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Surname Parents Names Child Names View
QuirkJeremiah and Louisa??View
QuirkJeremiah and LouisaJohanna Frances MaryView
QuirkJeremiah and LouiseMaria CatherineView
QuirkJeremiah and LouisaJohn JeremiahView
QuirkJeremiah and LouisaDaniel ChristianView
QuirkJeremiah and Louisa FredericaJeremiah MatthewView
QuerlHeinrich Carl and Martha AugustaAugustView
QuartermanStanley and Catherine Freddie NellieViviers JulianView
QuinJohn Thomas and Anna CeciliaHenry AlfordView
QuinnJohn Thomas and Anne CeciliaMaria MagdalenView
QuinnJohn Thomas and Anna CeciliaVivian GilbertView
QuihamptonDonald and Winifred MaryMary PatriciaView
QuinnJohn Thomas and Annie CeciliaEileen MayView
QuartermanStanley and Catherine NellieAlfred RichardView
QuinnAlfred John and Irene PriscillaMaureen ElizabethView
QuickHedley John and Noel MaryShirleyView
QuickHedley John and Noel MaryAnnetteView
QuinnAlfred John (deceased) and Irene PriscillaAlfred JohnView
QuickHealey John and Noel MaryJaneView
QuinnFrank and Stella AnnetteDeniseView
QuinnRalph Andrew and Sylvia MyrtleSandra JeanView
QuirkJeremiah and Louisa Michael EchhornView
QuirkJeremiah and LouisaGeorge EdwardView
QuirkWilliam and Harriet JaneWilliam Frederick JeremiahView
QuirkSidney George and Anna ChristineRita AnnView
QuirkSidney George and Anna ChristinaVelma JoanView
QuerlHeinrich Carl and Martha AugustaAugustView
QuallyConstantine Demerius and EustraciaTheodore Allan Petros?View
QuarmbySydney Herbert and Grace Winifred MaryJoyce WinifredView
QuickelbergAlbert and JoannaNathalie DoreenView
QuickelbergeMelden Ian and ElizabethLola JoanView
QoliUyari and NozamileElsieView
QoniNtulo and NompukuBobbyView
QuirkEdward George and Winifred DorothyCharlotte HarrietView
QuirkHenry Kelly Kenny and Molly AmabellaGloria MoreenView
QuirkHenry Kelly Kenny and Molly AnnabellaRichard LesterView
QuailHenry Clarendon and HildaLorraine MayView
QuirkHenry Kelly Kenny and Mollie AnnabelleGeorge William KennethView
QuirkSidney George and Anna ChristinaSidney Graham WilliamView
QuirkThomas and Adelaide EvelynBeatrice StellaView
QuigginVictor Kenneth and Millicent ElizabethPatricia RowenaView
Quinn??Kate MaryView
QuinnPatrick And Kate (Warren)Patrick John MayView
QuinlanJames And Maud (Mccabe)Eileen KatherineView
QuinnJohn And Thurza Louisa (Hargrave)KathleenView
QuinnHenry And Johanna (Johannes Jacobus Stephannes) (Viljoen)Hercules Albert JamesView
QuinnPatrick And Katie Adelaide (Warren)Ethel Emily IoneView
QuinnJohn Patrick And Thurza Louisa (Hargrave)Eric PatrickView
QuinnJohn And Thurza (Hargrave)Mary EileenView
QuintusJames And Elizabeth Ann (Beckwith)Alfred PercivalView
QuirkWilliam Henry And Emilie (Maidorn)Catherine Emily MaryView
QuirkGordon and Anastasia (Cudmore)John Gordon DenisView
QuirkMichael Gordon and Anastasia (Cudmore)Mary EileenView
QuirkMichael Gordon and Anastasia (Cudmore)Madaline KathleenView
QuadeRuben John and Ellen Alice Mary Elizabeth (Hohman)Mary (Mavis) MaudView
QuadeRuben John and Ellen (Hohman)Gladys ElizabethView
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