Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : L
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
LloydHenry and RebeccaRobertView
LloydHenry and RebeccaHarriet RebeccaView
LeppanJames and AnnMariaView
LoveRichard and MaryMary JaneView
LawlerJohn and AnnMargaretView
LawlerJohn and AnnJohnView
LloydHenry James and RebeccaGeorgeView
LloydHenry James and RebeccaJohnView
LloydHenry James and RebeccaJamesView
LeachBenjamin and AnnJohnView
LloydHenry James and RebeccaFrances DorcasView
LloydHenry James and RebeccaCharlesView
LloydHenry James and RebeccaCaroline MaryView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrFrederick WilliamView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrPhilip CammView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrMary LamontView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrIsabellaView
LloydWilliam Richard and CatharineMary EleanorView
LloydWilliam Richard and CatharineJamesView
LloydHenry Thomas and AnnEdmund FrederickView
LloydJohn and Mary AnnJames WilliamView
LloydHenry Thomas and AnnHenry JamesView
LloydWilliam Richard and CatharineRebeccaView
LloydJohn and Mary AnnCharlesView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrRichard CharlesView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrNorthey de NeufvilleView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrFlorence CatharineView
LimbergWilliam Henry and AnnEdithView
LloydWalter Richard and Elizabeth EllenRaymond LionelView
LloydWalter Richard and Elizabeth EllenRomane Gladys PearlView
LarsenWilliam John and IdaMaud EdithView
LarsenWilliam John and Ida PriscillaDonald DoughtyView
LarsenWilliam John and Ida PriscillaArthur Gordon DoughtyView
LarsenWilliam John and Ida PriscillaElizabethView
LightbodyWilliam Henry and Ada JessieThomas MitfordView
LarsenWilliam John and Ida PriscillaBarbara HansenView
LardnerJohn Dermot and Dorothy Elise (Burke)Dorothy DeniseView
LisherArchibald Alfred and WinnieEvelyn JamesView
LisherArchibald Alfred and WinnieBasil WilliamView
LisherArchibald Alfred and WinniePercy ArthurView
LisherArchibald Alfred and WinnieFreda MalvinaView
LeggArthur Wigham and Beryl RestallFredrick MichaelView
LisherArchibald Alfred and Winifred MalveniaMyrtle OliveView
LisherArchibald Alfred and Winifred MalveniaIris PriscillaView
LouwAdrian Hermanus and Martha ChristianaAdrian HermanusView
LeggMichael Frederick and Doreen Muriel FenwickKathryn MaryView
LongFrank Dugmore and Joyce YvonneTiffany MarieView
LudickJohann and LynetteDustinView
LynnGeorge and MargaretElizabethView
LangeCharles Robert and Ann Maria ElizabethWilliam Stanton Roderick GuntherView
LangeCharles Robert and Ann Maria ElizabethMary Stanton Julia GuntherView
LillyAlfred and SarahAlfred EatonView
LushJames Albert Alice AdelaideWalter DudleyView
LushJames Albert and Alice AdelaideRose GoodwinView
LarsenWilliam John and Ida PriscillaEllis Roberts DoughtyView
LeppanThomas and Mary LetitiaGladys MaryView
LarsenWilliam John and Ida PriscillaWilliam DoughtyView
LeaCharles and Sarah JaneCatherine GrahamView
LeaCharles and Sarah JaneSarah AnnView
LeslieGeorge and CathrineAlice Sarah AnnView
LeslieGeorge and CathrineGeorge LouisView
LambertWalter Sydney and EleanorDaisy LauraView
LandryJacobus Frederik and MargaretAlbert HenryView
LloydGeorge Lennox and Mary AnnWalter LlewellynView
LordRobert and ElizabethRobert AlecView
LloydGeorge Lennox and Mary AnnDorothy MaudeView
LondtAndriesAndries RobertView
LovegroveFrederick Richard and Alice MariaHarold CharlesView
LoescherJohn Fritz Emil and Katherina (Louw)Katherina Christina FriedaView
LoxonCharles Frederick and Rensche Magdalena SusanLilly ElizabethView
LyonsWilliam and Elizabeth MaryWilliam ErnestView
LinskeyJames and Annie CatherineAlbert EdwardView
LieseringCharles Edward and LenaSusan Magdalene (adopted)View
Lester?William Roodt and Johanna MariaReginaldView
LateganPeter Abraham and HenriettaJohn HenryView
LeslieWilliam Robb and Gertrude SarahJames LeslieView
LillieWilliam Herring and Frances Maud HepburnWilliam WalterView
LateganPeter Abraham and HenriettaCornelia MaryView
LeslieWilliam Rob and Gertrude SarahAgnes MayView
LawsonJohn August Christian and Maria ElizabethCatherine MaudView
LateganPhilip Jacobus and Aletta ElizabethAndries WellemView
LawsonJohn Augusta Christian and Maria ElizabethBeatrice Guber? SarahView
LabuschagneJohannes Jacobus Martinus and Aletta JohannaEmmarensa SusannaView
LewisThomas and BerthaIvy BeatriceView
LennoxFrank and Lydia JaneLydia VictoriaView
LewisThomas and BerthaThomas EdwardView
LennoxFrank and Lydia JaneGeorgeView
LennoxFrank and Lydia JaneGrace AnnieView
LeyJames Henry and FlorenceDouglas PhilipView
LowinAlfred and Marie Antonie CarolineFrank AlbertView
LehmannWilliam Edward Albert and Kathleen MabelMita MaudeView
LehmannWilliam Charles Frederick and Pauline Martha ElizabethPercy ErnestView
LeyJames Henry and FlorenceSarah MaudView
LouwFranz and BerinaJohannaView
LehmannWilliam Edward Albert and Kathleen MabelHarold AlbertView
LehmannWilliam Edward Albert and Kathleen MabelDennis EdwardView
LancasterWilfred John Robert and Eunice Ann ElizabethNoel Wilfred JamesView
LancasterWilfred John Robert and Eunice Ann ElizabethYelva Ada ElizabethView
LancasterIvor Redvers Brabant and Dorothy MaudDonald IvorView
LennoxArthur and Winifred Hazel LoraineAlbert EricView
LennoxGeorge and Annie SusanFrank PeterView
LloydNeville Wyndham and Elspeth AnnPatricia MayView
LloydNeville Wyndham and Elspeth AnnMargaret AnnView
LinsenmeyerChristian E. and ElizaJohanna Wesselina MariaView
LinsenmeyerChris E. and ElizaLennard Ernest MatthewsView
LewisBenjamin and AliceBenjamin GeorgeView
LewisBenjamin and AliceDavidView
LimbertGeorge and ElizaThomas WilliamView
LloydWilliam and FannyJane LouisaView
LunderstedtFriedrich and Johanna LouisaKarl Heinrich ChristianView
LemanCarl and CarolinaMaria Louisa WilhelminaView
LloydWilliam and FannyWilliamView
LewisBenjamin and AliceAlice PhoebeView
LewisBenjamin and AliceElizabeth RebeccaView
LewisBenjamin and AliceEdmund JohnView
LunderstedtFrederick and LouiseHenriette Louise ConradineView
LewisBenjamin and AliceAmy RosinaView
Le CheminantJohn Thomas and EllenCharles JohnView
LaneThomas and Mary JaneCarolina DorcasView
LloydJames William and MariaRupert OliverView
LloydCharles and Sarah ElizabethEthel MildredView
Le CheminantJohn Thomas and EllenPerceval AbbotView
La RiviereHenry and MariaAlfred JosephView
LloydWilliam and FannyCharles ArthurView
LewisRichard and ElizabethMary AnnView
LewisWilliam and SarahWilliamView
LawsonJoseph and AnneJosephView
LewisWilliam and SarahSarahView
LewisRichard and ElizabethThomasView
LombardHanse Guree and Hella HellinaElze Josina ChristophelinaView
Leavey (Levey?)Joseph and ElizabethHenryView
Leavey (Levey?)Joseph and ElizabethCharlesView
LishmanJohn Seath and HannahJohnView
LynnEdward and MaryIsrael View
LocklyThomas and AnnCharlotteView
LarterSamuel and Sophia AugustaSarah SophiaView
LockeyJohn and CarolineCaroline MargaretView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrJessie Charlotte SarahView
LloydRobert and SarahSarah Rebecca AnnView
LucasJohn and ElizaRobertView
LucasJohn and ElizaCharles JamesView
LynnEdward and MaryEmilyView
LockerThomas and AnnAnn ElizabethView
LucasFrederic and Mary FarrFannyView
LintonHenry and SophiaCharles ReginaldView
LoganJohn and Sarah JaneSarah JaneView
LucasWilliam Tyndal and Matilda EmmaMary Louisa de NeufvilleView
LambAlbert George and Johanna MagdalenaFlorence RoseView
LawrenceWilliam Charles and Sarah Elizabeth ClaraWilliam AlfredView
Laks (Lake?)Arthur William and EdithElsie AliceView
LakeArthur William and EdithHenry ArthurView
LambHerbert George and Johanna MagdalenaClement WilliamView
LehmannWilliam Charles and Pauline Martha ElizabethVera MarthaView
LamploughEdward and Caroline DorotheaAileenView
LongmoreCharles John and Ellen ClaraCharles JamesView
LeeWilliam Frederick and ElizabethDoris EdnaView
LakeArthur William and EdithViolet MatildaView
LehmanWilliam Charles and Pauline Martha ElizabethWalter WilliamView
LloydCecil Knighton and Rosalie JohannaNatalia HopeView
LowreyGeorge Herbert and Florence JaneDoris MaudView
LehmanWilliam Charles and Pauline Martha ElizabethEdward NormanView
LongmoreCharles John and Ellen ClaraSydney ArthurView
LostromDimitri and MaryAnthony DimitriView
LehmannErnest Theodore and Maria JacobaGertrude ElizabethView
LehmanAlfred Hammond and EllenWilfred RobertView
LehmannErnest Theodore and Maria JacobaMary JacobaView
ListerHerbert James and Emily CharlotteBertha MarjoryView
LehmannWilliam Charles Frederick and Pauline Martha ElizabethGeorge CharlesView
LandGeorge James and Alma RebeccaGeraldView
Leslie (Johany?)Charles William and Ellen ChristoWilliam GeorgeView
LarterSamuel Robert and Emily Jane MatildaDorothyView
LinnowHenry and SophiaThelmaView
LloydRobert Ormston Gore and Cecilia Marguerite MiddletonDennis Robert FrenchView
LloydCecil Knighton and Rosalie JohannaReginald ChadwickView
LeightonWilliam James and Margaret MaryWilliam BennView
LehmannErnest Theodore and Maria JacobaNellie BerthaView
LotteringCornelius Gerhardus and Maria ElizabethWilliam JacobusView
LazarusBilly and Mary Magdalene (Daniel)Peter SebastianView
LewisMaunsell Harvey and Doris MontagueDorothea MonaView
Lockhart-RossArthur Bisset and Ella McI.PaulView
ListromDimitri and MarigoYanniView
