Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : F
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
ForieJacobus and AnnetteDavidView
ForieJacobus and AnnetteCatherineView
ForieJacobus and AnnetteDanielView
Frend (Friend?)Albert and EllenIsabella View
ForwordWilliam and MarthaElizabethView
ForwordWilliam and MarthaWilliamView
FletcherWilliam and MariaAnnView
FletcherWilliam and MariaJosephView
FletcherWilliam and MariaJohnView
ForwordWilliam and MarthaFrances MarthaView
FlanaganJames Frederick and AnnMary AnnView
ForbesAlexander and JaneMariaView
ForbesAlexander and JaneJaneView
ForbesAlexander and JaneAnnView
ForbesAlexander and JaneCatherineView
ForbesAlexander and JaneHenryView
ForwordWilliam and MarthaJohn JamesView
ForwordWilliam and MarthaCharlotteView
FlannaganJames and AnnSarahView
FinlayJohn and HannahHannahView
FoxcroftRobert and MaryJames MurrayView
FarleyChristian and PriscillaWilliamView
FoxcroftRobert and MaryMary AnnView
FoxcroftRobert and MaryGeorgeView
FoxcroftRobert and MaryMitfordView
FoxcroftRobert and MaryMargaret EllenView
FoxcroftJohn and SarahThomas JohnView
FutterWilliam and EleanorJoseph GeorgeView
FoxcroftJohn and SarahJames HenryView
ForresterJohn and ElizabethWilliam JosephView
FoxcroftRobert and MaryMitford RalphView
FoxcroftRobert, Jr. and MaryMatilda JohannaView
FoxcroftRobert, Jr. and MaryAlbert JobView
FoxcroftRobert, Jr. and MaryElizabeth Rebecca HodgsonView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietMary EllenView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietOlive GarforthView
FleetwoodJohn Peter and SusanCharles ThomasView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannaFlorence EmilyView
FichatJames Arnaud Samuel Littlewood and Harriet CatharineLouisa MariaView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannaBernard GarforthView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietWalter HerbertView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannaEdith Annie KintonView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietJames BarrowView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannahJohn CliftonView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannahPercival William JosephView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannahLilian RebeccaView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietRosie Elizabeth GertrudeView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannahHenry Cecil CopelandView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietArthur SeptimusView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannaEdwin GeorgeView
ForwordJohn James and Jessie SusannahAlbert WilfredView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietAgnes EthelView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietFlorence CharlotteView
ForwordJohn and Jessie SusannahFrancis DouglasView
ForwordJohn and Jessie SusannahJessie SylviaView
ForwordJohn and Mary AnnDoraView
ForwordJohn and Mary AllenRuby IreneView
FletcherWilliam Harden and Elizabet Jane EdithArthur StanleyView
ForwordJohn and Mary AnnBlancheView
ForwordJohn and Mary AnnMyrtleView
FletcherGeorge Robert and Elizabeth EllenHorace ClaytonView
ForwordJohn James and Mary AnneEdith GertrudeView
FletcherGeorge Robert and Elizabeth EllenEthel ClaytonView
ForwordJohn Clifton and Rebecca SusannaDudley HiltonView
ForwordFrancis and MyrtleMelbaView
ForwordFrancis and MyrtleNancy CecilyView
FordJohn Goddard-Ford and Vadie AmyMavis Goddard-FordView
FrancescatoGirvanni and Elsie JoyGeorge NicholView
FrancisCharles Kestell and Gladys MurielCarol WendyView
FutterRonald Neville and Norma KayJasonView
FinnThomas and SophiaSarah JaneView
ForwordWilliam and HarrietMartha HarrietView
FinnThomas and SophiaJohn HenryView
FinnThomas and SophiaWilliam GeorgeView
FynnThomas and SophiaEliza JaneView
FynnThomas and SophiaCharles Alfred EdwardView
FynnThomas and SophiaPriscilla MayView
FrancisDavid and Catherine SophiaWilliam ClarenceView
FrancisDavid and Catharina SophiaDorotheaView
FinnThomas and SophiaEdith AliceView
FisherEdward and EmmaEmma Elizabeth JaneView
FinnThomas and SophiaWalter BenjaminView
FinnThomas and SophiaThomas WilfridView
FisherEdward and EmmaRichard WilliamView
FisherEdward and EmmaArchibald CharlesView
FlaniganJames Arthur and Sarah ElizabethClifford WalkerView
FisherEdward and EmmaEdith EdnaView
FletcherWilliam and Eliza JaneEdith ClaytonView
FlaniganJames Arthur and Sarah ElizabethWilliam RogerView
FletcherArthur and EmmaMabelView
FlackFrancis Walter and Sarah JuanitaDorothy FrancesView
FlackFrancis Walter and Sarah JuanitaCyprian JamesView
FishHenry Leonard and MarionHenry LouisView
FlackFrancis Walter and Sarah JuanitaEveline Catharine MaryView
FisherHubert Charles and Hester MaryJoyce MaryView
FleetwoodWilliam Kennelly and Emily MargaretMary ElizabethView
FleetwoodWilliam Kennelly and Emily MargaretElizabeth AnnView
FinchamBenjamin and Cecilia JacobaCatharineView
FenshamCharles John Mesix and Caroline CatharineFrederick JohnView
FrieslichJohannes and Wilhelmina Louisa JaneJohn GeorgeView
FossatiLorenzo A. and Jessie LucretiaFerdinand LorenzoView
FlemmerHans Christian and Aletta AlidaMarius TozerView
FoleyWilliam and Hesther JacobaHesther JacobaView
FischerCharles and CarolineHenrietta LouisaView
FlemmerHans Christian and Aletta AlidaWaldemar KjeldbergView
FlemmerHans Christian and Aletta AlidaConstance EloiseView
FergusonRichard and Annie CatherineJoseph JamesView
FehrCarl Adolph and MariaBerthaView
FehrCarl Adolph and MariaGordon AdolphView
FossatiLorenzo and Sarah Juliana SeiberhagenFlorenceView
FergusonJames Thomas and Jessie AnnAnnie RobbieView
FergusonJames Thomas and Jessie AnnMary MargaretView
FergusonJames Thomas and Jessie AnnArthur WilliamView
FergusonJames Thomas and Jessie AnnJames ThomasView
FitchettThomas Barkbie and Wilhelmina MagdalenaThomas Francis AlexanderView
FitzgeraldWilliam and Maria Cecilia FrancinaHenrietta ElizabethView
FitzgeraldWilliam Joseph and Mary FrancisWilliam HenryView
FergusonJohn and Cecilia Johanna GrayDaisyView
ForbesJames Charles and Margaret JanettaAthol CharlesView
FleetwoodJohn Herbert and MariaIrene Roberta PowellView
FergusonJohn and Cecilia JohannaRobertView
FaeganAdam Richard and Maud IsabellaRichard George HenryView
FaeganAdam Richard and Maud IsabellaGeorge Clement WilliamView
FergussonJohn and Cecilia Johanna GrayThomas RodrickView
FosterJohn and Johanna SusannaRobert RouxView
FredricksHermann and LouisePhilip HermannView
FredericksLudwig and Anna ChristineStella AgnesView
FaganEdward Richard and MaudDianaView
FrewenWilfred and Anna Maria ElizabethArthur Henry JohnView
FaganAdam Richard and Maud IsabelEvelyn HarrietView
FourieDavid Alan Jacobus and Martha JohannaHelen PetronellaView
FrewenWilfred and Anna Maria ElizabethWilfred ErnestView
FourieJohannes Lodewykus and Anna JacobaMary Martha SusanView
FourieJohannes Lodewykus and Anna JacobaMagdaline Henry JacobusView
FriedrichsLudwig and Anna ChristinaLudwig AlbertView
FaganAdam Richard and Maud Isabel CeciliaJohn Robert VivianView
FeatherstoneSydney Montague and Gladys Frances LeeGwladys Muriel ElliottView
FrewenWilfred and Anna Maria ElizabethAlan RonaldView
FourieStephen Peter and Annie ElizabethBeatrice VenterView
FrewenWilfred and Anna Maria ElizabethEileen JoyceView
FrewenWilfred and Anna Maria ElizabethLeonard AlbertView
FeatherstoneSydney Montague and Gladys Frances LeeSydney ElliottView
FeatherstoneSydney Montague and Gladys Frances LeeElliott GrayView
FieldDonald Edward and Ivy MayDonald DesmondView
FrewenHenry Percy and Amy MabelCynthia HenriettaView
FossatiJames Barnard and Anna MariaAnna MariaView
FossatiJames Barnard and Anna MariaDina JohannaView
ForbesIan Chalmers and Virginia HelenJohn HaldaneView
ForbesIan Chalmers and Virginia HelenClaire EileenView
ForbesIan Chalmers and Virginia HelenMary FrancesView
FreislichJohn George and Minnie ConstanceMarjorie ConstanceView
FieldingJames Campbell and CharlotteCharlotte Frances ByngView
FarmerThomas and SarahSarah JaneView
FrankLivett Connor and Louisa EmmaCharlotte EmmaView
FerreiraMarthinus Stephanus and Catharina ElizabethJohanna ElizabethView
FrankLevett Connor and Louisa EmmaAlice LouisaView
FieldingHenry Gilmour and Mary AnnFrancis BernardView
FieldingCharles Henry Gilmour and Mary AnnCatharine SusanView
FieldingHenry Charles Gilmore and Mary AnnHenry Charles GilmoreView
FieldingRobert Meent Byng and Sarah AnnMontagu Hamilton ByngView
FeltonWilliam MatildaChristinaView
FeltonWilliam and MatildaFrancinaView
FeltonWilliam and MatildaWilliam EdwinView
FieldingHenry Charles Gilmore and Mary AnnJames CampbellView
FieldingHenry Charles Gilmore and Mary AnnWilliamView
FlahertyJames and MarthaJohn HenryView
FeltonWilliam and MatildaJohn HenryView
FowlerAlfred and SelinaThomasView
FieldingH. C. Gilmore and Mary AnnAdelaide MaryView
FowlerAlfred and SelinaThomas GeorgeView
FieldingHenry and Mary AnneMaude CampbellView
FryerGeorge Henry Fryer and Ada SusannaAnnieView
FryerGeorge Henry and Ada SusannaAda SusannaView
FennessyHugh and Elizabeth JohannaMatilda MaryView
