Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : G
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
GreatheadJames Henry and MarthaEliza AnnView
GolvardJupitr and Leintje (Abel)CatherineView
GilfillanWilliam F. A. and AnnaAnna FrancesView
GradwellStephen and MargaretWilliamView
GradwellStephen and MargaretStephenView
GilfillanWilliam Frederick Anderson G. and Anna MargaretJohn MurrayView
GilfillanWilliam Frederick Anderson G. and Anna MargaretDorothea MounseyView
GermanThomas and SusannahElizabethView
GrayWilliam and ElizabethElizabethView
GrayWilliam and ElizabethEmmaView
GrayWilliam and ElizabethJaneView
GrayWilliam and ElizabethWilliam MarsdenView
GoldswainCharles Henry and ArabellaCharles HenryView
GriffinAlfred and Mary AnnFrancis HenryView
GradwellJohn and AnnRobert HenryView
GlassWilliam James and JohannaIvy Marinda CawoodView
GlassWilliam James and JohannaMaud Lilian CawoodView
GardeThomas and Catharine AnnAdolphus Joseph EgbertView
GlassWilliam James and JohannaWilliam Louis CawoodView
GardeThomas and Catharine AnnTheodore Albert EdwardView
GlassWilliam James and JohannaRuby Ann CawoodView
GardeThomas and Catharine AnneAugustine Jerome Ethelbert WilliamView
GlassWilliam James and JohannaEthel CawoodView
GoldswainCharles and ElizabethEdward CharlesView
GlassWilliam James and JohannaIrene Rose CawoodView
GoldswainCharles Henry and Elizabeth G.Anne Arabella GertrudeView
GodfreyRobert Ulyate and Louisa MillicentDarenda RosellaView
GradwellRobert Mark and Arabella Dorothy EllenView
GradwellGeorge Wesson and Amy SophiaJames BathurstView
GradwellGeorge and AmyJackView
GilderRobert and IrisHilton RobertView
GriffithJohn Gardner? and Enid Muriel RoseVera ElizabethView
GilderRobert and IrisHazel MaryView
GreenGerald Arthur Edmund and PhyllisFlorence IreneView
Goddard-FordKeith and Beryl LilianGloria MayView
GreenPhyllis and Gerald Arthur EdmundGrace Alice EmmelineView
GradwellJames Bathurst and Kathleen EileenRodney GreyView
GradwellJames Bathurst and Kathleen EileenNorma KayView
GreenGerald Arthur Edmund and PhyllisDesmond CharlesView
GrantDavid Hugh and Nacina WilhelminaDavid LouisView
GordonPeter Winston and KathleenDavid MacKenzieView
GordonPeter Winston and Kathleen Danielle MerleView
GordonPeter Winston and KathleenJames MacKenzieView
GradwellRodney Grey and Lyneth AnnHeidi LynnView
GeorgeCharles Edward Henry and Sarah MatildaCharles JacobView
GibsonThomas Wheatley and IsabellaGabrielle HortenseView
GradwellJohn and AnnStephen WalterView
GeorgeCharles Henry Edward and Sarah MatildaAmelia RowlesView
GeorgeCharles Henry Edward and Sarah MatildaTheodora MatildaView
GeorgeCharles Henry Edward and Sarah MatildaAnna LouisaView
GeorgeCharles Henry Edward and Sarah MatildaWilliam AlexanderView
GeorgeCharles Henry Edward and Sarah MatildaCharlotte SarahView
GradwellLevi and RachelEthel MayView
GamesJames Joseph and ElizabethMabel LucyView
GreenJacob and KaykeLenaView
GeorgeCharles Jacob and Joanna CorneliaEdward CharlesView
GreenwayHenry Young and Mary Constance NapierTarlton CliveView
GreenJohn and MaryMary FrancesView
GilfillanJohn Murray and Georgina LouisaWilliam HeathcoteView
GregorowskiMichael Thomas and Hester Margaretha Johanna M.Hester MarthaView
GregorowskiMichael Thomas and Caroline SophiaThomas AlfredView
GossGeorge and Hester SusanahDaniel JacobusView
GossGeorge and Hester SusanahAlexanderView
GillardGeorge H. and Mary Ann JaneJames Robert JohnView
GardnerJohn and EllenCaroline MatildaView
GardnerJohn and EllenFlorence ElizabethView
GillardGeorge Henry and Mary Ann JaneEthel MaudView
GoertzFrederick Laurence Christian and Elizabeth JohannaMary Ann Hall ElizabethView
GuertzFredrick Laurence Christian and Elizabeth Johanna SusannahElizabeth Swanepool DevneerView
GouwsPetrus and Aletta SusannaAletta JoannaView
GoveJames Middleton and Margaret AnnJane WilkieView
GrantJohn and Jane LouisaAda MaryView
GoosenNicholas John Albert and Maria ElizabethJohanna HelenaView
GroblerFrans Jacob and Francina WilhelminaBarend Jacobus DanielView
GladwinJoseph Samuel and Louisa WilhelminaJohn GeorgeView
GantCharles Simons and Emma MarthaHelen MaryView
GoetzeDaniel Gerbrandt and Annie JohannaBeatrice MayView
GoodfellowThomas and Alice SophiaJessie AliceView
GillardJames John George and Jane JohannaSylvia Edith EveraldaView
GantCharles Simons and Emma MarthaKathleen GertrudeView
GillardJames John George and Jane JohannaHenrietta MaryView
GrantArthur Edward and Andrina MagdalenaHerbertView
GowerRalph Everton Ward and Evelyn GraceJoyce JaneView
GravensteinMatthays Johannes and Susannah GertrudeNellie MariaView
GowarRalph Everton Ward and Evelyn GraceEverton HockeyView
GreenErnest Robert Angell and Violet HelenRobert Gillford WilliamView
GouwsFrans Petrus and Alettha SusannaFrans PetrusView
GillardJames John G. and Jane JohannaIreneView
GuessErnest Arthur and Johanna FredrickaFrank HaroldView
GriffithsJohannes Cornelius Jacobus and Sarah ElizabethWillem StefanesView
GoldschmidtLouis and JaneSusanna JaneView
GeotchFrederick and WilhelminaHermann Henry AugustView
GoldschmidtLouis and JaneEmma Mary JemimaView
GoldschmidtLouis and JaneLouis William JohnView
GrantJames Murray and Matilda JaneRonald CharlesView
GodfreyRobert and Caroline ElizabethAmy CarolineView
Godfrey?William and Matilda Gilbert HendersonJohn HendersonView
GoldsmithLouis and JaneClement AugustusView
GodfreyRobert and Caroline Amelia ElizabethRobert EddlestoneView
GoldsmithLouis and JaneAlbert AugustusView
GrantJames Murray and Matilda HenryEric HenryView
GoldsmithLouis and JaneEdwinView
GatesJames and ElizabethJames HenryView
GoldschmidtLouis and JaneHenry CharlesView
GoodwinThomas William and Mary AnnThomas RoderickView
GreenRichard and EmmaGeorge Andford HenryView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnIsabella JaneView
GreenRichard and EmmaAlice SelinaView
GarciaArthur Henry and Johanna ElizabethClara EvelynView
GeyleJohn and MargaretGifford McConnickView
GreenRichard and Mary AnneMary Anne JaneView
GreefNiclaas Johannes Jacobus and Martha FrancinaFrederick JohannesView
GodlontonRobert and Mary AnnMatilda BartonView
GrimsellJohn and MaryJohn HenryView
GoodesJoseph and MaryJosephView
GoodesJoseph and MaryJamesView
GreylingAbraham Carel and Maria AlettaJan ChristophelView
GearyWilliam and JaneFrederick JohnView
GodfreyRobert and MarthaHarriotView
GoosetreyJames and ElizabethElizabethView
GoodesJoseph and MaryGeorgeView
GriffertJoas and Anna HendrienaWillem HendrickView
GreyHenry and HarrietCharlotteView
GoliathKamaGeorgina Elizabeth FrancesView
GilbertThomas and MaryJessie SmithView
GrimesJohn and Mary AnnAnn ElizabethView
GunnWilliam John and EleanorMary Elleanor AgnesView
GoldingThomas and SarahSarah ElizabethView
GilbertThomas and Mary AnnGeorginaView
GillWalter Henry and ElizabethHenry MaxwellView
GunnGeorge and Susanna SophiaCharlesView
GunnGeorge and SusannaBernardView
GeorgeWilliam George Coleman and EleanorWilliam James JayView
GunnJohn and EleanorWilliam CharltonView
GoodesJoseph William and Mary AnnEliza LonglandsView
GoddardFrederik and Mary AnnMary AnnView
GodfreyRobert and CarolineHenry BensonView
GoochAlbert Richard and SelinaAlice JuliaView
GreenWilliam and MaryAmeliaView
GarlandGeorge William and ElizabethEvelyn EmilyView
GordonGeorge Hamilton and Blanche Emma BeatriceBeatrice ConstanceView
GibbsStephen and AmelieJohn StephenView
GibsonSamuel and Mary AnnSamuelView
GreatheadJames Henry and Juliahenry EdwinView
GuestHerbert and MaryEdith MaryView
GunnSarah (Hanger)Amy HowatsonView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnWilliamView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnHenryView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnMilicent ElizabethView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnMary ElizabethView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnWilliamView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnHenryView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnMilicent ElizabethView
GowarEdwin Richard and AnnMary ElizabethView
GowarFrederick J. and Elizabeth AnnAlice Ellen HillView
GowarRichard JohnJohn RobertView
GowerRoss and Thelma JoyTerrence RossView
GrundlinghOswald Wentworth and Mary OlivePatricia ElizabethView
GrunewaldLudwig August and Doris MaryDesiree MarleneView
GrundlinghOswald Wentworth and Mary OliveBrenda MaryView
GrunewaldLudwig August and Doris MaryAnthony EdwardView
GrayFrederick Thomas and Anna Paulina HeleneDorothy MinnieView
GunningErnest John Tree and Rosa FannyGeorge NormanView
GreenwoodWilliam Breen and Margaret MaryReginald Septimus AllenView
GanteaumePatrick and Elizabeth CochranePatrick RobertView
GardnerWilliam Calvert and Ruby ClariceMontague William CalvertView
GrantDavid and FrancesFlorence MayView
GanslerHenry and SophiaReginald Peter TheodoreView
GreenWilliam Robert and Annie MariaHerbert ArthurView
GunningErnest John Tree and Rosa FannyMavis LilesView
GlassWilliam Louis Cawood and Amy Molteno MaryDoreen WilkinsonView
Gardnerwilliam Calvert and Ruby ClariceAubrey Thornton CalvertView
GoddardSarah MariaWinifred NellieView
GoddardSarah MariaGladys PearlView
GoddardSarah MariaBertram JosephView
GoodyearGeorge David and Edith Gertrude EdithView
GeorgeCharles Jacob and Johanna CorneliaPercival HenryView
GierkeCarl and AugustaRuth Beatrice MerciaView
GreenWilliam Robert and Annie MariaEthel ElizabethView
GrantDavid Gillies and Fanny MarrieAlexander GilliesView
