Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : N
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
NelsonThomas and Mary AnnWilliam BurrellView
NicholasNicholas and Sarah (Bruytjes)MaryView
NicholasNicholas and Sarah (Bruytjes)SarahView
NelsonThomas and Mary AnnSarah MariaView
NelsonThomas and Mary AnnMary AnnView
NourseTemple and Charlotte HarrietMary FrancesView
NelsonThomas and Mary AnnCharlesView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahAlbert ThomasView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahWilliam JosephView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahMary AnnView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahHoratio JohnView
NicholasRichard and ElizabethBenjaminView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahJoseph HenryView
NelsonWilliam and JohannaMatilda AnnView
NicholasRichard and ElizabethDorcasView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahRosa AnnView
NelsonWilliam and Johanna CatharineMillicent SarahView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahWalterView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahCorneliusView
NelsonJohn Burrell and MariaJohn RecklessView
NellHenry Frederick and Joyce ElizabethDerl DenzilView
NissenFrank Engelstoft and Joyce GraceLawrence Carr EngelstoftView
NortonEustace Herbert Fraser and Joyce LynnHarold SheldonView
NortonJohn Robert and Beverley JeanRobert StuartView
NicholasWilliam and JemimahFanny MariaView
NicholasWilliam and JemimahBenjamin AlfredView
NicholasRichard and Elizabeth AnnJohn BenjaminView
NicholasWilliam Cock and JemimahJemimahView
NicholasWilliam Cock and JemimaSarah Elizabeth AnnView
NicholasRichard and Elizabeth AnnRichard Eduard AlexanderView
NicholasRichard and Elizabeth AnnFrancis AvelinaView
NicholasWilliam Cock and JemimaEmina AvelinaView
NicholasRichard and Elizabeth AnnWilliamView
Nann?John Illegible and Hannah AnnJohn ThomasView
NicholasWilliam Cock and JemimaDorotheaView
NicholasWilliam Cock and JemimaCharles WalterView
NichollsBenjamin and Arabella JaneGertrude Eliza MildredView
NicholasBenjamin and Arabella JaneConstance ClarettaView
NicholasWilliam and JemimaRiefert LouisView
NgukaEarnest and Sarah AnneCecil EvelynView
NicholasRichard and Elizabeth AnnDavid SamuelView
NicholasRichard and Elizabeth AnneEliza CatherineView
NgukaErnest and SarahJames WilliamView
NicholasWilliam Cock and JemimaHerbert LeopoldView
NgukaErnest and Sarah AnneGrace ElziabethView
NesbittRichard Athol and Frances AmeliaPauline MaryView
NgukaErnest and Sarah AnneMaugin CobusView
NgukaErnest and SarahHorace Bolton SmithView
NesbittRichard Athol and Francis AmeliaEvelynView
NgukaErnest and Sarah AnnErnest MorrisView
NgukaErnest and Sarah AnnD'Urban DilimaView
NgukaCobus and LilySelina LilianView
NesemannWilliam Frederick and Frances SophiaFrederick AlbertView
NesemannWilliam Frederick and Frances SophiaAlfredView
NesemannFriedrich Wilhelm and WilhelminaPaulineView
NicholsJames and Elizabeth AnnGeorge JosephView
NicholsJames and Elizabeth AnnWilliam HenryView
NellGert Cornelius and Georgina AmeliaMaud ElizabethView
NezarGysbertus Albertus Teberius and Emily SelinaOswald John AlbertusView
NellGert Cornelius and Georgina AmeliaConstance IvyView
NellDaniel and JosephineGeorge JosephView
NellDaniel and Josephine Elizabeth JohannaView
NelBenjamin Frederick and Agnes JaneFrank DanielView
NicholsElizabeth Ann (Krielen)Walter DouglasView
NicholsJohn Christopher and Annie SophiaMargaret GertrudeView
NelJohannes Willem and Hermina BarendinaThelmaView
NicholsJohn Christopher and Anna SophiaJames HenryView
NellBarend Frederick and Agnes JaneFrederickView
NicholsJohn Christopher and Annie SophiaLaurence AndrewView
NicholsJohn Christopher and Annie SophiaElizabeth AnnView
NicholsJohn Christopher and Annie SophiaJohn ChristopherView
NicholsJohn Christopher and Annie SophiaMargaret GertrudeView
NelGert Cornelius and Maria MagdalenaLouis JohannesView
NelGert Cornelius and Maria MagdalenaStephanus JohannesView
NelGert Cornelius and Maria MagdalenaElizabeth MargrithaView
NicholsJohn Christopher and Annie SophiaWilliam HenryView
NagelJohannes Ridolph and Anna CatherineMagdalena JohannaView
NichollsElizabeth AnnWilliam CharlesView
NiehausCharles Justus and Valda LouiseRenee OlgaView
NelStephen John and Helena CatharinaStephenView
NiehausCharles Justus and Valda LouiseRobert CharlesView
NelGert Cornelis and Daphne AgnesMaria JohannaView
NelGert Cornelis and Daphne AgnesCharmaine Daphne AgnesView
NelGert Cornelis and Daphne AgnesVenzelle MaudView
NashJames and JaneAlbert Joseph StewartView
NagelJohann Georg and Sophie Wilhelmina HenrietteEmma Henrietta JohannaView
NagelsJohannes George Sophie Henriette WilhelminaLoije Marie CarolineView
NewtonWilliam and MaryWilliam JamesView
NagelJohannes George and Sophie Wilhelmine HarrietteCarl Detlef August DietrichView
NelsonCharles and Maria HephzibahEdith Jane MariaView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethEmma Madeline EnglishView
NetteltonThomas Stocks and Emily Sarah ElizabethCyrill Charles Augustus CunynghameView
NichollsWilliam John and AmeliaLillyView
NelsonCharles and Maria HephzibahEdwin Charles DickersonView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethOrby Hugh RushtonView
NielsenHenry and CarolineHenry JamesView
NelsonJacob and IsabellaJacob HenryView
NutleJames and AnnJamesView
NeilEvelyn and ElizaLouisaView
NelWillem Andries and Margaritha IsabellaWillem AndriesView
NelStephanus and Martha SophiaGasena SophiaView
NemondNicholas Johannes and Mary CatharinaElena ElizabethaView
NickalasMagerman and MaryHenrickView
NortzeWilliam and ChristinaWilliam Stephanus JacobusView
NelJan and Aletta Johanna ElizabethaChristoffel LucasView
NordenBenjamin and MaryBenjamin JoshuaView
NeilEvelyn and ElizaElizaView
NelLowies and Johanna Catriena WilhelminaJohannisView
NelWillem Andries and Margrietha IsabellaPetrus JacobusView
NelGerhardus and Susara ChristienaStephanus AndrieasView
NelStephanus and Martha SopheyaGerrit Jacobus DanielView
NichollsGeorge John and Mary AnnWilliam JamesView
NicholsonGeorge and HannahAnne ElizabethView
NichollsGeorge John and Mary AnnEmmaView
NosworthyHenry and JohannaCornelius HenryView
NichollsGeorge John and Mary AnnAnnie Janine?View
NelsonJohn B. and MariaGeorginaView
NelsonJohn and MariaCatherine EmilyView
NelsonJ. B. and MariaWilliam CharlesView
NelsonJoseph Henry and CatherineEveline Jemima CatharineView
NelsonJohn Burrell and MariaIvy May FergussonView
NelsonJoseph and CathrineEzra Christopher JosephView
NelsonJoseph Henry and CarolineSydney ClementView
NelsonJohn R. and AmeliaJohn BurellView
NelsonJohn B. and MariaGeorginaView
NelsonJohn and MariaCatherine EmilyView
NelsonJ. B. and MariaWilliam CharlesView
NelsonJohn Burrell and MariaJoy May FergussonView
NelsonJoseph Henry and CatherineEveline Jemima CatherineView
NelsonJoseph Henry and Caroline NelsonSydney ClementView
NelsonJohn R. and AmeliaJohn BurrellView
NelsonJoseph and CatherineEzra Christopher JosephView
NelsonJohn Reckless and AmeliaAmelia MariaView
NelsonJoseph Henry and CarolineFredrick WilliamView
NelsonJohn Reckless and AmeliaGeorgina Ivy CatherineView
NelsonJoseph Henry and CarolineCornelius RecklessView
NelsonJohn R. and AmeliaGeorge Stephen GibbsView
NelsonJoseph and CarolineConstance Georgena MurphyView