LairdJohn Stansell and Helen MargaretKeith StansellView
LowWilliam Low Mitchel and Alice EdithTrevor MitchelView
LongmoreCharles John and Maria ElizabethDoreen ElizabethView
LancasterGilbert Davey and Clarice LouisaPamela DesireeView
LamingHenry Thomas and Flroence PhoebeDoris EileenView
LawlerWilliam Walter George and Constance MaryMargaret ScottView
Lockhart-RossArthur Bisset and Ella McI.KeithView
LarkEdwin and EvaPercy HenryView
LivingstonDonald McKenzie and Emma JaneNatalie EnidView
LostromDimitri and MarijoDimitrulaView
LloydEric Walter and Laura LouisaAudrey Joy SybilView
LockyerWilliam James and Lily BerthaJoyce Edith JohannaView
LennardJoseph and ElizabethRose HenriettaView
LennardJoseph and SusanArthur LeonView
LockyerWilliam James and Lily BerthaDaphne MarjoryView
LangheimJohn and LouisaMartha RebeccaView
LangheimJohn and LouisaGertrudeView
LaverReginald Rayner and Marjorie GraceMarjorie Anne RaynerView
LeveyRichard Benjamin James and Mary CatherineGladys RaeView
LeveyRichard Benjamin James and Mary CatherineKennethView
LindhorstDennis John and Margareta ElfridaMerle EsmiView
LewisJames Henry and BessieJames HenryView
LockyerJohn Walker and Violet FrancisDenis George WalkerView
LucasFred Noel and Bridget Alicia PersisMichael DenisView
LedinghamDonald James and Margaret EllenBrian ArthurView
LemmerCornelis Jansen and Jacoba JohannaLorraine EdithView
LockyerJohn Walker and Violet FrancesAubrey JohnView
LockyerWilliam James and Lily Gusta BerthaKenneth William JamesView
LancasterIvor Redvers and Dorothy MaudJean MaudView
LockyerDouglas Max Miller and Agnes ReidIan DouglasView
LloydGeorge and AdaDavid GeorgeView
LinnowVictor Carl and Sheila EileenRay GregoryView
LoockLouis Andrew Albert and Rose MagdelenaMaureen YvonneView
LoxtonHugh Locke and Madge AmeliaJoan RosalindView
LeyDouglas Philip and Violet EmilyRonald DouglasView
LockyerJohn Walker and Violet FrancisTerrance FredView
LancasterIvor Redvers and Dorothy MaudPhyllis JenniferView
LockyerWilliam James and Lily Bertha CusterWilliam WinstonView
LutgeLeonard Louis and Rose Ellen MaryTrevor DouglasView
LindsayFrederick Richardson and AgnesAlanView
Le RouxBarend Daniel and Marion EdithDenise MoiraView
LockerbieJohn Cassini and LeslieJohnView
LockyearJohn Walter and Violet FrancesMargaret EdithView
LindleyCharles Sydney Albert and Maria RoseKayView
LindsayFrederick Richardson and AgnesRobert WilliamView
LarterEdward Robert and Eileen MavisGillianView
LongstaffJohn Mattison and Edith DorothyHeather ChristineView
LongstaffJohn Mattison and Edith DorothyIan FredrickView
LuckMoritz Gottfried August and Alleline Marjorie JoanThorrol BrianView
LeeWilliam Charles and Erica LouiseDavid BrianView
LeyDouglas Phillip and Violet EmilyHenry AubreyView
LloydThomas and Phyllis JoyBarry JohnView
LaughtonJames Munro and Martha CarolineDeloresView
LutgeAlexander Ernest and Althea GraceTerence NevillView
LewisJohn Vernon and Barbara StenlakeJohn VernonView
LewisJohn Vernon and Barbara StenlakeDavid VernonView
LockyearJohn Walker and Violet FrancesJohn DouglasView
LackLeonard John and MavisBrianView
LloydDavid George and Johanna MargretaGeorge Franciscus?View
LuckMoritz Gottfried August and Alleline Marjorie JoanColin TerenceView
LangtonGordon Courtenay Leslie and Daphne MargaretMargaret JoyView
LeechHenry Noel and Matilda JanetHenry George NoelView
LendrumAlfred Haddon and Elsie OlivePatricia JoanView
LangtonGordon Courtenay and Daphne MargaretTerence GordonView
LowellThomas Bertram and Elizabeth LauraHelen Eileen MargaretView
LongmoreSidney Arthur and Minnie MargaretTrevor RaymondView
LeechHenry Noel and Matilda JennetteAlbert PercivalView
LloydCharles Arthur and Doris EthelAlastair ArthurView
LewisBryan Walter and Verna ElaineAnthony BryanView
LabuschagnePeter Stephen and Maria CatherinePercy McCuneView
Le RouxPetrus Mattheus Albertus and Dorothea Susannah PetronellaBerylView
LloydWilliam Arthur and Doris FredricaTerence BeverleyView
LeveyPatrick Henry and Frances MaryMalcolm PatrickView
LewisBryan Walter and Verne ElaineGraham Harry PercyView
LouwMichael Doogan and Bertha WinifredAlbert Michael PaulView
LloydRaymond Lionel and Lorna LaviniaJoan MargaretView
LewisChristian and Audrey Mary OakChristopher JohnView
LeeEdward Clarence and Sarah Susanna CorneliaDelphine Margaret (adopted)View
LeveyPatrick Henry and Frances MaryAlomaView
LotteringJohn Johannes and Martha LenaHenry CharlesView
LotteringCharles and JoannaYvonne JoanView
LouwMichael Doogan and Bertha WinifredBarbara PatriciaView
LindsayFrederick Richardson and AgnesFrederick JohnView
LakeBernard Archibald and Winifred IreneDerek WalterView
LotteringJohn Johannes and Bridget AnnaDennis EdwardView
LloydWilliam Richards and Francis MonaDavid Richard View
LunstromOscar Edmund and Nellie MayGeorge BernardView
LotteringJohn Johannes and Bridget AnnaMargaret ElizabethView
LakeDouglas Alfred and Joan EdithPeter RobertView
LloydRobert Ivan Keith and PhyllisGwen AtholView
Le CordeurJuan Pierre and Dorothy MargaretHeather JeanView
LansdellVivian Dennis and Nancy JoanJohn SinclairView
LinleyThomas Alexander and Joyce ElizabethPamela AnneView
LinleyThomas Alexander and Joyce ElizabethMark AlexanderView
ListerJohn Sunderland and Joan MargaretGwendolyn AnnView
LowndsCharles Desmond and Maria MagdalenaLesley HelenView
LakeDouglas Alfred and Joan EdithJudith LynnView
LanhamCharles Arthur and Margaret MarionCharles RichardView
LeakWilliam John and Sheila MaryShirley AnneView
LambertWilliam Victor and DaphnePeter NewtonView
LansdellVivian Dennis and Nancy JoanJudith-AnneView
LombardPieter Carel and KaterinaPieter CarelView
LanhamCharles Arthur and Margaret MarionNicholas JohnView
LanhamCharles Arthur and Margaret MarionEvan PhilipView
LansdellVivian Dennis and Nancy JoanMark WilliamView
LeakWilliam John and Sheila MaryKathleen MaryView
LoadmanGeorge Edward and Lorna PatriciaPamela YvonneView
Le RouxBarend Daniel and Marion EdithColleenView
LeyDouglas Phillip and Violet EmilyDelville NevilleView
Le CordeurJuan Pierce and Joyce DorothyRocheneView
LloydHerbert William and PhyllisLynette PhyllisView
LewisJohn Vernon and Barbara StenlakeDiana VernonView
LaughtonJames Munro and Martha CarolineLynetteView
LandreyJohn Merrick and Phyllis DorothyLorraine AnnView
LindesayRobert Halkett and Nancy CullenPatricia MargaretView
LangeBarry Gunther Helpherus and Sheba MarcelleBeverleyView
LieberumRonald Norman and IrisCynthia DawnView
LendonCharles Courtenay and Maureen GladysBrian MichaelView
LendonCharles Courtenay and Maureen GladysPatricia AnnView
LumleyWilliam Jack and Mary ValentinePeter JohnView
LumleyWilliam Jack and Mary ValentinePamela JuneView
Le RicheMervyn Harding and NanettePierre AndreView
LaceyHenry Stanley and Eileen OliverBryan GavinView
LoockIvan Montague and Irene RuthLynette RosemaryView
LendonCharles Courtney and Maureen GladysGeorge CourtneyView
LockyearDouglas Max and Agnes ReidVictor AndrewView
LockyearDouglas Max and Agnes ReidFlorence JeanetteView
LockyearDouglas Max and Agnes ReidCecil DesmondView
LutgeAlexander Ernest and Althea GraceValerie AnnView
LongfieldRichard Anthony Gordon and Rosemary AnnEdmund Patrick GordonView
LakeDouglas Alfred and Joan EdithCheryl AnnView
LewisRoderick Kitchener and Mavis EnidErrol RoderickView
Le RicheMervyn Harding and NanetteJohn AdrianView
LutgeLeonard Louis and Rose Ellen MaryAthol CharlesView
LutgeAlexander Ernest and Althea GraceKeith OwenView
LaceyHenry Stanley and Eileen OliverAllan KevinView
LoxtonDonald and Joan PatriciaDorothyView
LarkanAlan Llewellyn and Laurette MaureenAlan DennisView
Le RouxBarend Henry and Elizabeth EllenYvonne CynthiaView
LawlorPatrick and Evelyn ElizabethMark RobertView
LuffArthur Archibald and HonoraAndre ArthurView
LutgeLeonard Louis and Rose Ellen MaryBasil RoyView
LeanderBasil and Lillian WardStephen AndrewView
LyonsWarick and Beverley JoanMark CliffordView
LongfieldRichard Anthony Gordon and Rosemary AnnCarol AlexandraView
LendonCharles Courtney and Maureen GladysMargaret ElizabethView
LaubscherHenry and DoloresDavidView
LeeMaurice John Raymond and Yvonne MaureenDesiree MurielView
LeeWilliam Charles and Ericka LouisaPhillip ArthurView
LeeWilliam Charles and Ericka LouisaMary ElizabethView
LutgeLeonard Louis and Rose Ellen MaryBarbara JeanView
LedinghamRaymond Edgar and Christine SusanBruce RaymondView
LeanderBasil and Lillian WardJeffrey AlanView
LuggJack and Rosalind JeanHugh MurdochView
LaubscherMathys Michael Johannes and Barbara HelenMichelle ColleenView
LotteringOliver Robert Clarence and DorisQuinton LawrenceView
Le RicheMervyn Harding and NannetteRobyn BlytheView
LightBrian Anton and Phyllis Sally MaudSharon AnnView
LockyerAubrey John and Florence GladysMalcolm JohnView
LedinghamRaymond Edgar and Christine SusanDeniseView
LewisJames Henry and Frederika van NiekerkAlan JamesView
LightBrian Anton and UrsulaClintonView
LewisJames Henry and Frederika van NiekerkLeonie HesterView
LamprechtLeopold Heyns and Lenora MayJennifer MayView
LindsayJohn and HazelJonathanView
LeachBernard Daniel and Sylvia GracePatrick IanView
LamprechtLeopold Heyns and Lenora MayLeoView
LamprechtLionel Gustav and Daphne MurielJannine MichelleView
LongfieldRichard Anthony Gordon and Rosemary AnnTracey HelenView
LockyearAubrey John and Florence GladysGary AllenView
LambertVictor Charles and Joan AdelineGail LindeView
LewisJames Henry and Frederika van NiekerkMartin HenryView