GooseJoshua George and AugustaDorothy Mabel CharlotteView
GanteaumePatrick Padron and Elizabeth CochraneMaurice WilliamView
GoosenNicodemus Johannis and Marie MagdaleneWilliam ArthurView
GreenGeorge A. Henry and Louisa EllenMarcus EdwardView
GreenGeorge A. Henry and Louisa EllenMercia ElsaView
GoodyearGeorge David and EdithFlorence VioletView
GooseJoshua George and AugustaEdward and Joshua HoraceView
GutterellArchibald Swanston and Florence Emma MaudPearl IrisView
GreggEdwin Tredegar and Gladys Lilian RebeccaMarjorie JoanView
GreenRichard William Thomas and LauraDoris EnidView
GraetzChristian Ferdinand and Edith Sophy JohannaAlfred AugustView
GrayJoseph Mounsey and Irene MaryPhyllis MounseyView
GeeOswald John and Caroline Margharita EmilyBlanche DaisyView
GrayWilliam Essex and Evelyn JaneLorna EvelynView
GoldwynCharles Walter and Jessie PattinsonJessie NoreenView
GoodyearGeorge David and EdithElizabeth RoseView
GessnerOpal LilianAlexander HaldaneView
GlasbyDaniel Randell and Nellie PattiEric EdwardView
GuestHerbert John Ambrose and May Annie ElizabethJaffray AmbroseView
GoddardWilliam Cudmore and Edith JaneDennis CudmoreView
GlasgoEdwin Albert and Daisy EdithDaisy EvelineView
GlasgoEdwin Albert and Daisy EdithReginald EdwinView
GeeJohn and CarolineOswald DennisView
GreenJulius William and Catherine MaryJulius ElwynView
GoodyearGeorge and EdithBenjamin GeorgeView
GordonRonald and VeraFrank BernardView
GeyleAmbrose Thomas and Jessie MayAmbrose John WilliamView
GilbertWilliam Ralph and GraceWilliam Peter RalphView
GoodyearGeorge David and EdithAgnes MaryView
GloverAlfred Albert John and Agnes JanetDoreen AgnesView
GrayWilliam Essex and Evelyn JaneRichard HenryView
GilliamHugh Clifford and GwendolineClifford JohnView
GoddenArthur Alexander and KathleenDaphneView
GillingsThomas Lowe and Eleanor GertrudeKeith LoweView
GoddardWilliam Cudmore and Edith JaneKeith PhilipView
GillingsJames Lowe and Myrtle IreneAileen JoanView
GeyleAmbrose Thomas and Jessie MayThelma MayView
GrayWilliam Essex and Evelyn JaneMuriel ElaineView
GeyleGifford McCormick and Alice EthelwynneGifford John MandreyView
GushRichard Cherry and Harriet MariaSharon MostynView
GushRichard Cherry and Harriet MariaOliveView
GushRichard Cherry and Harriet MariaFrederick MorrallView
GushRichard Cherry and Harriet MariaEdelweissView
GreenGerald Horace and LilyBasil Robert PercivalView
GodfreyThomas Edward and Florence VyvyanCynthia MabelView
GoodyearGeorge David and EdithCharles DavidView
GrayFrederick Thomas and KathleenNancy KathleenView
GloverAlfred Albert John and Agnes JanetDennis VernonView
GibbonsFrank and Mary FlorenceFrank KennethView
GrayFrederick Thomas Wingrave and KathleenThomas George WingraveView
GoldschmidtAlfred Joseph Charles and DorothyPhyllisView
GreenGerald Horace and LilyStanley Gerald DavidView
GolightlyGeorge Hugh and Edith MaryHugh StanhopeView
GroveHarry Francis and Gladys RubyDerrick David FrancisView
GodfreyThomas Edward and Florence VyvyanMaisieView
GibbonsThomas and Doris MayDesmond Aynon ArthurView
GoffErnest Rowland and Eva EileenCyril ErnestView
Goldswain??Andrew RolandView
GoldschmidtAlfred Joseph Charles and DorothyGerald ArthurView
GeyleSidney Cornish and Erica ToniJohn HeathView
GibbonsThomas Arthur and Doris MayBeryl RoseView
GreenGerald Horace and LilySheila GwendolineView
GascoigneBrian George and Rosetta MaudeYolande PatriciaView
GascoigneBrian George and Rosetta MaudeAverill VirginiaView
GoffErnest Roland and Eva EileenAlma ElizabethView
GrayFrederick Thomas and KathleenWilliam John View
GoldschmidtAlfred Charles Joseph and DorothyPeggyView
GoldsmidHarold Edkin and AliceAlice JoanView
GoldswainRoland Edward Redvers and Esther KrogBrianView
GrovesHarry Francis and Gladys RubyGwenda FayView
GreenwoodReginald Septimus Allen and Prudence WinnifredRoy AllenView
GrobblerNicholas Johannes and Gwendolyn BerniceSheila Marlene JoanView
GoldsmidHarold Edwin and AliceJohn MarsdenView
GreyGeorge Edgar and Lillian MaryJudithView
GaleDavid John and Beatrice MaudHilary DavidView
GanslerReginald Peter Theodore and Daphne FlorenceValerie PenelopeView
GeyerJohan Jacobus Christopher and Edna BerthaAnn ElizabethView
GreenwoodReginald Septimus Allen and Prudence WinifredDaphne EthelView
GaleDavid John and Beatrice MaudElizabeth JoanView
GaleDavid John and Beatrice MaudMargaret HelenView
GoodHenry Lawrence and Eunice WinifredVictor LawrenceView
GoldswainGilbert John and Hilda MayMarinaView
GoldswainGilbert John and Hilda MayMalcolm CollinView
GreyGeorge Edgar and Lillian MaryRonaView
GarsideArthur Herbert and Phyllis LeonardAnthony Arthur de BurghView
GanslerReginald Peter Theodore and Daphne FlorenceJennifer AnnView
GillettBasil Farren and Mary Louisa MargaretValerie WynnView
GodfreyWilliam Kent and Mona JoyceMona MarionView
GaylardFranklin Errol and Eunice LorraineBruce ErrolView
GoldswainRowland Edward Redvers and CharlotteCleve GeoffreyView
GreyGeorge Edgar and Lilian MaryGeoffrey CharlesView
GanteaumePatrick Robert and Dorothy NataliePatricia LynnView
GoosenHendrik Petrus and Violet MayPeter HenryView
GibbsStanley Benjamin and Margaret AnneTerence CharlesView
GreenWilliam Alexander and MaureenShirley AnnView
GregoryHenry Silvanus and Doreen CatherineLorneen Catherine MaryView
GillettBasil Farren and Mary Louisa MargaretWendy SybilView
GoodRoland Valentine and Eileen MarianAnthony JohnView
GibsonJack and Marie Anne MagdaleneMarieView
GriffithHugh Cecil Glendower and Jessie LeonoreKenneth JohnView
GrotjohnPhillip and HesterLeslie HaroldView
GrotjohnPhillip and HesterErnest FredView
GrotjohnPhillip and HesterGlen WalterView
GoldswainCharles Henry and Bridget CarolineShirley DawnView
GuestJaffray Ambrose and LilyMalcolm JohnView
GouwsJohannes Petrus and Lorna Leola LeslieDavidView
GoodwinStanley William Innes and MevoniaKelvin Stanley BrentView
GordonKenneth Pringle and Ruth EleanorDouglas KennethView
GalbraithSamuel William and Audrey LeonaWinifred AnnView
GuestJaffray Ambrose and lilyNoel CliveView
GoddardAudrey EdnaSelwyn FrancisView
GoldblattEric and Beryl BlancheDavid RaelView
GalbraithSamuel William and Audrey LeonaWendy KarenView
GreyvensteinPercy William and Caroline KatyPercy WilliamView
GaileyNorman Anzac and Marie JacobaMerle AnneView
GlassWilfred Orestar and Agnes FrancesWendy MargaretView
GordonKenneth Pringle and Ruth EleanorDiane RuthView
GoodwinStanley William Innes and MevoniaMichael SydneyView
GrobbelaarJames Arthur and Gwendoline WinifredEsme JulietView
GuntonAnthony Morton Muspratt and Dorothy PhyllisRodney MusprattView
GibsonArthur Harrison and Rachel DoreenDoreen JaneView
GlenisterHarold Hepburn and Johanna ChristinaJeanne ChristineView
GuntonAnthony Morton Muspratt and Dorothy PhyllisLynetteView
GreenwoodJoan Patricia and Thomas LeslieAlan ThomasView
GranrothArne Johannes and Saga ElizabethConnie Mari-AnnView
GrayArthur Stanley and Norma EsmeDianne LynnView
GreenwoodThomas Leslie and Joan PatriciaTerry LynnView
GodfreyWilliam Kent and Mona JoyceBrian KentView
GoldschmidtJohann August and Raynon EldebarMichael John GoldschmidtView
GoldenAlfred Reginald and Athalie IreneValerie DawnView
GoughSidney and Maria AlettaAnnette ElaineView
GlassLouis Edgar Wilkinson and Joan EdithSandra DorothyView
GoldswainKenneth Tyson and Mary AinslieSusan MaryView
GoodRoland Valentine and Eileen MarianSandra LeeView
GroganStanley Anthony Meredyth and FrancesJohn GrahamView
GutscheFrank King and Pauline CicelyPeter McCalmanView
GripperThomas Lukin and Mavis JessieMerrillView
GreenFrank Jellicoe and Katharine MargaretJennifer JaneView
GillingsKeith Lowe and Corinne DoloresShirley ElizabethView
GoldenAlfred Reginald and Athalie IreneGerald ReginaldView
GeorgeBrian Mager and Marjorie ElizabethJeremy MagerView
GroblerCecil Johannes and RosieJune Glenys ElizabethView
GaleArthur Walter and HazelElizabeth IreneView
GlassLouis Edgar Wilkinson and Joan EdithPrudence JoanView
GrahamThorsby Eugene and Engela Dorothea MariaDesireeView
GoodRoland Valentine and Eileen MarianHeather SharonView
GarfordDavid William and Salome EleanorCharmaine EleanorView
GibsonDeryck and Alexa AnnAlexander JohnView
GrantNorman Rennie and LeoneTimothy NormanView
GrantNorman Rennie and LeoneDerrick JamesView
GlassLouis Edgar Wilkinson and Joan EdithChristopher Edgar WilkinsonView
GibbsCharles Bernard Alfred and Judith AnnCharles JamesView
GeorgeBrian Mager and Marjorie ElizabethChristopher MagerView
GuineyGeorge Haxton Millar and Martha JohannaMatthew Haxton MillarView
GoldswainGeorge James and Paulina JohannaGeorge KennethView
GrovesPeter Alfred and Ann RosemaryChristine AnnView
GarnettGeorge and Norma DaphnePeter MarkView
GeldenhuysCoenraad Cornelius and Valerie MargaretVivienne MargaretView
GreenDavid Johannes and Maureen EthelDennis AnthonyView
GlenisterErnest Edward and Pamela JoyElenorView
GrovesPeter Alfred and Ann RosemaryDavid PeterView
GradwellBasil and Daphne MarjorieGary AnthonyView
GassonGerald Edward and Rosemary StellaMark RichardView
GoosenNorman Jerome and Johanna KathleenAnthony PeterView
GlenisterErnest Edward and Pamela JoyKarenView
GrayClaude Vincent Essex and Joyce RachelCarol JoyView
GoddardWilliam Edwin and Susana PhilipinaDenis LawrenceView
GardinerPeter Edward and Barbara MarionEdward StevenView
GriffithIfor Lewis and Joan AdelaideMyfanwyView
GriffithIfor Lewis and Joan AdelaideRodney HughView
GriffithIfor Lewis and Joan AdelaideLyndaView
GriffithsIfor Lewis and Joan AdelaideAveril RoseView
GedyeKenwyn Frank Banfield and JeanDonald BanfieldView
