Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : M
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
MagermanPlatje and Catherine (Kievit)CatherineView
MagermanPlatje and Catherine (Kievit)KateView
MarillierPhilip Richard and Frances Jane ClarissaFrances Louisa AdelaideView
MarillierPhilip Richard and Frances Jane ClarissaHarriet ElizabethView
MarillierPhilip Richard and Frances Jane ClarissaFrederic JamesView
MarillierPhilip Richard and Frances Jane ClarissaEllen SarahView
MarillierPhilip Richard and Frances Jane ClarissaPhilip FrancisView
MaynardCharles and GeorginaGeorgina CarolineView
MurrayJames and MargaretRalphView
MurrayJames and MargaretMatildaView
MurrayJames and MargaretElizabethView
MilesRobert and AnnSarah AnnView
MilesRobert and AnnEllenView
MoorcroftGeorge James and ElizabethGeorge ArthurView
MilesRobert and AnnDianaView
MoorcroftGeorge James and ElizabethSidneyView
MurrayAlfred and MaryWalter EverittView
McdonaldRobert and Mary AnnElizabeth AnnView
McarthurJohn and CatharineJohn Adam GeorgeView
Murphy??Rosalie Sarah - adultView
MooreBenjamin and MarthaRobertView
McarthurJohn and CatharineAmelia MaryView
MacleanDaniel and Mary AnnMary AnnView
MoorcroftAlfred and Mary AnnSarah AnnView
ManleyRalph and HannahSarahView
MilesRobert and AnnRobertView
MoorcroftAlfred and Mary AnnWilliam JamesView
MilesRobert and AnnBenjaminView
McdougallDaniel and CharlotteAlexanderView
McleanDaniel and Mary AnnSusannaView
McgrathJames and ElizabethJamesView
MilesWilliam and Margaret HannahElizabeth EmmaView
McgrathJames and ElizabethJohn AlfredView
MilesSamuel and Mary AnnEllen ElizaView
MandyWilliam and AnnJohn CawoodView
MilesJohn and Millicent SarahCornelius RecklessView
MilesJohn and Millicent SarahJohn ClementView
MilesJohn and Millicent SarahLorenzo PalmerView
MilesJohn and Millicent SarahRobert BenjaminView
MillerJoseph and CatharinaAnnView
ManleyRobert Cope and AgnesJohnView
MilesJohn and Millicent SarahGeorge ValentineView
MarriottSamuel and Mary AnnThomas NelsonView
MilesJohn and Millicent SarahMillicent SarahView
MarriottSamuel and Mary AnnLetitiaView
MillerJoseph and CatharineThomasView
MilesJohn and Millicent SarahBenjaminView
McintyreFrancis William Neil and Sarah JohannaHelena Maria HenriettaView
MarriottSamuel and Mary AnnRosetta MariaView
McintyreFrancis William Neil and Sarah JohannaHenrietta AlexandraView
MandyWilliam and AnnGeorge CopeView
MarriottSamuel and Mary AnnWilliam HenryView
MandyWilliam and AnnWalter HenryView
MorleyElias and ElizabethAmy Sophia Smith?View
MandyJohn Cawood and Abigail MaryHenry WhittalView
Michaels?Jeremiah and AnnieJamesView
MandyJohn Cawood and Abigail MaryVivian AnnView
MandyWilliam Penny and Elizabeth Rebecca H.William LancelotView
MandyStephen Day and Alice AmeliaArthur Lawrence FieldView
MandyJohn Cawood and Abigail MaryFlorence PearlView
MandyStephen Day and Alice AmeliaLeslie MorleyView
MandyStephen Day and Alice AmeliaWilliam StephenView
MandyWilliam Penny and Elizabeth Rebecca AnnaAldith RebeccaView
MandyStephen Day and Alice AmeliaDouglas MeaderView
MandyDavid Cope and Lydia ElizabethEffie AtherstoneView
MandyStephen Day and Alice AmeliaGeorge EllisView
MandyWilliam Penny and Elizabeth Rebecca HodgenRaymond KeithView
MandyStephen Day and Alice AmeliaCecil John RhodesView
MandyWilliam Penny and Elizabeth Rebecca HodgsonAlton PennyView
MandyGarnet John and Ethelina AnnieAnnie Florence MaryView
MaccuaigAngus Machrae and AgnesMagnus MacleodView
MorleyElias Joseph Ellis and DoraEdith IreneView
MorleyElias Joseph Ellis and DoraGertrude EthelView
MandyGarnet John and Etheline AnnieBeatrice GertrudeView
MillsEdward Fredrick and Annie A. K. I.Eduard viljoenView
MandyGeorge Ellis and Ruby SophiaNorman EllisView
MaraisPeter and MaggieDavid AlfredView
MacdonaldAlec Lynn and Phyllis BernersSheila PhyllisView
MaraisDirk Coetzee and MargaretMichael WilliamView
MandyMaurice Percival and WilhelminaAnton CopeView
MaraisLouis Jacobus and Zona Olive NoraClifton HenryView
MandyClyde Purdon and Bessie Thelma?Stuart ClydeView
MaphamAllan Lawrie and RuthPatrick HaroldView
McvicarThomas Reid and Norma KestellCarolyn KestellView
MaraisLouis Jacobus and Zona Olive NorahEugenie EsmeView
McfarlaneIan Robertson and Cecily Mary BarnwellMegan MaryView
MurrayHenry Alec Dennis and Nancy ElizabethRoss EricView
MoutonWillem Jacobus and Florence IreneEtienneView
MuirBruce and Dawn PatriciaHelen GillianView
MoutonWillem Jacobus and Florence IrenePierreView
MandyNorman Ellis and Valerie AnneRobin EllisView
McdonaldRanald Angus and Yvonne EricaShirley JoanView
MacleanWilliam and Ellen MariaEllen MariaView
MacdougallDaniel and CharlotteAlfred CharlesView
MitchellJames F. and AgnesAmy GertrudeView
MandyWilliam Penny and Elizabeth RebeccaMarian EthelView
MacleanJohn Kenneth and JessieTheodora GeraldineView
MarshallGeorge and Julia SophiaEllaline MayView
MarshallGeorge and Julia SophiaAgnes MaryView
MillerThomas and Mary AnneRuthView
MtyoboPhilip and Sarah ElizabethRuth LahliweView
MccuskerThomas and Emma LouisaGraceView
MortonDavid and LetitiaWilliam ThomasView
MollentzeJames Henry and Margaret JohannaThomas CharlesView
MeintjiesStephanus and Ann ElizabethJohn Robert O'ReillyView
ManleyJoseph and ZipporahEda LilienView
ManleyJoseph and ZipporahElizabeth AdelaidView
ManleyJoseph and ZipporahJoseph EdmundView
MalraisonBernard de Rocksteo and Annie GeorginaWilliam Henry de RocksteoView
ManleyJoseph and ZipporahRupert WilliamView
ManleyJoseph and ZipporahWinifred MaudView
MacphersonAlexander and MaryMary LouisaView
MacnabWilliam Ramsay and Sarah AnneHarold EdwinView
ManleyJoseph and ZipporahEvelyn GordonView
MacphersonAlexander Colburn and MaryMarjoryView
MessengerJoseph and MaryRichard HenryView
ManleyJoseph and ZipporahIna LouiseView
Moshesh??Ellen - adultView
MacphersonAlexander Colburn and MaryPerla GeorginaView
MountfordFrederick and EllenFrancisView
ManleyJoseph and ZipporahOlga IrisView
MountfordFrederick and EllenJohnView
MaraisGert Henry and Conrad AdolphMabel Magdalena JohannaView
MasterCharles Onslow and WilhelminaGeorge GilbertView
MeyerCarl William and Francis DorcasHenry William RonaldView
MilesAlfred James and Maria CeciliaGeorge PaulView
MaraisGert Henry and Conrad AdolphCharlotte CarolineView
MckendrickAlexander and Margaret KayMalcom KayView
MilledgeAlfred and WilhelminaCharles HenryView
MilesAlfred James and Maria CeciliaAlfred JamesView
MillerJohn and Jane LettieMary LettieView
MotleyJohn and LouisaEdward ArthurView
MaasdorpGysbert Henry and Beatrice LetitiaGysbert HenryView
MilesAlfred James and Maria CeceliaJaneView
MooreFrederick Leonard and Augusta FrederickaUna Winifred LouisaView
MorrisHerbert Edward and SusanGilbert GeorgeView
MotleyJohn and Louisa JohannaLouisa Ann JaneView
MaasburgHenry Stephen and Petronella ChristinaHenry StephenView
MaasdorpGysbert Henry and Beatrice LetitiaIvyView
MaraisGert Henry and Conrade AdolfFlorence FrancesView
MckenzieWilliam Walter and Amelia AdrinaMildred Maud MullerView
MckenzieWilliam Walter and Amelia AdrinaCharlotte Rachel FranciscoView
MessengerErnest Chrisotpher and Kate IsabellaClara Edna MayView
MillerWilliam JohnWilliam JohnView
MotleyJohn and LouisaEthel MaryView
MartinPercy John and Margaret Ann EakleyJohn PaulView
MaasdorpGysbert Henry and Beatrice LetitiaAtholieView
MathiesonJames and Emily Jane MatildaAmbrose HeidenView
MilesAlfred James and Maria CeciliaCecil HopeView
MotleyJohn and LouisaEllen MaudView
MckenzieWilliam Walter and Amelia AdrinaIvy Hester HarrietView
MartinPercy John Martin and Margaret Ann EakleyMary Sophie MacleanView
MessengerErnest Christopher and Kate IsabellaAlfred JosephView
MathiesonJames and Emily Jane MatildaCharles OsborneView
MizenJohannes Robert and JohannaJohanna CatherineView
MaasdorpGysbert Henry and Beatrice LetitiaEric FerdinandView
MaraisBarend and Ethel MayNellie MayView
MotleyJohn and LouisaAlice EmilyView
MessengerErnest Christopher and Kate IsabellaIris MaryView
MlauteElizabeth and KleinbooiChristina Nancy NomarantoView
MizinJohannes Robert and JohannaHenry JohannesView
MotleyJohn and Hildegarde Everilda MayCecil GodfreyView
MorrisonJames and ElizabethMary Joyce AgnesView
MullerMaximilian Emil Leopold and LauraAllanView
MotleyJohn and Hildegarde Everilda MayEnid MaudView
Mannix?Edwin Joseph and Kathleen MooonyMaureen CharityView
MoxonHugh and Dorothy MabelPhyllis MaryView
MilesWilliam Frederick and Cecilia Johanna MarynaAnna CeciliaView
MainHerbert Reginald and Amy ClariceIvy JoyceView
MoxonHugh and Dorothy MabelPercival JamesView
MoorcroftJohn Henry Heath and Stephina JohannaAnnaView
MilesWilliam Frederick and Cecilia Johanna MarynaAlfred JamesView
MoorcroftJohn Henry Heath and Stephina JohannaEllen magdaleneView
MilesWilliam Frederick and Cecilia Johanna MarynaJohannes MartinusView
MainHerbert Reginald and Amy ClariceThelma LouiseView
MeiringFrank Meicitus? And Emily HelenJohn ArmoedView
McmillicanRobert John and Marjorie JuliaGrace DorothyView
McleanArthur John and Winifred MaudAlan JamesView
MundellThomas Alexander Gunning and DorisDouglas GunningView
MackillicanRobert John and Marjorie JuliaJean ElizabethView
McintoshJohn Henry and Muriel MayMagnus Donald ReidView
McleanArthur John and Winnifred MaudLynette RuthView
MackillicanRobert John and Julia MarjorieWilliam JohnView
MotleyJames and Maria ElizabethJohnView
MotleyWilliam John and Isobella PetronellaJohn DerekView
MacgregorDouglas Haigh and Mary BeatriceDouglas WalterView
MackenzieRoderick Ian and Joan BlancheIan GeorgeView
MundellDaniel and Martha MagdalenaEdward BenjaminView
MundellDaniel and Martha MagdalenaCatherineView
MontgomeryNelson Robert and Linda IlsaIreneView
McdonaldGeorge and MargaretMagdalena ElziabethView
MullerJohn and CatherineCharles JohannaView
MetzFrederick and ElsieElsie MagdalenaView
MurrayAlfred and MaryEthel CatherineView
MoolmanJacobus Philipus and Nicolacina Jacomina JacobaJacobus PhilippusView
MckayGeorge and HannahChristine HannahView
McintoshDavid and MaryAnnView
McintoshDavid and MaryJaneView
MasebergFrederick and LouiseFrederick AugustView
MenziesPeter and StamatulaDonald McDougalView
MckayGeorge and HannahAmy AnneView
MaidswellRobert and Mary AnnFlorence CarolineView
Mongomery (Montgomery?)John and TheresaWilliam JohnView
MckayGeorge and AnnaAliceView
MaasbeyFrederick and LouisaPaul Henry AdolphView
MeiseHenry and MaryJohn Godlieb HaroldView
MartinFrederick and Catharina Maria ElizabethArthurView
MurrayJames and MarianAdah MaryView
MurrayJames and MariaHenry HeathcoteView
MeiseHenry and MariaFrederick AugustView
MaherJames and MargaretJohnView
MiddletonJohn Samuel and Caroline AmeliaWilliam Wallace DennisView
MarshallBenjamin D'Urban and ElizaHenry GeorgeView
MeiseHenry and MariaAdolph FriederickView
MartinFrederick and Catharina Maria ElizabethHenryView
MartinFrederick and Catharina Maria ElizabethAliceView
MeiseHenry and MariaMargaret LouisaView
MckayGeorge and HannahErica MaryView
MathewCharles Bartholomew and Mary IsabellaMary BeaufortView
MathewCharles Bartholomew and Mary IsabellaViolet GertrudeView
MartinFrederick and Catherina Maria ElizabethEdwardView
MartinFrederick and Catherina Maria ElizabethFrancisView
MeiseHenry and MariaRegina HarryetteView
MeredithGeorge and DorotheaGeorge JosephView
Massey-HicksWilliam Charles and KatharineIvy Evangeline MayView
MccarthyJames and VictoriaAnnie JaneView
MeiseHenry and MariaMary ElizaView
MartinFrederick and Catherina Maria ElizabethWilliamView
MerridithGeorge and DorotheaCarolina DorotheaView
MacleanRoland and ElizabethJohn KennethView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineJohnView
MartinFrederick and Catherine Maria ElizabethFlorenceView
MacleanRoland and ElizabethCatherine Eleanor IsabelView
MialovichGiovanni and Elizabeth AnnGiovanni John Luca FranciscoView
McdonaldAlexander Luther and Marie AmyCharles AwdryView
MacleanRonald and Elizabeth JaneRonald McPhersonView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineClara Mary Anne LouisaView
McdonaldAlexander Luther and Marie AmyAmy BarklyView
ManningRobert Harris and CarolineIsabellaView
MaineHenry William and KateJohn VictorView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineJohn Thomas WilliamView
MckneeHenry and Mary JaneIsabella ClementinaView
McgowanTarry and BiddyMaryView
MarshallCharles and CharlotteSarahView
MullalyDavid and IsabellaDavidView
MccloudJames and ElizabethWilliamView
MillerJohn and JaneElizabethView
MahrPatrick and SarahHenryView
MeyerCornelius and Aletta CatharinaMaria GertruydaView
MacphailAlexander and ElizaEliza HenriettaView
MuireWilliam and Mary AnneMary LydiaView
MuireWilliam and Mary AnneElizabeth GraceView
MccloudJames and ElizabethJames AlexanderView
MulderJohan Theunis and Elizabetha PetronellaJohan TheunisView
MorganNathaniel and MaryCharlesView
MeyerWillem Petrus and Cornelia JohannaCornelia Martha MariaView
MadoringJohannis and ElizabethJan Johannis JacobusView
MoodieDonald and Eliza SophiaSophia ElizaView
MorganWilliam Ablort and JaneJane Elizabeth AblortView
MayGardard and AnnaClaasView
MasslySamuel and UrsulaFrances UrsulaView
MooreRobert and JaneAlexanderView
MarshallCharles and MargaretCharles RobertView
MooreJames and AnnFrances MargaretView
MckayGeorge and HannahAnne SutherlandView
MillsFrederick James and Alicia HonorAlexander John BissettView
MooreRichard Thomas and Selina ElizaSelina LetitiaView
MartinGeorge and ElizabethJanetView
MooreRobert and JaneHannah MariaView
MarshallCharles and MargaretEdward BrackenburgView
MathewThomas Philip Ogden and Mary ElizabethWilliam OgdenView
MckayGeorge and HannahJames William McKayView
MerrimanNathaniel James and JuliaSarah AgnesView
MasseySamuel and UrsulaJohn SamuelView
MillsJohn and LouisaAlexanderView
MitchellyDavid (deceased) and AnnDorothy JaneView
MackJohn and MariaDaniel LewisView
MacleanCharles and Sarah JaneEleanor JaneView
MaidwellRobert and Mary AnnJames BurnettView
MittenJohn and Elizabeth AnnCharles WilliamView
MittenJohn and Elizabeth AnnJoseph HenryView
MittenJohn and Elizabeth AnnAlfred EdwardView
MooreWilliam Cornelius and ElizaAvesView
MoellerHeinrich Wilhelm and Martha MargarettaMina PaulineView
MoellerHeinrich Wilhelm and Martha MargarettaCarl HermanView
MillsFrederick James and Alicia HonorAlicia Maud BissetView
McmasterJoseph Alexander and Isabella EastEmily LonsdaleView
MillerJenner and MaryJenner HaywardView
MccullomWilliam and KatharineLisle MargarettaView
MccullumWilliam and CatherinaLisbe MargarethaView
MontfortReuben and Maria Johanna??View
MundellArthur Lionel and Grace ChristinaEnid KathleenView
MundellArthur Lionel and Grace ChristinaIris LouisaView
MundellArthur Lionel and Grace ChristinaGwennie MaureenView
MarshFrank Edward and Louisa AugustaRaymond HilaryView
MossRupert and SarahRhoda ElizabethView
MaraisDirk Cornelis Henry and Catherine IsabelSheilah ClariceView
Middelthon (Middleton?)Einar and Eliza RebekkaElizaView
MackieWilliam and Emma MarionAlexanderView
MerrickHarry Wakeman and Jane AnnRobert HarryView
MeyerReginald John and alice WinifredVivian Reginald JohnView
ManserHarvey Darke and Sarah AnnBessieView
MiddletonJames Adamson and Florence VeraEdna ElsieView
MartinThomas and Annie ChristinaErnest StanleyView
MahoneyCharles Southwell and BarbaraCharles Herbert ClarenceView
MaileWilliam Harris and DaisyVictor PercivalView
MattheysJacobus Joseph and RachelJoseph JohnView
MaraisJoseph and AgnesJohn DavidView
MeyerWilliam Frederick and Jessie BruceLionel WalterView
MackayAngus and JeannieJames NielView
MoellerFranz Bernard Migeod and Beatrice Violet SmithDaphne Elsa IdaView
MitchellAlexander and Catherine SarahIda DorothyView
McdonaldThomas Lendrum and Ada MarthaKathleen Silian AgnesView
MonssonAndras and Augusta GanhansonHanneng Gustave OscarView
MeyerReginald John and alice WinifredEileen AdelineView
MeyerWilliam Frederick and Jessie BruceNeville BruceView
MorrowCharles Le Baron Morris and MaryDorothy EileenView
MonkAlfred Herbert and Harriet JudithDorothy VioletView
MiddletonJames Adamson and Florence VeraMarjorie ElizabethView
MillerFrederick and MinnaFrederickView
MitchellAlexander and Catherine SarahCecil John CockayneView
MoellerFranz Bernard Migeod and Beatrice Violet SmithDoreen VioletView
MitchellJames Douglas and Rosali MatildaKenneth DouglasView
McclungWilliam Henry and Bertha ElizabethAmy EmilyView
MeyerWilliam Frederick and Jessie BruceHenry WilliamView
MartinThomas and Annie ChristineDoris MayView
MacgregorDuncan MacPherson and Genevieve IreneMyret PalmerView
MacleodRobert John and Agnes MaudRobert IstedView
MillsWalter and HelenSheilaView
MaysJoseph Freshwater and Florence MayDaphne Florence View
MeyerReginald John and Alice WinifredRonald LeslieView
MichaudEdouard and Jessie MaryAlice Jessie AdeleView
MacgregorDuncan MacPherson and Genevieve IreneAlastair Duncan PalmerView
MaysJoseph Freshwater and Florence MayHilary FarreView
MillsWalter and HelenEileenView
MeyerAnthonie Christoffel and Enid Liefje de RingEric Ronald RobertView
MeyerWilliam Frederick and Jessie BruceJoyce JessieView
MorrisCharles Joseph and AnnieJohn Charles BinghamView
MitchellJames Douglas and Rosali MatildaBrian EdwardView
MccallumNeil and Charlotte EthelHugh AngusView
MartinJoseph Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Mary AnnieRichardView
MartinJoseph Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Mary AnnieJosephView
MacleodAllan and Mary Ann GoodingIsabella LaceyView
MccallumNeil and Charlotte EthelNeil KennethView
MckeeSidney and GertrudeLaura Grace DorothyView
MorrellHerbert and CamilleSheila VioletView
MckennaHerbert and ElizabethStanley HerbertView
McalpineCharles John Roderick and Jessie LouisaTrefor IdrisView
MackintoshAdam Gordon Macleod and EdithYvonneView
MilneJohn Stirton and Gertrude MaryJohn EdwinView
MooreHunter and Beatrice SophiaJoyce PurdonView
MansellGeorge Frederick Lawrence and Doris VioletLawrence AubreyView
ManleyRupert William and Catherine WilhelminaClifford DelvillView
MeyerWilliam Fredrick and Jessie BruceNorma CynthiaView
MettamFrank and MarthaFrank JamesView
MoulderFrederick William and Mabel Clara FlorenceMary Dorothea MagdalenView
MoulderFrederick William and Mabel Clara FlorencePercy BertramView
MartinPercy Mathew and Elizabeth AnneSylvia FlorenceView
MorrellHerbert and MillyPhyllis DorothyView
MooneyLawrence Percy and violetElsie GwennethView
MullerGeorge Johannes and Laura LovebandHelen MarieView
MckieSydney and Gertrude GraceGertrude Esther ChristinaView
MclarenAlfred William and MaryPatricia MaryView
ManleyRupert William and Catharine WilhelminaBasil GordonView
MckendrickMalcolm Kay and Stella SusanMalcolm KayView
