Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : H
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
HartleyThomas and Mary AnnJeremiah ThomasView
HoltJohn and SarahJames Henry BirchView
HartleyWilliam and HannahWilliam JohnView
HardenWilliam and MariaWilliamView
HartleyThomas and Mary AnnWilliam JohnView
HilesGeorge and ElizabethMary AnnView
HarveyJohn and Eliza AnnWilliam Edward Theodore CharlesView
HarveyJohn and Eliza AnnWalter Adolphus FrancisView
HayhurstJohn and Amelia RusseyWilliam JohnView
HodgkinsonGeorge and SarahElizabethView
HewsonEdwin and AnnElizabeth AnnView
HulleyRichard and JaneMarthaView
Hewson??Harriet Ann Hartley View
HartleyHenry and Emma WhitcombMary ElizabethView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonEmily SophiaView
HodgkinsonGeorge and SarahEllenView
HintonGeorge and HarrietCaroline RebeccaView
HaywardWilliam and Matilda AnnAnn EllenView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonJohn HenryView
HodgkinsonGeorge and SarahHenryView
HewsonEdwin and AnnIsabella EmilyView
HintonGeorge and HarrietRichard GeorgeView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonJoseph BenjaminView
HaywardWilliam and Matilda AnnLouisa MaryView
HintonGeorge and HarrietHarriet AnnView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonSarah MatildaView
HaywardWilliam and Matilda AnnAdelaide AnnView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonGeorge GordonView
HaywardMitford and AnnJohnView
HillThomas nd SarahMary AmeliaView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonWalter AlexanderView
HaywardWilliam and Matilda AnnEmily AgnesView
HaywardMitford and AnnSarah MillicentView
HodkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnThomas HenryView
HillThomas and SarahElizabeth AnnView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonOlive JaneView
HaywardMitford and AnnGeorge MitfordView
HogkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnMargaret MariaView
HaywardWilliam and Matilda AnnFrances MaudView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonMary Hannah EvansView
HodkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnGeorge WilliamView
HydeEdward and CatharineEdward ArmstrongView
HaywardMitford and AnnLeonardView
HillThomas and SarahAmeliaView
HaywardWilliam and Matilda AnnEliza MatildaView
HodgkinsonJohn and ArabellaArabellaView
HayesSamuel and Sarah GordonEdith AnnView
HodgkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnLouisa ElizabethView
HydeEdward and CatharineCatharine FrancesView
HaywardMitford and AnnCornelius JamesView
HodgkinsonJohn and ArabellaWalterView
HodgkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnSarah MariaView
HaywardMitford and AnnMitford HenryView
HooleJames Cotterell and Elizabeth MaryElizabeth Downing ToyView
HodgkinsonJohn and ArabellaJessieView
HodgkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnReubenView
HaywardMitford and AnnMartha Elizabeth AnnView
HodgkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnCharlotte AliceView
HodgkinsonJohn and ArabellaClara MariaView
HaywardMitford and AnnCatharine MariaView
HodgkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnBenjamin BoswellView
HarmanHenry and Mary AnnEmily ElizabethView
HodgkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnAnnieView
HaywardMitford and AnnThomas HodgkinsonView
HodgkinsonJohn and ArabellaEllen ElizabethView
HodgkinsonThomas and Sarah MariaSarah JaneView
HodgkinsonGeorge, Jr. and Elizabeth AnnLucy ValentineView
HaywardMitford and AnnSamuel EdwardView
HodgkinsonGeorge and Elizabeth AnnWalter JohnView
HaywardMitford and AnnArabella Ellen AtkinView
HodgkinsonGeorge and Elizabeth AnnHarryView
HartleyJames Hopkins and Elizabeth AnnAda Winefred FletcherView
Hully (Hulley?)Reuben and Mary AnnFrancis RichardView
HodgkinsonGeorge and Elizabeth AnnArthurView
HulleyReuben and Mary AnnHarden WhittalView
HodgkinsonGeorge and Elizabeth AnnCharlesView
HaywardMitford and AnnAda JessieView
HillDavid and ElizabethGeorge EdwinView
HodgkinsonThomas Henry and AnnAlbert HenryView
HaywardGeorge Mitford and ArabellaWalter George ClarenceView
HodgkinsonThomas Henry and AnnHerman HaroldView
HodgkinsonThomas Henry and AnnEllen MargaretView
HulleyReuben and MaryanneHerbert ClaytonView
HodgkinsonGeorge William and Emma ElizabethEvelina ElizabethView
HaywardGeorge Mitford and ArabellaJohn HodgkinsonView
HodgkinsonThomas and AnnJesse GilbertView
HulleyReuben and MaryannJane Maria ArdenView
HaywardMitford Henry and Mary JaneArthur HenryView
HodgkinsonGeorge William and Emma ElizabethHenrietta RelyView
HaywardMitford H. and Mary JaneWilliam Jessie MitfordView
HodgkinsonThomas and AnnLouisa CarolineView
HaywardMitford Henry and Mary JaneSamuel DavidView
HayesGeorge Gordon and Martha MariaMary JayView
HayesGeorge Gordon and Martha MariaGeorge HenryView
HayesWalter Alexander and Emily AliceRubyView
HayesJohn Henry and Eliza JaneAnnie MayView
HodgkinsonThomas and AnnFrederick JohnView
HeatleyJohn Foley and Margaret MatildaMyrtle MaudView
HaywardMitford Henry and Mary JaneCornelius ChristopherView
HayesWalter Alexander and Emily JaneEdgar SamuelView
HayesGeorge Gordon and Martha MariaAmy MariaView
HaywardMitford Henry and Mary JaneOliver GeorgeView
HeatleyJohn Foley and Margaret MatildaStella MaryView
HowellThomas Elliott and Daisy SophiaDoris IreneView
HaywardJeremiah James and Sarah LouisaBertha Lillian RoseView
HeweyArchibald Lloyd and Eveline HesterMadeleine HesterView
HaywardJeremiah James and Sarah LouisaRuby Marth Blanche ArmstrongView
HowellThomas Elliott and Daisy SophiaLyonView
HeatleyJohn Foley and Margaret MatildaKeith DesmondView
HodgkinsonWalter John and Vivian AnnStanley PercivalView
HaywardArthur Henry and Alice LouisaBasil EdwardView
HodgkinsonWalter John and Vivian AnnLyle HiltonView
HodgkinsonWalter John and Vivian AnnDennis MandyView
HaywardJohn Hodgkinson and Christali AdjanaPhoebe AnnieView
HaywardJohn Hodgkinson and ChristinaFelix John ViljoenView
Hamilton-BrowneFrederick Saveral Francis and Eleanor ElizabethVernon Ernest NoelView
HaywardJohn H. and ChristinaHilson Lloyd GeorgeView
HowittCharles Ellen and Williamina McFadyenElizabeth JeanView
HaywardJohn H. and ChristinaAubrey KeithView
HaywardThomas Hodgkinson and Johanna MariaThomas SamuelView
HaywardWilliam Jesse Mitford and Alice CatherineHarold CharlesView
HooleDennis Cotterell and Mary Russell MitfordHelen BernersView
HendryDonald Brian and Lorna AnneRhodes CecilView
HenyJames Granville and Joyce MargaretWendy MargueriteView
HillGeorge Laurence and Margaret AgnesSally MargaretView
HarrisCyril William and Gwendoline MayEric WilliamView
HarrisCyril William and Gwendoline MayMadeline GwenView
HaywardZacharias and Jean OmanDiana RitaView
HaywardZacharias and Jean OmanJohn EdwardView
HarrisCyril William and Gwendoline MayLinda MayView
HaywardZechariah and AverianMargaret JeanView
HaywardZechariah and AverianZecharias Philip HodgkinsonView
HaywardZechariah and AverianFelicity LilianView
HaywardZechariah and AverianTheresa MarleneView
HamerGeorge and EllenGeorge JohnView
HoyleJohn Henry and Dorcas (Sloley)AmyView
HarmanRichardEliza JaneView
HilbertRobert and Mary AnnRobert GeorgeView
HarmanHenry and Mary AnnBenetta LouisaView
HoyleJohn Henry and DorcasJohn HenryView
HallierThomas Benjamin and ElizabethCharlotte JemimaView
HallierThomas Benjamin and ElizabethBenjamin ThomasView
HoyleJohn Henry and DorcasThomas UptonView
HoyleJohn Henry and DorcasArthurView
HarmanHenry and Mary AnnCharles WilliamView
HawkinsWilliam Frederick and Louisa Maria (Curran)William HenryView
HilbertRobert and Mary AnnWilliamView
HallierThomas Benjamin and ElizabethAmyView
HoyleJohn Henry and DorcasSAMUEL SamsonView
HallierThomas Benjamin and ElizabethMary SusannaView
HudsonGeorge and Jessie ElizabethHerbert WoodView
HoyleJohn Henry and DorcasDorcasView
HudsonGeorge and Jessie ElizabethWilliam TyrrolView
HoyleJohn Henry and DorcasMargaretView
HighamJames and Christina KeayCharlotte Baldi RintoulView
HiltonCharles and Julia A. H.Bertha Lillian ArmstrongView
HowellHenry and ElizabethHerbert Walter WilliamView
HunkenAbel and Susan SophiaMatthew William EdwardView
HiltonCharles and Julia AnnCharles Alexander GeorgeView
HighamJames and Christina KeaySarah TaylorView
HighamJames and Christina KeayRobert RintoulView
HoyleJohn H. and DorcasEdwardView
HoyleJohn Henry and DorcasCharles BenjaminView
HoyleJohn Henry and DorcasMary JaneView
HighamJames and Christina KeayChristian KeayView
HighamJames and ChristinaLouise RyallView
HallBenjamin William and Jane SimpsonCatharine IreneView
HilbertRobert G. and KatieCharles WilliamView
HighamJames and Christina KeayGeorge EdwardView
HamiltonWilliam Thompson and Helen LouisaKeith WilliamsonView
HillWilliam George and Edith WinifredDorothy MayView
HaywardWilliam John and AnnieWilliam HenryView
HodgkinsonCharles and Louisa Ann JaneWalter John EvansView
HooleArthur Sidney and Emmeline EarleTerence Hector MacDonaldView
HarbinEdward and SarahWadham WindhamView
HarbinEdward and SarahRoseView
HarbinEdward and SarahHenriettaView
HartJoseph and SochiaSophia AmeliaView
HilyardJohn George and Margaret (Tise)Lucy SusanView
HowattJames and EllenAnne JaneView
HowattJames R. and EllenThomas James RichmondView
HowardMichael and HesterMary ElizabethView
HopleyFrederick Hurlingh and Wilhelmina JoannaConstanceView
HarckTheodore and MeanaEmma GeorginaView
HarckTheodore and MariaAlfred TheodoreView
HarckTheodore and MeanaGustaaf AdolphView
HaslerHenry and SarahLucyView
HemmingJohn and Sarah AnnAnnie ElizabethView
HolmJohann Gustav Adolph and Hulda AntoniJosephine Mathilda AdelaideView
HemmingJohn and Sarah AnnJohn HaroldView
HolmJohann Gustav Adolph and Hulda AntoniWillhelm Franz HenrichView
HemmingJohn and Sarah AnnEthel MariaView
HopleyFrederick Hurlingh and Wilhelmina JoannaFrederickView
HolmJohann Gustav Adolph and Hulda AntoniLeontina Maria TheresaView
HolmJohann Gustav Adolph and Hulda AntoniGustav AdolphView
HoganRobert and JaneMay Jane HesterView
HaylerEbenezer Sidney and Margaret ElizabethGavin ArthurView
HigginsJohn Christopher and CatherineEllen JaneView
HepworthWilliam Henry and Johanna C. N.StephenView
HowieWilliam and Lucy SargentWilliam Ronald MilliarView
HainsCharles and Cordelia AnnGranville WashingtonView
HainsCharles and Cordelia AnnThomas HaroldView
HarrisonGeorge and Louisa (Leaden)JamesView
HallidayRobert Edmund and Catherine GrahamEmily JaneView
HigginsJohn Christopher and CatherineAgnes AnnieView
HouzetHerman Jean Joseph and Anna MargaretEugene Athol DaphneyView
HoskinFrancis Samuel and Annie CarolineWorthington WynnView
HowieWilliam and Lucy SargentNorman JessiemanView
HinwoodHarry Edsell and ElizabethVerne CarmaltView
HowieWilliam and LucyJanet MayView
HenningBenjamin Jacobus and Sarah ElizabethHester CatherineView
HenningBenjamin Jacobus and Sarah ElizabethSarah AllettaView
HallidayRobert Edmund and Catherine GrahamWilliam Thomas LeaView
HarmsworthAlfred Charles and Clara AntonieHorace HaroldView
HendricksNicolas and sophiaElizabethView
HallidayRobert Edmund and Catherine GrahamHerbert EdmundView
HarmsworthAlfred Charles and Clara AntonieLaura BerylView
HaskinsJohn and SophiaBernard John HenryView
HillJoseph and Louisa JaneSarahView
HenningCharles and MaryMartha MariaView
HopleyWilliam Musgrove and Susanna MaranaSusan MaranaView
HillJoseph and Louisa JaneEmily JoyceView
HayterAlfred Edward and May Maria Jane FrancesIvy ElaineView
HopleyWilliam Musgrove and Susannah MaraynaFrank HilmanView
HeathJames Matthew and Elizabeth AnnMatthew JamesView
HillJoseph and Louisa JaneMary JaneView
HorakHenry and Elizabeth magdaleneAndrew PercivalView
HillJoseph and Louisa JaneJames JosephView
HarveyDennis Harris and KateDennis HarrisView
HillJoseph and Louisa JaneLouisa JaneView
HuntJohn Albert and MaryAlbertView
HayesJohn Joseph Scanlan and Hannah JeminaJohn James ScanlanView
HutchinsonHenry MacKenzie Drummond and MabelHelen TennantView
HuntJohn Albert and MaryMary AnnView
HarveyDennis Harris and KateEdith LouisaView
HillJoseph and Louisa JaneHerbert NichollsView
HornRobert Thomas and Elizabeth AdelaideFrancis JosephView
HallWilliam and AnnieGrace AnnieView
HillJoseph and Louisa JaneEllen SophiaView
HockeyJames Benjamin and Emma GertrudeEvelyn GertrudeView
HardingWilliam Lucas and Ida PenelopeRaymond Edward LucasView
HilsnagPaul and DinahThomas NicholasView
HockeyJames Benjamin and Emma GertrudeConstance MayView
HartleyJohn Cawood and Eleanor BlancheDorothy AliceView
HardingWilliam Lucas and Ida PenelopeMyrtle GraceView
HoggEdgar Frank and Louisa JaneEdgar FrankView
HallWilliam and AnnieJulia MarjoryView
HayterAlfred Edward and MayUnice MayView
HoggEdgar Frank and Louisa JaneLionel FrancisView
HenryJames Martin and Elizabeth SophiaGertrude KathleenView
HenryJames Martin and Elizabeth SophiaJeannie MartinView
HitzerothFrederick George Charles and Alice EmmaGert AdolphView
HoggEdgar Frank and Louisa JaneEnid MayView
HopleyRichard Rodney Bligh and Daisy IreneFrederick Price HamiltonView
HewittWilliam and RosieStanley ErnestView
HoggEdgar Frank and Louisa JaneGeorge HaroldView
HoggEdgar Frank and Louisa JaneNellie LouiseView
HocklyRoos and Gwendoline Jessie GoldieMarjery RossView
HopeArthur Curling and Emily KathleenHubert Hogsett CurlingView
HopleyJohn James Peter and Levina Katrina HendrinaOlga FrancesView
HayterAlfred Edward and MayNoel KitchenerView
HewittWilliam and RosieLeslie Edward FrederickView
HopeArthur Curling and Emily KathleenGeorge CurlingView
HewittWilliam and RosieIvan Colin GodliefView
HopleyWilliam Musgrove and Norah FrancesWalter HowardView
HocklyRoss and Gwendoline Jessie GoldieDaniel RossView
HopleyRichard Rodney Bligh and Daisy IreneRichard Rodney BlighView
HopleyJohn James Peter and Levina Katrina HendrinaWilliam RodneyView
HopleyWilliam Musgrove and Norah FrancesNorah FrancesView
HopleyWilliam Musgrove and Norah FrancesKatherine MayView
HopleyFrank Hillson and MargaretCarden HillsonView
HopleyJohn James Peter and Levina Katrina HendrinaValerie YvetteView
HavengaBenjamin and MaryDiana AgnesView
HarperHerbert John and Ethel MaudDinkie DaphneView
HavengaBenjamin and Mary DaisyCatherine ElizabethView
HopleyFrank Hillman and MargaretJohn David HillmanView
HayterGeorge John and MaudDoris MaryView
HopleyWilliam Musgrove and Norah FrancesWendy JoanView
HattingMagdelina MariaClara MariaView
HayterGeorge John and MaudMay RoseView
HopleyFrank Hellman and MargaretMargaret JuneView
HopePeter Godfrey and Gladys IreneDiana WynneView
HayterBruce Hamilton and Iris AnnieGeorge JohnView
HopleyCarden Hillman and Agnes KingBrian CardenView
HiscockLeslie and Ruth MayElizabeth VeronicaView
HayterBruce Hamilton and Iris AnnieJean RoseView
HayterBruce Hamilton and Iris AnnieAlfred EdwardView
HefkieApollis Cedric and Elizabeth JohannaCedric PhilipView
HopleyCarden Hillman and Agnes KingNigel CardenView
HayMalcolm Roy and Elizabeth Joan MaryAndrea MaryView
HayMalcolm Roy and Elizabeth Joan MayWendy ElizabethView
HayterGeorge John and Erane Catherine ElsieGeorge JohnView
HughesLionel Alfred and VeronicaOliver AlfredView
HayterGeorge John and Irene CatherineAnne ElizabethView
HofmeyrAndrew and AlisonStuart AndrewView
HulbertPhilip John and AnneElizabethView
HayJohn and Dinah JohannahJohn FrancisView
HarriesHenry and SusanCatharine MaryView
HarrisRobert and SarahWilliam ArthurView
HavernichGeorg Johan and Wilhemina FrederickaWilhelmina EsteinView
HillierAugustus and KateMary Beatrice MayView
HolzerCarl and Johanna LottiCarl Frederick WillemView
HillJohann and ChristinaWillem Carl TheodoreView
HillJohann and ChristinaAugust Frederick HeinrichView
HillJohann and ChristinaLouisa Wilhelmina ErnestinaView
HooleHenry Edward and Mary Watson (Wright)Annette Eleanor Bingham (adopted)View
HolzerKarl and JohannaEmma WilhelminaView
HomannGeorge and Louisa HarrietAdolph George WilliamView
HickenThomas and Nancy CarolineJoseph William BeckettView
HawkinsJames Humphrey and CharlotteThomas HenryView
HickenThomas and Nancy CarolineFrances JaneView
HamblyRobert and AnastinaAnneView
HarperThomas Walters and Hellen IsabellaHenwood GeorgeView
HoweArthur and Hannah MariaArthur Ernest AlfredView
HunterWilliam and CatherineLucy AnnView
HoldstockEdmund William and JaneLeonard JobView
HollowayWilliam Thomas and Emily MargaretWilliam JamesView
HoldstockJames and Lydia AnnElizabeth LennieView
HollowayWilliam Thomas and Emily MargaretEmily Margaret AnnView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilySarah Elizabeth IvyView
HardingJames Ratcliffe and Dorcas LydiaHenry EdwardView
HoweArthur and Hannah MariaWillie AugustusView
HoldstockJames and Lydia AnnJulia MaryView
HeywoodThomas William and Ann Jane Alice RosamondDaisy Lee HeywoodView
