlfred Frederick and Kathleen Mary MagdaleneKing ClementsView
BellKenneth Somerset and Edith Juliet MarionFitzwilliam Christopher SomersetView
BerryNewton Edward and Agnes LilianEileen LilianView
BidenJasper Alvanley Sinclair and Violet RaeDenys ArderneView
BayesLennox Todd and Dorothy MayEdgar Lennox OldsView
BayesLennox Todd and Dorothy MayFlorence AnneView
BowlesWalter Cullen and Gladys KateAntony CullenView
BrownLilian EthelDorothyView
BoltonJoseph William and Sophia Caroline AugustaDennis AllanView
BowkerThomas Bourchier and Gladys ElaineHubert Newton BourchierView
BakerFrank Walton and Sarah JaneGeorge WaltonView
BlakewayCharles Drennan and Enid Agnes MurielLennox DrennanView
BlakewayCharles Drennan and Enid Agnes MurielAurelle DrennanView
BurnePhilip and ElizabethOlgaView
BakerRonald Frank and Dorothy RuthAngela MaryView
BakerFrank Walton and Sarah JaneJessie FlorenceView
BonellieDavid and Mavis MaclearRaoul DavidView
BrownGeorge Banks and LylaDenis BanksView
BakerFrank Walter and Sarah JaneWilliam HarryView
BottHenry Warman and Rose JohannaDudley IvanView
BeckerWilliam Henry and EdithIris AngelineView
BartmanNicholas and MariaKatherine MayView
BanksHenry James and Lilian ConstanceBert HenryView
BarryJoseph Stretton and Rhoda WinifredTristram StrettonView
Bullen-SmithPatrick Layton and Irene M.Patricia JanetView
BothaElsieWilliam DenysView
BothaElsieJames DirkView
BlakewayCharles Drennan and Enid Agnes MurielRonald DrennanView
BenjaminZaraAnnie GeorginaView
BenjaminJoseph and AnnieZara DorotheaView
BakerFrank Walton Bark and Sarah JaneEdwin LionelView
Bullen-SmithPatrick Layton and Irene MirienRobin Charles PatrickView
BloreJohn Hockley and Mary ElizabethJohn Richard and HocklyView
BachArthur William and Mary Helen MargaretJames Henry PennellView
BruortonHarry Russell and Cicely GertrudeDerek RussellView
BowlesRalph Graham and Ivy Mary MillicentWorrington AllenView
BarkerWilliam Francis and Eleanor Katharine JoanElspeth AnnView
BottHenry Warman and Rose JohannaUrith AthelineView
BowlesAlbert Ernest and Fredrica AlbertinaMerle June Pauline BowlesView
BackArthur William and May Helen MargaretAnthony Hugh CurreyView
BackArthur William and Mary Helen MargaretPaul Adrian AuchmutyView
BlundellEdmund Keith and Dorothy CathcartMariota GrahamView
BerringtonWilliam Stanley and Alison MaryNaomi ReayView
BarberHarold Montague and Ellen MaryGuy Montague HiltonView
BarkerWilliam Francis and Eleanor Katherine JoanEleanor FrancesView
BassonHenry Reuben and Ellen MargaretLouise Margaret HeberView
BrissendenFrederick Bertie Edgar and Constance MurielYvonne JessieView
BerryBenjamin and Joyce EdithEileen DodgshonView
BesterEmanuel Martin and Daphne ArderneBarbara ArderneView
BarrattArthur John and Inez PhyllisMargaret ClareView
BowkerEric Egerton and Helen IsobelEric WilliamView
Blair-SmithJames and Alice MaryBarbara MaryView
BrandtWalter Henry and Anna KatherineJames HenryView
BezuidenhoutWaynard Stephanus and Margaret ElaineMarlene EdnaView
BezuidenhoutPeter Johannes and Zacharia ElizabethRegina MariaView
BrownJohn (deceased) and Jean Helen DumbrechJohn Archibald CareyView
BezuidenhoutGert Johannes and Georgina AlettaGeorgina AlettaView
BurgersEllen Olive RosalineUna OrielView
BezuidenhoutWillem and SusannaWilhelmina SusannaView
BlighGeoffrey Percival and Elizabeth HildaThomas PercivalView
BakerDuncan Edmond and Johanna ElizabethMarie LouisaView
BakerDuncan Edmond and Johanna ElizabethDuncan CharlesView
BrissendenFrederick Bertie Edgar and Constance Muriel AnetteView
BoysenMartin and Joanna (Isaacs)Martha Lena JoannaView
BeeJames Eric and Margaret JoanJohn BannisterView