NelsonJoseph Henry and Catherine SarahAnnie Maria EllenView
NelsonJohn R. and AmeliaAnnie MyrtleView
NelsonJohn Reckless and AmeliaThomas LeonardView
NelsonJoseph H. and CatherineAmy Victoria DaisyView
NelsonJohn Reckless and AmeliaMatthew EdmundView
NelsonAlbert Thomas and Maria EmilyEmily Mary AnnView
NelsonAlbert Thomas and Maria EmilyReginald AlbertView
NelsonClement Benjamin and Violet JosephineDennis ClementView
NelsonClement Benjamin and Violet JosephineThora JoyceView
NelsonEzra and HonoriaEzra DanielView
NielsenWalter Niel and SarahLeslieView
NunneleyFrank and Amy GertrudeJohn EdwardView
NielsonWilliam Lewis and Katherine VictoriaWinifred MaudView
NewlandsMatthew and EmelineEddie Drummond ShawView
NesmithGeorge Robert and Margaret RosettaMiriamView
NelsonAndrew and Annie MariaAlfred JamesView
NielsonHenry James and Rebecca SusannaLawrence AlexanderView
NewburyArthur William and Gladys IreneJohn EdwardView
NunneleyFrank and Amy GertrudeFrank ArthurView
NewlandsMatthew and EmelineArchie Hilton ShawView
NielsonHenry James and Rebecca SusannaHenry RitchieView
NelsonAndrew M. and Annie MariaWilliam CharlesView
NicholsBertram Charles Wilson and Beatrice AdelaideMervyn CharlesView
NielsenWalter Niel and SarahClaude NielView
NielsonWilliam Lewis and Kathleen VictoriaCharlotte ElizabethView
NichollsBertram Charles and Beatrice AdelaideJoyce Edith AnnieView
NewlandsMatthew and EmelineMorningtonView
NellPeter John and VivenPeter CharlesView
NortonNorman Ogilvie and NoelNoel MaryView
NowellArthur Herbert and Gertrude EthelWinifred IreneView
NewellGeorge Edward and Olive Eugene ByardClara LoraineView
NicholsonHerbert and Agnes GabrielleCharlotteView
NewellGeorge Edward and Olive Eugene ByardNolan HenryView
NortonNorman Ogilvie and NoelPamelaView
NowellArthur Herbert and Gertrude EthelArthur EmeryView
NowellArthur Herbert and Gertrude EthelDenis VernonView
NuttAlfred Henry Arthur and Maud MarieAlfred Henry CharlieView
NewellEdgar James and Winifred MaryShirley FrancesView
NunneleyFrank and Amy GertrudeDorothea LovettView
NortonNorman Ogilvie and NoelNorman paleyView
NosworthyThomas Henry and Jacoba IsabellaAnna DoreenView
NewellGeorge Edward and Olive EugeneDerrick GeorgeView
NinowFrank William and EstelleCynthiaView
NosworthyThomas Henry and Jacoba IsabellaEdwin ThomasView
NelAndreas Hercules and Mary SarahNevilleView
NewlandReginald Leslie Shaw and Sybil BlancheGwendolyn Constance ShawView
NeilsonJoseph and SolveigDesmond StanleyView
NeilsonJoseph and SolveigPalma GloriaView
NewlandReginald Leslie Shaw and Sybil Beatrice BlancheDennis Matthew ShawView
NewtonArthur Salmond and Gladys HelenJean EwingView
NicholsonJohn Edward and Annie MatildaEdward JohnView
NicholasCollan Alexander Collett and Jessie MayCollan MervynView
NelsonWalter Basil and Ethel ElizabethAnnie ElizabethView
NicolAlfred Hugh and Agnes MaryEsme MaryView
NorvalJames Peter and EthelEric PeterView
NorvalJames Peter and EthelAvona GwendolenView
NelWilliam Johannes Petrus and Jane ElizabethLilian MargaretView
NelSybrand Gerhardus and Sylvia LornaDesiree ValerieView
NichollsLeonard Bertram William and Doris MaryErrol AnthonyView
NelSybrand Gerhardus and Sylvia LornaCarol LorraineView
NewmanNevill Edwin Miller and Dorothea MillenoraPriscilla MaryView
NortonDenis Ogilvie and Marian MaudDenis Graham ArthurView
NaylorDaniel and Rosina Doris WelchPeterView
NellFrederick Thomas and Maria HelmaPeggy MeganView
NelSybrand Gerhardus and Sylvia LornaMerle AnnetteView
NichollsLeonard Bertram William and Doris MaryLyndon HughView
NortonDenis Ogilvie and Marian MaudJill MarianView
NewellJohn Dugard and Muriel ForbesMary MurielView
NewmanNeville Edwin Miller and Dorothea MillernoraAngela CathrineView
NeilsonDouglas Peter William and Enid IreneNeil PeterView
NimmoWilliam and Elena DorothyWilliamView
NimmoWilliam and Elena DorothyJohn ArchibaldView
NortonWilliam James Matthew and Margaret ElaineJames AlanView
NellWalter and Joan ChristineDeniseView
NellWalter and Joan ChristineJudithView
NeilsonDouglas Peter William and Enid IreneWendy AnnView
NimmoWilliam and Elena DorothyChristine JanetView
NichollsOrby Hugh Ralph and Mary Magdalena AnnieYvonne HopeView
NewmanGeorge Rossiter and Alice BirtwhistleWendy MargaretView
NelJohn and SarahMartha MargaretView
NichollsOrby Hugh Ralph and Mary Magdalena AnnieMay PearlView
NivenMeyrich Fleming and Athalia AmyBeverley Garnet AthaliaView
NichollsOrby Hugh Ralph and Mary Magdelena AnnieOrby Hugh RushtonView
Nelson-ThompsonKoert van Rensburg and Dorothy KingRobertView
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Theresa WilhelminaWinston Arthur GeorgeView
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Theresa WilhelminaGerald ReginaldView
NezarLeon Clive and Julia GloriaSandra GloriaView
NezarLeon Clive and Julia GloriaMargaret JasmineView
NellmapiusIvan Alois (deceased) and May EuniceDonald IvanView
NieuwenhuizenHendrik Johannes and Jean LauraHenry JohnView
NaudePeter Cornelius and Hester Aletta CorneliaCharmaine LynneView
NeilsonCharles Richard and Muriel EdithEdward VincerView
NaudeRonald Dudley and Daphne FlorenceCleggView
NicholasJames Anthony and Sheena AustinJulian jamesView
NeilsonCharles Richard and Muriel EdithMichael WayneView
NaudeDonn and SylviaMaureenView
NewbyRichard Marshall and Mavis AlisonPatricia MaryView
NetteltonClement Geoffrey and LornaGeoffrey MarkView
NelArthur Stephen and Florence MaryJennifer AnneView
NetteltonClement Geoffrey and LornaAnnelieseView
NezarVictor Reginald and Hope MillicentBarry RoyView
NeuperIva Henley and Gloria DawnPamela AnneView
NelArthur Stephen and Florence MaryHeather JeanView
NewmanNeville Edwin Miller and Dorothea Millenora ClemenceDiana BarbaraView
NowellBrian Harvey Norton and Mary SybilJacqueline MaryView
NorthcoteJohn Dickson and Doreen RubyJohn DavidView
NelElias Paul and Mabel FaithPaul DouglasView
NorrisMelville William and Heather DorothyJennifer SusannaView
NortonNorman Paley and Mildred GillianBridgetView
NorrisJohn Henry and Sybil MerleLarry HenryView
NelCharles Benjamin and Frances FlorenceCatherine AnnView
NicolDavid Eadie and Shirley BerylGillian ElizabethView
NelElias Paul and Mabel FaithPhillip JohnView
NewnhamNeil Shelley and Joan GerrardLawrenceView
NelCharles Benjamin and Frances FlorenceMarie-LouiseView
NicholsGeorge Joseph and Ruby SylviaBrenda DoreenView
NelWillem Johannes and Jane ElizabethMagdaline LeonieView
NicolDavid Eadie and Shirley BerylJohn DuncanView
NelElias Paul and Mabel FaithAvril DeniseView
NewnhamNeil Shelley and Joan GerrardRoderick JamesView
NortonRobert John Louis and Denice Evelyn AnnetteAnthony John LouisView
NewnhamNeil Shelley and Joan GerrardDenise ShelleyView
NortjeFerdinand and Barbara AnnVivienne BarbaraView
NelAubrey George and Ellen KathleenJenifer AnnView
NelElias Paul and Mabel FaithJeffrey MarkView
NewnhamNeil Shelley and Joan GerrardJacquelineView
NicholsGeorge Joseph and Ruby SylviaTheo GeorgeView
NelAubrey George and Ellen KathleenDavid StevenView
NaudeNicolaas Tjaart and WinifredCedric PeterView
NeelmeyerJan and AntoinetteKatharine IngridView
NeelmeyerJan and AntoinetteBernadette LouiseView
NeelmeyerJan and AntoinetteRosemarie JanetteView
NeelmeyerJan and AntoinetteJohn AlexanderView
NelJohan Pieter and AngelaLouis JohanView
NelPetrus Johannes and Nannette AlisonDena-JoView
NobleKeith Robert and BeverleyBabette RuthView