HugginsOsborne and Jane Eliza BlakeOsborne EdwardView
HallettFrederick Joseph and Mary ElizabethEmily AnnView
HeardSamuel and Clara ElizabethClara AnnView
HardingWilliam and ElizaEliza MayView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilyJamesView
HayesIsaac and FrancesIsaacView
HulmesWilliam and FrancesRalphView
HallumGeorge and Mary AnnMaryView
HenmanRobert and MaryEdward StephenView
HowardJohn Hassell and SusannahJohn HassellView
HartleyWilliam and CarolineMarthaView
HeathcoteWilliam Lovell and Mary AnnSarahView
HendersonHenry Watson and Eliza AnnWilliamView
HitgeNicholas and MaryLouisa SophiaView
HorneRobert William Henry and AnnRobert GeorgeView
HumphreysGeorge and MaryJohn JamesView
HenmanRobert and MaryMartha MatildaView
HeathcoteWilliam and Mary AnnWilliam GageView
Haiter (Hayter?)George and LouisaAnneView
HalseThomas Henry and SusanJames AlexanderView
HughesJohn and ??RichardView
HallWilliam and MaryCharlotteView
HumphreysGeorge and MaryHarriet MarthaView
HendersonHenry Watson and Eliza AnnAnnView
HolmesJohn and ElizabethElizabeth MariaView
HuntleyCharles Hugh and Isabella BennettHugh CampbellView
HuttonHenry and CarolinePeregrine William PepperrellView
HeathcoteWilliam Lovell and Mary AnnMaria ElizabethView
HeathcoteWilliam Lovell and Mary AnnCaroline FrancesView
HemmingJohn and Mary AnnaHarrietView
HartmanJohan Gottliep and Annie JudithJohnView
HareThomas and Frances MaryCharles WilliamView
HareThomas and Frances MaryLouisa Georgina ClarissaView
HallThomas and ElizabethMary ElizabethView
HallThomas and ElizabethThomasView
HolmesJohn and ElizabethEmmaView
HallBenjamin and ElizaJoseph GeorgeView
HydeWilliam and SarahWilliam PotterView
HydeAlexander and FrancesSarah CorbettView
HeathcoteGeorge Gage and EmmaEmma MaryView
HuntleyCharles Hugh and Isabella BurnetCharlesView
HuttonHenry and CarolineGuybon Warwick AtherstoneView
HeathcoteRowland Hackle and Margaret AnnettaJohn GodfreyView
HowellHenry and MarianneSarah FannyView
HoughWilliam and JaneEmma JaneView
HancockEdwardEdward GradyView
HolmesJohn and ElizabethWilliam JohnView
HallBenjamin Youldren and ElizaJohn EdwardView
HartmanJohann Gottliep and Annie HewlettHenryView
HowellHenry and Mary AnnElizabeth AnnView
HuttonHenry and CarolineArthur Henry DamantView
HannayDavid and LouisaRobert FeatherstonView
HardingJames and JohannaJaneView
HowelHenry and Mary AnnWilliam FutterView
HillWarwick and Jemima MaryEmma HarrietView
HuttRichard Goode and EmilyEdith EleanorView
HowseCharles and Sarah ElizabethCharles AlexanderView
HowarthWilliam and CarolineGertrude MariaView
HollandThomas and Mary FrancesHerbert ThornhillView
HoldstockEdmund and JaneSarah JaneView
HoldstockEdmund and JaneSophie AnnaView
HoldstockEdmund and JaneEdmund GeorgeView
HickmanGeorge Henry and EmmaGeorge Henry AlfredView
HoldstockEdmund and JaneErnest JohnView
HickmanGeorge Henry and EmmaRichard Charles AugustusView
HernRobert and JaneSamuel EdwardView
HickmanGeorge Henry and EmmaEmma FrancesView
HurnRobert and JaneWalter HenryView
HoldstockLeonard and Sarah MariaJohn EdmundView
HoldstockEdmund William and JaneBertha ElvinaView
HoldstockLeonard and Sarah MariaLeonard GeorgeView
HoldstockEdmund and JaneSarah JaneView
HoldstockEdmund and JaneSophie AnnaView
HoldstockEdmund and JaneEdmund GeorgeView
HickmanGeorge Henry and EmmaGeorge Henry AlfredView
HickmanGeorge Henry and EmmaEmma FrancesView
HurnRobert and JaneWalter HenryView
HoldstockEdmund and JaneErnest JohnView
HickmanGeorge Henry and EmmaRichard Charles AugustusView
HurnRobert and JaneSamuel EdwardView
HoldstockEdmund William and JaneBertha ElvenaView
HoldstockLeonard and Sarah MariaLeonard GeorgeView
HoldstockLeonard and Sarah MariaJohn EdmundView
HoldstockEdmund William and JaneMary MarianView
HoldstockLeonard and Sarah Maria AdkinFlorence EmilyView
HoldstockJames and Lydia AnnElwina Ann MariaView
HurnJoseph Charles and Mary Inetta AnnFlorence OliveView
HoldstockLeonard and Sarah Maria AdkinThomas William LockView
HoldstockEdmund William and JaneOlive LydiaView
HurnJoseph Charles and Mary InettaJoseph RichardView
HiggsHenry and JaneSidney BoneView
HoldstockLeonard and Sarah MariaMaria Elvina AnnView
HiggsHenry and JaneRalph PercivalView
HurnJoseph C. and Mary I.Violet JosephineView
HoldstockLeonard and SarahIvy Pearl AnnetteView
HiggsHenry and JaneFrank GeraldView
HiggsHenry and JaneEllaView
HurnRobert Giles and EvelinaIrene Evelina JaneView
HiggsHenry and JaneJoyceView
HodgkinsonErnest Upton and Ivy May FergusonIvy VeraView
HoldstockErnest John and Harriet ElizaEdmund DavidView
HoldstockLeonard Job and Mary JaneLeonard VictorView
HoldstockLeonard Job and Mary JaneLenora HildaView
HurnRobert Joe and EvelinaHerbert HenryView
HoldstockLeonard Job and Mary JaneHarold HerbertView
HurnRobert Giles and EvelinaVera Violet RoseView
HoldstockLeonard Job and Mary JaneJoseph EdmundView
HanesWilliam Richard Cecil Evan and Elizabeth Ann SansomWilliam Cecil EvanView
HewsonAlfred John and Olive BennettaHarold Alfred GeorgeView
HurnRobert Giles and EvelinaRoberta Lilian HopeView
HoldstockLeonard Job and Mary JaneAlan ErnestView
HurnRobert Giles and EvelinaHector JohnView
HurnRobert Giles and EvelinaMyra May JoyView
HewsonAlfred and OliveMavis JoyceView
HewsonJames Francis and Myrtle MayMelville FrancisView
HewsonWilliam Harold and Irene MayNeville George ThomasView
HewsonWalter and HildaRaymond GeorgeView
HurnSamuel Edward and Mary JaneDoris MaryView
HewsonWilliam and IreneErrol WilliamView
HoldstockEdmund David and Norah LillianPamela JeanView
HoldstockJoseph Edmund and Susan JohannaGraham JosephView
HewsonJames Francis and Myrtle MayAthalie Myrtle JaneView
HoldstockEdmund David and Norah LillianLorna JillView
HewsonJames Francis and Myrtle MayMay Audrey KateView
HoldstockHarry and PhyllisAubrey KennethView
HoldstockHarry Aubrey and Phyllis OliveJune MargaretView
HoldstockEdmund David and Norah LillianMoira HarrietView
HensbergJulius Albert and Rose JohannaValarie ThelmaView
HoldstockEdmund David and Norah LillianEdmund Brian ErnestView
HoldstockHarry Aubrey and Phyllis OliveErnest EdmundView
HoldstockKenneth Ernest and Ella EugeneKenneth Percy DaleView
HewsonNeville George and Joyce JanetBabette AnnView
HewsonNeville George and Joyce JanetDenise IreneView
HoldstockKenneth Ernest and Ella EugenieZoe NoleenView
HensbergWilliam Frederick and Minnie SophiaWalter LeonardView
Hope??Alice GertrudeView
HayCharles Edgar and Annie BruceAlfred BruceView
HutchinsonJohn William and May MarthaSylvia DorothyView
HedderwickJames Alexander and Lilian GeorginaJames JosephView
HopkinsHarold Noel and Winifred KingstonHarold CharlesView
HamarWilliam George Henry and Alice ElidaFlorence Mabel EleanoraView
HubbardBertie Reuben and Helen FlorenceEdna MayView
HallowsWilliam and Ruby MayGertrudeView
HintonCharles Smith and Beatrice AnnEdward Charles View
HillAlfred Gustave and Emily HarrietJoseph Gustave DanielView
HessellHarry and MayHarryView
HopeDavid and Sophia MariaEveline Dorothy SophiaView
HillJames and ElizabethRobert JamesView
HuddlestonJohn James and ElizabethHelen ElizaView
HuddlestonJohn James and ElizabethEdith RosalindView
HoughErnest and CarrieFrederick George ErnestView
HutchinsonFrederick and CeciliaStanley PaschoudView
HensbergWilliam Frederick and Minnie SophiaErnest WilliamView
HobsonFrederick George and Wilhelmina Mary ElizabethWilliam HayView
HutchinsonJohn William and Mary MarthaIvor MelvilleView
HedderwickJames Alexander and Lilian GeorginaFlorence EdithView
HillJames and ElizabethBertie Anthony HerbertView
HuddlestonJohn James and ElizabethJohn JamesView
HardingCharles Hercules and Jessie Letitia FlorryBeryl KateView
HutchinsonJohn William and Mary MarthaOlive MavisView
HillJames and ElizabethClara Maude ElizabethView
HardingCharles Hercules and Jessie Letitia FlorrieLurleen AdoraView
HollandsFrederick Charles and AnnaLouisa Bertha HelenView
HubbardBert Reuben and Helen FlorenceMaud LilianView
HuddlestoneJohn James and ElizabethWilliam HenryView
HaydonHenry Herbert and Helen JohannaSylvia Vera ThelmaView
HewatsonEdmond AnnieGladys WinifredView
HowardAlfred Edward and DorothyGertrude MavisView
HowardAlfred Edward and DorothyAlfred DaltonView
HallSidney Harold and Gladys AtherstonJoyce GladysView
HarrisonHarry and Jessie Gwendoline StewartEric Leslie AlbertView
HollandFrederick Charles and Anna CarolinaAnna Carolina GertrudeView
HutchinsonJohn William and Mary MarthaStella PratleyView
HowellStephen John Edward and Agnes MariaRaymond RaperView
HarryHarry Peter and RuthMirinda Dorcas AnthonymahView
HillJames and JohannaGeorge CharlesView
HillJames Robert and ElizabethAlfred CharlesView
HaganWilliam O'Niell and Wilhelmina CatherineLeslie O'NeillView
HutchinsonJohn William and Mary MarthaLewis AubreyView
HumanJohn Henry and JuliaLilyView
HollandFrederick Charles and Annie CarolinaNonameView
HarrisonJames Wilfred and MargaritaCeliaView
HilliganAlfred Edward and Gertrude MinniePhyllis GertrudeView
HopeArthur Curling and Kathleen EmilyRoderick CurlingView
HensbergWilliam Frederick and Minnie SophiaMavis MinnieView
HarrisonArchibald and Effie ConstanceJohn Douglas KennethView
HurfordAlbert and Mary Ann EmmaDoreenView
HalseCecil Frederick and NancyFlorence MaryView
HarrisEdward Herbert and Juliana LouisaBeatrice MaudView
HaywardWilliam Jesse Mitford and Alice CatherineCecil JohnView
HayesErnest and Lilian EdithWalter DouglasView
HertsletJohn Francis Conroy and Frances Mary LilfordRosalind Frances MaryView
HansenKarl Matthews and Hannah CatherineAlbert Matthew DavidView
HintonFrancis and EmerenzaFrances MagdalenView
HarrisonArchibald and Effie ConstanceCyril Otto ArchibaldView
HoughtonCharles Sterry and Mary JosephinePhyllis DoreenView
HutchinsonJohn William and Mary MarthaJoyce LillianView
HindleJames Alison and MillicentAilsa AlisonView
HarveyAlfred Dennis and Georgina EmilyDouglas DennisView
HuddlestonJohn James and ElizabethFrank LeslieView
HatchardFrancis Hugh Fuller and Katharine ElizabethFrances BettinaView
HunterCharles Clifford and AgnesJoan CliffordView
HutchinsonJohn William and Mary MarthaThelma WinifredView
HutchinsonRobert Dixon and Ada MaryValery EvelynView
HowardJohn Rogers and Grace EdithHarold DeightonView
HammondHenry Donald and May VictoriaAmelia PhyllisView
HansenKarl Matthews and Hannah CatherineBeatrice KathleenView
HarveyAlfred Dennis and Georgina EmilyErnest MelvilleView
HamlettArthur Gilbert and Constance LauraIrene AgnesView
HindleJames Alison and MillicentJoan AlisonView
HawkinsDenis James Richmond and Dorothy AnnAntonia Craig LynetteView
HillsteadCharles Lionel and Ethel BlancheWilliam Roe SpenceView
HalseHorace Reginald and RoseLilian LoisView
HumanJohn Henry and JuliaStanley JamesView
HarveyAlfred Dennis and Georgina EmilyKenneth EricView
HumanJohn Henry and JuliaJuliaView
HammondHenry Donald and May VictoriaEdna JoyView
HarrisCyril Norman Worsley and Violet MayCyril IvorView
HensbergWilliam Fredrick and Minnie SophieLorraine EdithView
HamlettArthur Gilbert and LauraReginald AlfredView
HamlettArthur Gilbert and Anna MagdalenRoland ArthurView
HayidakisGeorge and MarieHelenView
HalseWilliam Henry Frederick and Ida PaulinaMerle IdaView
HarrisonHildred EmilyHubert EdgarView
HornErnest Alexander and Alice PatriciaDaphne PatriciaView
HarveyRussell and Doris MabelGuy TyldenView
HarberCharles Percival and MargaretRoyView
HumanJan Lodewyk and Mabel ElizabethHarold EdwardView
HarrisCyril Norman Worsley and Violet MaryElise MayView
HunterAlexander and Frances GraceRobert EdwardView
HattinghFrederick Johannes and Lucy RhodaChristian Johannes FrederickView
Hare-BowersRichard Francis and Ina MayElaine BlancheView
HartCharles and Evance AlexandraGerald Robert OrlandoView
HartsliefJohn Abraham and Lettie MargaretErnest AubreyView
HopeThomas George and Johanna CatherineDavid DerrickView
HermanAlfred and EvelynRuthView
HopeThomas George and Johanna CathrinaValerie Nellie MildredView
HopeAlbert Harry and Louisa MatildaRonald GlenView
HowellJames William and Rowena ConstanceDavid Leo MorrisView
HumanJames Gibben and Esme EstherPeterView
HumanJames Gibben and Esme EstherKennethView
HodgesHubert Selwyn and EleanorStella AlmyView
HornErnest Alexander and Alice PatriciaShirley NancyView
HartsliefJohn Abraham and Lettie MargaretPatricia NavourineView
HoldenHenry Thomas and Gertrude ChristinaFred Edward CyrilView
HornHarold Ernest and Nora MatildaPhyllis EileenView
HamlettArthur Gilbert and Anne MagdaleneReginald HenryView
HenstockJohn William and Rebecca AmeliaTrevor Thomas RaymondView
HaywardHilary Clarence and Annie SusanMarjorie IreneView
HarrisHerbert Henry and Violet BlancheMarjorie JoanView
HolwillCecil John Knight and Elsa MatildaJohn MichaelView
HowellSidney Edward and Meryl IrisRonald RobinView
HarveyRussel and Doris MabelNoel GrahamView
HarrisonArthur and Charlotte BeatriceArthur EugeneView
HallCharles Edward and Ethel Marion ElfredaDavid OakleyView
HarrisonAlbert Milton Potter and Winifred AgnesJoan CynthiaView
HowellSidney Edward and Meryl IrisVera MargaretView
HowardAlfred Charles and Lorna JoanWellesley BeresfordView
HolmesWinston and Joyce MargaretUrsula SallyView
HandMaxwell and Susan Elizabeth KathleenAntony GeorgeView
HornGeorge Henry and Stella MayYvonne JeanetteView
HarvettJohn Henry and Barbara Madge MatildaKenneth GilbertView
HumphreysTom and NataliePeggy NatalieView
HowellAlfred George and Daphne GraceClyde GeorgeView
HarrisonAlbert Milton Potter and Winifred AgnesBrian Malcolm BerryView
HamlettArthur Gilbert and Anna MagdelineNeville WilliamView
HaywardHilary Clarence and Annie SusanNancy JeanView
HarperEdwin and ElizaHerbert MichaelView
HodgesCharles George and Hellen AgnesDaphne LoraineView
HowardAlfred Charles and Lorna JoanMelody Josephine AltheaView
HumphrisWilliam Edwin and Iris HildaMarcia JoyView
HarrisGeorge Herbert and Pearl DaphneEdward George HerbertView
HogganLeslie Raymond and Irene EdnaJean AnnView
HockenhullAlfred Ernest and Joan FrancesErnestView
HowardAlfred Charles and Lorna JoanDavid John DudleyView
HandMaxwell and Susan Elizabeth KathleenTrevor MaxwellView
HeldebrandStephen Peter and Maria AlettaYvonne DawnView
HarveyGeorge James and Agnes HarriettDiana ClareView
HindleFrank Alexander and Eileen CatherineThomas AlexanderView
HillAubrey Ralph and Patricia MaryMarlene PatriciaView
HardsDerrick O'Niel and Daphne MurielValerie RaeView
HenstockJohn William and Rebecca AmeliaJeanette WilhelminaView
HarrisonAlbert Millin Potter and Winifred AgnesGlenda JeanetteView
HarrisPercival and Doris AudreyAudrey PenelopeView
HollisAlbert Arthur and May AnnTerence GeorgeView
HaddadElias Nagel and JoyceBrenda ThereseView
HylandFrancis Herbert and Lilian VioletColin FrankView
HaselauRalph Sidney and Gwendoline Maud PowellIan RalphView
HumePeter Frederick and Ella MaryDouglas PatrickView
HaywardHillary Clarence and Annie SusanValerie ThoraView
HuntArthur Ernest and Enid IsobelSandra YvonneView
HartGranville Charles and Jessie MariaJulia Gladys DorothyView
HossackAlexander and Dorothy GeorginaWendy AnnView
HardsDerrick Oriel and Daphne MurielSandra LynetteView
HamlettArthur Gilbert and Anna MagdalenaDorothy LauraView
HattinghDaniel William and Dorothy ElizabethJane MargaretView
HarrisonJohn Douglas Kenneth and Daphne JoyJohn DouglasView
HorsmannHeinrich Moritz Wilhelm and Myrtle BeatriceDoreenView
HillHilbert Robert and Hulda CarolineThella JanettaView
HarvettJohn Henry and Barbara Madge MatildaBarbara AnnView
HaynesThomas and Mabel MaryKenneth Malcolm PetherView
HartMalcolm George and Dorothy EdithShirley DorothyView
HahnHenry Raymond and Violet LilyKenneth NeilView
HornCharles Christian and Evelyn Nora MaryDennis NevilleView
HahnHenry Raymond and Violet LilyRaymondView
HopkinsWalter Henry and Elsie Margaret JeanneMargaret JeanneView
HoneywillEdwin Francis and Sybil MillicentShirley ElizabethView
HornCharles Christian and Evelyn Nora MaryMichael RobertView
HahnHenry Raymond and Violet LilyDenzilView
HumePeter Frederick and Ella MayRobert PeterView
HopkinsWalter Henry and Elsie Margaret JeanneRobert William Walter RaittView
HowellDaniel Ebenezer Plantagenet and Marjorie ConstanceMichael DeaneView
HodgkinsonDennis Mandy and Kathleen Elizabeth MaryAudrey StephneyView
HammondSydney Clarence and Ethel MargaretPaul JohnView
HofsteeGirbe and Louisa MansteadPeter RobertView
HammondSydney Clarence and Ethel MargaretSheila MabelView
HofsteeGerbe Peter and Louisa MansteadCatherine LilianView
HayidakisDemetri and PeggieDudley GeorgeView
HagueRichard Edward Masaroon and ElizabethMichael RichardView
HagueRichard Edward and ElizabethJacqueline JoyceView
Hamilton-VenterHenry Peter and Constance CliffordMignonne MargueriteView
Hamilton-VenterHenry Peter and Constance CliffordDonovan PeterView
HarrissAlbert Vaughan and Ruby LindaMary ElizabethView