BezuidenhoutWaynard Stephanus and Margaret ElaineArthur EdwardView
BessingerCharles Edward and Helena Dorothea Mary MagdalenaYvonne Helen ElizabethView
BrownJohn (deceased) and Jean HelenLeslie FlemingView
BennettColin and SybilCaroleView
BishopGeoffrey and Isabel Margaret AbernethyJane Margaret AbernethyView
BezuidenhoutWaynard Stephanus and Margaret ElaineLawrence GeorgeView
BeukesPatriciaRudolph JohnView
BeukesPatriciaPatricia RuthView
BeukesPatriciaNellie CorneliaView
BezuidenhoutWanard Stephanus and Margaret ElaineRonald RichardView
BlomfieldHorace Martin and RuthRobin AnnetteView
BowlesJonathan and Stoffelena JacobaJonathan SamuelView
BesterEmanuel Marthinus and Daphne ArdernLynette JoanView
BurgessKathleen Georgina HopeGordon CharlesView
BessingerCharles Edward and Helena Dora Mary MagdalenaVenecia Dawn IsobelView
BlighGeoffrey Percival and Elizabeth HildaHilda NonieView
BakerDuncan Edmond and Johannah ElizabethDirk EdmundView
BrutonRaymond Bodley and Pearl Fredrica SaundersCharmaineView
BessingerCharles Edward and Mary Magdalena Helena DoraGwendoline Judith PenelopeView
BackArthur William and Mary Helen MargaretGillian Diana MaryView
BurgessJohn Philip and Catherine LouisaColleen BrendaView
ButlerDenis Ryall and Dorothea ClareAnthony RyallView
BennettJohn Fairbridge and Joan MonicaPeter BernardView
Borey (Bovey?)James and ThoraGeorge VictorView
BowkerFrancis William Monkhouse and May AndersonRobert Berners ScottView
BrownAlan Selwyn and Mary DeringGeoffrey SelwynView
BrummerCarl Theodorus and Dorothy AugustaNorman PeterView
BooysenBarend Fredrick and Louise WilhelmineSharon AnnView
BowdenFrederick Stanley and Stella JoanLesley JoanView
ButlerDenis Ryall and Dorothea ClareRosemary ElizabethView
BraunJoseph And Harriet Bridget (Sullivan)JosephView
BrophyJames And Annie (Hawkins)SusanView
BrophyJames And Annie (Hawkins)ThomasView
BrophyJames And Annie (Hawkins)WilliamView
BoydWilliam Joseph And Elizabeth (Buhler)Wynnifred MargaretView
BeckfordWilliam And Mary (Halvey)Elizabeth MariaView
BuckleyRichard And Mary Ann (Carney)ErnestineView
BestAsher And Margaret (Kelleher)Violet EthellView
BolandMathew And Mary (O'shea)Hilda GladysView
BrophyJames And Annie (Hawkins)Mary AnnView
BurnessJames And Dolores (Medina)Anna SarahView
BurnsMartin Joseph And Mary Ann (Carney)Ellen MargaretView
BoydJames And Elizabeth (Buhler)Patrick JosephView
BallantynePatrick And Zoe (Neil)KateView
BuhlerJacob And Margaret (Boyd)Henry JamesView
BrassAntonie And Jeanette (Williams)FrancisView
BeckfordWilliam J. And Mary Josephine (Halvey)Margaret KathleenView
BestAsher And Margaret (Kelleher)Irene MaggieView
Byers-TatchellMary AnnAgnesView
BomptonFrederick William And Petronella Gertrude (Neveling)Catherine Mary MagdalenView
BoucharelFrancois And Josephine (Farthing)Olive HarriettView
BrophyJames And Annie (Hawkins)PatrickView
ByronThomas And Caroline (Isaacks)Margaret EllenView
BegleyVincent And Wilhelmina Elizabeth (Minnie) (Fuller)Albert AuberryView
BuckleyRichard And Mary Ann (Carney)Mary JosephineView
BallantynePatrick And Zoe (Neil)Robert JohnView
BrehanyPatrick And Mary Ann (Coonan)Mary EllenView
BeckwithJames And Julia (Le Spade)Edward JohnView
BurnsWilliam And Katherine (Shielts)MaryView
BarkleyAndrew And Emma (Johnson)Andrew WilliamView
BuehlerJacob And Margaret Ellen (Boyd)Winefred ElizabethView
BurnsMartin Joseph And Mariann (Carney)JamesView
BrocklebankHerbert And Cornelia Sophia (Van Der Meer)Ida HelenView
BergerHeinrich And Catharina (Scholer)Mary AgnesView
Bruce LouisaEmilyView
BarkleyAndrew And Emma (Johnson)James AndrewView