NurminenHendrey Emil Bruno and Margot SusanHeyley CatherineView
NewcombeGeoffrey Craig and ZoeBrett CraigView
NewcombeGeofrey and ZoeTracy-LeeView
NtonganaBongani and BulelwaMdudusi SifisoView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethMary CeciliaView
NiekerkFrederick Theodorus and Esther SusannahIgnatius PetrusView
NelsonCharles and IsabellaWilliam CharlesView
NelsonCharles and IsabellaAnna MariaView
Notton-DawsonHarrison and EstherWilliam DawsonView
Notton-DawsonHarrison and EstherAmelia DawsonView
NashHenry Ebenezer and EllenHester EmmaView
NelsonCharles Spence and SarahMargarite Mabel HarrietteView
NelsonWilliam Thomas and MargaretAndrew AlexanderView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethMildred May Nichols ThomasView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethEric ReginaldView
NichollsHenry Cathcart and AdaGeorge RaxworthyView
NicholsonRalph James Bernard and Emma RuthLilian VioletView
NolenzeAnnieSarah ChristinaView
NicholesHenry Cathcart and AdaAda BarbaraView
NicholesHenry Cathcart and AdaBarbaraView
NeilsenWalter Neil and SarahMabel ArabellaView
NelsonWilliam Thomas and MargaretJanet ElizaView
NelsonWilliam Thomas and MargaretAnnie ElizabethView
NichollsHenry Cathcart and AdaReginald CathcartView
NicholsonRalph James Bernard and Emma RuthLouise MaryView
NicholsonArthur John and Alleta CatherinaArthur JohnView
NielsonNiel and SarahGeorge WaldimarView
NimmoWilliam and Elena DorothySusan FloraView
NortonNorman Paley and Mildred GillianSusanView
Noyes-LewisRobin Michael and Thelma AvisBarrie MichaelView
NunneleyCharles Walter and Hendrina VeronicaFrank CharlesView
NicholasRichard Llewellyn and Mavis LorraineRichard William MervynView
NelMichael Daniel and Sheila ElizabethMonica AnnView
NicholasRichard Llewellyn and Mavis LorraineStephen LionelView
NelAllan Owen and Lilian LauraBruce TaylorView
NelPaul and ShirleyGary PaulView
NaudeDenis Delville and Pamela SheilaGarth MichaelView
NelMichael Daniel and Sheila ElizabethGeoffrey JonathanView
NaudeDavid Charles and Shirley UnityDenzil WayneView
NaudeNorman Hilton and MavisSandra AnnView
NelsonRonald Alexander and Lynette RuthSandra DianffeView
NaudeDavid Charles and Shirley UnityLeonard PeterView
NelElias Paulus and Shirley JeanetteAndreView
NaudeDavid and ShirleyTrudy JacquelineView
NaestedJohn Herbert and Alice MaryWilliam FredView
Newland?Benjamin Meyer and Valarie DaltonLiseView
NassPeter George and Magdalena GertrudeKathleen MurielView
NielsonDouglas George and Daphne Colin CliveView
NaestedDonald David and Barbara ElizabethDominicView
NaudeRoy Raymond and Beverley AnnJuan StanleyView
NaudeRoy BeverleyJuanita AnnView
NelsonGeorge William and Sarah MariaGladys EsmeView
NelsonSydney and MarthaAda ConstanceView
NelsonGeorge William and Sarah Maria AtkinsIrene GeorginaView
NelsonEzra Christopher and HonoriaFaithView
NelsonJohn and MarianEileen MarianView
NelsonEzra and HonoriaRuth MaryView
NelsonBertram and violetValerie ElizabethView
NelsonBertram and VioletMarjorie NoelView
NelsonBertram and Violetblanche EllenView
NelsonThomas and FredaElred GeorgeView
NelsonBertram and VioletIsobel VioletView
NelsonBertram George and Violet EthelMonica EthelwynView
NelsonBertram George and Violet elizabeth MayBertram George WilliamView
NetteltonThomas Stocks and Emily Sarah ElizabethEvelyn JarvisView
NellsSans Hendrik Adrian and Christina Andrina FrederikaRene ChristianView
NetteltonThomas Stocks and Emily Sarah ElizabethGrace NetteltonView
NelsonHenry and CarolineLaurence NicholasView
NelsonCharles and MariaHelen Susie ElizabethView
NelsonHenry and CarolineWilliam LouisView
NelsonCharles and MariaEthel Alice MarianView
NellIsaac and Christina Henerina FredrikaChristina Henerina FredrikaView
NarnburgGustaf Alexander and Elizabeth LouisaFlorence LouisaView
NeilsonHenry and CarolineWinifred AnnieView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethCecil NormanView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethDorothy CeciliaView
NgalaThomas and NopenteCharlesView
NeilsonHenry and CarolineGustave JohnView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethVidaView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethRuthView
NeilsenWalter Neils and SarahViolet LillianView
NichollsCharles Edward and Caroline ElizabethWilliam Francis PorterView
NiemantiggaBernard and AliceEvelyn Vera WestgateView
NelsonJoseph Henry and Catherine Sarah MagdaleneGeorge PhilipView
NelsonWalter Neils and SarahWilliam JamesView
Nie MantingaBernard and AliceFlorence MayView
NqalaThomas and HeathenMcDonald Mkwon KweshaView
NqalaThomas and HeathenThomasView
NelsonGeorge and Sarah MariaBertram GeorgeView
NarmbergGustave Alexander and Elizabeth LouisaViolet EllenView
NyikitaHeathen and SusannaAbednegoView
NelsonFredrick William and Johanna ElizabethHester Martha ElizabethView
NichollsOrby Hugh Rushton and Millicent PearlJessie AnnieView
NqqumbeJohn and SkontyaReginaView
NelCaspar and AnnieAugusta AnnaView
NichollsOrby Hugh Rushton and Millicent PearlOrby Hugh RalphView
NelsonAnnie ElizabethMinnie LouiseView
NielsonHenry James and Rebecca SusannaPhoebe MavisView
NilssonHenrietta ChristinaGladys Dorothy EthelView
NicholasGeorge and JuliaGertrude AnnieView
NichollsOrby Hugh Rushton and Millicent PearlIda HopeView
Nelson??Ada ConstanceView
NelsonFrederic William and Johanna ElizabethAnnie Maria EllenView
NelsonFrederic William and Johanna ElizabethJoseph HenryView
NielsonWilliam Lewis and Catherine VictoriaWalter GeorgeView
NielsonHenry James and Rebecca SusannaLaura EstherView
NourseWilliam Temple and Ethel SpencerRuth TempleView
NelsonFred William and Johanna ElizabethDorothy MayView
NicholasGeorge and JuliaDemetriView
NelsonGustav and BeatriceCharles Julius GustavView
NielsonHenry James and Rebecca SusannahArnold EdwardView
NielsonGustaf and BeatriceJoyce WinifredView
NourseGuy Barber and Alma ElliotDennis GuyView
NelsonJohn Burrell and Marian RossIvyView
NichollsEric Reginald and Eliza MayEric ReginaldView
NichollsOrby Hugh Rushton and Millicent PearlLeslie SparksView
NaudeThomas Johannes and Susannah SophiaCornelia DorotheaView
NelPetrus Jacobus and Julia BlancheRachel VioletView
NelsonFrederic William and Johanna ElizabethViolet ElizabethView
NelsonFrederic William and Johanna ElizabethAliceView
NichollsOrby Hugh Ruston and Millicent PearlIan Charles PowerView
NelsonThomas Leonard and Hilda LouisaEdna MayView
NelsonFrederic William and Johanna ElizabethFlorence MagdaleneView
NewportCharles and FlorenceEmma JoyceView
NelsonJohn and MariamJohn BurrelView
NelPetrus Jacobus and IvyAnna JoachiminaView
NelPetrus Jacobus and Julia BlancheJohanna CarolineView
NelFrederic Jacobus and Emma FranscinaMichael DanielView
NelsonFrederic William and Johanna ElizabethFrederic GeorgeView
NelsonThomas Leonard and Hilda LouisaRoland FritzView
NelsonAlan Ernest and Dorothy HelenEdward BennettView
NelJohn Henry and Sophie LouisaMervyn JohnView
NelWillem Andries and Hester Francina CarolinaClaudeView
NelsonGeorge Stephen Gibbs and EmmelinaRobert GladwinView
NelsonFrederic William and Johanna ElizabethNellie BelindaView
NelFrederic Jacobus and Emarensie FransinaHendrik BrownView
NewportFelix Charles and FlorenceCharles GordonView
NelsonThomas Leonard and Hilda LouisaAston EricView
NelsonFrederic and Johanna ElizabethWilliam RiesView
NielsonKatrinaGeorgina JohannaView