LuppnowStanley and Jean ConstanceWendy AnneView
LarkanJohn Francis and Estelle RetieaGary JohnView
LuggJack and Rosemary ChristineLintonView
LewisJames Henry and Frederika van NiekerkErikaView
LloydBarry and AntheaLindy AnnView
LloydBarry and AntheaGrant IanView
LeiberumDennis Arthur and Daphne PatriciaSandra DaphneView
LangtonTerrence Gordon and Mary SusanSheldon BreenView
LarsenHugh Waldemar Grant and AnneTashaView
LloydKenton James and Dorothy ShirleyElizabeth AlmaView
LuggJack and Rosemary ChristinePippaView
LewisDavid Vernon and Jen SueGreg VernonView
LewisDavid Vernon and Jen SueKirsti VernonView
LeeAnthony Eroyd and SandraMichelleView
LeeAnthony Eroyd and SandraChantalView
LotteringRobert Ruben and Desiree ElizabethJanene GwendolineView
LotteringCornelius Petrus and RosalynAnthea LisaView
LloydMichael John and Andrea LesleyRyan NevilleView
LloydMichael John and Andrea LesleyCandice LisaView
LemmChristopher and Carol LynnJustinView
LotteringCornelius Petrus and RosalynAldan MarkView
LotteringJohannes Stephan and Michelle DawnTracy LeeView
LloydMichael John and Andrea LesleyChristopher PhilipView
LangheinEdward James and Pamela DianneClayton JamesView
Lee??Travis JamesView
LiedtkePeter Marcus and Linda ColleenGregg LiedtkeView
LiedtkePeter Marcus and Linda ColleenMatthew JohnView
LiedtkePeter Marcus and Linda ColleenNicholas LiedtkeView
LavenderRory Grant and Lee-AnnKarl GrantView
LeeNorman Barry and RebeccaWentzel QuanView
LoggenbergErnest Wilfred and Heather BeverleyRobynView
LangWilliam and HarrietEmily AliceView
LishmanGeorge and AnnieAnnie Violet LindaView
LambertJoseph and Emma JaneAnnie ElizabethView
LeschHenry and AnnaAugusta ElizabethView
LiechterkostJohn and WilhelminaLily Johanna SophiaView
LambertJoseph and Emma JaneHenrietta JaneView
LoeschCarl Gustave Theodor and Johanne LouisaRobert PaulView
LloydNatalia JaneReginald ChadwickView
Long-CroninJames and CordeliaEmily CordeliaView
LongmoreAlexander and AliceHenry AlbertView
LehmannAlbert Karl Rudolph and Maud Mary ElizabethWilliam Edward AlbertView
LambertArthur Oliver and Annie LouisaAlice Mary HelenView
LaneWilliam Richards and Frances AnnMartha GraceView
LangtonGordon Courtenay and Daphne MargaretNoelene JeanView
LaneWilliam and Edith MaryMargaret EdithView
LucasRobert Thomas and MurielPeter JamesView
LeiberumRonald Norman and IrisVera PatriciaView
LovemoreClaude Geoffrey Walencourt and Jean MaryDavina AnneView
LoveLyle Keith and Phyllis MaryJeffrey JohnView
LeightonHector and SandraLouise ShelleyView
LawRobert and CarolKevin JohnView
LeachEdward Johannes and Anna PetronellaEdward CharlesView
LinnegarPhilip Graham and Denise FlorenceBronwen DominiqueView
LoveLyle Keith and Phyllis MaryAndrew KeithView
LindstromDudley Norman and Daphne JeanAlan GrantView
LouwAlbert Michael Paul and Patricia FlorenceAmandaView
LouwAlbert Michael P. and Patricia FlorenceCarmenView
LouwAlbert Michael Paul and Patricia FlorenceMichael RobertView
LeachBarend Daniel and Margaret Edith MaryIvy KathleenView
LloydJames William and MariaMayView
LloydWilliam and FannyMary HenriettaView
LaneThomas and Mary JaneWilliam JohnView
Lampard??Edward JamesView
LloydJohn Andrew and Catherine De WallFrederick RupertView
LloydCharles and Sarah ElizabethEdith MayView
LedinghamJohn Clarke and Eliza JaneWilliam ThomasView
LedinghamThomas and Selina (Green)Eliza JaneView
La RiviereHenry and MariaLouise HeleneView
LloydJohn Andrew and CatherineIvy violetView
LloydJames William and MariaConstance MaryView
LedinghamJohn Clarke and Eliza JaneIvy SelinaView
LloydCharles and Sarah ElizabethMiriam EvelineView
LloydJames William and MariaOverton JamesView
LloydCharles and Sarah ElizabethCharles SydneyView
LedinghamJohn Clark and Eliza JaneViolet ElizaView
LloydJames W. and MariaGuy BertramView
LloydCharles and Sarah ElizabethWilliam HughView
LedinghamJohn Clark and Eliza JaneLily MargaretView
LehmannWilliam and BerthaHermann AlfredView
LloydJames William and MariaMaria MayView
LangeWilliam and HarriettWalter JamesView
LloydWilliam and MariaViva JanetView
LloydJohn Andrew and KatherineGladys GwendolineView
LedinghamJohn Clark and Eliza JaneDaisy ElizabethView
LehmannWilliam and BerthaErnest Theodore LeopoldView
LloydWilliam and Maria DorotheaWilliam PercivalView
LaurenceAlfred and Alice ElizabethEileen IsabelView
LappnowAugustus and AnnieHilda Augusta MaryView
LloydCharles and Sarah ElizabethFlorence AdkinsView
LerouxPeter Skalk and Mary AnnWilliam JosephView
LedinghamJohn Clark and Eliza JaneAlexander ReidView
LloydWilliam and MariaFrances IvyView
LloydJames William and MariaGwendoline HopeView
LehmanWilliam and BerthaAgnes OttoView
Le RouxPeter Skalk and Mary AnnFrederick WilliamView
LloydWilliam and Maria DorotheaJohnView
LedinghamJohn Clark and Eliza JaneAmbrose DuncanView
LloydOliver Ishmael and CatherineJohn IshmaelView
LaurenceAlfred and Alice ElizabethHarold AlfredView
LloydWilliam and MariaLucy ClaudeView
LehmanWilliam and BerthaOtto HenryView
Le RouxPeter Skalk and MarionEllen Caroline LettaView
La RiviereJulius Henry and RebeccaCharles HenryView
LloydJames William and MariaJames ClearyView
Land??Gertrude ClaraView
LloydWilliam and MariaLillian LucillaView
LedinghamJohn Clark and Eliza JuneAda MayView
LehmannWilliam J. F. and BerthaFrederick CharlieView
LloydJames W. and MariaIris OliveView
LloydWilliam and Maria DorotheaVictor AlfredView
LloydOliver Ishmael and CatherineHerbert RussellView
LewisWilliam John and Constance MaryMargaret Thora ConstanceView
LewisWilliam John and Constance MaryFlorence MerleView
LooAh Fat and MaryIvoo NoelView
LavenderArthur and MillieJosephine DorisView
LooAh Fat and MaryElma IsmayView
LindsayWilliam and Martha CatherineMaria JohannaView
LewisAlexander Robert and Isabella AgnesRoderick KitchenerView
LuckHerman Frans and Louise VictoriaElizabeth VictoriaView
LupchongChoong and MillyPhyllis MayView
LoubserJacobus Martinus Johanna and Jacoba WilhelminaSusan WilhelminaView
LoubserJacobus Martinus Johanna and Jacoba WilhelminaMaria MagdalenaView
LindsayWilliam Isaac and Martha CatherineRichard StanleyView
LuckHermann Frans and Louisa VictoriaStanley ClaudeView
LoubserJacobus Martin Johannes and Jacoba WilhelminaCoenraad HendrikView
LindsayWilliam Isaac and Martha CatherineDaniel GeorgeView
LipkeAdolph Julius and Hesther ElizabethSamuel GeorgeView
LeesonArthur and Ivy EmmaRachel ElizabethView
LoubserJacobus Martin Johannes and Jacoba WilhelminaWilliam PetrusView
LuckHerman Franz and Louisa VictoriaMillreat MargaretView
LindsayWilliam Isaac and Martha CatherineStella MaudView
LewisAlexander Robert and Isabell AgnesKathleen IsabellView
LehmannErnest Theodore and Maria JacobaWilliam JohnView
LotteringArnoldus Johannes and NellieWilliamView
LindsayWilliam Isaac and Martha CatherineLloyd ColinView
LockDaniel Robert and Lily ElizabethDaphne Lorna MaudView
LloydJohn Ishmael and Dorothy MayNeville WyndhamView
LehmannErnest Theodore and Maria JacobaIvy HelenaView
LuckHerman Frank and Louisa VictoriaVera MurielView
LewisAlexander Robert and Isabelle AgnesPhyllis MaudView
LeachBarend Daniel and Margaret Edith MaryElsie MabelView
LockDaniel and LilyMildred HarriettView
LindsayGladysHector GordonView
LindsayGladysEric FrancisView
LuckHerman Frank and Louisa VictoriaDennis DavidView
LloydJohn Ishmael and Dorothy MayStephanieView
LarsenGustav and HenriettaDesmond CarlView
LehmannErnest Theodore and Maria JacobaJoyce LilianView
LloydCharles Arthur and Doris EthelAudrey MaryView
LawsonArthur Edward and Amy ElizabethSheila IvyView
LuckHerman Frank and Louisa VictoriaFrank DavidView
LeeThomas Elijah and IdaKenneth ThomasView
LockDaniel and LilyArthur Robert DanielView
LotteringDavid Andrew and Hester MagdaleneDavid AndrewView
LindenAlbert and MargaretHilda LuceldiaView
LatiganAdrian Michael and Judith Maria JacobaBernard VincentView
LatiganAdrian Michael and Judith Maria JacobaGert Henry AdrianView
LloydJohn Ishmael and Dorothy MayJoanView
LloydCharles Arthur and Doris EthelFlorence EthelView
LewisAlexander Robert and Isabell AgnesArthur WilliamView
LuckHerman and LouisaHerbert HarryView
LloydCharles Arthur and Doris EthelClyde CharlesView
LauwrensFrancis Johannes Daniel and Petronella TheodoraMagdalenaView
LennoxJames and Matilda AnnAudreyView
LoggenbergMichael Henry and violet LauraViolet LauraView
LennoxJames and Matilda AnnGeorge PhillipView
LabuschagneJoe and EngellaGuinalda BirchView
LotteringJohannes and Johanna ChristinaBrian GeorgeView
LightfootWilliam James and florence Sarah EdithDenise OlgaView
LabuschagneJan Hendrik Johannes and Stella LydiaDrusilla AmandaView
LawrenceAlan and Eileen JoyceMaureen BarbaraView
LawrenceAlan and Eileen JoyceJoan AverilView
LeeMichael Conrad and Gesina DorotheaFrederick SamuelView
LeiberumMelvin David and Marlene FaySharon EliseView
LawrenceAllen and Eileen JoyceAnnette SailView
LotteringHugh and Mary FindlayStuart JamesView
LeesMichael Conrad and Gesina DorotheaAlice DorotheaView
LabuschagneJan Hendrik Johannes and Stella LydiaSharon CarolView
Le Roux??Arthur JohnView
LivermoreJacqueline Rosemary and Melvyn Edward GrahamNicole NyreeView
LaingRobert and AnneNicholas HamishView
LoxtonMario Cecil and Beulah VeronicaJanine KerriView
LoxtonMario Cecil and Beulah VeronicaKarinView
La VitaLeonard Christopher and Alfreda HenryLucille AlfredaView
LaaksJoseph Basil Leonard and Sophia DorotheiJoseph Basil JacobusView