BeckfordWilliam Joseph And Mary Josephine (Halvey)Charles William JosephView
BallantynePatrick And Zoe (Neil)WalterView
BrocklebankHerbert And Nellie (Van Der Meer)James Herbert HenryView
BrophyJames And Annie (Hawkins)AnnieView
BowenJohn And Margaret (Brennan)GertrudeView
BinsteadHenry Bathurst And Helen Winifred (Enright)Henry FerdinandView
BallantyneJames And JannetBertram AlexanderView
BamptonFrederick William And Petronella Gertruda (Neveling)John Henry QuinlanView
BishopJames Mortimer And Annie Maria (Haw)Ethel GladysView
BurnsMartin Joseph And Mariann (Carney)PatrickView
BowenGeorge And Emily Victoria (Locke)Mary MatildaView
BallantynePatrick And Zoe (Neil)MaryView
Burnes (Be??)Michael And AgnesWilliamView
BuhlerJacob And Margaret (Boyd)GeorgeView
BuhlerJacob And Margaret (Boyd)CharlesView
BallantyneBertram Alexander And Jane (O'keefe)Elizabeth MaryView
BeckfordWilliam Joseph And Mary Josephine (Halvey)Michael CharlesView
BowenJohn And Maggie (Brennan)Eileen Mary AngelaView
BuckleyErnest And Margaret (Rourke)Mary HannahView
BaileySidney And Rose (Tiquin)William ThomasView
BennetteSamuel And Jane Elizabeth (Cox)Mary MagdaleneView
BellardiJohn And SerahMary SerahView
Bishop John (James) Mortimer And Anne (Annie Maria) (Haw)Edith BlancheView
BrophyJames And Ann Elizabeth (Hawkins)CharlesView
BarberJohn And Mary (Nee Walls)Mary AliceView
Buhler?? (Nee Boyd)Margaret EllenView
ByersThomas And Florence (Davis)Eleanor Maria SarahView
BarnesJohn Henry And Emily (Leary)Alfred GeorgeView
BowenJohn And Margaret (Brennan)John LoughlinView
BrownJames And Louisa (Brodrick)Gertrude JosephineView
BarberWilliam And Mary Alice (Walls)Mary AnneView
BurnsMartin And Mary Anne (Carney)MartinView
BurnsMichael And Agnes (Beaston)OwenView
BrassellEdward John And Sarah (Mckinnon)Edward JohnView
BrehanyPatrick Owen And Mary Ann (Coonan)Kathleen Louie WinifredView
BrophyJames And Annie (Hawkins)JoannaView
BowenJohn And Maggie (Brennan)Mary Ellen AngelaView
BarberWilliam And Mary AliceClaud HarryView
BennetteSamuel And Jane (Kelly)Theophilus Charles JosephView
BeckettJohn And Mary (Head)James Donald LancasterView
BuckleyJohn William Fr. And Helen Eliza (Rigg Nee Bing)Francis HenryView
Brown James Henry And LouisaJames John HenryView
BaileySydney And Rose (Tiquin)ElizabethView
BuddArthur And LouisaEmily Mary Louisa JosephineView
BarkleyAndrew W. And Emma T. (Johnson)Lilian FlorenceView
ButtonWilliam And Eleanor (Ellen?) (Oates)Charles FredericView
BurnsMartin J. And Mary Anne (Carney)Stephen FrancisView
BarrettAugustus And Frances F. (Day)Eustace DugganView
BowenJohn And Margaret (Brennan)William BertieView
BeanCharles A. And Amelia C. (Schuder)Maria CatherinaView
Bevan??Emily MaryView
BeckfordWilliam Joseph And Julia (Roach)Florence Marie BeckfordView
BrannanHyla Catford And Jessie (Daly)Rose Mary LouiseView
BadierCharles And Catherine (Mcgrath)Cecil Augustus BadierView
BradyWilliam Edwin And Kate (Killeen)Edwin HaroldView
BaileySydney A. And Rose Anne (Tiquin)Sydney AllenView
Bowes??Joseph AlfredView
BamptonFrederick William And Petronella Gertruda (Neveling)Joseph Frederick WilliamView
BrownJames Henry And LouisaHarold JosephView
BowenAugustus Aloysius And Florence Maud (Aldag)Doris MaryView
BishopJames And Annie (Haw)Alice Margere MayView
Badin??Alice MaryView
BowenJohn And Maggie (Brennan)Phyllis MaryView
BennetteSamuel And Jane (Kelly)Bernard CaludeView
BrannanHyla C. And Jessie (Daly)Jessie Muriel KateView
BrophyJames And AnnieEdward MichaelView
BeethamBenjamin And Anna (Cranes)Mary Magdalene Rafter (Nee Beetham)View
BrowneJohn And Elizabeth AnnWilliam JohnView