NelPetrus Jacobus and IvyRobert GeorgeView
NashFrederic Thomas and MinnieFrederic BasilView
NelsonReuben George and Amelia MariaBeryl margaretView
NelsonThomas Leonard and Hilda LouisaClarence ErnestView
NxiteRebecca NxiteSydneyView
NelsonFrederic William and Johanna ElizabethAmy VictoriaView
NelsonErnest Alan and Dorothy HelenDennis AlanView
NelJan Christoffel and Louisa JohannaAndries FransView
NtutuRobert and FildaSister NtombizodwaView
NtlebiAlfred and VioletMrumzanaView
NtlebiAlfred and VioletElizabethView
NtlebiAlfred and VioletJoelView
NogwelesheTad and MinnieEvelineView
NogwelesheTad and MinnieTinahView
Ntlebi??Vioelt NtlebiView
NtutuRobert and Vera DlambaVera Florence NtombizodwaView
NelsonLeonard and HildaPhyllis AmeliaView
NtlabiAlfred and VioletEnochView
NaudeMichael and AnnetteConway AndersView
NtutuWilliam and AntoinetteEvelyn Johannah NomatamsangaView
NtyantyaJames and ElsieJaneView
NaudePeter Cornelius and Hester Aletta CorneliaKarin GailView
NelsonRowland Fritz and Susanna ElizabethLeonard DonaldView
NelGert Francois and Iris NatalieNatalie VeronicaView
NaudeMichael Conway and Annette IsabelPaloma ElaineView
NelsonRowland Fritz and Susanna Adriana Margarith ElizabethNoleen LynetteView
NelMelvin and Sarah PatriciaLionel AnthonyView
NelsonEldred George and Cynthia WilhelminaWendy WayneView
NaudeJohannes Carolus and Isobel VioletDean AllastairView
NiemandMartin Fredrick and Louisa FrancinaSylviaView
NiemandMartin Fredrick and Louisa FrancinaMartin MichaelView
NiemandMartin Fredrick and Louisa FrancinaShirley RosemaryView
NiemandMartin Fredrick and Louisa FrancinaCornelius JohannView
NaudeJacob Johannes and ElaineMichelle ElizabethView
NelsonEldred George and Cynthia WilhelminaLaurel AnnView
NaudeJacob Johannes and ElaineDonae AnneView
NaudeJacob Johannes and ElaineCherieView
NaudeJohannes Carolus and Isobel violetAvril JaysonView
NelIzak Petrus and Gillian AnnLinda HelenView
NagelJohannes RudolphMarionView
NaudeAllan william and DesraeKayleighView
NelGert Lewis and Elma ElizabethCharmaine MelanieView
NaidooSonny and IrisPhyllis EvelynView
NarsooSunny and IrisVeneitta Margaret RoseView
NaudeGert John and Florence MabelFredView
NaudeGert John and Florence MabelJoan EmilyView
NeilsonUlrich Vivian Coleman and Edna MarionDesmond RoyView
NelJohn and DorotheaMary MagdalenaView
NelDaniel Petrus Johannes and Beatrice Cornelia CarolinePaul PetrusView
NelPeter John and Vivie WinnieHenry JohnView
NelDaniel Petrus Johannes and Beatrice CorneliaIsabella MagdalenaView
NelHenry Frederick and Irene LillianColleen RitaView
NelAdriaan Johannes and Blanche CeceliaAdriaan NevilleView
NelDaniel Petrus and Beatrice CorneliaTrevor DanielView
NelHenry Frederick and Irene LillianDennis OwenView
NelJohn and SarahJohannaView
NelReginald and Mavis MinnieHeatherView
NelDaniel Petrus Johannes and Beatrice CorneliaShirley YvonneView
NelJohn and Sarah Cornela ElizabetaMartha MargaretView
NelJohn and Sarah IsabellaPeter William ArthurView
NelGert Nicolas and Thelma MayFlorence WilhelminaView
NelIsaac James Daniel and Enid DoreenKathleen MargaretView
NelReginald and Mavis MinnieAuroraView
NelMelvin and Sarah PatriciaJennifer MarleneView
NelGert Nicolaas and Thelma MayGerald NicolasView
NelIsaac James Daniel and Enid DoreenJoyce BerniceView
NelSarah Patricia MelvinNeville ArthurView
NelsonMartha EllenBerylView
NeuperDonald Thomas and Beatrice MayMichael DonaldView
NeuperDonald Thomas and Beatrice MayBeverley BridgetView
NewcombeCecil John Powlesland and Barbara MaryPamela JoanView
NewcombeCecil John Powlesland and Barbara MaryGeoffrey CraigView
NewmanGeorge Rossiter and Alice BirtwhistleBetty RosemaryView
NewmanGeorge Rossiter and Alice BirtwhistleClaudine MaudView
NewnhamLaurence Mannington and Flora ElaineNeil ShelleyView
NicolaiFrank Archibald and MaryMichael WilliamView
NimmoWilliam and Elena DorothyBelinda MaryView
NugentCharles James Wheeler and EmilyColleen ShirleyView
NugentWalter Calverley and Dora ElsieWalter JohnView
NugentWalter Calverley Dora ElsieWinifred LyndallView
NourseJoseph and Ann MaryTemple Maynard CracroftView
NourseJoseph and Anne MaryHughView
NourseJoseph and Mary AnnMarina MooreView
NesbittRichard Athol and Fanny AmeliaNorah FannyView
NicholasWilliam and JemimaLydiaView
NicholasWilliam and JemimaWilliamView
NightingaleThomas and HannahIda SophiaView
NichollsGeorge John and Mary AnnWilliam JamesView
NicholsonGeorge and HannahAnne ElizabethView
NichollsGeorge John and Mary AnnEmmaView
NosworthyHenry and JohannaCornelius HenryView
NichollsGeorge John and Mary AnnAnnie Janine?View
NashCecil Rodd and Alwine DorothyDenzil RoddView
NaudePeter and Clara IsabellaEzra ThomasView
NaudeRenier Christian Els and Muriel ConstanceRenier ChristianView
NaudeReiner Christiaan Els and Muriel ConstanceMuriel ConstanceView
NaudeRenier Christiaan and Muriel ConstanceJohn PercivalView
NaudeRinal Christian and Muriel ConstanceErica MayView
NaudeThomas Johannes and Susannah SophiaAnna Johanna MariaView
NaudeAnnah Cornelia MaryGerald AubreyView
NaudePeter and Iris GeorginaDesmond PeterView
NaudePeter Cornelius and Iris GeorginaMaureen ErnestineView
NaudePeter Cornelius and Iris GeorginaStella IrisView
NaudePeter Cornelius and Ivy VeraVeraView
NaudePeter and VeraJeanView
NaudeEmma Mary and Eric Gordon (Lynn)Thora HeatherView
NaylorArthur Thomas and Enid RoseErrol AubreyView
NefdtLeslie George and Jean EsmeLorraine GwendolineView
NelJohn and Aletta Sarah ElizabethElias PaulosView
NelAugust Johannes and AnnieJohnView
NelStephen James Daniel and Ellen MargaretVedaView
NelJohn and Aletta Sarah ElizabethAletta Sarah ElizabethView
NelStephen James Daniel and Ellen MargaretVeraView
NelJohn and MariaEllenView
NelPieter Johannes and VivianGeorge JohannesView
NelPieter Johannes and VivianAndries JohannesView
NelJohn and MariaJohnView
NelSusan JohannaJack MelbourneView
NelPieter Johannes and VivianArthur DanielView
NelFrederick Johannes and Amy ElizabethStanley LewisView
NelFrederick Johannes and Amy ElizabethOsmond OliverView
NelHenry Joseph and Philippina RudolphJohanna LouisaView
NelHenry Joseph and Philipina RandolphHenry JosephView
NelOkker Johannes Francis and Florence SarahAudrey MayView
NelHenry Joseph and Phillipina RudolphEthel JennettaView
NelOkker Johannes Francois and Florence SarahFaith ElizabethView
NelHenry Joseph and Philipina RudolphPhilip RudolphView
NelOkker Johannes and Florence SarahRae JeanView
NelFrank Johannes Okker and Florence SarahBrian FrankView
NelAndrew Harry and Edna LydiaRosemaryView
NelHenry Joseph and Philipina RuedolfAnthea JuneView
NelAndrew Harry and Edna LydiaGenevieve MaryView
NelHarry and Alice Mary (Gardiner)JohnView
NelHarry and Alice Mary (Gardiner)Susanna JohannaView
NelHarry Andrew and Alice Mary (Gardner)Harry AndrewView
NellStephen James Daniel and Ella MargaretEdna ElizabethView
NellJohn George and Hendrina MagdalenaFrancesView
NellJohn George and Hendrina MagdlinaJohn GeorgeView
NellFerdinand Johannes and Amy ElizabethFrederick ThomasView
NelsonGeorge Albert and Augustina WilhelminaAlice KathleenView
NelsonGeorge Albert and Augustina WilhelminaLinda WilhelminaView
NelsonEmilyArthur FelixView
NelsonCharles William and EmilyEthel MurielView
NelsonCharles William and EmilyDaphne MaudeView
NelsonJacobus John Daniel and Regina VioletJacobus John DanielView
NelsonJoe Jacobus Daniel and Virginia VioletNicholas Charles EdwardView