MacintoshAdam Gordon Macleod and EdithLorna MerleView
MansellGeorge Frederick Lawrence and Doris VioletNeville BrightonView
MccallumNeil and Charlotte EthelSheila JeanView
MackintoshJames and Florence MarianneJames IlstonView
MettamFrank and MarthaNoel HerbertView
MalcomessHerman Fritz Tweedie and Eileen Badena PowellCarl MichaelView
MartinJames and Beatrice MayDorothy MayView
MullerJohannes George and Laura LovebandMarjorieView
MackintoshJames and Florence MarianneDesmond KeithView
MackArthur Cecil and Iris MaudeRalph ArthurView
MorrellHerbert and CamillaClarice MaryView
MoncurAllan Henry John and Christina JohannaBernice JeanView
McclintockErnest Josiah and EthelEdith JuneView
MeyerWilliam Buller and Muriel Audrey BullerNadeneView
MeiseAdolph Frederick and Hedwig FriedaStanley FrederickView
MeineFelix Arthur Ernest and Ivy Rose GeorginaPeter Felix BevanView
MckeeSidney and Gertrude GraceSidney Urel DavidView
MoulderFrederick William and Mabel Clark FlorenceIrene MarjorieView
MoulderFrederick William and Mabel Clark FlorenceEthel FloraView
MeyerLeigh Allan Swinford and Maysie Jane AgnesMilner Vigne SwinfordView
MillsCharles William and MildredHugh CadleView
MarcusSybrand Gerhardus and Mary MagdalenaIrene RebeccaView
MeiseAdolph Frederick and Hedwig FredaInezView
McnabJohn and Emma JosephineMargaretView
MackieAlexander Wilson Wharton and BessieClarice WendyView
McconnochieJohn Wilfred and Florence Lenna DrewJohn WilfredView
MorrisThomas Waltheof and Mary GraceWilliam AlbertView
McgillewiePatrick Stewart and Ida JuliaDoreen EdnaView
MorrellDavid Heggie Moncur and MargaretPeggy GeraldineView
MeyerLeigh Alan Swinford and Maysie Jane AgnesAlbert Vigne SwinfordView
MiddletonLeslie Wilfred and Doris MerleDalray CrosbieView
MoulderFrederick William and Mary ElizabethPhyllis MayView
MitchellGeorge Percy and WinifredClive AlfredView
McguireAlfred Llewellyn and Jane ElizabethConstance MaryView
MartinJames and Beatrice MayAlicia (Elisha) ElizabethView
MillerEdward James and Kathleen MaryPamela JeanView
MoulderFrederick William and Mary ElizabethKathleen ElizabethView
MckeeSidney and Gertrude GracePatricia Daphne DoreenView
MitchellGeorge Percy and Sarah Winifred AliceWinifred EvelineView
MeyerWilliam Buller and Muriel Audrey PullenJohn CharsleyView
MaguireAlfred Llewellyn and Jane ElizabethColleen ElizabethView
McgillewiePatrick Stewart McGillewie and Ida JuliaElaine BarbaraView
MoulderFrederick William and Mary ElizabethAlice GertrudeView
MummeryLewis Willoughby and Muriel BerthaDesmond VincentView
MacfarlaneHugh Grant and Winifred EthelEdward PeterView
MorrellHerbert Clarence and CamilleSylvia DorisView
MorrellHerbert Clarence and CamilleJoan MavisView
MeyerHubert William and Elizabeth FullerKenneth BrianView
MarshWilliam John and Annie MayJoan MayView
MasonErnest Henry and Susanna WilheminaPeter DuncanView
MackieAlexander Wilson Wharton and BessiePeter WhartonView
MilesJohn Stanley and Stella EdnaBabette BlancheView
MossLeslie Walter and Hilda Louisa AugustaRonald JamesView
McdonaldClifford Ivan and Sarah Joyce ClemsonLois JuneView
MorrisonRobert Thomas and Naomi WinifredRona JoanView
MeyerWilliam Buller and Muriel Audrey BullrDerek RaymondView
MoulderFrederick William and Mary ElizabethGeorge GliderView
MairJan James and MarjorieAnne MollyView
MeyerJulius James and Georgina LilyElizabeth Ellen HughesView
MossLeslie Walter and Hilda Louisa AugustaDaphne JoyView
McgillewieClaude Wilson and Mizpah DoryneNeil WilsonView
MaggsHarry Bond and Anna Johanna MargarethaHarry RoydenView
MoreThomas Vyvyan and Joyce GladysVivienneView
MeyerVivian Reginald John and DorisWinifred EllenView
MathewsCharles Leslie and FlorenceAlfred RobertView
MitchellRonald and Ethel JaneyShirley MaudeView
MossLeslie Walter and Hilda Louisa AugustaKenneth FredView
MeyerLionel Walter and MargaretMichaelView
MeyerJulius James and Georgina LilyPatricia Ann HughesView
MitchleyFrederick Thomas and AmandaUrsula IsabelView
MasonErnest Henry and Susan DinaJanet JeanView
MorganCharles Douglas and VeronicaValerie LlewellynView
McgilvaryJohn Robert and MargueriteLynne FrancesView
MarshallJames Thomas and Margaret EthelMargaret JeanView
MilesJohn Stanley and Lorel LorraineAthalie JoanView
MainBasil Lee and KathleenJohn AntonyView
MccrillAlexander and ElizabethAndrew LeslieView
McdonaldArthur Charles and Leonore MarionAnneView
McallisterDonald and Florence MaryMargaretView
MillerStanley Jackson and Thelma NoelPatrick AtholView
Mundon-HooperErnest Pennington and Nellie GertrudeWendy ThelmaView
MeyerLionel Walter and MargaretPeterView
MossWilliam Joseph and Iris Vivien WinifredLeslie WilliamView
MacdonaldGeorge Dunn and DorothyDavid William DunnView
MckenzieWilfred Cecil and Agnes Kathleen MabelEvan JohnView
McphersonKemp Murray and Eleanor GrayJudith April EleanorView
McphersonKemp Murray and Eleanor GrayGraham Alexander MurrayView
MiddletonDesmond Grevatt and Hendrika HeliegondaWilliam GrevattView
MoulderFrederick William and Mary ElizabethFrederick WilliamView
McclementHugh James and EdithTerrance JohnView
MaccuaigIan Glenelg and Rosalie RayMarjjorie MayView
McgilvaryJohn Robert and Marguerite AliceShirley AnnView
Munden-HooperErnest Pennington and Nellie GertrudeCynthia Fay HarrietView
MeyerJulius James and Georgina LilyRobert Bruce HughesView
MilesJohn Stanley and Lovel LorraineJeanette LorraineView
MclachlanWalter James and Amy Blanche MargaretMaureen PhyllisView
MorganCharles Douglas and VeronicaRodney DouglasView
MeechamCecil Charles and Gwendoline OliveRobert CharlesView
MarshHarold William and DaphneGilian ElizabethView
MacdonaldGeorge Dunn and DorothyAlexanderView
MacdonaldRonald Douglas and Ivy AdelaideMarjorie EricView
MarnewickAdam Leonard and Mary MagdalenaFelix Charles LeonardView
MurdochJames Watson and Elizabeth JuliaHeather MaryView
MorrisThomas George and Doris KathleenJames FrancisView
MckeeSamuel and Bertha CeciliaJack Patrick RobertView
MagsonWilliam John Christopher and Dorothy ValbergRoy ChristopherView
McclatchieJames Lister and Winnie TalbotJames WilliamView
MarshHarold William and DaphneBarbara AnneView
MandyGordon Hurndall and Betsy FrancesDavid Ian CliffordView
McconnellAlexander George and Veronica NellieAlexander BruceView
MoultDesmond Thomas Morton and Agatha Catherine ElizabethAllan James BrianView
MuzzellGuy Davis and Kathleen MillerDavid JohnView
MorrisThomas George and Doris KathleenThomas HughesView
MeyerLionel Walter and MargaretFelicite NanView
MackenzieCharles Henry and Amy ThelmaJennifer YvonneView
McclatchieJames Lister and Winnie TalbotRonald TalbotView
MilneAlexander George and Joan EleanorIan HughView
MayPeter Gundry Norris and Audrey CatherineJilian MargaretView
Mentz-Van ZylNicholas Johannes and Eleanor SarahMichael HammannView
McjannetHerbert James and Ruth SchreinerIanView
ManningRobert Harris ad Helga TheresiaLynore MerleView
MeakerHerbert Cawood and Joyce BeaufortSydney AnneView
MillerLeslie and Doreen MaryJeannetteView
MacdonaldJohn Dochart Minto and Philippa O'DonoghueMargaretView
MagsonWilliam John Christopher and Dorothy ValborgJohn Walter RichardView
McgillewieClaude Wilson and Mizpah DoryneGarth ErrolView
Mentz-Van ZylNicholas Johannes and Eleanor SarahGillian MayView
ManningLeslie and FrancisRobinView
MeyerVivian Reginald John and DorisDavid James VivianView
ManningRobert Harris and Hilga TheresiaJoseph LerckView
MeyrickRobert Harry and Violet LillianBrian GarthView
MorrisonWilliam McIntyre and Marjorie HelenIan FrederickView
ManningLeslie Vivian Gordon and Frances EllenHazel MarionView
MackintoshArthur Geofrey and Margaret MagdaleneMarion FayView
MolyneuxDouglas and Noel Rosemary NoreenDawn Barbara JoanView
MartinLeslie and Irene IsobelDesiree LorraineView
MeyerVivian Reginald John and DorisJohn ReginaldView
MaullinCalton and Clarice LenaGlynView
MundellMorris Norman and GwennethEvelyn MorrisView
MuzzellGuy Davis and Kathleen MillerMichael ThomasView
MundellMorris Norman and GwennethHeatherView
MackintoshArthur Geoffrey and Margaret MagdaleneRobin Geoffrey JamesView
MitchellRothwell Alexander Gamble and Doreen MaudJohn AlexanderView
MarshallJames Thomas and Margaret EthelWilliam JamesView
MaileKenneth Eckersley and LouisaJohn Percy EckersleyView
MurrayCyril Guy and Jocelyn HilaryPeter JackView
MastersJohn Patrick and Pamela DorisMerle AnneView
MillerBertram and DorisGavin AntonyView
MillardJames Roy and Rose MaudeDuncan JamesView
MouldEdward Westwood and Evelyn Alice EllenPeter ChristopherView
MeyerPatrick Leibbrandt and Joy PatriciaJohn PatrickView
MurrayRaymond Claude and MaryKeith LawrenceView
MaguireDouglas and Jean HelenRobin FrankView
MarshallJames Thomas and Margaret EthelCharlene MargaretView
MortimerRobert William Stachouse and Gladys Louisa GeraldineJohn WilliamView
MaudFrederick William and PamelaGeoffrey ThomasView
MillerNoel Bertram and Yvonne MayLynn NoeleneView
MackenzieCharles Henry and Amy ThelmaDenise LynetteView
MalcomessDouglas John Norton and Susan Elizabeth AnnJanet MaryView
MeyerPatrick Leibbrandt and Joy PatriciaPatricia AnneView
MeyerPatrick Leibbrandt and Joy PatriciaJudithView
MalcomessDouglas John Norton and Susan Elizabeth AnnFiona JeanView
MortimerKenneth Garthwaite and Elaine JoyMary MargaretView
McleanThomas Souness and PeggyKathleen MayView
MckayThomas James and Dawn ElaineDevereuxView
MclellanAngus Mathieson and Elizabeth AnnMargaret LeighView
McevoyRonald Denson and Lorna AliceGarry DensonView
MarshHarold William and DaphneJoan EileenView
MarillierDouglas Clive and Ida NoreenSephton DouglasView
MunroCampbell and JoanGillian MaryView
Mundon-HooperErnest Pennington and Mara Susan BentleyErnest Dan WilliamView
MarksonArthur Herbert and Joyce MariePenelope AnnView
MartinRolfe Arnold and EllenMary MargaretView
MorrisClarke and OmegaGrahamView
MaysHilary Farre and ZitaSallyView
MaudFrederick William and PamelaSally AnnView
McintyreRobert Peter and Margaret FrancesDonald PeterView
Munden-HooperErnest Pennington and Mara SusanDesiree JemimaView
MouldJoseph Eric and Edith MaryJeffery Gordon KennethView
McclementHugh James and EdithElizabeth SinclairView
MullerClarence Claude and AlmaOwen BernardView
MooreDerek and Charlotte CarolineNeville JustusView
MantheLadwig and DorothyMichael AnthonyView
MayPeter Gundry Morris and Audrey CatherineWendy AnneView
MarksonArthur Herbert and Joyce MarieBarbara RoseView
MortonCharles Pullar and HildaIan PullarView
MettamNoel Herbert and Audrey MayYvonne JoanView
MasonMatthew Leslie Ernest and LauraMeredith LeaView
MidlaneWallace Beresford and Edith MargaretSheila ElizabethView
MaudFrederick William and PamelaDianeView
McfarlandJohn Stanley and Jean McBeanFiona SusanView
MclellanArthur Phillip and JoyGlenda JoyView
McmillanArmour Knox and Kathleen Elizabeth LeonoreMoira LaneView
McmillanArmour Knox and Kathleen Elizabeth LeonoreKathleen LaneView
MossWilliam Joseph and Iris Vivien WinifredTrevor ThomasView
MalkinHarry and ShirleyWilliam VivianView
MainRoydon Alfred and Patricia EleanorAnthony Roydon AlexanderView
MasonMatthew Leslie Ernest and LauraAlan JohnView
MettamNoel Herbert and Audrey MayLynton NoelView
MorrisRoy and Una NormaBeverley JeanView
MccombVernon Leslie and Maureen HopeJennifer DawnView
MooreDerek and Charlotte CarolineGerald ArthurView
MidlaneWallace Beresford and Edith MargaretBeresford JohnView
MidlaneWallace Beresford and Edith MargaretGraham WallaceView
MarstonHarry John and Rosemary AnneWilliam JohnView
McnallyGordon Thomas and Dorothy IreneHeather MarleneView
McnallyGordon Thomas and Dorothy IreneJeffery GordonView
MeyerJohannes Potgieter and Iris SophieKevan JamesView
MerrygoldRonald David and Alice SylviaDavid SidneyView
MidgleyJohn Winston Basil and Valerie IslipMichael JohnView
Miles??Merle OakleyView
Midland (Midlane?)Wallace Beresford and Edith MargaretPeter RaymondView
MyersRobert Donald Silvanus and Beatrice AliceKathleen AudreyView
MizenJohannes Robert and Lynette MonicaDebra HelenaView
MillsDennis and Doreen StellaLynette AnneView
MckenzieFrank Frederick and Daphne MillicentJoyce GladysView
MckenzieFrank Frederick and Daphne MillicentSharon DoreenView
MidgleyJohn Winston Basil and Valerie IslipElizabeth LesleyView
McmillanAllan Cecil and Pamela JoanAlison ElizabethView
MarstonHarry John and Rosemary AnneHelen WendyView
Mundon-HooperErnest Pennington and Myra SusannaCherry LeonoreView
MccallumClyde Ian and Moira DeniseEvelyn MoiraView
MunroCourt and Valda Mary HerthaMicheleView
MclarenVernon Ross and Mona LydiaVernon Francis ArthurView
MerrygoldRonald David and Alice SylviaBarbara AnnView
MaggsAlbert George and Florence MaryRobert GeorgeView
MackintoshFraser St. John and Pamela MadelineWayne FraserView
McmillandTerence Aubrey and Pamela CoralDavid MichaelView
MorganCharles Douglas and VeronicaRoland CharlesView
MullerIvan Edward George and YvonneBeverley GeraldineView
MclellanArthur Phillip and JoyMichael WilliamView
MondahlFrederick Charles and Dorothy JosephineBarry GeneView
McmillanAllan Cecil and Pamela JoanPeter CecilView
MettamNoel Herbert and Audrey MayRoger JamesView
McleanAlan James and Shirley MarionNeil JamesView
MclarenVernon Ross and Mona LydiaMartin SidneyView
MillsDennis and Doreen StellaHilton Dennis MarkView
MurdochGeorge Henry Gould and Lilian MargaretCharmaine CherylView
MeineIan Ronald Lance and CelesteWendyView
MatheeHendrik Johannes and Ethne JeanRobert GordonView
MullerMervyn Donald and Hazel ElizabethGrant DonaldView
MullerSydney James Henry and Rosalie MurielUrsula ErikaView
McnallyGordon Thomas and Dorothy IreneKevin GarthView
MackintoshFraser St. John and Pamela MadelineDale FraserView
McdermidStanley Tesmond and Elaine MaryRoslyn ElaineView
MarstonHarry John and Rosemary AnnePeter MarkView
MullerIvan Edward George and YvonneDavid RedverseView
McmillanAllan Cecil and Pamela JoanDeborah AnnView
MunroCourt and Valda Mary HerthaLeighView
MumbyBrian Francis and HazelJoyView
MeyerJohn Charsley and Elizabeth JillBruce WoodyeareView
MaggsRobert George and Barbara HilaryJudith HilaryView
MccallumClyde Ian and Moira DeniseBarbara JanetView
MarlowAlfred Ernest and Johanna Wilhelmina PetronellaLionel RaymondView
MclarenVernon Ross and Mona LydiaWarwick RossView
MullerSidney James Henry and Rosalie MurielPamela RoseView
McnallyGordon Thomas and Dorothy IreneTerrence MichaelView
MalcomessDouglas John Norton and Susan Elizabeth AnnePatricia BrendaView
MetcalfeJames Vincent and PatriciaSally AnnView
MarlowLionel Raymond and PamelaElizabeth AnnView
McleanAlan James and Shirley MarionMark AnthonyView
MalcomessHermann Donald and Hilda MaryJanet Anne RangerView
MackintoshFraser ST. John and Pamela MadelineCindy FraserView
McmillanTerence Aubrey and Pamella CoralJennifer CarolView
MullerSydney James Henry and Rosalie MurielGregory James SydneyView
MaggsRobert George and Barbara HilaryAndrew RobertView
MatheeHendrik Johannes and Ethne JeanDerick BasilView
MarrGeorge Stuart and Eleanor ZoeDebra Katharine StuartView
MargoliusRobert and Aileen DawnCathrineView
MetcalfeJames Vincent and PatriciaSandra MarthaView
MinnieGert Martinius and ThelmaRobert FrankView
MinnieGert Martinius and ThelmaGeorge EricView
MarlowLionel Raymond and PamelaDavid JohnView
MasonPeter Duncan and LauraPatriciaView
MarlowLionel Raymond and PamelaDeborah PamelaView
MarriottWilliam and Marjorie JoyceJennifer LynView
MullerSydney James Henry and Rosalie MurielDavid John MichaelView
MetcalfeJames Vincent and PatriciaMichael JamesView
MostertPeter Frederick and Patricia NoraBrandon PeterView
MccallumClyde Ian and Moira DeniseAlison FlorenceView
MeyerPeter and Patricia MerleDallas BruceView
MarlowLionel Raymond and PamelaSharon LouiseView
MatheeHendrik Johannes Cloete and Ethne JeanSharon ElizabethView
MullerNeil Roy and Eunice RhedaPaul AlexanderView
MurdochGeorge Henry Gould and Lillian MargaretHeatherView
MiddletonStanley James and Sybil MargaretMelanie MargaretView
MeyerPeter and SusanJeanette MargaretView
MundellDesmond George and Jennifer RoseJohn CharlesView
MunroKenneth Alexander and Jennifer JeanneKeith RobertView
MilneIan Richard and Sylvia LouiseSteven RichardView
MullerNeil Roy and Eunice RhedaMichelle AnneView
MooreCharles and Margaret JoanGaye LesleyView
MacdonaldNigel Munro and ShirleyDiane JaneView
MilneIan Richard and Sylvia LouiseGrant MichaelView
McmenaminStanley Hugh and Pamela GwenethJames WilliamView
MacdonaldJoseph William and Audrey EileenHugh AndersonView
MorrisPeter Morris and Hilary AnnLynda MarieView
McconnachieAllen Albert and Irene DorothyGavin AllenView
MeierHubert Herman and TeresaLara LangView
MacdonaldNeil Philip and Jennifer RosePhilippa JaneView
MilneCharles Duncan and Jennifer BowerbankTrent DavidView
MacdonaldNigel ShirleyStuart OgilvieView
MacdonaldNeil Philip and Jennifer RoseJohn CharlesView
McconnachieAllan Albert and Irene DorothyPaul DuncanView
MurrayKathleenJohn KeithView
MurrayMarjorieShane GregView
MacdonaldJoseph William and Audrey EileenShelley LynnView
MckewBarry and Lorna JuneDonovan JohnView
MeyerJohan Enslin and Loraine DianeMichael JohnView
MullerBarry Peter and YulaVaughn PeterView
MogridgeLeslie and LesleyDavid LidfordView
MartynMichael Donovan and Yvonne EricDonView
MartynMichael Donovan and Yvonne EricAubreyView
MeyerRobert Bruce Hughes and Megan AnnLisa ClareView
MinnieJohn George and Laurette MaureenKurtView
MurrayGordon Kevin and Patricia CarolineRichard James AlexanderView
MoscropJohn Crawshaw and Eunice ConstanceJonathan SimonView
MullerBarry Peter and YulaRoss JamesonView
MinnieJohn and LauretteTanjaView
MatheeJohn Peter and Lietta SarahBelinda LeeView
MatthewsRobert Wallace and Lesley MaryJoanne LauraView
MinnieGeorge and ThelmaRobert FrankView
MinnieGeorge and ThelmaGeorge EricView
MinnieRobert Frank and Jenifer AnnCarmenView
McclelandNeil Buchanan and Sharon GladysJulie-AnneView
Mclean??Danney CharlesView
MarriottThomas Melvin Melanie MaureenView
MettamLynton Noel and Sandra DarelleCharee LynnView
MurrayGordon Kevan and Patricia CarolineScott Daniel Alexander KevanView
MooreDaniel and BerylJonathan CharlesView
MooreDaniel and BerylColleen ElizabethView
MullerGregory and CharmaineCarnelle EricaView
MarstonWilliam John and Diane MarleneRobert JohnView
MclellanMichael William and Norma ElaineJeremy ArthurView
McvittyMichael James and Lisa AnnJustin JamesView
MullerAlan James and ColleenLieslView
MurrayDavid Dighton Stone and Sharon AnneJason David BreetzkeView
MarstonWilliam John and Diane MarleneJoanne Margaret AuldView
MclarenBruce William and Lorian JoanMurray JamesView
MoodleyShunmugam and DoloresKeegan BrettView
MeinieDavid Rodean and Peggy EileenNicole Xolisa MeinieView
