Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : C
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
CurrieWalter and AnnAnnView
CurrieWalter and Mary AnnRoseView
CoulterJohn and Maritjes (Van Aard)Catherine BeckerView
CharleslyEdward (deceased) and AnnJosephView
ChaseJohn James Centlivres and Arabella BroomeHenry Nuthall CentlivresView
ChaseJohn James Centlivres and Arabella BroomeFrederick Augustus CentlivresView
ChaseJohn James Centlivres and Arabella BroomeMaria Anna CentlivresView
ChaseJohn James Centlivres and Arabella BroomeArabella Helen CentlivresView
ClaytonGeorge and ElizabethElizabethView
ClaytonGeorge and ElizabethJaneView
ClaytonWilliam and JudithGeorgeView
CawoodJohn and AnnMaryView
CawoodJohn and AnnAnnView
CawoodJohn and AnnMargaret EllenView
CurrieWalter and AnnCharlesView
CawoodJohn and AnnJaneView
CalvaryRichard and HarrietMary Ann ElizabethView
CurrieWalter and Mary AnnHenry FrederickView
CawoodJohn and AnnMartha MurrayView
Courderoy (Corderoy?)Thomas Frederick and SelinaGeorge ThomasView
CochraneHenry and Margaret??View
CalderJoseph and CarolineIsabella AmeliaView
ClaytonJohn and AnnWilliam ThomasView
CammJohn Philip and CharlotteJohn Philip LucasView
CyrusSamuel and Anna Maria ChristianaThomas WilliamView
CurlingJohn Henry and MaryJohn RobertView
CurlingJohn Henry and MaryThomasView
ClaytonJohn and AnnElizabeth AnnView
CyrusSamuel and Anna MariaCatharine ElizabethView
CrainCharles and Sarah AnnCharles AmosView
CrainCharles and Sarah AnnElizabeth AnnView
CurranWilliam and Mary RebeccaWilliam HenryView
CloeteJacob Peter Lourens and RosannaJacob Peter LourensView
CurranWilliam and Mary RebeccaSelina JaneView
CloeteRoedolph and Jacoba ElizabethEsther ElizabethView
CloeteRoedolph and Jacoba ElizabethSophia JohannaView
CurranWilliam and Mary RebeccaLaura CreftView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneRichard WilliamView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneBeneta JaneView
CooperHarding and MaryEdward WillieView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneAnnie Eliza GripwellView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneAda Mary HarrietView
ClaytonGeorge and Sarah ElizabethEvelyn DavidView
CollettWilliam Henry and Sarah JaneWilliam Henry EdwinView
CockJames and Florence Elizabeth MargaretWilliam Frederick ThomasView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneArthur RandallView
ClaytonGeorge and Sarah ElizabethWinnifred EmilyView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneWallis MeadenView
CooperFuller Harding and Clara MariaLucy MayView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneEdward ErnestView
CooperFuller Harding and Clara MariaEthel MaryView
CottonLeonard Erle and Jane ElizabethWilliam RichmondView
CooperFuller Harding and Clara MariaWalter John HardingView
CottonLeonard Erle and Jane ElizabethDorothy LilianView
CottonLeonard Erle and Jane ElizabethLeonard RichmondView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraAtherstoneView
CooperFuller Harding and Clara MariaAlice ArabellaView
CooperFuller Harding and Clara MariaJoyce MarjoryView
CooperFuller Harding and Clara MariaHerbert FreestoneView
CooperFuller Harding and Clara MariaDennis ParkerView
CroeserEdgar Charles Gilliam and Gertrude LouisaJessie Irene ElizabethView
ColemanJohn and RosalindaKathleenView
ClaytonClifford John and Florence WeymouthBasil PercyView
CroeserEdgar and Gertrude L.Iris JuliaView
CleghornVernon and SheilaDelene MargaretView
CampbellLeonard and RosieLeonardView
CampbellLeonard and RosieQuintonView
CleghornVernon Fuller and SheilaRoselyn VerneView
CollettWilliam Edward and Cynthia JoanLianne JoanView
ComynDavid John and Meryl EdithJames RutterView
CockNathanael and Mary Ann SarahAmy Amelia JohnsView
CockNathaniel and Mary Ann SarahFrancis CharlesView
CockNathanael Mary Ann SarahNathanaelView
CockNathanael and Mary Ann SarahAmy Amelia JohnsView
CellsRobert Murray and HannaThomas AlexanderView
CellsRobert Murray and HannahMary GraceView
CockNathanael and Mary Ann SarahWalter Mills BarberView
CockNathanael and Mary Ann SarahDorcas BarberView
CockNathanael and Mary Ann SarahLydia BarberView
CockNathanael and Mary Ann SarahElizabeth MaryView
CellsRobert Murray and HannahBridget AgnesView
CellsRobert Murray and JohannaElizabeth JohannaView
CaytonThomas Henry and Mary AnnMelvil HenryView
CaytonThomas Henry and Mary AnnEmily LouiseView
ColeGeorge Byng and EllenMildred IdaView
CampbellJohn and Eugenie MariaJohn DouglasView
ColeGeorge Byng and EllenGeorge EdgarView
CampbellJohn and EugenieStewart ArchibaldView
ChaseFrederick Korsten and Johanna Sophia LouisaWilliam MackrillView
CottonLeonard Erle and Jane ElizabethNora BeatriceView
CockJames and FlorenceDorcasView
ChaseFrederick Korsten and Johanna Sophia LouisaNeville ChristieView
CottonLeonard Erle and Jane ElizabethPercy RichmondView
CopelandHenry Alfred and Edith ElizaDoris EdithView
CooperFuller Harding and Clara MariaRobert MiddletonView
CottonLeonard Erle and Jane ElizabethGerald RichmondView
CollinsWilliam and Cecilia CorneliaFrederickView
CresswellTimothy and SarahCharles EdwinView
CotmanJohn Sell Edmund and Sarah AnnHelen EdithView
CrickmoreAlfred and AmeliaRosa Edith CatherineView
CorcoranJohn and MarionJoanna ElizabethView
CameronDonald and MariaJohn FinlayView
CallawayJohn and MargaretBeatrice EmmaView
CrickmoreAlfred and AmeliaBeatrice AnnaView
CallawayJohn and MargrettJohnView
CornellGeorge Cooper and Martha Elizabeth JaneCyril Frederick George HudsonView
CooperAnnieHenry Thomas AlfredView
CoombesFred and MaryMary Emily JaneView
CoombsJohn and MaryElizabethView
CogillWilliam Henry and Zema AugustaWilliam HenryView
ChandlerRobert Joseph and Florence ReubenaMabel BlancheView
ChandlerRobert Joseph and Florence ReubenaRobert AlfredView
ChandlerHarry and Theresa JohannaJessie EdithView
ConeyRobert and Jessie WilhelminaHarold DodsonView
CarlisleJames and SarahGladys WinifredView
ConeyRobert and Jessie WilhelminaVerna RhodaView
CarlisleJames and SarahMuriel MonaView
CrossCharles Emmanuel and Clara TaylorPercival CharlesView
CaigerHerbert and Mary JaneGeorge HerbertView
CaigerHerbert and Mary JaneHelen MaryView
ChandlerHarry and Theresa JohannaGrace OliveView
CrossCharles Emmanuel and Clara TaylorJohn MidgleyView
CrossArthur and Elizabeth AnnArthur LeslieView
CoatesAlbert Patrick and Anna ChristinaWilliamView
CaigerHerbert and Mary JaneAlice CatherineView
CookeJohn and Sarah AnnJohn BadenView
CrossCharles Emmanuel and Clara TaylorCecil AlbertView
CookeJohn and Sarah AnnIris KathleenView
CaigerHerbert and Mary JaneIrene MargaretView
CoadJames and Mary AnneJames DarraghView
ChandlerHarry and Teresa JohannaVeronica BarbaraView
CloeteFrancis Henry and Martha (Irvine)Isaac Johannes Cloete (adopted)View
ConeyRobert and Jessie WilhelminaRobert HewsonView
ChartersWilliam Henry and Mary Ann MariaLewis Cyril JamesView
CrossCharles Emmanuel and Clara TaylorRuth ClaraView
CoatesAlbert Patrick and Anna ChristinaPatrick AlbertView
CourtRichard and MiriamDorothy MarionView
CousinsJacobus Alwyn and Johanna ElizabethJohn WilliamView
CampbellNeil John Hartsemburg and Eleanor LevinaAgnes CummingView
CoetzeeJohannes and AntoinettaJohannesView
CampbellEdward Charles Cumming and David PetronellaEdward Charles CummingView
CorbettFrank Montague and Albertina WilhelminaFrederick JacobusView
CrossCharles Emmanuel and Clara TaylorIvor ArthurView
CourtRichard and MiriamRichard HenryView
CorbettFrank Montague and Albertina WilhelminaLucy AnneView
CollierFrank Howard and LouiseGrace LouiseView
CollierFrank Howard and LouiseFrank RobertView
CollettCyril Simpson and Mildred KateThelma CyrilView
CorbettFrank Montague and Albertina WilhelminaCharles EdwardView
CollierFrank Howard and LouiseFrederick Thomas KenworthyView
ConeyHarold Dodson and Marjorie WinifredHarold EdwardView
CaldwellAlbert Douglas and LouisaPhyllis MurielView
CoxRobert James and Adeline MaudAlfred HenryView
ChatersVernon and Evelyn MaudNorma MaryView
CampbellDuncan John Eduard and Hilda MagdalenaIreneView
CoxRobert James and Adeline MaudSheila MargaretView
CowanCharles Phillips and Louise BothaMyra AnneView
ChantlerGeorge John and Hendrina JohannaUnaView
ChantlerGeorge John and Hendrina JohannaJohnView
ColborneCharles Tennant and WinifredMichael PeterView
ColborneCharles Tennant and WinifredMargaret MerleView
ChantlerRussell George and Margaretha RosinaGeorgeView
ChantlerRussell George and Margaretha RosinaNorah JeanView
ChantlerRussell George and Margaretha RosinaKenneth RussellView
ChantlerStanley Ewald and ElaineIna MaryView
ChantlerRussell George and Margaretha RosinaPeter AnthonyView
ChantlerJohn and Cornelia JohannaErrol AndreView
ChantlerRussell George and Magarette RosinaDavid MichaelView
ChantlerRussell George and Margaretha RosinaMargaret LouiseView
ClassenJohnnes LodewilkusRupert JohnView
ClassenJohannes LodewilkusClaudette ChyreleenView
ClarkJohn Robert and Pamela JuneAndrew JohnView
ClarkJohn and JohannaCornelius WilliamView
ClarkJohn and JohannaFrederick AugustusView
ClarkJohn and JohannaAlbert IngramView
ClarkeJohn and JohannaRuth Jemima MabelView
CellsRobert Murray and Hannah CellsMary JaneView
CellsRobert Murray and HannahRobert James LukeView
CampbellJames and Mary AnneLetitiaView
CloggWilliam and Esther Petronella FrederickaEsther Petronella FrederickaView
CloggWilliam Esther Petronella FrederickaMaria EmilyView
ClackCharles and ElizabethWilliam HenryView
CornhillHenry and CatherineEllen Elizabeth WhiteView
CornhillHenry and Catherine WeymouthJulia Caroline AnneView
CockcroftJohn Henry and Sarah AnnMary Elizabeth PurdonView
CouldridgeJohn and JaneJohn WilliamsView
CloggWilliam and EstherJames WilliamView
CloggWilliam and EstherPhilip HenryView
CallawayJohn and Margaret CeciliaMary AnnView
ColemanRichard and Louisa SarahRose MatildaView
CloggWilliam and EstherSusannah AmeliaView
CampbellPeter and SarahPeter SandersonView
CummingThomas and AnnThomas AlexanderView
CummingThomas and AnnWilliam RobertsView
CowieJames and MaryWilliamView
CoxDaniel and Lydia ElizaJohnView
CrossJohn and JaneElizabethView
CooperCharles and SusannaMaria DunnView
CainJohn and JuliaMary AnneView
CrooksJonathan and SarahWilliamView
CumminsThomas and AnnieGeorginaView
CampbellPeter and Sarah (deceased)William MacDonaldView
CampbellPeter and Sarah (deceased)Mary DevereuxView
ClarkeDavid and Bridget DoyleCatharineView
CloggWilliam and MariaEliza MaryView
CloggWilliam and MariaMary AnneView
CadleJohn and SarahGeorge EllisView
CadleJohn and SarahHenry CarpenterView
ClynPieter Mattheys and Sopheya Johanna CatrienaCasper FransooissView
ConwayHenry and ElizaSarah RebeccaView
CoryWilliam and MarianneCaroline Maria Beale CoryView
CouttsLewis and LetitiaRosettaView
CammJohn Philip and CharlotteCharles LucasView
CastledineBenjamin and Charlotte SarahEllenView
CummingGeorge and Catherine DamantBliss AtherstoneView
CasemoreMary AnnJane ElizabethView
CooperJohn and LydiaAlfredView
CameronWilliam and SarahJaneView
ColeFrancis Henry and Johanna HendrikaCharles RobertView
CannellWilliam and RosettaEmily HigginsView
CleggThomas and JaneChristina HelenView
CarlisleFrederick and Mary AgnesWalter John ClementView
CurrieJoseph and Frances JemimaClement HowardView
CollinsonJoseph and MaryAlfred JohnView
CuthbertJames and ElizaJamesView
CummingsGeorge and Catherine DamantGordon GrantView
CoryWilliam George and Christiana SophiaChristiana JohannaView
CameronWilliam and SarahRichardView
CraneJames and Mary Ann??View
CammJohn Philip and CharlotteCharles BlakeView
CampbellJohn and SarahStuart FredericView
CoopeJohn and Mary AnnHannah RosellaView
ClintonHenry and Sarah AnneElizabeth MaryView
CarlisleEdmund Richard and Caroline Francis IantheWilliam Sutherland de Rebonai?View
ConstableMo and SarahMaryView
CassidyJames and AmeliaEdwardView
ConstableMoses and Sarah FredericHenryView
ConstableMoses and Sarah FredericClara MaryView
CramnerJohn and EmmaJohnView
CausebrookJames and HarrietEmmaView
CrockerCharles and AdelaideLetitiaView
CooperThomas Dunn and Lucy EllenGrace Amelia CarolineView
CooperThomas Dunn and Lucy EllenHilton HoldstockView
CooperThomas and Lucy EllenAmy Louisa BlancheView
CrockerCharles and AdelaideLetitiaView
CooperThomas Dunn and Lucy EllenGrace Amelia CarolineView
CooperThomas Dunn and Ellen LucyHilton HoldstockView
CooperThomas and Lucy EllenAmy Louisa BlancheView
CooperThomas and EllenMinerva Ellen AnnieView
CooperHilton Holdstock and SarahCatherine EllenView
CowleyAlfred Robert and Maud DesartMarjorie LlewelynView
CurrinBernard Robert and Sheila CeciliaJohn BarryView
CurrinBernard Robert and Sheila CeciliaRobert CliveView
ClowesPhilip Cecil and DaphneSt. John LeghView
CartwrightGeorge Herbert and Mary JaneEdith SybilView
CahillEdward Francis and Martha JohannaEveline VeronicaView
ChiversTheodore and Ada MargaretLlewellyn Theodore FullerView
CurrinAlfred Ernest Alfred and Benetta JaneOliveView
CarltonArthur Brisco and Hester CatherineHaroldView
CouttsEdwin and Gertrude Elizabeth MaryEileen CraigView
CookeWilliam Humphries and AnnieHarold HumphriesView
CardwellFrank Wilkinson and Helen Kathleen CampbellJohn CampbellView
ClarkeWalter and Emily ElizabethAlfred MilnerView
CrosbyWilliam and Ethel MaryEdgar GreyView
CornellErskine George and Alice GertrudeDenis ArthurView
CooperGeorge Allen and EdithJessie LouiseView
CouttsEdwin and Gertrude Elizabeth MaryEdwin JohnView
CordeauxHerbert John Charles and Eleanor ConstanceEleanor BettyView
ClarkWalter and Emily ElizabethCecil HenryView
CooperThomas Storey and Ethel ElizaOlga MaryView
CrowtherWalter and AnnieMabel LilianView
ChristisonOlaf and JohannaJohnView
CardwellFrank Wilkinson and Helen Kathleen CampbellRobert RalphView
CollingsRichard Alexander and Annie AmeliaEthel Frances MaudView
CollierFrank Howard and LouiseArthur CharlesView
CouttsEdwin and Gertrude Elizabeth MaryKathleen Mary CraigView
CordeauxHerbert John Charles and Eleanor ConstanceHerbert GeoffreyView
CarrollArthur and Mary AnneGeorge EdwardView
CompsJohn and ElizabethAnnie ElizabethView
CrosbieArchibald Theodore and Maud MatildaIda DaphnyView
CaveLeopold Francois William and Bessie LoisEsme Lois MaryView
CuthbertFrederick and Minerva GladysFrederick Harold PeachView
CannonThomas Edward Solomon and Hilda DoraOlive HildaView
CollingsRichard and AnnieBarbara Madge MatildaView