NelsonGeorge Albert and Augusta (Dick)Alexander Terence (adopted)View
NeumeyerJoseph Harrod and Mary DoreenJessamy Elizabeth WilsonView
NewellMoses and Phoebe JannettFrances MaryView
NewellMoses and Phoebe JannettWilliam ThomasView
NewellMoses and Phoebe JanetDoreen AgnesView
NewellMoses and Phoebe JanetShiela AuraView
NewellEdgar James and WinifredTrevor JamesView
NicholsRobert William and BessieEva Mary HonorView
NicholsRobert William and BessieBessie JeanieView
NicholsRobert William and BessieGrace MaudView
NicholsRobert William and BessieHorace RobertView
NicholsonMartha EllenAmy MonaView
NicholsonWilliam Charles and Annie AliceVera MagdaleneView
NicholsonCharles William and Annie AliceCharles CecilView
NicholsonCharles William and Annie AliceEdna BerthaView
NicholsonCharles William and Annie AliceKatie Olive DoreenView
NicholsonCharles Edward and Martina MargaritaCharles WalterView
NicholsonCharles Edward and Martina MargaritaMargaret ElizabethView
NicholsonCharles Edward and Martena MargaritaMatildaView
NinowFrank William and EstelleRuthView
NixonBrian Edward and Ruth SarahKeith BrianView
NorrisHenry and Alma EireneDaphneView
NorrisHenry and Alma EireneUna DorothyView
NorrisHenry and Alma IreneAthalieView
NorrisHenry and Dorothy AmeliaMargaret ElaineView
NorrisHenry and Dorothy AmeliaBertha MayView
NorrisHenry and Dorothy AmeliaJohn HenryView
NorrisHenry and Dorothy AmeliaRosemarie AnnView
NorrisAubrey Dale and Kathleen WinifredTrevor DaleView
NorrisAubrey Dale and Kathleen WinifredBrian DaleView
NorthJohn Edward and Emma AugustaThelma RosalieView
NorthJohn Edward and Emma AugustaIvy EllenView
NorthJohn Edward and Emma AugustaEmma MayView
NortonJoseph Evans and Emily SelenaOwen CharlesView
NortonOwen Charles and Eleanor Lilias KateCedric FarnolView
NourseCecil Aubrey and Ethel DorothyHelen GordonView
NourseCecil Aubrey and Ethel DorothyMargaret GordonView
NaudeCharles David Jacobus and Hilda GertrudeEzra RaleighView
NixonBrian Edwin and Ruth SarahDenis WilliamView
NaudeBenjamin Andrew and Martha AlidaMagdelena WilhelminaView
NortonJohn Ross and Catherine LouisaCharles RossView
NorrisJohn Henry and Sybil MerleRobert JohnView
NixonBrian Edwin and Ruth SarahRaymond CharlesView
NewbornEustace Charles and Geraldine HazelMark VictorView
NortonJohn Ross and Catherine LouisaBryan RossView
NormanRainald Hereward and Gloria AgnesMerleView
NicholsonAugust George and Nola JoyDelmaine IanView
NelHarry Andrew and Edna LydiaLoraine CarolView
NelHarry Andrew and Edna LydiaDelora YvonneView
NewmanHarry William and Shirley DawnDavid John WilliamView
NashVictor and MargaretMerle MyfanwyView
NaudeJohannes Christophel and ElsaJohannes ChristophelView
Norton??Thomas WilliamView
NewmanHarry William and Shirley DawnSusan MaryView
NixonBrian Edwin and Ruth SarahWendy AnnView
NicholsonJack Charles and Johanna AugustaJennifer AnnView
NicholsonJack Charles and Johanna AugusteVeronica JoyView
NewberyRobin Milman and Meryl HettieWendy MerylView
NunneleyCharles Walter and Veronica HendrinaConstance VeronicaView
NaudeAugust Peter and Joyce SilviaAnthony RoyView
NicholsonJack Charles and Johanna AugusteBrian CameronView
NoackFrederick Julius and Thelma ElizabethCedric RoyView
NaudeAugust Peter and Joyce SylviaWendy LynnView
NewsonRobert Edgar and Olive MaudMichael JamesView
NicholsonJack Charles and Johanna AugusteGeorge HartleyView
NewsonRobert Edgar and Olive MaudSylvia-AnneView
NelHendrick Joseph and Annie IdaMary DoreenView
NelStephen Alfred Orlando and Amy AliciaAndrew Francis BertramView
NelOckert Johannes and Mary Ann JaneLouisa ElizabethView
NiemandNicholas Johannes and Margaret GeorginaNicholas RichardView
NiemandFrans and AliceJoyce FrancesView
NorthDerric Johannes and Minnie ElizabethNoel WilliamView
NelDavid and AnitaDerrick AndrewView
NicksCharles and AnnaAnna JanettaView
NyerchinsCornelius and MariaHannah Leah CatherineView
NortonJohn Robert and Sarah KateLouis EdwardView
NasonMichael Henry and Elizabeth Mary AnnJane SophiaView
NasonMichael Henry and Elizabeth Mary AnnJamesley Elizabeth Mary AnnView
NaudeRalph and ElizabethAlexandriaView
NesbittRichard Athol and Fanny AmeliaRichard FrancisView
NashSamuel and JaneJosephView
NashSamuel George and Jane VictoriaAugustaView
NashSamuel George and Jane VictoriaSophia JaneView
NeuperCarl and DorotheaCaroline ElizaView
NeuperCarl and DorotheaGeorge Frederick LeopoldView
NashAlbert Edwin and MaryDouglas ScottView
NankivellRoland Edmund and Mona ThelmaHoward KeenView
NankivellRoland Edmund and Mona ThelmaIvanView
NodadaArthur and IdahArthur Calvin TamsangaView
NodadaArthur and IdaNonzwakazi Audrey VictoriaView
NashCecil Rodd and Alwine DorothyBeulah MayView
NashCecil Rodd and Alwine DorothyCecile RuthView
NelsonDennis Clement and Eileen EmilyEdgar MilesView
NashCecil Rodd and Alwine DorothyAlvan CecilView
NelJohannes Tobias and Mary ElizabethRonald EdwardView
NgobaneMohapi and SarahMaryView
NokosoloJuliaNomajoni MargaretView
NelsonDennis Clement and Eileen EmilyCreann? ClementView
NzuzoDorotheaWellington WandileView
NzililiHubert PrestinaRichard MbuleliView
NelJohannes Tobias and Mary ElizabethColin JohnView
NelsonDennis Clement and Eileen EmilyAnthony DennisView
NashDouglas Scott and StellaPenelope Ann ScottView
NodadaArthur and IdaJuliet NokuzolaView
NelanaTim and EstherTandekaView
NelanaTim and EstherJoyceView
NelanaTim and EstherTandikaView
NelanaTim and EstherJoyceView
NashDouglas Scott and StellaJennifer Ann ScottView
NgwalasePlaatje and NopbiliElsie NangiweView
NgwalaseElsieJeut NotiliView
NgwalaseElsieBenjamin GederaView
NbabaElijah and NolusufroPatrick YadwaView
NashDouglas Scott and StellaDi'Anne ScottView
NgargeSolomon and GladysVirginia RombubloView
NtoliNsolwara and No WisitePatriciaView
NelanaJuni and GladysLouisaView
NunwaraBoneti and No ArigeCynthiaView
NjokweniTamsanqa and DaisyEunice XoliswaView
NekuSolomon and JanetNokuzola ZolekaView
NqayiJuly and SikiweNomakatiniView
NqayiJuly and SikiweNosisiView
NelMervyn Eugene and ClaireWayne GrayView
NodadaAgnes and GodfreyNomfusi Judith AnneView
NqayiSikiwe and JulyMimiView
NqayiSikiwe and JulyNoliliView
NjawutiPato and NormaNurthafekoView
NicholsonDennis Colin and Margaret GillianAlison DesrayView
NgowafhiVictor and SweethiaNonbuleloView
NodadaKenneth Mbulelo and MargaretSimilo Leonard PercivalView
NqwaryaDaisyMzukisi MartinView
NortjeLouis Andries Gabriel and Yvonne ElaineIan AndreView
NgoboNomfutwara and NonardidiMavisView
NgoboNomfutwara and NonardidiNokuyintombiView
NodadaGodfrey and AgnesNomakwezi Jennifer DawnView
NeedhamPeter John and Geraldine MyraMichelleView
NelMervyn Eugene and ClaireJason CraigView
NoseworthyHenry and JohannaThomasView
NoseworthyHenry and JohannaHelena SusannaView
NosworthyHenry and Johanna KathrinaJaneView
NosworthyHenry and Johanna CatherinaJohanna CatherinaView
NosworthyHenry and Johanna CatherinaHenryView
NosworthyHenry and Johanna CatherinaMartha AndrewsView
NosworthySpencer Suker and Helena SusannaWilliam HenryView
NosworthySpencer Suker and Helena SusannaJohannah Catherina ChristianaView
NosworthySpencer Suker and Helena SusannaSpencer de ConningView
NosworthySpencer Suker and Helena SusannaAmy JaneView
NosworthyThomas and Amy JaneEleanor MaryView
NosworthySpencer Suker and Helena SusannahHenry SukerView
NosworthyCornelius Henry and Berendina GertrudeHenry GordonView