Brown??Mary JemimaView
Brown??Ileen MaudeView
Brown??Arthur JosephView
BourkeJames And Charlotte M. Elizabeth (Sollins)MichaelView
BeanCharles August And Whilomena Cathrine (Schroeder)Charles ThomasView
Burke(Patrick) Joseph Gabriel And Winifred Mary (Yeoman)Vincent JosephView
Brown ??Eliza MargaretView
Barnes BonesBarnes And FlorenceUnnamed InfantView
BoydWilliam Joseph And Elizabeth Mary (Buhler)John JamesView
BurnsMartin Joseph And Mary Ann (Carney)Cyril MichaelView
ByersThomas Bartholomew And Florence Teresa (Davies)Harry RobertView
Brown??Caroline MaryView
BeckfordJoseph And Julia (Roach)Robert JohnView
BoltonWilliam Hopkins And Elizabeth (Walsh)Kathleen MayView
BeduinEloli And TeresaAntonioView
BynsWilliam And Lucy (Hobern)Anna Maria Aloysius (Daly Nee Byns)View
BorandEdward And Annie (Erasme)Olive VeronicaView
BrophyJames And Annie (Coltman)Baden RobertView
BowenAugustine And Florence (Aldag)Florence AgnesView
BrannanHyla C. And Jessie (Daly)Walter AugustusView
Bowen??Florence MaudView
BagleyRobert And Sarah (Rensburgh)Robert MartinView
BarrettHenry Channing And Mary Alice (Mccarthy)Basil AubreyView
BrownJames Henry And Louisa (Brodrick)Alexander John BaptistView
BentleyElizabethWalter Patrick DominicView
BowenEdward And Emily (Palmer)Patrica LeslieView
BurnsPatrick And Minnie (Morley)Stella MargaretView
BrownPatrick And Mary Ann Louise (Carter)Elizabeth MarthaView
BennetteSamuel Trawella And Janie Elizabeth (Cox)Margaret GwendolineView
BegleyDavid Charles And Johanna Maria (Zinn)Ronald ClaudeView
BowenJohn And Margaret (Brennan)ShelahView
BrownJohn And Gertrude (Terblanche)Elizabeth Martha (Tequinn Nee Brown)View
BaileySidney And Rose (Tiquin)Michael PercivalView
BurnsMartin Joseph And Mary Ann (Carney)Margaret VivianView
BrassellEdward John And Sarah Anne (Mckinnon)Sarah AnneView
BurkeJames And Charlotte Mary Elizabeth (Collins)EdwardView
BaileyFrederick John And Catherine Frances (Sheppard)Joseph FrederickView
BrophyJames Henry And Anne Maria (Barrable)William Thomas BernardView
BowenAugustine Aloysius And Florence Maud (Aldag)Violet VanaView
BeebeJames And Mary Ellen (O'connor)Reginald HughView
BrownJames And Louisa (Brodrick)NormanView
BancroftJohn And Elizabeth (Kelly)Ellen AgnesView
BowenJohn And Margaret (Brennan)Phyllis MaryView
BagleyRobert And Sarah (Rensburgh)Thomas CorneliusView
Bradford??Emily MaryView
BurkeJoseph Gabriel And Winefred Mary (Yeoman)Alfred JohnView
BrownPatrick And Mary Ann Louisa (Carter)George PatrickView
ByronDenis Edward And Johanna (Annie) (Allen)Margaret CeciliaView
BluhmHugo And Agnes (Daly)Randolph Charles GeorgeView
BothaFrank And Johanna (Simon)Magdalena Clara MariaView
BannisterJohn Caswell And Mary (Thwaites)Maunsel CaswellView
BrannanHyla C. And Jessie (Daly)Zita MaryView
BolandThomas Henry And Agnes (Gleeson)Lorna MaryView
BrooksLeonard And Amelia (Miners)Ernest LeonardView
BuckleyErnest And Maggie (Rourke)May MadelineView
BinksJames And Sarah (Whiteboy)JamesView
BennetteSamuel And Jane (Kelly)Evelyne GraceView
BarreraGabino And Dominca (Phillipe)GabinoView
BishopGeorge Henry And Laura Louisa (Atherton)Elizabeth Matild (Mchugh Nee Bishop)View
BrophyJames And Annie (Barrable)James Henry Averus?View
ByrneJohn Joseph And Mary Anne (Plenderleith)Julia MaryView
BestThomas Patrick And Mabel (Mulholland)Harvey Tom (Thomas)View
BakerThomas And Mary (Thomas)Thomas JosephView
BakerThomas And Mary (Thomas)John HenryView
BurnsMartin Joseph And Mary Ann (Carney)Basil EdwardView
BaileySydney And Rose (Tiquin)CharlesView
BagleyRobert And Sarah (Rensburgh)Catherine RebeccaView
BrowneJames And Luisa (Moore)Percival PatrickView