LaaksJack and Sophia DorotheaViolet AnneView
LaasFrank Charlie and SusanMary YvonneView
LaceyGeorge Stuart de Lacy and Daphney PatienceYvonneView
LaceyGeorge Stuart and Daphney PatienceJoanView
LackGwynne Ivor and IvyIris IsabellaView
LaidlerPercy Ward and Frances Daphne ScottTatjana JudyView
LaingAlexander Paterson and SheilaPeter Brian AndrewView
LaingAlexander Paterson and SheilaRichard AndrewView
LambertLeonard James and Elsie MaudJoan WatersView
LandsJohn William Henry and Irene LillianWilliam HenryView
LandsJohn William Henry and Irene LillianEileen KayView
LandsJohn William henry and Irene LillianElizabeth RoseView
LandsJohn William Henry and Irene LillianRobert StanleyView
LandsJohn William Henry and Irene LillianSylvia JuneView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethGladys WienarsView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethJanet MagaretView
LaughtonJames Munro and Martha CaralinaNeville JamesView
LawrenceCharles William and PhilomenaBasil NoelView
LawrenceCharles William and PhilomenaNeville MontgomeryView
Le RouxPeter Matthew and Dorothea Susanna PetronellaLorraineView
Le RouxJacobus Johannes and Engela Dorothea MariaEuniceView
Le RouxJacobus Johannes and Engela Dorothea MariaJeannetteView
Le RouxPetrus Mattheus and Dorothea Susanna PetronellaMarthaView
LeeHarriet EthelStella Alice RoseView
LeeHarriet EthelCharles John RankinView
Lee??Mary ElizabethView
Leeson-GreeneGeorge and Daphne AmeliaValerie RuthView
LeightonHector and Etta MarjorieBarbara JessieView
LeonClement Ronald and ChristineShirley DawnView
LeonClement Ronald and ChristinaRonald MalcolmView
LeonClement Ronald and ChristinaJoan MinoraView
LeslieJohn Louis Baxter and Deline CelesteJohn PatrickView
LewisJohnClifford BernardView
LewisJohn Arundel and Hermine FaithRoger ArundelView
LieberumWilliam Henry and Alice LouisaLovelin ShirleyView
Liman-ScottDuncan Talbot Liman and ThelmaIan DuncanView
LindhorstDennis John and Margareta ElfriedaBrian EvanView
LingamBertie and Alwina TheresaEdna JeanView
LingamBertie and Alwina ThereseStella PatriciaView
LingamBertie and Alwina Therese (De La Harpe)Vernon BertieView
LittleFrederick and Johanna AlethaFrances JoyceView
LloydWilliam Arthur and Doris FredricaNeville RoyView
LockyerDouglas and AgnesDawnView
LoganStanley Horace and Judith SusannaNorman HughView
LoganGeorge Matthew and Olga FredaEda OlgaView
LongmoreDavid Douglas and Gwendoline Leslie TurpinPeter AlexanderView
LongmoreDavid Douglas and Gwendolin Leslie TurpinDavid GeorgeView
LongmoreDavid Douglas and Gwendoline Leslie TurpinJohn LeslieView
LongthorpeAlan and Mildred DaphneEvelyn MaudView
LoppnowHerman Edward August and Maggie JohannaFrederick RichardView
LotterPhilip Abraham and Annie IsobelDorothea AntoinetteView
LotterJames Daniel Timotheus and Bertha AugustaMerle ElaineView
LotterPhillip Abraham and Annie IsobellaSusan Elizabeth MaudeView
LotterPhillip Abraham and Annie IsabellaGerhardus PetrusView
LotterPhilip Abraham and Annie IsobelPhilip AbrahamView
LotterJohannes Martin and Mavis DaphneBasil AubreyView
LotterJohannes Martin and Mavis DaphnePamela WendyView
LotterCharles Edward and Wilhelmina PetronellaLeonard EdwardView
LotterCharles Edward and WilhelminaBarbara ElaineView
LotteringCornelius Johannes Stephanus and Elizabeth MaryCornelius Johannes StephanusView
LotteringCharles and JoeyDawsonView
LotteringJohn and BridgetKathleen JohannaView
LotteringJohn Johannes and BridgetJohn JohannesView
LotteringCharlie and JohannaMyrtle KatieView
LotteringStephen and JohannaStephen JohannesView
LotteringJohannes and AnnaJohannes StephanusView
LotteringCharles and JohannaDaisy IsabellaView
LotteringJohn and Bridget AnnaDavid DanielView
LotteringStephen and JohannaElizabeth JohannaView
LotteringJohannes and AnnaRonnieView
LotteringJohn Johannes and Bridget AnneMabel DorothyView
LotteringCharles and JohannaMarjorie VioletView
LotteringStephen Johannes and Johanna ChristinaDenita ElizabethView
LotteringStephen Johannes and Johanna ChristinaNellie Petronella HendrickaView
LotteringFrederick Johannes and Martha MariaFrederick JohannesView
LotteringJohannes and Johanna ChristinaJohn HenryView
LotzGeorge David and LyndaRodneyView
LotzGeorge David and LyndaBerrenda LyndaView
LotzAlbert Herrer and Helen EthelMaureen EthelView
LotzGeorge David and LindaRaymond AndrewView
LotzGeorge David and LindaKeith NigelView
LoweWilliam Charles James and EmilyVictoria DawnView
LowndsCharles Desmond and Maria MagdalenaBarbara JeanView
LowndsCharles Desmond and Maria MagdalenaCharles MichaelView
LoxtonVictor Havelock and Herma Matilda VeronicaMarlene VeronicaView
LucasBenjamin Ernest and AlmaErnest ChristopherView
LucasBenjamin Ernest and AlmaRichard Lionel BrinkView
LucasBenjamin Ernest and AlmaElizabeth ElaineView
LuckJoseph Edward and Margaret AlmaWendy ArleneView
LuckHerman and LouiseRosalia BarbaraView
LudwickErnest William and Ruth LilianEric MelvilleView
LudwickErnest William and Ruth LilianDennis GrantView
LuffNorman Wilfred Wentzel and Petronella JohannaDawn Ellen DorothyView
LuffNorman Wilfred Wentzel and Petronella JohannaRonald Wentzel PeterView
LuffNorman Wentzel Wilfred and Petronella JohannaValerie Eliza AliceView
LuffNorman Wilfred Wentzel and Petronella JohannaAudrey Rosemary MyrtleView
LuffNorman Wilfred Wentzel and Petronella JohannaNorma WinifredView
LutgertFrederick Edward and Joyce EuniceTimothy EdwardView
LeachWilliam Abram and Caroline ElizabethThomas BenjaminView
LeachWilliam Abram and Caroline ElizabethElizabeth AnnView
LeachWilliam Abram and Caroline ElizabethCaroline AmeliaView
LongWilliam and Madeline MerrielEmma Frances WillsonView
LucasJames Parker and Mary AnnEmily JaneView
LeonardWilliam John and RosettaFrederick WilliamView
LucasJames Parker and Mary AnnLeonora MatildaView
LucasJames Parker and Mary AnnEmma MaryView
LawrenceAlexander and Elizabeth G.MaryView
Le RoesMarthaChristian SiewertView
LloydJohn and Mary Ann William JamesView
LloydCharles and HarrietGeorgeView
LloydCharles and HarrietWalter JamesView
LloydJohn and Mary AnnElizabeth JessieView
LloydCharles and HarrietWilliam David StephenView
LloydJohn and Mary AnnRupert HenryView
LansdellThomas Stephen and EllenLouisView
LloydLeonard Fletcher and Mary BazetteLouise RosemaryView
LloydLeonard Fletcher and Mary BazeteNeil Edward AlfredView
LishmanJohn Seath and HannahJohnView
LynnEdward and MaryIsrael View
LocklyThomas and AnnCharlotteView
LarterSamuel and Sophia AugustaSarah SophiaView
LockeyJohn and CarolineCaroline MargaretView
LucasFrederick and Mary FarrJessie Charlotte SarahView
LloydRobert and SarahSarah Rebecca AnnView
LucasJohn and ElizaRobertView
LucasJohn and ElizaCharles JamesView
LynnEdward and MaryEmilyView
LockerThomas and AnnAnn ElizabethView
LucasFrederic and Mary FarrFannyView
LintonHenry and SophiaCharles ReginaldView
LoganJohn and Sarah JaneSarah JaneView
LucasWilliam Tyndal and Matilda EmmaMary Louisa de NeufvilleView
LakeJames Dennie and Dora PetronellaPhilippus JacobusView
LambertSidney and GwynethCecil ClarenceView
LambertSidney and GwynethJune AnnView
LambertSidney and GwynethColin VaughanView
LambertSidney and GwynethSidney GrahamView
LancasterDenwood and Evelyn AnnieFrank EvelynView
LancasterDenwood and Evelyn AnnieReginaldView
LangeWilliam Frederick and SophiaEmilView
LangeCarl Johannes and MariaAndrew View
LangeKarl Johannes and MariaStellaView
LangeKarl Johannes and MariaRonald BasilView
LangeCarl Johannes and Maria MagdalinaMuriel BerthaView
LangeCarl Johannes and Maria MagdalinaDoris MaureenView
LangeCarl Johannes and Maria MagdalinaAgnes MaryView
LangeCarl Johannes and Maria MagdalinaAmy CarolView
LangheimRobert and JoannaNora GertrudeView
LangtonGordon Courtenay and Daphne MargaretElizabeth AnneView
LateganPieter Abram and HenriettaSusan EdithView
Laurencealfred Genter and Martha MariaAlfred JamesView
LaurieGordon Scot and Kathleen HazelJohn ChristopherView
LaurieGordon Scot and Kathleen HazelWilla GordonView
LawsonAndrew and Louisa CarolineAlbert NormanView
LawsonCharles and CarolineAndrew RobertView
LawsonRobert and Charlotte Augusta LouisaMavis StellaView
LawsonAndrew and LouisaAlma AileenView
LawsonRobert and CharlotteStanley NormanView
LawsonAndrew and LouisaDoreen MayView
LawsonAlbert Norman and Muriel WinifredDesmond AubreyView
LawsonAlbert Norman and Muriel WinifredVernon NormanView
LawsonEdward Ernest and Gladys IreneRene MerleView
LawsonEdward Ernest and Gladys IreneClarence BrianView
LawsonEdward Ernest and Gladys IreneRaymond EdwardView
LawsonAlbert Norman and Muriel WinifredBasil HenryView
LawsonEdward Ernest and Gladys IreneYvonne JoyView
Le RouxJohn and CeliaHarryView
LeeFrederick Samuel and Kathleen Frances JohannaJohn AlbertView
LeeWalter Charles and Sarah AnnWalter CharlesView
LeeFred and CatherineViolet GladysView
LeggatArthur and Violet BessieIreneView
LehmanAugust and JohannaRobert WalterView
LehmanAugust Alfred and JohannaAgnes MaryView
LehmannAlbert Edward and Edith AnnaClarence WilfredView
LehmannAlbert Edward and Edith AnnaMargaret MillicentView
LehmannAlbert Edward and Edith AnnaJoan AnnaView
LehmannAlbert Edward and Edith EmmaPearl PamelaView
LehmannAlbert Edward and Edith EmmaRaymond RonaldView
LeveyBenjamin James and Johanna Susannah ElizabethHarold ReginaldView
LeveyBenjamin James and Johanna Sussannah ElizabethThoraView
LevyDavid and CoralieNatalie FieldView