NosworthySpencer Suker and Helena SusannahJoseph AndrewView
NosworthyCornelius Henry and Barindina GertrudeMaria CathrinaView
NosworthyCornelius Henry and Barindina GertrudeJohanna CathrinaView
NosworthyHenry and Sarah LouisaGeorge ThompsonView
NosworthyCornelius Henry and Barindina GertrudeGertrude SusannahView
NortonRichard and Catherine JaneBertie AugustaView
NosworthyHenry and Sarah LouisaDorothy MayView
NosworthyCornelius Henry and Barendina GertrudeEmily MayView
NosworthyHenry and Sarah LouisaStella ConstanceView
NosworthyHenry and Sarah LouisaHenryView
NosworthyHenry and Sarah LouisaJames Edwin RobertsView
NosworthyHenry and Sarah LouisaAubrey MauriceView
NosworthyEdwin Parkin and Sarah MariaDudley AndrewView
NgquakaiJacob and AnnieEnochView
NosworthyEdwin Parkins and Sarah MariaRonald Duncan MartinView
NelsonLeonard and HildaHaida ElizabethView
Nelson??Hilda LouisaView
NelJohannes Jurgens and Irene JosephineDorothy IreneView
NaudeStephanus and VeraDoreen EvelynView
NelEdward and IsabellaAnna EdnaView
NelsonLeonard and HildaStanley LeonardView
NelJohannes Jurgens and Irene JosephineHenry StephenView
NaudeStephanus Petrus and Vera Violet RoseJacobView
NosworthyCornelius Frier and Louia OliveLeslie GeorgeView
NelJohn and SarahCharlotte MarianView
NelJohannes Jurgens and Irene JosephineAubery GeorgeView
NelChristjan Henry and LettieChristina AnnieView
NewcombeAubrey Upham and Fleur-de-LisArthur UphamView
NelChristian Henry and LettieChristina hendrikkaView
NaudeWinston Izak Johannes and Anna Christina Sussana MagdalenaWillem Izak JohannesView
NtutuWilliam and AntoinetteEvelyn Johannah NomatamsangaView
NtyantyaJames and ElsieJaneView
NaudePeter Cornelius and Hester Aletta CorneliaKarin GailView
NelsonRowland Fritz and Susanna ElizabethLeonard DonaldView
NelGert Francois and Iris NatalieNatalie VeronicaView
NaudeMichael Conway and Annette IsabelPaloma ElaineView
NelsonRowland Fritz and Susanna Adriana Margarith ElizabethNoleen LynetteView
NelMelvin and Sarah PatriciaLionel AnthonyView
NelsonEldred George and Cynthia WilhelminaWendy WayneView
NaudeJohannes Carolus and Isobel VioletDean AllastairView
NiemandMartin Fredrick and Louisa FrancinaSylviaView
NiemandMartin Fredrick and Louisa FrancinaMartin MichaelView
NiemandMartin Fredrick and Louisa FrancinaShirley RosemaryView
NiemandMartin Fredrick and Louisa FrancinaCornelius JohannView
NaudeJacob Johannes and ElaineMichelle ElizabethView
NelsonEldred George and Cynthia WilhelminaLaurel AnnView
NaudeJacob Johannes and ElaineDonae AnneView
NaudeJacob Johannes and ElaineCherieView
NaudeJohannes Carolus and Isobel violetAvril JaysonView
NelIzak Petrus and Gillian AnnLinda HelenView
NagelJohannes RudolphMarionView
NaudeAllan william and DesraeKayleighView
NelGert Lewis and Elma ElizabethCharmaine MelanieView
Newman??Thomas GeorgeView
NewmanThomas George and Lilian EmmaThelmaView
NordCarl August and Annie MarthaWalter FrancisView
NichollsAlfred Edwin and Frieda Rosamunde ZetaPhyllis LilyView
NielsonLaurence Nicholas and Lillian BeatriceRalph AnthonyView
NielsonGustav John and Mabel WebsterAlison JoyView
NaudeJohn Nel and MariaLouis StanleyView
NairAnthoney Sebastian Chengany and Elizabeth SebastianJoseph LawrenceView
NairAnthoney Sebastian Chengany and Elizabeth SebastianChristianaView
NeilsonGustave John and Mabel WebsterRuth Isobel PatienceView
NairAnthony Chungnie and Lizzie McMasterGordon DavadasonView
NaidooSundaram and MuthamaJohnView
NielsonLawrence Nicholas and Lillian BeatriceStanley LawrenceView
Naidoo??Mary MatildaView
NelJohn and Mary MagdalineCharles WilliamView
NichollsAlfred Edwin and Frieda Rosamunde ZitaLauraView
NosworthyThomas Henry and Jacoba IsabellaIsabellaView
NeilsonGustave John and Mabel WebsterPhyllis CarolineView
NicholsonWalter and Onyx FarrarJohn patrick RichardView
NielsenJulius Waldemar and Mary MaggieAlfred JamesView
NelsonMatthew Edmund and Sybil AliceNorma AliceView
NortonJohn Louis and Florence LilyRosaline NanView
NeuperJames Ludwig and Lillian MaryDaphne OlgaView
NelJohn and Susarah Cornelia IsabellaAnnie SusarahView
NaidooKota and Easter GladysGeorgeView
NaidooMoorasamy Kortier and Easter GladysReginald EdwardView
NelJohn and SarahJohn JamesView
NeilsonLawrence Nicholas and Lillian BeatriceHenry RaymondView
NaudeGert Johannes and Florence MabelTom GeraldView
NelPeter Edward and Vivian WinifredBenjamin EdwardView
NortonJohn Louis and Florence LilyRobert John LouisView
NezarVictor Reginald and Hope MillicentLeonard CliveView
NelJohn and SarahPetrus JohannesView
NobleRobert Frederick John and Olga Edna ZinnKeith RobertView
NelGert Nicholas and Thelma MayGlynView
NashRaymond and Maria JoanCynthiaView
NelGert Francois and Iris NatalieGraham RichardView
NicksonHarold Walford and Phyllis ElviraGlen Leonard ErrolView
NelMichael Daniel and Sheila ElizabethVeronica ElizabethView
NashRaymond and Maria JoanJudyView
NicksonHarold Walford and Phyllis ElviraJudy FernView
NashRaymond and Maria JoanNoreenView
NelBarend Joseph and Laurene MagdaleneRocsine RenayView
NorrisFrank Greg and Kathleen AmyPeter RichardView
NelStephanus Jacobus Daniel and PatriciaPatricia Rona WendyView
NelMichael Daniel and Sheila ElizabethMichael DanielView
NaudeJohannes Carolus and Shirley Fenella?Laureen MichaelleView
NicholsGeorge Joseph and Ruby SylviaRachel SylviaView
NelLeonard William and Maria MagdalenaClaude WilliamView
NelSteven Daniel and PatriciaMaureen AnnaView
NortjeFerdinand and Barbara AnnAndre DeonView
NelLeonard William and Mary MagdaleneElizabeth CatherineView
NelsonRowland Fritz and SusannaJean ElizabethView
NelsonRonald Alexander and Lynette RuthJennifer BarbaraView
NorrisJohn Henery and Sybil MerleHugh MalcolmView
NelLeonard William and Mary MagdalenaBarbara EvelynView
NelsonKenneth Wilfred and Wendy AnneJulie ElizabethView
NelStephanus Jacobus Daniel and Coral ElouiseWuanita SalomeView
NelsonJoseph and Rosalie SarahFrederick LintonView
NelsonJohn B. and MariaSarah Maria AtkinView
Nunn??William HenryView
NeuperCarl and DorotheaCaroline ElizaView
NeuperCarl and DorotheaGeorge Frederick LeopoldView
NesbittRichard Athol and Frances AmeliaNoelView
NeweyJoseph and Elizabeth TownshendThomas AlfredView
NeuperCarl and DorotheaJames LudwigView
NaudeTheunis Johannes and Claudina MariaTheunsina Martina ElizaView
NelsonJoseph Henry and Caroline Sarah MarthaWinifred DeborahView
NelsonRobert James and Hester AntoinnettaChristoffel Jacobus ColemanView
NeuperCarl (deceased) and DorotheaEdwin Richard FrancisView
NeuperCharles Frederick and Mary JaneThomas Henry GeorgeView
NyamoWilliam and EvelinaLillyView
NicholsonGeorge Hartley and Emily AgnesAngelina VioletView
NzokaJohn and NanceWalter PiersView
NicholsonJohn Granville and Edith MaudJohn GranvilleView
NesbittJohn Warren and Sarah SusannahJosephine Annie MoodieView
NgsizulaJohn and AnnieHelena GraceView
NgolambiniBenjamin and MargaretHarrietView
NeuperCharles Frederick and Mary JaneBenetta Ellen LouisaView
NyokaJohn and NanaWilliam AlexanderView
NyokaFrederick and Sarah AnneAlexander WilliamView
NyokaFrederick and Sarah AnneBessieView
NzokiJohn and NanaEdwin SemsView
NeuperCharles Frederick and Mary JaneFlorence Ann DorotheaView
NeuperCharles Frederick and Mary JaneWilliam Carl RobertView
NorthWilliam and Sarah JohannaSarah Johanna ElizabethView
NorthWilliam and Sarah JohannaWilliam JohannesView
NeuperJoseph Edward Charles and Irene DollyIris Mary JaneView