HarrisAlbert Vaughan and Ruby LindaRonald VaughanView
HegerEmil and Nita NancyJoyView
HarmuthClaude Gustave and Petronella JacobaBeverley AnnView
HammondLeslie Alfred and Gertrude MaryEleanor MaudView
HartmannKeith Arthur and JohannaAnthony DesmondView
HoskinDennis John and ElaineJohnView
HollidayEdward Walter and Diana FaradayJohn CecilView
HallAthol Kitchener Kinsley and EricaLindy JaneView
HarmuthClaude Gustave and Petronella JacobaAlison JuneView
HarrisonRonald Basil and Gillian MargaretMichael RossView
HegerEmil and Neta NancyJuneView
HegerGarth Allison and Jean ClariceDebra LynnView
HolmesJulian Grenfell and Muriel GeorgeniaStephenView
HoskinDennis John and ElaineJillView
HartmannKeith Arthur and JohannaCheryl GwendolynView
HegerEmil and Neta NancyBarbara AnnView
HaddadElias Nagib and JoyceJanette AdrienneView
HudsonBeresford Victor Keith and Catherine AdaDavid BeresfordView
HamlettWilliam John and Mary MagdaleneEric DuncanView
HallAthol Kitchener Kinsley and EricaDiana KinsleyView
HolmesJulian Grenfell and Muriel GeorginaJulian AlexanderView
HorsfallFrank Alan and Patricia StewartCarol AnnView
HaywardHilary Clarence and Annie SusanBasil HilaryView
HooleLeslie Douglas Boucher and Elsie ElizabethAlvin EdwardView
HardsDerrick Oriel and Daphne MurielLesley GailView
HoughtonCharles Barnett and Laura MargaretAlan BarnettView
HallerGeorge Reisbeck and Nadine VernaNeville EdmundView
HendersonLeslie Bernard and Thora MaryPenelope JeanView
HooleAlbert James and Kathleen LouisaElizabeth KathleenView
HanssenKeith John and Lorna JeanWendy JoanView
HeritageWallace Alfred and Daphne ClaudineDenese AliceView
HenleyDenwell Vaughan and StellaColleen DawnView
HardwichNorman Mortimer and Yvette MignonneNorman EdwardView
HumePeter Frederick and Ella MayDavid JohnView
HoolePercy Peter and Cornelia MagdelenePeter JamesView
HarmuthClaude Gustave and Petronella JacobaRowan AnthonyView
HooleAlbert James and Kathleen LouisaDesmond RobertView
HooleLeslie Douglas Boucher and Elsie ElizabethJohanna Elsie ElizabethView
HooleLeslie Douglas Boucher and Elsie ElizabethLeslie DouglasView
HooleWilliam Archie and Magdalena Catherina JohannaMargaret ElizabethView
HallAthol Kitchener Kinsley and EricaMargery HocklyView
HolderGerald Norman and Marjorie PawlettJohn MichaelView
HallJohn Dennis and Kathleen BerendeneMayva JeanView
HollandAnthony Clive William and Judith JuneRoderick AlfredView
HeuerSiegfried William and Johanna CatherineElaine CherylView
HardwichNorman Mortimer and Yvette MignonneMargueriteView
HooleAlbert James and Kathleen Louisa HannahHazel MaudView
HooleWalter James and Ellen JuliaDouglas ArthurView
HaynesThomas and Mabel MaryMoira DianeView
HaynesRobert Ronald and Marie JoanRobert PetherView
HowcroftGeorge Parkinson and Joyce ElsieNoel DesmondView
HollandAnthony Clive William and Judith JuneVida JayneView
HaddadElias Naqib and JoyceBasil RoyView
HooleWilliam Archie and Magdalen Catherina JohannaEdward HaroldView
HaywardHarold Charles and Aileen JoanGavin EricView
HoolePercy Peter and Cornelia MagdelenaNeville RichardView
HardwichNorman Mortimer and Yvette MignonneJack ErrolView
Hewitson??David ChristianView
HellerEmanuel and MollieCarol MargaretView
HibbertDudley Harold Thirkell and Hendrina JosephineKaren PatriciaView
HoldingClifford Desmond Peter and Daphne MaudGraham PeterView
HeuerSiegfried William and Johanna CatherineSandra LynetteView
Hare-BowersBasil Harbin and Charlotte MarieDorian BasilView
HeathCornelius Johannes and Elizabeth MagdalenaNicholaas JacobusView
HickmanLeslie James and Joan WestleyClive RaymondView
HumanKenneth and Marjorie IreneIreneView
HooperErnest Pennington Mundon and Mara SusanLietta SarahView
HempsonPeter and PeggyGeoffreyView
HumanClement Gerald and JeanDianne GeraldineView
HooleAlbert James and Kathleen Louisa HannahSarah JoyceView
HurnGodfrey Henry and Pamela ErnaBrian GrahamView
HoltNoel and Sharon RosemarieDavidView
HarveyGlen Perschel Godfrey and Florence MarjoryLinda DianneView
HowardMeredith Minto and EvaColin MintoView
HibbertDudley Harold Thirkell and Hendrina JosephineGavin ThirkellView
HardwickJames Basil and Elsie VictoriaHelen AnnView
HallLorenzo William and MargaretMichael AlanView
HewitsonDavid Christian and Beryl RubyChristopher NeilView
HoalFrank Ernest and NadeneJudith JaneView
HooleWilliam Archie and Magdalena CatherinaWilliam ArchieView
HamlettDouglas John and Hester MargarethaPatricia CaroleView
HeuerSiegfried William and Johanna CatherineMichael AndrewView
HeathCornelius Johannes and Elizabeth MagdalenaAnn ElizabethView
HickmanLeslie James and Joan WestlyHelen SusanView
HooleAlbert James and Kathleen Louisa HannahWilliam JohnView
HansenDenys Arthur and Barbara CatherineMark DenysView
HookinsWilliam and EileenAlan GeoffreyView
HookinsWilliam and EileenTimothy DenisView
HookinsWilliam and EileenBarbaraView
HigsonClifford and Evelyn OlgaBrandon AshleyView
HutchinsonElliot St. Maurice and Cornelia Johanna Maria JurghensElliot St. MauriceView
HowarthWilliam and Stella FrancisAnthonyView
HayesLionel Edward Brian and Marie ElizabethLyndaView
HaywardCecil John and Phyllis AmeliaPhyllis JenniferView
HaywardCecil John and Phyllis AmeliaBrian NormanView
HartDudley Arthur and Marjorie JoyceGaryth DudleyView
HoskinDennis John and ElainePatrickView
HansenDenys Arthur and Barbara CatherineSonje GwendolineView
HibbertDudley Harold Thirkell and Hendrina JosephineWayne ThirkellView
HansenDennis Carl and Mavis NaomiGail LucilleView
HarveyGlen Perochel Godfrey and Marjory FlorenceJanet PenelopeView
HowardMeredith Minto and EvaAlan MeredithView
HarrisonFrederick Henry and Engela CertinaJames HenryView
HooleAlbert James and Jacqueline Louisa HannahAlbert EdwardView
HooleAlice ParkerJennifer JoanView
HayesLionel Brian Edward and Marie ElizabethAnneView
HeathCornelius Johannes and Elizabeth MagdalenaLynetteView
HeathCornelius Johannes and Elizabeth MagdalenaJeanetteView
HallJames Victor and Moira HarrietJanette MargaretView
HildebrandMartin and Janet JeanMarylin JuneView
HellerSiegfried William and Johanna CatherineBrian MartinView
HumanPeter and May RoseAlan JohnView
HooleAlbert James and Kathleen Louisa HannahDoreen NolaView
HillhouseJeanMark Edward JohnView
HollidayHerbert Patrick and DawnKevin PatrickView
HallLorenzo William and Coyla DoreenBilley CoylaView
HooleAlbert James and Kathleen Louisa HannahJoseph HenryView
HarrisonBrian Malcolm Berry and Louisa JeanneMargot MichelleView
HudsonWilliam Cecil and Edith CavellElizabeth AnnView
HansenDouglas William and MertoniaJoyce ElizabethView
HardwickNorman Mortimer and Yvette MiavonneJeanetteView
HirstJohn George and Roccoleen ElinorJenifer AnnView
HickmanLeslie James and Joan WesleyLinda DianeView
HartsliefClyde and Dorothy IrenePiaView
HooleEdwin Robert and Gloria MyrlMerick RolandView
HudsonWilliam Cecil and Edith CavellEdith CavellView
HewitsonDavid Christian and Beryl RubyAndrew MarkView
HansenVernon Neville and Eileen Rose LaraGavin WayneView
HarrisonBrian Malcolm Berry and Louisa JoanneNaidene GayView
HooleAlice ParkerTony AndreView
HirstJohn George and Roccoleen ElinorLinda JeanView
HooleEdwin Robert and Gloria MyrlAngelo DonahueView
HumphrisWilliam Edwin and Vera HeilaEdin KennethView
HornAubry Gladwin and Margaret DawnBrian EdwardView
HollisAlbert Arthur and May AnnDebra JeanView
HooleEdward and Marie LouiseMichelle Le-AnneView
HavernickTerence Albert and Lynette PatriciaPatricia AnneView
HudsonWilliam Cecil and Edith CavellNewton WoodView
HirstJohn George and Roccoleen ElinorPenelope JaneView
HooleEdward and Marie LouiseEdward WalterView
HornAubrey Gladwin and Margaret DawnLe-AnneView
HooleArchie Joseph William and Merianda DeloresSterling LyleView
HooleArchie Joseph William and Merianda DeloresRoy QuintonView
HooleWalter William and Charlotte AnnieJulia AnnView
HurnBrian and FredaBrent Merrick WyneView
HallJohn Robert and Jennifer Catherine GwendolynDarin JohnView
HillierLeslie William George and Glenda JeannetteStuart MiltonView
HardwichNorman Edward and EliseCaron LeeView
HowellJack Gordon and Gwynneth JeanRichard JohnView
HarperMichael Leigh and Janet DorothyKimView
HornsbyRobert Peter Thomas and Shirley LynetteAlison ShirleyView
Hoole??Shaun AragonView
HooleWalter William and Charlotte AnnieGrant RowanView
HowellGwynneth Jean and Jack GordonJennifer AnneView
HawkesHarry and Gillian LynnMichael JohnView
HindeChristopher Robin and Jillian EdithCharles ChristopherView
HooleWalter William and Charlotte AnnieBrett ConradView
HindSidney Dorrington and Pamela AnneMatthew GregoryView
HegerPeter Douglas and Glynis HeleneStephen MichaelView
HarperMichael leigh and Janet DorothyLaurenView
HurnBrian Graham and Freda IvyLillian JaneView
HillGareth Edmund and Shirley ElizabethTheresa AnneView
HillGareth Edmund and Shirley ElizabethMichelle AdeleneView
HookinsJeremy William and Diana BarbaraJonathan William EdwinView
HoughtonAlan Barrett and Marion JaneThomas GardnerView
HardwichNorman Edward and EliseShan LouiseView
HoyleJames Clifton and Mary Louise HofmeyerAndrew JamesView
HardwichNorman Edward and EliseDonna MiaView
HansenLlewellyn Noel and Glynis CarolLyle ClaytonView
HollWilliam Ferdinand and Elizabeth IsabelShirley Elizabeth (Zabora)View
HumanDavid and YvonneRossView
HietinkJan and DoncellJenna LeighView
HarrisFrederick Phillip and Lynnette BealFrederick JeromeView
HandWhitney Malcolm and Nicolette PetronellaMeaganView
HensbergTony Graham and SandraChandaView
HallAlan John and Jennifer HelenRussell JohnView
HadiMonica BuyisaJohn MasixoleView
HammondAnthony Steven and Karen LouiseJames Michael (Hammond)View
HeywoodThomas William and Ann Jane Alice RosamondIvy EmilyView
HamblyRobert and ErnestinaAda MaryView
HeardSamuel and Clara ElizabethJosephine MinnieView
HoodRichard and AnnaWinters AliceView
HawthornAndrew John and MaryKenneth AlfredView
HalsallThomas and Mary IsabellaElizabethView
Hammersley-HeenanRobert Henry and EdithClaudeView
HeardSamuel and Clara ElizabethGeorge JamesView
HeywoodThomas William and Anne Jane Alice RosamondHarry George TaintonView
HudsonHutton Douglas and Flora IdaMuriel GladysView
Humphreys-JonesJohn and Catherine JaneKate MyfanwyView
HumphreyCharles Kennedy and MargaretWilliam HaroldView
HoodRichard and HannahMabel Catherine GraceView
HoskinEdwin and PhoebeThomasView
HumblyRobert ChristinaAlice HildaView
HeardSamuel and Clara ElizabethRichard SamuelView
HalsallThomas and Mary IsabellaIsabella Margaret AnneView
HawthornAndrew John and MaryEdith MayView
HarrisGeorge and ElizaErnest PercyView
HollandJohn and Annie ElizabethIda ElizaView
HugginsOsborne and Jane Eliza BlakeCharles HaroldView
HeywoodThomas William and Anne Alice RosamundWilliam LeeView
HeywoodThomas William and Anne Alice RosamundMary LeeView
HudsonHougham Douglas and Nora IdaLeslie VivienneView
HansenWilliam and WilhelminaArthur HaroldView
HoseaJames and Elizabeth AnnMabelView
HawthornAndrew John and MaryRobert CharlesView
HawkinsGeorge and Charlotte KathrineGerald HillierView
HeardSamuel and Clara ElizabethOsborn WilliamView
HumphreyCharles Kennedy and MargaretNorah ElizabethView
HardsHenry and AliceFlorenceView
HugginsOsborn and Jane Eliza BlakeHarriet Rhoda FellowsView
HeardSamuel and Clara ElizabethLaura BlancheView
HansenWilliam Christian and Wilhelmina ChristinaEdward CharlesView
HawthornAndrew John and MaryLilian MaryView
HickmanRichard Adolphus and Catherine EvelinaViolet EvelinaView
HickmanRichard Adolphus and Catherine EvelinaCatherine Elizabeth DorotheaView
HeddingWilliam and Bertha ElizabethBlancheView
HansenNeils and Anna ChastinaAmelia ElizabethView
HansenNeils and Anna ChastinaLodvigView
HumphreyCharles Kennedy and MargaretJessie MildredView
HeddingWilliam and Bertha ElizabethCharlotte IrisView
HarmerAlfred Henry and Sarah Wilhelmina CharlotteViolet Maria CharlotteView
HallAlbert Augustus and ChristianaMontague WatleyView
HallAlbert Augustus and ChristianaLionel FaidherbeView
HolmnerJohn Alfred Andrew and Theodore BeatriceBeatrice Eilein CatherineView
HallHerbert Augustus and ChristianaFanny MildredView
HamiltonJames and Margaret FraterRachel Ferguson HamiltonView
HartFrank Eden and AmyDorothy AgnesView
HopeThomas George and Johanna CatherinaGloria MargaretView
HarrisonHubert Edgar and JoyceDesre JoyView
HoareAirlie Ogilvie and Margaret ConnieMargaret JosephineView
HolmesClifford Douglas and DaphneLenore RaeView
HayesWilliam Douglas and Mary AdelineShelagh MaryView
HarrisonHubert Edgar and JoyceSandra DawnView
HagemannIvan Dennis and IrisCarolyn CherylView
HopkinsWalter Henry and Elsie Margaret JeanPatricia Joan ChristineView
HaywardDenis and Kathleen AdaColin MalcolmView
HayesWilliam Douglas and Mary AdelineKathleen MoiraView
HegerGarth Alison and Jean ClariceCheryl AnnView
HirschWorm and Tryphena IraChristina MargaretView
HarrisonHubert Edgar and JoyceJennifer AnnView
HuntLeslie George and BerylRodney WayneView
HaywardDenis and Kathleen AdaFelicity SueView
HumanKenneth and Marjorie IreneAnnView
Hunt??Yvonne HillaryView
HowellRonald James and Priscilla MaryLeslieView
HartleyStanley Barrow and Marie KissockJenniferView
HartleyAllan John and EsmeDesmond AllanView
HambrookAlfred George and Sheila MargaretStewart RowlandView
HaywardHilary Clarence and Annie SusanJohn EricView
HieberLionel Walmer and Grace EthelKenneth RaymondView
HorwitzAbraham Leon and Valda MayColin CharlesView
HowellRonald James and Priscilla MaryColleenView
HastingsHugh Fraser and Molly AnnCheryl AnnView
HambrookHerbert James and Edith VioletWilliam KeithView
HambrookAlfred George and Sheila MargaretRoger GeorgeView
HambrookAlfred George and Sheila MargaretBrian GarthView
HillRoland Desmond and Nancy DeloresBeresford AtholView
HambrookAlfred George and Sheila MargaretGary RobertView
HattinghChristian Graham and ShirleyGraham WalterView
HarrisonVivian John and Margaret Yvonne Lynnette JulieView
HumanKenneth and Marjorie IreneWayne KennethView
HardingJohn Gilbert Stephen and Yolande Marie-Louia AnneLisa Marie-AnneView
HorwitzAbraham Leon and Valda MayDianneView
HorwitzAbraham Leon and Valda MayShelleyView
HarvettKenneth Gilbert and CatherinaDebraView
HopkinsRaymond Charles and Cynthia MayMichael AlbertView
HallLionel Orsmond and MaureenMichael AnthonyView
HartleyStanley Barrow and Marie KissockRoger BarrowView
HartleyStanley Barrow and Marie KissockCherylView
HarveyWayne Vincent and LornaDeborah AnnView
HinchcliffeJames Henry and BrendaNorman JamesView
HowellRonald James and Priscilla MaryPaulineView
HooleArchie Joseph William and Merianda DeloresShane MartinView
HewittStanley Noel and SandraMartin WilliamView
HallLionel Osmund and MaureenSteven WayneView
HoweElrich Bernard and Sylvia CynthiaGregory RobertView
HeadMervyn Marshall and Maud ElizabethMichaelView
HowellLeycester John and SybilMichael JohnView
HumeRobert Peter and Sheena MaxwellIain BruceView
HartleyStanley Barrow and Marie KissockDavid BarrowView
HenningNorman Cyril and ElizabethGloria LynetteView
HenningNorman Cyril and ElizabethJune RoseView
HudsonRobert Cecil and Isobel JoanMarkView
HudsonRobert Cecil and Isobel JoanWayneView
HumanRay Matthew and Barbara AnneJanice LynneView
HumeDouglas Patrick and Grethel AntonieJennifer LeeView
HewsonNeville George and Joyce JanetSherwin NevilleView
HooleEdward and Marie LouiseRichard JamesView
HutsonTerence Ronald and Sheila LouiseCelia YvonneView
HumanRay Matthew and Barbara AnneGrant WilliamView
HaywardDennis Hilton and PamelaCraig HiltonView
HallLionel Osmond and MaureenAndrew MartinView
Harper??Beryl AgnesView
HaywardRodney Deshond and Christine Ruth JoanMichelle LindieView
Haig-SmithRodney and JenniferLinda JeanView
HerringerDoran and Denise RoseSarah MaryView
HodgkinsonWalter John and Vivian AnneGweneth HopeView
HogsettEvan Baptist and MinnieJoan DorothyView
HanssenJohn Andrew and Susanah MagdalinPatriciaView
HunterCecil George and Valerie ElizabethCarol LorraineView
HunterCecil George and Valerie ElizabethMarlene ElizabethView
HawkinsGeorge and Charlotte KatharineGeorge Charles HillierView
HeathWilliam and EllenEllen MaryView
HoweHerbert William and Mary ElizabethWilliam Henry LawrenceView
HoldstockJames and Lydia AnnBeatrice AnnView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilyCharles WilliamView
HardingWilliam Francis and Elizabeth PhillipViolet FrancesView
HeathWilliam and EllenAdelaide CatherineView
HawkinsJames Humphrey and CharlotteEugenie Mary HelnorView
HoldstockJames and Lydia AnnAlexander LeonardView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilyWilberforce JohnView
HickmanRichard Adolphus and Catherena EvelenaArthur AdolphusView
HardingWilliam Francis and Eliza PhillipsWilliam Charles EdwardView
HickmanRichard Adolphus and CatherineLillie MaryView
HoldstockJames and Lydia AnnMary Maria Rose FosterView