GawthorpDavid Allen and Yvonne PatriciaCarol AnneView
GeldenhuysCoenraad Cornelius and Valerie MargaretGraham KennethView
GouverneurRobin Marie Achille and SybilYvetteView
GardinerPeter Edward and Barbara MarionAndrew JamesView
GoosenHendrik Willem and Elizabeth MarthaJulia CeciliaView
GodfreyLeslie Robert and Hilary Victoria DeniseBruce RobertView
GoldswainVincent and Joyce HelenRhett VincentView
GoldswainVincent and Joyce HelenGlenn ThornleyView
GoltzLionel Keith and Pearl ShirleyShane Dionne DouglasView
GoldsmidJohn Marsden and Hilary MaureenMichelle AnnView
GoldswainVincent and Joyce HelenLouise HelenView
GoodVictor Lawrence and Johanna ChatrinaPatricia AllisonView
GardinerPeter Edward and Barbara MarianJeanette AnneView
GiminghamColin Bertrand and Margaret HelenGary BertrandView
GreyGeoffrey Charles and Marian MaryAndrew RobertView
GardinerPeter Edward and Barbara MarionMichael AnthonyView
GibbsKenneth Richard and MarySara JaneView
GoldsmidJohn Marsden and Hilary MaureenRoss MarsdenView
GilesRobert George Louis and Angela ElizabethStuart RossView
GoldswainPeter Robin and MargaretAndrew PeterView
GrandinPhilip John and Wendy ElizabethNoel JohnView
GreyGeoffrey Charles and Marian Mary FrancesSandra MaryView
GilliverRonald Henry William and Vida LucyPeter WilliamView
GilliverRonald Henry William and Vida LucyRobert CharlesView
GrantCyril Anthony and Shirley AnnCarolyn NolaView
GrantCyril Anthony and Shirley AnnCary AnthonyView
Grantcyril Anthony and Shirley AnnMichelle AnnView
GollanGraham Arthur and Elizabeth EllenDavid Graham Alan MeyerView
GrahamGeorge Derek and Roberta JoanneGavin DarcyView
GrahamGeorge Derek and Roberta JoanneNicholas LindsayView
GalePeter and JoyceStephanie View
GoosenAnthony Peter and Melanie JaneNicholas KirkView
Gower??Tracey AdeleView
Gahler-BirkholtzMelvyn and CarolAaron GahlerView
GoosenAnthony Peter and Melanie JaneAmber JaneView
GordonClarence and LatchmyLana LynView
GoliathTheo Neil and MinahElgin AlistairView
GoliathTheo Neil and MinahTheresa NikitaView
GoliathTheo Neil and MinahRonsly QuiwenView
GoliathElvira SophiaCharmone LevonaView
GodlontonMichael D'urban and Katherine Elizabeth AnnHannahView
GoosenKelvin and MartieTesslin DianaView
GodfreyWilliam Page and Katherine JaneBenjamin PageView
GodfreyWilliam Page and Katherine JaneEdward RobertView
GiovanneAntonio Alberto and Frances JohannaAnne LouisaView
GeyleJohn and Isabella MargaretAmbrose ThomasView
GoodallMartin Charles and LillyAlice MaudView
GregoryThomas and AnnieHenry MelvilleView
GeyleJohn and MargaretIvy LaviniaView
GoodallJohn William and Ellen ClaraAlfred JohnView
GeorgeTheophilus and EllenLouisaView
GilbertThomas and MaryEdward FrancisView
GreensladeJohn and EmmaArthur JamesView
GravesSamuel Peter and Martha Maria ElizabethSamuel Peter AlfredView
GriggsWilliam Henry and HarrietMabel LouisaView
GreensladeJohn and EmmaAnna ElizabethView
GodfreyHenry Benson and Louisa JaneHenry MelvilleView
GriggsWilliam Henry and HarrietAlice WinifredView
GibsonWilliam John Kilpatrick and SarahThomas FairhurstView
GibsonWilliam John Kilpatrick and SarahSophia KenedyView
GibsonWilliam John Kilpatrick and SarahJessie EthelView
GreensladeJohn and EmmaGertrudeView
GriggsWilliam Henry and HarrietWilliam Henry JamesView
GrylingSusanna JohannaFlorence SusannaView
GeyleJohn and Isabella MargaretRuby IsabellaView
GardinerHarold Arthur and Norah EmilyRoger MurrayView
GoughSidney and Aletta MariaDerek SidneyView
GrayRobert Gordon and Betty Marionallan RobertView
GoldswainArthur Kathleen StellaView
GardnerDennis Alfred and Marion HazelColin CraigView
GaffneyDonald Douglas Redmond and Elaine JoyceDennis SheridanView
GodfreyRaymond Gordon and Eileen AnnaCheryl JoanView
GendallArthur Samuel and Thora LillianAndrew CalvonView
GaffneyDonald Douglas Redmond and Elaine JoyceTerrance RedmondView
GalbraithSamuel William and Audrey LeonaIan WilliamView
GallieCharles Wynne and CecilyJudith View
GodfreyRaymond Gordon and Eileen AnnaNorma JeanView
GardnerDennis Alfred and Marion HazelMargaret ElaineView
GaffneyDonald Douglas Redmond and Elaine JoyceKevin DouglasView
GreenGlen Kidston and Elaine JeanLeslie GlenView
GedyeKenwyn Frank Banfield and JeanClaire MaryView
GauntGeorge Horace and KateElizabeth SharonView
GrowdonSimeon George Joseph and Charlotte AnnCynthia DianneView
GoddardSteele Ian and Merle HelenLesleyView
GaffneyDonald Douglas Redmond and Elaine JoyceLester StevenView
GodfreyHarry Ronald and Daphne ValerieValerie ColleenView
GassonGerald Edward and Rosemary StellaCharles AndrewView
GeyerJohan Jakobus and Edna BerthaMichael JohanView
GreenGlen and ElaineKevin EdwardView
GoddardSteele Ian and Merle HelenAndrew HaroldView
GodfreyRaymond Gordon and Eileen AnnaGraham GordonView
GeyserWhitney Reid and Gillian ElizabethChristopher ReidView
GreenhalghThomas Henry and ValerieMichael PaulView
GoltzCharles (deceased) and Florence GladysLionel KeithView
GreenJack and Patricia FrancesWendy KarenView
GeyerMichael Johan and Kathryn MargaretMaryanne KathrynView
GoodrichDonald Edwin and Helena ElizabethDonald DavidView
GrovesSidney and MabelDouglas JohnView
GoddardHugh Bruce and Erica MayHarold NapierView
GardnerJohn Brian and MaureenJulie BrendaView
GeyerPhyllis MaureenBrian JamesView
GeyserWhitney Reid and Gillian ElizabethKevin AndrewView
GeyerMichael Johan and Kathryn MargaretMichael JohanView
GowarKeith Bernard and Elizabeth AnnTanya AlisonView
GriffithsTerence Edward and RitaGareth EdwardView
GoltzLionel Keith and Pearl ShirleyOdette JaquelineView
GoodwinBertram Ivor and Olwyn ElmaryChristopher CarlView
GeorgeDavid William and Elizabeth AnneAnne LouiseView
GriffithsTerence Edward and RitaDavid LloydView
GalpinGeorge Ralph and Elizabeth AnneLee-AnneView
GaffneyDennis Sheridan and Anna SophiaClinton DouglasView
GrantJohn Cowan and MaryLee-Anne SusanView
GalpinGeorge Ralph and Elizabeth AnneCheralynnView
GreenWilliam and CatherineJulius WilliamView
GoodallMartin Charles and LillyHarry ReeveView
GreenThomas and SelinaJosephView
GreenThomas and SelinaAgnes SelinaView
GreenRichard and Mary AnnJessie Letitia FlorryView
GreenRichard and Mary AnnRichard Thomas WilliamView
GibbsFrank Newberry and SarahEdith ElizabethView
GowarRichard John and Agnes SarahRichard Archibald FrederickView
GodfreyHenry Benson and Louisa JaneClaude BensonView
GreenRichard and Mary AnnMatilda MayView
GowarRichard John and Agnes SarahDavid EdwardView
GreenRichard and Mary AnnGwendoline MargaretView
GoldswainCharles Henry and ElizabethGilbert JohnView
GowarRichard John and Agnes SarahElizabeth Ann SansomView
GowarFrederickHarold RichardView
GoffRichard and Elizabeth Mary PalisterElizabeth Constance OgilvieView
GowarRichard John and Agnes SarahHarry Cumberland JamesView
GreenRichard and Mary AnnBasil RobertView
GoldswainCharles Henry and ElizabethAnthony CecilView
GillingsJames Peter and ElizabethDorothy MayView
GeorgeCharles Jacob and Johanna CorneliaWilliam AlexanderView
GowerFrederick Job and Elizabeth AnnGwendoline MaryView
GowerRichard John and Agnes SarahMary Jane LilianView
GittingsJames Peter and ElizabethIrini MadgeView
GreenGeorge and Susanna ElizabethLouisa ElizabethView
GeorgeCharles Jacob and Johanna CorneliaTheodora LewisView
GxalekaJames and Mary AnnEnochView
GowarFred and ElizabethMaggie AgnesView
GowarRichard John and Agnes SarahDorothyView
GxamqaHeathen and Sarah JaneAndersonView
GeorgeCharles Jacob and Johanna CorneliaCecil MalvernView
GreenGeorge and SusanGeorge WilliamView
GowarFred and Elizabeth AnnKathleen EnidView
GxalekaEnoch and LouisaMordecaiView
GoldswainArthur Edward and Katherine EllenMitford CharlesView
GaileyArthur John and Annie LouisaSydney claudeView
GeorgeJaneMargaret MatildaView
GilbertJosephus John and KathleenAliceView
GrowdenJames and Mary CharlotteHenry JamesView
GibbsCharles Hill and Ida Mary WinifredArthur James LovelView
GuestHerbert John Ambrose and May Annie ElizabethJoy BrillView
GroganMeredyth Gilbert and Gabrielle MaudWilliam HaroldView
GeorgeJaneEmma EllenView
GotzeFrank Frederick and Elizabeth FloraleneIris MurielView
GotzeFrank Frederic and Elizabeth FloralineCharles HerbertView
GaileyArthur John and Annie LouisaHilton ClydeView
GotzeFrank Frederic and Elizabeth FloralineFrank FredericView
GranthamHenry Stanley and Louisa MildredEdelweiss HildaView
GrowdonJames and Mary CharlotteEleanor Mary LilianView
GranthamHenry Stanley and Louisa MildredEdelweiss HildaView
GibbsCharles Hill and Ida Mary WinifredCharles BernardView
GoldswainEdwin Charles and Aletta ElizabethCornelius ConradView
GrenfellThomas and RubenaFrances LouisaView
GoldswainArthur Edward and Catherine EllenArthurView
GoldswainArthur Edward and Catherine EllenFaithView
GotzeFrank Frederic and Elizabeth FloralineTheresa DorothyView
GrobelaarGerhardus Martinus and Maria DorothiaRenetha Margretta PetronellaView
GeorgeJaneRobert HenryView
GranthamHenry Stanley and Luisa MildredStanley HamiltonView
GibbsCharles Hill and Ida Winifred MaryStanley BenjimanView
GroganMeredyth Gilbert and Gabrielle MaudKathleen GayView
GotzeFrank Frederic and Elizabeth FloralineWilliam EdwardView
GaileyArthur John and Annie LouisaNorman AnzacView
GrantJames Murray and Alison FlorenceLockhart Murray RennieView
GreigFrederic Smart and Gladys GeanisEllen CatherineView
GarciaLancelot de la Penha and Violet Mary St. JohnMaurice de la PenhaView
GoldswainArthur Edward and KateSophia ElizabethView
GibbsCharles Hill and Ida Mary WinnifredIris Vivien WinnifredView