BeckfordWilliam And Julia (Roach)William GeorgeView
ByronDaniel And Johanna (Allen)John DennisView
BrassellEdward John And Sarah Ann (Mckinnon)Eileen EstherView
Bivistrilli??Violet Magdeline PeterView
BrownJoseph Patrick And Cecilia Margaret (Maggie) (Carter)Joseph William George RedburnView
BaileyFrederick And Catherine (Sheppard)George HenryView
BrawsAnthony And Minnie (White)JanetView
BlauwJoseph Furtyn And Saraphina (Jaftha)Peter AlphonsusView
BurkeJoseph Gabriel And Winifred Mary (Yeoman)Eileen Hannah MaryView
BeaublancFrancois Pierre Fernand And Alice Mary (South)Frieda Marie SouthView
BrophyHenry Patrick And Elizabeth Margrita (Venter)James PatrickView
BagnatoFrank And Concetta (Egidi)Concetta SusanaView
BrophyJames Henry And Annie Maria (Barrable)George MichaelView
BurkeJames And Charlotte Mary Elizabeth (Collins)Emily EllenView
BolandThomas Henry And Agnes (Gleeson)Rita MaryView
BlenckWilliam Frances And Harriet Alice (Dalgety)Dora AliceView
BenettiSamuel And Jane (Kelly)Clement Aubery TruilloView
BagleyRobert And Sarah (Rensburgh)Cyrill JamesView
BooysenJohn And MaryMary (Odendaal Nee Booysen)View
Bonnefeldt??William PeterView
BitsingenElizabethDora MagdaleneView
BeckfordJames G. And Elizabeth (Mansfield)Ernest WalterView
BowenJohn And Margaret (Brennan)Robert View
BrownWilliam And Annie (Rowsell)Thomas EdwardView
BruceMariaHarold WilliamView
BurnsMartin Joseph And Mary Anne (Carney)Mary IreneView
BestThomas P. And Mabel (Mulholland)Daphne Iris MaryView
BeckfordWilliam Joseph And Julia (Roach)Eileen LilianView
BuchananJohn Herbert And May Bernadette (Mcdonald)John Herbert ManetView
BudlanderCassy And Kate (Mulholland)Joseph LawrenceView
BagleyRobert Franklin And Sarah (Watson)Robert FranklinView
BrophyJames And Annie (Barrable)Thomas RobertView
BrownJames Henry And Louisa (Brodrick)Reginald AugustineView
BurkeJoseph G. And Winifred M. (Yeoman)Kathleen AgnesView
BrophyJames And Susan (Brophy)Lilian MagdalenView
BurrowsCharles And Mary Elizabeth (Edwards)Charles MichaelView
BrasselEdward J. And Sarah Anne (Mckenna)Lidwina TeresaView
BlueJoseph And Caroline (Jaftha)William JamesView
BowersThomas Joseph And Frances (Webster)Mabel Gladys MaryView
BrownJoseph Patrick And Cecilia Margaret (Carter)Edward Francis (Redburn-Brown)View
ByronDennis And Johanna (Allen)William EdwardView
BaileyAidan James Joseph And Ellen Mary Josephine (Farndell)Aidan ArthurView
BenjaminHenry And Mary Anne (Johns)Edith MaryView
BeaublancFrancois P. F. And Alice M. (South)Margaret Loisa MarieView
BolandJohn And Florence (Kenward)Eileen MaryView
BowenJohn And Margaret (Brennan)Moya TheresaView
BrasselAgnes TeresaWilliam JohnView
BuchananJohn And May (Mcdonald)Irene MaryView
BruceMariaAngela MayView
BrassAnthony And Mary Magdalen (Minnie) (Witting)Anthony JohannesView
BoucharieJoseph And Josephine (Perah)EmanuelView
BaileySidney And Rose (Tiquin)Ronald JosephView
BekkerJohn Johannes F. and Annie (Swartz)Electer ElizabethView
BenvenutiAlfred and Carolina (Pierotti nee Contrucci)AnnunziataView
BenvenutiAlfred and Carolina (Pierotti nee Contrucci)AntoniettaView
BennetteSamuel and Jane Elizabeth (Cox Or Kelly?)Evelyn MayView
BegleyDavid C. and Johanna M. (Zinn)Clifford CharlesView
BurkettFrancis (Frank) and Mary Theresa (Joyce)Robert WalterView
BurrowsCharles and Mary Elizabeth (Edwards)Harold NormanView
BurkeJoseph and Winnifred Mary (Yeoman)Aidan EdwardView
BorlandJohn Craig and Mary Catherine (French)WilliamView
BagleyRobert Franklin and Sarah (Rensburg)Lydia AnnView
BoucharieLeon and Maria (Hendricks)Josephine MargaretView
BaileyAidan and Ellen M. J. (Farndell)Herbert LaurenceView