ClarkWalter and Emily ElizabethDoreen MaryView
CookeWilliam Humphries and AnniePhyllis AnnieView
CollingsRichard Vincent and Annie AmeliaGladys BeatriceView
CrosbieManfred Marcus and Ella BeatriceHarold ManfredView
ClarkeHarold Archibald and Anna WilhelminaGabriel JohannesView
CrosbieArchibald Theodore and Maud MatildaArchibald KennethView
CollinsHerbert Charles and Winnifred MargaretGladys WinnifredView
ClampittWilliam Henry and Kate ElizabethJamesView
CathrineEdward Gurney and Queenie Constance EmilyEdward NoelView
CardwellFrank Wilkinson and Helen KathleenGeoffrey EustaceView
CannonEdward and HildaMavis MariaView
ChiversTheodore and Ada MargaretStanley WillView
CrosbieManfred Marcus and Ella BeatriceBernice MaryView
CloughGerard Duncombe and Grace MargaretDuncombe GerardView
CooperRichard and Ruby Charlotte EmilyWilliam HenryView
CooperRichard and Ruby Charlotte EmilyHelena AdelaideView
CooperRichard and Ruby Charlotte EmilyClarice EthelView
CroxfordFrederick Cyril and Gladwys NewmanGladwys NancyView
CathrineEdward Gurney and QueenieJohn DidcottView
CraggMarshall and Louise JohannaRonald FrederickView
CannonThomas Bernard and Julia EleanorDoreen GraceView
ChongWong and Gertrude SarahCaroline MaryView
CloeteHenry Gordon Dundas and Elsie WinifredHelen Hester DundasView
CookeWilliam and AnnieWilliam CameronView
CuthbertFrederick and Minerva GladysLeslie WarrenView
ChelinTheodore Joseph Christopher and Emma IsabelRobert NevardView
CannonRobert Alfred and Kathleen GoodliffeJohn Michael GoodliffeView
CollingRichard Alexander Scott and Annie AmeliaPhyllis AlexandraView
CannonThomas Bernard and Julia EleanorHarry JamesView
CarstensNorman and Eunice MabelBruce HainesView
ClareMarcus and Maria Petronella JacobaArthur MarkView
CrosbieManfred Marcus and Ella BeatriceJoan ClareView
CannonEdward and HildaRosalie SybilView
ClarkThomas and Kathleen AnnieNeville JamesView
ClaassensJohn henry and AnnieJohn HenryView
CookeWilliam and AnnieRobert CannonView
CannonThomas Bernard and Julia EleanorStella EleanorView
CuthbertFrederick and Minerva GladysMinerva EstelleView
CollingsRichard Alexander Scott and Annie AmeliaRichard Vincent ScottView
CawthornWilliam and Ethel MayWilliam ThomasView
CuthbertFrederick and Minerva GladysErnest StanleyView
CrosbieArchibald Theodore and Maud MatildaMarcus GeraldView
CooperHenry Rudolph and Frances ElizabethEdwin FrankView
CowanCharles Eric and Hester ErnestineMollyView
ChambersAlick Thomas and Lilian MaudAlick TrevorView
CrawfordCyril Theodore and Florence FannyRuth CynthiaView
CannonThomas Bernard and Julia EleanorEdward JackView
CrutchleyDouglas George and MargarethaSheila JoyceView
CaveLeopold Francois William and Bessie LoisRonald HarleyView
CrageMarshall and Louise JohannaBrewer DavidView
CowleyAlfred Robert and Maude DesartPatricia ElaineView
ClarkThomas and Kathleen AnnieJean AgnesView
CuthbertFrederick and Minerva GladysLorraine MarjoryView
CoddHarry Turner and Elsie Mary ElizabethDorothy PhyllisView
CowanCharles Eric and Hester ErnestineMargaret BlytheView
CannonThomas Bernard and Julia EleanorNevilleView
CrutchleyDouglas George and MargarethaNoel JeanView
ChandlerClement Leslie and Winifred RobertsMarion MargaretView
CarpenterThomas Buller and Maria CatherinaEvelyn DaphneView
ChandlerLeslie Clement and Winifred RobertCynthia NanetteView
CaplesEdward Thomas and Gladys ElizabethThelma NoelView
CoetseeCecil Vernon and Lesley DorisPamela LollaView
CrosbieManfred Marcus and Ella BeatriceElla JeanView
CloeteJacob Peter Lawrence and ThelmaHazelView
CrutchleyDouglas George and MargarethaEric DouglasView
CooperFrederick William and Esme AlicePeter GrassamView
CarterBernard James and SusannaLilaView
ChristisonJohn and EdnaJoan ElaineView
CrutchleyGarnet Kipling and NorahJoanView
ChambersReginald and Lillian Ethel KingIrene CynthiaView
ChristisonJohn and Edna CatherineAudrey LornaView
ClackThomas and Kathleen AnnMargaret Thelma?View
CarterBernard James and SusannaAmineView
CoetseeCecil Vernon and Lesley DorisRobin LesleyView
CrosbyGrey Brass and KathleenDenis GeraldView
CastenCharles Frederick and LouisaFrederick CharlesView
CoxRichard Thierry and Violet Margaret Elizabeth (Scipio)Thierry CoxView
CrutchleyGarnet Kipling and NorahColin GarnetView
ChandlerClement Leslie and Neath ElizabethChester EdwardView
CoddCharles Belmont and Lydia Elizabeth BlandPeter CharlesView
CooperFrederick William and Esme AliceEve GrassamView
CockcroftPercy Allen and Enid IsabelleIan AllanView
CrossleyRichard Edgar and Violet MaudeThelma ElaineView
CleghornAlexander and Clarice EmilyHeatherView
ChubbJohn Ashton and Ella GwenethPamela GwenethView
CampHarold Hugh and Muriel MargotBarry CamdenView
CowardHercules Arthur and Violet AnnPamela AnnView
ChristyChristoffel Jacobus and Olive Elizabeth MimiMarcia DeniseView
CrouchFrank Alfred and Florence Helen LouiseRuth Maud IsobelView
ChristisonJohn and Edna CatherineBarbara YvonneView
ColtmanIvan Halley and Daphne Elsa IdaTrevelyn MoellerView
ChandlerClement Leslie and Neeth ElizabethRobin ReginaldView
CallahanOwen Victor and MarthaErrol GeorgeView
ClucasWilliam Joseph and DorisJohn IanView
ClementHugh James and EdithHugh CharlesView
CareyJames Joseph and Nora RuthPatricia NoraView
CorsonAlexander and Thora PatriciaWilliamView
ChristisonJohn and Edna CatherineMargaret EsmayView
ChandlerClement Leslie and Neath ElizabethNorman HughView
CollocottHarold Leslie Gordon and Phyllis JoyceRenee PhyllisView
ChewJames Alexander and Florence HildaGeoffrey AlexanderView
ClarkJohn Frederick and EthelColin NorvalView
CrossmanHarold Victor and Pauline MaryVictor DavidView
ClarkCecil Henry and Hazel EllenJean MarionView
CrankshawGilbert Henry Bristow and Joan KidsonGillian JoanView
CollinsRobert Edward and Kathleen MarjorieGillian LouiseView
ChewJames Alexander and Florence HildaChristopherView
ChristisonJohn and Edna CatherineThelma DeniseView
CollettAubrey and PatriciaAnthony HughView
CraigTerence John and Ellen KathleenEleanor CarolView
ClarkCecil Henry and Hazel EllenSheila AnnView
ClarkJohn Frederick and EthelGeoffrey NorvalView
CannonHarry James and Maria Isabella YvonneLynette YvonneView
CoxArchibald Macdermott and Margaret RubinaPatricia LesleyView
CarrollJoseph and MarthaRobertView
Clark??Anthony NorvalView
CareyJames Joseph and Nora RuthBrian JamesView
CarpenterIvor Robert and Florence RennieCaroline JaneView
CarrGuy William and Sybil ElizabethPatricia ElizabethView
CameronNestor Alexander and Joan ElizabethWilliam AlexanderView
CrockerHarry James and Amy BerthaGilbert DerrickView
CollinsRobert Edward and Kathleen MarjorieJennifer MarjorieView
ChanningEric Edwin and Phyllis HazelJune HazelView
ClarkWilliam George and Mary StanleyElizabeth GayeView
CoetzerStanley Jeremiah and Freda GeorgeanaDerek LlewellynView
CockCharles and Francis MargaretGillian MargaretView
ChandlerAdolf Carl and Edna MayVerna YvonneView
Christopher?Athol John and Thora Lorraine EmilyJohn DigbyView
CooperWilliam Grassam and FlorenceRowland Percy WheeldonView
ClarkErnest Gilbert and Theresa EmmaHerbert StanleyView
ColemanJohn and Blanche CorneliaVerna BerylView
CrousNoah Jacob and Lily FredericaPhyllisView
CrossGordon Davis and Mary Ann DorisDulcie NapierView
ChartersThomas Henry and JosephineBrian HilaryView
CollocottHarold Leslie Gordon and Phyllis JoyceEugene Albert HaroldView
CromhoutJohannes and Priscilla MariaNoel AlanView
CrankeJohn and Eunice AsshetonJohnView
CarterSylvester Hargreaves and Annie JacominaSelwyn SylvesterView
ClaysonThomas Friend and Elizabeth Dorothea CampbellColin FrankView
CawthornRichard William and Thelma JoyceAlfred BrianView
CarterAlfred Henry and Ida MurielMarina ElizabethView
ChubbJohn Ashton and Ella GwenethMichael AshtonView
CookEric Gordon Worthington and Beryl DaphneGeoffrey GordonView
CollinsDonald Alfred and Mary ElviraYvonne MairView
CrankeJohn and EuniceDigby ErnestView
CarterSylvester Hargreaves and Annie JacominaSylvette HeatherView
CorriganCecil Claude and Winifred PatriciaKevin JohnView
ChristieNoel Brian and Phyllis AlbertinaYvonne NellieView
ChristieNoel Brian and Phyllis AlbertinaDenise EmilyView
CurrinRoss Kilworth and Marguerite EdithPamela AnneView
CrooksJames and Mary MatildaGraham RichardView
CooperHarold Edgar and Rosalind BerylMerrill May FentonView
CannonErnest Alfred and Vera MayHarold ErnestView
CrossNorman Reginald and GladysIan JamesView
CookEric Gordon Worthington and Natalie SheilaWendy MabelView
CookEric Gordon Worthington and Natalie SheilaMarlene GraceView
ClaasenGeorge William and Elizabeth MargarethaDenis HenryView
ChristieNoel Brian and Phyllis AlbertinaBrian GordonView
ChapmanLaurie Alan and Corlia CarolineBeryl Lilian CoilaView
CrousLord Salisbury and Martha ElizabethJohanna Susan WilliamView
CrossNorman Reginald and Gladys Neil JohnView
CollinsFrederick Sidney and Helen MariaFrederick EarlView
ClaasenGeorge William and Elizabeth MargarettaDorothy ElizabethView
ChalmersJames William and Ann Jacoba ElizabethAmelia? ElizabethView
CrousLord Salisbury and MarthaSalisburyView
ChristieNoel Brian and Phyllis AlbertinaFrederick CharlesView
Coverley?Albert and Esme ElaineDesray AnnView
CroneyFrederick Don and Peggy DoreenChristopher VincentView
ChalmersJames William and Anne Jacoba ElizabethJames WilliamView
CorderNorman Henry and Heather ClaireLorraine JudyView
CrossNorman Reginald and GladysKenneth WilliamView
CockcroftNorman Arthur and Iris ValerieHelen RuthView
CairnsStanley and HelenBruce AnthonyView
CummingJeffrey Grant and June AugustaRoger GrantView
ChapmanGordon Frank and Ivy HelenaBeverley JoyView
ClaasenGeorge William, Jr. and Elizabeth MargarethaIvan ArthurView
ClaasenGeorge William, Sr. and Helen DorothyRonnie GrahamView
ColenbranderNorman Maurice and Vera EvelineNorma AverilView
ChalmersJames William and Ann Jacoba ElizabethHendrik JacobView
CampbellJames Matthew and Joan OliveAndrew RichardView
CroneyFrederick Don and Peggy DoreenShaun John PeterView
CrossNorman Reginald and GladysHugh AlistairView
ChartersThomas Henry and JosephineDaphne GraceView
CarrGuy William and Sybil ElizabethRichard WilliamView
CarrGuy William and Sybil ElizabethRobert GuyView
ChristisonJohn and Edna CatherineCarol LynnView
CotterillCecil Robert and Rosamund Dulcie JoanJudyView
CockcroftNorman Arthur and Iris ValeriaGail ArdenView
CronjeCornelius Douw and Barbara JoyVaughan BrettView
CrosbieMarcus Gerald and Dorothy JoyceAllen HowardView
CroneyFrederick Don and Peggy DoreenKerrie LouiseView
CooperJonathan Sisson and Kathleen JoyceCaroline ClareView
CardDonald John and Harry ElizabethWendy AnneView
CrosbieMarcus GeraldKevin GrenvilleView
Christie-SmithJames and AlvaraJames MichaelView
CarterJohn Basil and Winifred MaryChristopher PaulView
CardDonald John and Hester ElizabethRussell JohnView
CromhoutMartinus Ignatius Walter and Beryl MaryAndreView
CrossKeith Davis and Tina Noelle HarrisBeverley JoanView
CroneyFrederick Don and Peggy DoreenMandy NicoletteView
CromhoutMartinus Ignatius Walter and Beryl MaryPaul JohnView
ClarkCecil Henry and Hazel EllenNorman CecilView
CarrollJoseph and Martha WilheminaMadelineView
ChristisonJohn and Edna CatherineMarlene PriscillaView
CattellErnest Edgar and Agnes MenziesJohn EdwinView
CanterRichard Lewis and Otolde MadelineLynette EllenView
CrockerHarry James and Amy BerthaErrol DesmondView
CurryNorman Raymond Laidlaw and Angenita DaphneNorman OswaldView
ClarenceBarry Beverley Vere and Gwynneth MurielPatrick Beverley VereView
CampbellJames Matthew and Joan OliveGraham Peter JonathanView
ClarkGeorge Norman Haven and Joyce MaryGeorge Phillip HavenView
CoetzerCornelius Francois and Ilva Edith MayJudithView
ChanningEric Edwin and Phyllis HazelLesley AnnView
CrosbyEdgar Grey and Ethel MayJill AnnView
CotterellCecil Richard and Rosamund Dulcie JoanGeorge ArbuthnotView
CookHarry Scott Rae and Primrose LaurinaCarol VeronicaView
ChandlerHerbert Cecil and Veronica MurielCheryl FayView
CampbellJames Matthew and Joan OliveSusan ElizabethView
CrockerRaymond Ellis and Esme JeanDarryl EllisView
CousinsGrahame Desmond Clinton and MaisieGrahame CliveView
ChristisonJohn and Edna CatherineElizabeth AnnetteView
ChristophrAthol John and Thora Lorraine EmilyJoan MaryView
ChristisonJohn and Edna CatherineNeville JohnView
CaleDavid John and Beatrice MaudChristopher JohnView
CrockerRaymond Ellis and Esme JeanSharron PatriciaView
CrosbyEdgar Grey and May EthelMichael GreyView
CurryNorman Raymond Laidlaw and Angenita DaphneDaphne AnnView
ChubbAnthony Paul Ashton and Frances Isabel HartAnthony Geoffrey AshtonView
CarrollJoseph and Martha MariaDavidView
CarltonAlexander Daniel and Mona FayRosalie MaureenView
CarterHarold Herbert and Audrey ValerieDave AlanView
CheethamLeonard and HenriettaEryth LeonardView
Cook?? (Nee Finch)Maureen MyfanwyView
CloetePetrus Stephanus and Sheilah MolliriePeter StephenView
ChubbAnthony Paul Ashton and Frances Isabel HartBarbara JoView
CloeteHendrik Pietros and GouldaLaolaView
CarwrightCharles Mason and Dorothy IreneJohn DeanView
CarterHarold Herbert and Audrey ValerieMarion AnneView
CheethamLeonard and HenriettaMaxine ElizabethView
CookeHerbert Arthur Allen and Sheila FannyDavid BryanView
CartwrightCharles Mason and Dorothy IrenePeter MasonView
CrosbieMarcus Gerald and Dorothy JoyceDennis AshleyView
ClarkJohn Arthur and Vivienne EnidGraeme JohnView
Cook??Sylvia JoanView
ChubbAnthony Paul Ashton and Frances Isabel HartKatherine IsabelView
ChapmanPat Grove and MarylynDavid RobertView
CloeteMarthinus Johannes and Lorna IreneAnthony LarryView
CurrinAlfred Basil and Stella Alice RoseDerick AnthonyView
ChapmanPat Grove and MarylynMark JonathanView
CousinsGrahame Desmond and MaisieNicoletteView
CartwrightCharles Mason and Dorothy IreneJean IsobelView
CurrinJack Kilworth and Hazel StellaDavid KilworthView
Clarke-FisherEric William Stanley and Yvonne MargaretJill Lesley-AnnView
CurrinAidan Charles and Muriel BlancheRenee IngridView
CarrollJoseph and Martha Maria WilhelminaMargaret LouisaView
CoetzeeRonald Ernest Chris and Lorraine IvyMichelle ElizabethView
CroucampDesmond and Violet ElizabethGloria JoyView
CarterHarold Herbert and Audrey ValerieJune AlanaView
CooperHilton Dunn and Josephine ZoeGloria Emily JeanView
CoxMichael Howard Tesling and Jewel CameronJennifer Jane TeslingView
CameronNeil William and Janet HopeVivienneView
CoxAlan Gordon and Yvonne AilsaColin DerekView