HewitsonFrancis Owen and Catherine ElizabethDaisy Frances MayView
HardingWilliam Francis and Eliza PhillipsArthur George RatcliffView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilyHorace GordonView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilyJeremiah FrancisView
HardingArthur Charles and Alice Mary AnnEdward Charles VictorView
HewetsonFrancis Owen and Catherine ElizabethCharlton EdwardView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilyGeorge MaxwellView
HewetsonFrancis Owen and Catherine ElizabethKatherine CharityView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilyKnight SpicerView
HillJohann and ChristinaErnest Charles WilliamView
HillJohann and ChristinaEleanorView
HoyerEdward Frederick and Nettie (Brink)Charles EdwardView
HewetsonFrancis Owen and Catherine ElizabethLaura Florence MargaretView
HoyerEdward and AdaThomas Edward JosephView
HansenAndrew and MariaHilmer TheodoreView
HigginsCharles Alfred and Susannah Helena GertruidaJohanne Helen HopeView
HoneyJeremiah and EmilyEmily KateView
HoyerEdward and AdaIvy May DennyView
HammondFrank Walter and Mary ElizabethWalter James FrankView
HigginsCharles Alfred and Susanna Helena GertruidaEileen MayView
HansenAndrew and MariaEsther Olivia MariaView
HerbertRichard Sydney and LaviniaViolet GertyView
HillDavid and EllenEllen JaneView
HoareGeorge Henry and Margaret MillicentGeorge ClydeView
HoyerEdward and IvyIris ConstanceView
HiscockFrederick Emmanuel and Lilian Sarah AnnRichard Henry GeorgeView
HurnWilliam and MargaretStanley OliverView
HarperEdward and AdaHelen MaudView
HowsonLeo and DorothyLeoView
HansenAnders and MariaAnnette IsabelView
HumePatrick Robertson and Violet AmeliaChristine DaisyView
HiscockFrederic Emmanuel and Lilian Sarah AnnRhoda AnnaView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace and Nellie MargaretEvelina MaryView
HoldstockErnest John and Harriet ElizaHarry AubreyView
HowsonLeo and DorothyLeo James TogoView
HarriesWilliam and Georgina SusanPercy AlbertView
HarriesWilliam and Georgina SusanKathleen FrancisView
HewittHenry Alexander Chichele and Inger Magdalina OstensenRichard Henry ChicheleView
HowsonLeo and DorothyDorothy CatherineView
HiscockFrederic Emmanuel and LilianFrederic CharlesView
HurnWilliam and Maggie MariaRobert WilliamView
HiscockFrederic Emmanuel and LilianFrederic CharlesView
HorrocksGeorge Henry and Gladys MayMayView
HayesErnest and Lilian EdithErnest CharlesView
HurnRobert George and Annie MarthaEvelyn MayView
HowsonLeo and DorothyErnest LeoView
HoldstockErnest John and Harriet ElizaNorah MajorieView
HulleyRobert Hartley Shaw and Hester NoraRobert William Fredrick HulleyView
HillWilliam Horace and Ida Emmeline ViceCyril VictorView
HowsonLeo and DorothyBeatrice MaudView
HansenJohn and DorothyAlfredView
HuntWilliam James and Sarah AnnLeslie GeorgeView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace and Nellie MargaretLeslie ThomasView
HodgkinsonWilliam Henry and Mary MagdaleneJohn FredView
HurnRobert George and Annie MarthaLilian MaudView
HewittHenry Alexander and Inger Magdalina OstensenWinifred MaryView
HuntRobert James and Alice MaryRobertView
HoldstockErnest John and Harriett ElizaKenneth ErnestView
HodgkinsonWilfrid Wallace and Nellie MargaretGeorge WilliamView
HoldstockErnest John and Harriet ElizaFrances HarrietView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace and Nellie MargaretNorman BasilView
HewittHenry Alexander Chichele and Inger Magdaline OstensenBenedict ChicheleView
HewittHenry Alexander Chichele and Inger Magdalina OstensenJoan AlidaView
HallPhilip Lodewyk and Ella SophiaPhyllis PringleView
HarrisWilliam and GeorginaElizabeth MariaView
HewitsonWallace Owen and Maria Susanna CarstineCatherina MariaView
HenningJohannes Christiaan and Sarah LouiseJohannes ChristiaanView
HodgkinsonWilfrid Wallace and Nellie MargaretLionel ForbesView
HodgkinsonWilliam Henry and JosephineSheila VeraView
HewitsonWallace Owen and Marie Susanna CerstineGertrude LauraView
HurnGodfrey Henry and Ada JaneThomas GeorgeView
HurnGodfried Henry and Ada JaneConstance EmmaView
HoldstockErnest John and Harriet ElizaMary OliveView
HodgkinsonWilliam Henry and JosephineClifford ClaudView
HewitsonWallace Owen and Marie Susanna ChristinaOwen EdwardView
HurnGodfrey and Ada JaneMaud LilianView
HarrisWilliam and GeorginaNellie RoseView
HartCharles and Evance AlexandraSylvia JosephineView
HooperThomas Henry and Lena MildredFrederic WilliamView
HewitsonWallace Owen and Marie SusannaDesmondView
HurnGodfrey Henry and Ada JaneGodfrey HenryView
HodgkinsonJesse Gilbert and Rosie ErnestineAubrey SpencerView
HanssenHilmer Theodor and RosaEugenie Cecilia RosamundView
HahnWilliam August and Celia MaryDorothy Agnes CeciliaView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace and Nellie MargaretPhyllis DaphneView
HanssenHilma Theodore and RosaEileen EdnaView
HewitsonWallace Owen and Marie Susanna ChristinaStephenView
HurnGodfrey Henry and Ada JaneRobert GeorgeView
HarrisWilliam and GeorginaWilliam and JamesView
HoatenEric Gerald and Marjorie MonaRaymond EricView
HolmesNathaniel Martin and Isabel ElizabethJacoba MillicentView
HarrisAlfred and SusanFrankView
HodgkinsonWilliam and JosephineDouglas RaymondView
HermanAlfred and EvelynCameron LeyzellView
HermanAlfred and EvelynRuthView
HahnWilliam August and CeliaRuthView
HurnGodfrey Henry and Ada JaneStanley EdwardView
HewitsonWallace Owen and Marie SusannaNeilView
Harris??Jane MagdalenaView
HermansJim and RachelReuben MichaelView
Harding?Solly and HesterRaymondView
HargreavesEric William Cecil and RuthPamela MaryView
HolmesPatrick Terrence McSweeney and Dorothy AlicePatrick WilliamView
HewetsonFrank Norman and Martha JacobaFrank NormanView
HunterGeorge Edmund and Petronella Cornelia JohannaMay DaphneView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace Hentoer and Ruby MayCyril Malcolm View
HowsonErnest Leo and Henrietta MurielErnest JohnView
HiggsArthur John and Isabel ElizabethSheila AliceView
HuntGeorge Frederick and Gwenneth JoyMarjorieView
HowsonErnest Leo and Henrietta MurielDoreen AnneView
HuntGeorge Frederick and Gwenneth JoyDeniseView
HadcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudeCheryl AnnView
HewitsonCatherine MariaJune LynetteView
HoyerTheodore Frederick and Frances ElizabethFrederick EdwardView
HarveyLeonard Raymond and Monica ElydiaDiane BarbaraView
HeinrichJohn Paul Max and Adrienne PeterSusan BarbaraView
HunterCecil George and Valerie ElizabethPetronella DereseView
HeidtmannClifford Ernest and Lena MarthaRalph RonaldView
HuntGeorge Frederick and Gwenneth JoyThomas GeorgeView
HarveyLeonard and Monica LillianSherril AnnView
HolmesPatrick Terence and Dorothy AliceRosemarie JoyView
HamerEdgar William Morgan and Daphne JoySharon DeleneView
HumphriesHilton Hubert and Veronica MayGraham DuncanView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace Henton and Ruby MaySandra ElaineView
HewsonNeville George and Joyce JanetLovelyn AntheaView
HowieClyde McInnes and ShielaLaren MichaelView
HolmesPatrick Terrence McSweeney and Dorothy AliceRaymond PeterView
HempelMalcolm Dilleon and Thelma LouisaCalvern AnthonyView
HewsonErrol William and Sylvia Emilie AnnaAlthea IreneView
HermanJames Frowzs and Cynthia JoyceGeorge JohnnyView
HiscockDerrick and Doreen PhyllisShaun KevinView
HarperWarwick Charles and MollyKevin Charles WarwickView
HempelMalcolm Dillion and Thelma LouisaDebra LynneView
HallJames Victor and Moira HarrietKatherine LillianView
HewsonErrol William and Sylvia Emilie AnnaWendy HaroleenView
HallJames Victor and Moira HarrietEdmund StephenView
HowieClyde McInnes and SheilaMargotView
HoldstockAubrey Kenneth and LucilleDeborah JaneView
HillGlen Worthington and Phyllis ElizabethShaunView
HiscockDerrick and Doreen PhyllisBrent GarthView
HermanJames Frowzs and Cynthia JoyceCynthia JoyceView
HillRichard Allan Peter and Lorna GaelWendy ReneeView
HewetsonFrank Norman and Kathleen PhyllisGary EdwardView
HenningDouw Gert Brand and Joan EnidMichelle MeganView
HewetsonFrank Norman and Kathleen PhyllisWayne EvanView
HenningDouw Gert Brand and Joan EnidChantelle MelanieView
HewittJack Edwin Cherbourg and Merle LorettaJohn DouglasView
HaywardBrian Norman and Lynnette JeanMeganView
HaicalisDennis and Kathleen marthaLeonidas DemetriusView
HallWalter Netherleigh and Bertha AugustaMargaret JoyView
HallJohn Dennis and Kathleen BeredeneJohn RobertView
HallerGeorge Raisbeck and Angenita DaphneDennis RaisbeckView
HamburgCharles and AliceGeorge WilfredView
HammondLeslie Alfred and Gertrude MaryGraham GordonView
HandArthur and Stella RachelWilliam Arthur AnthonyView
HandArthur and Stella RachelfionaView
HansenDennis Carl and Mavis NaomiMark AnthonyView
HardingMervyn Edmond Joseph and Roseline Martha EllenFay Constance HopeView
HarnoupidesNicos John and MargaretHelen JoanView
HarnoupidesNicos John and Margaret AngelineIrene DawnView
HarrisIrisDavid GeorgeView
Harry??Venus KatieView
HartsliefDaniel Jacobus and GeorginaDorothy IreneView
HartsliefDaniel and GeorginaHelen DoreenView
HaselauRalph Sidney and Vera Amy HopeGary RalphView
HasenjagerLudwig Karl and Nita JohannaAlan Edward RossView
HattinghFreddie and LucyCharles WilliamView
HattonRobert Alexander and Susan ElizabethRobert ArthurView
HavernickEdwin Douglas and Henrietta Mary MaudEdwin RonaldView
HawkeLeonard Cyril and StellaGloria SherrieView
HayesSydney Guy and Agnes GraceBarbara MaudView
HaynePercy James and Edna LaurelShirley MayView
HayterHenry Oliver Bertram and Stella ConstanceEdgar CecilView
HaywardBertram Joseph and Mabel BerthaEldred Bertram View
HaywardThomas and Corisande YvonneDavid BarryView
HeathGeorge Thomas and Hester Catharina ElizabethMaureen Hester AnnieView
HeathEthelHarold HenryView
HedderwickJames Joseph and Hester FlorenceDerrick RalphView
HedderwickRobert Walter and Grace AliceRobert WalterView
HedderwickRobert Walter and Christina MaryPatricia FlorenceView
HeidtmannAlfred and MayDennis IgnatiusView
HeinKenneth Otto Andrew and SusanJeanette DorisView
HeinKenneth Otto Andrew and Susan SusannahWilliam KennethView
HeinKenneth Otto Andrew and Lucy SusanDesmond JoelView
HeldsingerCharles Francis and Veronica EthelMichael PhilipView
HendersonMax Bruno and Dorothy MabelEleanora JoyceView
HendersonMax Bruno and Dorothy MabelMax GrahamView
HendricksChristian and Anne JohannaChristian Johannes StephanusView
HendricksChristian and LennieMabelView
HendricksChristiaan and AnnieJohannes SteffansView
HendricksA. J. S. and ElizabethDoreen JohannaView
HendricksChristian and LennaWilliamView
HendricksChristian and LeenieLeenieView
HendricksAndrew Johannes and ElizabethDaphneView
HendricksAndrew and ElizabethEileenView
HendricksHernoldus Johannes Stephanus and ElizabethJohannesView
HenningJohannes Philippus and Florence LouisaJohannes BrianView
HenningJohannes Philippus and Florence LouisaDenisView
HenningLeon Ziegdfred and Mary ElizabethLorraine ElizabethView
HenningJohannes Philippus and Florence LouiseGeneView
HeradienThomas and LouisaCharles VictorView
HermanCharlie and LenaNancy ElliotView
HewetsonEdward and Martha RinoAnnie ElizabethView
HewetsonWilliam Ernest and AnnieRuthView
HewitsonWilliam Ernest and AnnieSheila AnnView
HewittSamuel Thomas and SusanHarry ThomasView
HewittSamuel Thomas and SusanMary MagdalenaView
HewittSamuel Thomas and SusanSamuel ThomasView
HewittSamuel Thomas and SusanAlfred EdwardView
HeynsNicholas Godfrey and Phyllis JoanWarren GodfreyView
HillAnthony Bertie and Rose ElizabethStanley AlbertView
HoareShirley Ogilvie and Eileen LouiseIan OgilvieView
HodgkinsonLeslie Thomas and Gwendelen Doreen SusannaAthol LeslieView
HodgkinsonLeslie Thomas and Gwendolen DoreenValerie DaphneView
HolahanJohn Gardiner and Gertrude JessieMaureen WendyView
HollandPeter and MaryFrederick DavidView
HollandDouglas and Eva F.Guy HuntleyView
HollandMildredMaria PaulineView
HollandMildredLoretta AnnView
HollingsDaniel Henry William and Isabella MurielRobert EdwardView
HollisHumphrey Josh and Dorothy Emma WinifredDorothy AnnView
HolmesWalter Downie and Cecilia Winnifred MaryHarold WalterView
HolmesJulian Grenfell and Muriel GeorginaRichard GrenfellView
HoodReginald Sidney and GladysRobin JohnView
HopeThomas George and JohannaJohn ChristianView
HorneGeorge Henry and Elizabeth HendrinaAlice FayView
HorneBasil Albert and Theresa HelenGeoffrey MichaelView
HorsleyEdward Cecil and ErnaMarian BarbaraView
HowardPeter James and Alice LouisaMary ElizabethView
HowardJesse and BeatriceJohn SamuelView
HoweGeorge Harold and Mary HayRobert LindsayView
HoweWilliam and Mabel RoseWilliam DouglasView
HowellWilliam Rees and Phyllis EllenHeather MarionView
HoyleEdward Ernest and Hester JacobaRuth MaryView
HudsonLeslie and MargaretShirley StellaView
HudsonLeslie and MargaretMichael JohnView
HulleyOswald Morris and Enid FleetwoodYvonne BrendaView
HumanIrisThomas HerefordView
HumanJohn Jacob and Alice JanetFrank GeorgeView
HumanMariaReuben SamView
HumphreyGeorge Humphrey and Edna LylePatricia LynnView
HuntFrank Edward and Joyce Edith AnnieOwen NeilView
HuntFrank Edward and Joyce Edith AnnieColin EdwardView
HuntFrank Edward and Joyce Edith AnnieMelvin CharlesView
HutchinsonJohn and Elizabeth FlorenceJohn LionelView
HutchinsonJohn and Elizabeth FlorenceHarry DesmondView
HamJohn and AnnChristopher WilliamView
HudsonHougham and Helen MariaElla Elizabeth AnneView
HudsonHougham and Helen MariaWilliam HoughamView
HadlowAlbert and ElizaWilliamView
HudsonHougham and Helen MariaHougham DouglasView
HorneJohn and SusanRobertView
HudsonHougham and Helen MariaHelen MaryView
HorneJohn and SusanJohn HenryView
HallBenjamin William and Jane SimpsonWilliam HerbertView
HorneJohn and Susan MarthaEdward JamesView
HallBenjamin William and JaneLucy EleanorView
HilyardJames William and Sarah AnnAmelia JaneView
HarvettJoseph and CharlotteAgnes RevenaView
HudsonHougham and Helen MariaWalter AubreyView
HorneJohn and Susanna MarthaGeorgeView
HerbertEwald Benedictus and Johanna MariaMarianneView
HerbertEwald and HannahLucy Maria SomersetView
HerbertEwald and Johanna M.Amy WilheminaView
HallBenjamin William and Jane SimpsonRichard StewartView
HallBenjamin William and Jane SimpsonMariel EffieView
HorneJohn and Susanna MarthaJosephView
HorneJohn and Susanna MarthaBenjaminView
HallBenjamin William and JaneThomas HaroldView
HudsonHougham and FannyHougham CharlesView
HorneHenry and ChristianaThomasView
HendrikszCarl Theodorus and Emma MariaHenry CharlesView
HillGeorge and KatrinaSusanView
HendrikszCarl Theodorus and Emma MariaHelen MariaView
HoldstockWilliam and AmeliaSophy AnnView
HarleyJohn and MarthaAdahView
HarleyJohn and MarthaHelenView
HarleyJohn and MarthaAlfredView
HarleyJohn and MarthaMaryView
HarleyJohn and MarthaHaroldView
HarleyJohn and MarthaFrancis WilliamView
HulleyReuben and Mary AnnFlorence AnnieView
HulleyReuben and Mary AnnPercy RupertView
HowellThomas Elliott and Daisy SophiaAvice MaryView
HolmesJohn and ElizabethElizabeth MariaView
HuntleyCharles Hugh and Isabella BennettHugh CampbellView
HuttonHenry and CarolinePeregrine William PepperrellView
HeathcoteWilliam Lovell and Mary AnnMaria ElizabethView
HeathcoteWilliam Lovell and Mary AnnCaroline FrancesView
HemmingJohn and Mary AnnaHarrietView
HartmanJohan Gottliep and Annie JudithJohnView
HareThomas and Frances MaryCharles WilliamView
HareThomas and Frances MaryLouisa Georgina ClarissaView
HallThomas and ElizabethMary ElizabethView
HallThomas and ElizabethThomasView
HolmesJohn and ElizabethEmmaView
HallBenjamin and ElizaJoseph GeorgeView
HydeWilliam and SarahWilliam PotterView
HydeAlexander and FrancesSarah CorbettView
HeathcoteGeorge Gage and EmmaEmma MaryView
HuntleyCharles Hugh and Isabella BurnetCharlesView
HuttonHenry and CarolineGuybon Warwick AtherstoneView
HeathcoteRowland Hackle and Margaret AnnettaJohn GodfreyView
HowellHenry and MarianneSarah FannyView
HoughWilliam and JaneEmma JaneView
HancockEdwardEdward GradyView
HolmesJohn and ElizabethWilliam JohnView
HallBenjamin Youldren and ElizaJohn EdwardView
HartmanJohann Gottliep and Annie HewlettHenryView
HowellHenry and Mary AnnElizabeth AnnView
HuttonHenry and CarolineArthur Henry DamantView
HannayDavid and LouisaRobert FeatherstonView
HardingJames and JohannaJaneView
HowelHenry and Mary AnnWilliam FutterView
HillWarwick and Jemima MaryEmma HarrietView
HuttRichard Goode and EmilyEdith EleanorView
HowseCharles and Sarah ElizabethCharles AlexanderView
HowarthWilliam and CarolineGertrude MariaView
HollandThomas and Mary FrancesHerbert ThornhillView
HahnHenry Joseph and HildaGerald FrederickView
HallLeslie Youlding and Mary Annie MayRoy KeathView
HallEdward and PhyllisCharles Edward BruceView
HallEdward and PhyllisGordon Hugh LaneView
HallJohn Alexander and Thirza EmilyDeryck JohnView