FarmerSarah JaneHarry WalterView
FryerGeorge Henry and Ada SusannaFlorence ElizabethView
FennessyHugh John and Elizabeth JohannaHugh Colin WilliamView
FletcherThomas Carr and Mary IsabellaJames Carr BissetView
FinnWilliam and JaneWilliamView
FararaJanus Johannis and Ambronse EstherEna CatharinaView
FynnFrancis and ElizabethMatilda JaneView
FalderalPeter Vanderme and Cornelia (Van Der Merwe)Peter Christophel VandermeView
Fector (Victor?)Girt Johannes and CorneliaMartienes FrensoosView
FreemanRichard and ElizabethMary JaneView
FreemanRichard and ElizabethElizabethView
FrancisThomas and ElizabethFrederick FrancisView
FairclothGeorge and Mary AnnMary AnnView
FitchetDavid and Mary AnnMary AnnView
FitchetDavid and Mary AnnAnthony PeterView
FishThomas and ElizabethHelenView
FlanaganJohn and MargaretMaryView
FinnWilliam and Eliza JaneElizabeth JaneView
FitchettAnthony and ElizabethThomasView
FitchettAnthony and ElizabethWilliamView
FerreiraIgnatius Petrus and Anna MagdalenaElsie JacobaView
FinnaughtyJohn and AnnHenry JamesView
FerreiraStephanus Engelbertus and Catharina WilhelminaTheunis JohannesView
FurmidgeRichard and JaneAnne ElizabethView
FranklinJohn George and EmilyFanny DamantView
FullerThomas John and ElizaEliza EleanorView
FrancisThomas James and SusannaPhilip Davy ScottView
FisherWilliam and CatherineWilliamView
FisherWilliam and CatherineAlfredView
FurmidgeRichard and JaneWalter HenryView
FreyCharles and Mary AnneElizaView
FranklinJohn George and EmilyCaroline DamantView
FutterWilliam and EleanorEleanor JaneView
FinnaughtyJohn Henry and AnnCharles EdwardView
FerrerraStephanus and KatrinaBarnard DanielView
FutterThomas and ElizaHarriet AnneView
FurmidgeRichard and JaneEllen Sarah JaneView
FairbanksWilliam and AnnFrances AnnView
FennellJohn and Elizabeth HarriottSamuelView
ForbesWilliam and ElizaMarthaView
FerreiraStephenus Egelbertus and Catharine WilhelminaChristophel PhilippusView
Ferreira??Carl HendrickView
FergussonHenry and CharlotteElizabeth CarolineView
FergussonHenry and CharlottaElizabeth CarolineView
FrauensteinOtto and CatherineNita Fredrika WilhelminaView
FrauensteinEdwin Eric August and Hester SusannaAugust EricView
FrauensteinNathaniel Carl and Jeanetta CeciliaCecil NathanielView
FrauensteinNathaniel and JeanettaGeorge ChristopherView
FrauensteinAugust Frederic and Louisa WilhelminaValerie LouisaView
FrauensteinNathaniel Carl and Jeanetta CeceliaMargaret RoseView
FordArthur William and NellieArthur LeslieView
FarrowJohn Wilford Hilbert and Mabel FrancesMabel PhyllisView
FougstedtHerman Edelbert and MabelHenry EdelbertView
FennJohn and Emilia FrancesFrank LeslieView
FoordKenneth Child and IvyPhyllis GertrudeView
FullerGeorge Kenneth Clive and Gladys GertrudeTerence Hamilton CliveView
FordGeorge Jackson and AgnesArthur WilliamView
FarrowJohn Wilford Hilbert and Mabel FrancesGrace Dorothy MaryView
FitchetWilliam Joseph and Beatrice HenriettaAnthony HenryView
FryArthur Lionel and Esther HansonGertrude VioletView
FletcherArthur and EmmaGilbertView
FullerGeorge Kenneth Clive and Gladys GertrudeNancy BurnetView
FitchetWilliam Joseph and Beatrice HenriettaEvelina MaudView
FieldingRobert George Desmond and VeraNoreen MaiView
FieldingRobert George Desmond and VeraDouglass Arthur DesmondView
FoordKenneth Child and IvyShirleyView
FullerSidney Griffith and AliceKenneth GrantView
FeenneyMabel and John SamuelAlma MayView
FieldingArthur Frederick Preston and Amy BerthaEsme EileenView
FitchettWilliam Joseph and Beatrice HenriettaAubrey PhilipView
FarrellJack and Edith EmmaClifford JackView
FieldingArthur Frederick Preston and Amy BerthaBertha MavisView
FieldingRobert George Desmond and VeraWilfred DenbighView
Fullersidney Griffith and AliceAnnah DorothyView
FisherJulius Albert and MariaDorothy NellieView
FisherJulius Albert and MariaEllen AnalineView
FisherJulius Albert and MariaFrank JohnView
FacerCharles Walter and Wilhelmina Johanna JacobaCharles AlbertView
FieldingArthur Frederick Preston and Amy BerthaVera PrestonView
FieldingRobert George Desmond and VeraKathleen MonaView
FullerDouglas George and Kathleen MaryDesmond MelvilleView
FergusonStephen Edward and Katherine ElizabethDesmond Arthur EdwardView
FourieSolomon Johannes and Sarah CatherinePhilip DanielView
FullerDouglas George and Kathleen MaryJeanne DoreenView
FordHarold Desmond and Emily AnnieGrace LouiseView
FreerCecil Charles and Doris FaradayAnthony Cecil GeorgeView
FreerCecil Charles and Doris FaradayMargaret Ellen ElizabethView
FarquharsonDonald and BlissRuthView
FordEdmund and Johanna JacobaIreneView
FriendArthur Thomas James and HelenEva MaudView
FullerSidney Griffith and AliceAudrie SidneyView
FannerJohn William James and Catherine AnnWinifred NeilView
FrancisAlbert Willis and Doris JoanNorma JoanView
Fullerdouglas George and Kathleen MaryKenneth DouglasView
FosterFrederick James and Margaret JohannaLeslie LawrenceView
FugeHarry and Grace WestonVera MaudView
FischerRichard George and Amelia Martha JaneDavid GeorgeView
FieldHilton Joseph and Davida JeffaresDavid ScottView
FairbairnWilliam Oakdale Faunce and Dorothy GrettanDesmond DicksonView
FrancisAlbert Willis and Doris JoanOlive RuthView
FisherRichard Tosten and Marjory ClareBrian TostenView
FunnellCharles William and Elizabeth SusanLewis PatrickView
FosterFrederick James and Margaret JohannaTrevor VivianView
FairbairnWilliam Oakdale Faunce and Dorothy GrattanDerek GrattanView
FawkesWilliam and Johanna AndrinaJohannaView
FourieIzak Bartholomew and Frances MarthaDaphne ColeenView
FennFrank Leslie and Violet IrisKenneth Leslie JohnView
FairbairnWilliam and Edna C.Joan SylviaView
FullerHarry Hillier and Margaret StuartHugh John SaundersView
FisherKingsley Gibson and Eileen Beryl MayMalcolm EveretteView
FindlayArthur Richard and Iris WynneArthur Colin GordonView
ForsythWilliam Robert and Dorcas IrmaDaniel Robert WilliamView
FronmanNicolas Price and Mary ElizabethClarenceView
FridayJohannes Jacobus Frederick and Johanna HendrenaPriscillaView
FurlongArmine Le Strange and Claire KathleenRoderick Le StrangeView
FullerTerence Hamilton Clive and Eunice EthelRobert Terence CliveView
FranklinGeorge Edmund and Ernestine MillyJohn EdwardView
ForsythWilliam Robert Leslie and Dorcas IrmaPatricia AnneView
FieldingFrancis Edgar and Marjorie WinifredMichael LonsdaleView
FullerTerence Hamilton Clive and Eunice EthelSheila MayView
FronemanNicholas Price and Mary ElizabethAlbert StephenView
FridayJohannes Jacobus Fredrick and Johanna Hendrina AledaPeterView
FridayJohannes Jacobus Fredrick and Johanna Hendrina AledaNoelView
FermorWilliam James and Audrey QuigleyMichael WilliamView
FaiersWilliam and Irene DorothyJune DorothyView
FennessyCharles and NellieCharles EdwardView
FronemanNicholas Price and Mary ElizabethAlice Gail BlancheView
FisherWilliam Walter and Ivy GwendolineWilliam TerranceView
FarrellGeorge Robert and BarendinaGeorge SheridanView
FergusonLouis Wright and PansyNeilView
FavaJames Emanuel and DorothyJames EmanuelView
FermorWilliam James and Audrey QuigleyMildred AnnView
FoxFrancis John and EleanorBeryl JoyceView
ForwordAubrey Leonard and Daphne AdaNyle DenisView
FesmerKenneth Gerard and Alice MabelVeronica AnnView
ForsythWilliam Robert Leslie and Dorcas IrmaLesley DorcasView
FramptonLlewellyn Edward George and Grace LouisaPeter MontgomeryView
FelixHorace Richard Wilfrid and Pearl RosemaryDesiree JeanetteView
FermorWilliam James and Audrey QuigleyAnthonyView
FreitagJohn Edward and JeweelNorma AnnView
FieldingGeorge Meent Byng and Dora LouisaGloria JeanView
FloydGeorge Frost and Grace Eleonor JaneJune PatriciaView
FettingStanley Herman and Violet AllenBrian DesmondView
FettingStanley Herman and Violet AllenDawn HeatherView
FranzPhillip and ChristinaArthur PhillipView
FermorJames and Marian DoreenThomas HenryView
FinniganJohn Dean and Margaret KathleenMaureen JoanView
FranzArthur Phillip and Aileen GladysMichael JohnView
FettingStanley Herman and Violet AllenDennis Graham?View
FroelianWalter and Natalie RayeJennifer AnneView
Foulkes-SmithCuthbert Owen and Olive MargaretElizabeth AnnView
ForsythGeorge and JeanEdward GeorgeView
FreemanGeorge Charles Henry and Doris MurielGeorge RoyView
ForsythGeorge and JeanJennifer JeanView
FatherlyNewton and LorraineLaughlin DeanView
FinniganJohn Dean and Margaret KathleenColleen AnnView
FrauensteinRonald and IlvoRenney IlvoView
Foulkes-SmithCuthbert Owen and Olive MargaretPatricia MaryView
FawkesWilliam and Doreen HeleneDavid William ArthurView
ForsythGeorge and JeanRobert HirstView
FreemanRichard and EulaRichard SaithView
FisherHerbert Trevor (deceased) and Doris PenhorwoodTrevor JohnView
FishJames Brundrett and Joan EvelynStuart JamesView
FaustmanJohn Frederick and Dorathia MariaSophia CatherineView
FrauensteinRonald and Ilva MatildaCheryl AnnView
FisherKeith Walter and RachelKeith PatrickView
FaustmanJohn Frederick and Dorathia MariaCharles Sinclair WoodyeareView
FodderingHenry Peter Pennington and LornaLeigh CherylView
FouldsHenry and Mary AnnPeterView
FisherKeith Walter and RachelIan MichaelView
FrielAris Sheldon and Anna ElizabethKathleen RosemaryView