GibbsAlfred John and Louisa RachaelRuth RachaelView
GroganMeredyth Gilbert and GabrielleJohn EdwardView
GreyFrank William and Elizabeth FloraleenPhyllis DaphneView
GeorgeWilliam Alexander and Ethel BlancheMaxwell Cecil HenryView
GaileyArthur John and Annie LouisaHarold Berrima?View
GoldswainEdwin Charles and Alattha ElizabethLawrence NormanView
GibbsAlfred John and Louisa RuthWilliam Alfred JohnView
GeorgeWilliam Alexander and Ethel BlancheDennis William AlexanderView
GeorgeWilliam Alexander and Ethel BlancheNorma ConstanceView
GaileyArthur John and Annie LouiseIsmay ThelmaView
GeorgeIsaac Walter and Ethel JosephineDorothy JaneView
GryvensteinLaurence Cornelius and Anna SophiaErnest LaurenceView
GryvensteinLaurence Cornelius and Anna SophiaHeila MagdalenaView
GowerWilliam Ross and Thelma JoyDaphne JoyView
GibbsAlfred John and Louisa RuthMarjorie AliceView
GibbsEdward Reuben and Isabella ElizabethCornelius StephenView
GodfreyArthur Robert and KathleenArthur RobertView
GgwetaJohn and LizzieEuniceView
GoosenHendrik Petrus and VioletDennis ClydeView
GoodmanGeorge and RoseGeorge AbelView
GeorgeIsaac Walter and Ethel JosephineMavis LilianView
GoldswainEdwin Charles and Aletta ElizabethAudrey MayView
GaileyIrisEsmond CliveView
GaylardWilliam Walter and Martha CatherineDesmond GeorgeView
GodfreyArthur Robert and KathleenLeonard CharlesView
GardinerReginald and JanetEnid MadgeView
GeorgeWilliam and EthelStella LorraineView
GaileyIrisOriel LilyView
GeorgeIsaac Walter and Ethel JosephineWalter JamesView
GerickeJoshua and PaulineLouise Pauline CarolineView
GoosenHendrik Petrus and Violet MayNorman JeromeView
GugileJuliaAlice MaryView
GatyanaJohnson and LilianLornaView
GaylardWilliam Walter and Martha CatherineShirley EvelynView
GardinerReginald William and Janet DewarNancy HelenaView
GushaGeorge and PeliweAmeliaView
GeorgeMargaretPeter TheoView
GoosenHendrik Petrus and VioletStella MaryView
GaileySydney and HelenClaude Arthur FredericView
GerickeJoseph and PaulineJohannaView
GatyanaPasili and NoseyJohnson MoyeniView
GoldswainEdwin Charles and Aletta ElizabethThomas FrancisView
GaileySydney and HelenRonald AlexanderView
GoodRichard Herbert and Maude IreneOlga JoanView
GrobbelaarNorman and Nataline ElizabethEdna NormaView
GunnWilliam Charlton and Edna Mavis MatildaEdith HenriettaView
GaileyNorman Anzac and Maria JacobaWayne NormanView
GrobbelaarNorman and Elizabeth NathleneDawn RosemaryView
GowerJames Richard John and Nelly FrancisVeronica JudithView
GowerJames Richard John and Nellie FrancesGary JamesView
GowerHarry Oswald and Daphne MurielLynette EstelleView
GoodSeymour Richard and RuthSharon HeatherView
GibsonGordon Kitchener and Dawn KestoffNigel GordonView
GoosenHendrik William and Anne Elizabeth MarthaMichael DeonView
GoodSeymour Richard and RuthDebra GailView
GrobbelaarMichiel Hendrik and Merle HelenDeborah MayView
GowerHarry Oswald and Daphne MurielEdleen EleanorView
GoddardWilliam Edwin and Susana PhilipinnaFredrick BruceView
GowerWilliam and Molly AmyTrevor WilliamView
GoodSeymour Richard and RuthShane RodgerView
GrobbelaarMichiel Hendrik and Merle HelenKevin NicoView
GrobbelaarMichiel Hendrik and Merle HelenJanice MariaView
GoodSeymour Richard and RuthDonald StevenView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaAndrew GrahamView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaWayne GarthView
GodfreyGordon Charles Henry and Muriel SheilaLynnView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaDeniseView
GowerMervyn Frank and Ronald PearlLana LucilleView
GowerMervyn Frank and Ronald PearlMarlon VaughanView
GowerDerek Graham and Linda LynetteSheridan GrahamView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaSharonView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaSylvia AnnView
GoosenDenzil Neil and Monica EthelwynVanessa LeeView
GallupLarrett and Mabel LouisaEugenie FlorenceView
GardnerJames and Elizabeth MaudWilliam JamesView
GassonCharles George and Joyce HopeGerald EdwardView
GassonCharles George and Joyce HopeGeorge FrederickView
GeorgeChristy and DaphneMargaret IreneView
GeorgeChristy and Daphne SarahJane ElizabethView
GeorgeChristie and DaphneNeville MalveryView
GeswindtMoses Daniel and Katie SarahMoses DanielView
GeswindtMoses Daniel and Katie SarahElizabeth AnnView
GibbsArthur James and Eileen AliceHugh CharlesView
GibbsArthur and Eileen AliceBeryl MavisView
GibbsArthur James and Eileen AliceEileen BarbaraView
GiffordAlfred Harold and Florence LouiseJoy MillicentView
GiffordAlfred Harold and Florence LouiseIsobel PriscillaView
GiffordAlfred Harold and florence LouiseArthur TrematonView
GilroyDonald John and Elva IrmaJohn GeorgeView
GirlingThomas William and Wilhelmina AlvinaLouiston RobertView
GlassWilliam Louis Cawood and Emily EdithAlayne AnnView
GlassWilfred Orestar and Agnes FrancesIan OrestarView
GobaalEthel EmilyVasen TommyView
GobaalsamyThomas and EthelVirginia MinnieView
GobaalsamyThomas Gordon and EthelAngeline KathleenView
GoddardGeorge Charles and Anna CatrinaNellie PaulinaView
GoddardCornwall Wallace and Julia MayCornwall WallaceView
GoddardCornwall Wallace and Julia MayEdna MayView
GoddardGeorge Charles and Anna CathrineHester YvonneView
GodfreyHarry Fuller and Mary LornaDavid FullerView
Godfrey??Shirley IreneView
GodfreyHenry Fuller and Mary Norma LilianCecil PageView
GodfreyHarry Fuller and Mary Lorna AllisonAllison NanView
GoldschmidtJoseph and Martha ElizabethGeorge EdwardView
GoldschmidtJohann August and Raynon EldebarOwen JohnView
GoldschmidtAlfred Charles Joseph and Ivy DorisMaureen JeanView
GoldschmidtGeorge Edward and Thelma PhyllisJune ElizabethView
GoldschmidtAlfred Charles Joseph and Ivy DorisDawn RuthView
GoldschmidtGeorge Edward and Thelma PhyllisMerle YvonneView
GoldschmidtAlfred Charles Joseph and Ivy DorisDesmond HenryView
GoldswainGilbert John and Hilda MayIrma JeanView
GoldswainGilbert John and Hilda MayRaymond GilbertView
GoldswainCharlie Henry and Bridget CarolineNellie ElizabethView
GoldswainCharles Henry and Bridget CarolineEdwin CharlesView
GoldswainCharles Henry and CarolineRoy ErrolView
GoliathCharlie and LydiaPatriciaView
GoltzChristian Frederick and JaneFlorence DaphneView
GombertStanley Franz Christian and Gladys Bernice ConstanceJean CarolView
GoodRoland Valentine and Primrose NellieMarlene DawnView
GoodleyMohammed and JaneMary FatimaView
GoodleyJohn Wallace and Mary FatimaRobert HenryView
GoodleyJohn Wallace and Mary FatimaJoan ValerieView
GoodleyJohn and MaryMarilyn CeciliaView
GoodleyJohn Wallace and MaryDolores CynthiaView
GoodleyJohn Wallace and FatimaLorraine HelenView
GoodleyJohn and MaryDawn Alice LynetteView
GoodyerHoward Edward Jay and Leslie AliceVeronica GladysView
GoonidasamyThenderasen and CoopermaThomasView
GordonHerbert Pringle and DulcieChristopher PringleView
GordonHerbert Pringle and DulcieTimothy JohnView
GouwsVernon Arthur James and Stella MaryStanley jamesView
GovindasamyThenderaven and MillyKathleen CoopoomaView
GovindasamyThenderaren Thomas and MillicentAugustus ErnestView
GovindasamyThomas and MillyAnnetteView
GovindsamyThomas and MillicentGeoffreyView
GrahamAlan Leslie and Rita EllainePeter BertView
GravettPercy Cyril and Laura DorothyErrol HenryView
GravettPercy Cyril and Laura DorothyValerie FrancesView
GreenJohn Nicholas and May EventrudeFlorence MarjorieView
GreenJohn Nicholas and May EventrudeBasil JohnView
GreylingJohannes Petrus and Herma Matilda VeronicaJohannes PetrusView
GreylingJohannes Petrus and Herma Matilda VeronicaErrol BazilView
GreyvensteinHenry Jacobus Antonie and MarthaJohn HenryView
GriggsRonald Edward and MavisPamela JeanView
GrobbelaarHenry Charles and Katie ElizabethArthur ErnestView
GrobbelaarHenry Charles and Katie ElizabethJoyce KathleenView
GrobbelaarKatie Elizabeth and Henry CharlesLatin NormanView
GrosseFriedrich Carl and Lorna KennedyJohn CarlView
GunkelArchie and Sarah ElizabethAndrew AubreyView
GurahLouis and Thora EdithGloriaView
GurahLouis and Thora EdithGillianView
GenkizaMinto and CatherineAnne ElizabethView
GordonAlfred and Isabella LouisaLouisa JuliaView
GreenleesGavin and Sarah JaneGavinView
GregorowskiJohn and Sarah ElizabethJohn Victor EmileView
GreenleesGavin and Sarah JaneCharles EdwardView
GregorowskiWilliam and CordeliaHerbert WillettView
GrayWilliam and ElizabethJames WakelynView
GoldswainCharles H. and ElizabethArthur EdwardView
GlassWilliam James and JohannaIrene Rose CawoodView
GoliathKamaGeorgina Elizabeth FrancesView
GilbertThomas and MaryJessie SmithView
GrimesJohn and Mary AnnAnn ElizabethView
GunnWilliam John and EleanorMary Elleanor AgnesView
GoldingThomas and SarahSarah ElizabethView
GilbertThomas and Mary AnnGeorginaView
GillWalter Henry and ElizabethHenry MaxwellView
GunnGeorge and Susanna SophiaCharlesView
GunnGeorge and SusannaBernardView
GeorgeWilliam George Coleman and EleanorWilliam James JayView
GunnJohn and EleanorWilliam CharltonView
GoodesJoseph William and Mary AnnEliza LonglandsView
GoddardFrederik and Mary AnnMary AnnView
GodfreyRobert and CarolineHenry BensonView
GoochAlbert Richard and SelinaAlice JuliaView
GreenWilliam and MaryAmeliaView
GarlandGeorge William and ElizabethEvelyn EmilyView
GordonGeorge Hamilton and Blanche Emma BeatriceBeatrice ConstanceView
GibbsStephen and AmelieJohn StephenView
GibsonSamuel and Mary AnnSamuelView
GreatheadJames Henry and Juliahenry EdwinView
GuestHerbert and MaryEdith MaryView
GunnSarah (Hanger)Amy HowatsonView
GardnerDaniel McLauchlan and FrancesDonald MalcolmView