HallJohn Alexander and Thirza EmilySelwyn McLeanView
HallJohn Alexander and Thirza EmilyJennifer MargaretView
HamannRobert and AlviniaHectorView
HamiltonGeorge Douglas Arran and Susan LizzieGeorge Douglas CasperView
HamiltonGeorge Douglas Aran and Susan LizzieEdith DouglasView
HamiltonWilliam Benjamin and Mabel AlicenRaymond DaleView
HardyAthol William James and Alice GertrudeMoreenView
HarrisWilliam Luke Laurence and Vera DorothyColin SeymourView
HarrisonJames William and Daisy AliciaCecil FrankView
HarrisonRobert Leopold and Catrina MariaCatherine Marie StuartView
HartleyGeorge Vivian and Miranda NellieEstelle MayView
HartleyGeorge Vivian and Nellie MirandaGeorge DennisView
HartleyGeorge Vivian and Nellie MirandaVivian RaeView
HartsliefJohn David and Anna CatherineDennis WalterView
HartwigFerdinand Gustav Emil and Margaret KatherineRita MonaView
HarveyRussell and Doris MabelRussell JackView
HassallGeorge and AgnesJohn ArthurView
HattinghFrederick Johannes and Lucy RhodaPhyllis MaryView
HawtagneJohn Franks Spencer and Frances MaryJohn Franks GordonView
Heager?? (Driesse)Ruth Doris May Clifton (adopted)View
HeathJohn Henry and MariaGeorge ThomasView
HeathJohn Henry and Maria JacominaMargaret IsabelView
HeathAndrew Henry and Ellen Johanna SusanCecil NormanView
HeathJohn Henry and Maria JacominaGertie? JohannaView
HeathJohn Henry and Maria JacominaJohn HenryView
HeathPeter and MinnieCaroline Katie Martha MinaView
HeathPeter and MinnieAnne Elizabeth MinnieView
HeathNicholas Jacobus and Martha MariaCornelius JohannesView
HeathNicholas Jacobus and Martha MariaWilfred AndrewView
HeathThomas and Ruth MaryThomas Brian CharlesView
HeathNicholas Jacobus and Martha MariaNicholas Joseph GordonView
HeathNicholas Jacobus and Martha MariaEric DesmondView
HeathNicholas Jacobus and Martha MariaVernon HaroldView
HeathNicolas Jacobus and Martha MariaCaroline Martha MariaView
HeathWilliam Andrew and Rose Anna (Kanes)Brenda ClaudiaView
HeegerNeil Allen and ConstanceDulcie MayView
HemmesMartin Adrian and Mary AnnLionel StandleyView
HenleyBertram R. F. and LydiaDolly BeatriceView
HenningGert Franz and JacominaEsther JohannaView
HenricoChristopher and Sarah CatherineJohn StephenView
HensbergErnest August and Margaret AliceEric AlfredView
HensbergEmil Joseph and Paulina Matilda AugustaIvo DesmondView
HensbergErnest August and Margaret AliceEdgar RudolphView
HensbergEmil Joseph and Paulina Matilda AugustaMercy JoanView
HensbergErnest August and Margaret AliceConroy NevilleView
HerbertHenry Oliver and Edith GraceGarness William ClarenceView
HerbertThomas Albert and Amy SelinaReginald ReynoldsView
HerbertThomas Albert and Amy Selina EmilyIvan William BernardView
HerbertClifford W. and Ivy MarthaStella Joy MaryView
HerbertThomas Albert and Amy Selina EmilyAubrey StanleyView
HerbertClifford William and Ivy MarthaDennis WilliamView
HerbertClifford and IvyAthalieView
HerbertClifford William and Ivy MarthaClifford JohnView
HerbertAubrey Stanley and Dorothy ConstanceKingsley ClydeView
HerbertAubrey Stanley and Dorothy ConstanceLorna DooneView
HerbertAubrey Stanley and Dorothy ConstanceColin StanleyView
HeunisFrank and MargaritaBlossom MyraView
HewsonAlfred John and Olive BenettaEmma OliveView
HewsonJames Francis and Myrtle MayClarence JamesView
HickmanWalter and GertrudeWinifred GertrudeView
HickmanAlysJoyce Alys KeenanView
HieberFrederick Clement and Louisa CatherineClement KennethView
HiggsWilliam Leslie and Constance AliceRuth MaryView
HiggsWilliam Leslie and Constance AliceKathleen EdithView
HiggsWilliam Leslie and Constance AliceMuriel JoanView
HiggsDouglas Hooper and Ella MayAudrey MayView
HiggsWilliam Leslie and Constance AliceThomas WilliamView
HiggsWilliam and Rose CarolineGeoffrey Burvill (adopted)View
HoalSydney Herbert and Maria Leta HesterEdgar StribleyView
HobdenJames Joseph and MaryJames WilliamView
HobsonJoseph and Johanna PaulineBessieView
HobsonJoseph and Johanna PaulineJohn PercyView
HobsonJoseph and Johanna PaulineMargaret JoyceView
HobsonAlfred and EdithMaryView
HobsonJoseph and Johanna PaulineStanley NevilleView
HobsonOlive Maude and John PercyAudrey MaryView
HobsonJoseph Robert and Gwendoline EdaMargaret MayView
HodgkinsonErnest Upton and Ivy May FergussonIris GeorginaView
HodgkinsonErnest Upton and Ivy MayDorothy MariaView
HoffeldtMichael and Wilhelmina Johanna ChristinaMerle MarleneView
HoffeldtMichael and Wilhelmina Johanna ChristinaMizpah LouisaView
HoffmanFredrick George and LetitiaHorace John MortonView
HoffmanElizabethCharles MortonView
HoffmanHarold William Morton and Clara Charlotte WinfredHarold WilliamView
HoffmanHarold William Morton and Clara Charlotte WinifredIsabel Clara GladysView
HoffmanHarold William Morton and Clara Charlotte WinifredEdith Constant ClareView
HoffmanHarold William Morton and Clara Charlotte WinifredAlbert FredView
HoffmanHarold William Morton and Clara Charlotte WinifredSidney MortonView
HoffmanHarold William Morton and Clara Charlotte WinifredVictor CillierView
HoffmanDouglas Clarence Morton and Elsa Wilhelmina LouisaLinda Bertha LetitiaView
HoffmanDouglas Clarence Morton and ElsaColin Hermann FredView
HoffmanDouglas Clarence Morton and Elsa Wilhelmina LouisaAubrey Morton ClarenceView
HoffmannHarold William Morton and Clara CharlotteFred George ArthurView
HofsterGirbe and Louisa MansteadLouisa GeesjeView
HoganMichael James and Rose JuliaRobert EdwardView
HoggCharles Edwin and Evelyn BerthaShirleyView
HollHarry Patrick and Genevieve PaulaHarry CecilView
HolleyGeorge Alford and ValentineGordon RalphView
HolleyGeorge Efford and ValentineCavell CumberlandView
HolleyGeorge Efford and ValentineAlanView
HolmesArthur and Winifred MabelEllen JessieView
HolmesArthur and Winifred MabelGeorge FrederickView
HolmesArthur and Winnifred MabelRobert WilliamView
HolmesArthur and Winifred MabelFred ProvostView
HoltThomas William and Eileen BlancheMichael Thomas CharlesView
HopkinsHarold Noel and Winifred KingstonNoel MelvilleView
HornWilliam Edward and Edith MayTerence NoelView
HowarthCharles Wilfred and Florence MayEdna MayView
HowarthCharles Wilfred and Florence MayPhyllis Florence DoreenView
HowarthCharles Wilfred and Florence MayWilfred ThomasView
HowarthCharles Wilfred and Florence MaySheila DorothyView
HowarthCharles Wilfred and florence MayJoanView
HoweFrank and Sarah MarthaMaud Naomi WilhelminaView
HoweFrank and Sarah MarthaFrank William CecilView
Howe-ElyFrederick and FriedaFrancisView
HowesCharles Michael and EvaCharles MichaelView
HowesCharles Michael Meese? and EvaBolton ShewardView
HowittAlbert Edward and Gertrude MaryPhyllis GertrudeView
HowittAlbert Edward and Gertrude MaryKenneth AlbertView
HughesDavid and EmmaKenneth GordonView
HughesAubrey and Doreen MaudePeter MichaelView
HumanJames Bibbon and Esme EstherEdward JamesView
HumanJames Gibbon and Esme EstherAllen JohnView
HumanJames Gibbon and Esme EstherDennis McCabeView
HunterIan Ferguson and Rose AliciaIan NorrieView
HuxhamLeslie John and Aletta DorotheaRuth AgnesView
HuxhamLeslie John and Aletta DorothyDoreen ElizabethView
HydeCharles and Martha EmilyDoreen EthelView
HoldstockHarry Aubrey and Phyllis OliveHeather PhyllisView
HoganMichael James and Rose JuliaGerard SydneyView
HoffeldtMichael Adolf and Wilhelmina Johanna ChristinaCecillia VerinaView
HoffeldtMichael Adolf and Wilhelmina Johanna ChristinaJohannes JosephView
HendersonWilliam Jarvis Palmer and Elaine RoseMarion JeanView
HayidakisDemitri and PeggieNolanView
HobsonJohn Percy and Olive MaudTrevor JohnView
HuxhamBertram Thorning and NorahAngelaView
HendersonWilliam Jarvis Palmer and Elaine RoseAndrew JohnView
HerbertIvan William Bernard and Sybil GertrudeDeniseView
HeegerEdmund Leonard and Helen Agnes CarringtonEdmund Andrew JohnView
Hare-BowersHenry Thompson and Phyllis MayGlynisView
HalligeyFrederick Joseph and Kathleen MaryNicholas PaulView
HerbertIvan William Bernard and Sybil GertrudeGlynisView
HerbertAubrey Stanley and Dorothy ConstanceJoanView
Hagan??Michael AnthonyView
HuttonEgan William and Dorothy WaltonAnthony JohnView
HayidakisDemetri and PeggieAnthonyView
HeathThomas and ClassinaCynthia MargaretView
HaselauLance Herbert and Molly GeraldineNigel LanceView
HarryIvan and CarolineHazel WendyView
HebbardMichael John and Patricia MayLynlee Patricia MichelleView
HendersonWilliam James Palmer and Elaine RosaRoss DavidView
HowarthClaude Raymond and Marina ElizabethJennifer ElizabethView
HerbertIvan and SybilJeanView
HerbertIvan and SybilLynetteView
HoneyColin William and JessieFrank GeorgeView
HeathThomas George and Johanna MariaCornelia DorotheaView
HeegerTerence Neville and AvisCraig AnthonyView
Hilliar??Keith GrahamView
Holder??William George JosephView
HiggsThomas William and MaryMarion LesleyView
HoskynPeter Robin and Mary ElizabethJane ElizabethView
HallettKenneth Roy and Jacoba JohannaMarilyn BarbaraView
HoganMichael Ernest and Cecilia HelenaRaymond ErnestView
HowarthClaude Raymond Durant and Marina ElizabethGeoffreyView
HaselauWalter Edward and Minnie ShirleyTerrance AnthonyView
HebbardMichael John and Patricia MayJill Helen Allison View
HilliarKeith Graham and Daphne ValerieHilton BrianView
HartPeter Herbert and Elizabeth CraigJonathanView
HiggsThomas William and MaryRobert WilliamView
HoyleDennis Percy and DoreenPatricia ZenaView
HughesKenneth Gordon and Joan LorraineAudrey BerylView
HughesKenneth Gordon and Joan LorraineKenneth GavinView
HiggsThomas William and MaryKathleen MaryView
HollisStanley William and Joan SusanMichelle SusanView
HoganMichael Ernest and Cecilia HelenaNico PeterView
HoganMichael Ernest and Cecilia HelenaAndre BernardView
HeathcoteEdward Malloch and Sheila PatersonDavid GeorgeView
Hart-DavisSidney John and Clara PatriciaPeter JohnView
HayidakisDemetri and PeggieLynnView
HayidakisDemetri and PeggieRobinView
HughesKenneth Gordon and Joan LorraineMichael DavidView
HallPhyllis Irene Ward and SydneyJohn DavidView
HarryIvan Edgar and Caroline RositaIlona CharmainView
HoskynPeter Robin and Mary ElizabethPatricia RobinView
HoskynPeter Robin and Mary ElizabethSusan AnnView
HiggsThomas William and MaryAlison WendyView
HensbergEdgar Rudolph and GustieWendy AnnView
HartBruce William Balne and Jennifer AnneWendy JeanView
Hart-DavisSidney John and Clara PatriciaSally AnnView
HughesKenneth Gordon and Joan LorraineDebra DarleneView
HowarthClaude Raymond Durant and Marina ElizabethDebbie AnnView
HeathThomas Brian Charles and Averil Ann MabelHeln RoslynneView
HollisStanley William and Joan SusanDean WilliamView
HeathWilliam Andrew and Hilda MinnieJohn HenryView
HoganEddward Robert and Gwenda HeatherWilliam FrankView
HoltVernon and Priscilla Estelle GloriaErikaView
HoltVernon and Priscilla Estella GloriaMaxView
HoyleDennis Percy and DoreenKevinView
HarrisonRobin Edward and Verna RuthJulie RosemaryView
HawthorneJohn Barry and Margaret JoyAlison LeeView
HoltVernon and Priscilla Estelle GloriaAlecView
HughesKenneth Gordon and Joan LorraineSandra LynnView
HenningsJames Neil and JoyceGraeme SeanView
HoyleDennis Percy and DoreenGaryView
HughesPeter Michael and Shena MaryStephen MichaelView
HawtayneJohn Franks Spencer and Frances MaryEileen MayView
HulseEric Walter and GwendolynAlison Frank WillieView
HulseEric Walter and GwendolynEric TrevorView
HalgreenFred Johannes and Katie MariaCornelius GerhardusView
HalgreenFred Johannes and Katie MariaMaria SusanView
HedasheJames Kumsha and Margaret MakiweRosie NotamsangaView
HolmesEdward Bruce and Rhoda AdaMary AdeleView
HillJohn Edward Milns and Sylvia DorisJoyce KathleenView
HillJohn Edward Milns and Sylvia DorisMaurice EdwardView
HalgreenFrederick John and Maria KatrinaAletta FranscinaView
HalgreenFrederick John and Maria KatrinaSophia ElizabethView
HolmesEdward Bruce and Ada RhodaJoan MoiraView
HalgreenFrederick Johannes and Katrina MariaIrene DoreenView
HolmesEdward Bruce and Rhoda AdaVieda RuthView
HoggCharles Edwin and Evelyn BertheDawnView
HooleSlfred Elijah and Matilda MaudStanleyView
HulseEric Walter and Lizzie Gwendoline VictoriaJohn ColinView
HollisEdwin Owen and Cornelia Magrita ElizabethChester ChristianView
HollisEdwin Owen and Cornelia Magrieta ElizabethOwen EdwinView
HarveyLawrence Horwood Ness and Cicely YvonneJill KathleenView
HarveyLawrence Horwood Ness and Cicely YvonneBrynView
HundlebyChristopher John and Rosemary FaithJane ElizabethView
HundlebyChristopher John Brotherton and Rosemary FaithSusan ClareView
HolmesClive Anton and Petronella MargrethaLesterView
HollisOwen Edwin and Jennifer ElizabethColleen ElizabethView
HydeAlexander Weir and Fanny Sophia HolmesArthur JosephView
HydeAlexander Weir and Fanny Sophia HolmesLennox CawoodView
HarveyAlfred and Frances ElizabethMary HannahView
HarveyAlfred and Frances ElizabethAliceView
HillmanCharles and BetsyHarrietView
HoworthCharles and MatildaWilliam FrederickView
HowarthCharles and MatildaCharles HenryView
HeughChristian Frederick and Maria Elizabeth SomersetHerbert HeathcoteView
HookDavid Blair and Elizabeth EmmaNora ElizabethView
HookDavid Blair and Elizabeth EmmaGodfrey BlairView
HowellEdgar and SelinaEthel LilienView
HowellEdgar and SelinaCara EleanorView
HerringshawEdward and GraceGraceView
HerringshawEdward and GraceLouisa MariaView
HolmanEdward and JaneJessie MariaView
HardmanEdward Rawdon and Frances ChristinaEdward SamuelView
HollowayElizabeth Johanna and GeorgeAnna CorneliaView
HenwickFrederick IsabellaArthur WaardeView
HardingGeorge and Emily Lucy StringfellowFrederick HamiltonView
HeadHenry Leonard and Mary AnneFlorence MaryView
HuntleyHugh Campbell and Maria LouisaEthel HuntleyView
HuntleyHugh Campbell and Maria LouisaHarold GraftonView
HayesHumphrey and Emily MarionViolet Jessie HarriettView
HeadIsaac and HannahIsaacView
HamptonJames and AnneJamesView
HawkinsJames and Mary ElizabethCharles Edward William JohnView
HurfordJames Charles and ElizabethFrederick John ThomasView
HurfordJames Charles and ElizabethAlice MaudView
HurfordJames Charles and ElizabethAlfred CharlesView
HurfordJames Charles and ElizabethGertrude MabelView
HartwellJesse and MarthaLucy WilkinsView
HartwellJesse and MarthaClara TamzenView
HartwellJesse and MarthaCharles HenryView
HartwellJesse and MarthaFrederick JamesView
HarrisJob and MaryMaryView
HolmesJohn and CarolineJamesView
HolmesJohn and CarolineJohnView
HoyleJohn and Emma SlumanWilliam John PercyView
HoneyJohn Farley and Margaret EllenMitford John FoxcroftView
HurfordJohn George and AnnieNorah KathleenView
HamblinJoseph and SarahMary Ann ElizabethView
HallJoseph Henry and SarahFlorence MayView
HawkenMatthew and Martha WedderburnArthur LlewellynView
HawkenMatthew and Martha WedderburnEdith MaryView
HurnRobert and JaneRachel EmilyView
HeywardThomas and MargaretEmma MaryView
HannahThomas Henderson and Mary AnnPeterView
HirstTitus and CatherineGeorge AllenView
HewetsonWallace and MaryLaura JaneView
HewetsonWallace and MaryRichard MasonView
HiggsWilliam and AnnAlice LouisaView
HillsWilliam and EmmaWilliamView
HicksWilliam and MargaretGeorge Robert MasseyView
HarrisWilliam and Mary AnneElizabeth StaceyView
HarireWilliam Henry and CatherineElizabethView
HardwickEdward and Mary JaneEdward AlbertView
HullEdward Joseph and ElizabethJohn RobertView
HardwickEdward and Mary JaneMaud MaryView
HallEdward Joseph and ElizabethWalter HenryView
HollandFrank and Sarah AnneSusan CrouchView
HollandFrank and Sarah AnneCatherine JaneView
HollandFrank and Sarah AnneThomas CromptonView
HollandFrank and Sarah AnneJohn EdwardView
HardwickEdward and Mary JaneRupert EdwardView
HardwickEdward and Mary JaneHelen EdithView
HolzkemberLouis Henry and AugustaCaroline Charlotte Johanna FrederikaView
HarveyWilliam Edward T. C. and Fanny W.Fanny SheppersonView
HaynesCharles and ElizabethSarahView
HowardPatrick and Elizabeth GoldsmithJohn ValentineView
HinwoodJohn Bartlee and Janet FerriesRobert James Thomas?View
HaleJames and SarahCecil GeorgeView
Hough (Heugh?)Edward and Maria MarthaMaria AnnaView
HuntJohn and CarolineAlice HarrietView
HaslamGeorge and ClaraWilliam HenryView
Hough (Heugh?)Antonio Jacobus and MariaAnna ChristinaView
HinwoodJohn Bartlee and Janet FerriesGeorge Horatio WainwrightView
Hicks?William and Mary ElizabethHenry BoertView
HeathfieldWilliam and LucyJamesView
HadlowAlbert and ElizaJamesView
HaughtonRichard and AnnThomasView
HeughAnthony Jacobus and MariaAnthonyView
HuntJohn and CarolineAnn MaryView
HanneganWilliam and Johanna HelenaWilliam Alfred ChristianView
HuntThomas and EngelaHenrietta MariaView
HendersonWilliam and Sarah MariaEliza JaneView
HofmannFred and Augusta SophieNita JosephineView
HofmannFred and Augusta SophieNiobeView
HallLawrence Knott and Beryl Theresa EdaWanda NoreenView
HollandJoseph Frank and Edna PeaceCyril ArthurView
HumanJohn Henry and JuliaLoisView
HollandJoseph Frank and Edna PeaceBasil JohnView