FaustmanJohn Frederick and Dorathia MariaHenry lawrance FrancisView
FalkGeorge and Eileen MaryThelmaView
FowlerRichard Noel and Eileen DorisDavid AlexanderView
FowlesKenneth Gordon Bagot and Erna MadgeMehliss CatherineView
FramptonLlewellyn Edward George and Grace LouiseLinda MarleneView
FordDesmond Vigar and Iris JoyceMichael MontgomeryView
FennJohn William and VernaJohn MervynView
Ford??Denis RichardView
FordArthur Heathcote and AlvesPatricia GilView
FeganWilliam James and Margaret BerylRobin MichaelView
FowlisWilliam MaCrae and Ethne MyrtleLeslie Harold MaCraeView
FosterLeslie Lawrence and Elaine DunnLynette RuthView
ForsterClaude Henderson and Frances JosephineBarbara DawnView
FramptonGordon Delville and Daphne FlorenceAndrewView
FishGraham Brundrett ad JoanAnthony GrahamView
FairheadErnest Winston and Marjorie IsobelVictoria EveView
FishGraham Brundrett and JoanDavid ArthurView
FosterHarry and Desiree ElaineDerek HughView
FieldingDouglass Arthur Desmond and Elizabeth GwendaGuy DesmondView
FisherNoel and Bertha Angelina GertrudeRaymond GeorgeView
FouldsJack Leslie and Hannah MyfanwyGuy EmlynView
FordFrancis Stransham and Martha MartinaDavid PeterView
FishGraham Brundrett and JoanClifford JohnView
FishJames Brundrett and Joan EvelynNigel CharlesView
FitzEdward Philip and Colleen MaryPatricia AnneView
FieldingDouglass Arthur Desmond and Elizabeth GwendaElizabeth Vera CatherineView
FennKenneth Leslie and Marjorie JoyceSandra JeanetteView
FlinnArnold Miles and Sheila MayMichael JohnView
FennerDesmond IrisRussellView
FlinnArnold Miles and Sheila MayBarbara AnnView
FoxGeorge Frederick and Joan AdelaideEdwin LionelView
FieldRichard Henry and Iris Doreen TeresaDavid RichardView
FreemantleLeslie and Dalina JohannaMitzi DaleneView
FreemantleLeslie and Dalina JohannaAdria RonelView
FlinnArnold Miles and Sheila MayRobert MarkView
FinchamRonald Soald and ValerieJacquelene MayView
FisherNoel and Bertha Angelina GertrudeGavin JohnView
FennKenneth Leslie and Marjory JoyceLeslie JohnView
FaughtBrian Clement and Cornelia JohannaAnneatte MargieView
FennerDesmond and Iris FlorenceNeilView
Flanagan??Roydon KeithView
FryDesmond Gerald and Valerie FaithMichelle SharonView
FieldsDesmond Owen and ElizabethKim LisanneView
FryVictor Edward and Sylvia JoeyRonelView
ForresterFrederick William and Ann ElizabethCarolyn AnnView
FryDesmond Gerald and Valerie FaithDesray DeleneView
FreitagHubert and Brenda ElaineDianneView
FryVictor Edward and JoeyDion VictorView
Faragher-ThomasHugh and Diana DesmondeRoss AndrewView
FramptonPatrick Malcolm and JunePatriciaView
ForresterFrederick William and Ann ElizabethRichard WilliamView
FreitagHubert and Brenda ElaineHeidiView
FutterRonald Graham and CatherineBrian ErnestView
FourieJeanette and PeterNicole TracyView
FermorMichael William and Beulah AtheneLaraView
FinlayFrancois Alexander and MargaretFrancois AlexanderView
FutterRonald Graham and CatherineColleen WendyView
FossettBrian Alan and Barbara MargaretDean TraffordView
Faragher-ThomasHugh and DianaGreg HughView
FermorMichael William and Beulah AtheneJames MichaelView
Faragher-ThomasHugh and Diana DesmondeSally JoanView
FergusonDonald Blake and WendyPatricia JoanView
FoxHiram James and Jacqueline JuneDebra AnneView
FergusonDonald Blake and WendyColleen WendyView
FourieEdmond Ackert and Margaret EdithShawn EddieView
FitzsimonsPaul and HelenEmma Claire FawkesView
FoxcroftThomas John and Mary AnnEdwin WalterView
FieldingHenry Charles Gilmore and Mary AnnRobert George DesmondView
FrankishJohn and Catherine EleanorWilliam EthelbertView
FrancisEdwin and Sarah AnneWilliam AlfredView
FrancisEdwin and Sarah AnneErnest EdwardView
FawcettGeorge and Jane ElizabethEdward George Frederick HarrellView
FullerWilliam Henry and Anna CharlotteMary DorotheaView
FrancisWilliam Henry and Adelaide AlbertaAlberta JaneView
FawcettGeorge and Jane ElizabethWilliam John AndrewsView
FischerJohn George and Sarah AmyAmy EleanorView
FullerWilliam Henry and Anna CharlotteSidney GriffithView
FrankishJohn and Catharine EleanorArthur CliffordView
FermorJohn Henry and Harriett ElizabethFlorence Jane ElizabethView
FermorJohn Henry and Harriett ElizabethJames HenryView
FrancisWilliam Henry and Adelaide AlbertaGordon StanleyView
FullerWilliam Henry and Anna CharlotteThomas ArthurView
FieldJoseph and Mary AnnOlive BannisterView
FrankishJohn and Catharine EleanorHenry JohnView
FrankJohn Peter Mitford and Pamela June (Ramsay)Michael JohnView
ForsythGeorge and Elizabeth BridgetMichael GeorgeView
FoxcroftPaul Alaric and Moira JoyMalcolm PaulView
FismerKenneth Gerard and Gwynydd Idris StrugnellSandraView
FordFrancis Stransham and Martha MartinaMargaretView
FieldNorman Alexander and Doris MabelBarbaraView
FoxcroftPaul Alaric and Moira JoyRobyn AlisonView
FunnellReginald Lewis and Elizabeth StellaWayne ReginaldView
FriedrichsBernhardt Ernst and Elizabeth HelenePatricia AnnView
FaughtIvan Douglas and Helena JohannaHelene MonicaView
FoxcroftHubert Quenado and YvonneColleen MarcelleView
FutterLeo Henry and JoyLeoni JoyView
FriedrichsBernard Ernest and Elizabeth HeleneMercia LoraineView
FriedrichsBernard Ernest and Elizabeth HeleneMichael GeraldView
FoxcroftHubert Quenado and YvonneGraham Herbert RonaldView
FauldsGerald Duncan and Margaret JeanneIngrid Thelma CourtenayView
ForbesBarry Granard and Marjorie ElizabethLindy LeighView
FriedrichsBernard Ernest and Elizabeth HeleneDesmond RaymondView
FisherErnest and HannahDerekView
FriedrichsValerie LynetteDean WayneView
FoxcroftHubert Quemado and YvonneNadine YvonneView
FoxcroftHubert Quemado and YvonneBarbara AnnView
FurlongRoderick Le Strange and Margaret LouisLindsay ClaireView
FloydIvor Edward and RenetteAudreyView
FisherTerence Arthur and Louise MarieSharnaeView
FoucheRichard Neville and MariettaNeilView
FoucheKenneth Hilton and Noleen HeatherNikki-LynnView
Fouche??Noleen HeatherView
FossatiFerdinand Lorenzo Ambrodia Ularia and Marjorie NoelCheryl AnnView
FossatiFerdinand Lorenzo Ambrodia Ularia and Marjorie NoelAnthony NigelView
FriedrichsHerman and StephanieVictor JuliusView
FisherWilliam and Jenny Annie LouiseMarie Annie LouiseView
FisherWilliam and Jenny Anne LouiseMaria Anne LouiseView
FennessyHugh John and ElizabethJohn henryView
FennessyHugh John and ElizabethWalter WilliamView
FennessyHugh John and ElizabethCharles EdwardView
FergusonHenry and CharlotteIsabella MaudView
FowlerAlfred Henry and Alice MaryAlfred JohnView
FennessyHugh John and ElizabethAmy Elizabeth CatherineView
FergusonHenry and CharlotteMark David CharlesView
FennessyHugh John and Elizabeth??View
FowlerAlfred Henry and Alice MaryHerbert HenryView
FinnessyHugh John and ElizabethJames ThomasView
FowlerAlfred Henry and Alice MaryWilliam GeorgeView
FurgussonHenry and CharlotteCarolineView
FennessyHugh John and ElizabethGeorge Albert BerryView
FowlerAlfred Henry and Alice MarySydney FrederickView
FowlerAlfred Henry and Alice MaryJessie DorothyView
FullerWilliam Joseph Susanna Elena MariaWilliam JosephView
FullerWilliam Joseph and Susanna Eleanor MariaDavid FiljoinView
FordRichard Andrew Dermond and LouisaPercy DermondView
FowlerAlfred Henry and Alice MaryPearlView
FullerWilliam Joseph and Susanna HelenaMaria Willimeana MagdelenaView
FitzEdward and ElizabethEdward HenryView
FordRichard Andrew Dermond and LouisaHarold DermondView
FosterCarl and FrancesSamuel DanielView
FelixSamuel and MariaHeriot CatherineView
FisherRichard William and Amelia DorcasIris LilianView
FitchetWilliam Joseph and Beatrice HenriettaGraceView
FisherRichard William and Amelia DorcasLydia EmmaView
FelixSamuel and MariaAmos WilliamView
FisherAlbert Hendry and ElizabethEvelyn ElizabethView
FisherAlbert Hendry and ElizabethThomas FredrickView
FisherAlbert Hendry and ElizabethAlbert HendryView
FilenThure and HenriettaNils Oscar Thure FilenView
FisherRichard William and Amelia DorcasAda DorisView
FisherAlbert Henry and ElizabethMaudView
FramptonGeorge and Ivy MayLlewellyn Edward GeorgeView
FelixSamuel and MariaSybilView
FisherArchie and VioletDorothy VioletView
FilenThure Henrick Fabian and Henrietta ChristinaAxil George ThomasView
FisherAlbert Hendry and ElizabethVerdun WalterView
FramptonGeorge and Ivy MaryGordon DelvilleView
FisherArchibald Charles and Violet MayLeslie PercivalView
FerreiraJohn and MarthaLetty CatherineView
FerreiraJohn and MarthaPeter DanielView
FreemanWilliam Charles and MayWilliam ReginaldView
FrauensteinAugust and LouisaRonaldView
FisherJohn and Sarah GertrudeSylvia SusanView
FisherJoseph and VioletJames BernardView
FisherVeraDaphne MadelineView
FisherJohn and SarahRaymond HarryView
FossatiLorenzo Ambrodia Ularia and MabelFerdinand Lorenzo Ambrodia UlariaView
FieldLexie and Blanche IreneErnest JosephView
FisherJoseph and VioletSarahView
FisherJohn and SarahSydney JohnView
FisherJoseph and VioletThoraView
FarrellDick and LizzieJames HarryView
FisherJohn and Sarah GertrudeAlbert GrahamView
FrauensteinNathaniel Carl and Jeanetta CeciliaTrevor LewView
FisherCharles Edward and Phyllis Gladys DescimaAudrey JeanView
FryerAubrey Thomas and Thora Ann GladysMichael ThomasView
FarrantPhilip George and Anne ElizabethPhilip CharlesView