MorrowAlbert Manuel and Claudine MorrowClaytonView
MoodleyShunmugam and DoloresChad SonnyView
MkubaZelda ZolewaBianca ZukiswaView
MkubaZelda ZolewaCheryll SandiswaView
MurrayAlistair and MarethaCaitlyn BiancaView
Mnapu-TwaiseLuyanda Aubrey and Pakama EudoraSanda AdumileView
MillsThomas and SusanFlorence LilianView
MillsThomas and SusanSusanView
MoonyJohn Drought Enraght and Elizabeth AnnHugh O'NeilView
MartinJoseph and Isabella MaryWilliam George ArnoldView
McjannetJames and Mary Anne SophiaCharles JohnView
MacleanRonald and Elizabeth JaneGrace AnnieView
MidgleyThomas and MariaWilliam Woods FrereView
MartinJoseph and Isabella MaryBeatrice IsabelleView
MailovichJohn and Bernice Elizabeth AnnMary Frances HildaView
MarshallWilliam Francis and Amelia AnnMay LombardView
MossJames Walter and RosaMaudView
MacleanRonald and Elizabeth JaneCharles Allan ArnoldView
MollerAffer Jensen and Marianna Sophia ClaraHetty AlexandraView
McgibbonEdward John and Annie PenelopeJohn Hamilton ColtView
MayHenry and Florence EstmentWilfredView
MartinJoseph and Isabella MaryStanley ScottView
MorrisonKenneth Munro and Emma Mary MariaKenneth MortimoreView
MaschkePaul and EmmaMartha LilyView
MarshallWilliam Francis and Amelia AnnAlice LombardView
McgibbonEdward John and Annie PenelopeEdward OscarView
MailovichGiovanni and Bernice Elizabeth AnnBernice Carolina MayView
ManningWalter Benjamin and FrancesFrances Emma LouiseView
MidgleyThomas and MariaBertha BeatriceView
MacleanRonald and Elizabeth JaneLillian Maud WilsonView
MorrisJohn Henry and FannyJohn HenryView
MartinJoseph and Isabella MaryEthel MaryView
MckneeHenry and Mary JaneAlice MayView
MorrisonKenneth Meyers and Emma Mary MariaPercy DouglasView
McjannetJames and Mary Anne SophiaFrancis VincentView
MarshallWilliam Francis and Amelia AnnNorah LombardView
MorrisJohn Henry and Frances BoxoldHenry FrancisView
MacleanRonald and Elizabeth JaneClifford ArnoldView
MckneeHenry and Mary JaneFrederick MalcolmView
MidgleyThomas and MariaDaisy LucilleView
MaraisJacobus Johannes and Maria Annie KathelinaMartha SophiaView
MeiseJohn Gottlieb Adolph and Ida AmeliaWilliam Robert AdolphView
MartinJoseph and Isabellla MaryJoseph ArnoldView
MitchellRobert and Sarah ElizabethJoseph DonaldView
MarshallWilliam Francis and Amelia AnnGladys LombardView
ManningWalter Benjamin and FrancesWalter William BrightonView
MillerCharles Hubert and Adelaide LauraCharles Arthur WilliamView
MollerOffa Jansen and Marie AnnieChristina HelenaView
McjannetJames and Mary Anne SophiaHerbert JamesView
MorrisJohn Henry and FannyAlfredView
MartinThomas and Annie ChristinaThomas Hans FrederickView
MacleanRonald and Elizabeth JaneClara Mabel MacLeanView
MartinJoseph and Isabella MaryHorace Arnold MartinView
MeiseAdolph and IdaRobertView
MarshEdmund Hammond and Emily LaviniaEdmund HammondView
MarshallWilliam Francis and Amelia AnnKathleen LombardView
MaraisJacobus Johannes and Maria Annie KathelinaJacobus HendrickView
MitchellRobert and Sarah ElizabethMargaretView
MailovichJohn and Bernice Elizabeth AnnErnest Bertram GeorgeView
MatthewsCharles William and Mizpah Olive PatienceLaurence CharlesView
MullerJohannes Theunis and VeraMelanieView
MeyerJohannes Potgieter and Iris SophieLynette AnnView
MarrinerSamuel Raymond and Mabel JohannaAnthony WayneView
MouldEdward Westwood and Evelyn Alice EllenKaren MargaretView
MclarenEric Norman and Dulcie GladysMerylView
MastersRobert Derrick and Merle IdaDavid GrahamView
MossSydney Charles and Minnie HenriettaYvonne HeatherView
MullineuxJames Blake and Penelope NewtonStephen HughView
MatthewsCharles William and Mizpah Olive PatienceAngela AlisonView
MarrinerSamuel Raymond and Mabel JohannaDavid GrahamView
MarshallPercival Charles and NatalieAlan GrahamView
MundellLionel Charles and Elfreda MargueriteRosemary JudithView
MclarenEric Norman and Dulcie GladysGavinView
MastersRobert Derrick and Merle IdaJudith CharmaineView
MarlboroughRonald Jocelyn and Winifred MarjorieRonald BarryView
MaraisHendrik Hermias and Winifred MayCheryl Elizabeth FisherView
MullineuxJames Blaker and Penelope NewtonPeter NewtonView
MombergCharles Francis Lawler and Valerie JoanJennifer JoyView
MetcalfeJames Vincent and PatriciaJustin PatrickView
MelvinRobert and ThelmaJennifer RuthView
MoorePhilip and Mollie IreneDenise KarenView
MeyerDenis Barnard and sophia Margaretha JosinaColin DenisView
MundellLionel Charles and Elfreda MargueriteHoward GilesView
MassonJames and Amy NeilRosemaryView
MeyerJohannes Potgieter and Iris SophieCraig JulianView
MclarenHarold John and Geraldine IsmayGlynis LesleyView
MossMalcolm and Cynthia JeanWayne BrandonView
MurtaghJoseph Colin and Jean IreneIan AndrewView
McintyreDuncan and Stella May (Black)Margaret RoseView
McintyreGerald and Margaret RoseSharon AnnView
McintyreGerald and Margaret RoseBernadine RoseView
McintyreGerald and Margaret RoseDebra MayView
MurphyBenjamin John and JacquelineCraig AnthonyView
MayersRonald and Irene MaryRonaldView
MckayThomas James and Dawn ElaineSean AnthonyView
MillsCecil Samuel and Emily Myrtle (Wright)Doreen StellaView
MckayThomas James and Dawn ElaineTamaran VanessaView
MidgleyDonald George and Patricia RuthDerek GraemeView
McintyreGerald and Margaret RoseGeoffrey GeraldView
MidgleyDonald George and Patricia RuthMark WilliamView
MidgleyDonald George and Patricia RuthKim ArthurView
McintyreGerald and Margaret RoseGeraldene ShirleenView
MullerTrevor Dennis and Lynette MarjorieBrenda BerniceView
MelvinJohn and Gail VeronicaSharon ElizabethView
MakhwethuAngelina NtsikeleloView
MatabaneChristinaLouis SiyasangaView
MukheibirVictor Edward and ElizabethWayne Victor View
MossEric Gillian and Susan AnneAmanda LeighView
MoncurDavid and GeorginaHenry ShoneView
MacleanRonald and Elizabeth JaneWilliam AlexanderView
MountfortReuben and Maria JohannaDavid William SamuelView
MacleanJohn Kenneth and JessieWinifred MayView
MacdonaldGeorge and MargaretGeorge HenryView
MacdonaldGeorge and MargaretHugh ChristieView
MacdonaldGeorge and MargaretBarbara GraceView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineJane ChristinaView
MckneeHenry and Mary JaneMary Ann LockyerView
MacleanAllan Comdale and Catherine JohannaAllan James Anthony O'RiellyView
MountfortReuben and Maria JohannaNathanael JamesView
MacleanAllan Comdale and Catherine JohannaAntie Maria Willamena MacleanView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineAgnes MariaView
MalgasJames and ElizabethWilliam DanielView
MatotaMelane and KateArthurView
MarshCharles Sylvester and Alice Margaret MaudGladys Alice Jane ChristianaView
MontfortReuben and Maria JohannaJohn LeviView
MalgasJames and ElizabethEdith MaryView
MiltonCharles William and CatherineArthur GeorgeView
MitchellRobert and Sarah ElizabethCatherine JaneView
MakalimaJames and Martha SophieKaitView
MazamisoGantwine and MarthaShadrachView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineFrancis RichardView
MartinJames Ernest and AgnesErnest CharlesView
MbeceniNenzi and MbikoEllenView
MartinJames Ernest and AgnesEmeline AgnesView
MazweThomas and SophieWillsonView
MeiseJerry Henry and WilhelminaHulda ElizabethView
MeiseJerry Henry and WilhelminaFritz HenryView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineMary Peternella WilliminaView
MailovichJohn and Bernice Elizabeth AnneElizabethView
MansellHenry George and Alice MaryViolet AnnieView
MalgasJames and ElizabethJohn James JingoseView
MagsonRichard George and Caroline MagdalineGeorge HenryView
ManselGeorge Henry and Alice MaryGeorge Frederick LawrenceView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineAlice SlownView
MountfordReuben and Maria JohannaAlexander AlfredView
MashigaThom and SharahanCharles HenryView
MacfarlaneDonald and ElizabethDonaldView
MansellGeorge Henry and Alice MaryAlice LilianView
MagsonJohn and Mary CarolineEthel GeorgenaView
MieseAdolph and IdaHenrietta LauraView
MarnPiet and ElizabethFrancesView
MafongosiJosiah and ElizaMarthaView
MeiseJerry Henry and WilhelminaTheodor CarlView
MeiseJerry Henry and WilhelminaHenry AugustView
MccarthyRichard Havers and Jessie MabelJustin BrowningView
MccarthyRichard Havers and Jessie MabelBrian InnisView
MatshobaClass and JessieSamoonView
MgoqiHeathen and AnnieOverima de VilliersView
MalgasJames and ElizabethCecilia NomesiView
MareePiet and ElizabethTilmanView
MafongosiJosiah and ElizaLilianView
ManyssanaPhilip and CharlotteSimonView
MansfieldJohn and Ellen LouisaArthur JamesView
MeiseJerry Henry and WilhelminaAugust CarlView
MarnPiet and ElizabethEthelView
McgearyAlfred Thomas and Bertha MayVerity Veronica MayView
ManserHarvey Darke and Sarah AnnIsabelView
MagsonFrank Richard and RachelJohn RichardView
MackMabelEthel Mabel HodgkinsonView
MarquetLouis Desire Auguste and Christina Hendria HarrietteAdele Martha AnnaView
MaaskeErnest and GertrudeEmile EdwinView
MatthewsHoward Ward and Florence JoyceHoward Walter WardView
MaasdorpAdrajan John and KatherineGweneth MarjorieView
MeyerFrans van Aardt and Laura Aletta ElizabethJensina Cecilia RasmussenView
Moscos-NelsonStephen and Annie ElizabethMariaView
Mansell-HurnsConstantine Richard and Christina WilhelminaCharlotte MaudView
McfarlaneRobert and AnnieCharles ReidView
MaasdorpJohannes Adrian and Sarah KathleenOmie Mary ElizabethView
MitchellAlexander and CatherineRobert Edward WilfredView
MitchellAlexander and CatherineHenry Charles ReginaldView
McleanJosiah Henry and Wilhelmina MaryViolet Lilian AnnieView
MeyerJohn Cloete and JohannaKathleen MariaView
MorrisJaneLilian GwendolenView
MclachlanWilliam and AnnieIsmay AgnesView
MclachlanWilliam and AnnieJamesView
MaasdorpJohannes Adrian and Sarah KathleenCliffordView
MarshallFrederick George and Henrietta PollyRobert EverardView
MoscosStephen and Ann ElizabethVera SophiaView
MarcusSamuel George and Mary MagdaleneMary MagdaleneView
MarcusSamuel George and Mary MagdaleneLouisa AnnieView
MorrisThomas and RachelMargaret MariaView
MaasdorpAdrian John and CatherineFrancesView
MossWilliam Thomas Leary and Edith MarySydney CharlesView
MoscosStephen and Anne ElizabethAnne ElizabethView
MortonJames and FlorenceBasil DouglasView
MorrisThomas and RachelElizabeth DorothyView
McgearyAlfred Thomas and Bertha MayMyra Hester RubyView
MagsonFrank Richard and LilianOlive ChristinaView
MarcusFrans and AlettaPetrus Hendrik StephanusView
MoscosStephen and Annie ElizabethAulgaView
MagsonFrank Richard and Lilian MagdaleneMary AliceView
MansellConstantine Richard and Christina Wilhelmina FredricaEleanor MariaView
MoscosGeorge John and Johanna FredericaMagdalenaView
MoscosStephen and Annie ElizabethMagdalenaView
MossWilliam Thomas Leary and Edith MaryMavisView
MartinPercy Matthew and Elizabeth AnneBeryl RoseView
MaraisBarend and LilianIvy IsabellaView
MagsonFrank Richard and Lilian MagdaleneEdnaView
MarcusWilliam Benjamin and Amy VictoriaBenjaminView
MarcusFrans Eleazar and AlettaFrans EleazarView
MackonochieJames Alick? and Winifred Marie CarmenAlison EmmaView
MoscosJohn Stephen and Annie ElizabethJohn StephenView
MagsonFrank Richard and LilianGladys PearlView
MedinaDaniel George and Jane LouisaAlexander JohnView
MankaMdodana and ElizabethMaudView
MankaMdodana and ElizabethLenaView
MangcuJameson and E.Zodwa AndView
MctaggartHugh and EllaConstantine HughView
Mason??Geoffrey DouglasView
MarcusWilliam Benjamin and Amy VictoriaStanleyView
MoscosGeorge John and JohannaMavis DorothyView
MareeJoseph Andrew and Johanna Jacoba LouisaMabel MaudeView
MagsonFrank Richard and Lilian MagdaleneAlfredView
MarcusFrans and AlettaAlwina Marguerite JeanView
MaraisLouis Botha and Minnie TheresaHeine SalomonView
MctaggartHugh and Eleanor MariaMargaret IsabelView
MaraisBarend Daniel and LilianBarend DanielView
MackenzieColin Gordon and Martha ElizabethMarjorie EricaView
McphailClifton Charles and Violet Ellen RebeccaViolet ChristabelView
MarcusWilliam Benjamin and Amy VictoriaFrederic James JosephView
MarshallWalter and JaneFrederic MarvinView
MaritzWilliam Lambertus and Gertina SusannahChristian JohannesView
MangcuJameson and ElsieCleopatra NotutuzeloView
MedinaDaniel and JaneJames WalterView
McdavisRichard and MariaRichard FredericView
MareeJoseph Andrew and Johanna Jacoba LouisaDavid AndrewView
MaruFrancesAmzi NoncebaView
MoscosGeorge and JohannaGeorge PeterView
MundellHenry James and Catherine AnnieMary MagdaleneView
MaraisLouis Botha and Minnie TheresaGerald RalstonView
MarshallWalter and JaneEric LeslieView
MgcokocaNorman and EllaElizabethView
MangcuJameson James and ElsieKolsile MzwandileView
MareJoseph Andrew and Johanna JacobaWilliam HenryView
MedinaDaniel and JaneErnest RonaldView
MackenzieColin Gordon and Martha Johanna ElizabethMalcolm StewartView
MaraisBarend and LilianKathleen MaudView
MareJanetSusan JohannaView
Moothoo??Edward CharlesView
MarshallEdward and EllenHenrietta ElizabethView
MccallaghanJoseph Benjamin and Aletta AdelaideAletta SophiaView
MarcusWilliam Benjamin and Amy VictoriaMarjorieView
MundellHenry James and CatherineSusanna PhilipinaView
MareeJoseph Andrew and Johanna JacobaCharlotte JohannaView
MeyerPhilip Rudolph and ElizabethCynthia RoseView
MangcuJameson and ElsieElizabeth NombeleloView
MoscosGeorge and JohannaNicolasView
MarshallWalter and JaneStanley RaymondView
MarshallEdward and EllenSarah EnidView
MedinaDaniel and JaneMaria ElizabethView
MackenzieColin Gordon and Martha Johanna ElizabethRonald CliveView
MundellHenry James and Catherine AnnieWilliam John PeterView
MurrayJohn Herbert and Dorothy ElaineDonaldView
MwaleNico and LillianSimon ZwelakeView
MpofuMurielPatrick Charles XolelaView
MvaloSinanah Campbell and KeturahNolingeView
MayoAlfred and SarahPrincess ElizabethView
MoreyWilliam Harry and Dora MaryGordon FrancisView
MoscosJonathan and MarjorieErrol JohnView
MafayaHarry and VioletAlbertView
MooreVerdun Hughes and Nancy ElizabethJoyce MildredView
MasonSen Kim and Olivia HyacinthShirley ClaireView
MoscosJonathan and MarjorieDonald WilliamView
MaraisPeter Arnoldus and Maggie SusanMary HelenView
MaraisJohn Lodewyk Martin and Gertina AdraaneMaureenView
MarriottDennis Clive and Maureen BlancheThomas MelvinView
MarriottDennis Clive and Maureen BlancheEva MaureenView
MacdonaldJames and Eunice PatriciaSharon GlynisView
MoscosJonathan and MarjorieMargaret AnnView
MoriartyThomas Montague and Florence AnniePatrick JohnView
MelvinRobert James Porteous and Thelma AudreySally ElizabethView
MaraisHenry Charles and Wilhemina CatherineAletta JohannaView
MaraisHenry Charles and Catherine WilhelminaAlan CliveView
MacdonaldJames and Eunice PatriciaMalcolmView
MacdonaldJames and Eunice PatriciaMarilynView
MatthewsHenley Hobern and Muriel EvelynLornaView
MaraisHendrick Charles and Wilhelmina CatherineHendrick CharlesView
MarriottDennis Clive and Maureen BlancheFrank HaroldView
MarriottDennis Clive and Maureen BlancheCheryl LynnView
MaclachlanGordon Mervin and UnaBarry GavinView
MossClarence Arthur and Eileen BeatriceArthur WilliamView
MullerClaude Lionel and Joyce ElaineWendy ClaudetteView
MantheBasil Ulate and Cynthia rildaShane BasilView
MoscosFredrick and Josina JacobaNicholasView
Mullerclaude Lionel and Joyce ElaineAshley Ian ClaudeView
MacdonaldJames and Eunice PatriciaGillianView
MatthewsonWilliam John Errington and Ethel MargaretJean MargaretView
MeyerJohn Charsley and Elizabeth JillColin JohnView
MeyerDerek Raymond and Jean WendyDonna PatriciaView
McfarlaneRoger Brian and Martha MaryMark ReidView
MarrGeorge Stuart and Eleanor ZoeDianna Margaret StuartView
MossArthur William and Rosina BurniceCarone LyndaView
MeyerDerek Raymond and Jean WendyGlenda JoanneView
MossArthur William and Norma BurniceSean RoryView
MountjoyJohn James and Phyllis JenniferJon DeanView
McclementTerence John and Margaret AnnBernard JohnView
MooreDaniel Raymond and Beryl JoanWendyView
MountjoyJohn James and Phyllis JenniferMandyView
MauerGustav August and ColleenJacqueline MaryView
MauerColleen and Gustav Lisa MareeView
MarkusRoger Malcom and CharleneSuzanneView
MacfarlaneCharles Reid and Anne MatildaJoan ElaineView
MacfarlaneCharles Reid and Annie MatildaMaureen MagdaleneView
MacfarlaneCharles Reid and Ann MatildaRoger BrianView
MacfarlaneCharles Reid and Annie MatildaMichael EdmundView
MackDouglas Ernest and MargeryErnest Errol HiltonView
MackinnonDuncan Livingstone and Winifred MaryMarion JillView
MagerDerrick Kelk and May EllenJudith Anne KelkView
MagerDerrick Kelk and May EllenElizabeth Jennifer KelkView
MagerDerrick and MayMargaret Ellen KeltView
MagsonFrank Richard and Lillian MagdeleneCliffordView
MagsonFrank Richard (deceased) and Susan LillianFrances RitaView
MajoosGeorge John and Emily AnnieGeorge EdwardView
MajoosGeorge and Emily AnnieJames Peter ArmistView
MajoosGeorge John and Emily AnnieJohn WilliamView
MajoosGeorge John and Emily AnnieDudley RonaldView
MajoosGeorge John and Emily AnnieEricView
MajoosGeorge John and Emily AnnieDoreen JoyceView
MajoosGeorge John and Emily AnnieJoanView
MajoosDorothyBrian ArthurView
MajoosDorothyIsaac WilliamView
MalcomessCarl Douglas Tweedie and Athelie Mary MonkhouseAthalie AmyView
Manners-WoodAugustus Grace Berwick and Alice MaudeSheila MayView
Manners-WoodAugustus Grace Berwick and Alice MaudeMalcolm BerwickView
Manners-WoodAugustus Grace Berwick and Alice MaudeShirleyView
MaraisGerald Henry and MabelGerald PeterView
MaraisJoseph and DoraAgnes RoseView
Marais??John ThomasView
MaraisHendrick Solomon and Annie Johanna (deceased)Hazel MariaView
MaraisHendrick Solomon and Annie Johanna (deceased)RamonaView
MaraisPeter Henry Solomon and Susannah JohannaMarina RoseView
MarplesEdward and Thelma DoreenMarionView
MarriottWilliam and Marjorie JoyceAnthony JohnView
Marrs?? (deceased) and GertrudeGeorgeView
MarshallEdward Henry and Ellen ElizabethMoreen PhyllisView
MarshallWalter and JaneMarjorie PhyllisView
MarshallIan Walker and Louie EvelynJune ClareView
MarshallReginald Sydney and Catherine Magdela AnnaJacoba AdrianaView
MarshallEdward Henry and Ellen ElizabethJoan ElizabethView
MarshallEugene Field and Mary MargaretEugene DesmondView
MarshallWalter Frederick and JaneMartha ElizabethView
MarshallEdward Henry and Ellen ElizabethLewis EdwardView
MarshallEdward Henry and Ellen ElizabethLorraine StellaView
MarshallIan Walker and Louie EvelynWayne NeilView
MartinGeorge Andrew and EvelynMarjorie MariaView
MartinWinifredRonald FredView
MartinGeorge Andrew and EvelynEdward EricView
MartinGeorge and EvelynIris ShirleyView
MartinRolfe and EllenDavid RolfeView
MaythamLawrence Rowland and NaomiWayne FrancisView
MaythamLawrence Rowland and NaomiLancelot RowlandView
McalisterAlister William and Stella DenzilleJohn AlexanderView
Mcalpine??Bruce HaroldView