LewisGeorge Henry Arundel and Effiejean ConstanceNorman ArundelView
LewisMaunsell Harvey and Doris MontaguePhyllis MayView
LewisG. H. Arundel and Effiejean ConstanceJohn ArundelView
LewisWilliam Manson and Meta LouiseAlbert William HerbertView
Lewiswilliam Manson and Meta LouiseGwenllian Mary GladysView
LewisEdwyn Arundel and Mabel ConstanceNancy MayView
LewisEdwyn Arundel and Mabel ConstanceBarbara DarlingView
LewisRobert Wyndham Arundel and Marjorie CarmenKeith ArundelView
LewisRobert Wyndham Arundel and Marjorie CarmenHarold William ArundelView
LewisGerald JohnWilliamView
LewisGerald JohnStanleyView
LewisRobert Wyndham Arundel and Marjorie CarmenJeanne MargaretView
LewisWilliam Gerald John and Cornelia WilhelminaGerald JohnView
LieberumEdward Charles and Johanna EtresiaEtresia MayView
LieberumJohn William and Minnie ChristinaIsabella MayView
LieberumJohn William and Minnie ChristinaBernard JohnView
LieberumWilliam and MinnieEdward VictorView
LieberumCharles Edward and Dorothy ElizabethAlma DorotheaView
LieberumCharles Edward and Dorothy ElizabethCharlie EdwardView
LieberumCharles Edward and Dorothy ElizabethRannie NormanView
LieberumErnest Joseph and Freda ChristinaVictor ErnestView
LieberumWilliam Henry and Alice LouisaDesmond TrevorView
LieberumSamuel David and GertieCecil DavidView
LieberumCharles Edward and Dorothy ElizabethLaurence Edward FrancisView
LieberumWilliam Henry and Alice LouisaKenneth WilliamView
LieberumErnest Joseph and Freda Augusta ErnstinaRhoda Sarah AnnView
LieberumSamuel David and Gertrude Sophie AgathaNeville BasilView
LieberumWilliam Hendry and Alice Louise CastenRodney IvanView
LieberumErnest Joseph and Freda Auguste ErnestinaMelvin DavidView
LieberumSamuel David and Gertie Sophie AgathaAubrey SidneyView
LieberumCharles Edward and Dorothy ElizabethJoan PatriciaView
LieberumWilliam Henry and Alice LouisaJoan RoseView
LieberumOliver William and Ellen Katharina FriedrickaRonald OliverView
LieberumCharles Edward and Dorothy ElizabethEitel IvanView
LieberumSamuel David and Gertie Sophia AgathaStella IreneView
LieberumSamuel David and Gertrude Sophie AgathaJoyce SylviaView
LieberumSamuel David and Gertrude SophieMona NolaView
LieberumWilliam Henry and Alice LouisaEugene LorraineView
LilleyJohn and Isabella MaryGodfrey DennisView
LilleyJohn and Isabella MaryJoan AliceView
LindebaumPeter John and Dorothy MariaUlricView
LinnowArthur Louis and Norma ElaineRosemary CaroleView
LloydRichard Glynn Ivor GlynnView
LockenEsther Elizabeth MadgelinaGeorge WilliamView
LockenEsther Elizabeth MagdalenaHarry Antony PetrusView
Lockhart-BarkerCharles William and Helena ElizabethEileen Elizabeth AmandinaView
LockieWalter Ernest Ashington and Martha EtressaValerie May AshingtonView
LoganJohn Cameron and Ruth Emily MinnieCameron AdairView
LoganJohn Cameron and Ruth EmilyLouis ForsythView
LondonJames and SarahJames RogersView
LonsdaleJohn Frank and Edith DaisyDouglas Bernard JohnView
LootzFrederick and EmilyKathleen ElizabethView
LootzeCharles and LouisaCatherine Frances MinnieView
LotteringSteven Johannes and Nellie PetronellaSteven JohannesView
LotteringJohannes and Emily Grace BurgessFrancis CorneliusView
LotteringArnoldnus Johannes Steven and Nellie PetronellaBridget CarolineView
LotteringGeorge and Hester BellaCaroline CatherineView
LotteringJohannes and Emily Grace BeatriceStoffel JohannesView
LoweHenry James and Sarah Mary MagdalenWilliam Charles JamesView
LoweHenry and EdithDorothy Edith AtherstoneView
LoweHenry James and Sarah Mary MagdaleneDorothy Elizabeth JaneView
LoweRobert Cecil and Johanna MagdaleneHenry MarkView
LuckFrederick Hermann and Sophie wilhelminaNorman FrederickView
LuckFrederick H. and Sophie WilhelminaJoseph WilliamView
LuckFrederick Herman and Sophie WilhelmanHerbert VictorView
LuckFrederick Herman and Sophie WilhelmanLaurence StanleyView
LuckFrederick Hermann and Sophie WilhelminaEvelyn IrisView
LuckHerbert Alfred and Elma HazelWayne GavinView
LuckHerbert Alfred and Elma HazelGlynnis BerylView
LuckHerbert Alfred and Elma HazelGail CaroleView
LuckHerbert Victor and Myrtle JeanDesmond AubreyView
LundHarry Hilton and Mildred JanePiers Bishpam HiltonView
LundHarry Hilton and Mildred JaneAveril HiltonView
LutzkeClement Sidney August and Mary Maria ElizabethGeorge Michael CorneliusView
LutzkeClement Sidney August and Mary ElizabethEnid Mabel IreneView
LynnEric Gordon and Emma MaryAubrey John LynnView
LynnRaymond Allan and AliceAileen VinceView
LynnEric Gordon and EmmaKeith GordonView
LeiberumSamuel David and Gertie Sophie AgathaBeatrice GertieView
LewisWilliam Gerald and Irene DollyDallas LlewellynView
ListerJames Kenrick and Cecilia HarrieDavid MacarthyView
LuckNorman Frederick and Irene Augusta MatildaRhona JeanView
LawsonAlbert Norman and Muriel WinifredNeil RoyView
LuckHerbert Victor and Myrtle JeanGwenda HeatherView
LewisWilliam Gerald and Irene DollyLilian LinnetteView
LewisKeith Arundel and Ethel MarieMichael William ArundelView
LuckEvelyn IrisCurline SophieView
LuckLaurence Stanley and Emma StellaNeville LaurenceView
LuckJoseph William and Irene Wanda RitaTerrence JosephView
LaithwaiteJohn William and Olive LetitiaShirleyView
LieberumLawrence William and Victoria Alexandria IreneMarilyn CarolView
LewisKeith Arundel and Ethel MarieRosemarie AnneView
LawsonDesmond Aubrey and Jean almaIan CecilView
Le RouxAndries Abraham and Margaret MagdalenaJennifer JeanView
LewisKeith Arundel and Ethel MarieChristopher ArundelView
LinderTweedie and Francis Maude (Gailey)Tony BlakeView
Le RouxAndries Abraham and Margaret MagdalenaAnnette CecileView
LawsonDesmond and JeanPamela JeanView
LangleyDonald and Veronica Gertrude RubenaLawrence DonaldView
Long??Lynette BarryView
LochheadDesmond Gilmour and Daphne MyraJennifer DianeView
LentzRobert Wilhelm Adolf and Doreen MatildaTrevor TerranceView
Le RouxAndries Abraham and Margaret MagdalenaMarion EstelleView
LewisKeith Arundel and Ethel MarieStephen ArundelView
LowinFrank Albert and Alma GenieveMary GeneView
LangleyDonald and Veronica Gertrude RubenaDianne VeronicaView
LangeRonald Basil and Magrita MariaDeon JonathanView
LeiberumAubrey Sidney and SylviaNeil AubreyView
LentzRobert Wilhelm Adolf and Doreen MatildaKevin ErrolView
LochemHarry Anthonie and MaryJacqueline ElizabethView
LinakerAlan and Gwenneth MaryJoanneView
LeiberumAubrey Sidney and SylviaCharmaine AnnetteView
Lackenberg?Stanley and DorothyJacqueline AnneView
LangeRonald Basil and Margritha MariaTimothy DeanView
LockemHenry Anthony and MaryMichelle JoyceView
Le RouxAlwaynne and Yolanda MadgeYvette MadelineView
LaingWilliam Thomson and Ethel FennerRonald ThomsonView
LawrenceHarold Alfred and violet MabelDouglas Harold GeorgeView
LaingWilliam Thomson and Ethel FennerWilliam ThomsonView
LakeLorenzo James and Eileen IsabelBrian DesmondView
LawrenceHarold Alfred and violet MabelErrol AlfredView
LangenstrassFritz Carl and Brenda MayPatricia MoonyeenView
LaingJohn and Dorothy JeanRosemarie JeanView
LaingJohn and Dorothy JeanDonald John WilliamView
LaingJohn and Dorothy JeanGillian IsobelView
LutherMatthew John and Sylvia DorothyWalter MinerView
LambertGeorge Leslie and Dorothy MurielRosemary Malvina MurielView
LotterMatthew John and Sylvia DorothyMatthew JohnView
LotterMatthew John and Sylvia DorothyVictor John WeinantView
LotterMatthew John and Sylvia DorothyDorothy Sarah MariaView
LotterMatthew John and Sylvia DorothyJohn DouglasView
LiddellJoseph Leonard and FredaJewelView
LotterMattheus Johannes and Sylvia DorothyLynetteView
LeachAlfred and EmmaMary Ann SarahView
LloydBennett Winsor and SarahCharles HubertView
LeonardEdward Chapman and HelenElizabeth TaylerView
LuckowFriedrick and JaneMary Louisa MariaView
LudenJacob and WilhelminaErnestine Louise AugustaView
LandJames and ClaraGeorge EdwardView
LonsdaleJames Faunce and Mary AnnOlive FaunceView
LonsdaleJames Faunce and Mary AnnWinifredView
LandreyJohn and JaneJaneView
LucasJohn Charles and Annie ElizabethAnnie VeraView
LumbsMargaretElizabeth Maude MargaretView
LittlefordRobert George and JohannaFrancis William HenryView
LuframThomas and ElizaSydney John SmithiesView
LutgeWilhelm Christian Heinrich and Johanna Sophia DorotheaErnst Wilhelm LouisView
LudwigHermann and CharlotteJohanna MatildaView
LivingstoneWilliam Sutherland and Eliza McArthurFrancis William Alexander SutherlandView
LloydLenox and PheebeMaria AgnesView
LangeCharles Robert and Tamzen Maria ElizabethTheosebeia ElizabethView
LieschingFranciscus Josephus Carel and Christina JacominaFrederick JacobusView
LiefeldtAubrey William and Dorothy ElizabethAntony DavidView
LishmanGeorge Nettleton and Pearl BeatriceRonald GeorgeView
LishmanGeorge Nettleton and Pearl BeatriceJoan CynthiaView
LishmanGeorge and PearlOswald BenjaminView
LeachEdward John and Johanna HelenaHermanus TheodorusView
LeachEdward John and Johanna HelenaCornelia PetronellaView
LoxtonCyril Nelson and Dorothy AnnColleen AnneView
LakeDennis and Wendy AnneRobyn AnneView
LoxtonCyril Nelson and Dorathy AnnSheilah HelenView
LakeDennis Patrick and Wendy AnneJanet ElizabethView
LangaSydney and BeautyHlubi SinclairView
LindemannHerbert David and Ethel JanetDarryl NoelView
Lusk?Kenneth Roy and Patricia Winifred AnneTracy DawnView
LeppanMichael William and Alicia JaneLara JaneView
LangleyRobert and AmeliaBrownView
LangleyRobert and AmeliaFrankView
LangleyRobert and AmeliaChristiana PohlView
LeachWilliam Abram and Caroline ElizabethThomas BenjaminView