CurrinAidan Charles and Muriel BlancheWynne AntonyView
ChapmanPat Grove and MarylynAnton PaulView
CrosbyAnthony Grey and Desiree HarleyHilliary GreyView
CurrinLesley Stanley and Ellen ElizabethPeter WilliamView
CarlHenry Ernest and SaantjeJacobView
CherryWarwick John and June FlorenceDiana HelenView
CrawfordRobert Charles Limond and Alma RuthChristopher John LimondView
CraythorneDonald Leslie and Winifred ElizabethIan LeslieView
ChapmanPat Grove and MarylynWendy AnneView
CharlesSydney Alfred and Mary FaithMabel IvyView
CharlesSydney Alfred and Mary FaithThomas RodneyView
CharlesSydney Alfred and Mary FaithStanley WinstonView
ChapmanVivian George Bradwell and Frances BeatriceColleen MayView
Clarke-FisherEric William Stanley and Yvonne MargaretDavid WilliamView
CrockerEveritt Stephen and MerleVanessaView
CoetzeeBetzues Johannes and Sophie PhyllisBraam JohanView
ClodeRobert Michael and Ingrid SheilaLynneth MargaretView
CrosbyAnthony Grey and Desiree HarleyIan ChristopherView
CoxRichard and Elaine AudreyHazelView
ChinnerRaymond Leslie and Esther ElizabethMark JustinView
ClarkPeter Theo and Thelma LouisaKeith TheoView
CarterJohn Basil and Winifred MaryJohn MichaelView
CarterJohn Basil and Winifred MaryAlison MaryView
CoxAlan Gordon and Yvonne AilsaTerrence MichaelView
CresswellFrederick Forster and Brenda MarySarah JaneView
ClaasenThomas Henry and Edith GladysLionelView
CoetzeeNicolaas and Joyce YvetteCharlesView
CoetzeeNicolaas and Joyce YvetteMarthinus HughView
CollinsRobert Brian and Judith AntoinetteAnthony John LouisView
CresswellFrederick Forster and Brenda MaryFrederick JamesView
CrockerHarold Sidney and Hazel Janet Lee-AnneView
ChurchMalcolm Lovet and Athalie AmyRichard LionelView
CooperPeter Grassam and Althea MerleTracy AnnView
CrouchThomas Oliver and Gwendoline GertrudeMichelle MarleneView
CotterrellMichael Clifford and Marguerite CatherineFrancis EdwardView
ChapmanRobert Geoffrey and Constance ElizabethBrenda JoanView
CrowhurstColin Newell and Elaine AnnCraig WarrenView
CresswellFrederick Forster and Brenda MaryGuy RobertView
CrockerHarold Sidney and HazelRobert GarthView
CockNaomi Ruth and Cedric RonaldJanelle RuthView
ChurchMalcolm and AthalieSusan AthalieView
ChubbMichael and ClaireLauren AnneView
ChristieAlistair and AnneSusanView
CooperMichael and LorraineChristopher StuartView
CherringtonDeryck Layton and GretaLisaView
Clive-SmithLindsay Ashley and Ruth DeanFiona HelenView
ChiltonDerek Hugh and Jennifer-AnneLucinda ChloeView
ChapmanPat Gove and Edith MaryRobyn MaryView
CouttsWilliam John and Beverley BailieShannon BurdettView
CouttsDavid Patrick and Margaret Helen WycheRobyn MaryView
CotterellGeorge Arbuthnot and Lynnette AnneKim LesleyView
CloeteJohannes Stephanus and Maxine ElizabethCharlotte AnnView
CotterellGeorge Arbuthnot and Lynnette AnneLeigh JoanView
CooperMichael and LouraineJonathan Michael RoweView
CouttsWilliam John and Beverley BailieAndrew JamesView
CrosbyMichael Grey and Barbara AnneGrant GreyView
ConnorGideon Johannes Petrus and Cynthia DawnFranklin WayneView
ConnorGideon Johannes Petrus and Cynthia DawnPeter JohannesView
ConnorGideon Johannes Petrus and Cynthia DawnErrol JohnView
ConnorGideon Johannes Petrus and Cynthia DawnClaudette FelicityView
ConnorGideon Johannes Petrus and Cynthia DawnDenise ElizabethView
ConnorGideon Johannes Petrus and Cynthia DawnColin GideonView
ConnorGideon Johannes Petrus and Cynthia DawnMay KatieView
CouttsWilliam John and Beverley BailieJoanneView
CowanPeter Andrew and Susan LouiseLindsay AnnView
CroukampDennis Eric Walter and Susan AnneKeilee JeanetteView
CordukesVincent Sheridan and WinefredDavidView
CordukesVincent Sheridan and WinefredSheridanView
CordukesVincent Sheridan and WinefredJaneanView
ClaughtonMelton Howard and Sally ElizabethRyan MeltonView
ClarkeDavid Henry and Benita AnnDav-Len JoeView
ClarkeDavid Henry and Benita AnnStanley LeeView
CoetzerCarl and Julia AnnDuncanView
CooperHarry and JaneCharlesView
CooperHarry and JaneFlorenceView
ConnollyRobert and Mary JaneMartha ElizabethView
CrutchleyEdward Addingbroke and MarianEdward AddingbrokeView
CornuelFelix James and Amelia Elizabeth JaneHenry StockdaleView
CroeserFrancis and Harriet HamiltonMary EstherView
ColemanRichard and Louisa SarahMaud AliceView
CoombsFrederick Daniel and Mary HenleyFrederick George JamesView
CuthbertGeorge Blythe and EmilyStephana MaudView
ConnollyRobert and Mary JaneRossView
CroeserJoshua and FannyRichard Frederick LushingtonView
CarrollEdward John and Marianne GeorginaIna VernonView
ChapmanRobert and FannyFlorence LillyView
CuthbertGeorge Blythe and EmilyEthel MurielView
CooperHarry and JaneGilbert JohnView
ColemanRichard and Louisa SarahCyril EdmundView
ChamberlainThomas and EdithMary MayView
CampbellJohn and Eugenie MariaGertrude MaudView
CarrollEdward John and Marianne GeorginaVernon VerekerView
CollingsRichard Vincent and ChristinaEleanor Clara MaudView
CoppardThomas George and Helena AugustaEmma LouiseView
ColemanRichard and Louisa SarahCuthbert VictorView
CoppardThomas George and Helena AugustaMabel RuthView
ChamberlainThomas and EdithAubrey MayView
CowdenWilliam and Caroline Friedricka EmmaWilliam HenryView
ColleyWilliam Wood and Mary AnnJane DigbyView
CollingsRichard Vincent and ChristinaHannah CatherineView
CarrollEdward John and Marianne GeorginaEdward NevilleView
CarrollEdward John and Marianne GeorginaGerald NoelView
ChamberlainThomas and EdithMargaret MayView
CroninCharles Edward and Emily CordeliaAugustusView
CroninCharles Edward and Emily CordeliaFrances KennawayView
CroninCharles Edward and Emily CordeliaNinaView
CroninCharles Edward and Emily CordeliaMinnie MayView
CaplerJohn and AgnesRose EmmaView
CoppardThomas George and Helena AugustaJamesView
CarrollEdward John and Marian GeorginaCecil AskewView
CouttsEdwin John and Mary FrancesPeter BurdettView
CummingJohn Dudley and Mary EllenJennifer AnneView
CallawayJohn and Audrey StellaBarry StuartView
CarterLanie Alfread and Mary JohannaSandra AnnView
ClarkPeter Theo and Thelma LouisaCarol AlvinaView
CummingJeffrey Grant and June AugustaColleen HeatherView
CummingJohn Dudley and Mary EllenAnthony GeraldView
CarterLarrie Alfred and Mary JohannaGraham EdwardView
ColenbranderNorman Maurice and Vera EvelineGerard ErnestView
CaplesClarence Riefed and Irene HelenaJack DesmondView
ClarkeGabriel Johannes Botes and Doris Lydia AliceGerald LeonView
CoetzerWentzel Christoffel and Rita ElaineMalcolm EdwardView
CaplesJack Desmond and Daphne JoyceMichael DesmondView
ClarkeIsaac Edward and Sarah Ann ElizabethHarold ArchibaldView
CampbellColin Winchester and Veronica JoanJennifer GayleView
CoxGlenham Lovell and DeannaVanessaView
CampbellColin Winchester and Veronica JoanMichael AndrewView
CoetzerDavid Cornelius and NanetteTheresaView
CaplesJack Desmond and Daphne JoyceSharon IrisView
ChristieRobert Gordon and Constance HirrellJennifer View
CoetzerWillem David and DeniseDebraView
CockCedric Ronald and Naomi RuthMichelle AnnView
CoetzerWillem David and DeniseIngridView
ChubbMichael Ashton and Claire CecileJohn AshtonView
ClarkeThomas Henry and Letitia MaryJames Douglas VivianView
CoetzerWillem David and DeniseDavidView
ClaassenLarry Allen and YvonneLaurinView
CarswellRobert and LorraineMelanieView
CaldecottWilliam Raymond and Millicent MaudePearl RaymondView
CockcroftWalter William and Helen AlettaRhona GertrudeView
CockcroftWalter William and Helena AlettaHelena Sybil AnnView
CarlisleFrank and StellaDesire AnneView
CorfieldErnest Robert and Edna MayWilliam FrankView
CrockerSidney and Enid SusannaIrene DorothyView
CuckowAntony Philip and Sheila MelvilleRoy AntonyView
CrutchleyEdward Addingbrook and MarianMaud Amy WinifredView
CockcroftJohn Henry and Sarah AnnWalter WilliamView
CleverlyJohn James and Edith HelenMary EdithView
CombesLuek McMahon and Charlotte GrayAnita CharlotteView
ChrisholsChrishols and AnneAnne ElizabethView
ClearDavid Michael and Ellen MaryCharles DavidView
CleverlyJohn James and Edith HelenRose ElizaView
CrutchleyEdward Addingbrook and J. A. MarianWilliam CainsView
CockcroftJohn Henry and Sarah AnnMarkView
CleverlyJohn James and Edith HelenEdith HelenView
ClearDavid Michael and Ellen MaryFrancis PhilipView
CarnellFrancis George and MaryFrancis Gerald DuncanView
CockcroftJohn Henry and Sarah AnnSarah Ann CliffordView
ClearDavid Michael and Ellen MaryIsabel MargaretView
CrutchleyEdward Addingbrook and J. A. MarianLilian MayView
CrutchleyEdward Addingbrook and J. A. MarianVictoriaView
CrutchleyEdward Addingbrook and J. A. MarianMarianView
ClearDavid Michael and Ellen MaryEllen MaryView
ClearDavid Michael and Ellen MaryPhilip John de VilliersView
CurrieMurdoch and Ada SelinaHoratia CharlesView
ClearDavid Michael and Ellen MaryVera Annie ElizabethView
CourtneyHenry and MaggieHelen BeatriceView
CurwinThomas and AgnesLeslie BoughtonView
CurrieMurdoch and Ada SelinaAviceView
ClackCharles Henry and Emily Annie ElizabethFrances EvaView
ClearDavid Michael and Ellen MaryIrene Lydia RussellView
CrabtreeWilliam Robson and A. BeatriceEmily Dorothy CarlottaView
CarterAlfred Bouverie and Margaret AnnAlfred HenryView
CurrieMurdock and Ada SelinaStellaView
ClearDavid Michael and Ellen MaryDorothy LucyView
CrabtreeWilliam Robson and A. BeatriceGertrude ColleenView
CleaveEdmund and AnnieGertrude KateView
CurrinLevi Richard and AmyLevi Cottington EvertonView
CloughArchibald and SelinaMolke HarrisView
CraggMarshall and LouisaGeorge MoritzView
CraggMarshall and LouisaEdwardView
ColmanThomas Hugh Waide and Emily AnnHallett ThomasView
ClossCecil Thomas Lancelot and Lorna CarolineMargaret ConnieView
CraggMarshall and LouisaKathleen ElizabethView
CarrollJohn Frederick and sophie Louisa HenriettaFrederick WilliamView
CraggMarshall and Louise JohannaDorothy LouiseView
ClarkeHenry and Minnie SophiaMaria MagdalenaView
CurrinLevi Richard and Amy ElizabethIlva Edith MayView
CraggMarshall and LouiseEthel MaryView
CowanJohn and AliceDorothy EvelynView
CurrinLevi Richard and Amy ElizabethMelville Edward ArthurView
CliffordAlbert Victor and Nora CeciliaAlfred Charles St. JohnView
ClarkRobert Alexander and Annie CathrinaWalter AlexanderView
CunnisonJohn Anderson and Lilian MaryEdwin TerraceView
CraggMarshall and LouisaJean MayView
CliffordAlbert Victor and Norah CeliaVictor ThomasView
ColeAlfred William and Gertrude MeganKathleen Phyllis DoreenView
ClarkEdwin and RoseJoyce IrisView
CurrinLevi Richard and Amy ElizabethMyrtle AmyView
ClarkeReuben Arthur and Mary ElizabethLionel NoelView
ClarkeReuben Arthur Richard and Mary ElizabethVeronica May BlancheView
ClarkeEdward Douglas and Irene MaryRichard Douglas PaleyView
CummingGerald Grant and Dora EvelynJeffrey GrantView
ChambersLewis Cyril James and Dorothy JessieLewis HenryView
ClarkeEdward and IreneCharles DesmondView
CharlesJames and RoseSydney CharlesView
ChapmanFrederic Arthur and Mary LornaAyletteView
ChartersLewis Cyril James and DorothyRolandView
CorstenMargaretSophie DoreenView
Chang SingLee Chan and Nellie JohannaNellie JohannaView
CanhamIsaac and FlorenceNaude IsaacView
CorstenStanley and EdithErnestView
ComerJack and Anna Katrina JustinaWalda JuneView
CurrinBernard Robert and Sheila CeciliaJohn BarryView
CenterJames and Martha JohannaPhillip AndrewView
CroucampDesmond and Violet ElizabethJennifer AnneView
CroutGilbert Walton and Florence ErnestineSharon BeverleyView
CharltonHugh Jenkinson and Daphne VernaJohn Robert HughView
CockRonald Frederic and Esme Mary MayMalcolm JamesView
Cooper??Nora OliveView
ChestersWilliam Percival and Isobel MadgeBrian IanView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphneRonald DuncanView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphnePeter JohnView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jamina DaphneJean DaphneView
CampbellPeter and Stella JoanJonathanView
Coetzee??Venesse AnnView
CraigieDerek Roland and Joan MargaretRobin OwenView
ColinTrevor and Annette MareeRene EliseView
CraigieCedric Alexander and Gail JeanetteWilliam ArthurView
CorbyMalcolm Terry and LynetteBruceView
ClaridgePeter Brian and Patricia LorraineAngela CharmaineView
CorbyMalcolm Terry and LynetteBrett AndrewView
ClaridgePeter Brian and Patricia LorraineCraig ShawnView
CraigieDerek and JoanJason LeeView
CraigieHeather MaryThane DanielView
CraigieCedric and GailClinton AlexanderView
CraigieCedric and GailSteven MartinView
CraigieCedric and GailJohn David BenjaminView
CraigieDerek and JoanRoxann MargaretView
CarterShane Austen Cunliffe and LeanneTeneilView
CadleWilliam Cyril and Avice? GladysAthene EvasView
CampbellAlister Colin and Barbara EvelynBarbara Heather McLeodView
CapkaDavid and Miriam MariaFrancis DavidView
CapkaMoses and LinaDavid WalterView
CapkaDavid and MiriamMinnie KatieView
CapkaMoses and LenaWillie DennisView
CapkaBettyJean ElizabethView
CarlsonArchibald William and Sarah Margaret MaudFaye AletheaView
CarlsonKenneth Robert Victor and Zoe IreneBrian kennethView
CarlsonArchibald William and Sarah Margaret MaudColleenView
CarlsonArchibald William and Sarah Margaret MaudGlendaView
CarlsonKenneth Robert Victor and Zoe IreneRaymond AlanView
CarolusMuriel EdithSidney FranklinView
CarstensMervyn (deceased) and ?? (deceased)William HenryView
CarterLeonard and Daphne EileenVernonView
CastenWilliam Charles and MargaretMaureen JoanView
CenterRobert and Ethel FlorenceRosemarie Colleen NormaView
CenterJames and Martha JohannaJames GordonView
CenterRobert and Ethel FlorenceWilliam GeorgeView
ChambersWilliam Jack and BarbaraMarion JoyceView
CharlesSydney and Mary FaithMichael AnthonyView
CharlesSydney Alfred and Mary FaithWendyView
CharlesSydney Alfred and Mary FaithBarbara LynetteView
CharlesSydney Alfred and Mary FaithIvan AnthonyView
ChartonGodfrey Markham and Nancy Catherine JoanRichard AlexanderView
ChaseVictor Frank Rolph and Marjorie JosephineMarie JosephineView
ChaseVictor Frank Rolph and Marjorie JosephineJean EstherView
ChasteauneufHarry Robert and Una GraceBarbara DeniseView
CheshireDouglas Livingstone and Isabel McIverGordon LivingstoneView
ChettyAroomogam Moothoo and Kate MarionKasavalView
ChettyAroomagam and Kate MarionSybil SevagameeView
ChristianGeorge and DaphneTheresa EthelView
ChrystalArthur Howard and Beryl IsobelLynette AnneView
ClaasenGeorge William and Helena DorothyThomas HenryView
ClaasenGeorge William and Helena DorothyLewis PeterView
ClaasenGeorge William and Helena DorothyEric ErnestView