MccallumLionel Val and Jacoba JohannaMary Lynne NorvalView
MccombKenneth and IreneLeilaView
McdermidDouglas Haig and Linda LilianRory DesmondView
McgearyDavid Henry and Dorothy FrostFrank DavidView
McgearyDavid Henry and Dorothy FrostJeannette DorothyView
McgillivrayKenneth Stewart and Edith BowkerMargaret EvelynView
McjannetHerbert James and Ruth SchreinerRuth MaryView
Mcleod??Norma JoyceView
McleodThornton William Duncan and Jessie RosamundCharles MeredithView
MeeNorman Patrick and Adeline LuiseNeville RexView
MeechamCecil Charles and Gwendoline OliveKarin EdithView
MeintjesSam and EllenDonald CollinView
MeintjesSamuel and Ellen mariaWilliam JohnView
MeintjesDavid and CarolineFrank ThomasView
MeintjesSamuel and EllenPhilip FranklynView
MeintjesFrank Thomas and JessiePatricia CarolineView
MeintjesFrank and JessieCecilia ClaraView
Meintjes??David GeorgeView
MeintjesFrank Thomas and JessieFranklinView
Meintjies (Meintjes?)Samuel and Ellen MariaDavid LancelotView
Meldal-JohnsenHans Alfred and Bessie GradwellAnthonyView
MetaxasDennis Holden and Joan MarionDenise Joan HoldenView
MilehamGeorge Arthur and IsabellaElizabeth MaudView
MilehamGeorge Arthur and Johanna MariaMaud ElizabethView
MillardJames Frank and JacobiJames HenryView
MillardJames Frank and JacobiIris MargaretView
MillardHarry and KatieEphraimView
MillardJames Roy and Rose MaudGillian RoseView
MillerJohn Roy and Gladys BerthaUna AgnesView
MillerGeorge Archibald and Maria ChristinaJoan MagdaleneView
MillsStanley Albert and Iris RubyJames StanleyView
MillsStanley Albert and Iris RubyMarjorie LouiseView
MinnaarAlbert Nicholas and Phyllis (Barlow)Gene Cornel KeithView
MinnieFrank and IreneRonaldView
MinnieFrank and IreneMarthaView
MitchleyFrederick Thomas and AmandaNoelView
MizenFrederick David Job and Ivy MildredSylvia MaureenView
MizenFrederick David Job and Ivy MildredGerald RobinView
MoloneyEric Graham and Iris GwendolineAnthony GrahamView
MolonyEric Graham and Iris GwendolinePriscilla MaryView
MoncurPieter Donald and Janetta LouisaIsabella JanettaView
MontgomeryBruce Rupert and Helen MargaretBrianView
MoodyRalph William and Margaret JoanAnthony IngramView
MoonSydney and Thelma EileenSydneyView
MooniaThomas Aboo and CharlotteRosemary LutchmeyView
MoonieyaThomas Aboo and Charlotte PepperineCyril OwenView
MoonieyaThomas Aboo and Charlotte Pepperina SamadenamPaulina Poonaman ParasotheeView
MoonieyaThomas Aboo and Charlotte Pepperina SamadamumJoseph ChristianView
MoonieyaThomas and Pepperine Charlotte SamadanaMatthew MoothoView
MooniyaThomas Aboo and Charlot Pepperanna SamadanamSybilView
MoraleeThomas and Johanna Alice RubyColleen MaryView
MorganJohanna Joan MargaretView
MorissonHenning and Doris-MayAntony DavidView
MorrisEdgar and Adelaide BlancheBlanche MargaretView
MorrisFrancis Bateson and Hilma MelroseGerald FrancisView
MossGordon Edward Francis and Phyllis Beatrice WebsterColin Gordon WebsterView
MossGeorge Edwin and Priscilla VidallasNola GlamisView
MossSydney Charles and Minnie HenriettaEric Gillian View
MossopRobert Clifford and Marjorie Leone DorisBrian CampbellView
MuddStanley Arthur and Mifanwy MaryRosemary AnneView
MullinsReginald Norman and Lucy MaryJane LucyView
MunroEric Charles and LilianEdward Charles AlfredView
MunroEric Charles and LilyMalcolm Alexander FrederickView
MurieVioletMargart JeanView
MurieVioletRonald EdwardView
MurphyRudolph and DorothyShereenView
MurrayRichard Hall and Dorothy RobertsMaureen VeraView
MurrieVioletMolly MavisView
MyersBarnet Berlyn and Betty AudreyJudithView
MyersBernard Sidney and Valerie Mary WyattMargaret HelenView
MichellsHans and MargaretMargaret AnnaView
Meinieantony and CelahAnna SusannaView
MeinieAntony and CelahEllen MargaretView
MeinieAntony and CelahMichy MaryView
MeinieAnthony and CelahMargaret ElizabethView
MillsJohn and LouisaJohnView
MillerJames and SophiaJames Little JohnView
MundellEdward Wood and SarahHenry JamesView
MundellHenry and HannahEdward WilliamView
MacalliganJohn and SusannahCharlesView
MundellJames and AnnWilliamView
MarriottHenry William and SelinaHenry HeathView
MarriottHenry and SelinaGeorge Edward FaneView
MurphyJames and Mary AnneThomasView
MurphyJames and Mary AnnFrancisView
MurphyJames and Mary AnnJohn HenryView
McmahonRobert and ElizaFredericView
MurphyJames and Mary AnneElizabethView
MurphyJames and Mary AnnEdward WilliamView
MacraeFrancis and Jane RobertsonSarah ElizabethView
MitchellHenry and RosettaHarriet Mary Anne LonglandView
MacraeFrancis and JaneHelen Frances MacRaeView
MitchellHenry and RosettaRosetta GoodesView
MurphyJames and Mary AnnEmmerson VernerView
MalonyWilliam and AnneCatherine JaneView
MitchellHenry and RosettaArthur HenryView
MienieJacobus Petrus and GeorginaWessels Louis JacobusView
MalonyWilliam and AnneAdaView
MalonyWilliam and AnneGilesView
MienieJacobus Petrus and GeorginaGeorge BenjaminView
Mcdaigh?Daniel and CharlotteWilliamView
MandyWilliam and AnnAmelia AnnView
MandyWilliam and AnnWilliam PennyView
MandyWilliam and AnnAlice JaneView
MandyWilliam and AnnRebeccaView
MandyJohn Cawood and Abigail MaryGarnet JohnView
MandyGarnet John and Ethelina AnnieEvelyn NoreenView
MandyGarnet John and Ethelena AnnieEthelena GarnetView
McvicarThomas Reid and Norma KestellMarcia KestellView
McvicarThomas Reid and Norma KestellCarolyn KestellView
MasslySamuel and UrsulaFrances UrsulaView
MooreRobert and JaneAlexanderView
MarshallCharles and MargaretCharles RobertView
MooreJames and AnnFrances MargaretView
MckayGeorge and HannahAnne SutherlandView
MillsFrederick James and Alicia HonorAlexander John BissettView
MooreRichard Thomas and Selina ElizaSelina LetitiaView
MartinGeorge and ElizabethJanetView
MooreRobert and JaneHannah MariaView
MarshallCharles and MargaretEdward BrackenburgView
MathewThomas Philip Ogden and Mary ElizabethWilliam OgdenView
MckayGeorge and HannahJames William McKayView
MerrimanNathaniel James and JuliaSarah AgnesView
MasseySamuel and UrsulaJohn SamuelView
MillsJohn and LouisaAlexanderView
MitchellyDavid (deceased) and AnnDorothy JaneView
MackJohn and MariaDaniel LewisView
MacleanCharles and Sarah JaneEleanor JaneView
MaidwellRobert and Mary AnnJames BurnettView
MittenJohn and Elizabeth AnnCharles WilliamView
MittenJohn and Elizabeth AnnJoseph HenryView
MittenJohn and Elizabeth AnnAlfred EdwardView
MooreWilliam Cornelius and ElizaAvesView
MoellerHeinrich Wilhelm and Martha MargarettaMina PaulineView
MoellerHeinrich Wilhelm and Martha MargarettaCarl HermanView
MillsFrederick James and Alicia HonorAlicia Maud BissetView
McmasterJoseph Alexander and Isabella EastEmily LonsdaleView
MillerJenner and MaryJenner HaywardView
MaasbergAndrew Henry James and Yoland IrisRaymond LoxleyView
MaasbergAndrew Henry James and Yoland IrisLynette AnnView
MabinFrederick Oscar and Frances Mary KathleenJeanView
MabinFrederick Oscar and Violet Freda LouisaMary KathleenView
MacdonaldThomas John and Ellen LouisaAmelia Lilian MercyView
MacdonaldJohn Norton and Dorothy JohannaCecil JamesView
MaclarenGeorge David and Gladys LouisaRuth GraceView
MaclearNorman William and EllaErrol WilliamView
MaganHarry Robert and Maria ElizabethBeryl DulcieView
MagennisJoseph Colles and CatherineDonovan IveaghView
MahomedJuma and EstherGaika MagdelenaView
MalcomessHermann Fritz Tweedie and Eileen Baden-PowellHermann Fairclough TweedieView
MalgasAdam and MinnieElsieView
MalinWilliam James and Johanna FernandaJames RobertView
MalinWilliam James and Johanna FernandaBertha ElizabethView
MalloryGeorge Kennaway and Maggie DorothyYvonne CecilyView
ManningAlbert and Ada EllenAlice Dorothy VioletView
ManningAlbert and Ada EllenRuth Muriel EireneView
ManningAlbert and Ada EllenClarence Norman Albert ThomasView
ManningIreneDoreen DaphneView
MaraisHenry Solomon and Mary AmeliaDesmondView
MardenJoseph Henry and Flora MayKinsley JosephView
MardonAlfred James Charles and Eliza FlorenceJoseph HenryView
MardonAlfred Charles James and Eliza FlorenceVera GladysView
MardonAlfred Charles James and Eliza FlorencePercy JamesView
MardonAlfred Charles James and Eliza FlorenceThomas AlfredView
Mardon??Philip GrayView
MardonJoseph Henry and Thora MayRaymond RodgerView
MardonJoseph Henry and Thora MayBerenice Vera MayView
MaritzPeter Gert and Magdalena WilhelminaMartha AlitaView
MaritzWilliam Lambertus and MarthaHenry ThomasView
MaritzPeter Gert and Magdalena WilhelminaPeter GertView
MaritzAlwyn Jacobus and Gladys MurielBeryl DenyseView
MarksThomas Penrose and Barbara HelenElizabeth PenroseView
MarksThomas Penrose and Barbara HelenAnn PenroseView
MarriottChristopher Joseph Walter and Hester MaryRichard ChristopherView
MarriottChristopher Joseph Walter and Hester MaryChristopher Joseph JamesView
MarriottWalter John and MarthaFrederick Hubertus WalterView
MarriottWilliam Samuel Frederick and Barbara EmmaDesmond WalterView
MarshClement Henry and Laurice ThelmaAubrey ClementView
MarshallSamuel and Daisy HesterRichard James BrianView
MarshallSamuel and Daisy HesterDesmondView
MartinHenry Philip and Ellen EmmaViolet VeraView
MartinHenry Philip and Ellen EmmaEllen KathleenView
MartinHenry Philip and Ellen EmmaHilda BurnesView
MartynDonovan Ivo Leslie and Lorna ElizabethGillianView
MarxStephen and NellieThomas GernatheusView
MarxFrans and DoraDora WinifredView
MarxFrans Engelbertus and Dora MabelThelma MonaView
MarxJohn Henry and Maria Elizabeth JohannaJacomina MargrithaView
MarxGerhardus Arnoldus and GertieJeanetta MatildaView
MarxGerhardus Arnoldus and GertieNola JohannaView
MatthewsSamuel and Eleanor ??Charles LeslieView
MatthewsRobert and Ethel PearlLeslie ArthurView
MatthewsRobert and Ethel PearlLioneal StuartView
MatthewsRobert and StellaRosalie AnnetteView
MccabeBernard Dominic and Hendrickje TabithaBrian DerrickView
MccabeBernard Dominic and Hendrikje TabithaPatrick JohnView
McclarenReuben Duncan John and MinnieIsabella MargaretView
MccombClifford Rennie and Rayne CrossRosamond HeywoodView
MccoyDavid Elliot and Sarah JaneKathleen JaneView
MccoyDavid Elliott and Sarah JaneEthelView
MccullumThomas Henry and MariaThomas HenryView
McdermottJohn George and Nathalie DoreenMichael JohnView
McdermottJohn George and NathaliePatrick ShauneView
McdermottJohn George and Nathalie DoreenNoel EdwinView
McdonaldJohn Norton and DorothyEileen MyrtleView
McdonaldJohn Norton and Dorothy JoanPhyllis AnnieView
McgillewieVernon Bruce and Ada ThyraAlan WoodView
McgillewieVernon Bruce and Ada ThyraEulalee JeanView
McgillewieVernon Bruce and Ada ThyraMary ElizabethView
McgillewieGordon Menzies and Gwyneth HermonGordon BruceView
McintyreGordon and Josephine KatherineRosita AgnesView
MckennaReginald Edward Thomas and Gertrude AnneCyril VictorView
MckennaReginald Edward Thomas and Gertrude AnneRenee MabelView
MclarenReuben Duncan John and MinnieMuriel EllenView
MclarenReuben Duncan John and MinnieDaphne Lilian SarahView
MclarenReuben Duncan and MinnieReuben DuncanView
MclarenDavid George and GladysArthur DavidView
MclarenDavid George and GladysEric NormanView
MclarenDavid George and GladysDonald GeorgeView
MclarenDavid George and Gladys LouisaSidney JamesView
MclarenDavid George and Gladys LouisaHector FrancisView
MclarenDouglas and MorrieIris DoreenView
MclarenDavid George and Gladys LouisaNowell Ellen LouiseView
MclarenDavid Douglas and AliciaHeather PhyllisView
MerrickGeoffrey Simmons and Rose MoretonWilliam GeoffreyView
MilesWolfrau William and Olive EmmaRuth EmmaView
MilesWolfrau William and Olive EmmaWilliam Joseph PerkinsView
MilesWolfran William and Olive EmmaJoyce ElizabethView
MilesBen Bowman and Lilian HallettAnthony VennView
MillerEdward and FlorenceHarold EdwardView
MillerHerbert and Eileen Ethel EliseRobert GeorgeView
MinkleyAlfred and CarolineBertie HamiltonView
MinkleyAlfred and Eleanor CarolineElza Rhoda MarcellaView
MinkleyHarry Edward and Elma EileenDenzil KeithView
MinkleyHarry Edward and Elma EileenGordon AndrewView
MinkleyHarry Edward and Elma EileenAubrey NoelView
MitchellFrederick Galsworthy and MurielGuy GalsworthyView
MohammedJuma and HesterMaria MagdalenaView
MohammedJuma and HesterHygeria ElizabethView
MonsamyJohn and GertrudeAlfred JamesView
MooreJames Walter and MaggieWilliam JamesView
MooreCampbell Plant and Mildred EvelynThora EvelynView
MooreCharles and Johanna MariaYvonne VivicaView
MorewoodRonald Alexander and Henrietta Clara JaneGarth ErrolView
MorganHarry Robert and Maria ElizabethAlice NevaView
MorganHarry Robert and Maria ElizabethMay MyrtleView
MorganHarry Robert and Maria ElizabethHildebrand PhyllisView
MorganHarry Robert and Maria ElizabethArchibaldView
MorganH. R. Morgan and Maria ElizabethNellie MaudeView
MorganHarry Robert and Maria ElizabethHerbert HoratioView
MorganHenry Robert and Maria ElizabethWilliam AndrewView
MorganHarry Robert and Maria ElizabethMargaretView
MorganHarry Robert and Maria ElizabethMargaret LeahView
MorganMay MyrtleResley IvorView
MorganHerbert Horatio and Paulina VictoriaHerbert CecilView
MorganHerbert Horatio and Paulina VictoriaEphraim Benjamin View
MorganHerbert Horatio and Paulina VictoriaNellie JuliaView
MorrisHerbert MayfieldHarry Herbert MayfieldView
MorrisHerbert Mayfield and Susannah MagdaleneCharles PhilipView
MorwoodRonald Alexander and Henrietta Clara JaneMoreen UnaView
MorwoodRonald Alexander and Henrietta Clara JaneRonald CharlesView
MossRichard and HarriettRichard JaconView
MossThomas George and MaryWilliam JosephView
MourantArchibald Gervaise and Harriet Ethel CatherineEvelyn MarionView
MullerJohn Abraham and Claudina FlorenceWilliam JohnView
MullerJohn Abraham and Claudina FlorenceSophia MargaretView
MullerAdolph and Aletta Antony JohnView
MullerClaudina Florence and John AbrahamCatherine Elizabeth MaryView
MullerJoseph Benjamin and Alice ElizabethEnid DorothyView
MullerJohn and ClaudeJohn AbrahamView
MullerClarence Claude and Alma ElizabethElvin DesmondView
MullerClarence Claude and Alma ElizabethClaude LionelView
MundellJohannaWilliam FinaughtyView
MurrayHenry Wright and Esther MariaLionel GarnerView
MurrayRobert George Thomas and Alice FrancisBertram James AlexanderView
MurrayHenry Wright and Esther MariaJoyce GarnerView
MurrayIvy CeciliaDavid George HarryView
MurrayHilton Palmer Wepener and Esme RosalieJenniferView
MurrayHilton Palmer Wepener and Esme RosalieMalcolmView
MurrayKenneth and Kate Neville Stockenstroom (Mcgregor)Mary RoseView
MusgraveArthur John and Evelyn MaudeOlive MaryView
MusgroveArthur and Evelyn MaudeGerald BernardView
MusgroveArthur John and Eveline MaudeArthur LeonardView
MusgroveArthur John and Evelyn MaudeFrankView
MccallumRobert James and Thalia de LacyGary RobertView
MayneHenry Raymond and Winnie IreneBrian RaymondView
MckennaReginald Edward Thomas and Gertrude AnnReginaldView
MorganHerbert Horatio and Pauline VictoriaSylvan Owen RudolphView
MillerHerbert and Eileen Ethel EliseMareen FlorenceView
MorganCharles Sylvester and Helen Frances JeanHelen GeorginaView
MountainHenry Charles and Elaine BlancheChristine EllenView
MauthnerEric and GertrudeMartinView
MayneHenry Raymond and Winnie IreneCarolyn IreneView
MorganHerbert Horatio and Pauline VictoriaPhilip KennethView
MclarenEric Norman and Dulcie GladysBrianView
MoodieDonald and Gwendolen WinifredDonald KeithView
McconnachieRoy Angus and Betty WhartonGraeme DuncanView
MorganCharles Silvester and Helen Frances JeanPenelope MayView
MarnitzHarold William and AgnesFrederick View
MorganHerbert Horatio and Pauline VictoriaRaymond RobertView
MullerLennox John and Elizabeth CatherineValery patriciaView
MartinIvor Norman and Elfrieda IreneSandra ChristineView
Meldal-JohnsenConrad Mentz Thesen and Mavis EdnaTrevor BernardView
Meldal-JohnsenConrad Mentz Thesen and Mavis EdnaYolanda AnnView
MayneWalter Ashley and FrancesBeryl (adopted)View
MclarenArthur David and HazelMichael ArthurView
MaasdorpHugh Oswald Christian and LesleeDorothyView
MclarenCecil Duncan and alice LouiseDerek DuncanView
MurrayAlfred Harold and Gladys DoreenAvril May FynnView
MorganHerbert Horatio and Paulina VictoriaRowland OscarView
MullerLennox John and Elizabeth CatherineLynette GlynisView
McmasterDavid Sidney James and Maria ElizabethEdward AndrewView
Meintjes??Henry William CoupeView
MclarenCecil Duncan and Alice LouiseGeoffrey JohnView
MorganHerbert and VictoriaGail ArchibaldView
McconchieAngus Arthur and MargaretFrank WilliamView
MoffittPeter Herbert Shaw and Esme ElaineDianne MarilynView
MashiterFrank and EllenNigel Peter (adopted)View
MullerLennox John and Elizabeth CatherineCharmaine SharonView
MclarenGerald Edward and Marie StellaJean MareeView
MoffittDennis Michael and Dorothy HelenaTimothy Herbert ShawView
Meldal-JohnsenConrad Mentz Thesen and Mavis EdnaErik JamesView
MorganHerbert Horatio and Pauline VictoriaLeith NaomiView
MullerLennox John and Elizabeth CatherineWayne LennoxView
MullerJack Clifford Tweedie and DoreenLeigh ColletteView
MclureReginald and Greta DexterRobyn AnneView
MahomedMiriamDesiree DeniseView
Mulwitsky??James WallaceView
MorganHerbert Horatio and Pauline VictoriaAileen VictoriaView
MclarenGerald Edward and Maree StellaBeulah MarilynView
MardonJoseph Henry and Thora MayJohn Alfred LewisView
Midgley??Fay Elizabeth ConyersView
Maytham??John EdmundView
MorganHerbert Horatio and Pauline VictoriaCharmaine VernaView
McgillewieGordon Bruce and Ethne ValerieShaun MenziesView
McgillewieGordon Bruce and Ethne ValerieLarry WayneView
MahomedRichard Benjamin and MariamSandra DeniseView
MidgleyFranklin John and Marion RykieIan MylesView
MorganHerbert Cecil and MarySylvan EdwinView
MorganHerbert Ceil and MaryGlen NevilleView
MorganHerbert Cecil and MaryAloma VernaView
MclarenGerald Edward and Marie StellaKaren CherylView
MinkleyDenzil Keith and Yvonne MadgePatricia GailView
MardonRaymond Roger and Hildegard Bertha FriedaLlewellyn RayView
MardonKingsley Joseph and Pearl ReneMaryView
MardonKingsley Joseph and Pearl ReneLyndon JohnView
MclarenAlan Garnet and Mary LouisaVeronica MyrtleView
Muller??William WynandView
MardonRaymond Roger and Hildegard Frieda BerthaBrenda HildegardView
MarrMurray Stuart and Wendy AnnSharon AnnView
MantheBasil Ulate and Cynthia RildaWesley ErnestView
MillerRobert George and Cornelia MariaVaughan JayView
McbrideWilliam Alexander and Ellen Gladys WinifredClifford AlexanderView
MartinFrederick James Theodore and Evelyne KnottJean MaryView
MossJohn Henry and Frances Hester CarolineHilton KennethView
MartinFrederick James Theodore and Evelyne KnottRobert JarvisView
McbrideWilliam Alexander Elton and Gladys WinifredEileen GladysView
MaritzJohannes and LouisaJacomina KatherinaView
MossJohn Henry and Hester Frances CarolineLaura DorothyView
MossJohn Henry and Hester Frances CarolineEric LeslieView