BrophyJames and Annie (Barrable)Henry Patrick WickhamView
BraincousJacob and MargaretJacobView
BorgheroFrancesco and Ellen (Bowers)MaddalenaView
ByronDenis and Annie (Allen)Thomas DanielView
BrassAnthony and Minnie Mary (Witting)Mary CatherineView
BachelHenry and Margaret (Scott)George HenryView
BritoWilliam and Pilar (Saures)SebastianView
BeaublancFernand and Alice (South)Marie Alan Benjamin Fernand SouthView
BurnetAndrew and Mabel Elizabeth (Murray)Ethel WilhelminaView
BurkettFrancis and Mary Teresa (Joyce)Francis JosephView
BrownJames Henry and Louisa (Brodrick)Doughlas PeterView
BryantCharles James and Rosa Ann (Everard)Mary MonicaView
BurrowsCharles and Mary Elizabeth (Edwards)Aidan BernardView
BagleyRobert and Sarah (Rensburg)Ernest MichaelView
BrownJoseph and Cecilia (Carter)Margaret Ive RadbonView
BrophyJames and Annie (Barrable)Patrick Charles JosephView
BuchananHerbert John Crabb and May (Macdonald)Gordon James CrabbView
BeckfordWilliam Joseph and Julia (Roach)Francis AugustineView
BurkeJoseph Patrick and Winifred Mary (Yeoman)NoraView
BancorseMary MagdalenKathleen MagdalenView
BorlandJohn Craig and Catherine Mary (French)Catherine Mary IsabellaView
ByronDennis Edward (Daniel) and Johanna (Allen)Letitia MaryView
BruceMaria EllenAlice EllenView
BurkeThomas Henry and Elizabeth D. (Underwood)Alice MaudView
BurrowsCharles and Mary Elizabeth (Edwards)Kathleen MaudView
BrassAnthony and Mary (Witting)CatherineView
BowkerWilliam Henry and Frances E. M. (Huddleston)Florence Amelia VeronicaView
BurkettFrank and Mary Theresa (Joyce)Albert GeorgeView
BoucharieLeon and Maria (Hendricks)JosephView
BoucharieLeon and Maria (Hendricks)EmmanuelView
BohanMartha ElizabethHenry BartholomewView
BowenJohn and Margaret (Brennan)Harry JohnView
BrophyAnnieJohn PatrickView
BlauwJoseph Furtyne and Sarahfina (Jeftha)John FrederickView
BritoGuillemo and Pilar (Padron)PhilipView
BorgheroFrancesco and Ellie (Bowers)Rosa ElizabethView
BolandJohn James and Florence (Kenward)Thomas FrancisView
BenChristian and Frances (Africa)WilliamView
BlewettJohn Charles and Teresa Elena (Horne)Ernest CharlesView
ByworthFrederick Charles and Katherine (Goodyear)Florence KatherineView
BrassAnthony and Mary (Witting)Emmanuel JosephView
BrassAnthony and Mary (Witting)John MichaelView
BurrowsMichael and Maria Lousia (Clarke)Mavis Mary O'ConnellView
BonnesJohn and Winifred Mary (Rana)Josephine JohannaView
BoudreyEdward James Leiven and Elizabeth Rachel (Dennis)Ernest LevenView
BrophyJames and Annie (Barrable)Charles EdwardView
BaileyAidan James J. and Ellen Mary J. (Farndell)Ursula AnneView
BurnetAndrew and Mabel Elizabeth (Murray)Linda JessieView
BurkeJoseph and Winifred Mary (Yeoman)Joseph WilliamView
BrownJames Henry and Louisa (Brodrick)Stanley IgnatiusView
BookerWilliam Henry and Frances Edith (Huddleston)Louis WilliamView
BookerWilliam Henry and Frances Edith (Huddleston)Joseph Wallace GilbertView
BulcraigWilliam George and Laura Wilhelmina (Gillmer)Emma LauraView
BowenMartha ElizabethLouis FerdinandView
BrinkhuisHermanus and Margaret (Mittens)Joseph NicholasView
BezeidenhoutMaryMary AdelineView
BarkleyDollyEmily JaneView
BurrowsCharles and Mary (Edwards)LawrenceView
BoudreyEdward and Elizabeth (Dennis)JosephView
BurkeJames and Charlotte (Collins)Magdalen LilianView
BurkettFrancis and Mary Teresa (Joyce)Terrence DanielView
BurnsThomas and Elizabeth Christina (Twyman nee Dowse)Mary ElizabethView
BrophyJames and Annie (Barrable)Henry PatrickView
BouchierCharles Alfred and Annie Mary Elizabeth (Brophy)Charles AlfredView
Bonnes?? (Metejeck)George JamesView