GardnerWilliam Calvert and Clarice RubyRonald John CalvertView
GardnerHelenaVerdel PatrickView
GardnerWilliam Calvert and Clarice RubyLeslie Denton CalvertView
Gardnerwilliam Calvert and Clarice RubyVernon Charles CalvertView
GardnerWilliam Calvert and Clarice RubyAlan Greville CalvertView
GardnerLeslie Denton Calvert and Felicity JacinthDelicia Ann CalvertView
GarrettEdward Henry and Annie JaneArthur Frank PhilipView
GarrettBernard Matheus and Mary AnneOlive MaudeView
GarrettConnieSybil CynthiaView
GarsonOliver Muir and Ethel BeatriceMargaret MuirView
GaylerCharles William and Augusta (Durheim)Dulcie Gladys (adopted)View
GeeJohn and EmilyVernon ClarenceView
GeeJohn and EmilyEdwardView
GeorgeDorothy MayGeorge GreyView
GerberChristian and Sarah HarrietJeanette GriseldaView
GibbsJames and FlorenceDouglas JamesView
GibbsJames and FlorenceEthel MayView
GibsonGeorge William and ElizabethGeorge LeslieView
GibsonJohn Paul and Gertrude AliceMadge Jessie PaulView
GilbertCharles Clement and Mary EthelJefferyView
GilbertCharles Clement and Mary EthelCharlesView
GilesGodfrey Hill and NoraGodfrey RyanView
GilesGodfrey Hill and NorahGeorge StanleyView
GilesSydney Richard and Constance ColleenLynette MargaretView
GilesPercy Albert and Ethel LilianBrenda AmyView
GilesSydney Richard and constance ColleenAvril RoseView
GillamEdgar Louis and Nora Grace HamiltonHeather May viceView
GillanEdgar Louis and Norah Grace HamiltonEdgar Delva DouglasView
GirlingHenry John Bayard and Catherine AgnesThora VeeziaView
GirlingHenry John Bayard and Catherine AgnesWilliam Alan BayardView
GladwinEdward Thomas and Alice AmeliaWilliam St. GeorgeView
Gloster??Stanley Daniel, aka Constantine StanleyView
GoetschArthur Robert Emil and Sarah ElizabethVida LorraineView
GoetschArthur Emil Robert and Sarah ElizabethEmil ElizabethView
GoetschArthur Emil Robert and Sarah ElizabethTrevor RobertView
GoldswainBertram Henry and Sadie MaryJean ElizabethView
GoldswainArthur and AnnaEdward ArthurView
GoodwinWilliam Ernest and Maude JeanetteStanley William InnesView
GordonBruce Edmonstoune and Mabel ThornhillJean BruceView
GordonDouglas Pringle and Ella DyerKenneth PringleView
GordonBruce Edmonstoune and Mabel ThornhillEric BruceView
GordonDouglas Pringle and Ella DyerHerbert PringleView
GordonBruce Edmonstoune and Mabel ThornhillMary Elizabeth BruceView
GordonDouglas Pringle and Ella DyerRoy NetteltonView
GordonBruce Edmonstoune and Harriet ElizabethRodney BruceView
GordonRonald Nettelton and Mildred IvyColin NetteltonView
GordonRonald Nettelton and Mildred IvyPeter NevilleView
GordonBruce Campbell and Kathleen Bertha ElizabethAnneView
GordonBruce Campbell and Kathleen Bertha ElizabethJuneView
GordonIan Arthur and Sheila AuraJillianView
GouldConstantine Percival Chichester and Dorothy EmilyRodney LloydView
GouwsDorothyWilliam FrancisView
GraceFrank and MabelMarjoryView
GraceFrank and MabelFrankView
GraceFrank and MabelNormanView
GraceFrank and MabelMollie FrancesView
Graham-SinclairGraham Sinclair and KatherineStella AdaView
GrantRoderick McDonald and Alice MaryEleanor Mary StewartView
Grant-SmithJames and Dorothy MaudDorothy PearlView
GravettFrederick and GracePatricia GraceView
GravettFrederick and GraceFrederick Lancelot ArthurView
GravettArthur and MyraDenzil ArthurView
GravettArthur Gravett and Myra WrightNoelaView
GravettArthur and Myra Berlay?ReneeView
GrayCyril Wakelyn and Kate EvelynDaphne JeanView
GrayWilliam Essex and Evelyn JaneNorah CynthiaView
GreenGeorge William and Matilda Louisa WilhelminaMuriel ThoraView
GreenBasil Robert and Elizabeth CouplesJean VivienneView
GreenJohn Nicholas and May Eventrude TryslynLeslie EricView
GreenJohn Nicholas and May EventrudeMavis MayView
GreenJohn Nicholas and May EventrudeBarbara LorraineView
GreenJohn Nicholas and May EventrudeNorma Cynthia ValerieView
GreenEric Charles and Iris DoreenGlen KidstonView
GreenMatthew and MargaretEric CharlesView
GreybeHarry and AnnaHaroldView
GreyvensteinAliceDenise AnnView
GreyvensteinPercy William and Caroline KatieErnest LawrenceView
GreyvensteinPercy William and Caroline KatieWilhelmina ElizabethView
GriffithsWilliam and BessieDavidView
GriffithsDaniel and MaryDouglasView
GrobbelaarHenry Charles and KatieHenry CharlesView
GroblerFrans Jacobus and Maud OliveGerald Frans LukinView
GroblerFrancis and MaudAnna Catherine MaudView
GroblerFrancis and MaudDoreen Alexina LucyView
GroblerChristopher Simon Jacobus and Gwendoline RoseJack KeithView
GroblerChristopher Simon Jacobus and Gwendoline RoseGeenView
GroblerChristopher Simon Jacobus and Gwendoline RoseJillianView
GroblerBenjamin and Edna Gert RuthJohn AlbertView
GroseJames George and Harriet DorothyJohn OwenView
GroseJames George and Harriet DorothyFrederick MichaelView
GrotjohnDaniel Frederick and BeatriceHerbert ByronView
GrotjohnDaniel Frederick and BeatriceRuth ElizabethView
GunnWalter Boivin Wells and Alice GertrudeMurray BoivinView
GunstonWilliam Maurice and Mary WilliamsJoan MaryView
GuntherTheodore Wilhelm and Daphne WinifredDesmond DietmarView
GrahamRobert Berke and Muriel BeatriceElaine MaryView
GrahamRobert Bertie and Muriel BeatriceMelville EdwinView
GroblerBenjamin and Edna GertrudeMarlene DawnView
GellJohn William and MabelNovaView
GodfreyMelville Ernest Thornton and Ann AlexandraVivienne LouiseView
GordonRoy Nettelton and Jean Beryl GoldhawkMargaret ElizabethView
GordonRoy Nettelton and Jean Beryl GoldhawkJennifer JeanView
GielinkVictor Reginald and Kathleen AnnieReginaldView
GroblerBenjamin and Edna GertrudeBenjaminView
GerickeGeorge Gerard and MavisBabette MerleView
GordonIan Arthur and Sheila AuraColleenView
GerberChristiaan Johannes and Sarah HarrietAlice PaulinaView
GraceJoffrey and ValerieAngela Frances ValerieView
GerberChristiaan Johannes and Sarh HarrietChristiaan StephanusView
GordonKenneth Pringle and Ruth EleanorDerek PringleView
GardnerLeslie Denton Calvert and Felicity JacinthDiana Felicity CalvertView
GerberChristiaan Johannes de Wet and Sarah HarrietLeonard JohnView
GroblerHendrik Petrus and Evelyn MarthaRoderick WayneView
GerickeGeorge Gerhard and MavisNoeline JeanView
GordonHerbert Pringle and DulciePeter HughView
GerberChristiaan Johannes Phillipus and Sarah HarrietIrene ElizabethView
GardnerDennis Alfred and Marion HazelCarol LynnView
GilfillanAlfred Edwin Shaw and Elizabeth MarionBarbara JeanView
GreeffClifford and Inez MarleneCherylView
GibsonBaden Dennis and Jean EllenoraSusan JanetView
GreenGeorge Ronald and Mona MaudeStephen JohnView
GamlinFrank and Ivy JessieRodney PhilipView
GreeffClifford and Inez MarleneDenzilView
Geldenhuis??Wendy ArgyleView
GraceJoffre and Valerie Christina HanscombeVerity Priscilla HelenView
GreeffClifford and Inez MarleneGavin MarkView
GardnerDennis Alfred and Marion HazelLee AnneView
GilfillanAlfred Edwin Shaw and Elizabeth MarionKatherine BeverlyView
GerberChristiaan Johannes Phillipus and Sarah HarrietRossouw AndreView
GilfillanAlfred Edwin Shaw and Elizabeth MarionHelen ElizabethView
GoosenThomas Hilton and Diana JohannaKelvin EugeneView
Goosen??William Reginald View
GreenDavid Murray and Sheila MaryVanessa Elizabeth MurrayView
GoliathRaymond Joseph and TheresaLionel JohnView
GoliathPatrick Malcolm and MargaretBrenda VenitaView
GoliathRaymond Joseph and TheresaTheodore NeilView
GoliathPatrick Malcolm and MargaretPatricia JenniferView
GoliathRaymond Joseph and TheresaByron LawrenceView
GodleyGeorge William and Catherine FrancisLettieView
GodleyGeorge William and Catherine FrancisGraceView
GraskieCornelius Martin and Louisa MatildaMartin CorneliusView
GoddardOscar James and Edith GertrudeAudrey EuniceView
GoddardOscar James and Edith GertrudeHazelle SheilaView
GoldsworthyVivian Douglas Webbe and Irene CarolineDouglas Herbert WebbeView
GreenAlfred Louis and Eunice Crofton MayEileen Hamilton HopeView
GoldsworthyVivian Douglas Webbe and Irene CarolineSheilaView
GaylardDennis Ivor and Mary ElizabethDonald IvorView
GoedvolkAbraham and BarbaraJohn WilliamView
GodboltBurleigh and AnnieFrederick JohnView
GodboltBurleigh Samuel and Anna SuannaHendrick Johannes AlbertynView
GrantCharles and JaneAlice MaudeView
GriffithCharles Duncan and Dorothea MounceyWilliam GilfillanView
GainsfordEdward William and Jane JuliaAlice LouisaView
GuthrieFrancis and Charlotte IsabellaFrancis Alexander CharlesView
GuthrieFrancis and Charlotte IsabellaMargaret MaryView
GuthrieFrancis and Charlotte IsabellaFrederick GysbertView
GilfillanFrederick Mouncy and Susanna JaneAlfred EdwinView
GibsonGeorge and ElizabethHarry CharlesView
GravettGeorge and HannahGeorge Edwin HarwoodView
GillGeorge Edward and Mary HenwoodAlfred LewisView
GroningenHenry and FrancesWilliam Charles HenryView
GuestHerbert Melville and Lucy CharlotteEdith EleanorView
GillJames and Cordelia AnnHarold EdwardView
GodfreyJames and DeborahMartha DeborahView
GradyJames and Eliza JaneEdward James RockhillView
GradyJames and Eliza JaneJames RobertView
GradwellJames and MaryEllenView
GradwellJames and MaryJohnView
GradwellJames and MaryAliceView
GaterJames and SarahJames Frederick HenryView
GrantJames Murray and Matilda JaneJames MurrayView
GrantJames Murray and Matilda JaneEric KennethView
Godfreyjames Thomas and Amy ElizabethRosalie HannahView
GuestJohn Ambrose and Alison LockhartMary EllenView
GuestJohn Ambrose and Allison LockhartCatherine JaffrayView
GreenJohn and DinahHannah CathrickView
GreenJohn and DinahMaria Hannah CatherineView
GeyleJohn and Margaret IsabellaWilliam CornishView