ClampittPhillip Hutton and CarolineSarah MinnieView
ClarkJohn Henry and Maud Ethridge MayMaureen Esther MarthaView
ClarkAnn ElizabethShirley CabellView
ClarkRobert William and Margaret MatildaSylvia CynthiaView
ClarkWilliam Henry Charles and Elizabeth MarionDavid Charles JohnView
ClarkeEdward Douglas and Irene MaryGrace ConstanceView
ClarkeHarold Archibald and Isabella GrantBasil MervynView
ClarkeHaold Archibald and Ann ElizabethAnn ElizabethView
ClarkeHarold Archibald and Isabella GrantAudrey yvonneView
ClarkeHarold Archibald and Isabella GrantRosalie LorettaView
ClarkeThomas and Magdelene ElizabethRichard AnthonyView
ClarkeAnn ElizabethGraham BruceView
ClarkeThomas and Magdalene ElizabethMerle KathleenView
ClarkeGabriel Johannes and Doris Lydia AliceHeather DawnView
ClarkeGabriel Johannes and Dorris LydiaDesiree LorraineView
ClarkeHarold Archibald and Isabella GrantDenise JoyView
ClarkeThomas and Magdelene ElizabethRobert MichaelView
ClarkeThomas and Magdelene ElizabethDoreen ElizabethView
ClarkeBernard Douglas and Edith Evelyn JaneLoxleyView
ClassenGeorge William and Elizabeth MargarethaGeorge WilliamView
ClaysonThomas Friend and Elizabeth DorotheaDavid AllanView
ClempittPhilip Hutton and CarolineGeorge JamesView
CloeteFrans Pienaar and Emma Mathilda ErnestineMagrithaView
CloeteGerhardus Erasmus and Rosemary ElizabethGerhardus RichardView
ClurKenneth Louis and Olive JoanLinda AnnView
CoetzeeFrank and Norah Orlando Blanche WinifredEric Frans CourtenayView
CoetzeeJohn George and Ethel MaryRonald GaryView
ColbertAnthony Alexandra and Rheda Constance EllenJacqueline ClaudetteView
ColbertAnthony Alexander and Rheda Constance EllenJefferey Edward AlbertView
ColbertAnthony Alexandria and Rheda Constance EllenWendy MichaelineView
ColemanRoy Percival and BarbaraMichael RussellView
CollomGeorge Edgar and Doreen EthelGeorge GroganView
ColmanJohn Henry and NorahRonald BazilView
ConnellDenis Arthur and Gladys WinifredMichael DenisView
ConradtHarold Johannes and Doris EmmaNeville JohnView
ConradtHarold Johannes and Doris EmmaVerna MarilynView
CookEric Gordon Worthington and Natalie SheilaMichael JohnView
CooperNorman (deceased) and Edith (Prentis)TudorView
CorriganAlfred James and Rita HelenaRalph NixonView
CowanDorothyPhyllis MaureenView
CowleyArthur Wellesley and Noel BeatriceSusan WellesleyView
CraggJohn Conway and Alicia ElizabethJohn ConwayView
CrankshawVictor Thomas and Kathleen LetitiaEdmund DouglasView
CrockerAndrew Edward and Vera Agnes AmeliaEverett StephenView
CromhoutJohannes Jacobus and Edna MayGay JeanneView
CrosbieHarold Manfred and Armine MaryMichael HaroldView
CurgenvenFrank Raymond George and Thora MyrtleTerence NormanView
Curgenven??Hilda LornaView
CurgenvenFrank Raymond George and Thora MyrtleEdward ChristopherView
CurrinHerbert Charles and Gertrude ClariceWilliam KeithView
CurrinRoss Kilworth and Marguerite EdithPeter RossView
ClarkHenry and Louisa (Kemp)HenryView
CurrieJoseph and Frances JemimaCatharine AnneView
ColemanWhitbread and AnnEdward GripperView
CrossJohn and MaryNewtonView
CrossJohn and MaryCrofton ColinView
CooperJoseph Birch and Anna SophiaHester FlorenceView
CrossJohn and Mary Herbert LennoxView
CloeteSebastian Valentine and HarrietMaria Johanna EdithView
CastensHenry Emily and Catherine JaneFlorence KateView
CloeteSebastian Valentine and HarrietHenryView
CooperJoseph Birch and Anna sophiaKate MarionView
CastensHenry Emil and Catherine JaneHerbert HaytonView
ChurchRobert Paxton and Mary AnnBasil EdmundView
CoffieHugh and JaneElizabethView
CrossJohn and MaryGibbon HiltonView
CastensHenry Emil and Catherine JaneSophiaView
CrossRobert and Jane ElizabethRichard EdwardView
CoffieHugh and JaneAndrew HughView
CooperJoseph Birch and Annie SophiaCharles SydneyView
ColeMansel Lawford and JulianaEdward Mansel LawfordView
CoffieHugh and JaneWilliam JamesView
CruickshankAlexander and Sarah AnnHenry James BottonView
CooperJoseph Birch and Anna SophiaWilliam YardleyView
ColeMansel Lawford and JulianaAlbert John LawfordView
CooperJoseph Birch and Anna sophiaMaria JosephineView
ChittendenAlbert Charles and Emily ElizabethCharles CalebView
CooperJoseph Birch and Anna SophiaEdmund BirchView
CockWilliam Frederic and Lucy AnneWilliamView
CockWilliam Frederic and Lucy AnneJames NethertonView
ClaytonJohn and AnnJohnView
ClaytonGeorge, Jr. and JaneWilliam HenryView
ClaytonGeorge, Jr. and JaneMary AgnesView
ClaytonGeorge, Jr. and JaneDavid StephenView
ClaytonGeorge, Jr. and JaneRosina ElizabethView
ClaytonGeorge, Jr. and SarahLouis SandersonView
ClaytonGeorge, Jr. and Sarah ElizabethGeorge EdwinView
ClaytonGeorge, Jr. and Sarah ElizabethEliza Jane EdithView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneCharles LaurenceView
ClaytonGeorge and Sarah ElizabethLouisa Johanna CawoodView
ClaytonGeorge and Sarah ElizabethClifford JohnView
ClaytonGeorge and Sarah ElizabethAda MariaView
CurrinRichard and Eliza JaneGeorge ThompsonView
ClaytonGeorge and Sarah ElizabethElizabeth EllenView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraGordonView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraHarveyView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraMauriceView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraJessie AudreyView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraStanleyView
ClaytonClifford John and Florence WeymouthArthur RossView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraNormanView
ClaytonClifford John and Florence WeymouthWinifred WeymouthView
CawoodJohn Samuel and Ada MariaGeorge AlbertView
CronwrightArthur Ebenezer Cron and Emily Mary BazettFrederick Saunders CronView
CronwrightArthur Ebenezer Cron and Emily Mary BazettEdward Kinton CronView
ClaytonClifford John and Florence WeymouthKathleen MaryView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraGrace DoreenView
CronwrightArthur Ebenezer Cron and Emily Mary BazettMary Bazett CronView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraJoyce ReitaView
CronwrightArthur Ebenezer Cron and Emily Mary BazettSarah Lillian Helena Troy CronView
ClaytonClifford John and Florence WeymouthGeorge CliffordView
ClaytonClifford John and Florence WeymouthClaude DennisView
ClaytonClifford John and Florence WeymouthAllan LewisView
CottonGeoffrey Richmond and DorisSonja CarmenView
CuttenEdward John Gaynor and Ann Adele CarmichaelCathrine MargaretView
ConwayHenry and ElizaSarah RebeccaView
CoryWilliam and MarianneCaroline Maria Beale CoryView
CouttsLewis and LetitiaRosettaView
CammJohn Philip and CharlotteCharles LucasView
CastledineBenjamin and Charlotte SarahEllenView
CummingGeorge and Catherine DamantBliss AtherstoneView
CasemoreMary AnnJane ElizabethView
CooperJohn and LydiaAlfredView
CameronWilliam and SarahJaneView
ColeFrancis Henry and Johanna HendrikaCharles RobertView
CannellWilliam and RosettaEmily HigginsView
CleggThomas and JaneChristina HelenView
CarlisleFrederick and Mary AgnesWalter John ClementView
CurrieJoseph and Frances JemimaClement HowardView
CollinsonJoseph and MaryAlfred JohnView
CuthbertJames and ElizaJamesView
CummingsGeorge and Catherine DamantGordon GrantView
CoryWilliam George and Christiana SophiaChristiana JohannaView
CameronWilliam and SarahRichardView
CraneJames and Mary Ann??View
CammJohn Philip and CharlotteCharles BlakeView
CampbellJohn and SarahStuart FredericView
CoopeJohn and Mary AnnHannah RosellaView
ClintonHenry and Sarah AnneElizabeth MaryView
CarlisleEdmund Richard and Caroline Francis IantheWilliam Sutherland de Rebonai?View
ConstableMo and SarahMaryView
CassidyJames and AmeliaEdwardView
ConstableMoses and Sarah FredericHenryView
ConstableMoses and Sarah FredericClara MaryView
CramnerJohn and EmmaJohnView
CausebrookJames and HarrietEmmaView
CairikRichard Paul and GladysRichard Thomas PaulView
CairncrossHerbert William and Louisa ChristinaLilian DorothyView
CairncrossHerbert William and Louisa ChristinaReubenView
CairncrossHerbert William and Louisa ChristinaMelvil AndrewView
CaldwellErnest Henry and Mary KateReginald KennethView
CallaghanNoel Windell and Hilary JocelynHugh WindellView
CampbellJohanna ElizabethHenry Louis EugeneView
CampbellAlexander Gunning and Millicent AugustaRonald SilwardView
CampbellAlexander Gunning and Millicent AugustaRonald SilwardView
CampbellAlexander Cunning and Millicent AugustaVerdun SarrailView
CampbellAlexander Gunning and Millicent AugustaUna ThoraView
CampbellAlexander Gumming and Millicent AugustaNorma ElaineView
CampbellAlexander Gunning and Millicent AugustaColin EdwardView
CampbellAlexander Gunning and Millicent AugustaErrol HectorView
CampbellDonald and Gladys MabelIvy VioletView
CampbellAlexander Gunning and Millicent AugustaPearl ElmaView
CampbellFrank Douglas and Iris MaudMizpah MerleView
CampbellFrank Douglas and Iris MaudMyzpah MurleView
CampbellAlexander Gunning and Millicent AugustaBarry leonView
CampbellRonald Silward and Doreen MayDerril RonaldView
CampbellFrank Douglas and Iris MaudGladwin ArthurView
CampbellRonald Silward and Doreen MayJean MerleView
CannockHenry Ernest and Louisa MatildaWilliam ErnestView
CarelsonWilliam Henry and Bertha Charlotte ElizabethWilliam HenryView
CarlesJohn William and SarahJames HenryView
CarlesJohn William and SarahElizabeth EllaView
CarlesJohn William and SarahAgnes KatrinaView
Carleswilliam and BerthaDaphne KathleenView
CarlsenWilliam Henry and Bertha Charlotte ElizabethJoan Phyllis HazelView
CarlsenJohannes and LydiaWilliam HenryView
CarlsonWilliam and BerthaMinnie FranscinaView
CarlsonJohannes George and LilleyGeorge HenryView
CarlsonWilliam and BerthaCorneliusView
CarlsonJohannes and LydiaFrances MatildaView
CarlsonWilliam and BerthaEsther Magdalene ElizabethView
CarrollArthur and Mary AnnJosephView
CarterLouis Frederick and Cecily WinifredLucelle AnnView
CaseyJames Patrick and MinnieEmily IrisView
CastenFrederick Charles and Manell MargaretVernon Richard DavidView
CastenFrederick Charles and Maud MargaretLorraine Sybil DawnView
CastonFrederick Charles and Maude Margaret AnnGodfrey Eric JamesView
CawoodJohn Backhouse and Olga Louise JustineClive NelsonView
ChandlerWilliam Charles and JohannaErnest ArthurView
ChandlerWilliam Charles and JohannaHerbert CecilView
ChandlerCharles William and AliceChristopher CharlesView
ChandlerJohn and Daisy Millicent RebeccaDorothy EllenView
ChandlerCharles William and AliceDesmond WilliamView
ChandlerWilliam Charles and JoannaEdna MayView
ChandlerJohn and DaisyStella IvyView
ChandlerWilliam and AnnieHazell HopeView
ChandlerWilliam and JohannaMaureen View
ChandlerCharles William and AliceDelphi MagdaleneView
ChandlerWilliam Charles and JohannaPhyllisView
ChandlerJohn and DaisyDonald BertramView
ChandlerJohn and DaisyDaphne DaisyView
ChandlerJohn Bertram and Daisy Millicent RebeccaGordon JohnView
ChandlerJohn Bertram and Daisy Millicent RebeccaJoyce MayView
ChandlerJohn Bertram and Daisy Millicent RebeccaNeville DennisView
ChandlerWilliam Andrew and Muriel JoyceBasil FinchamView
ChandlerWilliam Andrew and Muriel JoyceBrian FinchamView
ChandlerWilliam Andrew and Muriel JoyceMichael AndrewView
ChandlerHerbert Cecil and Veronica MurielLionel DerrilView
ChandlerWilliam Andrew and Muriel JoyceEric AustinView
ChapmanRoscoe Charles and Gladys MaryRoscoe SheardView
CheekAlbert Edward and Ethel ElizabethAthalie NorenView
ChiversThomas Stanley and Alice EleanorElva MabelView
ChowlesVictor George and IrisJoselyn DargoView
ChristianVincent Paul and Ivy ValhamballMarion Constance JeanView
ClaassenGert Johannes and Susan JohannaNeil AlexanderView
ClaassenGert Johannes and Susan JohannaNathan AlanView
ClaassenGert Johannes and Susan JohannaEthelwyn Geraldine MaryView
ClackThomas George and MargaretDaphne JayView
ClackThomas George and MargaretShirley BerylView
ClackThomas George and MargaretJean MargaretView
ClareWilliam Thomas and Sarah StanlyHenry WilliamView
ClareHenry William and Kathleen EstherKathleen ElaineView
ClareHenry William and Kathleen EstherDaphne EstelleView
ClarkThomas Nelson and Louisa Mary AnnPercy RichardView
ClarkThomas Nelson and Louisa Mary AnnSydney Stanley NelsonView
ClarkThomas Nelson and Louisa Mary AnnFlorence MayView
ClarkeThomas Nelson and Louisa Mary AnnAlice MaudView
ClarkeThomas Nelson and Louisa Mary AnneEdward ThomasView
ClarkeThomas Nelson and Louisa Mary AnneErnest JamesView
ClarkeThomas Nelson and Louisa Mary AnnDorothy LouisaView
ClarkeEdward Thomas and Rachel GladysGladys EvelynView
ClarkeEdward Thomas and Rachel GladysAlfred Thomas EdwardView
ClarkeWilfrid Ross and AmeliaKeith RossView
ClarkeWilfrid Ross and AmeliaGordon AllenView
ClarkeMillford Ross and AmeliaRonald JamesView
ClarkeBernard Douglas and Edith Evelyn JaneDoreen MerleView
ClarkeBernard Douglas and Edith Evelyn JaneGloria IreneView
ClementWilliam James and Dulcima ElfreidaCameron RogerView
ClementWilliam James and Dulcima ElfreidaGraeme MacdonaldView
ClementsRichard and Gladys Ruby MargueriteNorman AlexanderView
ClementsRichard and Gladys Ruby MargueriteKeith Bernard RobertView
ClementsRichard and Gladys Ruby MargueriteMary Joan MurielView
ClementsRichard and Gladys Ruby MargueriteRichard PhillipView
ClementsRichard and Gladys R. MargueriteMargaret AnneView
CloeteMarthinus Johannes and Maria Cathrina MargrithaWilliam NicholasView
CoatesJames William and Kate Agnes Matilda AugustaWilliam VernieView
CochraneJohn Ernest and SinaGustaView
CoertzeJacob Johannes and Enid Monica JohniePatricia MarthaView
CoertzeJacob Johannes and Enid MonicaJeanette MerleView
CoetzeeJohn Viljoen and Chaterina ElizabethChaterina ElizabethView
CoetzeeJack Henry and Beatrice JuliaArthur Don HenryView
CoetzerJohn Harm and Annie MariaJohanna SusanView
CollettClifford Ellis and Winifred GertrudeMaureen RosalieView
ColleyWilliam Wood and Mary AnnAlice ElizabethView
CollocottArthur Richard and HildaArthur Bayard BeresfordView
CollocottArthur Richard and HuldaHarold Leslie GordonView
CollocottArthur Richard and HuldaIvan Walter SturdeeView
CollocottHarold Brangham and Emma BerthaLyall CharlesView
CollocottHarold Brangham and Emma BerthaAudrey MayView
ConnellEdward Midgley and CorneliaLeonard MidgleyView
CookFrederick Wrighton Paradise and Amy GladysPhyllis Penelope ParadiseView
CookJames Henry Gordon and Mildred GraceEric Gordon WorthingtonView
CookCyril James and Eileen CecilyErrol StanleyView
CooperGeorge Allen and EdithFlorence MayView