MaitlandJames Douglas and Evelyn MaryJeanne EsmeView
MorganWilliam and Amy LillianMavis LillianView
MeiringGideon Johannes and Kathleen MaudHenry AlbertView
MossCharles and Adriana CatherinaElsie SophiaView
MarshallArthur Doyle and Dorothy BeatriceNancyView
MarsburgHenry James and Gertrude MargaretDiana MargaretView
MaclachlanMaxwell Murray and Rosalind ClareRodney HaigView
MarshallRonald Walter George and Eileen DorothyGail JeanetteView
MilesThelma and WilliamBrian WilliamView
MothlebaneDinahYvonne KediboneView
MarshallMargaret AgnesGlennView
MullinsDavid and AnneKathryn AmyView
MoranAlexander and HosannahHenryView
MelvillAndrew Martin and Christina JohannaHelenView
MelvillAndrew Martin and Christina JohannaLilianView
MurrayArchibald Kile and Charlotte HorakEliza HelenView
MurrayArchibald Kile and Charlotte HorrockKenmuth Alexander JohnView
MooreCharles James and SarahCharles RonaldView
McleanDaniel and Mary ReaderMinnie CatherineView
McleanDaniel and Mary ReaderStephen DanielView
MintoEdward and Margaret AmeliaAmy Isabella AnneView
MooreElija and EllenLouisa MatildaView
MacnaughtonElliot Henry and MariaEllen EmilyView
MeakerFrank and HamnerEliza HamnerView
McbeanGeorge and MargaretJohn CharlesView
MunnikGeorge Glazer and Frederika ElizabethJohn HenryView
MunnikGeorge Glazer and Fredricka ElizabethMaude Ellen SophieView
MunnikGeorge Glazer and Fredrika ElizabethFlorence Elizabeth Maria CorneliaView
MombergHendrik Lodewyk and Zacharia MargarethaJohn Stephen OlivierView
MarzHenry and NorahMary JaneView
MurrayHenry Grant and Mary Ann Howse?Henry WrightView
McintyreHugh and Mary AnnJohnView
MangoJacob and MytjeJohannesView
MatshaJanuary and ElizaJaneView
MatshaJanuary and ElizaSusannahView
MatshaJanuary and ElizaWilliamView
MatshaJanuary and ElizaSophiaView
McquirkJohn and BridgetMartinView
MararaniJohn and CatherineElizaView
MararaniJohn and CatherineMike (or Meta)View
McnaughtonJohn and Charlotte RachelAlfred DuncanView
McnaughtonJohn and Charlotte RachelSamuel BentleyView
McnaughtonJohn and Charlotte RachelSusan EmilyView
McnaughtonJohn and Charlotte RachelGeorge HerbertView
McnaughtonJohn and Charlotte RachelCharles David CliftonView
MeredithJohn and JaneCordelia EthelView
MeredithJohn and JaneVaughan WilsonView
MillerJohn and Judith CorneliaGeorgeView
MacleanJohn and KatherineKatherineView
MahlangaJohn and LeahMariaView
McleanJohn Hunter and Margaret Haddon HunterEthel MargaretView
MorrisJohn Thomas and Emma LouisaEmilyView
MorrisJoseph and Jacoba PetronellaCharles JamesView
MorrisJoseph and Jacoba PetronellaSusannaView
MabengaMathew and MariaHarriet DinahView
MabangaMatthew and MariaCaroline AlbredaView
MobopiMatthew and MariaAbrahamView
MuireMatthew and Mary AnnLilias Victoria WinterView
ManamelePeter ZwaartboyView
MorkelPeter John and Sarah MargaretArthur Loreth RubidgeView
ManamelePeter Zwaartboy and CatherineAnnaView
ManamelePeter Zwaartboy and CatherineCatherineView
ManamelePeter Zwaartboy and CatherineMarthaView
MortimerRobert and Ellen HiscockGertruthView
MortimerRobert and Ellen HiscockCharles Broughton GiffordView
MortimerRobert and Ellen HiscockRobert RichmondView
MullinsRobert John and Harriet JaneHerbert JohnView
MullinsRobert John and Harriet JaneReginald CuthbertView
MarriottSamuel and Mary AnnHarriet RebeccaView
Matewain?Stephen and SusannaHermannView
MdhluliThomas and MariaElizabethView
MurrayWalter Everatt and Anna ElizabethArthur EverattView
MurrayWalter Everitt and Anna ElizabethThomas EverittView
MurrayWalter Everitt and Anna ElizabethFrank EverittView
MeyerWilhelm and AugustaWilhelm FriedrichView
MansfieldWilliam and Elizabeth AnnHenry EdwardView
MuirWilliam and Mary AnnWilliam HenryView
MeadwayWilliam and Mary AnnGertrude EmilyView
MeadwayWilliam and Mary AnnFrankView
MitchellWilliam Joseph and Johanna MagdalenaFrances HarrietView
MitchellWilliam Joseph and Johanna MagdalenaWilliam HenryView
MitchellWilliam Joseph and Johanna MagdalenaCarolineView
ManariZechariah and ElizabethSarahView
MaclachlanThomas Charles and Georgina D'WarEdward Albert VictorView
MaclachlanThomas Charles and Georgina D'WarWilliam Herbert D'WarView
MaggsAlbert and Hanna? RadcliffeJames DerwenterView
MccormickRichard and Jessie St. John BrowneIda MaryView
MaraisBarent Daniel and Sarah AnneBarent DanielView
MaraisHendrique Solomon and Lata Maria JacobaBarent DanielView
MccormickRichard and Jessie St. John BrowneArthur RichardView
MaclachlanThomas Charles and Georgina D'WarEdwin RupertView
McleanWilliam and Ellen MariaIda SusannaView
MilesBenjamin and Sarah AnneRobert EdwardView
MccormickRichard and Jessie St. John BrowneHarryView
MaclachlanThomas Charles and Georgina D'WarHarry CampbellView
MccarterWilliam and MaryWalter AlexanderView
MccarthyJames Edward and Victoria FrederikaMary Louisa SophiaView
MatthewsJohn and Jane AbrahamCharlesView
MasonGeorge James and LouisaJohanna ChristinaView
MunnBenjamin and JaneBenjaminView
MorganJames and SarahSabinaView
MatthewsGeorge and ElizabethSelena AnnView
MathewsJohn and SarahSarah ElizabethView
MooreHenry Joseph and ElizabethHenry Joseph WilliamView
MullerStephanus and Maria MagdalenaMaria MagdalenaView
MatthewsJohn and MaryEliza AnnView
MclaughlinWilliam and EllenCatherine ElizabethView
MurrayJohn William and Agnes SarahEugeneView
MackintoshEric St. John Wallace and Mary MorrisIan FraserView
MackintoshEric St. John and Mary MorrisFraser St. JohnView
MitchellDouglas William and Catherine BerylAlexander HollandView
MillerTrevlyn Whittal and Lylie AileenAlva WyndhamView
MacintoshEric St. John Wallace and Mary MorrisWynfred Alison BeacherView
MaraisDouglas Gibbon and MariaAmy FearnleyView
MitchellDouglas William and Catherine BerylJean AnretteView
MillerEdward James Wright and Kathleen MaryHelen AnnView
MalcomessWerner Rorke and Dorothy MargaretPeter Herbert RorkeView
MaraisDouglas Gibbon and MariaJames Vaughan CuthbertView
MdledleWinnie and IswellArnold Kenneth MabandlaView
MalcomessWerner Rorke and Dorothy MargaretDorothy JoyView
MitchellAlexander Bennett Mowat and Pearl AnnetteRonald BennettView
MitchellAlexander Bennett Mowat and Pearl AnnetteJudithView
MorrisLeslie Robertson and Agnes CampbellWendy JoanView
MalcomessWerner Rorke and Dorothy MargaretSandra MargaretView
MitchellWalter Haddon and Winnifred RosinaPaula MayView
MyburghWilliam Petrus and Anna CorneliusWilhelmina ElizabethView
MillerDouglas Reginald and Margaret HelenJennifer RosalyView
MillardJohn Foster and Corinne JoycePhilippa Joan FosterView
MfeniEdward and KateAlinaView
MadeleyFerguson and ConstanceJennifer LynnView
MsongelwaEleanor and BensonMuriel Miranda MandisaView
MzililiHubert and PriscillaAoron MzolileView
MalingChristopher Thompson and Victoria AliceDerek LoxtonView
MalingChristopher Thompson and Victoria AliceNeil GeoffreyView
MalingChristopher Thompson and Victoria AliceAlan Ernest MaxwellView
MadeleyFerguson and ConstanceRosalindView
MalingChristopher Thompson and Victoria AliceSheila JeanView
MsongelwaLenaPatrick Melvin SithembeleView
MoongelwaMiriamRosalind NoluntuView
MilesEuston Sydney and Edna Daisy Christine JoanMichael IanView
MsongelwaEleanorVictor MansfieldView
MatomaneRobert and Julia (Notsole)White LindaView
MeilongoDaniel ElizaEdith NotoziView
MaliNolungeloZwelitsha ElliotView
Magopeni??James ToyoView
MagopeniJames and NosinotiRaymondView
MagopeniJames and NosinotiNombuleloView
MakwediniRobert and EthelAlton MasizaView
MagopeniJames and NosinotiGogwanaView
MarillierDouglas Clive and Rachel EdithBarbara ColleenView
MullerPercival Bertram and Thella DulcieIan RobinView
MsongelwaGilbert and Conelia (Gxota)Silvester SabeloView
MagopeniJames NosinotiTrollope ZenzileView
MadeleyFerguson and ConstanceChristopher LindileView
MbabaAlbert and NokayaSilumko SolomonView
MoongelwaEleanorWiseman Wilcot SipitiView
MagopeniJohn and NosinodiLezley LindiweView
MilesEuston Sydney and Edna DaisyKevin ChristopherView
MeyerAllis Frederick and Edna AnneJanice RenataView
MagopeniJohn and NosinodiLezley LindiweView
MadeleyFerguson and ConstancePatriciaView
MadeleyFerguson and ConstancePatriciaView
MilesLeo and Jennifer ClaireEugene FrisbyView
MundellClaude Owen and Nancy GraceJennifer GraceView
MclaganDonald and EilleenJonathan PaulView
MostertMarius and LiendaRean WickaumView
MilesJohn and DorothyRichard JohnView
MagopeniToyo and NosinodiClimeil NolutandoView
MbabaAlbert and EuniceMkululi EnochView
MbabaAlbert and EuniceVuyelwa PatriciaView
MdlidleFerguson and ConstanceLuyanda SatchmoView
MilesLeo and JenniferBarbara AnnView
MilesEuston Sydney and Edna Daisy Christine JoanVirginnia JoyView
MeyerAllie Frederick and Edna AnnieDesmond ErrolView
MalcomessHermann Donald and Hilda MaryHermann Carl RangerView
MilesLeo and Jennifer ClareDavid LeoView
MafargoMcCorderic Miyamezeli and Priscilla RomargisiKlulukazi PamelaView
MagopeniJames and NosindthiNontuthuzelo CharlotteView
MbabaAlbert and EunicePatience NeliswaView
Mesare??William LalaseView
Mesare??Dinh NogadiView
MesareWilliam Lalase and Dinah NogadiRodigareView
MesareWilliam Lalase and Dinah NogadiLilumkoView
MilesJohn and DorothyMarianne DorothyView
MevanaMabel and AlbertLinda OlgaView
MdingiRobert and ReinetNobambo NomawaboView
MilneCharles Duncan and Jennifer BowerbankGreg CharlesView
MgabaJohnson and DorothyMelvin PameliloView
MelaThelmaNo MwchView
MelaNo Thembile and GilbertRoma ThamsangoView
MilesEuston Sydney and Edna Daisy Christine JoanMatthew EdwardView
MesaniWilliam and DinahMtetoView
MdingiNedwick and ElizabethNanette PhindiweView
MdingiNedwick and ElizabethWindy NtombazinantoView
MelaCuthbert and ThelmaSipheloView
MaliEuniceZoleka ZelphaView
MqabaFaku and No MinuteWellington MqabaView
MqabaFaku and No MinuteCynthiaView
MzamoSansom and RosyMxolisiView
MzamoSansom and KitiVirginiaView
MitchleySydney and Helen GodfreyZarene SharonView
MagopeniJanet and NosinodiMonde KevinView
MafaryaSiqodolo and EvelinaFlorenceView
MalcomessPeter Herbert Rorke and Jennifer LouiseHeather JoyView
MafhargoMcCorderic and PriscillaPrimrose LeidelwaView
MilneCharles Duncan and Jennifer BowerbankAngus DuncanView
MelaSidwell and NorahZinziswa JoyceView
MelaGilbert and NothembileXolile ElliottView
MelaGilbert and NothembileZolisile RobsonView
MdingiLeonard Robert and Reinet XoliswaNobantuView
MitchellRonald Bennett and Maria MargriethaReneView
MqabaJohnson and DorothyMatthew MonwabiseView
MelaGilbert and NothembileWellcome AyardaView
MalcomessPeter Herbert Rorke and Jennifer LouisWendy MargaretView
MoekuMaxim and NofirstOfficeView
MoekuMaxim and NofirstNobatiniView
MoekuMaxim and NofirstZamileView
MbabaEuniceOsmond MardisiView
MagopeniNosindtiPatrick MzwardileView
MagopeniNosindtiPatricia NokwardaView
MesariWilliam and DinahNtombekayaView
MajikeBoyisi and NorahVukile VictorView
MgqibeloNtu and NolindileLindaView
MgqibeloNtu and NolindileLindileView
MgqibeloVardaba and PofiNofindileView
MjeloSkoti and NoweyitiNomfeloView
MjeloSkoti and NoweyitiAbisView
MqabaFaku and NominuteJackson MayoyoView
MullerErrol Walter and JoanLinda AnnView
McintoshRoderick Fleming and Linda LorraineCraigView
MalcomessPeter Herbert Rorke and Jenifer LouiseShane Peter RorkeView
MeyerFrederick and CatharinaFrederick WilliamView
MichellsHans and MargaretMargaret AnnView
MeinieAntony and SelahAnna SusannaView
MeinieAntony and SelahEllen MargaretView
MeinieAntony and SelahMichy MaryView
MeinieAntony and SelahMargaret ElizabethView
MillsJohn and LouisaJohnView
MilesJohn and EllenElizabethView
MillsThomas and ElizabethElizaView
MillsThomas and ElizabethJamesView
MillsThomas and ElizabethHenriettaView
MillsThomas and ElizabethIsabellaView
MillsThomas and elizabethObadiah SamuelView
MortonThomas and SusannahElizabeth CobiasView
MulliganJohn Edward and Maria MagdalenaElizabeth SusannaView
MillsCharles and MarthaThomasView
MillsCharles and Martha MargaretJustinusView
MillsCharles and Martha MargaretCharlesView
MillsCharles and Martha MargaretHenriettaView
MeiringJoseph and HelenaAlbertinaView
MarshallRichard and MaryHenry WilliamView
McferranJohn and AgnesAgnesView
MarshallRichard and MarySarah JaneView
MarshallRichard and MaryAlice MaudView
MakinsGeorge and AgnesWilliam GeorgeView
MarshallRichard and MaryEthel AmyView
MakinsGeorge and AgnesLydia MayView
MarshallRichard and MaryAlfred GeorgeView
MarshallRichard and MaryArthur CharlesView
MuggridgeJames Henry and AlbertynaMary JaneView
MarshallRichard and MaryAlbert EdwardView
MatsonDavid and Sarah AnnMargaret Abercrombie SmithView
MossHenry Eedy and Margaret SophiaNeville EedyView
MessonDavid and Sarah AnnDavidView
MorganWalter and MalvenciaFlorence MaryView
MeyerJohn Stephanus and Olga EdithGerard Guy SangsterView
McdougallDaniel and GeorginaWinifred SybilView
McdougallDaniel and GeorginaLeslie Lionel ButtView
MillsAlbert Thomas and GertrudeAlbert NoelView
McdougallCecil Butt and Amelia NorahKeith Alexander GeorgeView
MeyerMartin Swinford and Caroline ElsieCuthbert James SwinfordView
MeyerMartin Swinford and Caroline ElsieDawn SwinfordView
McdougallCecil Butt and Amelia NorahNorah LynnView
MossNeville Eedy and Eileen FredaMeryck NevilleView
MillsAlbert Thomas and GertrudeEileen MurielView
MossNeville Eedy and Eileen FredaBarton EedyView
MarxRudolph Peter and Katherine MaryDominic ChristianView
MillsJohn Noel Hamilton and BarbaraNicolaView
MillsEugene Harold and Jean ElizabethHelen ElizabethView
MaraisJohn Tobias and Norah LetitiaWilhelmina Isabel View
MarcusFrans Elias and AlettaSybrand GerhardusView
MedinaDaniel and JaneDaphne IreneView
MziniJames and JuliaAlexandraView
MarcusWilliam Benjamin and Amy VictoriaSydney ClementView
MaraisLily HarietAustin Price ReginaldView
MagsonFrank and Susan LilianRonald ErnestView
MoscosGeorge and JohannaFredericView
MaraisDaniel and LilianSolomon StephanusView
MaraisSolomon and EvelynCynthia ShirleenView
MagsonFrank and SusanRuth MagdalenaView
MaraisSolomon Stephen and EvelynSolomon WallaceView
MarcusFrans Elia and Aletha Elizabeth JohannaPetronella HendrinaView
Murnie?VioletConstance AlsaaceView
MullerClarence Claude and Alma ElizabethBrian KennethView
MullerClarence Claude and Alma ElizabethGerald PeterView
MedinaDaniel George and JaneDesmond MervynView
MorainArchibald Thomas and Lilian MayNola Patricia ElizabethView
MccullochHarrington Frost and KathleenTerrence Harrington FrostView
McgregorNorman Lex and Leatitia VirginiaEthel OliviaView
MarshallHarold Fredrick and Kathleen ElsieDorothy MaureenView
Markus (Marcus?)Franz Elijah and Aletta ElizabethMaureenView
MarshallHarold Frederick and Kathleen ElsieDawn KathleenView
MorayEngela AlettaPeter HaroldView
MullerEileenEvelyn NaomiView
MaraisWilliam Fredrick and Maria MagriethaMaria MagriethaView
MarcusPetrus Hendrik Stephanus and Marie MagdalenePetrus Hendrik StephanusView
MarcusFranz Eliza and Cornelia SussanahFrans ElizaView
MasonSekim and Oliva HyacinthJean PearlView
MoolmanPetrus Johannes and Telva MayAnthonyView
MoscosJonathan and MarjorieElaine DorothyView
MoolmanPetrus Johannes and Yelva MayMarcia SusanView
MarcusFrans Eliza and Cornelia Susann MagdalenaHester ElizabethView
MurrayJohn Herbert and Dorothy ElaineDonaldView
MwaleNico and LillianSimon ZwelakeView
MpofuMurielPatrick Charles XolelaView
MvaloSinanah Campbell and KeturahNolingeView
MayoAlfred and SarahPrincess ElizabethView
MoreyWilliam Harry and Dora MaryGordon FrancisView
MoscosJonathan and MarjorieErrol JohnView
MafayaHarry and VioletAlbertView
MooreVerdun Hughes and Nancy ElizabethJoyce MildredView
MasonSen Kim and Olivia HyacinthShirley ClaireView
MoscosJonathan and MarjorieDonald WilliamView
MaraisPeter Arnoldus and Maggie SusanMary HelenView
MaraisJohn Lodewyk Martin and Gertina AdraaneMaureenView
MarriottDennis Clive and Maureen BlancheThomas MelvinView
MarriottDennis Clive and Maureen BlancheEva MaureenView
MacdonaldJames and Eunice PatriciaSharon GlynisView
MoscosJonathan and MarjorieMargaret AnnView
MoriartyThomas Montague and Florence AnniePatrick JohnView
MelvinRobert James Porteous and Thelma AudreySally ElizabethView
MaraisHenry Charles and Wilhemina CatherineAletta JohannaView
MaraisHenry Charles and Catherine WilhelminaAlan CliveView
MacdonaldJames and Eunice PatriciaMalcolmView
MacdonaldJames and Eunice PatriciaMarilynView
MatthewsHenley Hobern and Muriel EvelynLornaView
MaraisHendrick Charles and Wilhelmina CatherineHendrick CharlesView
MarriottDennis Clive and Maureen BlancheFrank HaroldView
MarriottDennis Clive and Maureen BlancheCheryl LynnView
MaclachlanGordon Mervin and UnaBarry GavinView
MossClarence Arthur and Eileen BeatriceArthur WilliamView
MullerClaude Lionel and Joyce ElaineWendy ClaudetteView
MantheBasil Ulate and Cynthia rildaShane BasilView
MoscosFredrick and Josina JacobaNicholasView
Mullerclaude Lionel and Joyce ElaineAshley Ian ClaudeView
MacdonaldJames and Eunice PatriciaGillianView
MatthewsonWilliam John Errington and Ethel MargaretJean MargaretView
MeyerJohn Charsley and Elizabeth JillColin JohnView
MeyerDerek Raymond and Jean WendyDonna PatriciaView
McfarlaneRoger Brian and Martha MaryMark ReidView
MarrGeorge Stuart and Eleanor ZoeDianna Margaret StuartView
MossArthur William and Rosina BurniceCarone LyndaView
MeyerDerek Raymond and Jean WendyGlenda JoanneView
MossArthur William and Norma BurniceSean RoryView
MountjoyJohn James and Phyllis JenniferJon DeanView
McclementTerence John and Margaret AnnBernard JohnView
MooreDaniel Raymond and Beryl JoanWendyView
MountjoyJohn James and Phyllis JenniferMandyView
MauerGustav August and ColleenJacqueline MaryView
MauerColleen and Gustav Lisa MareeView
MarkusRoger Malcom and CharleneSuzanneView
MitchellGeorge Percy and Sarah Winifred AliceRoynon EldebarView
MyersAlbert Maurice and Agnes CharlestonKenneth LewisView
MyersAlbert Maurice and Agnes CharlestonNita StewartView
MackDouglas Ernest and Lena MargaretValentine ClaudeView
McintoshBasel Vivian and Kitty RoseTrevor GarfieldView
MitchellGeorge Robert and Maude EvelynAlexanderView
MichaelSarah Kathrina ElizabethDaniel CorneliusView
MilesBertram Donald Hartley and Frances AlmaJoan MaureenView
MuilPeter Stewart and Bertha BarrasPeter StewartView
MccallumGeorge Frederick and Wilhelmina CarolineFrederick RonayneView
MinnieAnnieCharles EdwardView
MinnieAnnieSamuel ArthurView
MossAndrew Mortimer and KatieWilliam MortimerView
MagennisWilliam Babington and Hilda MayPatriciaView
MilesBertram Donald Hartley and Frances AlmaPatriciaView
MorrisFrancis George and ElizabethMollyView
McauleyWilliam and Getrude MayJoan EthelView
MooreJames and FlorenceJohn ThomasView
MahomedJuma and LettieMariaView
MacfarlaneAlbert Victor and Lettie SusanDaphne BarbaraView
MarshallJohn and Amelia SusanDouglasView