HattinghJoseph Jacobus Herculus and Maud IdaErnest GordonView
HodgsonBeatrice Joyce and JohnRobin BeckettView
HumanJohn Henry and JuliaAubreyView
HartJack Curtis and Vera SylviaLionel GeorgeView
HofmannMorton and GertrudeStella MavisView
HofmannMorton and GertrudeThora ThelmaView
HofmannMorton George Arthur and GertrudeEileen AugustaView
HodgsonJohn and Beatrice JoyceEdward BeckettView
HartJoseph Thompson and Doris LilianJoseph CorneilleView
HoldenHenry Thomas and Gertrude ChristinaRoy AmuelView
HillChilderic Henry and LouisaHugh RichardView
HartJoseph Thompson and Doris LilianDavid CorneilleView
HeyerEdward William Frederick and Catherine JohannaVerona EdithView
HutchensIan and Edith ChristianJoan SoutheyView
HaywardHerbert Laurence and Joyce IrisNola JoyceView
HillChilderic Henry and LouisaMaureenView
HofmannGeorge Arthur and Augusta GertrudeMorton Bertram EricView
HartleyWalter Cresswell and Kathleen ElizabethWalter WinstonView
HillChilderic Henry and LouisaGillianView
HaywardJoyce Iris and Herbert LawrenceFrederick GeorgeView
HindsAubrey Leonard and Daphne Ada (Forword)Joy MelodyView
HaywardHerbert Laurence and Joyce IrisHerbert GordonView
HartJoseph Thompson and Doris LilianAllan kenneth CorneilleView
HeathcoteReginald Avent Lifford Percy and Annie LouiseJyllian JoyView
HutchonsIan and Edith ChristianJill EdithView
HegerRichard Herbert Edward and Shirley CarrRichard BrianView
HartKenneth William Miles and Margaret EleanorGraham Kenneth LyonView
HartMalcolm George and Dorothy EdithGeorge MervynView
HartMalcolm George and Dorothy EdithNoleen AnnView
HartKenneth William Miles and Margaret EleanorPeter Clive LyonView
HolleyLester George and Dorothy ThelmaLorraine NoeleneView
HarrisonNoland Stanfield and Esmi EvelynCarrol AnnView
HartKenneth William and Margaret ElinorCarol Elizabeth LyonView
HartMalcolm George and Dorothy EdithKevin AtholView
HutchisonRobert Burns and Margaret EleanorHenry GammidgeView
HillLaurence Wilhelm and Edna MaySandra PearlView
HelwanaEnoch and Nolimit (Mandyundyu)NozenzeleView
HartMalcolm George and Dorothy EdithLorna EdithView
HartKenneth William Miles and Margaret EleanorBarbara Margaret LyonView
HarrisonVivian John and Margaret YvonneWendy ValerieView
HillRoland Desmond and Nancy DoloresDelorae HeatherView
HillRoland Desmond and Nancy DoloresDelorae HeatherView
HarrisonVivian John and Margaret YvonneWendy ValerieView
HillRoland Desmond and Nancy DeloresKevin KeithView
HewsonRaymond George and Cynthia YvonneColin Owen12 February 1958View
HardwichJohn Sales Thackwray and Barbara Claire StewartBarbara AnneView
HardwichJohn Sales Thackwray and Barbara Claire StewartJean MargaretView
HillGeorge Walter and BronwenDavid TimothyView
HumanGert Luke and JacobaLuke AbrahamView
HarrisDonovan Campbell and Jennifer JillLindsay AnnView
HillLawrence Wilhelm and Edna MayMichelle AnneView
HadlowWilliam Albert and Rosemary AnnShereen AnnView
HarrisDonovan Campbell and Jennifer JillClinton RobertView
HelwaraEnoch and NolimitJiotiView
HelwaraEnoch and NolimitPotisaView
HelwaraEnoch and NolimitSamfaView
HadleyDaniel and IreneTrevlyn WarrenView
HollandRobert and Sarah FrancesEmmaView
HeenanWilliam and AliceWilliamView
HamJohn and AnnChristopher WilliamView
HearnsJohn and SusannahJaneView
HearnsJohn and SusannaEmmaView
HowarthHenry William and JaneEvelina GertrudeView
HowarthHenry William and JaneWilliam Charles MontagueView
HartWilliam and Johanna CathrenaJohanna CathrenaView
HowarthHenry William and JaneHenry GuildfordView
HartWilliam and Johannah CathrinaEdwin CharlesView
HowarthHenry William and JaneBeatrice GwendolineView
HartWilliam and Johannah CathrinaHenry ThomasView
HartEdward and Martha AndrewsHenry HerbertView
HowarthHenry William and JaneCatherine Margaret IreneView
HartWilliam and Johanna CathrinaSarah MariaView
HawkinsJohn William and Emma SarahCharles McAlisterView
HollinsJohn Frederick and Mary CharlotteMary RuthView
HuntlyHugh Campbell and Maria LouiseNoel CharlesView
HymanHenry John and Elizabeth AnnHenry ThomasView
HartEdward and Martha AndrewsHelena Johanna LouisaView
HuttonThomas and Harriet Eliza BoyceJean Gordon WilmotView
HuntlyHugh Campbell and Maria LouiseGladys Isabel HopeView
HowardPeter and Sarah CatharinePeterView
HarveyAlbert and FannyFredView
HuttonThomas and Harriet Eliza BoyceDorothy HuttonView
HartEdward and Martha AndrewsMinnie HildaView
HarveyAlbert and FannyGeorge HenryView
HarveyAlbert and FannyBertieView
HarveyAlbert and FannyHubertView
HarveyAlbert and FannyRose EdithView
HartEdward and Martha AndrewsEdward AlbertView
HartWilliam and Johanna CathrinaDavidView
HowarthErnest William and Ella GertrudeElla MurielView
HowarthErnest William and Ella GertrudeErnest NevilleView
HowarthErnest William and Ella GertrudeZoe CliffordView
HendricksPhilip and CarolineMariaView
HowarthErnest William and Ella GertrudeEdna MaryView
HowarthErnest William and Ella GertrudeErnest HamiltonView
HartEdward and Martha AndrewsJane NosworthyView
HowarthErnest William and Ella GertrudeFrank MilnerView
HowarthErnest William and Ella GertrudeHazel MaudeView
HarveyAlbert Edward and MaryTrevor Walter WadmoreView
HartHenry H. and Janet M.Hilton IvorView
HarrisonWilliam B. and Estelle A.Michael WilliamView
HartHerbert H. and JanetKeith EdwardView
HartHilton Ivor and June Merlyn LaviniaKathryn JoyView
HartHilton Ivor and June Merlyn LaviniaAlan HiltonView
HartHilton Ivor and June Merlyne LaviniaLauren KellyView
HandleyDerrick Frank and Rae ThoraCherylView
HobsonJonathan Blyth and RoswithaRoy Peter View
HeunisEdmund Ferdinand and Violet MaudBiancaView
HillDavid Timothy and Raewyn SaddletonBryn JamesView
HodgkinsonGeorge and FlorenceJimmie EdwardView
HewsonSamuel and MaryPhyllis JaneView
HanssenHilmer and RosaNeva IdaView
HewitsonWallace Owen and MarieLewisView
HunterWilliam and FredaFicifoliaView
HurnJoseph Charles and Aletta DorotheaDaisy VioletView
HurnGodfrey Henry and Ada JaneDennis VivianView
HuntFinis Leonard and Magdalena CathrenaDorothy MagdalenaView
HicksKatieAnnie GeorginaView
HutchinsonJohn and Elizabeth FlorenceJoan FrancesView
HewetsonFrank Norman and Martha JacobaAletta FredrikaView
HoyleJohn Henry and Dorothy EllenNeville ArthurView
HoftCharles Henry and Ivy MayShirley MaureenView
HodgkinsonWilfred and Ruby MayHenton StuartView
HicksRaymond Kenneth and VioletBerniceView
HurnRobert and ElaineRobert GeorgeView
HuntFinis Leonard and Magdalena CathrenaLeonard GeorgeView
HanssenJohn Andrew and Susanna MagdalenaJohnView
HewetsonWallace Owen and Maria SusannaWallace LynnView
HodgkinsonLyle Hilton and Enid SylviaDenzil GrahamView
HaywardCecil John and Phyllis AmeliaMitford CecilView
HunterWilliam Henry and FredaCalophylla FredaView
HurnRobert William and Elaine BlancheWilliam DennisView
HumphriesHilton Herbert and Veronica MayMervyn HiltonView
HumphriesHilton Herbert and Veronica MayMerle HelenView
HanssenHilmer Theodore and RosaRodney TheodoreView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace Hentza and Ruby MayClive BryanView
HodgkinsonGeorge and KathleenRodney GeorgeView
HowsonErnest Leo and Henrietta MurielMargaret RoseView
HoyerTheodore Frederick and Frances ElizabethSandra ElizabethView
HodgkinsonGeorge William and Kathleen AnnMyrna DawnView
HewetsonWallace Owen and Maria Susanna ChristineGeneView
HaywardCecil John and Phyllis AmeliaRobert Patrick WinstonView
HodgkinsonLyle Hilton and Enid SylviaTerence MalcolmView
HodgkinsonGeorge William and Kathleen AnnJoan EniceView
HowardReginald Dirk and JohannaJoan EnidView
HolmesPatrick Terrence McSweeney and Dorothy AlicePatrick WilliamView
HewetsonFrank Norman and Martha JacobaFrank NormanView
HunterGeorge Edmund and Petronella Cornelia JohannaMay DaphneView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace Hentoer and Ruby MayCyril Malcolm View
HowsonErnest Leo and Henrietta MurielErnest JohnView
HiggsArthur John and Isabel ElizabethSheila AliceView
HuntGeorge Frederick and Gwenneth JoyMarjorieView
HowsonErnest Leo and Henrietta MurielDoreen AnneView
HuntGeorge Frederick and Gwenneth JoyDeniseView
HadcockClaude Hamilton and Laura GertrudeCheryl AnnView
HewitsonCatherine MariaJune LynetteView
HoyerTheodore Frederick and Frances ElizabethFrederick EdwardView
HarveyLeonard Raymond and Monica ElydiaDiane BarbaraView
HeinrichJohn Paul Max and Adrienne PeterSusan BarbaraView
HunterCecil George and Valerie ElizabethPetronella DereseView
HeidtmannClifford Ernest and Lena MarthaRalph RonaldView
HuntGeorge Frederick and Gwenneth JoyThomas GeorgeView
HarveyLeonard and Monica LillianSherril AnnView
HolmesPatrick Terence and Dorothy AliceRosemarie JoyView
HamerEdgar William Morgan and Daphne JoySharon DeleneView
HumphriesHilton Hubert and Veronica MayGraham DuncanView
HodgkinsonWilfred Wallace Henton and Ruby MaySandra ElaineView
HewsonNeville George and Joyce JanetLovelyn AntheaView
HowieClyde McInnes and ShielaLaren MichaelView
HolmesPatrick Terrence McSweeney and Dorothy AliceRaymond PeterView
HempelMalcolm Dilleon and Thelma LouisaCalvern AnthonyView
HewsonErrol William and Sylvia Emilie AnnaAlthea IreneView
HermanJames Frowzs and Cynthia JoyceGeorge JohnnyView
HiscockDerrick and Doreen PhyllisShaun KevinView
HarperWarwick Charles and MollyKevin Charles WarwickView
HempelMalcolm Dillion and Thelma LouisaDebra LynneView
HallJames Victor and Moira HarrietKatherine LillianView
HewsonErrol William and Sylvia Emilie AnnaWendy HaroleenView
HallJames Victor and Moira HarrietEdmund StephenView
HowieClyde McInnes and SheilaMargotView
HoldstockAubrey Kenneth and LucilleDeborah JaneView
HillGlen Worthington and Phyllis ElizabethShaunView
HiscockDerrick and Doreen PhyllisBrent GarthView
HermanJames Frowzs and Cynthia JoyceCynthia JoyceView
HillRichard Allan Peter and Lorna GaelWendy ReneeView
HewetsonFrank Norman and Kathleen PhyllisGary EdwardView
HenningDouw Gert Brand and Joan EnidMichelle MeganView
HewetsonFrank Norman and Kathleen PhyllisWayne EvanView
HenningDouw Gert Brand and Joan EnidChantelle MelanieView
HewittJack Edwin Cherbourg and Merle LorettaJohn DouglasView
HaywardBrian Norman and Lynnette JeanMeganView
HaganWilliam O'Neill and Wilhelmina CatherineVernon RedmondView
HillPeter William Olaf and JaneyEstelle MarionView
HendricksSamuel and JaneSamuel PeterView
HillJames and ElizabethViolet Olive MariaView
HiscockFrederick Emmanuel and Sarah Ann LilianSydney JamesView
HoyleEdward and Freda MaryMildred AudreyView
HamiltonFrank and Mary ElizabethFrederic CampbellView
HavernickLouie William and Bertha BeatriceEdwin DouglasView
HarrawayFrederick and VestaPhoebeView
HedderwickJames Alexander and Lilian Georgina MariaThelma KateView
Holland??Frederick JosephView
HarrisonAlbert Alfred and Amy EmmelineAlfred EdwinView
Hill??Johanna SpraggView
Hill??Catherine ElizabethView
HearneDavid Lewis and Emily MyrtleDoreen StellaView
HookaJames and Emily JamesStephenView
HookaJames and Emily JamesElizabethView
Howe??Isabella Hunter StuartView
Hill??Thomas JamesView
HindsAllan Cecil and Olive HildredRobert CecilView
HoneywillPeter and Maggie GaviaVictor HaigView
HillJames and ElizabethStanley Edwin SamsonView
HoweJohn Edward and Myrtle IreneJoyce IreneView
HoweCharles Weston and Isabella Hunter StuartElaine CampbellView
HoffmanAbraham and Jurlina LenaAbraham CorneliusView
HiscockFrederick Emmanuel and Sarah Ann LilianLilian McFarlaneView
HillArthur Herbert Jocelyn and Gwladys Turnour de LormeVivienne Mary JocelynView
HickmanFrederick Charles and Blanche LevinaFrederick PranceView
HurnRobert George and Annie MarthaConstance IrisView
HiscockJohn and Elsie ElizabethArthur GeorgeView
HaverwickLouis William August and Bertha BeatriceDorothy EsmeView
Hasenjager??Walter FrederickView
Hasenjager??Elfrida EvaView
HocklyOwen and GraceNeilView
HewetsonWilliam Ernest and AnnieEdward JohnView
HarrisEdward Herbert and Julia LouisaIrene PhyllisView
HuntGeorge Alfred and Ada AnettaCyrilView
HoneywillPeter and Maggie GarinDoris WinifredView
Harris??Frederick LawrenceView
HawthorneWilliam Walter17 May 1896View
HavernickHilda MaryJoyceView
HumphreyWilliam Harold and Joyce TheodoraLois ElizabethView
HarmerCecil Guy and Ilse OlgaEric GuyView
HoweCharles Weston and IsabellaJoyce FeliciaView
HammersleySidney and MargaretPatricia MaryView
HornJohannes Jacobus and AliceThora Louisa ElizabethView
HunterFred Gerald and Margaret MagdeleneLeonard JamesView
HumphreysHarold Hartley and Leonora ElizabethGwendoline DaphneView
HewetsonWilliam Ernest and AnnieJohn ErnestView
HicksElizabethJasmine CarolineView
HumphreyWilliam Harold and Joyce TheodoraRodney BryantView
HarrisHarold Fallaize and Dorothy PrimroseDouglas HaroldView
HeathJohn Henry and MarthaElizabeth CatherineView
HedderwickJames Alexander and Lilian GeorginaMoreen IsabelleView
HidgsonThomas Akroyd and Constance EloiseAnn MarieView
HewetsonWilliam and AnnieWallace FrankView
HamlettWilliam John and Johanna FredrikaDouglas JohnView
HasnarStephen Manley and Eleanor MaudeHope OliveView
HurnRobert George and Annie MarthaLilah PeggyView
HindGeorge Victor and PearlOwen GeorgeView
HornAliceBasil AlfredView
HiscockFrederick and LilyWynefrede Violet Millicent blancheView
HoskynRobert Henry O'Driscoll and HenriettaPeter RobinView
HeathHenry and MarthaEdith LenaView
HarmerCecil Guy and Olga IlseAlbert Keith WiltshireView
HindleHarold Cecil and Elsie KathleenHarold RoyView
HickeyWilliam Patrick and Hendrita MariaPatricia JoanView
HasenjagerWalter Frederick and Doris CarlaLloydView
HarryEdward and DelilahOwen CyrillView
HewetsonWilliam Ernest and AnnieGeorgina GraceView
HutchisonHarold James and Emily PrudenceVivian JamesView
HumphreyWilliam Harold and Joyce TheodoraWilliam HaroldView
HeathClifford Vincent and Thelma MayDawn MayView
HegeleTom and Esther MariaThelmaView
HutchisonVivian James and MargaretVivian TrevorView
HumphreysHarold Hartley and Leonora ElizabethHerbert O'Dee?View
HamlettWilliam John and Johanna FredrickaKenneth ArthurView
HoskynRobert Henry O'Driscoll and HenriettaRobert RichardView
HensbergErnest William and AliceSylvia AliceView
HollandFrederick Joseph and Susan AnnJames JosephView
HarryEdward Hercock and Tossie DailiaGlen EdwinView
HewetsonWilliam Ernest and AnnieDorothy JoyceView
HedderwickJames Joseph and Hester FlorenceElizabeth LilianView
HenningPeter Henry Bernard and Ethleen MaudJoan AudreyView
HenningJohannes Philippus and Florence LouisaEuniceView
HaikneyJames Hall and Sheila AnnRobert HamishView
HewetsonEdward and MarthaErick EdwardView
HurnArchibald James and Wilhelmina FredericaFrancis OliverView
HoweGeorge Harold and Mary HayJohn Frederick GeorgeView
HartsliefJohan David and Anna CatherineKenneth NormanView
HallWalter Netherleigh and Bertha AugustaColin LeighView
HindGeorge Victor and PearlHenry keithView
HowellMichael Martin Charles and RubyWilliam Thomas EkronView
HamlettWilliam John and Johanna FredrickaLaura JoanView
HepburnEbenezer Dawson and Gladys WinifredBrian DawsonView
HepburnEbenezer Dawson and Gladys WinifredRichard JohnView
HollandDouglas Orpen Huntly and Eva FrancesAndre Sothern GascoigneView
HarryEdward and DalliahEdgar IvorView
HewetsonEdward and MarthaAnnie ElizabethView
HendricksChristian and LenaJohannes CorneliusView
HurnRobert George and Annie MarthaMaria ShirleyView
HaikneyJames Hall and Sheila AnnKeith HallView
HowardPeter James and Alice LouisaMarjorie MayView
HocklyOwen and GraceKeithView
HedderwickJames and Hester FlorenceJames Alexander JosephView
HutchinsonVivian James and MargaretJoan MargaretView
HewetsonEdward and Martha RinoDavid GeorgeView
HunterReginald George and Lilian BradshawMichael John HarrisView
HayterHenry Olive Bertram and Stella ConstanceBertram DonaldView
HarryEdward Enoch and Mariam DallahCynthia Ruth EvaView
HookerWilliam Graham and EileenCynthia MerleView
HewetsonWilliam Ernest and AnnieDaphne AngelinaView
HaywardBertram Joseph and Mabel BerthaMalcolm JosephView
HeinKenneth Otto Andrew and Lucy SusanMarlene LucyView
HattinghDaniel William and Dorothy ElizabethSheena LouisaView
HenningsRichard and Ellen (Swain)LilliaView
HumanCharlie and LucyAllenView
HarryHarriet ValaganiaRuth Samathamn PatriciaView
HeldsingerCharles Francis and Veronica EthelCharles JamesView
HedderwickRobert Walter and Christina MaryMalcolm EdwardView
HandEverett Malcolm and Wilhelmina PetronellaDoreen LoraineView
HenwoodDouglas Edward and Blanche MargaretteLeslie GeorgeView
HendricksHernoldus Johannes Stephens and ElizabethLenieView
HopeRonald James Carfrae and Jacquetta MaryJean MaryView
HeidtmannAlfred Charles and May Katie KathleenRaymond DavidView
HandArthur and Stella RachelPrudenceView
HumphreyRodney Bryant and Joan BerylAnnView
HarryIvon Edward and Caroline RositaDelia ArletteView
HayneArthur Ernest and Hester AntoinetteCheryl AnnView