CooperGeorge Allen and EdithGeorge Herbert JosephView
CooperRichard Thomas and Hulda AugustaMargaret HuldaView
CooperDavid Stuart and Elsie MargaretCrispin David BurnhamView
CorbettArthur and NellyKathleen IsabellaView
CorbettArthur and NellyMyra JoanView
CorfieldErnest Robert and Edna MayGlenis ElizabethView
CorralDavid and MaryBarbara Muriel Mavis HenleyView
CorralDavid and MaryBlanche Thelma Beatrice HenleyView
Corrin?Arthur and Amelia MargaretRosalie Marion RyanView
CotterrellHarry Wallace and Muriel ElizabethErica ElaineView
CourtGeoffrey Norman and Helen FlorenceMadge KingView
CourtGeoffrey Norman and Florence HelenFrampton Geoffrey GeorgeView
CoveSydney Evans and MabelShirley maeView
CowleyJohn Vincent and Florence MargaretTimothy JohnView
CoxRobert and EmilyStella Myra DaphneView
CoxRobert Edward and EmilyKenneth RobertView
CoxRobert Edward and EmilyDulcie LornaView
CoxJames and CeceliaNevilleView
CravenHenry Johannes and Maria MagdaleneAndrew JohannesView
CravenHenry Johannes and Maria MagdaleneJacobus MartinusView
CravenHenry and MaryGert SamuelView
CrockerAndrew and AngelinaRichard PercyView
CrockerAndrew and LenaSydneyView
CrossGeorge Percival and Annie MariaHarold George BryanView
CrossGeorge Percival and Annie Mariaviolet Gwendoline BryanView
CrossGeorge Percival and Annie MariaVictor Cyril BryanView
CrossPercival Edward Noel and Madge PringleJoan NoelView
CrossGordon and Mary Ann DorisKeith DavisView
CrossPercival Edward Noel and Madge PringlePatricia May NoelView
CrossmanDavid Johannes and MinnieCharlie JosephView
CrossmanDavid Johannes and MinnieMinnie SarahView
CrossmanKenneth Raymond and FelicityMichael TerrenceView
CrowtherWalter and AnnieWalter CliffordView
CullenSidney Arthur and Sarah MariaEdith Carmen LouisaView
CawoodJohn Backhouse and Olga LouiseMichael George WillmotView
CuttenRichard Valentine Gurney and Christina MagdalinaHarriet AlidaView
CowleyJohn Vincent and Florence MargaretJeremy NieldView
ClarkEdgar (deceased) and DorothyAshley RobertView
ClarkEdgar (deceased) and DorothyMervyn AubreyView
ClarkeFrederick George and Yvonne CecilyRichard GeorgeView
ClarkRobert Henry and FannyReginaldView
CilliersHenry Frederick and Margaret ElaineBeverleyView
CampbellFrank Douglas and Iris MaudBaden DouglasView
ColeThomas Robert Doyle and ValerieMarkView
CowlingGordon and KathlynSallyann LesleyView
CawoodJohn Backhouse and Olga Louise JustineRosalie Mary AnneView
CoertzeJacob Johannes and Enid RemonicaYvonne RemonicaView
CowlingGordon and KathlynJane LucyView
ClarkeFrederick George and Yvonne CecilyYvonne LucetteView
CowanMatthew and PhyllisRobertView
ChildsSimon Edward and Kathleen JoyNicol TreloarView
CallaghanJohn Albert and Alberta Lucia MurielJanet LouiseView
CuttenRichard Valentine Gurney and Christina MagdalenaAlida ElizabethView
CilliersPetrus Johannes and MadgeLeslie BrianView
Crossalbert Lenard and EdnaMaurice RalphView
ChandlerNeville Dennis and PaulineJudith JoyceView
CummingsReginald Clive and Joan FrancesBeverley AnneView
CummingsReginald Clive and Joan FrancesFraser CliveView
CummingsReginald Clive and Joan FrancesElton MilesView
CummingsReginald Clive and Joan FrancesValda JoyView
Callaghan??John AlbertView
ChandlerNeville Dennis and PaulineDonald JohnView
CowlingHarry and Ray ElizabethAdele JanetView
CowlingHarry and Ray ElizabethPamela AnneView
Clark??Sidney BurleighView
ChandlerBrian Fincham and GwendolineGwyneth JoyView
ChandlerNeville Dennis and PaulineRichard DennisView
CrouchThomas Oliver and Gwendoline GertrudeCheryl LeeView
ChapmanDavid Leath and Yvonne Susan KathleenGlenView
CustanceFrederick Charles and Lily ElizabethFrida LilianView
ChowlesCharles Henry and Elsie SophiaJohannis FrederickView
CloeteJohn Corneilus and VedaPhyllis JeanView
CloeteJohn Corneilus and VedaGeorge GrahamView
ChowlesCharles Henry and Elsie SophiaMaria Gertrude MargaretView
CraillCornelius Stolk and Flora EthelFlora Ethel AmyView
CloeteJohn Corneilus and VedaAudrey MargaretView
CloeteJohn Cornelius and VadaSheilaView
CurrieJoseph Lorraine and Edith Constance HamiltonMichael LorraineView
CarlsenJohannes Jacobus and Nuna EuniceDerick RaymondView
CarlsenJohannes Jacobus and Nuna EuniceTrevor SidneyView
CarlsenJohannes Jacobus and Nuna EuniceIan PeterView
CarlsenJohannes Jacobus and Nuna EuniceVernon JohnView
ChinnPeter Bryant Murton and Anna CatherinaDebra Margaret MurtonView
CampbellAlbert van Lingen and Martha ElizabethAlbert InnesView
CampbellAlbert van Lingen and Martha ElizabethCharles William CrawfordView
CampbellAlbert van Lingen and Martha ElizabethJessie ElizabethView
CaltonAlfred (deceased) and ElizabethCaroline JuneView
CopelingAllen James and SarahAllen jamesView
CroleAnthony and AnnLouisaView
CollinsCaleb and Mary JaneBlanche IsabelView
CollinsCaleb and Mary JaneGeorge ShackletonView
CharlesCharles and JamesEsther DinahView
CharlesCharles and JaneMary JaneView
CharlesCharles and JaneElizabeth EleanorView
CurrieCharles and Maria Johanna AntoinetteViolet AntoinetteView
CurrieCharles and Maria Johanna AntoinetteEdith RoseView
CollingwoodCharles Thomas and ElizaEdith HelenaView
CouttsDavid Hodges and Anna MariaHelen MaudView
CouttsDavid Hodges and Anna Maria AdolphinaHerbert BurdettView
CouttsDavid Hodges and Annie Maria AdolphinaWalterView
CarlisleEdmund Richard (deceased) and Caroline Francis IantheCaroline IantheView
CalkinEllis and Mary Ann ElizabethPatti MaudView
ClarkeEnoch and SarahEnoch JohnView
ClarkeEnoch and SarahThomas NelsonView
CarterFrancis George and ElizabethEllenView
CarterFrancis George and ElizabethMaryView
CarterFrancis George and ElizabethFrancisView
ChristieFrank and EllenJamesView
CokerFuller and MarthaMary WardView
CorbettGeorge and Annie ThorntonAnna Elizabeth WilhelminaView
ChristianGeorge Bellamy and Alice OwenHarold Henry DunellView
CarringtonGeorge Thomas and Mary HelenaJohnView
CaufieldHenry David and EmmaJessie DibbenView
ClarkHenry John and ElvinaEmily JaneView
CummingJames and AgnesMargaretView
CarterJames and ElizabethEliza EmilineView
CarterJames and ElizabethEthel ConstanceView
CarterJames and ElizabethFlorence AnnieView
CollocottJames and HannahHester SusanView
ColeJames and MargaretWilliam ThomasView
CanackJohn and ElizabethMariaView
CranmerJohn and EmmaEmma MatildaView
CranmerJohn and Emma BellWilliam JamesView
ClarkJohn and JohannaJohn PowellView
ChristianJohn Griffith and ElizabethJane Isabella GriffithView
CosgrovePatrick and ElizabethAliceView
CooperRichard and Margaret AmeliaEmily MargaretView
CooperRichard and Margaret AmeliaRichard HenryView
CampbellRobert Parker and DoraRobertView
CliffordSidney and AmyKate MarionView
ClarkThomas and ElizabethAlbert MorrisView
CookThomas and Matilda ElizaThomas AlexanderView
CookThomas and Matilda ElizaThomas AlexanderView
CollardThomas Wilson and Sarah AnnWilliam Louis FrankView
ChecksWilliam and Frances Ellen Jane (Middlekoop)Sarah Wilhelmina JaneView
CravenWilliam Henry and Johanna MariaArthur William HenryView
CritchfieldWilliam Henry and MaryMary LouisaView
CaineWilliam John and Sarah RebeccaWilliam CharlesView
CaineWilliam John and Sarah RebeccaArthur ThomasView
CrouchJohn and AnneAlice RebekahView
CoulterEdward and Lucy MariaEdward AlfredView
ClaytonGeorge and JaneGeorge ReubenView
CowieJohn and Letitia LouisaAlice LouisaView
CoulterEdward and Lucy MariaJamesView
CoulterGeorge and Matilda AnneGeorge HenryView
ClaytonGeorge and JaneAlbert JohnView
CumingHugh and Elizabeth MarthaMary HuntView
CowieJohn and Letitia LouisaHerbert HughView
CrousPetrus Hernoldus and Esther Hendriqua Christina SophiaHendriquaView
ClaytonGeorge and JaneWalter EdwardView
CoulterGeorge and Matilda AnneFrancis AnneView
CoulterEdward and Lucy MariaAnnie MariaView
CoulterEdward and Lucy MariaHelen LucyView
CurtisThomas and Mary JaneGeorge Millin WiseView
CurranThomas and Louisa MariaJohanna MariaView
ChaseHenry Nuthall Centlivres and Rienatta CatharinaWilliam MacKrillView
ClarkeJohn Harrison and Anne SophiaSarah JaneView
ClarkeJames and Julia SophiaJulia SophiaView
ColemanWilliam Henry and RebeccaMaria EllenView
CollinsGeorge and Mary AnnSusannaView
ConeyJohn Frederick and SarahJohn WilliamView
CastlemanJames and SarahHenryView
ClarkeJohn and MarySarah ElizaView
CampbellEdmond Andrews and Priscilla SarahJessie AnnView
ChaseHenry Nuthall Centlivres and Reinatta CatharinaHenryView
ChadwickRichard and NorahMaryView
CollinsGeorge and Mary AnnMary AnnView
CloeteFrank Lawrence and Helen NormanWesterford EmslieView
CloeteFrank Lawrence and Helen NormanJohn EmslieView
CampbellDonald Duncombe and Esther MaryMary DuncombeView
CampbellDonald Duncombe and Esther MaryCosmo DuncombeView
ConnellanJohn Martin and Eileen VioletDesmond IvorView
CreweRanulphe Orpen and Dorothy AliceHelen JoyView
CookAlexander Herion and Violet Mary JessamineAldyth Yvonne HermioneView
CoulterMalcolm Jesse and Mary KathleenEthne FlorenceView
CoulterMalcolm Jesse and Mary KathleenNeville ThomasView
CoetzerIsaac Johannes and Gertie TillyMelville RedversView
ClaytonHector George and GraceMargaret RoseView
CoulterMalcolm Jesse and Mary KathleenIvor MalcolmView
ClaytonHector George and GraceDawn CarolineView
CoulterMalcolm Jesse and Mary KathleenGavin LouisView
ClaytonHector George and GraceJoy ElizabethView
CarrGeorge and Ilva EthelRosemary AnnView
CrispRonald Leslie and Estella AgustaRonald AnthonyView
ClaytonHector George and GraceGraham WilliamView
CloeteAlexander Woodbine and Aletta ElizabethAlexander DesmondView
ComynNorman David and Beatrice MaryDavid JohnView
ClaytonHector George and GraceKathleen GraceView
CummingHerbert Ford and Mary LouiseChristopher ClementView
CrispRonald Leslie and Estella AugustaVerlaine EstelleView
CummingHerbert Ford and May LouiseWendy LouiseView
CloeteRaymond Midford Llandaff and Dorothy ValerieGavin RaymondView
CampbellDerick Duncombe and Rosemary PrudenceEdmund Ross DuncombeView
CoulterMalcolm Jesse and Mary KathleenCarol CarmenView
ClaytonHector George and GraceJuneView
CarrGeorge and Ilva EthelGeorge WilliamView
CookeHerbert Arthur Allen and Shiela FannyBarbara JoyView
CummingHerbert Ford and Mary LouiseDianaView
CampbellAlexander Duncombe and EdithAmy DuncombeView
CampbellLorne Duncombe and Jane Edith SherryLaurie Jane DuncombeView
CroucampBarend Jacobus and Catharina Sophia Louisa MariaBrunhilda ElsabieView
CampbellDerrick Duncombe and Rosemary PrudenceOwen Ivor DuncombeView
CampbellAlexander Duncombe and EdithAllister DuncombeView
CampbellDerrick Duncombe and Rosemary PrudenceGlenda Prudence DuncombeView
CampbellDerrick Duncombe and Rosemary PrudenceCarolyne Mary DuncombeView
ColdridgeKeith Derick and Elizabeth AnnJuneView
CarrGeorge William and AnnCraig GeorgeView
CoxWilliam and Rosa (Peterson)Caroline CatharineView
ClackGeorge and MariaElizabethView
ClackRobert and HesterRobert ThomasView
ClackThomas and ElizaMartha AnnView
ClarkHenry and Louisa (Kemp)HenryView
ClackGeorge and MariaDaniel GeorgeView
CampbellEdward Andrews and Priscilla SarahCatharine Mary GeorginaView
ClackGeorge and MariaCharles WilliamView
ClaasJohn and MariaEllen PriscillaView
ClackGeorge and MariaSophiaView
ClackGeorge and MariaEdwinView
ClackThomas and ElizaJessie LouisaView
CopemanPhilip Walker and Engela MariaEngela AnnView
ClackThomas and ElizaWilliam RobertView
CopemanPhilip Walker and Engela MariaWilhelmina EmilyView
CookeJohn Miller and MarieCharlotte ElizabethView
CookeJohn Miller and MariaEllen MillerView
CholwichWilliam and Sarah Gertreuda MariaWilliamView
CholwichWilliam and Sarah Gertreuda MariaThomasView
CholwichWilliam and Sarah Gertreuda MariaMaryView
CooperEdwin and SarahAlbert James WilliamView
CholwichWilliam and Sarah GertrudeAnnieView
CholwichWilliam and Sarah GertrudeJohnView
CarolinEdward Richard and HenriettaHarold WilliamView
ClackThomas and ElizaHarriet FrancesView
ClackThomas and ElizaEliza LetitiaView
CookJames and Caroline JaneJames Henry GordonView
ClackAlfred John and Frances MariaAmy Emily MaudView
ClackAlfred John and Frances MariaAlbert Rowland ErnestView
ChiddyThomas John and MaryArthur LeslieView
CourtMark and ElizabethJames ThomasView
ClackAlfred John and Frances MariaHarold Gilbert LeslieView
CumbersJames Henry and Anne RosettaViolet RebeccaView
CampbellFrederick and Frances MaryFrederick Amsinck YorickView
ClackAlfred John and Francis MariaSydney Herbert NoelView
CrosbieJames and Sarah JaneJohn AlfredView
CampbellFrederick and Frances MaryKathleen Bessie LaneView
ClackAlfred John and Francis MariaIrene Hilda SorsenView
ClackAlfred John and Francis MariaGladys ElineView
ClackAlfred John and Frances MariaCecil Leonard MorriceView
CampbellFrederick and Frances MaryRonald AmbroseView
ClackAlfred John and Frances MariaErnest Anchor GoldoffView
ClackAlfred John and Frances MariaMabel FrancesView
ClackAlfred John and Frances MariaMarion Edna AnnieView
ClackAlfred and FannyGrahamView
CroftsFred and Ethel EmmaMarjorie GertrudeView
CallaghanPercival Douglas and BarbaraLilian MayView
CroftsFred and Ethel EmmaRonald EricView
CallaghanPercival Douglas and BarbaraMabel ConstanceView
CornellHarold Clive and Anne Patricia MaudTracey LeeView
ConnacherArthur John Robson and Kathleen HelenStuart RobsonView
CornellHarold Clive and Anne Patricia MaudAlison JenniferView
CornellHarold Clive and Anne Patricia MaudBelinda AnneView
CoetzeeJoseph Nicolaas and Marilyn AlbertaMarcus ByronView
CraffordLawrence and Kathryn JoyChantelle KayView
CraffordLawrence and Kathryn JoyKirsten LeeView
CrossleyEdward Stephen and Ruby IreneRex LloydView
CronjeIsaac and JessieMattys Johannes HenryView
ChartersLewis Cyril James and Dorothy JessieAllanView
CroucampJacobus and MarionNeilView
CorstenStanley and EdithMaria IreneView
CorstenMargaretMollie FlorenceView
ChartersThomas Henry and JosephineMaureen ValerieView
ClarkRobert William and MargaretEileen RosezanaView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphnieLeo EdwardView
CavanaghJohn Charles and Myra Esther RubyColeen MayView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphneDouglas HenryView
CatorAnthony Ralph and Moira PolsonDiana HeleneView
CatorAnthony Ralph and Moira PolsonCharles AnthonyView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphneGesina YvonneView
CrockerSidney and Enid SusannaLeslie AubreyView
CockRonald Frederic and Esme Mary MayCedric RonaldView
ChartersLewis Cyrill James and Dorothy JessiePearl JoyView