FisherSidney John and Madge HarriettSharonView
ForteathDouglas Fred and Sheila MayAnthony DouglasView
FryerAubrey Thomas and Thora Ann GladysDonald WilliamView
FisherSidney John and Madge HarrietMerylView
FarrantPhilip George and Anne ElizabethMichael JohnView
FirthWalter Knapton and Margaret Patricia MaryLinda JaneView
ForemanJohn and Ethel MaudAnthony JohnView
FryerAubrey Thomas and Thora Ann GladysRodney JosephView
FriedrichsArthur Edward and Wilhelmina CarolineFelicity ElaineView
FriedrichsHerman Heindrich and Stephanie RosariaLorraine MoleeneView
FriedrichsArthur Eduard and Wilhelmine Caroline MarieStephen AndrewView
FisherSidney John and Madge HarrietKevinView
FutterRonald Graham and CatherineLeanne MayView
FarrDenzel Herbert and Edna AdaJudith JoanView
FarrGeorge Alfred and ElizabethFiona JeanieView
FarrowJohn Wilford Furrow and Audrie NarcisseAudrie RoslynView
FieldDennis Llewellyn and Mavis EdytheRobin James MillerView
FieldDennis Llewellyn and Mavis EdytheBarry Clifford MillerView
FifeAllan Hoyle and Kathleen hopeMargaret Elspeth HoyleView
FisherKingsley Gibson and Eileen Beryl mayVanessaView
FisherEvelyn MaryBeryl MerleView
FisherNoel and Bertha Angelina GertrudeHeather JoanView
FisherBentley and Joyce (Chapman)JulietView
FismerKenneth Gerard and Alice MabelJenifer LynneView
FodenDavid Findlay Watson and Winifreda MayMaro Davida StormView
FordHarold Desmond and Emily AnnieGeorge NormanView
FordHarold Desmond and Emily AnnieDawn NaomiView
FordHarold Desmond and Emily AnnieFaith Natalie LorraineView
ForemanBarand Bramwell and Maud IreneLydia HazelView
ForsterWalter Gradwell and Aileen MargaretLionel Walter GeorgeView
FosterGeorgeNathaniel Edward GeorgeView
FosterEdward Louis and Sarah LydiaPhebe Evelyn RuthView
FosterPrince Louis and ChristinaWilliam Henry LouisView
FosterGeorge Alexander and AnnieMarina GertrudeView
FosterGladys Humphrey ErnestView
FosterEdward Louis and Sarah LydiaJoseph AlexanderView
FosterPrince Louis and ChristinaEdward FrankView
FosterQuinton John and HesterMaud EnidView
FosterPrince Louis and ChristinaCatherine MaureenView
FosterPrince Louis and ChristinaValerie UnaView
FosterGerald Louis and Julia JohannaJennifer Rose EachellsView
FosterNoel Andrew and Joyce ElizabethLorraine JuliaView
FosterNoel Andrew and Joyce ElizabethLeon Joseph AlexanderView
FosterNoel Andrew and Joyce ElizabethGeorge AugusteView
FowkesGeorge Ernest and Joyce FeliciaJennifer AnneView
FowlerAlbert Leslie and Irene MayLesleyView
FoxFrancis John and Eleanor EdnaDoreen pamelaView
FramptonLlewellyn Edward George and Grace LouiseDavid LlewellynView
FrancisStanley and AdelineHector StanleyView
FrancisStanley and AdelineJohn William StephenView
FrancisStanley and AdelineCharles EdwardView
FrancisStephen Stanley and Adeline FredaJeanView
FrancisStephen Stanley and Adeline FreidaJames HenryView
FrayPeter and KatieLydia EllenView
FrayPeter and KatiePeter NicholasView
FrayPeter and KatieElizabeth AnnView
FrierWilliam Cuthbert and Clarice MayMaureen PriscillaView
FrierDouglas Augustine and Gertrude MariaColin Kenneth MauriceView
FrierWilliam Cuthbert and Clarice MayElaine VirginiaView
FrierDouglas and GertrudeFelicia EdwinaView
FrierWilliam Cuthbert and Clarice MayGerald MausonView
FrierDouglas Augustine and Gertrude MariaBransby SpencerView
FritzPeter George and Gertrude MargaretSidney Thomas AndrewView
FritzPeter George and Margaret GertrudeCharles HarryView
FugeHarold and KathleenPeter DonaldView
FullerArchibald Sterling and Adine EvelyneMyrna SterlingView
FullerArchibald Sterling and Adina EvelyneKingsley SterlingView
FurberCecil Basil and Maude BeatriceLynetteView
FurberCecil and MaudGraham BarryView
FortainJoseph and MatildaSophiaView
FarreHenry Crawley and AnneJesse ellen ElizaView
FarreHenry C. and AnnWilliam RichardView
FurlongHenry and EmilyLouisa Rhoda MaryView
FergusonDavid and IsabellaAlexanderView
FarreHenry Crawley and AnneAnna Letitia MariaView
FrostHenry and Eliza MariaCharles HowardView
FarreHenry and AnnRachel wiltseView
FergusonDavid and IsabellaSusan MariaView
FfennellThomas and JaneThomas EdwardView
FfennellThomas and JaneAnnie SarahView
FfennellThomas and JaneMary ElizabethView
FrostHenry and ElizaPercy EarnestView
FergusonDavid and IsabellaWilliam ShieldsView
FarreHenry Crawley and AnneBeatrice EvalineView
FergusonDavid and IsabellaCatherine ShieldsView
FarnhamJames and Mary AnnKathleen Augusta MaryView
FarreHenry C. and Anne W.William ErnestView
FullerGeorge and MargaretCatharineView
FordGeorge and HarriettWilliam JohnView
FordGeorge and HarrietAnnView
FordJohn and ElizaWilliam GeorgeView
FordGeorge and HarrietSarah HannahView
FordJohn and ElizaJamesView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethWilliam HardenView
FletcherJoseph and Mary JaneWalter DarvillView
FletcherJoseph and Mary JaneEmily ElizabethView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethMaria JaneView
FletcherJoseph and Mary JaneReubenView
FletcherJoseph and Mary JaneAmelia AnnView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethDinahView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethElizabeth EllenView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethGeorge RobertView
FletcherJoseph and Mary JaneJohn StephenView
FletcherJoseph and Mary JaneMary JaneView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethLouisa Mary AnnView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethJohn CharlesView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethRebecca SusannahView
FarleyHenry George and Elizabeth JudithFrancis Henry WilliamView
FletcherJohn and ElizabethAlice MarthaView
FarleyHenry George and Elizabeth JudithGeorge ClaytonView
FlaneganJames Arthur and Sarah ElizabethCharles HerbertView
FlaneganJames Arthur and Sarah ElizabethArthur JamesView
FlanaganJames Arthur and Sarah ElizabethDavid FrancisView
FarleyHenry George and Elizabeth JudithLouisa EmilyView
FlaniganJames Arthur and SarahEdwinView
FletcherWilliam Harden and Eliza Jane EdithAmy ClariceView
FletcherWilliam Harden and Eliza Jane EdithHarry HavelockView
FletcherGeorge Robert and Elizabeth EllenDouglas ClaytonView
FletcherGeorge Robert and Ellen ElizabethHilva ClaytonView
FletcherWilliam Harden and Eliza Jane EdithOlga EileenView
FletcherGeorge Robert and Elizabeth EllenIva ClaytonView
FletcherWilliam Harden and Eliza Jane EdithGeorge GradenView
FletcherGeorge Robert and Elizabeth EllenConnie ClaytonView
FletcherGeorge Robert and Elizabeth EllenDoris ClaytonView
FletcherGeorge Robert and Elizabeth EllenJean ClaytonView
FrancisJames Guard Kestell and Rosa HelenWendy AnneView
FrancisJames Guard Kestell and Rosa HelenMichael Richard KestellView
FletcherColin Michael and Lorna SybilJoy RethaView
FrancisJames Guard Kestell and Rosa HelenSusan JoanView
FletcherColin Michael and Lorna SybilAnne LornaView
FletcherColin Michael and Lorna SybilDebbie LeeView
FletcherColin Michael and Lorna SybilKim CatherineView
FletcherColin Michael and Lorna SybilGary MauriceView
FletcherColin Michael and Lorna SybilLynn GailView
FinlaysonKenneth Arnold and RosalieSuzanne Moira LouiseView
FinnWilliam and Eliza JaneElizabeth JaneView
FitchettAnthony and ElizabethThomasView
FitchettAnthony and ElizabethWilliamView
FerreiraIgnatius Petrus and Anna MagdalenaElsie JacobaView
FinnaughtyJohn and AnnHenry JamesView
FerreiraStephanus Engelbertus and Catharina WilhelminaTheunis JohannesView
FurmidgeRichard and JaneAnne ElizabethView
FranklinJohn George and EmilyFanny DamantView
FullerThomas John and ElizaEliza EleanorView
FrancisThomas James and SusannaPhilip Davy ScottView
FisherWilliam and CatherineWilliamView
FisherWilliam and CatherineAlfredView
FurmidgeRichard and JaneWalter HenryView
FreyCharles and Mary AnneElizaView
FranklinJohn George and EmilyCaroline DamantView
FutterWilliam and EleanorEleanor JaneView
FinnaughtyJohn Henry and AnnCharles EdwardView
FerrerraStephanus and KatrinaBarnard DanielView
FutterThomas and ElizaHarriet AnneView
FurmidgeRichard and JaneEllen Sarah JaneView
FairbanksWilliam and AnnFrances AnnView
FennellJohn and Elizabeth HarriottSamuelView
ForbesWilliam and ElizaMarthaView
FerreiraStephenus Egelbertus and Catharine WilhelminaChristophel PhilippusView
Ferreira??Carl HendrickView
FairbairnJohn Thomson and Margaret AmeliaVera Merle ThomsonView
FairbairnJohn Thomson and Margaret AmeliaShelagh MayView
FarreWilliam Ernest and Amy GertrudeDorothyView
FarrellThomas William and Clara IsabellaCynthia JeanView
FarrellThomas William and Clara IsabellaThomas CharlesView
FarrerBernard Eric and Harriett MargeryHubert Geoffrey PenfoldView
FarrerBernard Eric and Harriett MargeryRosemary ElizabethView
FarrerStephen Eric Penfold and NorahMargaret JoyView
FarrerStephen Eric Penfold and NorahWilliam StephenView
FarrerStephen Eric Penfold and NorahPhilip EricView
FaucettHenry Hepton and EmilyJohn HolmesView
FennerPaul and NorahRonaView
FennerPaul Carl and Norah WinifredMaureenView
FennerPaul Carl and Nora WinnifredTrevorView
FennerPaul Carl and Nora WinifredSybillView
FentonJohn Walterton and Alice JohannaAda EleanorView
FerreiraGert and GertrudeGrace KathleenView