LeachWilliam Abram and Caroline ElizabethElizabeth AnnView
LeachWilliam Abram and Caroline ElizabethCaroline AmeliaView
LovemoreRobert Henry and Aletta JaneHenrietta MaryanneView
LovemoreHenry Robert and Dorothia SusannaHarry MortimerView
LovemoreHenry Robert and Dorothy SusannahAnn MariaView
LovemoreHenry Robert and Dorothy SusannaMarian DayView
LovemoreRobert Henry and Aletta JaneElla SophiaView
LovemoreHenry Robert and Dorothy SusannaEmily DorothyView
LovemoreHenry Robert and Dorothy SusannaEllen Louisa MaryView
LovemoreRobert Henry and Aletta JaneHerbert EdwardView
LovemoreHenry Robert and Dorothy SusannaFlorence ElizabethView
LovemoreHenry Robert and Dorothy SusannaJoseph CrossView
LovemoreHenry Robert and Dorothy Susanna Claude LesterView
LathamCharles Potgieter and HannahFrances MaudeView
LathamJoseph Henry and Johannah Hester SusannaFrances GertrudeView
LarkEdwin and Eva AugustaEdith ElizabethView
LloydDavid W. and MarthaMartha SarahView
LloydDavid Watkins and MarthaBeatrice MargaretView
LoveJames and HelenRobertView
LloydDavid Watkins and Marthablanche ClevelandView
LloydDavid Watkin and MarthaDavid LochView
LathamCharles Alma and Emily GeorginaNesta Pearl CampbellView
LathamCharles Alma and Emily GeorginaAmy Dulcie CampbellView
LathamCharles Alma and Emily GeorgenaLinda May CampbellView
LathamCharles Alma and Emily GeorginaCharles Henry CampbellView
LathamCharles Alma and Emily GeorginaPhoebe Ambrosina CampbellView
LehmanErnest Theodor and Maria JacobaErnest TheodoreView
LabansJohn and RachelSamuel HenryView
LabansJohn and RachelSophia JohannaView
LeachEdward Johannes and Denisea LorraineLenore MavisView
LuckHerman and LouisaKeith Alwine RichardView
LotteringWalter Thomas and Martha PriscillaBenjamin BasilView
Loraine-GrewsCourtenay and Joyce Mildred JefferdDonald CourtenayView
LotteringWilliam James and SusanJamesView
LotteringWilliam James and SusanEdward GeorgeView
LotteringWalter Thomas and Martha PetronellaCaroline KathleenView
LockDaniel and LilyDeeneseView
LuckHerman and LouisaEsme YvonneView
LloydJohn Ishmael and Dorothy MayYvonneView
LoganStanley Horace and JudithKenneth StanleyView
LongbottomHarry Sharpe and Emily CathrineBeryl AgnesView
LuckStanley Claude and Herma Matilda VeronisaWalter Engelbert ErnestView
Le RouxErnest Henry and ThelmaErnestView
LuckStanley Claude and Herma Veronica MathildaAnthony Claude BernardView
LockDaniel Robert Charles and Lily ElizabethRobert DanielView
LochenbergMichael Henry and violet LauraGertruida AntonettaView
LightfootWilliam James and Florence Sarah EdithKenneth WilliamView
LightfootWilliam James and Florence Sarah EdithTrevorView
LightfootWilliam James and Florence Sarah EdithBruceView
LoggenbergMichael Henry and Violet LauraMichael HenryView
LennoxJames and Matilda AnnAudreyView
LoggenbergMichael Henry and violet LauraViolet LauraView
LennoxJames and Matilda AnnGeorge PhillipView
LabuschagneJoe and EngellaGuinalda BirchView
LotteringJohannes and Johanna ChristinaBrian GeorgeView
LightfootWilliam James and florence Sarah EdithDenise OlgaView
LabuschagneJan Hendrik Johannes and Stella LydiaDrusilla AmandaView
LawrenceAlan and Eileen JoyceMaureen BarbaraView
LawrenceAlan and Eileen JoyceJoan AverilView
LeeMichael Conrad and Gesina DorotheaFrederick SamuelView
LeiberumMelvin David and Marlene FaySharon EliseView
LawrenceAllen and Eileen JoyceAnnette SailView
LotteringHugh and Mary FindlayStuart JamesView
LeesMichael Conrad and Gesina DorotheaAlice DorotheaView
LabuschagneJan Hendrik Johannes and Stella LydiaSharon CarolView
Le Roux??Arthur JohnView
LivermoreJacqueline Rosemary and Melvyn Edward GrahamNicole NyreeView
LaingRobert and AnneNicholas HamishView
LoxtonMario Cecil and Beulah VeronicaJanine KerriView
LoxtonMario Cecil and Beulah VeronicaKarinView
LoganJohn William and Ivy AdelaideAthalie GladysView
LennonJames and LouisaMary ElizabethView
LotterChristopher Dirk and Harriet LouisaOliverView
LambCharles Everard and Margaret AnnGeorge OgilvyView
LambCharles Everard and Margaret AnnAnnie ReidView
LeesRobert George Geoffrey and GladysGeoffrey Parke KidsonView
LoweRobert Cecil and Hensie MagdaleneEdmund Charles CecilView
LostromDimitri and MariaKalliopeView
LotterMathew Johannes and BetsyJoseph HenryView
LucasRobert Francis and Sarah Elizabeth FulcherRobert FrancisView
LoganVivian Walter and Nelly ClemmineDennice NonaView
Lennox??Louisa WilhelminaView
LotteringRobert and EthelCornelius PetrusView
LongmoreGeorge Gordon and Matilda MayDavid DouglasView
LeeFrederick Samuel and Kathleen Frances Johanna L.Frederick SamuelView
LeightonWilliam James and Margaret MaryDennis StanleyView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethHerbert CharlesView
LotterMatthew Johannes and BetsyEdna Mary MayView
LotterChristoffel Dirk and Harriet LouisaCharles EdwardView
LuckHerman Franz and Louisa VictoriaGeorge FrancisView
LennoxJames and Louisa Wilhelmina ChristinaJosephView
Le Roux??Dorothy CressieView
LodewykJohannes and RachelKathleenView
Le RouxCharles Samuel and MariaHenry John SamuelView
LakeArchibald Walter and Ada Rosa Charlotte LouisaDouglas AlfredView
LawrenceCharles Andrew and Annie MargaretHarold Charles LeggettView
LucasRobert Francis and Sarah ElizabethJoyce BerthaView
LoudevicusHans and RachelGeorge HenryView
LotterMatthew Johannes and BetsyDorothy SarahView
LombardGert and Ethel LouiseLorna MargaretView
LombardGert and Ethel LouiseBarbara LilianView
LindebaumThomas Robert and Cornell JoyMavis JoyView
LoppnowHermann Edward August and Maggie JohannaHermann Edward AugustView
LandreySydney Paton and Edna AntoinetteHermine Frances AllanView
LuffWentzel Peter and Eliza AliceMyrtle Esther MayView
LuffWentzel Peter and Eliza AliceJames PeterView
LuffWentzel Peter and Eliza AliceDouglas Thomas JohnView
LeonigsFred Ernest and LydiaDulcie ElaineView
LeonigsFred Ernest and LydiaNorma MayView
LeonigsFred Ernest and LydiaLeslie DuncanView
Le RouxSchalk William James and Augusta DorothyGladys WinifredView
LoweHenry James and Dorothy Elizabeth JaneKarl PetzerView
LombardGert Johannes and Ethel LouiseEric BertramView
LaaksWilliam Charles Henry and May Lilian William Owen KeithView
LatimerAndrew and Edith MariaNeil CooperView
LodewykEvaPhyllis MargaretView
LingwoodFrederick Donald and Hilda GraceEnidView
LeicesterJames Samuel and Nelly KathleenAlice DoreenView
LandsHerbert Richard and Harriett MarthaRobert StanleyView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethWilliam RaeburnView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethHerbert CharlesView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethEdward DavidView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethAlicia EstherView
LoppnowHerman Edward August and Maggie JohannaHarold Walter WilfredView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethChristine MaryView
LaughtonDavid Raeburn and Florence ElizabethMay ElizabethView
LotteringArnoldus and NellieFrances MaudView
LeonigsFred Ernest and LydiaJohn KendrickView
LandsJohn William Henry and Irene LillianHerbert RichardView
LotteringCharles and JoeyAlice SophieView
LotteringCharles and JoeyCharlesView
LotterPhilip Abraham and Annie IsabelJessie DorothyView
LodewykFrancesCharles MorrisView
LeightonHector and Etta MarjorieEileen JeanView
ListerJohn Clifford and Alice MaudJohn SunderlandView
LeveySamuel Arthur and Susan LouisaSamuel ArthurView
LandsJohn William Henry and Irene LillianMary MagdaleneView
LawrenceCharles William and PhilomenaVivienne DawnView
LawrenceWilliam Alfred and Louise IsabelLionel CharlesView
LudwickErnest William and Ruth LilianKeith MurrayView
LotterPhilip Abraham and Annie IsabellaChristofel JamesView
LodewykFrancesMinnie DorothyView
LoppnowHerman Edward August and Maggie JohannaRonald DouglasView
LloydRaymond Lionel and Sylvia HannahSylvia JuneView
LambertMertram Arthur and Enid StellaMeryl RaeView
Le RouxJohannes Jacobus and Engela DorothyDaphneView
LotteringCharles and Joey SusieFrederick JohannesView
LeightonHector and Etta MarjoriePatricia KathleenView
LeeKathleen FrancesKathleen FrancesView
LotterJames Daniel Timotheus and Bertha AugustaChristopher William JamesView
LoweWilliam Charles James and EmilyHenry James KeithView
LloydWilliam Arthur and Doris FredricaArthur RolandView
Le RouxSchalk William James and Auguste DorotheiAleck JamesView
LandsJohn William Henry and Irene LilianStella MayView
LotzGeorge David and LindaNesbitt GeorgeView
LawrenceCharles William and PhilomenaDerek CliveView
LorentzVictor Clement and PhyllisSybil EsmeView
LeeJames and Mary ElizabethEdith ElizabethView
LeeJames and Mary ElizabethLillian FlorenceView
LeeJames and Mary ElizabethNorman BarryView
LeeJames and Mary ElizabethArthur RobertView
LightfootJack and Phyllis MaudRobin DobsonView
LaughtonWilliam Raeburn and Constance MaryDavid CharlesView
LordGeoffrey Burbage and Anna JudithMargaret AnneView
LoxtonVictor Havelock and Herma Matilda VeronicaCynthia MargaretView
LeeuwEsau Paul and IreneGerrit James LionelView
LowndsCharles Desmond and Maria MagdalenaSusan MargaretView
LewisChristian and Audrey Mary OakWinifred NolaView
LawrenceCharles William and PhilomenaDuane StuartView
LockArthur Robert Daniel and Ivy EmmaArthur RobertView
LaughtonWilliam Raeburn and Constance MaryFlorence ElizabethView
LewisJohn Arundel and Hermine FaithBrian ArundelView
LoxtonVictor Havelock and Herma Matilda VeronicaStella JudyView