CavanaghJohn Charles and Myra EstherJohn leaView
ChettleGeoffrey Arthur and Alice VioletAlan GeoffreyView
CanterJames and Martha JohannaJean EstherView
CoetzerJohannes Gerhardes and Susan ElizabethJohannes GerhardesView
CrockerSidney and Enid SusanahMona ElizabethView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphneAlex MalcolmView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphneMichael AnthonyView
CavanaghJohn Charles and Myra EstherBrian LeithView
CavanaghJohn Charles and Myra EstherEsmae NolaView
ChartersThomas Henry and JosephineCarol AnnView
ChartersWilfrid Percival and Isobel MadgeRaymond JohnView
CockRonald Frederic and Esme MarymayDesray MarymayView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphneFrank NevilleView
ClarkRobert William and Margaret GertrudeNora HelenView
ComerJack and Anna Katrina JustinaWalda JuneView
CurrinBernard Robert and Sheila CeciliaJohn BarryView
CenterJames and Martha JohannaPhillip AndrewView
CroucampDesmond and Violet ElizabethJennifer AnneView
CroutGilbert Walton and Florence ErnestineSharon BeverleyView
CharltonHugh Jenkinson and Daphne VernaJohn Robert HughView
CockRonald Frederic and Esme Mary MayMalcolm JamesView
Cooper??Nora OliveView
ChestersWilliam Percival and Isobel MadgeBrian IanView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphneRonald DuncanView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jemima DaphnePeter JohnView
CavanaghEdward Isaac and Jamina DaphneJean DaphneView
CampbellPeter and Stella JoanJonathanView
Coetzee??Venesse AnnView
CraigieDerek Roland and Joan MargaretRobin OwenView
ColinTrevor and Annette MareeRene EliseView
CraigieCedric Alexander and Gail JeanetteWilliam ArthurView
CorbyMalcolm Terry and LynetteBruceView
ClaridgePeter Brian and Patricia LorraineAngela CharmaineView
CorbyMalcolm Terry and LynetteBrett AndrewView
ClaridgePeter Brian and Patricia LorraineCraig ShawnView
CraigieDerek and JoanJason LeeView
CraigieHeather MaryThane DanielView
CraigieCedric and GailClinton AlexanderView
CraigieCedric and GailSteven MartinView
CraigieCedric and GailJohn David BenjaminView
CraigieDerek and JoanRoxann MargaretView
CarterShane Austen Cunliffe and LeanneTeneilView
CocksPercival James and Amy KathleenGarry AstleyView
ChristoGeorge and Lilian AmyAlfredView
CrutchleyWilliam Cains and EthelMaureen ElmaView
CurrinWallace Meaden and Madeline EdnaHarry PrescottView
CoombesDouglas and Marie KatherineEdna DoreenView
CraigMatthew and Emeline AgnesDoreen EdnaView
ChambersWilliam James and Alice MaudWilliam JackView
Chambers??Alice MaudView
Currin??Madeline EdnaView
CoombesFrederick William Henry and MaryDoreen JessieView
CrutchleyWilliam Cains and EthelDerek AddingbrookView
CoombesChristian Daniel and Lilian CharlotteRowland HillView
CoombesJack Alexandra George and Charlotte CarolineVictor SamuelView
ChattrtonGuy and Rosalind GladysPatriciaView
ClarkeJohn Alexander Henry and LilyGertrude FlorenceView
CoombesDouglas and KateDaphne EnnisView
CoupeThomas Edward and Ann BarbaraNorman IvonView
ColesWilliam Harold Edwin and Alwina Helen ChristinaPhyllis CavellView
CoupeThomas Edward and Ann BarbaraMabel FlorenceView
CoupeThomas Edward and Ann BarbaraDoris AliceView
Cooper??Gertrude ElizabethView
Carr??Constance JessieView
CheshireRalph Stanford and Clara IsabelCynthiaView
ClarkAlfred and Annie MariaAnnie MariaView
CaldwellArthur George and Annie Ethel MayJean ThelmaView
ClarkeHenry John and LilyHenry ThomasView
CarstenMary MagdaleneJohn HenryView
CainkRichard Paul and GladysHelen MaryView
ClarkeJohn Alexander Henry and LilyTom HenryView
CreeserWalter Joseph and Madge MillicentBeryl JoyceView
CoombesJack Alexander George and Charlotte CarolineMyrtle PhyllisView
CooperGeorge and GertrudeRobert JosephView
CourtneyErnest George Homer and Rosa MaryConstanceView
CheshireRalph Staniford and Clara IsabelGwynne GreyView
ClassenPhilip and KatharinePhilipView
CrosbieArchibald Theodore and Maud MatildaHazel TheodoraView
ClaasenGeorge William and Helena DorotheaHelena DorotheaView
CooperGeorge and GertrudeMarthaView
ChettyRanga and RangouRoger Dava-SagsimView
ChettyRangouAntonymala Nyaham Purnam KatherineView
CainkRichard Paul and GladysBertramView
CainkRichard Paul and GladysDavid HaroldView
CurrinWallace Meaden and Madeline EdnaVera PatriciaView
CenterRobert and Ethel FlorenceRobert AlexanderView
Coffin-GreyRobert Charles and Catherine MaudRobert CharlesView
CampbellAnnie MariePetronella ElizabethView
Carolus??Selina MariaView
CorbyCharles and MaryDorisView
CorbyCharles and MaryRoseView
CorbyCharles and MaryMinnie DorothyView
CarlsonWilliam Henry and BerthaErnest DouglasView
CooperGeorge and Gertrude ElizabethOlive MinnieView
CordenGeorge and Martha LouisaSidney GeorgeView
ClarkAlfred and Annie MarieWalter JamesView
CampbellRonald Malcolm and Doris MaryDoreen Jennings (adopted)View
ChaseSydney Cyril Rolph and Chloris EvelynBetty Chiswell? RolphView
ClassenGeorge William and Helene DorotheaJohn FrederickView
CreeserWalter Joseph and Madge MillicentDonald JamesView
ClarkeDinah Martha LenaMaudView
CheshireDouglas Livingstone and Isabel McIverSydney LangrishView
ClassenEllen MarieSamuel MeintjesView
CainkRichard Paul and GladysRuth AnnView
CarlsJohannes and LydiaEdward RobertView
CampbellWilliam Alexander and Elizabeth AnnGarth AlanView
ClassenPhilip and CatherineDaniel StarkeyView
CheshireRalph Staniford and Clara IsabelDiana StanifordView
CraggJohn Conway and Alicia ElizabethBrian ConwayView
CenterRobert and Ethel FlorenceEthel May FlorenceView
CheshireDouglas Livingstone and Isabel McIverMargot MunroView
ClarkeReuben Arthur and Mary ElizabethPhyllis PearlView
ClarkeHarold Archibald and Isabella GrantCyril WalterView
ClaasenGeorge William and Helena DorotheaIrene MariaView
CooperGeorge and Gertrude ElizabethMuriel ElizabethView
CurrinHerbert Charles and Gertrude ClariceAidan CharlesView
CowleyWilliam and Magdalena ElizabethPrimroseView
ClassenPhillip and CatherineThomas BowieView
CasterFrederick Charles and MargaretVernon EarleView
CasterWilliam Charles and Margaret Isabella MabelSheila Cynthia DawnView
CuthbertFrederick and Minerva GladysTerence LanceView
CarlsonJohannes and LillyJames GeorgeView
CooperRichard and Ruby Charlotte EmilyEric FrancisView
ClarkJohn Henry and Maud Etheridge MayDonald CharlesView
CampbellNeville lawrence and Nora ConstanceMichael JohnView
CruickshanksAlbert Harrower and Violet MaudJoan HarrowerView
ClassenGeorge William and Helena DorotheaVenetia DoreenView
ClarkeReuben Arthur Richard and Mary ElizabethCynthia Caroline DaphneView
ClarkeHarold Archibald and Isabella GrantHarold Isaac GeraldView
CooperAlexander Robertson and Eunice MaryRobert BruceView
CampbellAlister Colin and Barbara EvelynJune Rose McLeodView
ChanWing and LanAliceView
CasterCharles Frederick and LouisaJoyce BerylView
CasterFrederick Charles and Maud MargaretDouglasView
CasterCharles Frederick and LouisaAubrey NeilView
CapkeyDavid and MinnieCynthiaView
CapkeyDavid and MinnieRichardView
ChapmanHugh James and JeanDiana RuthView
ColbertAnthony Alexander and Rheda Constance EllenSandra AnnView
CrispHerbert and TheodoraAllegraView
ChaseGeoffrey Rowland and Kathleen StanleyMichael ErnestView
CairncrossHenry Martin and Ellen EstherIngrid ConstanceView
CollomGeorge Edgar and Doreen EthelAnnette HildaView
CummingArthur Manley and Gertruida MagrietaCharline ClemencyView
ClarkeThomas and Magdalena ElizabethMay CynthiaView
CarlsonKenneth Robert Victor and Zoe IreneMaureenView
CassellsRichard and Maria MagdalenaBrian MartinView
CasselsFrederick George and HannahLouis JohnView
ClurKenneth Louis and Olive JoanBeverley LouiseView
CastelynLouis Frans and Blanche HesterMichael FransView
CapkeyDavid and MinnieLorraine RhonaView
CrispHerbert and TheodoraEllaView
CampbellDerek McLeod and JacobaBarbara ThelmaView
CassellsRichard and Maria MagdaleneClaudette MonicaView
CrossleyWilson Aubrey and Enid FlorenceLynnView
CairncrossHenry Martin and Ellen EstherGeoffrey keithView
CoetzeePieter Willem Schalk and Iris MagdaleneDorianView
ClaasenGeorge William and Elizabeth MargarethaIrene MagdaleneView
Carey??John MarcusView
ClarkeThomas and Magdalena ElizabethValerie AnnView
CasselsFrederick George and HannahLoretta Lily VivienView
CrispHerbert and TheodoraUrsula BrendaView
ClaasenJohn Frederick and Mary MonicaJohn DerekView
CairncrossHenry Martin and Ellen EstherHenry JohnView
CoxNoel Alfred and Charisse Lilian PearlDesiree ClaireView
CoxNoel Alfred and Clarisse Lilian pearlSharon JanetView
CasselsRichard and Maria MagdaleneDesiree JenniferView
CapkaOliveDerrick DesleyView
ClurKenneth Louis and Olive JoanRobert LouisView
CastelynLouis Frans and Blanche HesterYvonne CarolineView
CampbellPeter and Stella JoanJennifer AnneView
CairncrossHenry Martin and Ellen EstherTerence PhilipView
CollumGeorge Edgar and Doreen EthelLeslie KennethView
CanhamJoseph and EdithRamsey RaydonView
ConacherGeoffrey Neal and Marion EnidBridget MarionView
CasselsFrederick George and HannahLester Clive WilliamView
CaultonAlexander Daniel and Mona FayeAlexander DavidView
CarrEric Norman and Marie JosephinePeter JacksonView
CairncrossHenry Martin and Ellen EstherWesley MarkView
CoxNoel Alfred and Caroline Clarrise Lilian PearlCaroline MarilynView
ClaasenJohn Frederick and Mary MonicaLe-AnneView
ClaasenJohn Frederick and Mary MonicaJennifer LynetteView
CoombsIsaac and JohannaCyprian George GregoryView
CloeteElton Miles and Daphne WedderburnGeoffrey IvanView
CastelynLouis Frans and Blanche HesterChristine BlancheView
CastelynLouis Frans and Blanche HesterLouis FransView
ConradieThomas George and Susan Elizabeth MaudAndre LeonView
CampbellColin Douglas and Ruth HildaGwyn DouglasView
ClarkPeter Theo and Thelma LousiaGale MargaretView
CoxNoel Alfred and Clorisse Lillian PearlJerome IrvingView
CarelseEdward Robert and Enid BeatriceClaudette VeronicaView
CairncrossHenry Martin and Ellen EstherSharon AdrianaView
CoetzerDavid Cornelius and NanetteAnthony RoyView
CockcroftColin Terry and Margaret AnnKelvin ShaunView
CapkeyMoses William and DoreenStephen LeonView
CarelseMelvyn Douglas and ElaineGarth CraigView
ChurchMalcolm Lovet and Athalie AmyAndrew MalcolmView
CarterLarnie? Alfred and Mary JohannaPatricia MaryView
ClaasenThomas Henry and Edyth GladysDennis AnthonyView
ClaasenThomas Henry and Edyth GladysTerance GavinView
CampbellJerry Emanuel and Lilian Constancedonald MaxwellView
CapkayDavid and MinnieEsme JenniferView
CarrEric Norman and Marie JosepheneWendy ElizabethView
CapkaMoses William and DoreenCharlene TheresaView
CloeteElton Miles and Daphne WedderburnIan GordonView
CarelseMelvyn Douglas and ElaneTroy DaneView
CampbellEmmanuel Jerry and Lillian ConstanceLynette SharonView
ConnockDudley Clifford and Beryl ClydeDebra LynneView
ConroyRaymond Geddes and BerylRobyn LouiseView
CoetzerDavid Cornelius and NanetteCheryldeneView
CoetzerJohannes Martinus and HildaLindaView
CoetzerRudolph Phillipus Jordaan and Peggy EileenLyn-DonnaeView
ConnockDudley Clifford and Beryl ClydeJohn CliffordView
CrouchOlive Cecil and Dorothy EdithAllen HaroldView
CowleyAlbert Matthew and Theodora DoreenWayne MatthewView
ClarkeWilliam Frederick and Elizabeth MargaretDianeView
ConroyRaymond Geddes and Beryllesley AlisonView
CoetzerJohannes Martinus and HildaMartinus JohannesView
CochranCecil Whitmore and Yvonne EmilyDeidree AnnView
ClarkeWilliam Frederick and Elizabeth MargaretDuaneView
ConroyRaymond Geddes and BerylAndrew GeddesView
ClarkeWilliam Frederick and Elizabeth MargaretThelmaView
ClaassenDaniel Petrus and Veronica EvaDeonView
ChapmanBrian Leonard and Denise JoanNicholas AntonyView
CookDaniel Raymond and SusanCathrynView
ClarkeLoxley and Charmaine CaronGuy LoxleyView
CohenA. B. and HarriettMary ElizaView
CuttingHenry and RebeccaHenrietta ChristianaView
CarnellGeorge and Isabella (Woods)Emily JaneView
CurrinWilliam and Mary RebekahHancorn JeffryView
ChinnerAlbert and Hannah ElizabethAlbert Duncan MoggView
CrossmanAnna Maria and Charles JosephMary MinnieView
CurrinWilliam and Mary RebeccaAlbert Avant MitchellView
CaytonThomas Henry and Mary AnnThomas GeorgeView
ChinnerAlbert and Hannah ElizabethElizabeth Sarah Ellen JemimaView
CaytonThomas Henry and Mary AnnRosettaView
CurrinWilliam and Mary RebeccaEdwin ClarenceView
CrossmanCharles Joseph and Anna MariaMagdalena SusannahView
CrossmanCharles Joseph and Anna MariaCharles JosephView
CockCornelius and EdithEdith AfricanceView
ColdreyCharles and MaryUnaView
CockCornelius and EdithPendennis PeddieView
CockCornelius and EdithCuthbert ChurchillView
ColdreyCharles and MaryEdnaView
CoyteJames Calrow and Lilian HenriettaFlorence Ellen NesbittView
CurrinLaurence Kilworth and Caroline MayRuby MaudView
CrossmanCharles Joseph and Anna MariaWilliam HenryView
CrossmanCharles Joseph and Anna MariaIda AliceView
CrossmanCharles Joseph and Anna MariaStephanus MartinusView
CurrinLaurence Kilworth and Caroline MaryClarence KilworthView
CrossmanCharles Joseph and Anna MariaDavid JohannesView
CoyteJames Calrow and Lilian HenriettaJames NesbittView
CloeteWilliam and AgnesArchibald NormanView
CowieJohn Henry and Mary MagdaleneEllen GraceView
CurrinLaurence Kilworth and Caroline MaryFlorence MaryView
CowieJohn Henry and Mary MagdaleneAlice MaryView
CurrinLawrence Kilworth and Caroline MaryIvy CarolineView
CowieJohn Henry and Maria MagdalenaCharles BernardView
CurrinWilliam and Alice MaudBlanche MelvilleView
CurrinLawrence Kilworth and Caroline MaryWilliam AlbertView
CurrinLawrence Kilworth and Caroline MaryLlewellyn CecilView
CurrinWilliam Henry and Alice MaudeMary MaudeView
CowieJohn Henry and Maria MagdaleneJohn LiefeldtView
CurrinLaurence Kilworth and Caroline MaryDaisy Selina LauraView
CurrinWilliam Henry and Alice MaudLeslie StanleyView
CurrinWilliam Henry and Alice MaudClaude RaymondView
CurrinLawrence Kilworth and CarolineHazel AliceView
CurrinWilliam Henry and Alice MaudOswald RonaldView
CowieJohn Henry and Maria MagdalenaKenneth LiefeldtView
CurrinAlbert Michael and Claris MayCecil RaymondView
CurrinWilliam Henry and Alice MaudMaurice NeutonView
CurrinAlbert Avant Mitchel and ClarasLaura AliceView
CrossmanHerbert Andrew and Emily ChristianaReginald DonaldView
CurrinAlbert Aven Mitchell and Clarice MayRodney Thomas Angus View
CurrinWilliam Henry and Alice MaudEnid IvyView
CurrinAlbert Avant and Clarice MayStanley KilwithView
CrossmanHerbert Andrew and Emily ChristinaAva Dorothy DouglasView