FesterArthur Andrew Jacobus MiriamThelma JohannaView
FieldSamuel and Kathleen LouiseLucille GraceView
FieldSamuel and LouiseSheilaView
FischerHenry Orsmond and Mary OrsmondAgnes MaudView
FischerTheodore Felix and Agnes MaudFlorence JuanitaView
FischerTheodore Felix and Agnes MaudPhyllis JoanView
FischerTheodore Felix and Agnes MaudJoan IrisView
FishJames and SusanLionel Charles GeraldView
FishJames Bernard and Susan SophiaReginald DerrickView
FishJames Bernard and Susan SophiaJames BasilView
FisherJoseph WilliamGeorge AlexanderView
FlemingFrederick and DorisSusan AnnView
FlitzGeorge and JessieHerbertView
FlitzGeorge and JessieMariaView
FlitzGeorge and JessiePeterView
ForbesJohn and DorothyMaureen MayView
ForbesErnest and DorisElaine JoyceView
ForbesJessie Constance (now DART)SheilaView
ForbesJohn Joseph Henry and SusanCynthea JoanView
ForbesJohn Joseph Henry and SusanJohn Denzil WinstonView
ForbesJohn Joseph Henry and SusanYvonne ElizabethView
Forbes??Denis BrianView
ForemanRobert Peinke and MargaretRobert PeinkeView
ForemanRobert Peinke and MargaretSarah MariaView
ForemanThomas James and SarahThomas JamesView
ForemanThomas James and SarahRozanaView
ForemanThomas James and SarahJack LouisView
ForemanThomas James and SarahFrank WilliamView
ForemanThomas James and SarahSarah SusanView
ForemanThomas James and Sarah SophiaConstance DoreenView
ForemanJack Louis and Myrtle PaulinaDennis ErrolView
ForemanJack Louis and Myrtle PaulinaDerek JamesView
FosterPeter Johannes and Cornelis AlettaHealie EanglearView
FoucheChristiaan Adrian Johannes Stephanus and Anna Matilda MaureenMaureen DaphneView
FoucheChristian Adrian Stephanus Johannes and Anne Matilda MaureenAnthony John ChristianView
FourieJohn and DinahIrena DorotheaView
FourieGert Cornelius and EllenGert CorneliusView
FourieJohn William and Dinah HelenaElizabeth ChrissieView
FourieJohanna Heinrich and Therese LouiseJohn StephanView
FourieJohann Heinrich and Therese LouiseWalter Johann CarlView
Fowler??William JohnView
FreerCecil and DoriceDiana FaradyView
FrereJohn and GertrudeHarold JohnView
FridayJohannes Jacobus Frederick and Johanna Hendrina AlidaDaphneView
FridayJohannes Jacobus Frederick and Johanna Hendrina AledaConstanceView
FrobusFerdinand Friedrick Johann and Emma AugustaEmma EireneView
FronemanMartin Pearson and Mabel FlorenceTerrence MartinView
FronemanMartin Pearson and Mabel FlorenceAnn Millicent MabelView
FryEduard Andrew and Violet Gertrude ElizabethWinifred RosalindView
FryEdward Andrew and Violet Gertrude ElizabethStedman FrederickView
FryEdward Andrew and Violet Beatrice ElizabethMargery IsabelView
FryEdward and VioletAndrew George LukinView
FryEdward Andrew and Violet Gertrude ElizabethRonald ErnestView
FryEdward Andrew and Violet Gertrude ElizabethThelma Lilian EugeneView
FryEdward Andries and Violet GertrudeIvan Vernon ReginaldView
FryEdward Andrew and Violet Gertrude (Or Fay)Violet IrisView
FuhrHarry Augustus and Marie EliseMargaret EileenView
FullerDouglas Gerald and LouisaGerald CliffordView
FurmageFrank Stannard and Iris MinnieGerald MauriceView
FurmageFrank Stannard and Iris MinnieElwyn StannardView
FurmageFrank Stannard and Iris MinnieMarjorie JoyceView
ForbesColin Oscar and Beryl ElizabethRoy WilliamView
ForemanJack Louis and Myrtle PaulinaFrank WilliamView
FranzArthur Phillip and Aileen GladysBrian AnthonyView
FrohbusKenneth and EsmeErrol KennethView
FoucheAdriaan Johannes Stephanus and Anna Matilda MaureenRobert August WilliamView
FrohbusKenneth harold and Esme VioletCynthia EsmeView
FurstenburgOostewald Aubrey and Elaine PhyllisRoyView
ForbesJohn Joseph Henry and SusanNeil JosephView
ForbesClive Kenneth (BAKER) and Olga Constance (FORBES)Claudette KathleenView
FarrellThomas William and Clara IsabellaJohn HiltonView
FreebornLeonard Joseph and Mary ManusMargaret AnnView
FreudigerJulia MariaAugust ErnestView
FarrellThomas William and Clara IsabellaHeather ElaineView
FreebornLeonard Joseph and Mary ManusJohn NormanView
FarrellThomas William and Clara IsobelDonald JamesView
ForemanJack Louis and Myrtle PaulineDouglas GeraldView
FisherGeorge Henry and Hilda MaudeNeville BrianView
FrohbusKenneth Harold and Esme VioletDanzil JohnView
FrancisLeslie Montague and Joan Constance DenisePatrick EdmundView
FourieJames Henry and Dorne MerleDianneView
FossatiAndrew Malcolm and Rosemary JuneSharon LeeView
FenixPeter and Doris MaureenBasil JohnView
FourieJames Henry and Dorne MerleLynneView
FenixPeter and Doris MaureenJean DaphneView
ForwordCedric Garforth and JeanJennifer SharonView
ForwordCedric Garforth and JeanVeronica ClaireView
Frieselaar??Patrick MalcolmView
FrohbusKenneth Harold and Esme VioletSandra DawneView
FluskBarney and KatyIvan JohnView
FrohbusKenneth Harold and Esme VioletDenise ShirleyView
FourieVivian and JenniferKevinView
FarrerWilliam Stephen and Helyn MaureenMichael StephenView
FosterKeith and Elizabeth-AnnAngela HelenView
ForemanDerek James and Heather ElizabethSharon RoseView
FletcherEdward and SylviaCraigView
Froneman??Ernest AubreyView
FourieVivian and JenniferKarenView
FarrerWilliam Stephen and Helyn MaureenColin StewartView
ForemanDerek James and Heather ElizabethGavin GeorgeView
FriessJohannes Lawrence and Elizabeth RozanaMartin JohannesView
FriessJohannes Lawrence Christoffel and Elizabeth RosalaHester FrancesView
FriessJohannes Lawrence Christoffel and Elizabeth RosalaEric HaigView
ForemanJohn James and Johanna MariaVictor Gert JohannesView
ForemanJohn James and Johanna MariaStephen BenjaminView
ForemanMichael and Sophia Susannah ChristinaMartha ElizabethView
FriessJohannes Lawrence and Elizabeth RosanaElizabeth RosanaView
ForemanMichael and Sophia Susannah ChristinaMagdalene SophiaView
ForemanJohn James and Johanna MariaMaria SusanView
ForemanMichael and Christina SophiaMichaelView
FriessJohannes Lawrence and Elizabeth RosanaLodewyk RudolphView
FriessStefanus Daniel and Amy ElizabethHilary ThomasView
ForemanMichael and Christina Sophia SusannahJohnView
ForemanJohn James and Johanna MariaWilliam JohnView
FriessStefanud Daniel and Amy ElizabethEnid CollenaView
FriessJohannes Lawrence and Elizabeth RosanaJohannes LawrenceView
FriessStefanus Daniel and Amy ElizabethDaphne AnnieView
FriessJohannes Lawrence and Elizabeth RosanaJuddle CecilView
FriessStephanus Daniel and Amy ElizabethZelda DeleenView
FullerCecil Liddle and Gladys ElizabethGeoffrey LiddleView
FluskDaniel and Louisa EllenVivian PatrickView
FriessZelda Deleen and Ludewyk RudolfLenn VernonView
FriderichsLouis Martinus and Fay PeggyRobert LouisView
FaulknerAlexander and SarahAnnView
FosterAlexander Justus Solk and JaneClement James BoomsmaView
FirmanEzekiel James and Sarah AnnAnn RebeccaView
FelmingFrancis Patrick and helen MaryFrancisView
ForbesJohn Alexander and Ann MariaJessie sophiaView
ForbesJohn Alexander and Ann MariaSarah CatharineView
ForbesJohn Alexander and Ann MariaThomas Ernest BattersonView
FondelingJohn and JohannaMariaView
FisherJohn and MaryElizabeth JaneView
FisherJohn and MaryAmeliaView
FlanaganJohn and RosinaMary AnnView
FlanaganJohn and RosinaElvinaView
FeatherstoneJohn Henry and Margaret AnnSamuel JamesView
FourieJohn Nathan and SophiaMartha KatrinaView
FlackJoseph and LydiaOctavius William KemsleyView
FlanaganMary AnnJames RobertView
FieldingRobert Meent Byng and Sarah AnnWinfred Charles DumbletonView
FinnaughtyWilliam and Margaret CatherineEthel FrancesView
FlanaganGeorge and AnnJamesView
FlanaganEdward and BerthaEdward HerbertView
FletcherJoseph and Mary JaneMartha MariaView
FisherCharles and CarolineJames HenryView
FisherCharles and CarolineAmelia CarolineView
ForresterJohn and SusannaJohnView
FletcherJohn Alfred and AnnJohn WilliamView
FlanaganWalter William and Thelma SeymourHenry OwenView
FreitagOtto Ernst August and Otilda TheresaGeneView
ForwordStanley Bartlett and Sarah NicolWinsome JanetView
FreyburgBrian John and Joan ForsterSally HerschelView
FlanaganFrancis Shortt and Christina MavisJamesView
FoxcroftColwyn John Bertram and Irene HeleneMichael JohnView
FoxcroftColyn John Bertram and Irene HeleneTrevor BertramView
FreyburgBrian John and Joan ForsterBarbara Anne HerschelView
FlanaganJames Gordon Shortt and Sylvia MilesGordon RoryView
FreybergBrian John and Joan ForsterJeremy HerschelView
FreybergBrian John and Joan ForsterKevin HerschelView
FlanaganFrancis Shortt and Christina MavisDeniseView
FlanaganJames Gordon Shortt and Sylvia MilesBeatrice RoseView
FlanaganJames Gordon Shortt and Sylvia MilesPatrick MillinView
FieldHarold Keith and Mary Theodora EsteJohn EarleView
FutterLeo Henry and JoyMelody AnnView
FourieOckert Johannes and Maria CatrienaMaria AlidaView
FutterLeo Henry and JuyJudith RayneView
FleischmanDudley Noel and Marlene AnnSteven KeithView
FutterLeo Henry and JoyBramley ActonView
FleischmanDudley Noel and Marlene AnnBrian EdwardView
FaniShort and OntshakaziNotitiView
FouriePetrus Jacobus and Jacoba ChristinaAnna Hendrina SusannaView
FerreiraIgnatius Christian and Johanna IsabellaCarolina PohlView
FellaEdward and SarahMariaView
FellaEdward and SarahLydiaView
ForsythWilliam and JaneWilliamView
FinlaysonHerbert William and EmmaHilda MaudeView
