Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : I
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
IngramWilliam and AnnWilliam JonathonView
IngramWilliam and AnnJames DanielView
IngramWilliam and AnnNathanealView
IstedWilliam and JaneEmma CarolineView
IrvingEdward and DeborahRobert GillView
IckeRobert John and FannyJohn Henry TownsendView
IrvingEdward and DeborahThomas AlfredView
InnesAllen Rose and Charlotte ElizabethCharlotte Mary RoseView
InnesAllen Rose and Charlotte ElizabethAllen RoseView
InnesAllen Rose and Charlotte ElizabethInnes RoseView
InnesAllen Rose and Charlotte ElizabethCharles CliffordView
IsaacWilliam Archer and Elizabeth RoseThornton Cyril ArcherView
IllmanJames and AgnesIris BeatriceView
IzaaksPeter Joshua and Christina JohannaHester Huketiena?View
IkinCecil Owen and EdithDorothy EdithView
IkinCecil Owen and EdithRonald Humphrey JohnView
IkinCecil Owen and EdithRoy ArthurView
IkinCecil Owen and EdithFrances JosephineView
IkinCecil Owen and EdithJoan NoalineView
IversonOswald William and Esme CasnellMartin HallView
IkinFrank Albert and Kathleen FrancesGwendolin PatienceView
IntronaTrevor Alfred and Stella EthelNeville TrevorView
ImmelmanGodfrey Hoole and Patricia AnnKathleen LeonoreView
IntronaTrevor Alfred and Stella EthelCheryl DianeView
IkinCecil Owen and LenaDerrick OwenView
IkinFrank Albert and Kathleen FrancesMargaret RosalindView
IkinCecil Owen and LinaJohn WilliamView
IkinRonald John Humphrey and Colleen KissockRonellaView
IllmanGeorge and Rita HayLesley AnnView
IkinCecil Owen and LinaDouglas PeterView
ImmelmanChrisman Joel and MargueriteSean ChrismanView
ImmelmanChrisman Joel and MargueriteNatasha ReneeView
IkinRonald John Humphrey and Colleen KissockShaneView
IkinRonald John Humphrey and Colleen KissockStephen JohnView
IzzardRobert Charles and JessieAnthony RowlandView
IllmanWarren Broughton and MarieKenneth BroughtonView
IzzardRichard Charles and Jessie MagdaleneBrian FrederickView
IkinCecil Oto and EdithRita MayView
IkinCecil Oto and EdithElva FayView
IkinCecil Oto and EdithWendy JuneView
IkinCecil Oto and EdithPatrick DesmondView
IkinCecil Oto and EdithLynnView
IllmanWarren Broughton and MarieAshley BroughtonView
IzzardRobert Charles and Jessie MagdalineColin AlfredView
IhlenfeldtLionel Raymond and Gertrude JaneClayton CraigView
InnesAlexander and Ellen MargaretAndrew DuncanView
IzzardJames and EmmaRobert CharlesView
IzzardJames and EmmaAlice EmmaView
IzzardJames and EmmaErnest EdwardView
IrvingCharles Vivian and Jessie CatherineGeorge HenryView
IrvingCharles Vivian and Jessie CatherinePatricia MayView
IzaakPeter Joshua and Johanna JacobaColleen JoyView
ImpeyColin George and Isobel JeanGeorge Colin SamuelView
IrvineJames Balfour and LilaChristopher LyleView
InglebrechtCornelius Johannes Peter and Susan JohannaLettie Sarah ElizabethView
IrelandEirene DaisyDorothy ElaineView
IrelandAlfred and KateRonald AlexanderView
IzallyThomas and KathleenDavid GeorgeView
InnesAlexander and Catherine Johanna HendrenaArchibald RoseView
IsaacJames and MaryCharles BillingsView
IrvineRichard and LetitiaLetitiaView
IsemongerThomas Chapman and Elizabeth JaneAnthony JohnView