Nelson-ThompsonSamuel Robert and Louisa SophiaCoert van RensburgView
NeuperIrene Dolly and Edward Joseph CharlesCharles Bernard HenryView
NeuperEdward Joseph Charles and Irene DollyFlorence Thelma RachelView
NeuperJames Ludwick and Lilian MaryCleave JamesView
NeuperJames Ludwig and Lilian MaryMary MagdaleneView
NeuperJames Ludwig and Lilian MaryQuentinView
NeuperJames Ludwig and Lillian MaryTrevorView
NelJane Jeremiah Daniel and Dorothy EllenDorothy FrancesView
NeuperMartin Charles and Louisa FrancesVeva LouisaView
Neuper-NelsonEdwin Claude Minnie DouglasAlwin Adaler (adopted)View
NeuperMartin Charles and Louisa FrancesMartin NevilleView
NeuperMartin Charles and Louisa FrancesValerie RuthView
NgcengeSturman and NowentiSherrie MinaView
NgxamugxaAmos and MargretJamesView
NgxamugxaJuly and AnnieLizzieView
NicholasCollan Tom and Rosie Ann EllenEdward GeorgeView
NormanWilliam Henry and Annie SuttonEthelView
NgesmanElias and FrancesFeliciaView
NgxamngxaMichael and RebeccaJohnView
NicholsonJohn Henry and Amy JannetStanley William ArthurView
NaudeCharles David Deconning and Philippina RuedolffinaEzra ThomasView
NomgaMagabel and NohalitiSibuqasheView
NicholsonWilliam Henry and Sophia AlettaHely William RobertView
NaudeCharles David Deconning and Philippina RuedolffinaPeter Cornelius DeconningView
NormanWilliam Henry and Annie SuttonPercival EverittView
NgxamngxaJulius and AnnieMaudieView
NaudeCharles David and MariaJoseph DanielView
NicholsonWilliam Henry and Sofia AlettaHenry jamesView
NicholsonWalter and Louisa Whilemina AugustaFred ReubenView
NicholsonWalter and Louisa Whilemina AugustaCharles EdwardView
NicholsonGeorge William and MaryGeorge NapierView
NormanWilliam Henry and Annie SuttonArchibald William ThomasView
NealeRichard Francis and Ethel Ellen (Shutte)Richard Jack NealeView
NicholsonWalter and LouisaEdwin WilfridView
NicholsonRobert and Louisa Ernestine MatildaEva EdnaView
NicholsonRobert and Louisa Ernestine MatildaArthur CollinsView
NicholsonWalter and Louisa Wilhelmine AugusteSidney WalterView
NicholsonGeorge William and MaryMargaret MaudView
NelsonAndrew and Annie MariaJoseph EmmanuelView
N'KomoPhilimon and SelinaEvylina Virginia BurgiswaView
NicholsonWalter and Louise Wilhelmine AugusteBertie PhilipView
NixonJohn Wilfred and Amelia MagdelineWilfred GordonView
NicholsonRobert and Louisa Ernestine MatildaRobert JohnView
NelElias Paulus and Cornelia HendrinaMaria ElizabethView
N'KomoSolomon and GeorginaFlorence IvyView
NgxamgkaElijah and EmilyAndrew GozaView
NicholsonWalter and Louise Wilhelmine AugusteTeddy JosephView
NicholsonHerbert Walter and Maria Johanna ElizabethMaude Elsie AgnesView
NicholsonAugust George and Elsie Sophia JacobaHerbert Henry IsaacView
NicholsonRobert and Louisa Ernestine MatildaHarry PeterView
NicholsonRobert and Louisa Ernestine MatildaKate VioletView
NicholsonHerbert Walter and Maria Johanna ElizabethGeorge Henry August JosephView
NqakaqaJames and EllenGertrude MopandleView
NicholsonAugust George and Elsie Sophia JacobaMaude Annie MaryView
NicholsonWalter and Louise Wilhelmine AugusteJohanna PaulinaView
NicholsonHerbert Walter and Maria Johanna ElizabethDick Malta HermannView
NicholsonAugust George William Herbert and Elsie Sophie JacobaJoseph Stanley ThomasView
NicholsonRobert and Louisa Enstine MatildaVictor ItleView
NicholsonAugust George William Herbert and Elsie Sophia JacobaAugust George HerbertView
NormanJoseph Henry and Maud Gertrude AllisonIvanView
NormanThomas Levi and EllenDonaldView
NormanJoseph Henry and Maud Gertrude AllisonColleen AnneView
NormanPercy Everitt and Freda EmilyDawnView
NicholsonHely William Robert and Evelyn MariaLenore ValerieView
NormanOliver James and Johanna Louisa CatharineKateView
NormanPercival Everitt and Freda Emily LouiseWilliam JackView
NicholsonGeorge Napier and Antonie ThereseBasil LaurieView
NormanRobert French and Marie Emelie FrederickeDennis ArthurView
NicholsonJohn Edward and Annie MatildaFred MichaelView
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Therese WilhiminaDudley Kadmiel (adopted)View
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Therese WilhiminaBertha May WendyView
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Theresa WilhiminaCynthia Lorna LantzView
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Theresa WilhiminaJohn WilliamView
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Theresa WilhiminaYvonne Rose HendrinaView
NicholsonGeorge Napier and Antonie ThereseDennis ColinView
NormanRobert French and Marie Emily FredrikeRalph JosephView
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Therese WilhiminaGeorge Arthur JamesView
NormanRobert French and Marie Emily FredrikeRuth MildredView
NormanWilfred James and Harriet ElizabethLeonard JamesView
NellGeorge Arthur James and Bertha Theresa WilhelminaJoyce Isabella DorothyView
NormanArchibald William Thomas and Daisy WinifredJoan MaryView
NicholsonDonald Hartley Aubrey and Irene StellaCynthia MaryView
NelBenjamin Daniel and FrancesRocco Montague BenjaminView
NellWilliam James and Hester MagdelenaWilliam James WinstonView
NormanSydney and Wanda RoseArthurView
NormanRobert French and Maria Emilie FredrickPhyllis MaudeView
NormanArchibald William Thomas and Daisy WinifredNola AnnView
NormanArchibald William Thomas and Daisy WinefredOwen ArchibaldView
NicholsonDonald Hartley Aubrey and Irene StellaPatrick DonaldView
NicholsonDonald Hartley Aubrey and Irene StellaDorothy AliceView
NormanArchibald William Thomas and Daisy WinifredGerald FrederickView
NellWilliam James and Hester MagdaleneRodney George HenryView
NormanRobert French and Marie Emilie FredrickaWinston CharlesView
NellWilliam James and Hester MagdalenePhillip Lester vivianView
NormanDonald and MagriethaDesmond DonaldView
NormanDonald and MagriethaGavin NigelView
NormanDonald and MagriethaAubrey ClydeView
NodenAndries Krige and LynetteGary DeanView
NormanIvan and Fay SheilaCraig DenzilView
NormanIvan and Fay SheilaMark AntonyView
NormanDonald and MargriethaLlewelyn BrianView
NormanDonald and MagriethaBeverley AnnView
NicholsonBasil Laurie and LornaDerek GavinView
NelLouis Owen and Lyra GwendolineIan CraigView
NormanIvan and Fay SheilaTimothy GrayView
NorrisTrevor Dale and Margaret AnneJanet AnneView
NortonBertram Bowker Stanley and Enid MarionFrancis BertramView
NortonBertram Bowker Stanley and Enid MarionEnid LorraineView
NashWilliam Jeffery and Saida Ellen Frances AliceRichard JefferyView
NortonBertram Bowker Stanley and Enid MarionJohn BertramView
NiemandPetter Johannes Schilk and Sarah Johanna MagdaleneDick PhillipseView
NortonBertram Bowker Stanley and Enid MarionEric BertramView
NorrisGeorge Harman and OliveAthol BasilView
NiemandNicholas Johannes and Maude AugustaMaude AugustaView
NearyEdwin George and Winifred JoyceGeorge SmartView
NiemandNicholas Johannes and Maude AugustaAlice MatildaView
NaidooSoobrayloo and MungathyeFrancis MichaelView
NelElizabeth Johanna AlidaBeak WolhuterView
NaidooJoe and MaryRichardView
NicholasRichard Joseph and Jessie CoralStella MifanwyView
NoachBernard and ChristinaFlorenceView
NxaweGalpin and KateLiziweView
NewdigateHenry Edward Arthur and Amy Aileen CotterellElizabeth AnnView
NorthoverErnest Charles and Joan RolloJohn DruView
NorvalCharles and WinifredMyrtleView
NorthoverErnest Charles and Joan RolloNicolas JamesView