FinlaysonHerbert William and EmmaVincent FrancisView
FairleyJohn and EmilyNellie BeatriceView
FrancisFrederick John and Emily ColleenErrol BruceView
FrancisFrederic John and Emily ColleenDenton EllisView
FouldsWalter Holmes and Helen (Daniell)MaryView
FowldsWilliam Henry and Rosemary Charmain HallierJayne MaryView
FowldsGrant Winar and AngelaJessica PaulaView
FisherAlbert Henry and Wilhelmina JaneGloria DoreenView
FrancisErnest and ElizabethAnthony Frederic WilliamView
FisherCharles Edward and Phyllis GladysMaureenView
FisherAlbert Henry and JoeyAlbert HenryView
FisherAlbert Henry and JoeyAndrew StephenView
FossatiLorenzo and MabelAndrew MalcolmView
FisherCharles Edward and Phyllis Gladys DescimaDaphne JoyView
FisherAlbert Henry and Wilhelmina JaneWilliam JohnView
FisherThomas Fred and SarahMavis JeanView
FisherAlbert Henry and ElizabethWilliam ChrissieView
FisherCharles Edward and Phyllis Gladys DessimaBrian CharlesView
FaulWilliam and Ismay ThelmaVernon Arthur WilliamView
FrameWilliam Hamilton and Charlotte MarianHeatherView
FrauensteinNathaniel Carl and Jeanetta CeciliaTrevor LewView
FisherCharles Edward and Phyllis Gladys DescimaAudrey JeanView
FryerAubrey Thomas and Thora Ann GladysMichael ThomasView
FarrantPhilip George and Anne ElizabethPhilip CharlesView
FisherSidney John and Madge HarriettSharonView
ForteathDouglas Fred and Sheila MayAnthony DouglasView
FryerAubrey Thomas and Thora Ann GladysDonald WilliamView
FisherSidney John and Madge HarrietMerylView
FarrantPhilip George and Anne ElizabethMichael JohnView
FirthWalter Knapton and Margaret Patricia MaryLinda JaneView
ForemanJohn and Ethel MaudAnthony JohnView
FryerAubrey Thomas and Thora Ann GladysRodney JosephView
FriedrichsArthur Edward and Wilhelmina CarolineFelicity ElaineView
FriedrichsHerman Heindrich and Stephanie RosariaLorraine MoleeneView
FriedrichsArthur Eduard and Wilhelmine Caroline MarieStephen AndrewView
FisherSidney John and Madge HarrietKevinView
FutterRonald Graham and CatherineLeanne MayView
FunnellCharles William and Susan ElizabethSybil MillicentView
Fath??Minnie Marie EliseView
FosterGeorge Alexander and AnnieRuth ClaraView
FlemingCharles Frank and Myra AliceCharles Lennox WilliamView
FunnellCharles William and Susan ElizabethWalter LeslieView
FosterGeorge Alexander and AnnieQuinton JohnView
FouriePeter and SarahFredView
FunnellCharles William and Susan ElizabethDaphneView
FullerWill Robertson and Maude EvelynJohn DesmondView
FrankJohn Leslie Mitford and DorothyJoan Blanche PatriciaView
FosterGeorge Alexander and AnnieNoel AndrewView
FunnellCharles William and Susan ElizabethDesmond CharlesView
FloquetClaude Eugene and ClaraJohn AmbroseView
FioreCamillo and Anna MariaCamillo FrancescoView
FunnellCharles William and Susan ElizabethTerranceView
FletcherWalter and Annie ElizabethDorothy AnnView
FrayFrederick and RosinaFrederick JohannesView
FrancesJames William and Jane (Whittaker)Amelia PetronellaView
FishJames Clifford and Norah LillianGraham BrundrettView
FosterGeorge Alexander and AnnieHumphrey LangeView
FarrellHenry and Edith MaudAudrey VictoriaView
FraserColin Robert and AdaBarry FerrierView
FritzPeter and MargaretJames Peter GeorgeView
FieggenHendrik Ernst and Sheila HelenHendrik Ernest AnthonyView
FletcherWalter and Annie ElizabethAtholine RaeView
FisieCamillo and Anna MariaLuigi LombardView
FowlerSydney Frederick and Alma MaudeAlfred SydneyView
FieldingRobert Campbell and Norah ElizabethBernard ChampionView
FieldingRobert Campbell and Norah ElizabethReginald CampbellView
FieldingRobert Campbell and Norah ElizabethGeorge Meent ByngView
FosterJames Ernest and Dorothy ElizabethJames ClarenceView
FreyFrederick and RosinaDavid MosesView
FieggenHendrik Ernest and Sheila HelenPieter Adriaan ChabaudView
FishJames Clifford and Norah LilianJames BrundrettView
FrayPeter and Katie SusanPeter MichaelView
FisherOlive WinifredDorothy MaryView
FordHarold Desmond and Emily AnnieKeith HaroldView
FritzPeter and MargaretFrederick StanleyView
FrankishGeorge and Winifred AlmaJoyView
FalkenbergCharles Frederick and Beatrice MayDerek HarveyView
FlanaganWilliam Henry and LetitiaBlossom MayView
FlanaganLeslie Leonard and Myrtle WinifredMelville RaydenView
FrayPeter and Katie SusieMartha MariaView
FritzPeter George and Gertrude MargaretWilliam HenryView
FieldRobert William and Queenie VictoriaDulcie FayView
ForemanBernard Brumwell and Isabel GladysGordon JamesView
FieldDennis Llewellyn and Mavis EdythaEric Russell MillerView
FowlerSydney Frederick and Alma MaudeJeffrey NeilView
FraserDouglas Edward and Mona GwendolenCliveView
FaiserJapi and LydiaGladysView
FrayPeter and KatieEsau AndrewView
FunnellCharles William and Susan ElizabethValerieView
FosterHenry and Sarah (Van Den Berg)HesterView
FrancisStephen Stanley and Adeline FriedaIreneView
FraserGraham Hamilton and Joycegillian MargaretView
FitzSarahJoan WillhelminaView
FaustmannJohn Frederick and Dorothia MariaJohn GeorgeView
FaustmannJohn Frederick and Dorothia MariaDorothy SheilaView
FosterNoel and JoyceEdward RolandView
FrayStephen and JanetHarold ReggieView
FrayStephen and JanetMarjorie AliceView
FrayStephen and JanetErnest StephenView
FosterNoel Andrew and Joyce ElizabethMaynard AlbertView
FosterGerald Louis and Julia JohannaGerald Graham CharlesView
FarrGeorge Alfred and ElizabethKevin Robert GeorgeView
FitzEdward Philip and Colleen MaryIan PhilipView
FrierDouglas Augustine and Gertrude MariaValda RuthView
FrayMartha MariaCynthia EsmeView
FitzSarah MargaretCharmaineView
FoxcroftWilfred James and Merle ElaineMelvin JamesView
FraySteven and JanetRachel DaleView
FritzGeorge and MabelPeter View
FritzGeorge and MabelLenaView
FalloneDonald and Dorothy EvelynSharon AnnView
FosterNoel Andrew and Joyce ElizabethGavin AndrewView
FosterNoel Andrew and Joyce ElizabethNeil AlastairView
FosterQuintin John and Doreen Merle AngelaLesley AnnView
FritzGeorge and MabelWilliamView
FelixRichard and SelinaLeah MariaView
FosterQuintin John and Doreen Merle AngelaRoger PeterView
FobianFred John Christian and Ethel IreneJohn RobertView
FitzEdmond Philip and Colleen MaryAndrea LesleyView
FritzGeorge James Peter and MabelMichaelView
FennKenneth Leslie and Marjory JoyceDenise AnnView
FosterNoel Andrew and Joyce ElizabethAloma FayView
FutterRonald Graham and CathrineDesiree LynnView
FelixRichard and SelinaSharon JeanView
FosterNoel Andrew and Joyce ElizabethAmelia DeborahView
FosterNathaniel Edward George and Ada BridgetElizabeth AnneView
FoyieDesniel John and Elizabeth Elaine (Lucas)Lynette TrudyView
FlanaganVioletWalter EdwardView
FleischmanKeith Owen and Lynette AudreyDavid MichaelView
FourieWillem Andries and AnnCecily AnnView
FaughtIvan Douglas and Helena JohannaIvan DouglasView
FrayThomas and Amy GoliathAvril ShaunView
FelixRichard and SelinaHelen TheresaView
FosterNathaniel Edward George and Ada BridgetGeorge DerkView
FosterWilliam Henry Louis and Sophia FlortinaGarth Le RoyView
FosterWilliam Henry Louis and Sophia FlortinaEsmond FrankView
FlynnWalter Patrick and ElenaErnest ErrolView
FourieWilhelm Andries and AnnChristopher PaulView
FosterNathaniel Edward George and Ada BridgetNina TeresaView
FowlerJeffrey Neil and ValerieAnthony NeilView
Friedman??Ivor VladimirView
FurlongRoderick Lestrange and Margaret LouieOwen LestrangeView
FleischmanKeith Owen and Lynette AudreyAntony PeterView
FaughtIvan Douglas and Helena JohannaCharles AlexanderView
FaughtBrian Clement and Johanna CarolineElizabeth AnnView
FaughtBrian Clement and Johanna CarolineCarol JohannaView
FaughtBrian Clement and Johanna CarolineRay LorraineView
FrohbusKenneth Harold and Esme VioletViola DoreenView
FalkenbergDerek Harvey and Laureen GlenysShelley-AnneView
FalkenbergDerek Harvey and Laureen GlenysBrett AnthonyView
FilmerJohn Jacobus and PatriciaMichael JohnView
FilmerJohn Jacobus and PatriciaAlisonView
FalkenbergDerek Harvey and Laureen GlenysNicola AnneView
FlemmerChristian John and Linda AnnWendy AnnView
FoucheKenneth Hilton and Noleen HeatherCraigView
FleischmanKeith Owen and Lynette AudreyKarin LindaView
FourieRichard and Willa GordonStuart JamesView
FlynnWalter Patrick and ElenaDarrol WayneView
FisherCharles and CarolineEmma JaneView
FrierFerdinand and FrederikaGustaff Adolph LouisView
FisherCharles and CarolineJames HenryView
FisherCharles and CarolineAmelia CarolineView
FoxcroftMitford and Amelia AnneClara AliceView
FranklinGeorge Ernest and Elisa Jane GravesHenry BenjaminView
FranklinGeorge Ernest and Eliza Jane GravesCharles RusselView
FranklinGeorge Ernest and Eliza Jane GravesJohn CecilView
FrierHerman Julius Augustus and Frances SarahPercy Evelyn KnightView
FrierHerman Julius Augustus and Frances SarahAlice MaudView
FrierHerman Julius Augustus and Frances SarahIvy AmeliaView
FrierHerman Julius August and Frances Sarah AnnEmma Catherine MayView
FaganJohn and BlancheJohn AlphyeView
FosterCharles Hanson and Martha AnnCyril WilliamView
FennerPaul Carl and Nora WinifredDesmondView
FitzgeraldTheodore G. and Ruth AnnaTrevor TheodoraView
FitzgeraldTheodore George and Ruth AnnaRonald ErnestView
FaaisDiederick John (deceased) and Helen Gezina WilhelminaAubrey DesmondView