LoggenbergMichael Henry and Violet LauraRudolf JohannesView
LeeJames and Mary ElizabethRaymond MichaelView
LeeuwEsau and IreneEsau Andrew JohnView
LotteringGeorge William and MarieMargaret IsabellaView
LotteringGeorge William and MarieMarie KatrienaView
LotteringHannes and MariaMaggil RachaelView
LaughtonWilliam Raeburn and Constance MaryWilliam RaeburnView
LambertJohan and Rosalie MercySheridanView
LeeJames and Mary ElizabethEdward JohnView
LotteringJames and MargaretMaria ElizabethView
LaughtonWilliam Raeburn and Constance MaryMichael JamesView
LessingPaul Nicholas and MaeJenniferView
LloydChristopher Charles and ElunedSandra GwynethView
LotteringHans and Maria ElizabethKathleen RosettaView
LoggenbergMichael Henry and Violet LauraHarry BenjaminView
LotteringHans and MariaEdward RaymondView
LotteringGeorge William and Anna MariaAnna MariaView
LotteringGeorge William and MariaArnold JacobusView
LockArthur Robert Daniel and Ivy EmmaWilliam Andrew CharlesView
LouwEsau and IreneElizabeth SusanView
LaughtonWilliam Raeburn and Constance MaryCatherine MayView
LuffRonald Wentzel Peter and Dawn YvoneNorman Wilfred WentzelView
LewisLeslie Victor and HildaLeslie AllanView
LockyearDennis George Walker and DenicaLesley AnnView
LindhorstBrian Evan and Noreen AltheaGary PatrickView
LotteringHugh and Mary FindlayMelanie MaryView
LuffRonald Wentzel Peter and Dawn YvonneRichard AndrewView
LotteringHans and MariaHarry PatrickView
LotteringHans (stepfather) and MariaSusan (Jaggers)View
LotteringGeorge William and Anna MariaGeorgie CoenraadView
LotteringGeorge William and Anna MariaJohnnyView
LabuschagneJan Harm and Laurier VernetGrantView
LaubscherHermanus Jacobus Johannes and CelesteAndrew MarkView
LucasArthur and Marjorie ClariceRussell ArthurView
LockyearDenis George Walker and DenicaGraham GeorgeView
LeslieJohn Louis Boyter and Delina CelesteJune Anne BoyterView
LeslieJohn Louis Boyter and Delina CelesteDiana Sarah BoyterView
LeslieJohn Louis Boyter and Delina CelestePatricia Jacqueline BoyterView
LotterPhillip Abraham and Elizabeth MaureenMichael WayneView
LotterPhillip Abraham and Elizabeth MaureenRobert MelvinView
LockyearDenis George and DenicaGraham GeorgeView
Le RouxJaphtha Jakob and Catherine ElizabethLawana FideliaView
LindhurstBrian Evan and Noreen AltheaJenny RaeView
Le RouxJaphtha Jacob and Catherine ElizabethSheila Henrietta RoseView
LindsayBruce Clement and Avalynn van DrutenKeith StuartView
LinghamVernon Bertie and Caroline SelenaVerne CharmaineView
LuckKeith Alwyn Richard and Lynette RitaWayne KeithView
LloydJohn Christopher and Joy WinsomeCharles ChristopherView
LotteringHugh and Mary FindlayPeter RoyView
LinghamVernon Bertie and Caroline SelenaHelen DorothyView
LentzRudolf Robert and Stella PatriciaTrevor HaroldView
LloydJohn Christopher and Joy WinsomeBronwynView
LentzRudolf Robert and Stella PatriciaGordon RudolfView
LinghamRudolf Robert and Stella PatriciaAndrew ClaudeView
LloydJohn Christopher and Joy WinsomeLisaView
LutgeTrevor Douglas and Priscilla MargueriteLouise RoseView
Le RouxNeville Arnold and Alice Gail BlancheTheresa DianeView
LloydCharles and HarrietLydia ElizabethView
LloydJohn and Mary AnnFrederick BertramView
LloydRobert and SarahRosina AdelaideView
LloydCharles and HarrietSidney RobertView
LloydCharles and HarrietAlexander CharlesView
LloydCharles and HarrietHarrietView
LutyiHenry William and Sophia DorothyCharles AlexanderView
LudwigHerman and CharlotteSamuel Charles FredrickView
LutgeWilhelm Christian Heinrich and Johanna Sophia DorotheaErnst Wilhelm LouisView
LudwigHermann and CharlotteJohanna MatildaView
LatteyAbraham Heley Hutchinson and Elizabeth MatherRoberta Sophie MariaView
LikiseRichard and Mary AnnLeginaView
LockEdwin and Elizabeth HallEmily ClareView
LockEdwin and ElizabethArchibaldView
LockEdwin and Elizabeth H.William AllanView
LinganiJames and Jane (Kawa)Witness WilliamView
LockEdwin and Elizabeth HallFrank WildView
LuiJohn and CharlotteWalter JohnView
LockEdwin and Elizabeth HallRonaldView
Loraine-GrewsRobert William and Ada Maria JosephineSydney GeorgeView
Loraine-GrewsRobert William and Ada Maria JosephineEdith Isabella JosephineView
Loraine-GrewsRobert William and Ada Maria JosephineCeciliaView
Loraine-GrewsRobert William and Ada JosephineCourtneyView
LeihFrederic Philip and Anna Elizabeth HenriettaRuby LexView
LeihFriedrich Philip and Anna Elizabeth HenrietteBertie PercyView
LeihFredrick Philip and Anna Elizabeth HenriettaWalter MalcolmView
LeihFrederick Philip and Anna Elizabeth HenriettaClaude AntonView
LloydErnest Robert and ElizabethRobert Ivan KeithView
LeachGerard de Villiers and Kathleen NanJohn Geary de villiersView
LaceyDaphne Patience and George StuartLyle StuartView
LeihBertie Percy and Violet FredaDalton Dallas JamesView
LeighFrederick Herman and Gezina Martha MariaDonald PeterView
LeihBertie Percy and Violet FredaPhilip JohnView
LeihClaude Anton and Kathleen AmyDennis RoyView
LawlorKenneth Hayes and Lucy MargaretHelen ElizabethView
LaitBertie Percy and Violet FredaRodney BevanView
LundallCharles and Ellen MagalanAnnie KateView
LundallCharles and Ellen MagalanEdward CharlesView
LundallCharles and Ellen MagalanSamuel JohnView
LothianWilliam and Emilie Hermine CarolineMaggie ScottView
LiedtkeCarl Theodore Heinrich and Louisa Johanna MarthaTheodore JuliusView
LaveryJames Samuel and Edna BlancheJames EdwardsView
LewisMaunsell Harvey and Doris MontagueMaunsell HarveyView
Loraine-GrewsCourtney and Joyce Mildred JefferdStanleyView
LotterMatthew John and Vivienne EuniceShirley LoveView
LeicesterLewis and ElizabethVernon StiltonView
LotterMatthew John and Vivienne EuniceLewis LoveView
LilfordCharles Eysel Denman and EllaWilla OgilvieView
LilfordCharles Eysel Denman and EllaDonald DenmanView
LupkeErnest August Wilhelm and Anna CatherinaErrol EscourtView
LupkeErnest August and Anna CatherinaYvonne LynetteView
LordGeoffrey Burbage and Anna JudithJennifer JudithView
LeylandLawrence Henry and Sheila StephensonSheila Ann StephensonView
LeylandLawrence Henry and Sheila StephensonLawrence John MakinView
LeylandLawrence Henry and Sheila StephensonKimView
LightBrian Anton and UrsulaSeanView
LotteringIreneAnetta TheresaView
LowdenAndrew and Ida MaryAudrey MaryView
LiddellGeorge Henderson and Sarah ElizabethJames RonaldView
LordArthur Ritchie and Hilda MaudRichard John FranklinView
LeoWilliam Marcus and Sarah LouisaDora Louisa RosinaView
LarcombWilfrid Singleton and AnnieEileen EthelView
LuckFrancis Joseph and Beryl EloiseFrancis Grant Earle FletcherView
LeoHenry Richard and Helen ElizabethEthel HenriettaView
LakeLorenzo James and Eileen IsabelLawrence MeredithView
LevingsHarold Edward and MaudKenneth OwenView
LambertJohn Schleswig Wooding and Rosalind RuthJoan Emily Nancy O'CallaghanView
LeoHenry Richard and Ellen Elizabeth MaudHenry WilliamView
LevingsWalter Thomson and Ivy MayNoula DoreenView
LeveyJoseph Reginald and Florence MaudeMargaret HelenaView
LevingsWalter Thomson and Ivy MayErnest CharlesView
LiefeldtAubrey William and Dorothy ElizabethIan WilliamView
LevingsWalter Thomson and Ivy MaryJean EileenView
LappanArthur Edward and EdithArthur Edward MichaelView
LawranceJoseph and Mary GertrudeElaine Mary ListerView
LeveyCharles George and Ivy Louisa VioletValerie MoiraView
Le Roux??JohnView
Le RouxAbsalom and Helena MargaretWilhelmine TheodoraView
Le RouxAbsalom and Helena MargaretAnna JoanView
LiefeldtAubrey William and Dorothy ElizabethEric RichardView
LeverEllis and Minnie KathleenElizabeth EricaView
LevingsWalter Thomson and Ivy MayAudrey JoyView
LanhamWilliam Bain and Constance LouiseNoel WilliamView
LutchmanJoseph and Delia MargaretEdmund ChristieView
LehmanAugust Frederick Alfred and Sarah MargaretRegina AnnaView
LererEllis and Minnie KathleenMargaretView
LouwMartha LavenaClarice EmmaView
LearyArthur Currie and Angela MargeryPeter MichaelView
LogieEric Langley and Iris VictoriaPhoebe CynthiaView
LeppanDudley Francis George and Phyllis GertrudeShirley Gillian BerthaView
LogieEric Langley and Iris VictoriaAgnes IreneView
LeeDavid McKaully and Phyllis PhillipinaJohn PeterView
LearyArthur Currie and Angela MargeryWilliam Peregrine PepperrellView
LeppanDudley Francis George and Phyllis GertrudeMarion BronwynView
LevingsKenneth Owen and Maria MagdalenaVictor EdwinView
LearyEdgar Ronald and Agnes GwendolinPeter DavidView
LombardChristoffel Antonie and Anne RylandElizabeth JaneView
LevyHarry Gordon and DorothyPeter GordonView
LawAlexander Turnbull and BarbaraRobin AlexanderView
LawAlexander Turnbull and BarbaraGraham RobertView
Le RouxDavid Absolon and Veronica SusanSheila Eileen MarinaView
LombardChristoffel Antonie and Anne RylandChristopher PierreView
LaveryJames Edwards and Stella AgnesJames CharlesView
LaineJohn Hugo Balliol and Joan MargaretDavid JohnView
Le BretJoseph And Cauntin Dondosei (Le Bret)Assain JacobView
LalorDenis Joseph And Annie (Malony)Winifred KateView
LynchJames Richards And Mary Ann (Cudmore)Julia MaryView
LloydHenry And Ellen (Dillon)Florence CatherineView
LoganJames And Elizabeth (Ferguson)Jessie ElizabethView
LeggeWilliam Henry And Eliza Barker (Savage)Ivor Alfred CuthbertView
LynchJames Richard And Mary Ann (Cudmore)Ellen MaryView
LangFrank Milton And Jennie Mackie (Mingard)HerbertView
LynchNicholas And Kate Ellen (Gaines)Nicholas BernhardView
LinoAntonio And Elizabeth (Manuel)Mary Wilhemina RoseView
LohrentzDaniel And Charlotte (Astrilla)SophiaView