MccallumLeslie Moore and Kathleen NewsonJustin CyrilView
MolloyPatrick and RhodaRoland HectorView
MaythamReginald Patrick and Edith GertrudePatricia LovellView
Main??Royden AlfredView
Mason??Louisa HoggView
MagennisLouis Charles Albert and Florence EdithCharles Herbert ReginaldView
MartinPercy Matthew and Elizabeth AnnieArthur MatthewsView
MacfarlaneAlbert Victor and Lettie Susan ElizabethNeville DesmondView
MilehamGeorge and IsabellaCecilView
MilehamGeorge and IsabellaMuriel GladysView
MilehamGeorge and IsabellaArthur GeorgeView
MilehamGeorge and IsabellaHarry SidneyView
MarshallWilliam James and MaryColinView
MasonCharles Busbridge and Lydia ChristinaCynthia BeatriceView
MartinHorace Arnold and Dulcie IreneLeslie PerryView
MollentzeJacob Daniel and Nellie Elizabethwilliam John KeithView
MeredithJohn William and Isuelt MaryDudley ClaudeView
McarthurJohn Archibald and Mary GreyEricView
MilehamGeorge Arthur and IsabelJessieView
MairAnthony and ElizabethMary OliveView
McwilliamsCecil Moore and Edith EileenLynnView
MagennisLouis Charles Albert and florence EdithJohn EdwardView
MarshallJohn and Amelia SusanDaphne CharlotteView
MarlowAlfred Ernest and Johanna Wilhelmina PetronellaDorothy Edna MaryView
MaraisBarney Daniel and PetronellaWilliam Daniel GeorgeView
McgillewieGordon Menzies and Gwyneth HermanIan GordonView
MoonieyaThomas Aboo and Charlotte Pepperina SamadanamAlice Ruth ValangnayView
McmillanThomas Patterson and PhyllisPamelaView
MagennisLois Charles Albert and Florence EdithNanette JoanView
McmillanDavid Henry and Enid VeraGeorge AlexanderView
MartinGeorge Andrew and Evelyn SarahEdith MavisView
MoonieyaThomas and Charlotte PepperinaDoris EvangelineView
MilehamGeorge Arthur and IsabellaHerbert FrancisView
McwilliamsCecil Moore and Edith EileenDorothy MooreView
MothsamyFrank and SalomeDaniel ReubenView
MaraisJoseph Henry and DoraJoseph JamesView
McgilliwieGordon Menzies and Gwyneth HermanSheila GwynnView
MeineFelix Arthur Ernest and Wendy Ivy Rose GeorginaIan Ronald LangeView
McmillanDavid Henry and Enid VeraTorence AubreyView
MartinGeorge Andrew and Evelyn SarahLeslie GeorgeView
MeredithJohn William and Mary IseultRoy WilliamView
MeredithJohn William and Iseult MaryOlga IseultView
MyersSidney Simon and Tina JuliettaBernard SidneyView
MarshJames John and Eleanor JaneGertrude ClariceView
MoonieyaThomas and PepperineJanet Mary EvaView
MartinHorace Arnold and Dulcie IreneGillian PerryView
MorrisFrancis Bateson and Hilma MelroseEsme ShirleyView
MilehamGeorge Arthur and IsabellaFrederick DanielView
MagsonFrank Richard and LilianFrank HenryView
McgillewieGordon Menzies and Gwyneth HermanShirley EvelynView
McmillanThomas Patterson and PhyllisRoyView
MaraisNicholas Jacobus and Anna PhilipannaAnnaView
MaraisNicholas Jacobus and Anna PhilippannaEstherView
MartinEdmund Arnold and Alice EvelynDiane WinsemView
MoonieyaThomas Aboo and Pepperina Charlotte SamakaAgnes MaryView
MillsHerbert Thomas and Catherine Sophia WilheminaBlanche Catherine ConstanceView
MaraisJoseph Henry and DoraGertrude MinnieView
MckayErnest William and Ruth Lillian Edgar ErnestView
McgregorRobert James and Dorothy MurielJack HalderView
MitchleyFredrick Thomas and AmandaLoraineView
MartinGeorge Andrew and EvelynThomas RichardView
MoothoEdward Charles and Ivy MargaretMuriel SheilaView
McmillanAlfred and Annie EnidBrian PattersonView
MilehamGeorge Arthur and IsabellaPeter John View
MoonieyaThomas Aboo and Charlotte Pepperine SamadaVictor ClaudeView
McallisterAlister William and Stella WenzillePamela JoanView
MagsonFrank Richard and Lillian MagdalenaEthel LillianView
MaraisNicholas Jacobus and Anna PhilipinaJohannaView
MyersLewis and EdithEllaView
MontgomeryBruce Rupert and Helen MargaretBetty MargaretView
McleodThornton William Duncan and Jessie RosamondMargaret LucyView
MooreArthur Maurice and Susan DorotheaArthur WilliamView
MoncurPeter Donald and Jeanette LouiseDoreenView
McgearyRobert James and Amy EdnaAlfred JamesView
MaraisJoseph Henry and Dora LouisaRonnie DonaldView
MitchleyFrederick Thomas and AmandaAlwin ThomasView
MortonIvy EmmaDaniel Arthur WilliamView
MossSydney Charles and Minnie HenriettaShirley AnnView
MeintjiesFrank and JessieSidney JamesView
MoonSydney and Thelma EileenRoyView
MoraleeThomas and Johanna Alice RubyThomas JohnView
MurieVioletDavid CyrilView
McleanThomas Souness and PeggyStuart DawsonView
MartinLeslie Perry and MargaretLynn RichesView
MartinWilby James and Kathleen ElizabethDonald MichaelView
MarkusFrans Eliza and Cornelia Susanna MagdalenaMelvin GeorgeView
MaraisRonald Donival and Christina PhillipinaSherien DoraView
MarnewickAdam Leonard and Mary MagdalenaSharronView
MoonieyanVictor Claude and Sarah ElizabethRoderick ThomasView
MeintjiesFrank Thomas and JessieJeanette EvelynView
MeintjiesFrank Thomas and JessieLynette EllenView
MaraisRonald Donival and Christina PhillipinaRonald DonivalView
MoonieyanVictor Claude and Sarah ElizabethMarion ElizabethView
MartinWilby James and Catharine ElizabethStephen JosephView
MorrellNeville Vernon and Sheila GwendolineFelicity AnnView
MurieVioletLeon WilliamView
MurieVioletLynette MarjorieView
MartinLeslie Perry and MargaretJudith GillianView
MoonieyanVictor Claude and Sarah ElizabethClaude CyrilView
MaraisRonald and ChristinaClive JamesView
MartinWilby James and Kathleen ElizabethPatrick WilbyView
MarkusSybrant George and MabelJoan LorraineView
MoonieyanVictor Claude and Sarah ElizabethGavin MarkView
MeintjiesFrank Thomas and JessieRowlinView
MaraisRonald Donival and Christina PhillipinaGillian PamelaView
MorrisJames Wilkie and MarieWyndham HenryView
MartinWilby James and Kathleen ElizabethTrevor ClaudeView
MeyerJohn Charsley and Elizabeth JillMark WilliamView
MoldenhauerGernot Friedrich Wilhelm and ElizabethGeorge EdwinView
MarkusSybrand George and MabelFrank GeorgeView
MarillierThora EdithMalcolmView
MaraisPeter and MaggieAnthonyView
MasonDavid Sylvester and LettieAnnieView
MantheBasil Ulate and Cynthia RildaCaroline AnneView
MartinWilby James and Kathleen ElizabethSharon ElizabethView
MantheBasil Ulate and Cynthia RildaCaroline AnneView
MohammedIsmael and WilhelminaKassim NicholasView
MooreArthur Maurice and Myrtle Esther MayJohn ArthurView
MoldenhauerGerrot Freddie William and ElizabethNeville AlbertView
MaritzWillem and Doreen JohannaIreneView
MaritzWillem and Doreen JohannaYvonne ElizabethView
MajoosJohn William and Clara NellieEmily LarraineView
MeintjiesFrank and JessieJohn MervinView
MarillierThora EdithIan ChristopherView
MaraisEric Ivan and Sophia Aletta JacobaPaul EricView
MyersJohn Samuel and Grace DoreenNeville JohnView
MunnickAbraham Isak and Lorraine Esme EuphroysneCharmaine ClaudetteView
MullerAnthony Louis and Rose LillianDavid GlynnView
MarkusSybrand George and MabelRoger MalcolmView
MeyerDerek Raymond and Jean WendyLindsay BullerView
MurrayEric William and OliveDale ShawnView
McgregorDonald Keith and Catherine AgnesRobin CreightonView
MarillierThora EdithAnita ClaudineView
MoldenhauerGarnet and ElizabethPeter StanleyView
MurdochGeorge Henry Gould and Lilian MargaretGeorge WilliamView
MeintjesSamuel and Minnie ElizabethCaroline Catherine SarahView
McgearyAlfred James and Shirley JoanSherine JoanView
MaraisRonald Donevil and Christina PhillipinaJeffrey BenardView
MajoosConstance EmilyArnold EyvretView
MartinMuriel and MargaretDenzilView
MarkusSybrand George and MabelAllen JohanesView
MarkusSybrand George and MabelAletta Elizabeth JohannaView
MarshallDavid Quentin and Jean GuybonJennifer LouiseView
MajoosJohn William and Nellie ClaraBeverley ClaraView
MeiringJohn Jacobus and Mary Magdalene ClaytonErrol EdwinView
MeiringJohn Jacobus and Mary Magdalena ClaytonMalcolm MarvenView
MeiringJohn Jacobus and Mary Magdalene ClaytonElvis ErwinView
MeiringJohn Jacobus and Mary Magdalene ClaytonColleen CherylView
MeintjesSamuel and Minnie ElizabethSamuel David JosephView
McmillanErnest William and JoanJanetView
McmillanErnest William and JoanHelenView
MinnaarAlbert Nicholas Matthew and Phylis VeronicaValerie EsmeView
MinnaarAlbert Nicholas Matthew and Phylis VeronicaJoanne NoraView
McgearyAlfred James and Shirley JoanBelinda CharmaineView
MinnaarAlbert Nicholas Matthew and Phylis VeronicaJoanne NoraView
MinnaarAlbert Nicholas Matthew and Phylis VeronicaValerie EsmeView
McgregorArnold Bruce and Rosemary MargaretBrad DudleyView
MeyersHans Johannes and SusanMelvin HansView
MajoosJohnnie William and Nellie ClaraAlan SamuelView
MethHillary C. and Girlie KathleenPatricia ZephaView
MinaarJacob and Susan MaryPortasia Rose-AnnaView
McjannetIan and GillianAndrew JamesView
MeintjiesWalter and HildaMelanie MirandaView
MajoosConstance EmilyClarence Aldrich JohnView
MurieJean MargaretJacqueline VioletView
MilehamGerald and CeciliaCecil LouisView
McgregorArnold Bruce and Rosemary MargaretDaryl JohnView
McjannetIan and GillianCathryn MaryView
McgearyAlfred James and Shirley JoanTerrence FrankView
McgearyAlfred James and Shirley JoanDerek JamesView
McgearyAlfred James and Shirley JoanWayne AlexanderView
MilehamGlen Bruce and Desiree IvyShaun GaryView
MassonJames and Amy NeilMerleView
MayberryVernon Giles Coyle and Anna MarieShelly Jo-AnnaView
MoodyRay and JanetRaydeneView
MumbyMaurice and JanetBrian FrancisView
MayersChristopher John and Barbara (Clayton)Jane CamillaView
MacdougallRonald Lindsay and Eleanor MaudeDebra AnnView
MacdougallRonald Lindsay and Eleanor MaudJohn DouglasView
McmichaelIan and Colleen BerylSimone JoyView
MurrayPhillip John and ColleenBridget AliceView
MaskellAnthony Robert and Eunice WinifredAlison EstelleView
MarshallWayne Neil and Lorna HeatherLeanne GayleView
McgearyAlfred James and Shirley JoanAnita DebbieView
Meldal-JohnsenKonrad Walter and Dorothy MaryJulie DagmarView
MullerSydney James Henry and Anne CatherineFrank StevenView
MandyWilliam and AnnDavid CopeView
Mentzies (Menzies?)Peter and StamutulaPeter WilliamView
MandyWilliam and AnnStephen DayView
Macnaghten (Macnaughton?)Elliott and MariaFlorence EllenView
MccarterWilliam and MaryWalter AlexanderView
MccarthyJames Edward and Victoria FrederikaMary Louisa SophiaView
MandyWilliam and AnneAgnes CawoodView
MontgomeryWilliam and HarriettCharlesView
MzamaJohn and AnnieSifo NjikasiView
MagcabaJohn and JaneSarah JaneView
McgillWilliam and ElizaWilliam DavidView
MtutuJacob and KaikiSarahView
Mloi, Alias NgesiSarahSamView
MzamoWilliam and EvelinaWillie William MzamoView
MzamoJohn and AnnieZimaView
MadlingoziJonas and SanaJamesView
MadlingoziJonas and SanaSamuelView
MadlingoziJonas and SanaWilliamView
MloyiJohn and SarahElizabethView
MloyiJohn and SarahPeterView
MloyiJohn and SarahMariaView
MloyiJohn and SarahNellyView
MloyiJohn and SarahDanielView
MakapelaJohn and Mary AnnEmilyView
MakapelaJohn and Mary AnnSelinaView
MakapelaJohn and Mary AnnJamesView
MakapelaJohn and Mary AnnMariaView
MvumeloPeter and ElizabethPhilipView
MvumeloPeter and ElizabethEstherView
MvumeloPeter JohnView
MvumeloPeter and ElizabethElizabethView
MvumeloPeter and ElizabethSarah AnnView
MvumeloPeter and ElizabethSolomonView
MvumeloPeter and ElizabethMaliView
MjoliAnnieShadraki TomasiView
MjoliAnnieUjoweli TomasiView
MjoliAnniePhilipi TomasiView
MjoliAnnieMartha TomasiView
MloyiJohn and SarahJohnView
Marsh??Clement Claude RupertView
MzibiJohnson and ElizaElda MaryanneView
MzibiJohnson and ElizaSamuelView
MafungoziPaulus and EmilyPaulusView
MafungoziPaulus and EmilyCharlieView
MjoliThomas and AnneHenriettaView
MjoliElisha Elijah and AnnieHillzarView
MjokozeliWilliam and Agnes (Nginda)Jacob SamuelView
MayberyWalter and Annie FrancesDaniel MorganView
MafonjoriPaulos and EmilyRegina Annie ElizabethView
MandyWilliam Penny and Elizabeth Rebecca HodgenAnnie Maud VerityView
MbeliniJacob and Mina (Mpopa)EdwardView
MagujaCharles and CharlotteAdelaideView
MafonyosiJacob and ElizaSophiaView
MandyWilliam Penny and Elizabeth Rebecca HodgesMary IreneView
MaginaLazarus and Margaret (Ndiyana)Rimoth EtwellView
MkubaGeorge LizeRichard TelotiView
MolamWilliam Thomas and Sarah AnneWilliam Robert CharlesView
MolamWilliam Thomas and Sarah AnnEmily Sophia AnnView
MolamWilliam Thomas and Sarah AnneHenry JamesView
MpofuThomas and Mary JaneSingleton DriverView
MolamWilliam Thomas and Sarah AnnAlfred EdwardView
McintyreRobert and CorneliaLaurence JohannesView
McintyreRobert Peter and Cornelia AlidaSarah Mary MagdaleneView
MacintyreGeorge Rowland and Johanna ElizabethRobert PeterView
McintyreRobert Peter and Cornelia LouisaSarah JaneView
McintyreRobert Peter and Cornelia LouisaCharles HenryView
MunroJacobus Johannes and Ethel MaudeGertrude DoreenView
McintyreRobert Peter and Cornelia AlidaJohn WilliamView
MunroJacobus Johannes and Ethel MaudClarice EthelView
MarshallAndre Lancelot and Elaine LynetteDavid WildView
MarshallAndre Lancelot and Elaine LynetteCarolynView
MurrayJohn George and Marjorie LillianMargaret LilianView
MarsbergRaymond Joseph and StellaShirley StellaView
MerryweatherRichard James and Ruth ElizabethRobertView
MarshallAndre Lancelot and Elaine LynetteAnne MicheleView
MarsbergRaymond Joseph and StellaColleenView
MarsbergRaymond Joseph (deceased) and StellaHarold JosephView
MarsbergRaymond Joseph (deceased) and StellaMaureen JoanView
MclarenHarold John and Geraldine IsmayRussell JohnView
MarshallAndre Lancelot and Elaine LynetteMarion Gillian VanessaView
MclarenHarold John and Geraldine IsmayGary DaleView
MclarenHarold John and Graldine IsmayBruce WilliamView
McintyreRobert and CorneliaLawrence JohannisView
McintyreRobert Peter and Cornelia AlidaSarah Mary MagdalenaView
MacintyreGeorge Rowland and Johanna ElizabethRobert PeterView
McintyreRobert Peter and Cornelia AledaSarah JaneView
McintyreRobert Peter and Cornelia AlidaJohn WilliamView
MurrayGraham Hinton and Margaret HildaMagot HildaView
MurrayGraham Hinton and Margaret HildaShyneView
ManduIsaiah and AgnesErnest Eric MziwelityeView
MahembehlalaZenani and NominitiJessie Lima NtombizikoView
MahambehlalaJacob and MonayileWilfredView
MaclachlanJohn Leary and PriscillaDaisy Selina SaraView
Murray??Donald OwenView
MilesRobert Edward and Violet Letitia AnnStanleyView
MccallumRobert James and Martha Mary SophiaLionel ValView
MurrayJames Alexander Fosythe and Hannah ElizabethEdna MurielView
MceliAndrew and LizzieAshtonView
MngxamngxaSimon and EmilyHelenaView
MullerCarl Julius and Hilda EffieEffieView
MilesBenjamin and Ann Louisa BerningUna KinnersleyView
MillerWilliam and Amy Eleanor AnnTrevlyn WhittalView
MccallumRobert James and Martha Mary SophiaRuby Sylvia BerniceView
MaclachlanDonald Spyron and Ada MargaretClive VernorView
MuzzellJohn and Ethel MaudJack KendalView
MacleanRonald MacPherson and Chrissie WinifredRonald AlbertView
MurrayJames Alexander Forsythe and Hannah ElizabethThelma AvisView
MillerWilliam and Amy Eleanor AnnLucy IlmaView
MullerCarl Julius and Hilda EffieEric CarlView
MauerWilliam Carl and Angelina VioletArthur William SidneyView
MaclachlanDonald Spyron and Ada MargaretMuriel WinifredView
MartinFrancis and Susanna Johanna HendrickaFredrickView
MurrayJames Alexander Forsyth and Hannah ElizabethErnest James DonovanView
MuzzellJohn and Ethel MaudAllen LordView
MauerWilliam and AngelinaBertie Edward JosephView
MullerAdolf and Maria EllenPeternella HendrikaView
MaclachlanDonald Spyron and Ada MargueriteIris Hope DaphneView
MoncurDavid and GeorginaWilliam MarshallView
MacdonaldRonald Gregor Ruthven and Louisa MarthaRoy DouglasView
MullerKarl Julius and Hilda EffieEna FannyView
MauerWilliam Karl Frederick and Angelina VioletFrederick HerbertView
MullerWilliam Frederick and Winifred MaryIris WinifredView
MvunelwaBarnabas and JessieLeonard MbulawaView
MullerWilliam Fredrick and Winifred MaryFrances EsmeView
MauerWilliam Carl and Angelina VioletKate MaudeView
MvunelwaGageman and MirianMedicine NomayezaView
M'KapaTimothy and SelinaMilicent DorcasView
MccallumRobert William Alexander and Fanny ElizaCecele DaphneView
ManyanaFani and ElsieHenriettaView
MaclachlanDonald Spyrol and Violet MariaDonald SpyrolView
MullerCarl Julius and Hilda EffieCarl JuliusView
MuzzellJohn and Ethel MaudGuy DavisView
MurrayRobert George Thomas and Alice FrancesRonald GeoffreyView
MurrayRobert George Thomas and Alice FrancesJoan RuthView
MacdonaldRonald Gregor Ruthven and Louisa MarthaIan HarveyView
MahambehllaMacDonald and EmilyElizabethView
MullerWilliam Fredrick and Winifred MaryMelvin CyrilView
MyoliEdmund and CatherineMercy GraceView
MaclachlanAllan Alfred and Evelyn Frances ElizaJean Isobel MurrayView
MalgasSolomon and Sarah AnnSolomon Reginald KatiniView
MurrayRobert George Thomas and Alice FrancesVivian Robert GeorgeView
MahambehlalaMacDonald and EmilyEurgen SakebaView
MattheysHenry Daniel and Dorothy MariaHenry SidneyView
MilesHilton Sidney and Elsie SophiaEmily EileenView
MahambehlalaWilfrid amd AmeliaHannibel McKenzeView
MahambehlalaJacob and FrancesAlexanderView
MaclachlanAllan Alfred and Evelyn Frances ElizaMaxwell MurrayView
MyoliAlfred and LouisaConstantia Grace NontsikeleloView
MaclachlanDonald Spyrol and Violet MariaDouglas HaigView
MazinyoMilton and LizzieChristopher FikiteView
McdonaldWilliam John Leslie and Winifred Ada EthelLesley NormaView
MilesHilton Sidney and Elsie SophiaDorothy MavisView
MitchleyBenjamin John and Nelly MayCyril GuyView
MitchleyBenjamin John and Nelly MayHeather ClareView
MccallumRobert William Alexander and Fanny ElizaRobert JamesView
MurrayRobert George Thomas and Alice FrancesHilton Palmer WepenerView
MyandeRichard and MariaDolphin MpukwanaView
MazinyoMilton and ElizabethMaria NombuyiseloView
McekeAbednego and LetieMary DeborahView
MahambehlalaWilliam and NomanCorneliusView
MahambehlalaWilfred and AmeliaRichard FikileView
MattheysHenry Daniel and Dorothy MariaEveline MyrtleView
MilesHilton Sydney and Elsie SophiaEuston SidneyView
MyoliAlfred and LouisaWilson Wilfred TembeView
MakupulaSamuel and PaulineRichard SipoView
MyoliPaul and MiriamBeatrice BeautyView
MauerWilliam Carl and Angelina VioletGeorge HartleyView
MauerWilliam Carl and Angelina VioletViolet LenaView
MauerWilliam Carl and Angelina VioletAgnes ElizabethView
MauerWilliam Carl and Angelina VioletFrances IvyView
MauerWilliam Carl and Angelina VioletMaude MaryView
MalcomessHermann Fritz Tweedie and Eileen Baden PowellMoiraView
MagugaSamuel and RachelJesselina MozipoView
MyoliErnest and EvelinaOsman MakwenkwanaView
MarshallCharles Stanley and Margaret ElizabethAilsaView
MitchellAlan Douglas and Phyllis ElaineJohn XavierView
MillsHilton Sydney and Elsie SophiaGloria LucyView
MilesPercival William and Millicent PalmerMaryView
MilesRedvers and Dorothy DellaDorothy UrsulaView
MitchellAlan Douglas and Phyllis ElaineAlan DouglasView
MilesHilton Sydney and Elsie SophiaJohnView