InmanCharles and HelenMariaView
InmanCharles and HelenAliceView
IllmanGeorge and Rita MayPeter GavinView
IremongerThomas Chapman and Elizabeth JaneHannah LouisaView
IzaakPeter Joshua and Johanna JacobaColleen JoyView
IrlainFrank and Eveline MurielRobert HamiltonView
InnesWilliam and Doris IsabelLorna EsmeView
IrlanFrank and Evelyn Muriel HamiltonFrank DruryView
IrelandJohn Bernard Wharton and JamesinaLeonore PatriciaView
IkinAustin Henry Thompson and Mary ConstanceAustin HenryView
ImpeyGordon Leonard and Virginie QueenieIda CynthiaView
ImpakaLudziya and SophiaWilliamView
IvesonMetcalf and Jane MargaretColin MetcalfView
IvesonRobert William and Alice MayJohnView
IvesonRobert William and Alice MayGeoffreyView
IvesonMetcalfe and Jane MargaretVera KathleenView
IvesonRobert William and Alice MayWinsomeView
IvesonRobert William and Alice MayWilliamView
IvesonRobert William and Alice MayGeorgeView
IvesonOswald William and Esme CassellUna May HallView
IvesonOswald William and Esme CassensLorna JaneView
IversonArthur Murray and AnnaNorah FelicityView
IvesonOswald William and Esme CasselMizpah JoyView
IsaacsPeter and EllenKathleen EsmeView
IsaacsAmyWilliam MosesView
IsaacsJacob and Sophie (Peters)Ellen View
IsaacsPeter and EllenMoses DolvinView
IsaacsPeter and EllenCharles Louis PaulView
Ismail??Mentor JosephView
Ismail??Jacob PeterView
IsaacsMargaretOlive JuliaView
IsaacsPeter and EllenPeter BenjaminView
IsaacsMargaretDoreen ElizabethView
IngawellsHarry Robert and Mary GraceMary RossView
IsaacsAmy ElizabethAlice BeatriceView
IsaacsMargaretFreddie ErnestView
IsaacsMargaretDorothy BeatriceView
IsaacsGeorgina FredaRichard GrahamView
IversonErnest Redvers and Florence VioletNeville AnthonyView
IversonRichard Amil and Doris Louisa ElizabethCarol MayView
IversonRichard Amil and Doris Louisa ElizabethSyvil DoreenView
IrvineJohn And Bridget (Hogan)Samuel? James MichaelView
IllichGregorio E. And Elizabeth (White)John Joseph ArthurView
IrvineJohn And Bridget (Hogan)Margaret TeresaView
Iverson??Mary AemiliaView
IsaacThomas And Sarah (Cook)Violet Mary MildredView
IrvineJohn And Bridget (Hogan)Thomas MatthewView
IrvineJohn And Bridget (Hogan)John PatrickView
IrvineJohn And Bridget (Hogan)Bridget Eilleen AgathaView
IngramJohn W. And M. M. (Courtnage)Kathleen MayView
IngramJohn Williamson And Martha May (Courtnage)George NicolasView
IsmineAbdula And HabibiMary NattiView
IrelandHerbert John Ephraim And Margaret (Mcgrath)Elizabeth BeatriceView
IrvineJohn And Bridget (Hogan)Emmet Sarsfield HerbertView
IrelandHerbert John Ephraim And Margaret W. (Mcgrath)Florence GertrudeView
IrvineRobert And Mary (Deare)Mary Ann Nora (Fitzgerald Nee Irvine)View
IngramHarry And Mary (Bazaar)Elizabeth (Pinches Nee Ingram)View
IngramHarry And Mary (Bazaar)Lily RoseView
IllichJohn Arthur and Italia Rosaleen (Giovinni)Arthur JosephView
IllichJohn Arthur and Italia Rosaleen (Giovinni)Alfred WilliamView
IllichJohn Arthur and Italia Rosaleen (Giovinni)George John SalvatoreView
IngramDorothyDoris KathleenView
IsmaelMohammet and Ellen (Cunningham)AnnieView
IsaacsNellieJohn EdwardView
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