GrahamJohn and MaryLydia GordonView
GeorgeJohn William and AnnFrederick HerbertView
GibsonPeter and SarahEllen MatildaView
GibsonPeter and Sarah AnnEthel JessieView
GibsonPeter and Sarah AnnMalcolm AlexanderView
GranvilleRobert Crighton and Caroline HortenseJohn AlgernonView
GyngllThomas and CatherineLouisa AlexinaView
GlanvilleThomas and Emily MaryEdith MaryView
GreenWilliam and CatherineCharlotteView
GregorowskiWilliam and CordeliaEdith MaudView
GregorowskiWilliam and CordeliaMabel ConstanceView
GibsonWilliam Stewart and Catherine ElizabethErnest StewartView
GibsonWilliam Stewart and Catherine ElizabethChristian Herbert OertelView
GrayGeorge and LydiaWilliam EssexView
GrayGeorge and LydiaThomas JenkingsView
GaylardGeorge and Evelina EllenLouisa SophiaView
GaylardGeorge and Evelina EllenElizabeth AnnaView
GaylardGeorge and Zoelina EllenEdward ReginaldView
GrayGeorge and LydiaKate MarsdenView
GaylardGeorge and Evalena EllenEliza IsabelView
GrahamJohn Richard and Alice MariaEdithView
GrayGeorge and LydiaLydia FrancesView
GaylardGeorge and Evelina EllenEdith JessieView
GaylardGeorge and Evelina EllenGwendoline MayView
GrayGeorge and LydiaViolet IreneView
GradwellJohn and ElizabethLouisa ElizabethView
GooneyMichael and MaryLaurenceView
GradyJames and Eliza (Grimsdale)HenryView
GrahamJoseph and LouisaLouisa MaryView
GiddingJohn and MarthaCharles JohnView
GradyJames and Eliza (Grimsdale)AnneView
GradyJames and Eliza (Grimsdale)RobertView
GaylardCharles Bryan and Florence ElizabthSheila FannyView
GaylardCharles Bryan and Florence ElizabethMaurice GeraldView
GaylardCharles Bryan and Florence ElizabethThella DulcieView
GibbensPercy William and Geraldine ConstanceElaine GladysView
GogoMoses and ElseEllen NonkonjaneView
GunnelsWilliam Charlton and Charlesworth LouiseCharltonView
GibbensPercy William and Geraldine ConstanceKeith EricView
GravettMerrick Benjamin and Winifred Hazel LoraineMavis MerleView
GapbaEthelShelly MlamtiView
GravettMerrick Benjamin and Winifred Hazel LorraineGraham GarthView
GaladaSheilaRonald Sheridan SandyView
GrieselChristophel Rudolf and Evelyn EdithTrevor MichaelView
George??Wilson NkosanaView
GaylardNorman Deryck and MargretAnne MargretView
GoodmanPhyllis and CharlieEileen JaquelineView
GodukaVurqwana and NonyavaNotyontyo NothembileView
GogoEllenNombuyiselo EvelynView
GogoEllenXoliswa VioletView
GogoMargaretSimfiwe WisemanView
GrieselRaymond Claude and Elizabeth MagrithaAlan WayneView
GrieselRaymond Claude and Elizabeth MagrithaDion LeighView
GrasmanFredrik Albert and Dorothea SophiaAugust Christian GodfriedView
GrasmannFrederick Albert and Dorothea SophiePaulina Maria LouisaView
GultieCharles and CatherineFrideriks Robert CharlesView
GultigGottlieb Frederick and Anne MargaretWillim John FritzhView
GreatheadHerbert Harding and Eliza FrancesWalter HardingView
GreyWilliam and RachelWilliam ThomasView
GreatheadHerbert Harding and Eliza FrancesHubert GordonView
GushEllis Gurney and Mary GwynaethDorothy GurneyView
GilmourDonald and Doris MurielBeverleyView
GushHenry Gurney and Camilla MaryAndrew Edward GurneyView
GloverMichael John and Andrea AliceAndrew MichaelView
GaileySydney and HelenFrederic WilliamView
GoodRichard Herbert and Maude IreneSeymour RichardView
GradwellLeslie Raymond and Adeline HelenRaymond DenzilView
GwynnSydney Allen and Edith MayRobin CecilView
GodfreyArthur and KathleenGwenethView
GladwinFrank and HesterEricView
GaileySydney and HelenGraham SydneyView
GeorgeIsaac and EthelPhyllis JoyceView
GibbsEdward Reuben and Isabel ElizabethYvonne EnidView
GaileySydney and HelenGeorge EdwardView
GladwinHarold and MayThora VeronicaView
GeorgeIsaac and EthelEdith RosalineView
GrobbelaarNorman and Elizabeth NatalineCarl NormanView
GaileySydney Claude and Helen CatherineJoan HelenView
GaileySydney and HelenBrian TrevorView
GrobbelaarNorman and Nataline ElizabethShirley Joyce NatalineView
GaileySydney and HelenMaureen GladysView
GaileySydney Claude and Helen CatherineSylvia AnnView
GrovesJames Henry and AliceCharles HenryView
GaileySydney Claude and Helen CatherineDawn ValerieView
GrobbelaarNorman and NatalieJoan GloriaView
GunnWilliam Charlton and Edna Mavis MatildaJohn WilliamView
GaileySydney Claude and Helen CatherineSheila CynthiaView
GrobbelaarNorman and Nataline ElizabethEdna NormaView
GunnWilliam Charlton and Edna Mavis MatildaEdith HenriettaView
GaileyNorman Anzac and Maria JacobaWayne NormanView
GrobbelaarNorman and Elizabeth NathleneDawn RosemaryView
GowerJames Richard John and Nelly FrancisVeronica JudithView
GowerJames Richard John and Nellie FrancesGary JamesView
GowerHarry Oswald and Daphne MurielLynette EstelleView
GoodSeymour Richard and RuthSharon HeatherView
GibsonGordon Kitchener and Dawn KestoffNigel GordonView
GoosenHendrik William and Anne Elizabeth MarthaMichael DeonView
GoodSeymour Richard and RuthDebra GailView
GrobbelaarMichiel Hendrik and Merle HelenDeborah MayView
GowerHarry Oswald and Daphne MurielEdleen EleanorView
GoddardWilliam Edwin and Susana PhilipinnaFredrick BruceView
GowerWilliam and Molly AmyTrevor WilliamView
GoodSeymour Richard and RuthShane RodgerView
GrobbelaarMichiel Hendrik and Merle HelenKevin NicoView
GrobbelaarMichiel Hendrik and Merle HelenJanice MariaView
GoodSeymour Richard and RuthDonald StevenView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaAndrew GrahamView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaWayne GarthView
GodfreyGordon Charles Henry and Muriel SheilaLynnView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaDeniseView
GowerMervyn Frank and Ronald PearlLana LucilleView
GowerMervyn Frank and Ronald PearlMarlon VaughanView
GowerDerek Graham and Linda LynetteSheridan GrahamView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaSharonView
GodfreyGerald George and Ediana HendrinaSylvia AnnView
GoosenDenzil Neil and Monica EthelwynVanessa LeeView
GloverThomas Joseph and ??Rose StellaView
GrantArthur Cardross and Amy Agnes ArnoldJohn Francis CardrossView
GraceFrank and MabelDoris VioletView
GroupMaggie LouisaHilda JessamineView
GroupMaggie LouisaEthel ElizabethView
GroupMaggie LouisaAngelina ConstanceView
GiddyLennox Atherstone and Beatrice PaulineAllan HoskinsView
GloverThomas Joseph and MarthaIvy ThelmaView
GeorgeC. Cecil and Matilda L.Sidney EugeneView
GeyleGifford McCormick and Alice Ethel WynneJoyce Helen LandreyView
GodfreyLizzieAgnes FlorenceView
GroblerFrans Jacobes and MaudAnna Catherine MaudView
Gombert??Gertrude Margaret WilhelminaView
GrantJames and Edith JaneJeanView
GeorgeCharles Cecil and MatildaPeggyView
GrantArthur Cardross and Amy Agnes ArnoldMargaret CardrossView
GoldieAlexander Miller and Ellen GraceSybil GraceView
GeorgeCharles Cecil and MatildaEnidView
GambleBlake Dunell and Irene ElizabethGordon BlakeView
GroblerFrans Jacobus and MaudJohn AbrahamView
GoodmanRoseMabel KatharineView
GagerHorace Albert and Alice ElizabethDoreenView
GagerHorace Albert and Alice ElizabethJuneView
GillingsJames Lowe and Myrtle IreneEric James LoweView
GombertStanley Franz Christian and Gladys Bernice ConstanceGloria BerniceView
GibsonOswald Gray and MyrtlePeggyView
GrenfellThomas Anthony and RubinaThomas EdwinView
GobeyAlec Albert and IreneRoselyn LilyianView
GodfreyGeorge and JosephineDoreen LouisaView
GobeyAlec Albert and IrenePeggie JoyceView
GiddyLennox Atherstone and Beatrice PaulineDavid HoskinsView
GroblerFrans and MaudAlfred Bernard KennethView
GrobbelaarHenry Charles and Katie ElizabethKatie ElizabethView
GodfreyHerbert Gravett and MillicentBernard HaroldView
GodfreyGeorge Henry and Josephine KathleenMavis DoreenView
GrenfellJohn Edwin and Vivian Adelaide GraceEdwin GeorgeView
GradwellRoland Warren and Susan JohannaGarth ErnestView
GrantGeorge Seymour and Alice GertrudeJean Evelyn MaryView
GatesGeorge Mitchell and Violet BeatriceLucy ElizabethView
GroblerFrans Jacobus and MaudNicholas JohannesView
GrobbelaarHenry Charles and KatieAugusta Mabel DorothyView
GeorgeAlbert Henry and Helena IrenaEdwinView
GardnerJames and Elizabeth MaudJeanView
GradwellRoland Warren and Susan JohannaThelma EileenView
GradwellDouglas Benjamin and Ruby JessiePeggy JeanView
GassonFrederick William and Margaret LucyReginald EdwardView
GroblerLouis Johannes and Matilda MaudCharles StanfordView
GrantGeorge Daniel and Gertrude EdithMerle Olive LilianView
GoodisonRobert Charles and Gladys CatherineDonald ClaudeView
GoddardLaurence Alexander and Anna KathleenDaphne SheilaView
GiffordCharles Thomas and Jane MatildaEthel LilianView
GrobbelaarHenry Charles and Katie ElizabethJohn MatthewView
GoodWilliam Lagson and Ann RebeccaNora KathleenView
Gobachsamy??Thomas GordonView
GassonCharles George and Joyce HopeBlanche GraceView
GeorgeAlbert Henry and Helena IreneRaymondView
Gordon-BrownAlfred and Eleanor MargaretJeanView
GodfreyGeorge Henry and JosephineKathleen MoreenView
GibsonOswald Grey and MyrtleFayView
GobaalThomas Gordon and Ethel EmilyReggieView
GodfreyMelville Eddlesden and Edith GladysCyril Melville MidgleyView
GrobbelerHenry Charles and Katie ElizabethDoreen JohannaView
GroblerLouis Johannes and Matilda MaudAnnie KathleenView
GodfreyHerbert Gravett and Millicent JosephineMyra EnidView
GriggsRonald Edward and Mavis MaryDouglas EdwardView
GottgensThomas and Winifred EdithFrederick ThomasView
GobaalTommy and EthelMargaretView
GeorgeChristie and DaphneDaniel John IsaacView
GoodleyJohn and Fatima MaryMaria MarthaView
GrandinNeville Noel and Verna SheppersonAnne-MarieView