CurrinAlbert Avant and Clarice MayWilliam AlthamView
CrossmanHerbert Andrew and Emily ChristinaKenneth RaymondView
CurrinClarence Kilworth and Gladys MayDaphne PatienceView
CurrinClarence Kilwith and Gladys MayEvelyn LyleView
CurrinAlbert Avant Mitchell and Gladys MayRonald AubreyView
Currinclarence Kilworth and Gladys MayJack KilworthView
CurrinClarence Kilwith and Gladys MayGrace LilithView
CurrinClarence Kilworth and Gladys MayArthur DesmondView
CrossmanHerbert Andrew and Emily ChristinaDenzil WilliamView
CurrinClarence Kilworth and Gladys MayBernard RobertView
CurrinClarence Kilworth and Gladys MayClarence DonaldView
CrossmanCharles Joseph and Mary BerthaLenView
CornellJack Oakeshott and Maria GertruidaWendy OakeshottView
CurrinLlewellyn Cecil and Mary DoreenDawn LloydView
CurrinLlewellyn Cecil and Mary DoreenLawrence LloydView
CurrinLlewellyn Cecil and Mary DoreenMalcolm LloydView
CooperCharles Edwin Bertram and Madge BurnsCharles MorrisonView
CooperCharles Edwin Bertram and Madge BurnsLorraineView
CrossmanKenneth Raymond and FelicityAnthony GlynneView
CurrinLlewellyn Cecil and Mary DoreenBeryl LloydView
CurrinJack Kilworth and Hazel StellaAnneView
CrossmanTheodore and Winifred JoanSally AnnView
CurrinLeslie Stanley and Ellen ElizabethBrian CyrilView
CurrinAlbert Michael and Claris MayCecil RaymondView
CurrinWilliam Henry and Alice MaudMaurice NewtonView
CurranLawrence Kelworthy and Caroline MaryOlive MayView
CurrinAlbert Avant Mitchel and Claras MayLaura AliceView
CurrinAlbert Avant Mitchell and Clarice MayRodney Thomas AngusView
CurrinWilliam Henry and Alice MaudEnid JoyView
CurrinAlbert Avant Mitchell and Clarice MayStanley KilwithView
CurrinAlbert Avant Mitchell and Clarice MayWilliam AlthamView
CurrinClarence Kilworth and Gladys MayDaphne PatienceView
CurrinClarence Kilwith and Gladys MayEvelyn LyleView
CurrinAlbert Avant Mitchell and Gladys MayRonald AubreyView
CurrinClarence Kilworth and Gladys MayJack KilworthView
CurrinClarence Kilworth and Gladys MayClarence DonaldView
CurrinLlewellyn Cecil and Mary DoreenDawn LloydView
CurrinLlewellyn Cecil and Mary DoreenLawrence LloydView
CurrinLlewellyn Cecil and Mary DoreenMalcolm LloydView
CurrinLlewellyn Cecil and Mary DoreenBeryl LloydView
CarshagenReinhard Emil and Aileen MaryDennis BrianView
CarshagenReinhard Emil and Aileen MaryIvan RodneyView
CockMalcolm Rex and Shirley StellaRobyn LeighView
CoetzeeWilliam Humphrey Stephen and Cathrina Gerthryda Maria Johana ElizabethCathrina Gerthryda Maria Johana ElizabethView
CopeJoseph Edward and Elizabeth EllenFlorence Elizabeth IvyView
CloeteSamuel Miles and AnnieGerhardView
CockcroftCharles Bertram and Linda MayDorisView
ChambersJohn Doig and AnnieDoig FentonView
CluffWalter Burgess and Alice LillianWalter WarrenView
CoetzerJiems John and Johanna SerkolinaIsaac JohnnesView
CarringtonWallace Allan and Emma BevanJoyce MarianView
CoetzeeNicolaas Tjaart and Catharina Welhelmina DoratheaAndriesView
CarringtonWallace Allan and Emma BevanHelen KateView
CooperCharles and Annie KiddThomas ReginaldView
CorneilleWilliam Benjamin and Laura FlorenceDoris LilianView
CloeteWilliam Rudolph and Nellie MargaretDaisy ElinaView
CalderwoodJohn and Violet Helen LouiseViolet BeckettView
CalderwoodJohn and Violet Helen LouiseJohn Henry MearnsView
CawthornWilliam Joseph and MaryAgnes MaryView
CawthornWilliam Joseph and MaryVictorView
CaldecottCecil Reginald and Phyllis and Sheila UrsulaReginald DickView
CalderwoodJohn and Violet Helen LouiseHelenView
CawthornCharles and Mary AnnSidney JamesView
CarlinWilliam Arthur and ElizabethDaphneView
CrockerPercy and MaudRaymond EllisView
CooperWilliam Grassam and FlorenceCecil GeorgeView
CaryWalter and Freda LuiseWalter FrancisView
CarlinWilliam Arthur and ElizabethWilliam JohnView
CooperCecil George and Eleanor PatriciaTrevor GeorgeView
CarlinWilliam Arthur and ElizabethJoseph NoelView
ConlinWilliam Arthur and ElizabethGordonView
CollierFrank William and Maggie ScottErrol FrankView
CarlinHarold and Maud MillicentJoan AthalieView
CornellClifford Erskine and Ena FannyPatrick CliveView
CoetzerIsaac Johannes and Gertrude TillyReo BenjaminView
ChaplinAlfred Ernest and Francis ElizabethDawn ElaineView
CloeteMarthinus Johannes and Marie Margritha CathrinaDavidView
CannellArthur Ramsey and Georgina MayWilliam Arthur RamseyView
ChaplinAlfred Ernest and Francis ElizabethAshley ErnestView
CornellClifford Erskine and Ena FannyMark HenryView
ClaassenDiedrick Johannes and Gertie Anna Marthaalfred JohannesView
ClaasenDiederick Johannes and Gertie Anna MarthaPaul StephanusView
ClaassenDiederik Johannes and Gertie Anna MarthaDiederik JohannesView
CawthornCyril Roy and Elma MaureenVernon CharlesView
CaryWalter Francis and Shirley GwendolineMichael CharlesView
CrombieDenis Alexander and Patricia BarbaraJennifer ShirleyView
CallaghanNoel Windell and Hilary JocelynJocelyn MaryView
CawthornCyril Roy and Elma MaureenAnthony RoyView
CaryWalter Francis and Shirley GwendolinePatrick LynnView
CawthornReginald and Peggy Doreen BlanchPamela AnnView
CawthornEdgar Coyle and Olga LouisaErrol CoyleView
CawthornReginald and Peggy DoreenMay DoreenView
CawthornCyril Roy and Elma MaureenMargaret RoseView
CawthornArthur and Florence IreneMarion GraceView
CawthornReginald and Peggy DoreenNeil ClairmontView
CawthornEdgar Coyle and Olga LouiseCyril EdgarView
CollyDerek Bernard Howard and Jacqueline JuliaDaryl BrettView
CollyDerek Bernard Howard and Jacqueline JuliaBrenda AnneView
CawthornJoseph and Elnor McMillanJames KeithView
CawthornArthur and Florence IreneJanet MaryView
CawthornReginald and Peggy Doreen BlancheRobert AnthonyView
CampbellLorne Duncombe and Joan Edith SherrySusan Kathryn DuncombeView
CawthornArthur and Florence IreneGillian AnnView
CallaghanAntony Daheen and Margaret AstonMargaret GlennView
CallaghanAntony Daheen and Margaret AstonBarry AndrewView
CollettTrevor Ernest and Margaret AnneJoanneView
CallaghanAntony Daheen and Margaret AstonDiana DawnView
CampPaul Douglas and Colleen BarbaraAdrian CharlesView
CollettTrevor Ernest and Margaret AnneIngridView
CummingChristopher Clement and Lydia MaryMark ClementView
CopelandWalter Frank and Hilda EleanorHelene WinsomeView
ConnorBryan and Edith EmilyEileen BeatriceView
CoryGeorge Edward and GertrudeMargaret Patricia GertrudeView
CarterJohn George and Ruby HazelEthel Mary BurgoyneView
CarterWilliam Henry and LauraRonald GeorgeView
CooperJames Forbes and Ernest FrederickJames D'EwesView
ClaytonGeorge Edwin and Benetta TheodoraEdwinView
CopelandWalter Frank and Hilda EleanorRuth EsmeView
CroeserEdgar Charles Gillium and Gertrude LouisaGertrude VioletView
CarterWilliam Henry and LauraIrisView
CurrieReginald Carlisle and KathleenRussell CarlisleView
CawoodBarrett McLuckie and Blanche KeetonOlwin KeetonView
CopelandWalter Frank and Hilda EleanorFrank HarrisonView
ConnockHenry Ernest and Louisa MatildaJoyceView
ConnockHenry Ernest and Louisa MatildaErnestView
CloeteEvelyn Henry Bowker and Ethel MaudEvelyn Gordon LlandoffView
CarterJohn George and Ruby HazelEsme EdgsonView
CarrGeorge Sharrock and GertrudeHester MaudView
ClenchBernard George William and Mary Alice BolekaPatricia JoanView
CurrieReginald Carlisle and Kathleen NoreenJoan CarlisleView
CroeserEdgar Charles Gillium and Gertrude LouisaMargaret Beatrice CatherineView
CurrieRonald and Olive AdahDonald IanView
ClarkeSydney Denison and Helen LouiseLeslie JohnView
CurtisFrederick John and Georgina PhilipinaFrederick GeorgeView
CarthewWatson Ewart and Violet MayGwendoline MayView
ConnockHenry Ernest and Louisa MatildaOliveView
CurrieReginald Carlisle and KathleenJohn William CarlisleView
CroeserEdgar Charles Gillium and Gertrude LouisaEdgar MortonView
ClackAlfred Nash and Ethel WinifredDudley BadenView
CollieJohn Tavish and Beatrice EleanorEleanor JeanView
CoombesThomas Jonathan and Arthurine GraceThomas GavinView
CurrieWilfrid Atherstone and Janet CotterillThomas DavidView
ClackAlfred Mark and EthelCharles KennethView
CartwrightWilliam Atherton and Annie Elizabeth MadeleineFrances Margarita EllaView
CailWilliam Charles Percival and Jessie JeanWilliam GeorgeView
ClarkeSydney Denison and Helen LouiseAnna Norah DenisonView
ConnockFrederick Harold and Stella ConstanceBarbaraView
CockAllan Brett and Muriel JoyceRosemary AnneView
CoxArchibald Thomas and Flora GertrudeMichael HughView
CaseCharles Hilary and Helen MacDonaldJohn PhilipView
ConstanceHenry and SusanArthur HenryView
CaseyPatrick William and Lilian GeorginaJean MerleView
CullenArchibald Howard and Natalie BeatriceMargaret PaulineView
Clarke??Una Sydney DenisonView
CurtisDaniel Richard and EileenMargaret WinifredView
ChristianKid and Sarah (Ferreira)Arthur TrimallyView
ClarkClement Frederick and Evelyn ElizabethValarie DaltonView
CawseJohn Lamareux and JoanStephen Ridley LamoureuxView
CaseCharles Hilary and Helen MacDonaldCharles PeterView
CaigerGeorge Herbert and Sylvia Agnes MaryKatherine MaryView
CummingGordon Douglas and Phyllis NathalieRichard GordonView
ClackAnn MaryDonald MarkView
CurtisDaniel Richard and EileenAudrey MayView
CookSidney Courtney and Edna FarmerHilary CourtneyView
CampbellMungo Forbes and Hester IsabelDuncanView
Coetzee??Hester JacobaView
ClarkClement Frederick and Evelin ElizabethJoan DaltonView
CollinHenry and Unice MargaretDerek MichaelView
ConstanceDavid and EmmaPearl Joan YvonneView
ChristianJoseph and ValliameJosephView
ClackGraham and Gwendoline SusanDoreen Edna GwenView
ChristianBeling and EthelLetchimie Foma MaryView
ClarkLeonard Bernard and Edith MaudLynette GayView
ChristianBeilly and EthelBrian NadusView
CresswellAlbert Reginald and Joyce MaryJohn GordonView
CroushawAlbert Henry and Iris Dorothy ElizabethWilliam GrahamView
ChristianBilly and EthelEralView
ChristieStuart Murray Heys and Margaret WendyJonathan StuartView
ConnockFrederick Harold and Stella ConstanceRosemary ConstanceView
ConnockFrederick Harold and Stella ConstancePamela GayView
ClarkeLeslie John Denison and Mavis Loyola AliceLouise DenisonView
CopelandThomas Harrison and Phyllis MaudeThomas HarrisonView
ChristieJohn Ross and Dorothy MayDouglas StewardView
CerfontyneJames Anthony and Sophie AlettaAnthony GrahamView
ConnockHorace Lyons and SheilaBrian DesmondView
ClementsJohn Herbert and Susan MariaMargaret DorisView
CreboRobert and Joan MaryAnton RobertView
Christie-SmithJames and AlvernMary AnneView
Campbell-DavysIvor Elystan and JaneRichard JulianView
Campbell-DavysIvor Elystan and JaneJenniferView
CharltonHarold John and Sheila DorothyLorraine LilianView
CheanPeter And Dora (Peterson)Emily JaneView
ChiffleinJoseph And Elizabeth Alice (Haylock)Joseph LaurenceView
ConnollyRichard And Sanna (Swanefeld)ThomasView
ConlonHugh And Ellen (Stevens)Victor HughView
CliftonJames And Sarah Ann (Leonard)Sydney JohnView
ConsidinePatrick And Katie (Geoghegan)Katie MaryView
CarrollJohn And Annie (Burke)Ethel MayView
CooneyThomas And Bridget (Mcgrath)Margaret TeresaView
ColemanEllen (Hickey)Marc BenjaminView
CarrollDan And Caroline (Carroll)George JosephView
ConlonHugh And Ellen (Stevens)Alfred BentleyView
ClydeJohn And Sarah T. (Sills Nee Webster)Cecilia MargaretView
CollinsDaniel And Emma (Noble Nee Eastes)DanielView
ChiffleinJoseph And Elizabeth Alice (Haylock)George CharlesView
CollinsPatrick Joseph And Elsie (Mcwilliam)PatrickView
CranstonRobert And Bridget (Ryan)George John CuninghamView
CarterFrederick And Julia (Hoctor)Mary Frances MaudView
CoghanArthur And Maria (Keogh)Ethel MayView
CanhamAlfred Edmund And Catherine (Garland)Alfred VictorView
CrookFrederick And Mary Ann (Noonan)Mary ElizabethView
Clements??Walter LoneyView
CooneyThomas And Bridget (Mcgrath)ThomasView
ConlonWilliam And Ellen (Milbarrow)Beatrice MaudView
CarrollJohn And Annie (Burke)Alice MabelView
CarltonLouis And Mary Ann (Toomey)Louis ClementView
ChittyE. T. And Nora (O'brien)Edward JamesView
CudmoreJohn T. And Annie (Flanagan)Mary ConstanceView
CliftonJames And Sarah Ann (Leonard)Eileen GladysView
CanhamAlfred Edmund And Catherine (Garland)Gerald GarlandView
ChittendenSidney And Ellen (Smith Nee Mcbean)Walter ErnestView
ChiffleinJoseph And Elizabeth (Haylock)Richard DominieView
ChilesJames John And Kate Agnes (Coonan)Ann FrancesView
CunninghamWilliam James. And Catherine (Harris Nee Yeo)WilliamView
CunninghamWilliam James And Catherine (Harris Nee Yeo)JohnView
CunninghamWilliam James And Catherine (Harris Nee Yeo)ThomasView
CunninghamWilliam James And Catherine (Harris Nee Yeo)FrancesView
CunninghamWilliam James And Catherine (Harris Nee Yeo)EllenView
CunninghamWilliam James And Catherine (Harris Nee Yeo)CatherineView
CunninghamWilliam James And Catherine (Harris Nee Yeo)William JamesView
Cockhead??Thomas ArchibaldView
CarrollEdward And Wilhelmina (Minnie) (Watson)Edward ThomasView
ColendoJohn And Susan (Brown)Elizabeth AgnesView
ColendoJohn And Susan (Brown)JamesView
CederbladCharles William And Margaret (Slavin)Hilda DorotheaView
CollinsDaniel And Emma (Noble Nee Eastes)Charlotte Mary ElizabethView
CurranJames And Kathleen Mary (Sheel)Sarah MillicentView
ChittyEdward And Nora (O'brien)William CalipView
CudmoreJohn And Annie (Flanagan)Cecil John PatrickView
CarltonLouis And Mary Ann (Toomey)MichaelView
CunninghamWilliam J. And Catherine (Harris Nee Yeo)Isak PatrickView
CarterEllenMay FrancesView
CarrollJohn And Annie (Burke)Walter JosephView
CliftonJames And Sarah Ann (Anderson Nee Keenan)Norman Charles PercivalView
CoghanArthur And Maria (Keogh)EphremView
CarlsonCharles And Alberta Francis (Neethling)AgnesView
CoakleyJohn And Ada (Lydia) (Velander)PeterView
ChittendenSidney And Ellen (Smith Nee Mcbean)Sarah Josephine MaryView
CooperJohn And Caroline (Carrol)John Joseph PeterView
CederbladWilliam And Maggie (Slavin)Kathleen WhillelminaView
CockrellArthur And Rose Clara (Achurch)Lilian MayView
CranstonRobert And Bridget (Ryan)Jessie CunninghamView
CuffPhillip And Kate (Mance)Thomas WilliamView
CockheadThomas Archibald And Catherine Mary (Flanigan)Leslie JohnView
ChilesJames John And Kate Agnes (Coonan)Mary ElizabethView
ClearyMichael And Kate (Ross)Catherine MaryView
CullenGeorge Henry Pickering And Alice Mary CullenVera MayView
CooneyThomas And Bridget (Mcgrath)John JosephView
ConnollyWilliam Thomas And Bridget Mary (Hayes)MargaritaView
CarrollJohn And Annie (Burke)Carolus EdmundView
ContentoJohannes And Elizabeth Emma (Frost)Ivy ElizabethView