MarchandHerman Petrus Wege and Edith ConstancePeter WegeView
MoncurDavid and GeorginaDerek MackView
MoncurAllan Henry John and Christina JohannaPatricia TrudaView
MoncurAllan Henry John and Christina JohannaPoppy AnnaView
MoncurDavid and GeorginaMaggie DoreenView
MoncurAllan Henry John and Christina JohannaJoan CarolineView
MaclachlanAllan Alfred and Evelyn FrancesDorothy Ada MurrayView
MilesRedvers and Dorothy DellaLlewellyn BenjaminView
MantheOtto and WilhelminaHugo ErnestView
MarshallCharles Stanley and Margaret ElizabethJoyceView
MaclachlanJohn Mervin and Rose AliceMelville ArthurView
MantheHugo Ernest and Helen ElizabethBasil UlateView
MullerEric Carl and Edna BaileyJohn CliffordView
MantheHugo Ernest and Ellen ElizabethCicely VeraView
MeyerAnna JohannaEldred TrevorView
MuzzellJack Kendal and Anice HelenAnnetteView
MullerEric Carl and Edna BaileyLornaView
MeggerseeHenry Julius and EileenDesre MaureenView
MoncurPeter Donald and JanettaPeter DonaldView
MeggerseeHenry Julius and EileenEdmund StanleyView
MuzzellJack Kendal and Anice HelenPeter JohnView
MoncurPeter Donald and Janetta LouisaWilhelm Carl AugustView
MullerEric Carl and Edna BaileyDerek RoyView
MaclachlanMaxwell Murray and Rosalind ClareHugh Nigel LawrenceView
MoncurPeter Donald and Jeanette LouisaNell NanetteView
MaxwellEdward Hutcheon and Rosina Adelaide EllenorNeil EdwardView
MaxwellEdward Hutcheon and Rosina Adelaide EllenorYvonne RoseView
MantheHugo Ernest and Ellen ElizabethDulcie EllenView
MuzzellJack Kendal and Anice HelenHelen MargaretView
MuzzellJack Kendal and Anice HelenRobert KendalView
MuzzellJack Kendal and Anice HelenBarbara AniceView
MaclachlanGordon Mervin and UnaLynn DeniseView
MullerCarl Julius and Irene MerleLynneView
MccallumRobert James and Thalia de LaceyPeter GarthView
MantheHugo Ernest and Ellen ElizabethLionel PrestonView
MaclachlanGordon Mervin and UnaPamela AnnView
MarshDennis Hammond and Selma WarrenPenelope AnnView
MuzzellJack Kendal and Anice HelenSandra ScottView
MccallumRobert James and Thalia de LacyWendy LynView
MaclachlanJohn Felix and Colleen AnneFay AllisonView
MccallumLionel Val and Jacqueline JoannaRay NorvalView
MullerAubrey Julius and Beryl hesterPeter AubreyView
MullerCarl Julius and Rene MerleDavid CarlView
MastersKeith Alfred and Dorothy UrsulaCheryl JuneView
MarshallLesley Mclean and Ruth Ella AntonetteCarment RuthView
MullerAubrey Julius and Beryl HesterHarry Gleed DodsView
MundellGeorge Dennis and Hazel DorothyAnthony CharlesView
MaclachlanGordon Mervin and UnaMaureen DelhiaView
MareEmile Adolf and Ann CatherineCarol SusanView
MaclachlanJohn Felix and Coleen AnnJohn EdwardView
MarshDennis Hammond and Selma WarrenWendy JoyView
MaclachlanMaxwell Murray and Rosalind ClareShirley FayView
MundellGeorge Dennis and Hazel DorothyRichard AndrewView
MullerAubrey Julius and Beryl HesterMichael DavidView
MeggerseeHeinrich Julius Karl and EileenLeonie LorraineView
MillsMichael Erskine Elton and Margaret LouisePaul EltonView
MetterDiane KayColin JackView
MilesPeter Goss and Verlie PatriciaCarolView
MullerIvan Walter and Lorna DooneSharon DawnView
MarshallDavid Quentin and Jean GuybonMarion ElizabethView
MullerDerek Roy and Lorraine AnastatiaMark CarlView
MilesPeter Guss and Valerie PatriciaDebbieView
MullerIvan Walter and Lorna DooneJoanne LornaView
MacleodJames and ElizabethPhyllis JuliaView
MccleodErnest and Florence AmyReginald JamesView
MomotiJohn and MaryMipia Francis KaView
MorganWalter and MalveneiArona MalveneiView
MarshJoseph and Hester AntoinetteWybrow Alison JessieView
McleodErnest and Florence AmyMarjorie FlorenceView
MillardJoseph and AdaNancie AtheenView
McleodAlexander and Mary JaneMary JeanView
MullerAliceGladys May (adopted)View
MullinsReginald Cuthbert and WinifredHelen MildredView
MeyerAlbert Edward and CatherineClaude AubreyView
MarshWilliam and KaikiCorneliusView
McintyreJames and Jessie MaryJamesView
MabinGeorge Albert and Elizabeth EmilyDorothy ElizabethView
MarshJoseph and Esther AntoinetteVeran John CharlesView
McleodErnest and Florence AmyBernard CharlesView
MabinGeorge Albert and Elizabeth EmilyYvonne MavisView
MyersAlbert Edward and Catherine AnnaVivian Mariel EdithView
MacleanGeorge James Futter and Susanna MartinaLilian MillicentView
McleodErnest and Florence AmyDoreen AnnView
MooreErnest and Emily FrancesPhyllis IvyView
MooreErnest and Emily FrancesYvonne ValrieView
MooreErnest and Emily FrancesFrances JoyceView
MagrawJohn Andrew and Ellen (Ball)Lillie Muriel View
MeyerErnest Bertram and Daisy GertrudeEdna May GertrudeView
MichauWilliam J. and Lillian Liletha (Bowker)Victor GeorgeView
MeyerAlbert Edward and Catherine AnnieDorothy CarolineView
MacphersonRobert Nasmyth and Mary BeatriceMichael Robert NasmythView
MillsAlfred Ernest and Annie JohannaAlfred SamuelView
McleodErnest and Florence AmyNellie ErnestineView
MeyerAlbert Edward and CatherineGerald Eric BartletView
MoonMaryRuth DorotheaView
McleodErnest and Florence AmyWalter RobertView
MctavishBertie Decker and Anne Elaine JosephineJohnView
MillsAlfred Ernest and Annie JohannaVera Magdalene TheresaView
MullinsArthur Gilbert and Joan CicelyAlec JamesView
MillsEdward Samuel and Maud AmeliaClara AmeliaView
McleodWalter Edward and EmmalinaEdward John DuncanView
McleanClifford Vivian and Lilian SusanOswald Clifford GeorgeView
McleodWalter Edward and EmmalinaDorothy VioletView
McleodErnest and Florence AmyDouglas GrahamView
Mitford-BarbertonIvan Graham and Cecile Georgina CotterellElaineView
McleodWalter Edward and EmmalinaHaroldView
MeyerAlbert Edward and CatherineKeith BurgessView
McleanClifford Vivian and Lilian SusanRonald Thomas BingleView
MansookSerenge and AlbertinaDorothyView
MillsAlfred Ernest and Annie JohannaDaphne Mildred MaryView
MintorAbraham and JohannaThomasView
MintorAbraham and JohannaAnthonyView
MintorAbraham and JohannaJessie DorotheaView
MintorAbraham and JohannaNorah CeciliaView
MintorAbraham and JohannaLily SalomeView
MintorAbraham and JohannaAndrewView
MintorAbraham and JohannaFred PeterView
MeyerEbenezer and Gerrida Johanna JacobaEbenezer Gerald GeorgeView
McleodWalter Edward and EmmalenaLionelView
MurphyJohn and LizzyJohnView
ManningArthur Pitcher and Amy GertrudeArthur John BeresfordView
MansookYringe and Alberdina SarahAntonyView
MaritzHendrik Thomas and Johanna LaetitiaMargaret ElizabethView
MeyersReginald George and FrancesRonald GeorgeView
MatchettClarence and MynardaLeonard CuthbertView
McleanColin and Ethel GertrudeJohnView
McleanColin and Ethel GertrudeDonaldView
MellorJohn Russell and Joyce Edith St. legerCharmian Mary LouiseView
MeyerEbenezer and Gerrida Johanna JacobaArthur GadenView
MatthewsHarold Hamilton and Anna ElizabethHarold PatrickView
MountainEdgar Donald and Marjorie AlexandraHeather JoanView
MaritzThomas Henry and JohannaLeenaView
MestonRobert Alexander and May DunvilleRobert DavidView
MylneJohn Everard Home and Olive CuylerMichael RobertView
MuireMatthew and Mary AnnGilbert CramontView
MainlandAlfred James and Hazel MildredLaura MildredView
McleodWalter Edward and EmmalenaMarigold ShirleyView
MeyerEbenezer and Gerrida Johanna JacobaDavid StanleyView
MeyerDorothy CarolineWilliam George PeterView
MoonMaryEileen DoloresView
MentorFred and Ellen LeslieMary JoanView
MintorFrederick and Ellen ZuluGavan JamesView
MintorFrederick and EllenJean MurinaView
MacquillanCecil James and Ethel Alice OwenAnthony JohnView
MartzHendrik Thomas and Johanna LaetitiaJohanna AlettaView
MartinJames Johnstone St. Leger and MadelineDaphne RoseView
MeyerClaude Aubrey and Annie RobbieCynthia AnnView
McleodWalter Edward and EmmalenaHilda MargaretView
MaguireJack Athol and Audrey Beryl DrewTerence BrianView
MacquillanCecil James and Ethel Alice OwenMichael JamesView
MiddletonDudley and Alice LauriePeter RichardView
MeyerClaude Aubrey and Annie RobbieThora JuneView
MintorJessieDaphne MollyView
MintorNorah DorothyChrissie EdithView
MoonEllenMuriel AlwynView
McleodBernard Charles and Francesca AliceJewel BernadineView
MilesClifford John and MarjorieLewis RogerView
MeyerClaud Aubrey and Annie RobbieEdna VirginiaView
MilesEdwin and MariaNaomi Marie AntoinetteView
MatroosJohnnie and DorothyCharles Kenneth JohnView
MatroosJohnnie and DorothyIsaac NevihoView
MacquillanCecil James and Ethel Alice OwenCarolView
Mintoor??Johanna MinnieView
MayoJohn and Dorothy DaviesBarbara JoanView
MackintoshGeorge and ConnieArthur GeoffreyView
MoreyHenry Thomas and Andriesa JohannaHenry ThomasView
McvicarThomas Reid and Norma KestellEileen Margaret KestellView
MaraisDirk Coetzee and MargaretLeonieView
MilesClifford John and MarjorieDorothyView
McgheeDouglas James and KathleenMichaelView
McleodBernard Charles and Francisca AlicePeter StaffordView
McmasterSolomon Erpin and LinaDudley CharlesView
McleanRaymond Daniel and Aldyth EileenCynthia MerleView
MilesEdwin Graham and Maria MagdalenaHope Franklin VictorView
McmasterDudley Charles and Barbara EvelynPriscilla VeronicaView
MilesEdwin Graham and Maria MagdalenaJohan Frederick Du PreezView
MilesClifford John and MarjorieMarilyonView
MurrayBernard Stabler and FredaCecil StablerView
MareeJacobus Petrus and Rhoda JoycePieter Charles de KockView
MintoorNorah DorothyDesmond WilfredView
MaloneyCharles And Bridget (Hanley)Margaret Mary TeresaView
McnamaraPatrick And Elizabeth (Friend)Catherine LucyView
MurranMichael And Annie (Moses)Kathleen MariaView
MackayLennox And Bridget Mary (Mcgregor)Lennox DonaldView
Moore??Maria EthelView
MorhamRobert And Margaret (Waters)Maud MildraView
MceneiryCornelius And Catherine (Sullivan)PatrickView
MceneiryCornelius And Catherine (Sullivan)CatherineView
McmahonJohn And Margaret (Conway)Michael JamesView
McgrathJohn And Kate (Ryan)Catherine AgnesView
MostertNicholas Arthur And Elizabeth Charlotte (O'riley)Charlotte IsabellaView
MelellaDonato And Mary Ann (Smith)Josephine MargaretView
MurrayWilliam And Elizabeth (Shelley)Mary ImeldaView
Mangels (Peters) (Bezuidenhout?)Jacob And MaryCathrina JohannaView
MaddenWilliam Terence And Mary Anne (Hayes)Montague GeorgeView
McgrathJohn And Catherine (Ryan)John JosephView
MulrooneyDenis And Kathrine (Duffey)Mary AnnView
MatthewsGeorge And Maria (Matthews)Ellen RoseView
MurranMichael And Annie (Moses)Annie MaudView
McgillicuddyThomas And Annie (Von Der Decken)Harrold EdwardView
MackayLennox And Bridget (Mcgregor)IvanView
McmahonJohn And Margaret (Conway)AnastasiaView
MorhamRobert And Margaret (Waters)Edith AgnesView
ManceThomas W. And Emma Jane (Doyle)Martha MayView
McgrathJohn And Catherine (Ryan)Ellen TeresaView
MessinaVincent And Mary (Liberty)VincentView
Mcgillicuddy?? (Von Der Decken)Annie MariaView
McnamaraMichael And Josephine Lucy (Crumpton)Michael MartinView
MaddenWilliam T. And Mary A. (Hayes)William LesterView
McnamaraPatrick And Elizabeth (Friend)Alice BeatriceView
MurphyThomas And Mary (Tiquinn)Ellen MargaretView
McnamaraMartin And Sarah Elizabeth (Sallie), Aka Mary (Steel)Florence IdaView
MostertNicholas And Elizabeth (O'riley)Victor ErnestView
McinernyCornelius And Catherine (Sullivan)ThomasView
MurrayWilliam And Lizzie (Shelley)William VictorView
MierEmanuel And Maria (Dillon)Josepha Antonia MagdalenaView
MackayLennox And Bridget (Mcgregor)Mary Elizabeth AdaView
MurranMichael And Annie (Moses)Julia MaryView
MatheusErnest And Mary (Garcia)Florence CatherineView
MoronyJeremiah And Elizabeth (Pearce)Michael ThomasView
McnamaraMichael And Josephine (Crumpton)JosephView
MorinJules Victor And Augusta A. H.Auguste JulesView
MartinWilliam And Ellen (Gunn-Coon)AliceView
MartinWilliam And Ellen (Gunn-Coon)FlorenceView
MurrayThomas And Caroline (Bremner Nee Druce)Martha Louise MarieView
ManceThomas William And Emma (Doyle)Robert JamesView
McgillicuddyThomas And Annie (Von Der Decken)Gladys Mary AngeloView
McmahonJohn And Margaret (Conway)Patrick JohnView
MessmerFerdinand Siegfried And Isidora (Biltmore)Siegfried Ferdinand RudolphView
McgrathJohn And Catherine (Ryan)Veronica MayView
McnallyJames Patrick And Charlotte Henman? (Gunn)Robert WallaceView
McnamaraPatrick And Elizabeth (Friend)RuthView
McnamaraWilliam And Martha (Steel-Webb)Mary Elizabeth (Sarah Elizabeth?)View
McnamaraMartin And Mary (Steel)Martin WilliamView
MurranMichael And Ann (Moses)Mabel SophiaView
MegomPeter And Eclesina (Van Der Hogen)John JosephView
McleanWilliam B. And Mary (Ryan)John GordonView
MackayLennox And Bridget (Mcgregor)Malcolm McgregorView
McnamaraMichael And Josephine Lucy (Crumpton)Patrick ClaudView
MaddenWilliam T. And Mary A. (Hayes)Eileen MaryView
MinogueJohn Michael And Jane (Coleman)Mary Ireny SusanView
MorhamRobert And Margaret (Waters)Gertrude GraceView
ManuelThomas And Rufina (Rosiana)John GarzoView
MckayJohn Joseph And Cecilia Josephine (Mahon)MartinView
MastersGeorge And Leonorah Jukiana Denossemento (Myers)Theresa JosephineView
MoronyJeremiah And Elizabeth (Pearce)Edith MaryView
MartincichJoseph And Harriett (Roberts)JacobView
MatthewsGeorge Fred And Annie (Stanton)CharlesView
McnarryCornelius And CatherineFrancisView
MurranMichael And Annie (Moses)Thomas RaymondView
MoranJames And Margaret Mary (Dempster)Michael David JosephView
MurrayThomas And Caroline (Carrie) (Bremner Nee Druce)Thomas BryanView
MurrayWilliam And Elizabeth (Shelley)Elizabeth JosephineView
ManceThomas And Emma Jane (Doyle)E. G.View
MorinJules And Agusta Hardy (Jaques)Edward JulesView
McgrathJohn And Katherine (Ryan)Annie CeciliaView
MatthewsGeorge Frederick And Annie (Stanton)Sidney WestbrookView
McmahonJohn And Margaret (Conway)MaggieView
McnamaraJames And Zilpah (Ferriman)William MartinView
MinogueMichael And Jane (Coleman)Ethel MaudeView
MartincichJoseph And Harriet (Roberts)GeorgeView
McgiltonHugh And Mary Jane (Mccarthy)Mary BeatriceView
McgiltonHugh And Mary Jane (Mccarthy)Florence EleanorView
Marillier (Merlier?)Ernest And Clare (Hector)ErnestineView
MastersGeorge And Leonora (Myers)Elizabeth EllenView
MackayLennox And Bridget Mary (Mcgregor)Eva JannetView
MckayJohn And Cecilia (Mahon)Margaret EllenView
McnamaraPatrick And Eliza (Friend)Mary GraceView
Mance? (Mense?)Thomas And EmilyElizabeth GladertView
MetrowichFrederick And Emily (Smith)Paulina FredericaView
MorhamRobert And Margaret (Waters)Octavia LilyView
McnamaraMartin And Mary (Steel)Henry JohnView
MckenzieJohn And AnnieCharlesView
MurphyJames And Mary Ann (Knibbs)JamesView
McnamaraMichael And Josephine Lucy (Crumpton)Catherine TeresaView
Mannasse Abraham And AdelaideFranz JosephView
MurranMichael And Annie (Moses)Robert DanielView
Merlier (Marillier?)Ernest And Clara (Hector)Blanche MaryView
MetrovichPaul And Theresa (Vianello)Paulina Cristina JaneView
McgrathJohn And Catherine (Ryan)DorothyView
MeintjesFrederick J. And Agnes M. (Annie) (Philips)Frederic JohnView
MinogueMichael And Jane (Colman)John MichaelView
McnamaraJames And Zilpah (Ferriman)Charles EdwardView
MackeyWalter And Margaret (O'keeffe)FrancisView
MartincichJoseph And Harriet (Roberts)Anna MaryView
ManuelsThomas And Rupina (Rosiana)DenisView
MceneryCornelius And Catherine (Sullivan)AliceView
MurrayArchibald And Mary (Noble)Claud ClareView
MatthewsJohn Boswarwick And Bridget (Reilly)John RobertView
Myburgh Nee HendricksonSarah HenricksonJacobView
McnamaraMichael And Josephine (Crumpton)GladysView
Morris Arthur And MariaNorman EdwardView
MayHenry And Florence Estcourt (Rowles)Dorothy MahlView
McgrathJohn And Catherine (Ryan)Ethel BridgetView
MckayJohn And Cecilia (Mahon)Cecilia Mary AugustaView
MurranMichael And Annie (Moses)Hilda MayView
MonkJohn And Anna M.Edward WilsonView
MurphyAmelia JaneGeorgeView
McnamaraMartin And Mary E. (Steel)Agnes MarthaView
MurrayJames And Annie (Kelleher)Elizabeth AnnieView
McineryCornelius And Kate (Sullivan)FredrickView
McmahonJohn And Margaret (Conway)Alice MayView
MurrayWilliam And Elizabeth (Shelley)Annie TheresaView
Murphy??Mary JosephView
MackeyWalter And Margaret (O'keeffe)Ita MaryView
ManceThomas And Emma (Doyle)Ethel JaneView
McnamaraJames And Zilpah (Ferriman)Patrick JamesView
MartincichJoseph And Kate (Roberts)Francis JosephView
MeintjesFredrick J. And Agnes M. (Philips)Richard BenjaminView
MeintjesFredrick J. And Agnes M. (Philips)Amelia IsabellaView
McgrathMary A.James PatrickView
MoranJames And Margaret Mary (Dempster)James EdwardView
McnamaraPatrick And Elizabeth (Friend)Alfred VernonView
Mance??Alfred ThomasView
MilbournMartyr (Harry) And Mary (Smith)Clarisse AnneView
McnamaraMichael And Josephine (Crumpton)Violet MaudView
MorrisRichard (Arthur Louis?) And Maria (Phillips)Florence ElizabethView
Muller??Mary Esther MariaView
Muller??Mary ElizabethView
McguireJoseph Francis And Kate (Fitzgerald)Cecil RockfortView
MatthewsJohn And Bridget (Reilly)Annie ConstanceView
MackeyWalter Barr And Margaret (O'keeffe)Kathleen EmmaView
MatticksHenry James And Mary Anne (Waterwitch)Mary MonicaView
MatticksHenry James And Mary Anne (Waterwitch)Mary JosephinView
MatticksHenry James And Mary Anne (Waterwitch)Gabriel PatrickView
MatticksHenry James And Mary Anne (Waterwitch)Raphael IsaacView
MatticksHenry James And Mary Anne (Waterwitch)Michael RichardView
MurrayCharles And Clara Louisa (Gibson)Charles AndrewView
MatticksHenry And Mary Ann (Waterwitch)Mary Ann FrancisView
MccarthyEugene John And Ada (Benjamin)DorahView
MurrayJames And Annie (Kelleher)Maggie PatriciaView
MeeJohn Eli And Marian Lowisa (Heigan)Elizabeth MarionView
McnamaraMartin And Mary E. (Steel)John JosephView
MaggsCharles And Agnes (O'connell)Charles EugeneView
MinogueMichael And Janie (Coleman)Kathleen BridgetView
McgrathJohn And Kate (Ryan)Trina MartinaView
MorleyPeter And Caroline (Morley)Mary (Burns Nee Morley)View
MartinJoseph Patrick And Annie Mary (Martin)Virginia BenedictaView
MalcassJohn And Augustina (Malcass)John JosephView
MalcassJohn And Augustina (Malcass)Francisca MagdelenaView
McgiltonHugh And Jane (Darmody)Muriel Rosamond LucyView
MalghasJohn And Frances (Joseph)Joseph PeterView
Malghas??Andrew PeterView
MeyerJoppe And Magdaline (Meyers)Mary Augusta Josephine (Merlier Nee Meyer)View
McnamaraJames And Zilpha (Ferryman)Rotha EllenView
MaherMartin Percival And Mary Jane (Canavan)Mary Frances GertrudeView
MacleanW. Bruce And Mary (Ryan)Albert Peter MaxwellView
MalcassJohn And SarahJoseph PhilippView
MccallEdward And ClaudineEdward ClaudeView
MerrickCharles James And Mary Ann (Moore)Mary FrancisView
Miller??Esther SusanView
MetrovitchFrederick And Emily (Smith)Redvers Frederick BewzanaView
MartincichJoseph And Kate (Roberts)RochersView
MorhamAlexander And Mary Ellen (Price)Lawrence AlexanderView
MeintjesFrederick Joseph And Agnes M. (Philips)Fredrick LaurenceView
MackayJohn And Cecilia (Mahon)Teresa ElizabethView