GeswindtMoses Daniel and Katie SarahJeanView
GeorgeOswald and OliveSandra VeronicaView
GurahLouie and ThoraCheryl MagdaleneView
GibbonsThomas Arthur and Doris MayJune LilianView
GibbonsThomas Arthur and Doris MayNoel DavidView
GoddardWilliam Paul and RamonaWilliam PaulView
GoliathCharlie Clifford and LydiaShirley CynthiaView
GoodHenry Laurence and Eunice WinifredAlyson JuneView
GibsonBaden Dennis and Jean EllenoraDeirdre AnneView
GriffithsEdward Ralph and Daphne Mary MayBeverley MayView
GoliathPorrop and DorothyLydiaView
GeorgeBrian Mager and Marjorie ElizabethGeoffrey MagerView
GeorgeChristian and Daphne SarahChristopher LowryView
GoosenAlbert and RubyClaude RichardView
GoddardWilliam Paul and RamonaKenneth BruceView
GeswindtMoses Daniel and Katie SarahWendy MonicaView
GurahLouie and Thora EdithGeniel LouieView
GobalsamyMargaretMaureen BernadetteView
GoddardWilliam Paul and RamonaMichael WellsleyView
GoldschmidtAlfred Charles Joseph and Ivy DorisTrevor AlfredView
GoliathClifford and LydiaJuliet ElizabethView
GoodwinJack Whitehead and Katie ElizabethRodney CecilView
GoodleyJohn Wallace and Mary FatimaLawrence AlexanderView
GoodfordWilliam John and Faith SylviaDesiree UrsulaView
GeswindtMoses Daniel and Katie SarahCharles RodneyView
GladwinEric Peter and Elizabeth MaudAnthony JohnView
GravettMerrick Benjamin and Winifred HazelIvan FrederickView
GoddardWilliam Paul and RamonaAlan NoelView
GroblerDouw and GillianGavinView
GoliathJulietDavid CliffordView
GoodmanSidney Samuel and MiriamRose MargaretView
GroblerJohannes Wenzil and Dawn Ellen DorothyElizabeth AnnView
GroenewaldtNoubert Phillipus Jacobus and Rachel AdelaideGrahamView
GoodfordWilliam John and Faith SylviaBeverly CarolineView
GaskonRobert John and Shirley BerylDerek JohnView
GravesPeter Alfred and Ann RosemaryPauline ElizabethView
GoodwinJack Whitehead and Katie ElizabethYvonne BelindaView
GibbsDawn MavourneenRussell GrantView
GreylingAbraham Johanna and Anna Maria JohannaLeonView
GreenDouglas Edward Knollys and Catherina Hendrika MariaMargot RobinView
GaskonRobert John and Shirley BerylGary RoyView
GoodfordWilliam John and Faith SylviaCheryl AlidaView
GordonGeorge Douglas and Pamela LynetteMark BeresfordView
GaleHilary David and Jennifer StormMichael DavidView
GrunewaldLudwig August and Doris MaryJacqueline AnneView
GouverneurRobin Marie Achille and SybilMichel Robert LucienView
GlassDonald Blair and Gail PatriciaGary DonaldView
GamietSydney and DorothyLenneth EdwinView
GurrTrevor Lawrence and Florence MarieMandy JoanView
GlassDonald Blair and Gail PatriciaDion BlairView
GroenewaldtNorbert Philippus and Rachel AdelaideNadineView
GordonGeorge Douglas and Pamela LynettePeta LorraineView
GiminghamRaymond Bertrand and Helen JoanShaun BertrandView
GuntonThomas Michael Anthony and Phyllis Doreen ElsieJacquelineView
GuntonThomas Michael Anthony and Phyllis Doreen ElsieAnthony MichaelView
GaleHilary David and Jennifer StormLinda JanetView
GardnerRonald Brian and Peta HelenKim LouiseView
GierkeIvan Theodor and Patricia May??View
GrisfeldtLudwig Inish? And SusannaHerman LudwigView
GillGeorge Edward and Mary HenwoodThomas HenryView
GillGeorge Edward and Mary HenwoodGeorge Edward SamuelView
GillGeorge Edward and Mary HenwoodWilliam JohnView
GillGeorge Edward and Mary HenwoodHarriet AnnView
GrayJames Wakelyn and AnnieCecil JamesView
GwenguleKlaas and AnnieLouia or Harriett?View
GreenThomas William and Harriette MariaAileen MaryView
GwengulaKlaas and AnnieLinaView
GoosenChrisstoffel Jakobus and Anna SusannaMartha MariaView
GetliffeHarry C. M. and Margaret I.Maud MayView
GoldswainJames and Mary AnnHorace Rowland WebberView
GetliffeHarold Charles Merryweather and Margaret JohannaCecil Railton MerryweatherView
GradwellLyndon Douglas and Emily ElizaLyndon DouglasView
GaikaJaphet and LizzieAgnesView
GoldswainHorace Rowland Webber and Milvina Agnes AnnGertie IreneView
GoldswainHorace Rowland Webber and Milvina Agnes AnnRowland Edward RedversView
GoldswainJames and Mary AnnJames EdwardView
GoldswainJames E. and Christina E.ClaudeView
GoldswainJames Edward and Christiana EstherArchibaldView
GowlandRobert Henry and Ivy MayDaphne JaneView
GoosenNicholas and BlancheYvonneView
GillespieJohn William and Iris ThelmaJohn GeorgeView
GodfreyMelville Ernest Thornton and Ann AlexandraMichael FitzroyView
GelderblomJohan and LouiseBarbara GailView
GalpinHenry Arnold and Amy GrayRalphView
GaziJohn and EstherNicholasView
GardnerRichard Henry and Mabel EdithAnnie MadelineView
GoodallHarry Reford and Elizabeth MaudeConstance Caroline GoodallView
GoodallHarry Reford and Elizabeth MaudeIrene MaudeView
GoodwinAlfred Edgar and Gertrude FannyDorothy PrescottView
GoodchildNathaniel Boxall and Martha Florence MaryNathaniel BarnardView
GoodchildNathaniel Boxall and Martha Florence MaryGeorge FrankView
GantshoJames and AnnieLeghanaView
GantshoJames and AnnieDianaView
GantshoJames and AnnieAugustaView
GantshoJames and AnnieAmeliaView
GantshoJames and AnnieNelsonView
GroblerPieter Gerhardus and Catharina ElizabethHester Maria ElizabethView
GraceEdward James and Katherina HendrinaDorothea MaudeView
GroblerPieter Gerhardus and Catharina ElizabethAletta MariaView
GraceEdward James and CatherineCecil AlexanderView
GraceEdward James and Katherine HendrinaAnna EdithView
GraceEdward James and Katherina HendrinaMillicent EvaView
GordonHenry William Albert Staveley and Marion Rose GordonNorah Ellen Patricia StaveleyView
GraceEdward James and Katherina HendrinaMabel JoanView
GordonHenry William Albert Staveley and Maria Rose GordonRosemary StaveleyView
GroblerPieter Gerhardus and Catherina ElizabethOckert JohannesView
GraceEdward James and Katherina HendrinaJoyce LornaView
GraceEdward James and Katherine HendrinaRaymond HaroldView
GroblerPieter Gerhardus and Catharina ElizabethPetronella Gerhardina SarahView
GwynnSydney Alan and Edith MayEiraView
GwynnSydney Alan and Edyth MayNell JenniferView
GwynnSydney Alan and Edyth MayJasper William CarlinView
GreyvensteinEdward Phillipus and Anna MagrethaLeon EdwardView
GraceJoffre and Valerie Christina HanscombeRoger Pawsey JoffreView
GrovesLeonard Norman and JeanBruce ScottView
GordonJohn Alec and Gwendoline SalmaHeather AliceView
GrovesLeonard Norman and JeanTerence JohnView
GoetschClive Albert and Valerie NancyStanley Richard NathanaelView
GoetschClive Albert and Valerie NancyChristopher MartinView
GoetschClive Albert and Dorothy YewdallJohn PhilipView
GoetschClive Albert and Dorothy YewdallByron CliveView
GallardThomas John and Agnes MaudCecil Aubrey Hayman GrahamView
GillespieAlfred Stawell and Kathleen AgnesJean CardenView
GillFrederick and Ethel MaryMyrtle IvyView
GouldCharles James Baines and Maud Georgiana GwendolinPhyllis Edith MaryView
GeorgeEdward Frederick James and Susannah JulietEdward WilsonView
GillFrederick William and Ethel MaryArthur James StanleyView
GillFrederick and EthelJoan Phylis MaryView
GrayThomas Joseph and EdithBrenda MillerView
GravesMichael (deceased) and Mary Ann (deceased) (Ryan)CatharineView
GreenerKenneth Woodfall and Dorothy MayHilary KennethView
GardnerCharles James and LilianChristopher ShandView
GraingerWilliam Cope and Eliza MaryGeoffrey William CopeView
GraingerWilliam Cope and Eliza MaryKeith Redvers CopeView
GradwellWalter Edward and Ivy Elizabeth LaviniaIris IvyView
GeorgeEdward Frederick James and Susannah JulietUna JoyceView
GroenewaldKatherinePercy CliveView
GriffithsHenry Edwardes and Beatrice StanhopePeter HenryView
GeorgeEdward Frederick James and Susannah JulietIrene PhyllisView
GardnerCharles James and LilianJulian Shand GardnerView
GodfreyHerbert Thomas and Edith DorothyEdward Herbert CharlesView
GreenerColin Jan and Winifred AgnesJan DavisView
GrahamCharles Townley and AnneMonica RosemaryView
GrahamSarin Lynedoch and HesterJean Elysown LynedochView
GeorgeEdward Frederick James and Susannah JulietRhodaView
GreatheadErnest Merriman and Mary GertrudeMichael MerrimanView
GalpinEric Walter and Ellen GordonJoan EllenView
GrandyFrederick George and Laura Constance (Yon)Gertrude MaudView
GrandyFrederick George and Laura Constance (Yon)Mabel MaudView
GovindHarry and EllenSylvia DorothyView
GovindHarry and EllenMavisView
GodfreyHerbert Thomas and Edith DorothyArthur HenryView
GoldsGeorge Thomas and Millicent LouisaValerie MayView
GiddyStanley Napier and Audrie EthelJune AudrieView
GiddyStanley Napier and Audrey EthelAda NapierView
GrocottWilliam Vincent and Onah AmyArthur Kelvin LaurenceView
GilbertFrederick and Kathleen LynceAnnie KathleenView
GaddMontague Ernest and Margaret AngelaElizabeth MaryView
GardinerJohn and Louisa MarthaNorman CharlesView
GalpinBernard I'ons and Jean WhiteBarbara JeanView
GrocottWilliam Vincent and Onah AmyWilliam JeffreyView
GaddMontague Ernest and Margaret AngelaKatharine HelenView
GiddyStanley Napier and Audrey EthelLilian Fay EthelView
GilsonFrank Samuel and Kathleen LilianGale SunderlandView
GibsonFrank Samuel and Kathleen LilianMichael JohnView
GardenerCharles and AnnieJohn JosephView
GradwellSeptimus Bourchier and Kathleen AgnesLynneView
GradwellSeptimus Bourchier and Kathleen AgnesDudley VincentView
GordonFrederick Charles John and Emily AgnesIrvin JacobusView
GilmoreJohn Raymond and NoelSheila LynetteView
GibsonGeorge And Annie (O'donoghue)John ChristopherView
GeorgeEdward Francis And Ellen (O'brien)Frederick FleckView
GieetaAndrew And Maggie Johanna (Ryan)LaurenceView
GruberGeorge John And Victorine (Oebrechts)George AntoineView
GunnJohn And Ellen (Coon)Percy HenryView