HandEverett Malcolm and Wilhelmina PetronellaNola AdinaView
HattinghMichael John and Anna Jacoba DorotheaPaulineView
HendricksArnoldus Johannes and ElizabethAnnView
HuntFrank Edward and Joyce Edith AnnieJillian BeatriceView
HewitsonDavid Christian and Beryl RubyBrian DavidView
HuberJoseph and JoyceDorothy CatherineView
HughesReginald Ernest and Irene CynthiaAlan ErnestView
HurnStanley Edward and Vineta DoreenStanley WilliamView
Hillsteadwilliam Roe Spence and Constance Mary GertrudeChristopher WilliamView
HarveyLeonard Raymond and Monica LydiaLeonard VivianView
HughesJohn Arlington and Claire MargaretGillian LouiseView
HuberJoseph Marcus and JoyceFrances JoanView
HartJoseph Thomas and Cecily ConstanceJohn SlaterView
HayneArthur Ernest and Hester AntoinetteJohn ArthurView
HumphreyRodney Bryant and Joan BerylRobinView
HillsteadWilliam Roe Spence and Constance Mary GertrudeKenneth EdwardView
HarryIvan Edgar and CarolineIvan EdgarView
HuberJoseph and JoyceTheodoreView
HedderwickRobert Walter and Christina MaryLarry MarkView
HopeRonald James Carfrae and Jacquetta MaryChristine AlisonView
HumphreyRodney Bryant and Joan BerylLoieView
HuberJoseph Marcus and JoyceCarol AnnView
HillsteadWilliam Roe Spence and Constance Mary GertrudeMarianne DorothyView
HayneFredric Robert and Magdalena DorotheaChristopher RobertView
HealyAndrew Patrick and Anna SusannaWilhelmina Francina CarolinaView
HuberJoseph Marcus and JoyceMarie AnnView
HerbertAlan Spencer and Jean LilianJeremy SpencerView
HodgettsArthur Hamilton and CorneliaGlenda AnneView
HaynePercy James and Edna LaurelDouglas MalcolmView
HurnSamuel Edwards and Rosalin BarbaraBrian David KeithView
HewitsonDavid Christian and Beryl RubyMichael JohnView
HanssenKeith John and Lorna JeanDavid KeithView
HanssenKeith John and Lorna JeanRosemary JeanView
HendricksHernoldus and ElizabethFelicity AnnView
HermanThomas Ignatius and Rose CeciliaGloria AnnView
HugoJohn Thomas and PamelaSharonView
HawesGodfrey Thomas and Iris EileenJennifer SusanView
HulleyJames and JoyceShirley MarjorieView
HarlingFred and Ann DorothyJudith AnnView
HayneArthur Ernest and Hester AntoinetteMark MartinView
HendricksWillem and MaureenVeronica AlettaView
HigleyClarence Frederick Norton and Sybil Virginia MaryPaddy WalterView
HeronThomas Geoffrey and Jean ValerieSusan MaryView
HayesLionel Edward Brian and Marie ElizabethBrian DavidView
HewetsonLewis and Louisa AnnGillian AnnView
HumphreyWilliam Harold and June MaryHarold GrantView
HuberJoseph and JoyceKevin StevenView
HawesGodfrey Thomas and Iris EileenShane RobertView
HewetsonWallace Lynn and Cornelia Isabella PetronellaOwen EdwardView
HurnSamuel Edward and Rosalin BarbaraEdward HermanView
HoareShirley Ogilvie and LaureenJudy AnneView
HugoJohn Thomas and PamelaReeon ArmitageView
HodgsonDeliaPeter ChristopherView
HewetsonWallace Lynn and Cornellia Isabella PetronellaDianeView
HastingsArthur and Robina May IsobelJanice SybilView
HartleyRonald Frere and YvonneKimView
HermanThomas Ignatius and Rose CeciliaAnnette RosalindView
HenningsBrian Victor and Daphne Sarah MaureenVenette VenesseView
HislopAdam Robert and Dawn LloydDebbie LynneView
HumphreyRodney Bryant and Joan BerylJillView
HumphreyRodney Bryant and Joan BerylMargotView
HarrisMelvyn Roy and Elna DoreenCharlotte AnnView
HeatherJohn Anthony and Patricia CynthiaJohn RobertView
HibellGordon Robert and Gwenda VivienDavid RobertView
HartleyRonald Frere and YvonneGuy FrereView
HugoPiere and Heloise FaithTanyaView
HuntEric Bryan and Monica MaryClaire ElaineView
HuntEric Bryan and Monica MaryStephen EricView
HuttonReginald William and Phyllis Jean RadcliffeDavid AshView
HartleyRonald Frere and YvonneJulieView
HugoPierre and Heloise FaithBridgetteView
HewittRoger Colin and Johanna MariaLiezalView
HallLindley George and Verilyn RosemaryGail SherylView
HallLindley George and Verilyn RosemaryDiane BrendaView
HallLindley George and Verilyn RosemaryCarol WendyView
HayColin Roy and Sylvia DorothyGregory RoyView
HewittRoger Colin and Johanna MariaOdessaView
HaslerHenry and SarahCharles HenryView
HenzeHenry and EmilyCharlotte Henrietta HermanaView
HaslerHenry and SarahFlorence CharlotteView
HolzhemberLouis Henry and AugustaCaroline Charlotte Johanna FrederikaView
HarveyWilliam Edward T. C. and Fanny W.Fanny SheppersonView
HillArthur and HelenEsther FlorenceView
HaywardWilliam Henry and Mary AnnJohannah CatherineView
HilesMatthew Francis and Millicent SarahMatthew JeremiahView
HaywardWilliam Henry and Mary AnnOliver ClarenceView
HillJesse and LouisaCharles AlfredView
HillWilliam and Alice JoannaWilliam TimothyView
HayWilliam and FrancesWilliam HomerView
HickmanRichard Adolphus and Katherine Charlotte JuliaettaFrederick WilliamView
HaywardWilliam Henry and Mary AnnWinifred EthelView
HillJesse and LouisaViolet MabelView
HickmanGeorge Henry and EmmaAmy Ellen MaudView
HillWilliam and Alice JoannaAlice MaudView
HodgesFrederick James and MarianMay Marian WillisView
HareWilliam and FrancesHarry LeightonView
HenleyRichard Rapley and Matilda JaneBlanche Emily MaudView
HillJesse and LouiseEdwin JesseView
HillWilliam and AliceAlton HenryView
HenleyRichard John and Elizabeth AnnNellie Harriet MayView
HillWilliam and Alice JohanaRoland CharlesView
HaywardWilliam Henry and Mary AnneIrene DollyView
HenlyRichard Rapley and Matilda JaneViolet Ethel AliceView
HillJesse and LouisaGeorge GordonView
HillJesse and LouisaTheodora MayView
HenleyRichard John and Elizabeth AnnFlorence MabelView
HillWilliam and Alice JohannaPercival JohnView
HapgoodJohn and Charlotte LangPercy GoodeView
HaywardHenry and Mary AnneDouglas NelsonView
HenleyRichard Rapley and Matilda JaneBertram Richard FrederickView
HenleyRichard John and Elizabeth AnneBurton DaniellView
HaywardWilliam Henry and Mary AnneJames RecklessView
HillJesse and LouisaDaisy IreneView
HartyWalter George and Diana MilesHelen MarionView
HurleyJames and CharlotteWilliam AlfredView
HickmanRichard and CatharineVictor Ernest JamesView
HillWilliam and AliceReuben NormanView
HeyAdolph and JanetBeatrice AnnaView
HenleySamuel and Mabel Elizabeth MaryMabel Harriet ElizabethView
HoneyEdward William and Elizabeth MaryMyrtle Sarah Ann MayView
HillWilliam and AliceGrace MurielView
HenleyRichard Rapley and Matilda JaneOctavia Alice MayView
HeyAdolph and JanetBertha AugustaView
HenleySamuel and MariaSamuel Richard EdwardView
HarveyHenry and FrancesWalter William HerbertView
HillWilliam and AliceOlive AnnieView
HillWilliam and Alice JohannaLilian MabelView
HeyAdolph and JanetAndrew David DrummondView
HenleySamuel and Mabel MariaLouis JohnView
HeathcoteGerald William Yvery and Mary FlorenceMarjorie FlorenceView
HenleyRichard Rapley and Matilda JaneLionel ArthurView
HenleySamuel and Maggie MarieRosetta violet SarahView
HillWilliam and Alice JohannaRedvers DudleyView
HollPhilip Jacobus and Marie Elizabeth WilhelminaMaria Elizabeth WilhelminaView
HollPhilip Jacobus and Marie Elizabeth WilhelminaHester Cecilia ElizabethView
HillWilliam and Alice JohannaBernard EdwardView
HaywardWilliam John and AnnieOlive Sarah MayView
Handcock?Richard Frederick Fraser and MabelFrederica Maud FraserView
HillWilliam and Alice JoannaPhyllis BelleView
HaywardWilliam John and E. AnnieThomas NormandaleView
HalseHarry and RubyCharles NevilleView
HenleySamuel and Maggie Maria Magdalene ElizabethLilian Mildred MayView
HalseHarry and RubyEric HarveyView
HaywardJeremiah James and Sarah LouisaIrene Ethel DaisyView
HoneyWalter Edward and Ivy Elizabeth LavinaJoyce ElizabethView
HaywardWilliam John and AnnieHilary ClarenceView
HaywardJeremiah James and Sarah LouisaDouglas Lewis SmytheView
HeywardJoseph Henry and Evelina Jemima CatherineIvy Mary MagdaleneView
HawkeWalter Francis and Martha FlorenceMay FrancesView
HaywardWilliam John and AnnePhyllis IleneView
HaywardJarvis Reckless and Florence Ann DorothyLlewellyn Henry CharlesView
HaywardJoseph Henry and Eveline Jemima CatherineBertram JosephView
HaywardJarvis Reckless and florence Ann DorothyHazel Dorothy BlancheView
HawkeWalter Francis and Martha FlorenceLeonard CyrilView
HoweJohn Edward and Myrtle IreneAlan EdwardView
HoweJohn Edward and Myrtle IreneWilliam BenjaminView
HaywardJarvis Reckless and Florence Anne DorothyOliver Clarence NelsonView
HornErnest Carl William and Emma LouisaVernon WilliamView
HenleyLouis John and Lilly MayDenwell VaughanView
HornErnest Carl William and Emma LouisaAudrey MayView
HoweJohn Edward and Myrtle IreneDennis RobyView
HempelNathaniel Ferdinand Frederick and Christina Johanna HendrinaWilliam FrederickView
HornWilliam Carl Edward and Edith MayDesmond GeorgeView
HewittAlfred Roy and NoraShirley EustaceView
HornWilliam Carl Edward and Edith MaySheila EmilyView
HornWilliam Carl and Edith MayGeraldene IsmayView
HornWilliam Edward and Edith MayAubrey GladwinView
HulbertErnest Sutton and Mielsine Wilhelmine PetreaSidneyView
HeidtmannIgnateus and AnnaAlfred CharlesView
HattinghDirk Willem and Martha LouisaDirk WillemView
HeuerGustav Albert and Elise Bertha MariaPhilip RichardView
HeidtmannIgnateus and AnnaGladis Lou TheodosiaView
HoneyAubrey and Louisa JohannaClarice MargaretView
HendricksJohn William and Henrietta FlorenceJohn Peter LaurenceView
HendersonRobert and Sarah AnnAgnes EvelyneView
HeidtmannLouisa ElisaDonald ArthurView
HeidtmannIgnateus and AnnaIris FredaView
HayterJoshua Henry and Mary AgnesThomas ArthurView
HendersonRobert and Sarah AnnFrances MollieView
HayterJoshua Henery and Mary AgnesHilda ClareView
HeidtmannIgnatius and AnnaArthur william HeidtmannView
HabgoodChristopher William and Frances NellieThelma Frances EvelynView
Hoza??Zanimpi FiggoView
HeidtmanIgnateus and AnnaClifford ErnestView
HayterJoshua Henry and Mary AgnesMary AmyView
HulbertWalter Oliver and Millicent EdithKeneth GordonView
HartleySidney Barrow and Dorothy Johanna HelenaHilton HopkinsView
HooleArthur Francis and Gwendoline IdaFrancis HaroldView
HartyDaniel Henry and MillicentJoshua FredericView
HartleySidney Barrow and Dorothy Johanna HelenaMary MaudeView
HooleArthur Francis and Gwendoline IdaStella GwendolineView
HornJohn Edward and Lillias Mabel MargaretDorothy JeaneView
HarperEdward Howeson and Ellen AugustaElla GwendelineView
HooleArthur Francis and Gwendoline IdaEric WatsonView
HartleySidney Barrow and Dorothy Johanna HelenaAllen JohnView
HartleySidney Barrow and Dorothy Johanna HelenaThomasView
HarperLennox Napier and Susan MaudHerbert AlanView
HallLeslie Youlding and Mary Annie MayYvonne YouldingView
HartleySidney Barrow and Dorothy Johanna HelenaIris DaphneView
HoweHerbert Charles and Freda MaryAvrilView
HooleDennis Cotterell and Mary Russell MitfordDesmond RobertView
HartsliefWalter Andrew and Vere de LacyClydeView
HartleySidney Barrow and Dorothy Johanna HelenaSheila MurielView
HuierJulius and AnnaRowlandView
HayesOswald Roger and MayKeith OswaldView
HartLouis jacobus Clarence and Evelyn MaudeJennifer AnnView
HartEric James and Una LorraineEric RodneyView
HillErnest Richard and Dorothy JoanHeather EdithView
HartleySidney Barrow and Dorothy Johanna HelenaStanley BarrowView
HomannEric Nathaniel and Millicent Annie EdwardsDavid PercivalView
HallHenry Lawrence Siloam and Eileen MaryPatrici Denise LovedrewView
HayesWilliam John and Anna MariaYvonne GerhendinaView
HartleyAllan John and EsmeRonald JohnView
HornGeorge Stanley and Margaret GrahameDaphne RuthView
HornGeorge Stanley and Margaret GrahamePamela EvelynView
HaynesHarry Verdun and Margaret RoseJohn VersonView
HareHenry Ambrose and Edith MaryHelen Anne HowardView
HerbertAubrey Stanley and Dorothy ConstanceWendyView
HislopAlan Robert and Dawn LloydGary WayneView
HislopAlan Robert and Dawn LloydNigel BrianView
HerbertKensley Clyde and Denese AlmaSandra AnnView
HerbertAubrey Stanley and Dorothy ConstanceRaymond AubreyView
HerbertAubrey Stanley and Dorothy ConstanceMark AlbertView
HerbertKensley Clyde and Denese AlmaTrevor DeaneView
HallerDennis Raisbeck and AnnetteBryan RaisbeckView
HerbertColin Stanley and Annie LouisaYvette MarindaView
HerbertColin Stanley and Annie LouisaWendyView
HerbertKensley Clyde and Denese AlmaLynne CherylView
HaylerFrederick Charles and Barbara Lillian (deceased)David GeorgeView
HallerDennis Raisbeck and AnnetteMark GeorgeView
HartmannMax Oskar and Engela EliseArthur MaxView
HumphreysEdward Howard and Sheila ClaireAndrew EdwardView
HendricksGilliam and Victoria EvelynJewel ElizabethView
HawkenWinifred MaudFelicia Mary GwynnView
HarrisJohn Maybury and Mary MaudBeatrice MaryView
HarrisonReginald Temple and Jeanie LouiseCecil LeedsView
HuntLeslie Maunsen and Eileen VivienneEric PhfeilitzerView
HodgesFrancis George and Hannah ElizabethEileen GraceView
HignettWalter and Magdalena Wilhelmina FrancisHarold PercivalView
HollinsJohn Lewis and Grace MaryLewis BeardwellView
HarrisJohn Maybury and Mary MaudMaybury LaceyView
HendricksVictoria EvelynThelma Olga MayView
HodgesFrank George and AnnieClarence George HenryView
HarrisonReginald Temple and Jeanie LouiseJeanie BradfieldView
HendricksVictoria EvelynVictor Edgar SutherlandView
HardsAlgy Kay and Margaret ElizabethEffie Emily FlorenceView
HilbertGeorge and KateJuliet HildaView
HartiganMarcus Michael and Eileen WyndhamJohn WyndhamView
HowellDaniel Ebenezer Plantagenet and Amy Edith ThomasLouis CedricView
HardsElwin Vernon and Margaret FrenchDoreen KateView
HornbrookEdward and LouieStella LorraineView
HilbertCharles William and Maude ElizabethSidney CharlesView
HilbertCharles William and Maude ElizabethIris ElizabethView
HilbertCharles William and Maude ElizabethAngus ThomasView
HooleRobert Godlonton and IvyCecily GodlontonView
HunterCharles Clifford and AgnesClifford CliffordView
HendersonEdward William and Mary AnnReginald AlfredView
HendersonEdward William and Mary AnnEdna MaryView
HendersonEdward William and Mary AnnLeslie BernardView
HendersonEdward William and Mary AnnGordon GrahamView
HoskinWorthington Wynn and Constance RitaJoan CornishView
HuntJohn Cradock and MarieDesmond FrancisView
HooleRobert Godlonton and IvyJoan GodlontonView
HobbsSidney George and Emilie Augusta AnnaAlfred Charles TheuneView
HarveyThomas Robert and AnnieEdward RobertView
HigginsHenry and MatildaHenry CobusView
HarrisSidney Harold and Winifred BerthaSidney NoelView
HarveyFrederick and Lilian MaudNoel ReidView
HuddlestonJohn James and ElizabethStella JoanView
HaywardWalter George Clarence and Mary Ann FrancesAthol ClaudeView
HooleThomas Tamplin and Violet AudreyFrances AudreyView
HeathcoteThomas and EmmaDouglas ThomasView
HeathcoteThomas and EmmaWinifred LillianView
HeathcoteThomas and EmmaRaymond Bartle ArchibaldView
HiggoArchibald Horatius and Dorothy MaryRonald Eric IliffeView
HodgesWalter Percival and Ada MurielPamelaView
HarrisonRaymond Harding Lovell and Gladys SarahRaymond AllenbyView
HooleThomas Tamplin and Violet AudreyThomas TrevorView
HarrisonRaymond Harding Lovell and Gladys SarahMona FrancesView
HodgesWalter Percival and Ada MurielMichaelView
HowseWalter Gabriel and Agnes WynePatricia ShirwaView
HopselAnnie MayCharles TalbotView
HoltLeonard and Iris MaudHaroldView
HarrisonWilliam Blackburn and Estelle AliceElizabeth AnnView
HowellGeorge Soth and Muriel GertrudeGeorge StanleyView
HoltLeonard and Iris MaudRona MaryView
HughesStapleton Edmund and ThelmaJohn ArlingtonView
HodgesWalter Percival and Ada MurielMarjorieView
HendrikzMichael Daniel and Thelma Noyle IreneRowan HenryView
HoltLeonard and Iris MaudKennethView
HawkinsFlorence GertrudeTheodore JohnView
HawkinsFlorence GertrudeClarence OswaldView
HawkinsFlorence GertrudeRodney GeorgeView
HawkinsFlorence GertrudeJohn LeslieView
HawkinsFlorence GertrudeAubrey HenryView
HarperReginald Gilbert James and Birdie JaneWilliam JamesView
HarperReginald Gilbert James and Birdie JaneArthur Sydney ChristopherView
HallRoy Wedderburn and Helen EileenValerie Mary RipponView
HagenWalther Georg Heinrich and Joan HeloiseDavid Frederick WaltherView
HendriksMichael Daniel and Thelma Noyla IreneDerek DanielView
HuddlestoneJohn James and Phyllis KathleenColleen PhyllisView
HendersonWilliam Richard and May SylviaGwendoline Maida PatriciaView
HawkinsFlorence GertrudeJoan MaryView
HoyleHubert Edward Reed and Annie MatildaPatricia NoelView
HuddlestoneJohn James and Phyllis KathleenPeggyView
HeberWilliam John and Florence WilhelminaWilliam BenjaminView
HeberWilliam John and Florence WilhelminaMaud Magdalina RoseView
Hilton-BarberHarold Montague and Mary EllenDavid AtherstoneView
HendersonWilliam Richard and May SylviaJune Valerie AntionetteView
Hilton-BarberThomas George and Inez HesterShirley AtherstoneView
HeberWilliam and FlorencePatricia CatherineView
HartwellFrederick James and Clara Ivy MayClarence FelixView
HallRoy Wedderburn and Helen EileenClive RipponView
HowardHerbert and EdithEthelView
HartwellWilfrid George and Thelma DaphneBrianView