McnamaraMichael And Josephine Lucy (Crumpton)NormanView
MaherEdmund Silverius And Mary Magdalen (Eckard)Louisa BrigidView
MandyStephen, Jr. And Minna (Damm)May Dorothea StephanaView
MurphyStephen And Margaret (Ambrose)Baden StephenView
MurrayThomas And Annie (Vincent)MagdalenaView
MakinsJoseph And Agnes (Paul)Emily MaryView
MonkJohn And Hannah (Wilson)George Frederick RedversView
MurrayArchibald Randolph And Mary Josephine (Noble)Hector MacdonaldView
MolyneuxRobert John Mary And Minnie Jane (Davies)Justin GeorgeView
MaggsCharles And Agnes (O'connell)NoelView
MatticksHenry And Mary Ann (Waterwitch)Caroline ElizabethView
MabizelaHans And JeannetAnnieView
MorrisArthur And Maria (Phillips)LouisView
MatticksHenry James And Mary Ann (Waterwitch)Benjamin ArthurView
MccarthyEugene John And Ada (Benjamin)Margaret MaryView
McgillicuttyEdward And Elizabeth Grant (Mcintosh)Gertrude ChristinaView
McgillicuttyEdward And Elizabeth Grant (Mcintosh)Harold WilliamView
McgillicuttyEdward And Elizabeth Grant (Mcintosh)Lionel GrantView
MurrayCharles And Clara (Gibson)Mona FlorenceView
MartinJoseph Patrick And Anna Mary (Ward)Rudolph CliffordView
MchughJames Henry And Elizabeth Matilda (Bishop)James George LouisView
MartincichJoseph And MaryMaximilianView
MeintjesFrederick J. And Agnes M. (Philips)Agnes CarolineView
MatticksHenry And Mary Ann (Waterwitch)Esther MagdalenView
MilesThomas And ElizaMary Jane (Gregory Nee Miles)View
MinogueMichael And Jane (Coleman)Ellen JaneView
MurrayJames And Annie (Kelleher)Isabel MayView
MaguireJames Joseph And Maria Magdalena (Wilson)Winefrid EllenView
MaguireJames Joseph And Maria Magdalena (Wilson)James DenisView
MorrisArthur Louis And Maria (Philipps)Walter FrederickView
MatthewsPhilip F. And Annie Emily (Mansell)Eleanor Mary FletcherView
McnamaraMartin And Mary Elizabeth (Steel)Leslie OwenView
MonechonGabriel And Kathleen (Joseph)Peter FrancisView
MckayJohn Joseph And Cecelia (Mahon)John MichaelView
MacgillicuddyEdward And Elizabeth (Grant)RaymondView
MartincichJoseph And Kate (Roberts)Ferdinand MaximilianView
MolyneuxRobert And Minnie (Davies)Arthur O'neillView
MartinJohn And Martha (Murphy)Gerald PhilipView
MurphyJohnMary Alice WinifredView
MartinJoseph Patrick And Annie Mary (Ward)Robert LawsonView
MaherPercy And Mary (Canavan)Mary GladisView
MatthewsAlexander And Julia (Connelly)JuliaView
MeyerJacobus S. And Annie (Jackson)Cecile Elizabeth MaryView
MulhollandWilliam Henry And Hannah (Haddon)MabelView
MacdonaldJames Patrick And Grace Ferguson (Wood)Florence MayView
MollettWilliam And Maria (Rensburg)SophiaView
MartinJoseph Patrick And Annie Mary (Ward)Lazarus LawsonView
MonkJohn J. And Anna (Wilson)Arthur JohnView
MatheisGottfried And Anna (Ramstein)Gottfried AugustView
MastersonPatrick And Lavina Ann (Madge)Augustine JohnView
MatthewsJohannes And Lydia (Spiers)Aida LiliaView
MeintjesFrederick J. And Agnes M. (Philips)Caroline FrancesView
MathewsEvaAbraham JohnView
Mullins?? (Nee Hughson)Mary AnnView
MetrowichFrederick And Emily (Smith)Frederick Ferdinand CharlesView
MarlinGiusseppe (Joseph) And Florence (Grisillo)Joseph MathewView
MurrayCharles And Clara Louisa (Gibson)Myrthle MaryView
Mckay??Eileen MaryView
MacnamaraJames And Zolfa (Ferriman)Ita Zolfa (Edith Zilpah)View
MacgillicuddyEdward And Elizabeth Grant (Mcintosh)Margaret AliceView
McgrathJohn And Bessie Virtue (Watridge)Francis JamesView
MclaghlanColin And Clara (Illegible)Iris Eleonora (Adopted)View
MckeatingJoseph And Emmeline May (Sparks)James WilliamView
MaherWilliam And Hilda (Galloway)Patrick JosephView
MayDaniel And Mary (Mcnamara)Frank BarryView
MedinaDaniel And Sarah Harriet (Lee)Anna HenriettaView
MchughJames Henry And Elizabeth Mathilda (Bishop)Victor BertrandView
McdiarmidAlexander And Ellen (Campbell)WilliamView
McdonaldJames Patrick (John) And Grace Ferguson (Gracie) (Wood)Clarissa MatildaView
MartincichJoseph And Hariette (Roberts)Frances JosephinaView
MurphyMartin And Isabella (Glover)Thomas MartinView
MadineaGeorge And Annie Agnes (Cowper)George DanielView
MullanAlfred And Christanna Minnie (Stanford)Sarah MagdaleneView
MabizelaHans And Jannet (Kumbiza)MarthaView
MaherMartin Percy And Mary Jane (Canavan)John PercyView
McgregorJohn Thomas And Alice Mabel (Atterbury)Mary TeresaView
MundellAnnie ElizabethAnne Elizabeth (Adopted By Smith)View
MckayJohn And Caecilia (Mahon)Aidan Hugh GregoryView
McdonaldLouis Joseph And Florence (Devitt)DoreenView
MatheisGottfried And Annd (Ramstein)Violet Maria AnnaView
MilborrowCharles Edward And Martha Elizabeth (Pearson)Florence AnnieView
McgrathJohn And Bessie (Watridge)Wilfred JohnView
MollettWilliam And Maria (Rensburg)AgnesView
MaherWilliam Francis And Hilda (Galloway)William Art PatrickView
MaidornHeinrich And Johanna (Ernst)Emilie AnneView
MartinJoseph Patrick And Annie Mary (Ward)Cyril FranciscoView
MckeatingJoseph And Rose Emmey (Sparks)Rechinald FrankView
McnamaraPatrick And Elizabeth (Friend)ThomasView
MagolaMinnieMaud MargaretView
MartinJoe And Florrie (Matjies)Francis GeorgeView
MeintjesFrederick J. And Agnes M. (Philips)Thomas EdwardView
McdonaldJames Patrick (John) And Grace Ferguson (Wood)Percival ClarenceView
MedinaDaniel F. And Sarah H. (Deceased) (Lee)Isabella CatharinaView
MastersonPatrick And Lavina Ann (Madge)Ernest FrancisView
MonkJohn And Hanna (Wilson)Alfred CharlesView
MandyStephen H. And Minne (Damm)Hilda BertyView
MeehlJulius And Maud (Silvester)EdwardView
Matthews (Benjamin And Frances EmilyAnnie EmilyView
MichelettiJohn Henry And MariaCatherine Mary (Heugh Nee Micheletti)View
MurrayCharles And Clara Louisa (Gibson)Ivy LouisaView
MatticksHenry And Mary Anne (Waterwitch)Mary Anne JosephineView
MccarthyEugene John And Aida (Benjamin)Henry TalbotView
MaipiAugust And Rachel (Carls)JacobView
MartinJosephElizabeth MargaretView
MinogueMichael And Jane (Coleman)Patrick EdwardView
MullanAlfred And Christiana M. M. (Stanford)AlfredView
MarlinGiusseppe (Joseph) And Florence (Grisillo)Mary MagdaleneView
MchughJames Henry And Elizabeth M. (Bishop)Doris MaryView
McdonaldLouis And Florence (Devitt)FlorenceView
MartinVictor Joseph And Annie Mary (Ward)BernardView
MurphyMartin And Isabella (Glover)Isabella HannahView
McdonaldPeter And Alice (Gray)Jessie Mary (Mullins Nee Mcdonald)View
MullinsStephen James And Wilhelmina Minnie (Rizzo)Stephen JamesView
MalgasSeptember And Catherine (White)Mary Magdalene Veronica (Brass Nee Malgas)View
MurphyStephen And Margaret (Ambrose)Ambrose WilliamView
MollettWilliam And Maria (Rensburg)Aida JoannaView
MaherWilliam Francis And Hilda (Galloway)EileenView
MoranJames And Margaret (Dempster)Margaret MaryView
MeintjesFrederick J. And Agnes M. (Philips)Francis PhillipView
MullinsThomas Michael And Jessie (Mcdonald)John EdwardView
MccarthyMary JosephineMary FlorenceView
McnamaraPatrick M. and Elizabeth Ann (Friend)Thelma Eileen BerthaView
MckayJohn Joseph and Cecilia (Mahon)Patrick Bryan MahonView
McdonaldJohn and Grace (Wood)Dorothy MagaleneView
May WilliamMary MagdaleneView
MilesAbraham and Elise (Alice) (Ourssen)Rachel MargaritaView
MatrosseGarlite and Mary (Andries)Johanna ElizabethView
MatrosseGarlite and Mary (Andries)Rosa MinnieView
MessiniVincenzo and Mary (Libertini)Rosa VioletView
MartinVictor Joseph and Annie Mary (Ward)Mary ConstanceView
MatthewsBenjamin and Kate (Lyons)James BenjaminView
MantheyJohn and Bertha (Neiman)Elizabeth AnastasiaView
McdonaldLouis and Florence (Devitt)MonicaView
MandyStephen and Minna (Damm)Stephen FrancisView
MayWilliam and Rose (Johnson)Abraham PeterView
MalgasAugust and EstherMary Emily SelinaView
MonechonGabriel and Kathleen (Joseph)BertramView
MurrayArchibald Randolph and Mary Josephine (Noble)Charles EdwardView
MollettWilliam and Maria (Rensburg)NicholasView
MullinsStephen and Minnie (Rizzo)Mary ElizabethView
McbriantFlorence Eva MayMary LouisaView
MartinJoseph and Anne Mary (Ward)Margaret MaudView
MchughJames and Elizabeth (Bishop)Adelade Selina MaudView
MortensonHans and Rachel (Davis)John ErasmusView
MontiJoachim and Minnie (Majola)JohnView
MarlinGiusseppe (Joseph) and Florence (Grisillo)Bengiamina FranceskaView
MckeatingJoseph and Emmeline (Sparks)Etna JoyceView
MinogueMichael and Jane (Coleman)EileenView
MurphyJoseph and Christine (Spence)Mary BridgetView
MitchellSamuel H. and Costelle Z. (Hamilton)Castelle Zailee MaryView
McgregorJohn and Alice (Atterbury)Linda MonicaView
MullanAlfred and Christiana Mary Kathleen (Stanford)Thomas HenryView
MurrayMatthew and Emily Florence (Ward)EsmeView
McfarlaneFredrick and Dora Theresa Maud (Cavanagh)William FredrickView
MullinsThomas M. and Jessie (Mcdonald)Alice Edna MaryView
MosesNicholas and Agnes (Klausa)VisselView
MosesNicholas and Agnes (Klausa)JacobView
MarlinJoseph and Florence (Grisillo)Rudolph StephenView
MullinsStephen and Minnie (Rizzo)John WilliamView
MathewsJohannaAugusta CatharinaView
MortensenHans and Rachael (Davis)Charles HerbertView
MurphyJames Joseph and Christina Maria (Els)John HaroldView
McdonaldLouis and Florence (Devitt)EileenView
MaskellWilliam Thomas and Maria Jane (Swartz)William ThomasView
MaskellWilliam Thomas and Maria Jane (Swartz)Helen ElizabethView
MurphyJoseph and Christina (Spence)James PatrickView
Maher?? (Nee Cross)Mary AnnView
MatthewHerbert James and Catherine Elizabeth (Smith)JoyceView
Maher?? (Nee Harrison)Mary RoseView
MartincichJoseph and Kate (Roberts)Annie EdithView
MartincichJoseph and Kate (Roberts)Rock RudolpView
MartincichJoseph and Kate (Roberts)John FrederickView
MartinVictor Joseph and Annie Mary (Ward)Vincent SylvesterView
MaherJohn William and Mary Ann (Cross)Vincent JohnView
McmasterRebeccaMargaret JohannaView
MchughJames Henry and Elizabeth Matilda (Bishop)Joyce MuricentView
MyburgThomas and Susan (Williams)FrancisView
MyburgThomas and Susan (Williams)RachelView
Maries?? (Nee Meyers)Charlotte SusanView
MccreaEdward Charles and Mary (Clohessy)Maria HelenaView
MccarthyJames and Kathleen (Mcsweeney)Eileen FrancesView
MalgasAndrew and Annie (Davids)JohnView
MatthewsAbrahs and Margaret K. (Davids)RichardView
MccartneyWilliam and Kathleen (Wynne)Catherine MaryView
MarlinJoseph and Florence (Grisillo)Antonio EugenioView
MccarthyMaryJames RonaldView
MeyersCharles and Caroline Susan (Frieslaar)Mary CharlotteView
MullinsStephen and Minnie (Rizzo)Thomas Francis JosephView
MackaiserHenry Lawrence and Elizabeth (Rizzo)John James CharlesView
MinnieAlbert Thomas and Antoinetta Johanna (Nettie) (Harris)JosephView
MombergJohannes Francois and Carolina Maria (Erlank)LetitiaView
MaherJohn William and Mary Ann (Cross)Eileen MaryView
MosesNicolaus and Agnes (Klausa)September NicolausView
MortimerRobert Richmond and Mary (Mortimer nee Quinn)Benedict Joseph LabreView
MagomaJafta and Ellen (Chungwana)Violet Martha (DANIEL nee MAGOMA)View
MatthewsClifford Godfrey and Josephine Mary (Griffin)Grace AliceView
MatthewsClifford Godfrey and Josephine Mary (Griffin)Mary ElizabethView
MalgasAndrew and Annie (Davids)EstherView
MinogueMichael and Jane (Coleman)CatherineView
MccartneyWilliam and Kathleen (Wynne)Margaret FlorenceView
MurrayCharles Andrew and Clara Louisa (Gibson)Imelda CatherineView
MartinMarnaval and Mary Magdalen (Morton)Joseph MarnavalView
MartinJoseph and Annie Mary (Ward)Adelene Elizabeth WinifredView
MckeyDavid and Lilian (Maher)Lilian NoreenView
McmahonJoseph and Henrietta (Potter)PhillismayView
McmahonJoseph and Henrietta (Potter)Richard EdwardView
McmahonJoseph and Henrietta (Potter)Patrick GeorgeView
MckinleyArthur and Agnes (Silimela)Arthur AdolphusView
MorhamJohn Frederick and Rose Goodwin (Lush)Paul FrederickView
MarlinJoseph and Florence (Grisillo)EneasView
MchenryCornelius John and Ethel Maud (Johnson)CathleenView
McnamaraPatrick and Elizabeth Ann (Friend)Phyllis MarionView
MeistreHenry Barthelmy Aristide and Cathrina Aderina (Naude)Henry Bartholomew AristideView
Milroy??Alice MaryView
MchughJames Henry and Elizabeth (Bishop)Iris MaryView
MatthewHerbert and Catherine Elizabeth (Smith)Alan HerbertView
MtoloStanislaus Mquikela and Jemimah George (Pango)Tamsanqa JosephView
MatthewsClifford Godfrey and Josephine (Griffin)Arthur WilliamView
MatthewsClifford Godfrey and Josephine (Griffin)Edith Mary (May)View
MitchellAnnieIris Alexander DavisView
MullinsStephen and Minnie (Rizzo)Patrick ColinView
McbeanLionel and Eliza (Watson)Sarah Mary AnnView
MedinaAnnieIsabell AgnesView
MaingelCharlie and Kathleen Donovan (Steyn)Paul EmanuelView
McchesneyThomas and Emma Margaret (Steed)Esme MargaretView
McdonaldLouis Joseph and Florence (Devitt)PatriciaView
MchenryCornelius John and Ethel Maud (Johnson)EvelineView
MclellandJohn James and Phoebe Johanna (Egan)Moltheen MurielView
MatthewsClifford Godfrey and Josephine Mary (Griffin)JosephView
MatthewsClifford Godfrey and Josephine Mary (Griffin)Charles CliffordView
MantheyLouis Thomas and Violet May (Gibson)Eileen MayView
MartinMarneville and Mary Magdalene (Banco)Mary MauritiaView
Mathews JohannaLuluView
MurrayThomas and Agnes Matilda (Young)Gladys MayView
Muthan ??Frank MarieView
MartinAnnieIsaac PhilipView
MartinDinaDina ElizabethView
MartinSipriano and Marcellina (Robison)ManuelView
MorhamJohn Frederick and Rose (Lush)Eric GordonView
MarlinJoseph and Florence (Grisillo)Florence Elizabeth AugustaView
MortimerGeorge Derritt and Mary Agnes (O'Connor)Ellen Mary AngelaView
MortensenHans and Rachel (Davis)Stanley ErnestView
MeistreHenri B. A. and Catherina A. (Naude)Daniel FernandView
MurphyJames George and Mary Louisa (Bonnas)Cecil BerthieView
McmahonJoseph Edward and Henrietta (Potter)Roma HarrietView
MalgasAndrew and Annie (Baranton)Frances ElizabethView
MullinsStephen and Minnie (Rizzo)Margaret MaryView
McnamaraAlbert Robert and Winifred Margaret (Boyd)Muriel MayView
MinogueMichael and Jane (Coleman)Edward AcqualView
MartinManuel and Mary Magdalen (Banco)Rhodopy PhyllisView
MatticksIsaac and Clara (Williams)William GeorgeView
MosesNicholas and Agnes (Klausa)NicholasView
MchenryCornelius John and Ethel Maud (Johnson)Florence EvaView
MurphyMichael James and Annie (Sinclair)RosalineView
McewenErnest and Irene (Giles)ErnestView
MinnieThomas and Martha MaryThomas MartinusView
MccarthyRobert James and Ellen Mary (Ryan)Doreen MaryView
MackayGordon Campbell and Eliza M. (Mcloughlin)Wallace HaigView
McchesneyThomas and Emma Margaret (Steed)MoyraView
MartinVictor Joseph and Annie Mary (Ward)Irene Sidgred AnastasiaView
MalgasMitaJohn JosephView
MantheyLouis Thomas and Violet May (Gibson)Graham LuisView
MtoloStanislaus and Jemima (Pango)AngelinaView
MyburghThomas and Susan (Williams)LenaView
MyburghThomas and Susan (Williams)AnnieView
McdonaldLouis Joseph and Florence (Devitt)John VincentView
MorhamRobert Ernest and Margaret Craig (Lander)Margaret LanderView
MalotLouis John and Ethel May (Hoare)Isma TomlinsonView
MurphyGeorge James and Mary Louisa (Bonnas)Joseph WilliamView
MortimerGeorge Derritt and Mary Agnes (O'Connor)Derrit AugustineView
MarantmfabiWilliam and Fannie (Sewisa)Hilda LindeleView
MatthewsJohannaLilian Lena MitaView
MartinCyprian and Marcelina (Robertson)IsabellView
MatthewsCatherinaHenry LouisView
MathewsAgnesSydney Fras SinnaaView
MatticksHenry and Martha (Meyers)Elizabeth FrancesView
MinaarJohn and Lena (Rasmus)John DanielView
MorhamJohn Frederick and Rose Goodwin (Lush)Lawrence WilsonView
MullanAlfred and Christina M. M. (Stanford)Mary GertrudeView
MacphailPeter Cumming Kerr and Katherine (Katie) (Murray)Margaret MaudView
MorrisWalter Frederick and Florence Ellen Louisa (Strutt)Florence DoreenView
MurrayThomas and Agnes Matilda (Young)Clifford JohnView
MeistreHenri Barthelemi Aristide and Catherine Adriana (Naude)FrankView
McnamaraAlbert Robert and Winifred Margaret (Boyd)Gwendelene MaryView
MyburgThomas and Susan (Williams)Mary AllaView
MartinCyprian and Marcellina (Robertson)Peter Joseph BaptistView
MalgasAndrew and Annie (Baranton)Mary (Daisy)View
MatticksIsaac and Clara (Williams)Clara JohannaView
MullinsStephen and Minnie (Rizzo)Anne ElizabethView
MurphyMichael Joseph and Anna Elizabeth (Kritzinger)Michael JamesView
MoranMichael David and Winifred Grace (Gates)Irene Mary VeronicaView
McmasterRebeccaVera LenaView
MantheyLouis Thomas and Violet Mary (Gibson)Dennis ArthurView
MitchelOctober and HarrietAnnieView
MatabataPaul and Annie (Jansen)Andrew JosiahView
MoranPatrick Joseph and Margaret Fleming (Buttrum)Lillian ButtrumView
MartinVictor Joseph and Annie Mary (Ward)Sylvia ReginaView
MitchellThomas and Anne (Kannemeyer)Charles ThomasView
MatthewsNicholas and Jessie (Struthers)Nicholas JosephView
McdonaldHenry (Harry) and Jessie Anne (Mathews)Mary WinifredView
McmahonMichael James and Nellie Whilelmina (Kruger)Patrick JamesView
MortimerGeorge Derritt and Mary Agnes (O'Connor)Shula MaryView
MortensenHanse and Rachel (Davis)Olga (Myrtle)View
ManuelJohn and Keyar (Sataar)FrederickView
MorhamJohn Frederick and Rose (Goodwin)Phyllis RoseView
MccarthyNorahSybil MaryView
MedinaDaniel and Dora (Malgas)Eva CatherineView
McnamaraAlbert and Winifred Margaret (Boyd)Hazel ElizabethView
MeyerGabriel and Rachel (Rademeyer)Gabriel PatrickView
McbeanElizaEileen BarbaraView
MeistreHenri Barthelmi Aristide and Catherina Adriana (Naude)Henriette FelicieView
MalotLouis and Ethel (Hoare)Daphne TomlinsonView
MossHarry and Edith (Johnson)Violet CatherineView
MeintjesLawrence and Ethel (Bowles)Phyllis LauraView
McdonaldLouis Joseph and Florence (Devitt)Gerald JosephView
MyburgThomas and Susan (Williams)StellaView
MyburgThomas and Susan (Williams)SusanView
MatthewsJohannaBuller JosephView
MtoloStanislaus and Jemima (Pango)Temba JohannesView
McevoyJames Barnard and Frances Pauline (Killian)Rose BerneceView
MarlinJoseph and Florence (Grisillo)Stefnia MatildaView
MorrisWalter and Florence (Strutt)Walter EdwardView
MatticksRichard and Winnie (Aranties)Richard JamesView
Mcmahon?? (Nee Potter)Magdalena HenriettaView
Moran?? (Nee Gates)Winifred GraceView
MajolaSarahRichard JohnView
MillerThomas and Mary (Eaton)Alice (FOX nee MILLER)View
MayJacob and Annie (Botha)Frederick View
MoranMichael David and Winifred Grace (Gates)James WilliamView
MartinVictor Joseph and Annie Mary (Ward)Lionel ClementView
MonkGeorge Fredrick Redvers and Johanna Dorothea Cathleen (Meyer)Silvia WinifredView
MeintjesLawrence and Ethel (Bowles)Edna MaryView
MalgasAndrew and Annie (Baranton)Andrew JosephView
MessinaVincent and Nancy (Castle)Mary RoseView
MeistreHenri Barthelmi Aristide and Catherina Adriana (Naude)AlbertView
MartinArthur and Hannah (Greenwood)Charles Henry PatrickView
McnamaraAlbert Robert and Winifred (Boyd)Iris JosephineView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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