BoothWilliam Fowler and Mary Ann (Walker)Bernard WalkerView
BarkerHenry George and Maud (Williamson)Henry Frederick JamesView
BoucherJoseph Richard and Mary (Fisher)CatherineView
BrownJohn and Mary Elizabeth (Luite)Mary ElizabethView
BaragwanathMichael and Charlotte (Smith)Frances (DAVITT nee BARAGWANATH)View
BowanMartha ElizabethEdwin Edward LeonView
BrophyPatrick and Mary (Hynes)Phyllis EvelynView
BonnesJohn and Winifred Mary (Arane)Francis JamesView
ByronDenis and Johanna (Allen)EllenView
BaileySidney and Rose (Tiquin)Rose EileenView
ByromMitchell and Maria (Holloway)Thomas View
Boudrey??Olga LouiseView
BurrowsCharles and Mary Elizabeth (Edwards)William TimothyView
BoydWinifred MargaretThelma WinifredView
BowenJohn and Maggie (Brennan)Madge IreneView
BurkeJoseph and Winifred (Yeoman)Leo BernardView
BurkettFrank and Mary Teresa (Joyce)Percival JoyceView
BrassPatrick and Katie (Hendricks)Mary Jane JosephineView
BoucharieLeon and Maria (Hendricks)Mary ElizabethView
BouwerStephanus and Susan (Bouwer?)Helena EllenView
BaileyWilliam and Emma Gertrude (Brittain)PatrickView
BaileyAidan and Ellen (Farndell)Eileen AgathaView
BruceMariaJohn WilliamView
BrownJames Henry and Louisa (Brodrick)Raymond ClaudeView
BedfordCharles Frederick and Elizabeth (Roark)Andrew FrederickView
BerryJames Thomas and Mary Gertrude (Daly)Ronald JamesView
BakerCeciliaViolet MaryView
BenningsPhilip and Frances (Williams)Roy PhilipView
BurnsThomas and Elizabeth (Twyman nee Dowse)Eric ThomasView
ByronMichael and Maria (Holloway)JaneView
Burns??Alfred ThomasView
BaatjesJohn and Rachel (Bosman)Susan CatherineView
BrophyPatrick and Mary Anne (Hynes)Patrick Ernest JohnView
BouchierCharles Alfred and Annie Mary Elizabeth (Brophy)George JamesView
BarrJohn and Mary Blanche Josephine (Lozich)Anna Georgina MargaretView
BrophyJames and Annie (Barrable)Iris AnnieView
BoucherJoseph Richard and Mary (Fisher)Benjamin EbenezerView
BrassAnthony and Rebecca (Goliath)JanetView
BoyserKatieFlorence MaryView
BurkettFrank and Mary Teresa (Joyce)Margaret TeresaView
BrittainHarold and Mary Jane (Simms)Emma GertrudeView
BurrowsCharles and Mary Elizabeth (Edwards)Francis CyrilView
BeckleyRobert Sydney and Mabel Mary (Bishop)Cyril DudleyView
ByronDenis Edward and Johanna (Allen)Ivy MagdalenaView
BrassPatrick and Kate (Hendricks)Irene VeronicaView
BaileyAidan and Ellen (Farndell)Edmund PeterView
BouchierAlfred and Annie (Brophy)Fredrick JamesView
BurkePatrick Joseph and Winifred Mary (Yeoman)Gertrude MaryView
BarrJohn and Margaret (Lozich)Nellie CatherineView
BlewettJohn Charles and Theresa Elena (Horne)Phyllis EileenView
BrownJames Henry and Louisa (Brodrick)Eileen VeronicaView
BurnsJames and Mildred Mary (Murrell)Trevor James MartinView
BuckleyPatrick John Joseph and Lilian Louise (Lawrence)Patricia LilianView
BerryJames Thomas and Mary Gertrude (Daly)KennethView
BonnasJohn Joseph and Winifred Mary (Arena)Mary LouisaView
Brophy??James AlfredView
BeckleyRobert Sidney and Mabel Mary Jane (Bishop)Harold SidneyView
BrowneJohn and Minnie (Noure nee Jessem)John RobertView
BrassPatrick and Catherine (Hendricks)TeresaView
BrophyJames and Annie (Barrable)Frances MagdaleneView
BurrowsCharles and Mary Elizabeth (Edwards)Ernest PaulView
BoucharieLeon and Maria (Hendricks)Mary MagdalenView
BurkettFrancis and Mary Teresa (Joyce)Edmund CharlesView
BosmanMaggieAugust FrancisView
BoucherJoseph and Mary (Fisher)JosephView
BeagerieLouis John and Eileen Mary (Mcillmurray)BernardView
BeagerieLouis John and Eileen Mary (Mcillmurray)RonaldView
BaileyWilliam and Emma Gertrude (Brittain)Josephine GertrudeView