NewhamJohn and AliceWalter Herbert Gordon MichaelView
NelFrederick and MarthaDaphne MaryView
NortonPhilip Bertram and Emily BennettaDiana MarianView
NorthoverErnest Charles and Joan RolloRichard CharlesView
NelPieter and AlidaCarol LorraineView
NoyesRobin Michael and Thelma Avis (Lewis)Carol MarilynView
NelPeter and AlidaNorma StellaView
NorrisSidney Gordon and Verna Eslie RipponMichael GordonView
NortonJohn Cyprian Ogilvie and Kathleen BarbaraJoan OgilvieView
NortonPhilip Bertram and Emily BennettaRichard StanleyView
NordenPetrus Jacobus Wellem and Cecily BourchierPierre David JohnView
NiemandtNorman Robert and Olive MyrtleEllva RuthView
NortonEric Bertram and Joyce MargaretJennifer MargaretView
NorwoodRobert Thomas Stanley and Dorothy SybilSimon ThomasView
NorwoodRobert Thomas Stanley and Dorothy SybilSusan MaryView
NavigaJoseph August And Eida (May)John Henry JosephView
NagleDavid And Annie (Kelly)Alfred ThomasView
NormanGeorge And Mary (Carroll)Elizabeth MayView
NobleRobert And Mary Jane (Whitecross)Annie ReginaView
NagleDavid And Annie (Kelly)Gertrude MayView
NormanGeorge And Mary (Carroll)Agnes AliceView
NobleRobert And Mary Jane (Whitecross)Ethel JosephineView
NanceRobert And Catherine (Ambrose)GladiceView
NormanGeorge And Mary (Carroll)Frances MaudView
NicholasLucas And Antonette (Pitfeair)Anthony GeorgeView
NicollThomas And Catherine (Mccarthy)Dorothy MaryView
NobleRobert And Mary Jane (Whitecross)Thomas ReginaldView
NanceRobert And Catherine (Ambrose)William AmbroseView
NicollThomas And Catharine (Mccarthy)Charles Stephen MccarthyView
Newton??William HarrisView
NicholasLucas And Antonetta (Pitfeair)George GustaveView
NiekerkJohn And Alice (Adams)FranciscusView
NobleRobert And Mary Jane (Whitecross)Leonard EbnerView
NanceRobert And Kate (Ambrose)Kathleen MaudView
NicollThomas And Catherine (Mccarthy)Walter FrancesView
NagleDavid And Annie (Kelly)Dominio ErnestView
NoliAngelo And Quinnetha Maria (Rizzo)Maria ElizaView
NiekerkJohn And Alice (Adams)JamesView
NobleRobert E. And Mary (Whitecross)Hilda NettieView
NanceRobert And Catherine (Ambrose)Gwendoline MaryView
NanceHenry And Henrietta (Allen)Ruth HopeView
NeilJohn And KateMary Zoe (Ballantyne Nee Neil)View
NiekerkJohn And Alice (Adams)Maurice StephenView
NywaNozosokasi (??)WilliamView
NanceRobert And Catherine (Ambrose)May GertrudeView
NicholasLucas And Antonette (Pitfeair)Florence JaneView
NannucciLuigi Enrico Riccardo And Florence (Moore)Enrico Miltiadis JosephView
NathanEdmund And Margaret (Moran)George MichaelView
NiekerkJohn And Alice (Adams)Louisa MariaView
NelsonEdithWilliam Edward Aquin (Adopted Name Jackson)View
NanceAugustus H. Parker And Henrietta (Allen)William ElijahView
NoliAngelo And Maria (Rizzo)Giovanni Baptista PeterView
NicolCharles And Elsie (Pirie)Robert AnselmView
NannucciEnrico And Florence (Moore)DanteView
NobleRobert And Mary Jane (Whitecross)William EdwardView
NaudeJohn And Diana (Paulsen)JohannaView
NordenLouis And Margaret (Jones)Gertrude Georgina (Van Eden Nee Norden)View
NelsonMartin Henry Theodore And Maria Alice (Wiley)Aida ElizabethView
NelsonMartin Henry Theodore And Maria Alice (Wiley)Emma AugustaView
NewmanEdward Alfred And Edith Clara (Wilson)Aileen KathleenView
NondlwanaJoseph And Annie (Mapiyela)MichaelView
NoliAngelo And Quinsette M. (Rizzo)AngelinaView
NicholasLucas And Antonetta (Pitfeair)William JohnView
NobleCharles Forrester Joseph And Emily Mary (Bradford)Mary EllenView
Niles-DunerCharles Gustaf And Margaret Ivy (Geary)Vivian Hilda Waldemar PatrickView
NewmanJames And Hannah (Lowndes)JamesView
NewmanEdward Alfred And Edith Clare (Wilson)Margaret JaneView
NobleCharles F. Joseph And Emily Mary (Bradford)Albert WilliamView
NoliAngelo And Quinsetter (Elizabeth) Maria (Rizzo)Carmela AngelinaView
NelsonMartin And Maria (Wiley)HildaView
NobleRobert And Mary (Whitecross)Mary MagdalenView
NashAlbert And Sarah (Van Staren)Esther AnnaView
NewmanEdward Alfred And Edith Clara (Wilson)John GeorgeView
NeukirchnerFrederick Alexander And Lilian Edmonds (Quigley)Gladys LilianView
NelsonJohn Scullen And Isabella (Bella) (Coutts)Clara AnnieView
NondlwanaJoseph And AnnieSamuelView
NelsonMartin Henry Theodor And Maria Alice (Wiley)Ida Hester MaryView
NashWilliam Henry And Ada Elizabeth (Beckett)Gladys MaryView
NobleCharles And Emily (Bradford)Doris AnneView
NoliAngelo And Linzetta Elizabeth (Rizzo)Albert GeorginaView
Newton (Isaac And MaryMalcolm JosephView
NobleRobert and Mary Anne (Whitecross)Eric VincentView
NanceHarry and Henrietta (Allen)HerbertView
NicholsonWilfred and Margaret Kerr (Mitchel)Muriel JosephineView
NicholsonWilfred and Margaret Kerr (Mitchel)Wilfred CharlesView
NicholsonWilfred and Margaret Kerr (Mitchel)Evelyn Mary RoseView
NicholsonWilfred and Margaret Kerr (Mitchel)James MauriceView
NewtonMalcolm James (de Marcus) and Dorothy (Yard)JamesView
NewmanEdward Alfred and Edith Clare (Wilson)Edward AlfredView
NondlwanaJoseph and Annie (Mabizela)MonicaView
NicholasLucas and Antoinette (Pitfeair)Wilhelmina JohannaView
NewtonJoseph Malcolm and Dorothy (Yard)Mary AlethuaView
NiekerkCaryLucy MaryView
NobleCharles and Emily (Bradford)GilbertView
NanceHenry and Henriette (Allen)Gladis HenriettaView
NewtonMalcolm and Dorothy (Yard)George CharlesView
NanceClara JaneRichard Hainsworth HancockView
NondlwanaJoseph and Annie (Mabizela)SimonView
NiekerkCarolinePeter AndrewView
NicholsonGeorge Thomas and Maria (Hailbrant)GeorgeView
NothardWilliam and Sarah (Adams)Hanna Furber (SIMPSON nee NOTHARD)View
NawdishAndrew William and Elizabeth Douglas (Reid)Edgar DouglasView
NondlwanaJoseph and Annie (Mabizela)Margaret MaryView
NewtonMalcolm James and Dorothy (Yard)Agatha JaneView
NortonGeorginaDoris MaryView
NewmanEdward Alfred and Edith Clara (Wilson)Mary ElizabethView
Naidoo??Permal FrancisView
NagleJohn Henry and Edna May (Smithson)Bernard AlfredView
NapierAlexander and Florence Edith (Devlin)Roy AlexanderView
NondlwanaJoseph and Annie (Mabizela)VeronicaView
NewtonMalcolm Joseph and Dorothy (Yard)Ellen MonicaView
NelMariaJohannes Pauwles Joseph GeorgeView
NicholsonGeorge Thomas and Maria (Hailbrant)StoffelView
NordlingerJohn Edward and Kathleen Mary (Tooner)Nora HelenView
NewmanEdward Alfred and Edith Clare (Wilson)Doreen FrancesView
NobleCharles Joseph and Margaret (Burgess)Thelma MargaretView
NagleJohn Henry and Edna May (Smithson)Eileen AgnesView
NortonEdward Henry George and Emma Margaret Mary (Hoffmann)Lillith Winifred MaryView
NdokweniCharles and Anne (Dindar)Louise MaryView
NdokweniCharles and Annie (Dindar)MaudView
NdokweniNicholas and Mary (Andries)GeorgeView
NewtonMalcolm Demarcus and Dorothy (Yard)Edward EmmanuelView
Nogolena nee Lepesh??AnnieView
NondlwanaJoseph and Annie (Mabizela)VirginiaView
NapierAlexander and Florence Edith (Devlin)Sheila Hazel AlexanderView
NordlingerJohn Edward and Kathleen Mary (Tooner)Irene ConstanceView
NobleCharles and Margaret (Burgess)Ruthy AmyView
NowlanCharles Alfred and Mary Elinor (Standidge)Joseph PatrickView
NewtonMalcolm and Dorothy Frances (Yard)JohnView
NelsonWilliam and Eva (Montague)John JosephView
NondlwanaJoseph and Annie (Mabizela)ThomasView
NowlanCharles Alfred and Mary Ellen (Standidge)Rose Edith WinifredView
NellCathrineCathrine ElizabethView
NewtonMalcolm and Dorothy (Yon)Peter LukeView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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