GonsalvesManuel And Ellen (Joseph)RichardView
Girvan??William JohnView
GoddardAgnesMary FrancesView
GainesWilliam J. And Maria (Killeen)Percy WilliamView
GruberJohn And Victorine (Obrechts)Theresa Josephine OctavieView
GalsearMariano And Maria (Salmond)BernardoView
GiriCarl And Margaret Augusta (Halvey)Joseph CarloView
GruberJohn And Eva (Obrechts)Frederick George AntoineView
GryspurtJohn And Julia (Behr)Edward Hercules VictorView
GonsalveThomas And Kate (De Boer)FremenaView
GrantPeter And Mary (Carter)JamesView
GullThomas Ilfred And Emily Ann (Hodson)Thomas EdgarView
GrantPeter And Mary (Carter)Elizabeth EstherView
GiriCarlo And Margaret Augustine (Halvey)Aldred GiacomoView
GunnPercival, James And Gertrude Margaret (Leppan)Arthur JamesView
GreenJohn Victor Kisbey And Eugenie Elizabeth (Olivier)Francis JohnView
GrisilloMatthew And Sophia (Langly)Catharina MathildaView
GultigChristopher Carl And Katharine (Bordne)Frederick Robert CarlsView
Grisillo Matthew And SophiaCarlo GrisilloView
GarrettSydney And Mary Ann (Stanton)MargaretView
GardnerJohn And Teresa (Mcloughlin)Frank McloughlinView
GreenJohn Victor Kisbey And Eugenie Elizabeth (Olivier)Valerie MarieView
GiovanniSalvatore And JoannaAndrew BenedictView
GruarJames Charles And Louisa Mary Ann (Barry)William ThomasView
GallieCharles Alexander Holmes And Annie (Wynne)William George HolmesView
GibbonsThomas William And Mary Agnes (Naylor)Georgina Angeli MaryView
GregorHugh Miller And Catherine (O'grady)GertrudeView
GunnPercival James And Gertrude Margaret (Leppan)Joseph HenryView
GarrettSydney And Mary Ann (Stanton)Mary ElaineView
GordonCharles And Hellen (Flynn)CharlesView
GibbonsThomas William And Mary Agnes (Naylor)Cynthia AgnesView
GiovaneSalvatore And GiovannaMary Magdalen SalvatoreView
GrigorHugh Miller And Catherine (O'grady)Alexander JosephView
GrigorHugh Miller And Catherine (O'grady)Hugh MillerView
GrigorHugh Miller And Catherine (O'grady)Millicent MaryView
GardnerRobert And Emily (Mangold)FrancisView
GarrettSidney And Mary Ann (Stanton)James Neville AlphonsusView
GreenJohn Victor And Eugenie (Olivier)Cecil KisbeyView
GainesJoseph And Maria (Killeen)Ellen IreneView
GibbonsThomas And Mary Agnes (Naylor)Stella KateView
GarciaJoseph And Maria (Coutriers)Louisa ChristinaView
GallieCharles Alexander Holmes And Annie (Wynne)Mary MaudView
GlanzGustaf Michael William And Jane (Cane)Douglas Gustaf FarrenView
GregoryJohn And Jane (Miles)Anne ElizabethView
GreenJohn Victor Kisbey And Eugenie Elizabeth (Olivier)Eugenie JosephineView
GarciaJoseph And Maria (Coutriers)Michael FredericView
Garcia??Elizabeth AlbinoView
GibbonsThomas William And Mary Agnes (Naylor)Hubert ThomasView
GerberAnnieAnna Francisca (Adopted By Savonna)View
GregorHugh Miller And Catharine (O'grady)Ronald JohnView
GlanzGustav And Jane (Cane)Margaret Mary Ann JaneView
GattiRudolf And Ida (Carlesi)Antonius Jacobus GeorgicusView
GorleyAmleto And Lilia (La Reservee)Reylond AmletoView
GertenbachCornelius Henry And Maria Arletter (Schmitt)Cecil HenryView
GrigorHugh Miller And Catherine (O'grady)Gerald PatrickView
GrigorHugh Miller And Catherine (O'grady)Charles Miller ColumbanusView
GrigorHugh Miller And Catherine (O'grady)Mabel CatherineView
GiriAlexander And Susannah (Cooper)Winifred Beatrice MarieView
GarciaJoseph And Marie (Coutriers)EdwardView
GermanyJames William Arthur And Mary (Karkats)Cecilia Josephine May AnnieView
GettieWilliam And Isabella (Nicoll)Elizabeth JamesView
GillbeCharles And Lettie (Stocks)Letitia Elizabeth (Peel Nee Gillbe)View
GroganPatrick Gabriel And Julia Mary Agnes (Newton)Vincent GabrielView
GrayGarlis And Annie (Stewart)Agnes Anne (Giri, Formerly King Nee Gray)View
GarciaJoseph And Maria (Coutriers)Paul RusselView
GorleyAmleto And Lilia (La Reservee)Eduardo OresteView
GueriffEmil And Margaret Barie (Geddie)George FrederickView
GueriffEmil And Margaret (Geddie)Margaret IsabellaView
GunnArthur John And Emily (Hogan)Kathleen MaryView
GibbonsThomas William And Mary Agnes (Naylor)Basil AloysiusView
GroomFredrick Hornea And Catherine (Toomey)Lilian Ruth HorneaView
GormannsPeter Rudolph And Wilhelmine (Tieman)Ingeberg Elizabeth Aline View
GlanzGustaf And Jane (Cane)Ivy Irene ElizaView
GreeneWilliamPercival FrancisView
GiriAlexander And Susana (Cooper)Hubert AlexanderView
GibsonJames William And Mary (O'callaghan)John WilliamView
GreenEdward William And Annie Magdeline (Swarts)Dorothy Ena HelviraView
GoodenoughSamuel And Mary Anne (Barber)Mary GraceView
GarciaJoseph And Maria (Coutriers)Magdalena ElizabethView
GerardHenry And Mary Alice (Fitchet)Frances AliceView
Green-Price(Sir) Richard Dansey And Clara Anne (Powell)Geoffrey CecilView
GreeneFrederick Charles Ridout And Jeanne Josephine (Guinot)Mary Julia VioletView
GauOtto Frederick And Eleanor Johanna (Wassmann)MariaView
GueriffEmile And Margaret (Geddie)Elizabeth VioletView
GroomFredrick And Catherine (Toomey)Ellen Doris HornerView
GunnArthur And Emily (Hogan)Percy JohnView
GauOtto And Eleonora (Wassmann)Mildred MaryView
Gomez??Bartholemew AntonioView
GallagherHugh and Hilda Josephine (Narraway)Sydney Charles NarrawayView
GatesPercy Mitchel and Ellen M. A. (Nason)Ellen VineView
GibsonJames William and Mary Teresa (O'Callahan)Arthur LorenceView
GunnArthur and Emily (Hogan)Veronica MaryView
GorleyAmleto and Lilia (La Reservee)Camillo ArmandoView
GroganPatrick Gabriel and Julia (Newton)William FrancisView
GodoleWillie and Emily (Busacque)MariaView
GiovanniEthelJohn Douglas SydneyView
GroomFrederick and Catherine Josephine (Toomey)Thelma Ruth HornerView
GradyHenry and Frances Johanna (Ferris nee Holohan)Ethel MillicentView
GrigorHugh Miller and Mary (Archer)Catherine MaryView
GradyJames and Eliza Jane (Wellman)HenryView
GunnArthur and Emily (Hogan)MaryView
GeorgeRuben Selven and Selvam (Arultham)RubenView
GroomFrederick and Catherine (Toomey)Frederick HornerView
GradyHenry and Frances Johanna (Ferris nee Holohan)Henry JamesView
GiriAlexander and Susanna (Cooper)Edna MildredView
GodwinEdwin and Ellen (Willis nee Denley)William HaroldView
GunnArthur and Emily (Hogan)Reginald Arthur JosephView
GiriPasquale and Georgina (Chivas)Roma JoyceView
GiriPasquale and Georgina (Chivas)Aubery Bruce PasqualeView
GorleyAmleto and Lilia (La Reservee)Ofelia LiliaView
GroganPatrick and Julia (Newton)Mary EileenView
GeorgeRuben and Selvam (Arultham)MariamView
Grisillo??Henry MichaelView
GunnArthur and Emily (Hogan)Stanley DominicView
GibbonArthur Braidwood and Gertrude Mary (Jackson)Douglas BraidwoodView
GunnArthur and Emily (Hogan)William JosephView
GiraudJules John and Christina Joanna (Goliath)Dorothy IreneView
GrippenGilbert and Nellie (Bouwer)Helena RachelView
GorleyAmleto and Lilia (La Reservee)Oscar AmletoView
GrisilloAnthony and Katherine (Settery)Mettrie MatthewsView
GiraudJules John and Christina Johanna (Goliath)Joseph AngeloView
GarciaJoseph and Maria (Coutriers)ClementineView
GorleyAmleto and Lilia (La Reservee)Olga LiliaView
GiraudJules John and Christina Johanna (Goliath)Mary LesthenieView
GiraudJules John and Christina Johanna (Goliath)Christina ElizabethView
GeorgeReuben and Loorth (Sinnappan)ArnoldView
GrippenGilbert and Nellie (Bouwer)Nettie ElizabethView
GibbonArthur Braidwood and Gertrude (Jackson)Florence Joyce BraidwoodView
GriselloAntonio and Catherine (Settery)Frances MatildaView
GarciaJoseph and Maria (Coutriers)Joseph HaroldView
GeldenhuisCecil Langley and Mary Irene (Minogue)Cecil JohnView
GoldsteinNathaniel and Frances Shiela (Moore)Julius MooreView
GroenewaldAndrew and Christina (Marx)AbrahamView
GrippenGilbert and Nellie (Bouwer)Georgina JohannaView
GrisilloAntonio and Catherine (Settery)MatthewView
GeorgeRuben and Arlumtham (Selven)SaveryView
GrootboomBod and AggieCasi JosephView
GallenHenry Martin and Caroline (Austrin)Caroline VeronicaView
GooldWilliamSyovia OwenView
GerberJacobus Johannes and Maria Elizabeth (Coleman)Louisa LucyView
GerberJacobus Johannes and Maria Elizabeth (Coleman)AgnesView
GoldsteinNathaniel and Frances (Moore)Thomas MooreView
GarrettMichael and Sarah (Turner)Violet Mary (VAN DE SANDE nee GARRETT)View
GibbonArthur Braidwood and Gertrude (Jackson)Phyllis Verna BraidwoodView
GreeffCornelius Johannes and Susanna Catharina (De Lange)Frederick GertView
GildenhuisCecil Langley and Mary Irene (Minogue)Catherine MargaretView
GunnArthur John and Emily (Hogan)Margaret Theresa EllenView
GatesAlfred and Mary (Sullivan)Victor Devine ArthurView
GeelPetrus Gerhardus and Dhlia Elizabeth (Parker)Godfrey HeronView
GrahamHenry Edwin and Annie Lacey (Smith)Margaret DulcieView
GerickeBerthaBertha MavisView
GeorgeRuben and Mulantham (Selvern)ElsieView
GroenwaldAndries and Chrissie (Marx)AndrewView
GrisilloCarlo and Ivy Ellen (Mcbean)Barbara SophiaView
GlanzGustaf William and Jane (Cane)Ronald OswaldView
GrisilloAnthony and Catherine (Settery)ThomasView
GrisilloCarl and Ivy (Mcbean)Henry CarloView
GedyeFrank Lawrence and Mary Anne (Steed)Bettye BanfieldView
GroenewaldMichael Petrus and Margret Mary Ethel (Mcmenemey)Rita EthelView
GoldsteinNathaniel and Frances (Moore)Charles Daniel JamesView
GreeffFrederick Gert and Alice Mary (Danoher)Avis Mary DanoherView
GibsonLennox Stanley and Nora (Tee)Lennox AubreyView
GeelPeter and Dhlia (Parker)Emma FlorenceView
GeelPeter and Dhlia (Parker)Hazzel DhiliaView
GainsfordGerald Thomas Leon and Lucy (Coward)Noleen MayView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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