HeberWilliam John (deceased) and Florence WilheminaJohn HenryView
HuddlestoneJohn James and Phyllis KathleenTerrence JamesView
Hilton-BarberThomas George and Inez HesterMargaretView
HartwellFrederick James and Clara Ivy MayOlive MaudView
HailsJohn Weldon and Ada JoyceWeldon George JamesView
HaythornthwaiteFrank Miles Metcalfe and Grace TillieDavid Charles MetcalfeView
HailsJohn Weldon and Ada JoyceCyril AlbertView
HawkinsWilliam John Geoffrey and Jessie CrozierWiliam Desmond NapierView
HowardStanley Cecil and JosieRosemary AnnView
HartwellFrederick James and Clara Ivy MaySylvia MayView
HumanJohn and Lily JohnView
HaleyThomas Michael and Maud IreneFrancis MichaelView
HailsJohn and JoyceYvonne RoselineView
HaywardGordon Davey and Hazelle MarianneMichael John DaveyView
HowardStanley Cecil and JosieHelene Diana SuzanView
HuckleRobert and MargaretMargaret Rosalind AnneView
HartwellFrederick James and Clara Ivy MayFrederick AdenView
HailesJohn Weldon and Ada JoyceGladys LoraineView
HewittNeil Spencer and Dawn SangsterMarilyn DawnView
HaythornthwaiteFrank Miles Metcalfe and Grace TillieUrsula FiorenzaView
HawkinsReginald Ellis and Vera MayJohn FrederickView
HurrellAllan David and DoreenDavid PhilipView
HartwellFrederick James and Clara Ivy MayDora JoanView
HailsJohn Weldon and Ada JoyceIvan EdwardView
HowellNeville Vivian and Pamela AileenAnthony NevilleView
HempelAage Jorgen Nellemann and Elsa ElisaPamela NellemannView
HartReginald Victor and DorothyAndre EliseView
HallidayRoderick Martin and NorahMartin RoderickView
HerbertJames And Ellen (Ambrose)James EdmundView
Harty (Dennis) (Daniels?)John And SarahGeorgeView
HughesJohn And Isabella (Frost)WilliamView
HoughtonJohn And Catherine (Rothwell)Arthur RichardView
HohmannCharles And Bridget (Morrison)Ellen Mary AnnView
Hardy (Free) (Faure?)James W. And AnnieJohn StephenView
HansenThomas And Mary T. (Achurch Nee Allen)Mary JaneView
HitzerothJohn Henry And Isabella (Donaldson Nee Mccabe)Ivan HenryView
HaroldJohn And Mary (Mcnamara)William JohnView
HarrisThomas And Alice (Smith)Cyrill EdgarView
HendersonWilliam Frederick And Frances E. (Nicholas)Louis FrederickView
HornBerthaLina TeresaView
HaroldJohn And Mary (Mcnamara)Walter AlfredView
HaysEdward Alphonsus And Maggie (Hayes)Cecilia MabelView
HillaryAlbert Edward Ghee And Mary Theresa (Nagel)Albert EdwardView
HerbertJames And Ellen (Ambrose)Albert SamuelView
HochseJames And EmmaJohn Elphinstone JamesView
HohmanCharles And Bridget (Morrison)George HenryView
Hendon??Mary JosephineView
HarveyGeorge And Mary Jane (Jennie) (Best)Irene Ella MaryView
HalveyMichael And Jacomina (Brown)William MichaelView
HalleyThomas And Mary (Cooney)Teresa IsabellaView
HitzerothJohn H. And Isabella (Donaldson Nee Mccabe)Glynn RupertView
HorsleyAlbert E. H. And Catherine (Deschamps)WilliamView
Hill??Thomas BartholomewView
HughesDaniel And Ida (Smith)Percy WilliamView
HarrisThomas And Alice (Smith)Kate AliceView
HillaryAlbert E. And Mary T. (Nagel)David Henry SpencerView
HughesEdward And Katie (Partridge)StephenView
HarveyGeorge And Mary Jane (Jennie) (Best)Cecil GeorgeView
HunterMargaretEllen Mary MargaretView
HalveyMichael And Jacomina (Brown)Thomas JacobView
HardingAlfred Charles And Margaret (O'driscoll Nee Clancy)MargaretView
HalleyThomas And Mary (Cooney)William PatrickView
HarrisThomas And Alice (Smith)Zeta LilianView
HayesDennis Joseph And Mary Anne (Mcevoy)Mable RoseView
HerbertJames And Ellen (Ambrose)Ellen ElizabethView
HowardJohn And Mary Jane (Brown)Mary JaneView
HughesJohn And Isabella (Frost)James DawsonView
HardingAlfred Charles And Margaret (O'driscoll Nee Clancy)Catharine Mary GertrudeView
HendricksonMatthew And Annie (Roach-Casey)JohnView
Hall Nee MitchleySampson And Eliza JaneClarissa CeciliaView
HarrisWilliam And Catherine Mary (Slavin)William LukeView
HepworthWilliam Henry And Johanna Cecilia Niclocenia (Annie) (Upton)Frances Mary JosephineView
HardingAlfred Charles And Margaret (O'driscoll)Henry CecilView
HalveyMichael And Jacobina (Brown)Margaret MaryView
HughesJohn Walton And Alice M.Vernon MaryView
HoodErnest George And Alice Maud (Bailey)Winifred MaryView
HallWilliam Thomas And Clara Cecilia (Mitchley)Clarence WilliamView
HarrisWilliam And Catherine (Slavin)Aubrey VincentView
HickeyPatrick And Albertina (Schadie)WilliamView
HayesMichael John And Mary A. (Connor)Michael EdwardView
HartTheodore Pohl And Ruth Margaret (Davoren)Mavis MaudeView
HughesJohn And Elizabeth (Frost)Violet MaryView
HardingAlfred C. And Margaret (O'driscoll Nee Clancy)Ethel MayView
HenricksonMatts And Anne (Roche)OlgyView
HarneyMichael Joseph And Frederica Johanna (Ehmke)EricView
Halvey??Jemima AgnesView
HayesHubert George And Emily Mary (Bevan)Veronica Elizabeth BridgetView
Harris??Emily MaryView
HayesMichael And MaryViolet MabelView
HarwoodBenjamin And Alice (Ryan)StanleyView
HoodErnest And Alice (Bailey)John George ErnestView
HarrisWilliam And Kathleen (Slavin)Catherine GraceView
HarrawayHarry James And Margaret (Gleeson)Harry GleesonView
HoganJohn And Ann Amelia (Connerty)Anna AmeliaView
HardingAlfred Charles And Margaret O'driscoll (Clancey)MaryView
HuestonAlexander And Ellen Josephine (O'connor)Dawson John O'connorView
HughesJohn And Isabella (Frost)John FrancesView
HughesJohn And Isabella (Frost)IsabellaView
HickeyPatrick And Albertina (Schadie)Anne MaryView
HaysEdward And Maggie (Hayes)Mildred DuffyView
HeenanMichael And Margaret (Gilmore)MichaelView
HoganMatthew And Emily (Harris)Eileen MaryView
HamatyNicholas And Linnie (Hadj)JeanView
HayesEdward And Bridget (Hayes)Eubert BevinView
HoltonWilliam And Amy (Mckeating)Maria MayView
HenricusPhillis And Rosina (Kennedy)Eveline EdithView
HoganJohn And Annie (Connerty)Kathleen MaryView
HoganJohn Joseph And Mary (Marum)William JohnView
HalveyMichael And Hester Jemima (Esther) (Style Nee Jackson)Cecilia MaryView
HendersonWilliam Frederick And Francess Evelyn (Nicholas)William RichardView
HardingAlfred Charles And Margaret O'driscoll (Clancy)John RedversView
HollowayJohn Thomas And Paulina (Piet)Frederick ThomasView
HollowayJohn Thomas And Paulina (Piet)Lena MaculinaView
HarperThomas Walter And Isabella (Donald)Frances Mary Lydia (Smith Nee Harper)View
HeurmanAugust And Florence (Harris)Dorothea Florence Mary HenriettaView
HordmanArthur And Mary (Cockley)ArthurView
Harris??Francis VaughanView
HamityNicholas And Lini (Haggie)MaryView
HayesHubert And Emily (Bevan)Albert EdwardView
HarrisFrank And Sarah (Slater)Ivy VioletView
HoodEarnest And Alice (Bailey)Henry ThomasView
HoganJohn Joseph And Mary (Marum)Kathleen Mary AnastasiaView
HarrawayHarry James And Margaret (Gleeson)Norman MichaelView
HarcombeErnest Leonard And Susanna Petronella (Denyssen)AndrewView
HectorAndrew And Selina (Meyer)RachelView
HornigoldHarry And Mary (Ferriman)Ida Mary JosephView
HayJohn And Mary Frances (Mcdonald)MaryView
HomannFlorence MayJames ClarenceView
HollandChristopher And Catherine Ann (Delaney)Andrew AlfredView
HoganJohn And Annie Amelia (Connerty)Cecil JohnView
HarcombeErnest Leonard And Susanna Petronella (Denyssen)Eva Dorothy MaryView
HendersonWilliam Frederick And Francis Evelina (Nichols)Thomas ConorView
HallWilliam Thomas And Clarissa Cecilia (Mitchley)Sheila BeatriceView
HealingHenry And Mary Amelia (Stacey)Harry EdwardView
HarrisWilliam And Catherine Mary (Slavin)Olive MayView
HollowayWilliam And Dina (Gedult)MillicentView
HansenMartin Frederick And Kate (Hall)John ConradView
HooperHarry And Josephine (Johnson)Josephine RoseView
HughesJohn And Isabella (Frost)Clifford ErnestView
HansonMaryWilliam ArthurView
HaroldWilliam And Alice Jane (Campion)Olive MaudView
HaroldWilliam And Alice Jane (Campion)Daphne KateView
HaroldWilliam And Alice Jane (Campion)William Robert CampionView
HalveyWilliam Joseph And Cecilia Elizabeth (Meyer)Anna MargaretView
Hepworth-CrawleyLaurence Crawley And Elizabeth QuinnJosephView
HalveyMichael And Hester Jemima (Esther) (Style Nee Jackson)Michael PatrickView
HoganJohn Joseph And Mary (Marum)Arthur JamesView
HickeyPatrick And Albertina (Schadie)Patrick WillisView
HeberHenry And Anne Jeannette (Rayner)Jane Maria (Johnson Nee Heber)View
HendersonWilliam And Frances (Fanny Evelina) (Nicholas)May AlexandraView
HardingRichard And Ellen (Davis)WilliamView
HardingPhilip William And Alice Margaret (Warne)Dorace MaryView
HaroldWilliam And Alice Jane (Campion)Daisy Ethel MaryView
HollandChristopher And Catherine M. (Delaney)Christopher JamesView
HannWalter Frederick Hartley And Margaret Mary Philomena (Storey)Doris Mary HartleyView
HayesFrederick And Ethel (Samuels)RupertView
HoganMatthew And Emily (Harris)Vernon JosephView
Haynes (Marum) (Morum?)George And Ellen Mary TeresaErnest EdwardView
HughesJohn And Gertrude (Evans)Stapleton EdmundView
HollanderAndries Peter And Elspeth (Donovan Nee Geddie)Elizabeth MaryView
HansenMartin Frederick And Catherine Agnes (Katie) (Hall)Percival TheodoreView
HayJohn And Mary Frances (Mcdonald)John MacdonaldView
HalveyWilliam And Cecilia (Meyers)FrancisView
HallowayWilliam And Lina (Geduld)LouisView
HallWilliam T. And Clara C. (Mitchley)Patricia MaryView
HoodErnest And Alice (Bailey)Neville Douglas PeterView
HopkinsJoseph (Joe) And Annie (Dedrick)BenoView
HoganJohn And Anne (Connerty)EileenView
HickeyWilliam Albert And Martha Elizabeth (Waugh)Bertha MaryView
HoadJohn Wallace And Agnes Martha Beatrice (Flanagan)Neville JosephView
HughesJohn And Isabella (Frost)Bernard WilfridView
HoganMatthew A. And Emily Mary (Harris)Monica DoreenView
HansenMartin Frederick And Katie Agnes (Hall)Robert FriederichView
HatchAmos Frederick And Sarah (Cox)Doris ElizabethView
HoffmeyerSamuel And Esther (Layander)JohnView
HoffmeyerSamuel And Esther (Leyander)EstherView
HealingHarry And Mary Amelia (Stacey)George FrancisView
HardingPhilip William And Alice Margaret (Warne)Philip WilliamView
HargraveFrancis And CatherineThurza Louisa Mary (Quinn Nee Hargrave)View
HoganJohn J. And Mary (Marum)Mathew DominicView
HallWilliam S. And Clarissa C. (Mitchley)Eustace ForresterView
HooperHenry Vincent And Josephine Rose (Johnson)Eileen MaryView
HickeyWilliamWilliam JohnView
HopeWilliam Henry Aden And Anne Dorothea (Saunders)William Benjamin AlexanderView
Hayes??Gladys MaryView
HarrawayHarry James and Margaret (Gleeson)Robert BasilView
HayJohn and Mary Frances (Mcdonald)Elaine MaryView
HeggieWilliam Johnstone and Christina (Keth)Leslie JamesView
HopeWilliam Henry Aidan and Annie Dorothy (Saunders)Elizabeth AnnView
HolahanJoseph and Marie Laure (Medel)Laura JosephineView
HalveyWilliam and Cecilia Elizabeth (Meyer)William KennethView
HoganJohn and Annie Amelia (Connerty)Muriel EllenView
HopeHenry Aidan and Anne (Saunders)Henry Aidan SamuelView
HoadJohn Wallace and Agnes (Flanagan)Oswald ErrolView
HughesJohn and Isabella (Frost)Obery PatrickView
HayJohn and Mary Frances (Mcdonald)Cyril AlexanderView
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)Joseph HenryView
HardingPhilip William and Alice Margaret (Warne)Irvine Douglas PatrickView
HollowayJohn Thomas and Paulina (Piet)Hermina ChristinaView
HarperIsaac and Mary (Marler)Herbert SidneyView
Hoffmeyer Sam and Hester (Hessy) (Leyander)ClaraView
HealingHarry and Mary (Stacey)Alfred ErnestView
HobbsHenry and Christina (Ducy)Elizabeth AnneView
HarrisonFrank Howard and Annie Rebecca (Peterson)Ethel Mary AgnesView
HarrisonFrank Howard and Annie Rebecca (Peterson)Olive Mary JosephineView
HarrisonFrank Howard and Annie Rebecca (Peterson)Violet Mary TeresaView
HickeyWilliam John and Elizabeth Martha (Waugh nee Milborrow)Adelaide Dolly WaughView
HarrisPapoo and Alng Ram (Nagam)Rashmal (Rosie)View
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)Edward FrankView
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)Cathlena HelenaView
Hopkins??Thomas JohnView
HardingPhilip William and Alice Margaret (Warne)Gwendoline IrisView
HoadJohn and Agnes Mary (Flanagan)Lorna MaryView
HopkinsThomas John and Maria (Seigel)Thomas DavidView
HopkinsThomas John and Maria (Seigel)John EdwardView
HopkinsThomas John and Maria (Seigel)Walter GeorgeView
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)Rachel MaudView
HealingHenry and Mary Amelia (Stacey)Melville RobertView
HayesMaria TeresaWinifred MabelView
HuntGeorge Fitzgerald and Mary Agnes (Kelly)Agnes PatriciaView
HawkingsAnna MatildaDavid George VincentView
HarrisPapoo and Alngram (Nagam)Sinnappen AugustineView
HoganJohn and Annie (Connerty)John AndrewView
HallWilliam T. and Clarissa C. (Mitchley)Ursula ClariceView
HollowayLewis and Mona (Adams)Annie AdaView
HigginsJohn Thomas and Mary Florence (Wilson)Francis JohnView
HealyJohn and Isabella (Brown nee Allen)Muriel AliceView
HannWalter Frederick Hartley and Margaret Mary Philomena Estelle (Storey)Kathleen Audrey HartleyView
HarrisFlorieFrancis FredricView
HalveyWilliam Joseph and Cecilia Elizabeth (Meyer)Percival CliffordView
HoadJohn and Agnes (Flanagan)Thirza Mary AgnesView
HopeWilliam Henry Aden and Annie Dorothy (Saunders)Douglas GeorgeView
HuperTeresa Cathrine (Hooper?)Teresa CathrineView
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)Stanley GeorgeView
Hector??Andrew JamesView
HughesSilvester and Ellen Winifred (Mcnamara)John Ralph IrvineView
HurleyDenis and Theresa Mary (O'Sullivan)Helena MaryView
HarrisArikam Phapoo and Alng-Ram (Nagam)Mary LoordoandView
HendersonLouis Frederick and Margaret Ellen (Duthie)Elizabeth Frances MayView
HoggonsCharles and Ida (Maray)Catherine JuliaView
HardingPhilip William and Alice Margaret (Warne)Gordon JohnView
HemmingHaydon and Susana Elizabeth (Lottering)Bridget Haydon MatildaView
HemmingHaydon and Susana Elizabeth (Lottering)Martha Susan HarrietView
HuberTeresaRobert JosephView
HansenMartin Fred and Catherine (Hall)Alexander MartinView
HealyJohn and Isabella (Brown nee Allen)Teresa IsabellView
HarrisFlorenceRittney Emmanuel (PILLAY)View
HollowayJohn Thomas and Lina (Pitt)William HenryView
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)William JohnView
HopeWilliam Henry Aidan and Annie Dorothy (Saunders)DorothyView
HoganJohn and Annie Amelia (Connerty)Alice MonicaView
HoggonsCharles and Ida (Maray (Marais?))MayView
HartshornW. (Alias Taylor)Edward ThomasView
HuhnerHenry and Chrissie (Engelbrecht)MagdalenView
HanafeyNeville and Muriel (Petersen)Edna Edith MayView
HalveyWilliam Joseph and Cecilia Elizabeth (Meyer)William Aidan OrlandoView
Harris??Florence HildaView
HoltonFrederick George and Clementina (Ramsay-Smith)Ronald CharlesView
HealyJohn Michael and Isabell Sherry (Brown nee Allen)Alma IsabellView
HalveyPatrick Augustus James and Hester (Rensburg)Iris VeronicaView
HouzetEdward John Joseph and Evelyn (Crooks)MilicentView
HattonDaniel Philip and Eileen (Lyons)Desmond JohnView
HelwickWilliam Frederick and Margaret Ellen (Sparks)William Frederick HelwickView
HanleyJoseph Alfonse and Caroline Johanna (Oosthuizen)Mary MagdalenView
Hunter GeorginaLawrenceView
HumanAnnieLeslie WilliamView
HeathLawrence Robert and Maria (Juta)Andrew EdwardsView
HelwickWilliam Frederick and Margaret Ellen (Sparks)Kathleen Bridget MaryView
HopeWilliam and Annie Dorothy (Saunders)Ellen MargaretView
Hall Henry Hunter and LilyAlice Mary Doreen (ka BYRNE)View
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)Alfred FrederickView
HughEdward and Ivy (Norton)DaphneView
HobbsPhilip and Phyllis (Webster)Phyllis MaryView
HobbsPhilip and Phyllis (Webster)Hazel TeresaView
HobbsPhilip and Phyllis (Webster)Dulcie JosephineView
HoltonFrederick George and Clementina Ramsey (Smith)Fredrick GeorgeView
HurleyBeatriceThora Elaine (LAWLER nee HURLEY)View
HynesJames and Ellen (Norburn)Margaret Catherine JosephView
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)MaryView
HobbsWilliam and Georgette (Champeaux)GeorgeView
HeathLawrence Robert and Maria (Juta)Annie Gladys FrancesView
HuhnerHenry and Catherine (Engelbrecht)Johanna MatthewsView
HartzErnest and Mary Frances (Guerini)Edward (Joseph) (adopted by DE MILITA)View
HartVictor and Maria (Carraga)Ruby Violet TheresaView
HealyJames and Christiana Mary (Allwright)William ThomasView
HlameneSamuel and Margaret (Uithalder)Peter JacobusView
HausslerGeorge and Susan (Mills)Helena Mary TeresaView
HausslerGeorge and Susan (Mills)HenryView
HausslerGeorge and Susan (Mills)PhilipView
HolmesChristian Jacob and Susan (Juta)Edith Margaret AnneView
HowardHenry and Alice (Rowlands)Robert JamesView
HallJames Francis and Maud Magdalen (Riley)Winifred MaudView
HilesGeorge Samuel and Katie (Robertson)ElizabethView
HollowayLena ChristinaHermenaView
HawkingsSusana MatildaEdna ChristinaView
HausslerGeorge and Susan (Mills)Walter AnthonyView
HoweSolomon and Annie (Arries?)AbrahamView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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