FenixBasil Gilbert and Daphne JoanJennifer RosemaryView
FrancisPercy Albert and Lynette WinsomeLeigh AnnView
FreyEdward John and Merle WinifredCarolineView
FrancisPercy Albert and Lynette WinsomeTrevor JohnView
FreyEdward John and Merle WinifredEduard ClydeView
FantiJoel and NoseleurSidwellView
FlaneganCharles Herbert and Alice MatildaClaude DudleyView
FerreiraJohn Pohl and Alice EmilyFrank CharlesView
FitzgeraldJohn Thomas and Annie JaneTerence SymonsView
FerreiraPohl John and Alice EmilyRichard PohlView
FutterThomas and Evelyn AliceIvy MayView
FantiJoseph and RoseleniAlbinahView
FieldingWinfred Charles Dumbleton and Edith Mary PoundRobertView
FerreiraPohl John and Alice EmilyPeter CarlyleView
FieldingWinfred Charles Dumbleton and Edith Mary PoundDorothyView
FutterThomas and Evelyn AliceLillian VioletView
FoxcroftRobert John and Frances MaudFlorence LauraView
FridayFred Frederick and Cornelia AlettaJohanna SusannaView
FieldingWinfred Charles Dumbleton and Edith Mary PoundJohn ByngView
FridayFrederick and AlettaMary MagdaleneView
FreegardHerbert James and Annie ElizabethEmily JeanView
FrancisJohn Llewelyn and LilianElaine LlewelynView
FlaneganDavid Francis and Lydia LaviniaHilda AmeliaView
FourieWilliam Jacobus and Maria ElizabethAlice DorothyView
FutterThomas and Evelyn AliceVyvyian ThomasView
FridayFred Frederick and Corneilia AlettaFrances EsteniaView
FeatherstoneEric Norman and Alvi Elizabeth RhodesNorman FrankView
FisherRobert Rubin and Christena CatherenaKathleen SusaraView
FlaneganDavid Francis and Lydia LaviniaDouglas Eric AltonView
FoxcroftJames Robert and Mary MariaMidford RaymondView
FlaneganDavid Francis and Lydia LaviniaElizabeth EthelView
FourieWilliam Jacobus and Maria ElizabethWilhelmina JamesinaView
FoxcroftMidford Raymond and DaisyEdna RenaView
FlaneganEdwin and Mabel ConstanceClaence Chase WattrusView
FlaneganDavid Francis and Lydia LaviniaRalphView
FoxcroftRobert John and Frances MaudHarold IvanView
FoxcroftRobert John and Frances MaudReginald HiltonView
FlaneganDavid Francis and Lydia LaviniaElaineView
FrameWilliam Hamilton and Florence MargaretAngus DanielView
FoxcroftRobert John and Frances MaudPearl EsmeView
FridayJohannes Jacobus and Johanna HendrinaLeslieView
FeatherstoneGerald William and Kathleen JaneLynetteView
FutterHenry George and Ethel MayLornaView
FourieCasparus Johannes Hendrik and Helena GezinaAnna CatherineView
FrenchRoland Ebbels and Louisa JacobaLuraine MargueriteView
FeatherstoneStanhope Graham and Malvena GladysMargaed AnnView
FrancisJames William Henry and Jane SusanJames William HenryView
FeatherstoneGerald William and Kathleen JaneJustineView
FordPercy and HenriettaJean BerylView
FordPercy and HenriettaMargaret KathleenView
FordPercy and HenriettaKenneth ErnestView
FinlaysonWilfred Eric Cox and Alevia DorothyDorothy YvonneView
FeatherstoneStanhope Graham and Malvena GladysJoan LesleyView
FeatherstoneStanhope Graham and Malvena GladysRobert GrahamView
FlaneganDouglas Eric Alton and Olive MargaretJoy DianaView
FranzArthur Phillip and Aileen GladysRodney PhilipView
FreemantleJohn Mates and Doris RonaJohn Christian View
FarrerBernard Eric and Harriet MargeryAngela MargeryView
FrancisEdgar and FrancesAbraham Andrew JoosteView
FullerEsther SusanJoan Mary PeaceView
FieldAlfred George and Francis EvaNancy Esme EvaView
FowlesThomas Joseph and Bessie NoraDouglas Thomas EdgarView
FernauerFlorence LouisaCecil GrahamView
FordFrancis Stransham and Emelia CatherineFrancis StranshamView
FlanaganCharles Benedict and Mildred ZoeRonald CharlesView
FlanaganCharles Benedict and Mildred ZoeNoel DoreenView
Ferreira??George HenryView
FordVivian Wilfrid Stransham and Doris EdithEric AlfredView
FergusonEric Reginald and Ada EthelBeryl JeanView
FlanaganCharles Benedict and Mildred ZoePatricia ZoeView
FerreiraSarahGordon TrimleyView
FordFrederick John and Constance MarionFrederick DouglasView
FordFrancis Stransham and Emelia CatherineJohn PringleView
Fereira (Ferreira?)SarahWilfrid GeorgeView
FieldAlfred George and Frances EvaJoy Frances GraceView
FullerHarry Hillier and Margaret StuartMargaret Ann AdeleView
FlanaganCharles Benedict and Mildred ZoeTerence RichardView
FordVivien Wilfrid Stransham and Doris EdithDoris WinifredView
FordFrancis Stransham and Emelia CatherineRiddell HayterView
FillisJames May and Dinah ElizabethHans DavidView
FillisJames May and Dinah ElizabethFrancis RhodaView
Ford??Edna MaryView
Ferreira, Aka McmasterSarahNorman AndrewView
Ferreira, Aka McmasterSarahDaphne IsabelView
FillisJames and Dinah ElizabethStephen JamesView
FletcherMaurice Frere Cron and Hilda JoyceJohn TrevorView
FitzhenryEric Walter and Jean ClaytonBlair DerekView
FordVivian Wilfred Stransham and Doris EdithOlive VivienneView
FennFrank Leslie and Violet IrisAubrey BrianView
FerreiraGeorge Henry and Sarah DorothyMavis GwendolineView
FerreiraGeorge Henry and Sarah DorothyGeorge HenryView
FryerPercy and Gladys (White)Sydney KennethView
FilmerNorman Leslie and MarjorieNorman AnthonyView
FinchWilliam Charles and Maria JohannaElsie JohannaView
FinchWilliam Charles and Maria JohannaEdith MaryView
FilmerNorman Leslie and MarjorieChristopher HerbertView
FinchWilliam Charles and Maria JohannaChristina KritinaView
FarleyAubrey Lennox and Ruby Aletta McLennanErrol McLennanView
FilmerNorman Leslie and MarjorieMartin RodwellView
FerreiraSarahGerald BertieView
FennerRobert Abbott and ReineRobert CharlesView
FrancisVictor Kestell and ConstanceCharles KestellView
FennFrank Leslie and Violet IrisJoan DawnView
FranklinNorton Norris and Ethel MaureenMark NewmanView
FennHarry and HelenOrmond HyettView
FrancisVictor Kestell and ConstanceRichard KestellView
FewsterWilliam Longwood and SarahJohnView
Fereira (Ferreira?)Georgina SarahColin DavidView
Fereira (Ferreira?)GeorginaGraven HenryView
FosterGerald Louis and Julia JohannaMaureen GeraldineView
ForbesVernon Siegfried and Eleanor LoisLynette LoisView
FranklinNorton Norris and Ethel MaureenElizabeth Winifred MaryView
Fereira (Ferreira?)SarrahDaphneView
FerreiraMavis GwendolinaKathleen ElizabethView
FosterGerald Louis and Julia JoannaAnnette Alicia EachellsView
ForbesVernon Siegfried and Eleanor LoisMeriel CharmianView
FuchsLeslie and LoisBrian LeslieView
FerreiraSarah DorothyDoreen MargaretView
FoxThomas And Margaret (Lawler)JohnView
Feather??James JosephView
FitzgeraldJohn And Mary A. (Ryan)Claude EdwardView
French (Torpey) (Torpie?)James And Ellen MariaMary EllenView
FergusonAlexander And Emily (Jones)Stewart WilliamView
FieldingWilliam And Elizabeth (Corrigan)Martin JosephView
FitzpatrickPatrick David And Ann Mary Joseph (Quinn)John AloysiusView
French (Torpey) (Torpie?)James And Ellen MariaJohn EdwardView
FoxThomas And Mary (Lawler)Oliver Austin Reginald RuddleView
FitzgibbonJohn And Ema (Kachelhoffer)Ernest HerrmanView
FlanneryPatrick Joseph And Annie Pauline (Mccabe)Francis De SalesView
FieldingJohn And Jessie (Henwick)Ethel Agnes IsabellaView
FitzgeraldJohn And Mary Ann (Ryan)Mary AnnView
FieldGeorge And Elizabeth (Carter)William GeorgeView
FieldingWilliam And Elizabeth (Corrigan)Aloysius MaryView
FeatherWilliam Charles And Mary (Maher)Erinie CondonView
French (Torpey) (Torpie?)James And Ellen MariaMargaret KateView
FarrallJohn Joseph And Sarah (Fitzpatrick)John MichaelView
FillisHorace James Thompson And Martha (Smith-Byrne)CarolineView
FlanneryPat Joseph And Annie Pauline (Mccabe)Hillary AidanView
FoxThomas And Maggie (Lawler)Laurence WilsonView
FitzgeraldJohn And Mary Ann (Ryan)Martin JosephView
FeatherJames Joseph And Margaret (Geraghty)Mary Amy GwendolynView
FieldingJohn And Jessie (Henwick)John VincentView
FfrenchCharles Augustine And Mary Margaret (Corbally)Martin Joseph Maria JohnView
FeatherWilliam Charles And Mary (Maher)MayView
FarrallJohn Joseph And Sarah (Fitzpatrick)Catheline MaudView
French (Torpey) (Torpie?)James And Ellen MariaEllen MariaView
FurnissOsmund And Elizabeth Jacomina (Munnik)Illegible RowlandView
FowlerCharles And Emily (Clifton)Charles HenryView
FitzgeraldJohn And Mary Ann (Ryan)GeraldView
FranciscoGiuseppe And AnnieAntonioView
FarrallJohn Joseph And Sarah (Fitzpatrick)Edith MabelView
FareeHenry And Caroline (Talme)HenryView
FareeHenry And Caroline (Talme)SinaView
FareeHenry And Caroline (Talme)AbrahamView
FareeHenry And Caroline (Talme)DoraView
FeatherJames Joseph And Margaret (Geraghty)Mary AileenView
Field (Slimmer?)William Joseph And Susan ElizabethMary ElizabethView
FowlerCharles And Emma (Clifton)Ethel FowlerView
FoxWilliam Henry George And Anna Catherine (Kruger)Anna (Daisy)View
FitzgeraldWilliam And Mary (Allen)John PercivalView
FieldingJohn And Jessie (Henwick)FredrickView
FoxThomas And Margaret (Lawler)Mary Dorothy VioletView
French (Torpey) (Torpie?)James And Ellen M.James JuliusView
FranklandFrederick And Mary (Charters)MargaretView
FranklandFrederick And Mary (Charters)ElizabethView
FranklandFrrederick And Mary (Charters)HarrietView
FowlerCharles And Emily (Clifton)George FrankView
FarrellJames And Harriet A. (Nee Fitzpatrick-Figg)Sarah MaryView
FoleyEdward And Teresa (Mchugh)John EdwardView