CrossSamuel And Teresa Maria (Keogh)JosephView
CliftonJames Samuel And Sarah Ann (Leonard)Cecil DavidView
CanhamAlfred Edmund And Catherine (Garland)Gerald WilliamView
ConlonEdward And Elizabeth (Wilson)Robert FrederickView
ClohessyJohn And Cristina (Bell)Mary GladysView
ConlonJohn And Juliana (Green)Margaret May JulianaView
CuffPhilip And Kate (Mance)John JosephView
ClarkeJohn Newman Lombard And Ellen Gertrude (Shaw)Helen Aileen DoraView
CarterJoseph Dicks And Ellen CaseyFrancisView
CampbellDaniel William And Magdalena Catharina (Horn)Daniel WilliamView
CostiffWilliam Samuel And Mary (Phelan)Mary MatildaView
ClohessyJohn And Christina (Bell)Edith MayView
ConnollyWilliam Thomas And Bridget M. (Hayes)Cathleen MariaView
CranstonRobert And Bridget (Ryan)Alexander JohnView
CookePatrick And Maria Magdalene (Killeen)WilliamView
ChickHenry And MinnieMildred GiorginaView
CavanaghWilliam And Lillian?MaudView
CavanaghWilliam And Lillian?GertrudeView
CoakleyJohn And Ada (Lydia) (Velander)William BenjaminView
CaseyPeter And Ellen (Sullivan)Veronica JosephineView
CaryJames And Anna Johanna Maria (Annie) (Jansen Van Rensburg)James AndrewView
ChilesJames John And Kate (Coonan)William RobertView
ClarkeJohn Newman Lombard And Ellen Gertrude (Shaw)Francis Mary EllenView
CanhamAlfred And Kathleen (Garland)KathleenView
ConnorBartholomew And Mary M. (Van Heerden)William PatrickView
ConlonJohn And Julia (Green)Michael JohnView
ChiffleinJoseph And Elizabeth (Haylock)Mary ElizabethView
CooksJames And Harriet Anne (Bruce)Martha LilianView
CooneyMartin And Maria (Vorster)Martin PatrickView
ConnorBartholomew And Mary (Van Ede)JohnView
ClohessyJohn And Christina (Bell)Lily NoraView
CuffPhilip And Kate (Mance)Clarence PhilipView
ClulowJames And Jane Mary Elizabeth (Donovan)Agnes JaneView
CastlemanHarry And AnnieHenry DerbyshireView
CastlemanHarry And AnnieDouglas StewartView
ChickHenry And MinnieMary CatherineView
CanhamAlfred And Catherine (Garland)Mary KathleenView
CullisSamuel Thomas And Susan Ann (Murphy)Elizabeth GraceView
CarrJohn And Mary (Botha)MildredView
CooneyMartin And Maria (Vorster)James DenisView
ConlonEdward And Elizabeth (Wilson)Lancelot WilsonView
ConnollyWilliam Thomas And Bridget (Hayes)Agnes WinifredView
CrawforthPhilip And Mary (Redmond)Dorothy RachelView
CunnamaThomas And Brigid (Maynes)Aileen VictoriaView
Creany Edward Francis And CatherineNeville Patrick JosephView
CaseyPeter And Ellen (Sullivan)William HaroldView
CranmerJohn And Emma (Bell)Annie Elizabeth (Roach Nee Cranmer)View
CuffPhilip And Kate (Mance)Oswald ClaudeView
CostiffWilliam Samuel And Mary (Phelan)Herbert WilliamView
ClulowJames And Jane Mary Elizabeth (Donovan)JamesView
ConlonJohn And Julia (Green)John William RedversView
ChapmanGeorge And Mary (Furcy)Walter AlfredView
CoeAlfred And Maggie (Robertson)Alfred LaurenceView
ChilesJames John And Kate Agnes (Coonan)John CoonanView
Cotzee John And BetsieJohn FlanaganView
ChickHarry Benjamin And Mary (Fitzsimons)Margaret CeciliaView
ConlonEdward And Elizabeth (Wilson)Alfred BernardView
ConnorFrank And Margaret (Mccormack)Raymund St. Clare (Adopted By Saville)View
CambierCarl Frank (Carlo) And Bertha Matilda (Langford)Clelia MathildaView
CuffThomas John And Rachel (Mctavish)Olive MaudView
CooksJames And Harriet Ann (Bruce)Peter Kitchener BruceView
CuffPhilipp And Kate (Mance)Gladys IreneView
CrumptonRobert And Louise (Johnson)Mary Josephine (Mcnamara Nee Crumpton)View
CalderHenry And Lucy Helen (Webb)Henry LawtonView
CudmoreJohn And Annie (Flanagan)Aidan ThomasView
CanhamAlfred Edward And Catherine (Garland)Dorothy MargaretView
ClulowJames And Jane Mary Elizabeth (Donovan)Frederic WilliamView
CooneyMartin And Maria (Vorster)Jonathan View
ChapmanGeorge And Mary (Furcy)Theophiluys EmmanuelView
CambierCarlo And Bertha Matilda (Langford)Angela AliceView
ConnollyWilliam Thomas And Bridget Ann (Hayes)Mary Brigid AnneView
CaseyWilliam And Florence (Nash)George RichardView
CookFrederick And Bridget (O'connell)Francis ThomasView
CuffThomas John And Rachel Maria (Mctavish)Arthur ThomasView
ChickGeorge And MaryMary AnnView
ChickHarry Benjamin Peter And Mary Catherine Josephine (Fitzsimons)Henrietta AnnieView
ConlonEdward And Elizabeth (Wilson)Denis EdwardView
Cook(James) Walter (Sidney) And Bridget (O'connell)Mary LouisaView
Cook(James) Walter (Sidney) And Bridget (O'connell)Michael OwenView
CanhamAlfred Edmund And Cathrine (Garland)Marjoria HelenaView
CambierCarlo And Bertha Matilda (Langford)Josephina KatherinaView
CarrWilliam And Annie (Nash)Anne C.View
CarrWilliam And Annie (Nash)EthelView
ConlonJohn And Julia (Green)Lilian MarthaView
CrossRichard Edward And Emily Josephine (Lynch)Richard CharlesView
ChapmanGeorge And Mary (Furcy)Emily MaryView
CarrelsAnnieHenry MartinView
CapleLionel Ernest George And Helen Catherine (Wilson)Kathleen GladysView
CostiffWilliam S. And Mary (Phelan)Eileen JessieView
ConnellWilliam Henry And Marie Therese (Olivier)Eugenie EileenView
ConlonEdward And Elizabeth (Wilson)Eileen WilsonView
CampodonicoJoseph And Charlotte Winifred (Adams)Joseph CharlesView
CarrBenjamin Mattock And Cellia (Julian)Arthur LouisView
CuffThomas And Rachel (Mctavish)Phylis MaryView
CronshawFrancis And Mary Ann (Mcgrath)Edith Matilda JaneView
CampbellPeter And Elizabeth Jane (Lidbetter)Frances MaryView
CableAntoine And Emily Maryann (Hunter)William Anthony StanislausView
CambierCarl Frank (Carlo) And Bertha Matilda (Langford)Mathilda CyrillaView
CuffPhilip And Kate (Mance)Gordon CliffordView
ConnollyWilliam T. And Bridget A. (Hayes)William Michael PatrickView
CaseyWilliam And Florence (Nash)Albert WilliamView
CalverJoseph And Sarah (Sturkman)William AlexanderView
ConlonJohn Joseph And Julia Christina (Green)Mary MagdaleneView
ClulowJames And Jane (Donovan)William Edmund PatrickView
CarimTonus And Annita (Gagge)MariaView
CurrieClarence And Elizabeth Ellen (Green)Thomas Algoa View
CaramAnthony And Mary (Daniel)FredrickView
CanhamAlfred Edmund And Kathleen (Garland)Winefrida RosaView
ConnellWilliam Henry And Marie Teresa (Olivier)Frank View
CoughlanLaurence Charles And Mary (Barclay)Lilian CorleyView
CampodonicoGuiseppe And Charlotte W. (Adams)Susan CatherineView
CaseyJames And Florence Maud (Beecroft)EileenView
CamilloEmilio And Louisa (Jaftha)EmilioView
CampbellPeter And Elizabeth J. (Lidbetter)Edith PatriciaView
CarrollJohn And Sarah (Botha)Annie AgnesView
ChittieAnamala And Mos A.Agatha JosephineView
CalvertSarahChristina TeresaView
CuffThomas John And Rachael Maria (Mctavish)Doris EtheleenView
CambierCarl Francesco And Bertha (Langford)Cecilia BernadinaView
CooperThomas Wardhaugh Nichol And Sarah Jane (Green)Susanna Agnes (Giri Nee Cooper)View
CableAntony And Emily (Hunter)Evain Elizabeth CatherineView
ChemalyRashed And Edie (Barket)DanielView
ClarkeArthur Claude And Mary (Reid)Thelma Mary HopeView
CampbellArchibald And Mary (Wegener)ArchibaldView
ConnellWilliam Henry And Marie Therese (Olivier)Ena BeatriceView
CoxFitzherbert and Maria (Peterson)Lillian Maria RegertaView
CarterFredrick and Ellen (Leber)Maynard Patrick LeberView
ConnellWilliam Henry and Annie (Olivier?)Mabel DorothyView
ClulowWilliam and Alice Maud (Tiddy)Iris KathleenView
CollinsJohn and Elizabeth (Lizie) (Hamill)Cecilia HamillView
CaithnessGarnet Cecil and Julia Marie Anne (Du Cray)Marie Josephine MadelineView
ConnollyWilliam T. and Bridget A. (Hayes)Stella Rosella MayView
CurrieClarence and Elizabeth Ellen (Green)Elizabeth StellaView
CaseyWilliam and Florence (Nash)ClarenceView
ConlonErnest Bernard and Florence (Fisher)William Ernest Bernard ScottView
CapronDomingo and Mita (Masoling)SalvatorView
ChapmanGeorge and Mary (Furcy)Ernest LouisView
CrossRichard E. and Emily J. (Lynch)Willie BernardView
CoughlanJohn Baptist Michael and Clare Emma (Wilson)Cecil JohnView
ClulowJames and Jane Mary Elizabeth (Donovan)Gertrude JaneView
ChifflinWilliam Joseph and Matilda Elizabeth (Cherry)Iona Elizabeth NancyView
CuffThomas and Rachael (Mctavish)Fredrick JohnView
ContellPascual and Matilda (Cessi) (Morris)Joseph MartinView
ColwellJoseph Francis and SarahRose FrancesView
ClarkeArthur and Mary (Reid)Florence Gwendoline HopeView
ConnellWilliam Henry and Marie Theresa (Olivier)William BenjaminView
CarterFred and Ellen (Leber)Ethna JaneView
Cerini nee Heener)LouisaRichard EdgarView
CreightonJohn and T. (Moore)Samuel JosephView
CransfieldC. and A. (Crosby)Emma M. Veronica (RUPERT nee CRANSFIELD)View
ConnollyWilliam and Bridget (Hayes)Edmund JohnView
CappAnnieHarriet FeliceView
ChifflinWilliam Joseph and Matilda Elizabeth (Cherry)Elizabeth Louisa MaryView
CoughlanJohn Michael and Clara Emma (Wilson)Catherine TeresaView
CherryJohannaGeorge ThomasView
CambierCarl and Bertha (Longford)Oresta ThomasView
CampodonicoJoseph and Charlotte Winifred (Adams)Vincent FrancisView
ChurchillWalter John and Florence Mary (Walsh)Charles FlemingView
ChippettJohn William and Hester Mary (Halvey nee Jackson)Fredrick AdolphusView
Clark??Joseph BensonView
ClarkeArthur and Mary Magdalen (Reid)Lionel ClaudeView
CooneyPatrick and Margaret (Burke)Bernard MichaelView
CoughlanJohn Baptist Michael and Clara Emma (Wilson)Winifred MayView
CarterElizabethAlexander EmslieView
CaseyWilliam and Florence (Nash)Florence NorahView
ChifflinWilliam Joseph and Matilda Elizabeth (Cherry)Charles William JosephView
ChifflinWilliam Joseph and Matilda Elizabeth (Cherry)George Clarence DominicView
CherryVictor William John and Ellen Margaret (Burns)Vincent GeorgeView
CarrollGeorge Albert (Joseph) and Christina Johanna Maria (Joubert)Annie FrancesView
CarterSara ElizabethDaniel WilliamView
CoulterWilliam Henry and Ruby Felicite (Elliott)William RobertView
ConnollyWilliam Thomas and Bridget (Hayes)Ignatius GeorgeView
CherryJohannaJane Mary AnneView
CurrieClarence and Elizabeth Ellen (Green)LaurenceView
CunninghamWilliam James and Dora Rosina (Cameron)JohnView
CooneyPatrick and Maggie (Burke)VincentView
ClarkeArthur and Mary (Reid)John Clifford WillowbyView
CullenJoseph Patrick and Agnes Theresa (Brassel)Gerald JosephView
Carwardine?? (Stubbs)Edith MurielView
Collins??Emma Rose MaryView
CarrollGeorge A. J. and Christiana Martha (Joubert)Caroline Christiana MarthaView
ConnellyJohn and Gustina (Sobothea)JohnView
CampbellJohn and Emily (Bartman)EmilyView
CarrollGeorge and Christina (Joubert)Edward Daniel PeterView
ConnollyJohn Patrick and Florence Mary Ann (Peck)Ellen Florence MayView
ClancyMatthew Walter and Gertrude Annie (Wade)Mary JosephineView
CrookArthur Alfred and Johanna (Brophy)Arthur DennisView
ChavannesAlfred Barford and Mary Daisie Mildred (Vizard-Few)Helier Grantley BarfordView
CherryVictor William John and Ellen Mary (Burns)Ronald MartinView
ChippetJohn William Edward and Ester (Jackson)John William EdwardView
CoughlanClara EmmaThelma Helena FlorenceView
CherrySarahEsther Caroline RebeccaView
CarneyPatrick and Elizabeth Magdalena (Crooney)Matthew PatrickView
CarneyPatrick and Elizabeth Magdalena (Crooney)Elizabeth MagdalenaView
ConnollyWilliam Thomas and Bridget (Hayes)Noreen PatriciaView
ClarkeWalter Philip and Elizabeth (Terblanche)GeorgeView
CurrieClarence and Elizabeth Ellen (Green)Horatio Herbert KitchenerView
ChildesAlbert Daniel Edward and Harriet Grace (Blewett)James BenjaminView
CandidaAntonio and AnnieFrancisco ManuelView
Cotter??Myrtal MayView
CrosbieRobert and Florence Elizabeth (Florrie) (Casey)Stella MayView
ClulowWilliam and Alice (Tiddy)Maynard EdwinView
CarneyPatrick and Elizabeth Magdalene (Croone)Michael JohnView
CrouseLouis Francois and Helena Clare (Ross)IsobelView
CudmorePatrick Joseph and Alice Mary (Quirk)Mary CatherineView
ColmanJohn David and Annie (Davis)Edith Margaret (Mary)View
ConnellHenry and Frances Beatrice (Olivier)Gordon RaymondView
ChifflinWilliam Joseph and Matilda (Cherry)Barbara Matilda KateView
ChalmersHenry John and Ann Florence (Wynne)John RonaldView
CurrieClarence and Elizabeth (Green)Myrtle JanetView
CrookArthur Alfred and Johanna (Brophy)Dorothy Mary AnneView
ChapmanMary FurcyEllen MatildaView
ChurchillMetaAnthony Manuel CHURCHILL (BRASS)View
ConnellWilliam Henry and Marie Teresa (Olivier)Constance MaryView
CherryVictor and Ellen (Burns)HazelView
ContellEdward and Matilda (Morris)EdwardView
CarterFrank and Isabell Virtue (Watridge)Godfrey JamesView
CondonJoseph Edward and Violet Maud (Gill)Mona EvelynView
CarterWilliam Henry and Molly Doris Bertha (Kerr)William PeterView
CupMichael and Lydia (Thomas)Sarah FrancesView
CarlsonPeter and Mary (Wilson)Margaret JohannaView
ConnellHenry and Frances Beatrice (Olivier)Mary BeatriceView
CudmorePatrick Joseph and Alice Mary (Quirk)Francis BernardView
ColeJohn and Sarah (Colwell)Peter CopleyView
CrouseLouis and Helena (Ross)Louis KeithView
CoetzerMary MagdaleneHarold Kennith ((COETZER) SHEEHANView
CrookArthur and Johanna (Brophy)Allen CliffordView
CroatsDeborahIsabell View
CottonJohn William and Cathrine (Katie) (Plaatjes)Catherine MaryView
ConnellHenry and Frances Beatrice (Olivier)John AnthonyView
CarterFrank and Isabel Virtue (Watridge)Iris MayView
CurrieClarence and Elizabeth (Green)KermetView
ClarkeWalter and Elizabeth (Terblanche)Ronald IgnatiusView
ContellPasqual and Matilda (Morris)ManuelView
ClarkeHenry Walter Charles and Lilian Daisy (Snodgrass)Henry Walter CharlesView
CudmorePatrick and Alice (Quirk)Gerald PatrickView
ChurchillMetaMary AnneView
CorneliusWilliam and Janet (Jack)NicholasView
ColemanThomas and Agnes (Farmer)Lucy Louisa MaryView
ColemanThomas and Agnes (Farmer)Alma Agnes MaryView
ChilesAlbert Daniel Edward and Harriet Grace (Blewett)Phyllis MayView
CusensGeorge Robert Clarke and Ivy (Russell)Violet EdnaView
CunninghamJohn Robert and Emily Louisa (White)John Charles JosephView
CherryVictor and Ellen (Burns)IrmaView
ChristianCornelius and Martha (Blujie)MarthaView
CondonJoseph Francis and Maud (Gill)Neville BuxtonView
CooperWilliam and H. (Smith)Elizabeth (Mary Josephine)View
CassamDullia and Katie (De Beer)AnthonyView
CunninghamWilliam James and Rosetta Jane (Muller)Dora RosinaView
Crosse ??Richard EdwardView
CrissJoseph and Jessie Emily (Smith)Irene Mary TeresaView
CorneliusWilliam and Janet (Jack)Andrew ChristianView
CarlosMetaMeta MariaView
ColemanThomas and Agnes Ellen (Farmer)Robert Henry CliffordView
CaesarHesterViolet MaryView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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