BrassAntony and Josephert Rebecca (Goliath)AgnesView
BrownGeorge and Mary Teresa (Fincham)Reginald Edgar TheodoreView
BrownGeorge and Mary Teresa (Fincham)Herbert Noel FinchamView
BlackPhilip and Catherina (Barnet)Gilbert Wilfred MartinView
BrockbankJames Harrison and Marie Louise (Wilkinson)Rosemary BROCKBANK (ALLEN)View
BlewettJohn Charles and Theresa (Horne)Leonard GustaveView
BarrowEdward and Johanna (Vasasie)Thomas PatrickView
BrockmanGeorge and Martha (Potgieter)GeorgeView
BeaucharieRene and Katie (Jacobs)Catherine GertrudeView
ButlerHartley Francis and Mildred (Clarke)Phyllis DoreenView
ByronDenis and Johanna (Allen)Johanna SusanView
BouchierCharles Alfred and Annie (Brophy)Thelma JoyceView
BritoManuel and Catherine Jacomina (Ferreira)Manuel MarcialView
BancroftJohn Joseph and Phillippina Christoffelina (Van Der Merwe)John Joseph HiramView
BurrowsCharles and Mary Elizabeth (Edwards)Leslie AugustineView
BurkeJoseph Gabriel and Winifred Mary (Yeoman)Leonard AnthonyView
BonasJohn Joseph and Winifred Mary (Arane)MarthaView
ButlerHartley Francis and Mildred (Clarke)Nora GladysView
BrassPatrick and Katie (Hendricks)Henry JosephView
BushJoseph and Ethel Kate (Garner)Clifford GeorgeView
BurkettFrank and Mary Teresa (Joyce)Sydney GuilfordView
BarrJohn and Blanche (Lozich)LouisaView
BritoManuel and Catherina (Ferreira)JohnView
BancroftJohn Joseph and Phillipina Christoffelina (Van Der Merwe)Henry PeterView
BouwerJoseph and Jacoba (Bosch)John KinsleyView
ButlerArthur Samuel and Esther Catherina (Gerber)Ivy SusanView
ButlerArthur Samuel and Esther Catherina (Reinbach nee Gerber)Arthur SamuelView
BlewettJohn Charles and Theresa (Horne)Hilton StanfordView
BruceMinnieErnest DoughlasView
Byron??Emily Jane MaryView
BuchananJohn Herbert and May Bernadette (Mcdonald)Mary CatherineView
BoucherCharles Alfred and Annie (Brophy)Vera ElizabethView
BagleyKathleenRobert MartinView
BishopJohn Henry and Muriel Alice (Walters)John GrahamView
BurkePatrick Joseph Gabriel and Winifred Mary (Yeoman)Winifred JoanView
BrowneJohn and Minnie (Noure nee Jessem)ArthurView
BrowneJohn and Minnie (Noure nee Jessem)ThomasView
BrookerCharles Frederick and Ellen Margaret (Garrett)William SidneyView
BerryJames Thomas and Mary Gertrude (Daly)Victor ThomasView
BatteauAdaAlphonse BenedictusView
BooysenJohn Henry and Frances Ellen Mary (Phelan)Edward HenryView
ButlerHartley Francis and Mildred Geraldine May (Clarke)Hartley Arthur GeorgeView
BooysenVictoriaSusan AnnieView
BurnsThomas and Elizabeth (Twyman nee Dowse)GwendolineView
BurgessGeorge and Margaret (Elliott)Margaret Mary (NOBLE nee BURGESS)View
Botha??Peter ZachariasView
BrassJoseph and Catherine (Johnson)AntonyView
BaragwanathMichael and Charlotte (Smith)ElizabethView
BaragwanathMichael and Charlotte (Smith)JuliaView
BuckleyPatrick John Joseph and Lillian Louise (Lawrence)John GordonView
BrebnerCyril David and Kathleen Mary (Hogan)Lilian KathleenView
BothaThomas and Daisy (George)Francis MariaView
BennetteTheophilus and MaudAnne (REDDAN)View
BoyceFrederick and Frances (Domingo)SophyView
BoyceFrederick and Frances (Domingo)FrederickView
BeaucharieRene and Katie (Jacobs)ClaraView
BothaWilliam and Catherine (Louw)JohnView
BramwellBertie Ernest and Charlotte (Armstrong)Harriet RoseView
BlowJoseph and Caroline (Jaftha)Mabel MaryView
BlowJoseph and Caroline (Jaftha)Harry JamesView
BritoManuel and Catherina (Ferreira)Maria ElizabethView
BolandThomas Coffey and Patricia Elizabeth (Scott)Mary TeresaView
BrassPatrick and Kate (Hendricks)Teresa SarahView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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