FitzgeraldJohn And Mary Anne (Ryan)CatherineView
FieldingJohn And Jessie (Henwick)Edward JamesView
FinlayJoseph W. H. And Mary (Murphy)William HenryView
FoakesWilliam Jervis Eyre And Winifred Sarah (Lyons)Hugh VivianView
FoxThomas And Margaret (Lawler)Norman VictorView
FisherMaryMary ElizabethView
Farrell(O'connor) Farrall?(Fitzpatrick?)John Joseph And Sarah Mary GertrudeView
FrenchJames And Ellen Maria (Torpie)John JosephView
FranciscoJoseph And Elizabet (Loggenberg)John Peter JosephView
FoleyEdward And Teresa M. (Mchugh)VioletView
FerrisFrank And Johanna (Holohan)Francis JosephView
FelixJoseph Lucien And Mary Charlotte Josephine (Liberty)Mary LucyView
FarrellJohn Joseph And Sarah Mary (Fitzpatrick)Hilda MaryView
FinleyJoseph And Mary (Murphy)Alice EvaView
FennessyMicke And Lizzie (Berry)JamesView
FennessyMike And Lizzie (Berry)GeorgeView
FeatherWilliam Charles And Mary (Maher)Frances AliceView
FickThomas John And Charlotte (Felix)Annie MaryView
FickThomas John And Carhlotte (Felix)Florence MaryView
FickThomas John And Charlotte (Felix)Eveline MaryView
FickThomas John And Charlotte (Felix)Thomas HenryView
FeatherJames Joseph And Margaret (Geraghty)Joseph Bertram LeoView
FormanGeorge And Elizabeth (Smith)Dorothy Marion WinifredView
FickThomas John And Charlotte (Felix)Sidney JosephView
FoleyEdward And Bridget (Keogh)EdwardView
FieldingJohn And Jessie (Henwick)Claud WardView
Facu William And JaneWilliam JosephView
FongAlfred And Adelaide (Flowers)Charles IsaacView
FlyWalter And Lucy (Inggs)Mary AliceView
FelixJoseph Lucien And Mary Charlotte (Liberty)Martha AliceView
FerrisFrancis And Johanna F. (Holohan)Mary EvelyneView
FoleyEdward And Maria Theresa (Keogh)John EdwardView
FoxThomas And Margaret (Lawler)Margaret TeresaView
FarrallJohn Joseph And Sarah Mary (Fitzpatrick)Patrick JamesView
FultonJames And Maria (Cairncross)JohnView
FinlayJoseph William Henry And Mary (Murphy)Robert JosephView
FerrimanWilliam And EllenMary (Carney Nee Ferriman)View
FoleyJames Joseph And Marguerite Kunigunde (Johnson Nee Helwig)GeraldView
FriendJames And Lucy (Johnson)Elizabeth Mary (Macnamara Nee Friend)View
FongAlfred And Adelaide (Flowers)Isabella IrisView
FlanaganPatrick James And Catherine Mary (Katie) (Daly)Alfreda MaryView
FerrimanWilliam And Ellen (Adams)Zalpha St. Mary (Mcnamara Nee Ferriman)View
Furtyn-BlauwJoseph And Seraphina (Jephta)Mary JosephineView
FramesAlfred Cromwell And Kate Mary (Mcmahon)Elizabeth Mary AnneView
FeatherWilliam Charles And Mary (Maher)Dorine Condon MaryView
FlowersLawrance James And Annie (Eager)Myrthle IvyView
FernsFrancis Michael And Elsie Earl (Williams)Monica LilianView
FieldingJohn And Jessie (Henwick)Henry LaurenceView
FelixJoseph Lucien And Marie Josephine (Liberty)Joseph AmbroseView
FongAlfred And Adelaide (Flowers)Alfred JamesView
FrenchJames And Ellen Maria (Torpey)Matilda MargaritaView
FrancisA. A. And Catherine (Inicamied)Charles AntoneyView
FlowersLawrance James And Gertie (Eagers)CarolineView
FramesAlfred Cromwell And Katie (Mcmahon)Alfrida KathleenView
FlanaganPatrick James And Catherine Mary (Kate) (Daly)Edward WalterView
FarrallJohn Joseph And Sarah (Fitzpatrick)IvyView
FarrallJohn Joseph And Sarah (Fitzpatrick)MyrthleView
FinlayJoseph And Mary (Murphy)Arthur StephenView
FenixThomas Howard And Rose Winnifred (Mandy)Thomas Michael MandyView
FlynnGeorge And Maud Myrtle (Flowers)MariaView
FrancisGabriel And Mary Agnes (Bezeidenhout)Emily MargaretView
Foley??Catherine ThelmaView
FernsFrancis Michael And Elsie Earl (Williams)Francis Robert JamesView
FerrisFrancis (Frank)And Joanna (Holohan)Ernest GeorgeView
ForsythGeorge William And Agnes Winifred (Coonan)Malcom Colwyn WilliamView
FrancisLouis And Edith (Scott)AgnesView
FlanaganPatrick James And Catherine Mary (Kate) (Daly)Gerald LeoView
FlanaganPatrick James And Catherine Mary (Kate) (Daly)JohnView
FelixJoseph Lucian And Mary Josephine (Liberty)Mary CharlotteView
FletcherRobert Walter And Josephine Jane Frances (Mackey)Agnes MaryView
FlynnGeorge And Maud (Flowers)CharlesView
FrancisAbraham David And Catherine (Niemand)Patrick DavidView
FenixThomas Howard And Rose (Mandy)Hazell Eileen MandyView
FerencicAugustine And Helena (Scheepers)MaryView
FoleyJames J. And Margaret (Johnson Nee Helwig)Clarence JamesView
FrancisGabriel And Mary Agnes (Bezeidenhout)Michael DanielView
FlanaganPatrick J. And Katy (Daly)Nancy MaurinView
FongAlfred And Adelaide (Flowers)CharlotteView
FinlayJoseph and Mary (Murphy)Mary ElizabethView
FrancisAllie and Elizabeth (Mcdonald)MaryView
ForbesJohn Richard Sidman and Jane (Robertson)Marie StellaView
FelixJoseph Lucien and Mary Charlotte (Liberty)Agnes RachelView
FrancisLouis and EdithJosephView
FreitasJono (John) and Nellie Elizabeth (Van Niekerk)Sarah ElizabethView
FallerEmil Nicholas and Margaret Ellen Theresa (O'Connor)Eileen MaryView
FlynnJames William and Lily Florence (Lassere)Ellen GertrudeView
FlynnGeorge and Margaret (Flowers)Frank ErnstView
FarrallJohn Joseph and Sarah Mary (Fitzpatrick)Mary (Ruby)View
FarrallJohn Joseph and Sarah Mary (Fitzpatrick)Eileen (Pearl)View
Foot??James FosterView
FelixJoseph Lucien and Mary Josephine (Liberty)Mary MatildaView
FrancisAbraham David and Catherine (Niemand)Peter DavidView
FongAlfred and Adelaide (Flowers)James RichardView
FrancisGabriel and Mary (Bezeidenhout)Sydney RichardView
ForbesJohn and Jane (Robertson)Phoebe HenriettaView
FerencicAugustine and Helene (Scheppers)AmeliaView
FurcyMaryLouis FredrickView
FinlayJoseph and Mary (Murphy)Joseph ThomasView
FlanaganPatrick and Katie (Daly)Eileen MaryView
FrancisAbraham D. and Catherine (Niemand)Joseph IsaacView
FallerEmil Nicholas and Margaret (O'Connor)Emil Nicholas JosephView
FreitasJohn and Ellen (Van Niekerk)Mary Gladys ElizabethView
FordJohn and Susan (Edwards)SarahView
FieldingHenry and Johanna Hendricka (Smith)William PatrickView
FrancisAbraham David and Catherine (Niemand)Vallanganey CanhayView
FelixJoseph Lucien and Mary Charlotte (Liberty)Agnes TeresaView
FlanaganPatrick Joseph and Katie Mary (Daly)Roger Gavan AloysiusView
FordThomas and Elizabeth Caroline (Koert)John AlfredView
FlynnGeorge and Maud (Flowers)Isabella MurtleView
FurcyMaryHenry ElgarView
FinlayJoseph and Mary (Murphy)Eva MariaView
FennerGeorge and Henrietta (Adams)HenryView
FlowersLawrence and Annie (Eager)Isabella WinifredView
ForbesJohn and Jane (Robertson)Laurence JosephView
FonvageSophiaDorothy SophiaView
FieldingHenry and Johanna Hendricka (Smith)Henry David StephenView
FelixJoseph Lucien and Charlotte (Liberty)TeresaView
FeatherAubrey Cyril Hugh and Martha Jamieson (Tait)Ronald JamesView
FallerEmil Nicholas and Margaret Ellen T. (O'Connor)George BernardView
FurcyMary (Alias Chapman)Emily MatildaView
FoleyJames and Margaret (O'Connor)James O'ConnorView
FinlayJoseph and Mary (Murphy)Alfy EdgworthView
FrancesGabrielRobert GabrielView
ForleeThomas and Florence (Smith)William ThomasView
Ford??Charles GeorgeView
FrieslaarHenry and Johanna (Rensberg)Joseph MartinView
FrankMarie Muthan and Laura Mary (Michael)Mary Ethel VeronicaView
FieldingHenry and Johanna Hendricka (Smith)Arthur VincentView
FrancisLouis and Eva (Scott)Mary LewinaView
FieldingAloysius Mary and Elizabeth Johanna (Smith)Lionel JamesView
FinnMartin Charles Bartholomew and Margaret Johanna (Swart)Martin JacobusView
FelixJoseph and Charlotte (Liberty)Hilda MarcieView
FieldingMartin and Ida Esther (Nelson)Aidan Martin PatrickView
FrieslaarHenry and Johanna (Rensburg)Nicholas NathanielView
FinlayJoseph and Mary (Murphy)Margery MayView
ForbesJames and Lena (Bonas)Alice ElizabethView
FrancisLouis and Eva (Scott)Phyllis WinifredView
FrancisGabriel and Mary Agnes (Bezuidenhout)Willie GabrielView
FlynnGeorge and Margaret (Flowers)EmanuelView
FoxJohn Joseph and Alice Matilda (Miller)Denis John JamesView
ForleeThomas and Florence (Smith)Olive MariaView
FieldingAllen and Elizabeth Johanna (Smith)Edmund AloysiusView
FerreiraJohn and HildaMary MatildaView
FrankMarie Muthan and Laura Mary (Michael)Harriet Agnes MarieView
FlynnWalter Henry and Nora Julia (O'Brien)Sheila MaryView
FongAlfred and Adelaide (Flowers)Melville ManuelView
FrieslaarHenry and Johanna (Rensburg)Catherine VeronicaView
FischerHazel and Diana (Smith)Isleen Veronica MarianView
FelixJoseph and Charlotte (Liberty)Maxwell VincentView
FrankAlexander and Cornelia Johanna (Oosthuyse)Desiree Eugenie MaryView
FoxThomas Michael and Susan Sophia (Van Staaden)Clive Graham ThomasView
FalltainCharles and Maria (Lewis)Richard JohnView
FoleyVioletTheresa DoreenView
For-LeeThomas and Florrie (Smith)Edith RebeccaView
FieldingMartin and Ida (Nelson)Dorothy MaryView
FreemanThomas and Lena (Cerestoffel)Mary MagdaleneView
FlynnCharles and Rose (Brooks nee Cole)GeorgeView
FieldingAllan and Elizabeth Johanna (Smith)Ronald StephenView
FrankMaurice and Mary (Michaels)Mary MagdalenView
FlynnWalter Henry and Norah Julia (O'Brien)Brian PearseView
FrancisGabriel and Mary Agnes (Bezuidenhout)Gabriel StanleyView
FallerEmil Nicholas and Margaret Ellen (O'Connor)Robert PaulView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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