LoganJames And Elizabeth (Ferguson)James David ClarenceView
LibertyFriedrich And Samsiah (Liberty)MaryView
LewisWyndham Walter And Pauline M. E. (Van Iseghem)Maryei Wyndham JanetteView
LynchNicholas And Catherine (Gaines)James RichardView
LonerganDenis J. And Annie (Hoolahan)Owen JosephView
LaneGeorge John Hamilton And Mary (Mullen)BrianView
LoganJames And Elizabeth (Ferguson)Elizabeth MayView
La ReserveeLouis And Angela (La Rose)IsabellaView
LeanIsaac And Lillie (Spears)Jacobus IsaacView
LynchNicholas And Kate Ellen (Gaines)John Alphonsus LignorioView
LoganJames And Elizabeth (Ferguson)Alexander Clifford VineView
La ReserveeLouis And Angela (La Rose)RiviniaView
La ReserveeLouis And Angela (La Rose)RenoldView
Le RiviereJoseph And AdaAgustin MornivalView
LespadeHenry And Mary Ann (Conlon)John William HenryView
LeinIsac And Sophia (Matthews)JohnView
LaneGeorge John Hamilton And Mary (Mullen)MaryView
LenaghanJohn And Elizabeth (Lynch)John AidanView
LespadeHenry And Mary (Conlon)Gladys MayView
LynchNicholas And Catherine Ellen (Gaines)Robert ConwayView
LyonsWilliam And Alice (Wall)Alice EllenView
LeanIsaac And Lidyah (Speas)Catherine LouisaView
LenaghanJohn And Elizabeth (Lynch)Thomas PatrickView
LespadeHenry And M. A. (Conlon)Vernon ReginaldView
LeanSophyCatherine SarahView
Leversha??Leonard LewisView
LeonhardCharlie Jack And Mary Jane (Frankland)Frank SundownView
LaneGeorge John Hamilton And Mary (Mullen)Bertrand William PatrickView
LethbridgeThomas And Louisa Matilda (Holliday)Horace AugustinView
LyonsWilliam And Alice (Walls)Hettie ElizabethView
LibertyPhilip And SusanCharlotte Mary (Felix Nee Liberty)View
LenaghanJohn And ElizabethKevin CathalView
LawrenceGeorge And Ellen (Hughes)RoseView
LeonhardCharlie Jack And M. (Frankland)Charles JackView
LeggerWilliam Ebenezer And Florence Kathleen (Quin)William Frederick McquerterView
LeanIsaac And Ledea (Speis)JamesView
LancasterFred And Mathilda (Morrison)Ernest FrederickView
LewisPeter And Clara (Duarte)Elizabeth AgnesView
LewisFrancis S. And Mary Kate (Connelly)Doris JosephineView
Le GallentJoseph Mark And Louise (Illegible)Joseph MarkView
LyonsMichael Howard And Elizabeth Jane (Donald)Sheelah MayView
LynchNicholas And Catherine Ellen (Gaines)Vernon EdwinView
LeeJohn Matthew Peter (Durant)Caroline MargaretView
LeonhardJohn Charles And Mary Jane (Charles)Jessy GeorginaView
LennoxRobert William And Elizabeth Maria (Ritchie)Christina ElizabethView
LeedsFrederick William And Mary Louisa (Storey)Edward HughView
LawlerWilliam James And Florence M. (Norman)William HenryView
LongleyWilliam Henry And Selina (Howes)Edith Mary JosephineView
LawlerWilliam James And Florence Mathilda (Norman)Edna MabelView
LangCarl Rudolf Otto And Elizabeth Ann (Nicholson)Otto HowardView
LorenzoDaniel And Charlotte (Rodriguez)Philip GeorgeView
LeshumanChristian And Jinnie (Africa)Marie JosephineView
LyndonGeorge And EmmaKate WinifredView
LeedsFrederick William And Mary Louisa (Storey)Frederick Eric FrancisView
LightHenry And Jessie Winnifred (Edwards)Henry AntonView
LynskyJoseph Michael And Hannah Elizabeth (Lisabeth May) (Cornish)Beatrice MayView
LeemingAlbert And Monica Mary (Morgan)Albert EdwardView
LaneSamuel And Mary (Johnson)Beatrice MaryView
LaneGeorge John Hamilton And Mary (Mullen)Vincent HaydenView
LyndonGeorge And Emma (Thimbleby)EdwardView
LorenzoCatania And Florence May (Spinola)Juanita Florence (Catanya)View
LynchJohn And Ellen Dora (Robertson)James LawrenceView
LynskyJoseph Michael And Hannah Elizabeth (Cornish)Rosea CatherineView
LyddiKienan And MaryAnnaView
LennonCharles And Caroline (Jerry)Mary EllenView
LaneJ. Samuel And Mary (Johnson)Beatrice MaryView
LesaJose And Frances (Koin)GomezView
LewisPercy And Bessy (Farmer)Percy Edward FrancisView
La ReserveeWilfred And Clara (Hendriquis)Clarence WilfredView
LaurieWilliam Kennedy And Wilhelmina Sophia Johanna (Kayser)Jane Margaret MaryView
LoveEdward And Ellen (Ludditt)Dorothy Jane MaryView
LaskerJoseph And Sarah Catherine (Stewart)Caroline Mary (Fisher Nee Lasker)View
LaneSamuel And Mary (Johnson)Dorothy Ida FurlongView
Layona Nee Jantjies??Esther MaryView
LewisHenry And Sophia (Goliath)Esther Mary MagdalenView
LassereFrank Thomas And Mary A. (Forbes)Lilly Florence Mary (Flynn Nee Lassere)View
La ReserveeWilfred And Clara (Hendriquis)EvelinaView
LozichGiuseppe Francesco And Frances Georgina (Walker)MaryView
LozichGiuseppe Francesco And Frances Georgina (Walker)Mary Josephine BlancheView
LozichGiuseppe Francesco And Frances Georgina (Walker)Isabella Mary AnneView
LynskeyJoseph Michael And Hannah Elizabeth (Cornish)Edith FlorenceView
Lozich?? (Walker)Frances GeorginaView
LindbergCarl And Amelia (Edlunde)Signe Amelia MaryView
LassereLilly F.Dorothy MaryView
LutmanHenry Curtis And Margaret (Masterson)Mildred EthelView
LeberKateThelma EllenView
LarkinJohn And Johanna Hermina (Bosch)Irene MargaretView
LeberJohannaGwendoline Mary ElsieView
La ReserveeWilfred and Clara (Hendriquis)RosalineView
LieschingGerard and Annie Mary (Rogers)Edith Mary (KELLY nee LIESCHING)View
LaneSamuel and Mary (Johnson)CatherinaView
LutmanHenry Curtis and Maggie (Masterson)Francis CurtisView
LynchJohn and Dora (Robertson)Sheila EileenView
La ReserveeWilfred and Clara (Hendriquis)AngelaView
LaimanAlexander and Rose Elizabeth (Fuller)John AlexanderView
LaimanAlexander and Rose Elizabeth (Fuller)Paria AlexanderView
LaimanAlexander and Rose Elizabeth (Fuller)WilliamView
LyonsKatieFrederick GeorgeView
LeatCharles Thomas and Gertrude Sissing (Lee)Patrick Oswald ConsidineView
LyonsCarrieAnn MargaretView
La ReserveeWilfrid and Clara (Hendriquis)FrederickView
LutmanHenry Curtis and Margaret Anne (Masterson)Mona MargaretView
LanigerAlexander A. and Sabrina (Erasmus)Ada MaryView
LuddittJames Edward and Mary (Fitzgerald)Olive ElizabethView
LyonsHenry (Klein)CarrieView
LindsayJames Robert and Winifred Marion (Scallan)Kathleen MoiraView
L'AiguilleLouis Noel and Frances Annie (Hendrikz)Mary Anne FrancesView
LevyCharles and Mary (Porter)Elizabeth JaneView
La ReserveeWilfred and Clara (Hendriquis)Stanley AlexanderView
Le GrangeJames and Kitty (Williams)Emily Maria ElizabethView
LavenderArthur William and Winifred (Mcdonald)Maureen Louvain MaryView
LavigerAlexander Augustus and Maria (Sabina)Maria RosinaView
LavigerAlexander Augustus and Maria (Sabina)Catherine JaneView
LarkinJohn and Johanna (Bosch)Kenneth VincentView
LarkinJohn and Johanna (Bosch)Edna EdalineView
LarkinJohn and Johanna (Bosch)LindaView
LambsonReginald John and Mary Theresa (Hall)Mary ElizabethView
L'AiguilleNoel and Frances (Hendrikz)Raphale EdgarView
LiddellErnest N. B. and Winifred Agnes (Wood)Eila Betty MaryView
LindsayRobert James and Winifred Marion (Scallan)Robert NelsonView
LochenbergPeter and Catherine (Bosman)PeterView
LouwJacobus Adriaan and Elizabeth Charlotte Atherstone (Rawstorne)Georgina Edwarda MariaView
LuddittJames Edward and Mary (Fitzgerald)James VincentView
LaimanAlexander and Rose Elizabeth (Fuller)Rose KathleenView
LudwigLaura CharlotteJohn PatrickView
LavigerAlexander and Sabina (Erasmus)AlexanderView
LambsonReginald John and Mary Teresa (Hall)Reginald JosephView
LavenderArthur William and Winifred (Mcdonald)Olga SchelaView
Low KeeElizabeth (Nee Mcbean)Stella MaudView
LevyCharles and Mary (Porter)Charles JohnView
La ReserveeWilfred and Clara (Hendriquis)Edward JamesView
LynchNicholas Bernard and Beatrice Alice May (Standenmacher)Bernard ConwayView
La TrobeFrank Essex and Elizabeth Kirk (Reaper)Frank EssexView
LabouchereCharles and Anne Elizabeth (Smith)Ellen (ABDOL nee LABOUCHERE)View
LambsonReginald J. and Mary Teresa (Hall)Joan TeresaView
LaimanAlexander and Rose Elizabeth (Fuller)Isabell ElizabethView
LynchJohn and Dora (Robertson)Patrick JohnView
LuddittJames and Mary (Fitzgerald)John BarkerView
LozichBellaJames JosephView
La ReserveeWilfrid and Clara (Hendriquis)Alvina EmmelineView
LewisJames and Cecilia (Mabistsele)Rose RodaView
La ReserveeCamille Eliacen and Louisa (Tee)Lamech Louis TeeView
LewisJames and Cecilia (Mabistsele)KateView
LewisJames and Cecilia (Mabistsele)MargaretView
LoorthooSinappanAngumah MaryView
Lai KanHenry and Margaret (Dowse)Sidney JosephView
LynchNicholas Bernard and Beatrice Alice May (Standenmacher)Patricia AileenView
LambsonHarold Samuel and Florence Maud (Bowen nee Aldag)Harry Samuel ReginaldView
LambsonHarold Samuel and Florence Maud (Bowen nee Aldag)Norval OswaldView
LambsonHarold Samuel and Florence Maud (Bowen nee Aldag)BettyView
Le RouxJuliaSarahView
La TrobeFrank Essex and Elizabeth Kirk (Reaper)Marcia DaphneView
LaimanNicholas Alexander and Rose (Fuller)NicholasView
La ReserveeWilfrid and Clara (Hendriquis)LionelView
LuddittJames and Mary (Fitzgerald)Eric CharlesView
LawrenceFredrick Alfred and Martha Jane? (Mallett)Lilian LouiseView
LozichBellaCharles WellingtonView
LawlerMichael Reginald and Marie Henrietta (Hanson nee Anderson)Charles ReginaldView
La ReserveeCamille and Louisa (Tee)Decima AgnesView
LaikanThomas Whitebooi and Margaret (Dowse)VeraView
LumsdenDavid Stuart and Eileen Imelda (Olivier)Geoffrey StuartView
Lai-LanHenry and Eveline (Anderson)Larie-KatieView
LanderAdam and Lizzie (Pleetes)AdamView
LynchRobert Conway and Myra (Daniell)Mona PatriciaView
La ReserveeWilfred and Clara (Hendriquis)Leonard RaymondView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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