Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : R
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
RobertsWilliam and MariaWilliamView
RobertsWilliam and MariaHenryView
RobertsWilliam and MariaBenjaminView
RuddDavid and MarthaDavidView
RobertsWilliam and MariaJamesView
RuddDavid and MarthaCharlesView
RuddDavid and MarthaJohnView
RinkenJohn and HannahHarrietView
RadfordJoseph and AnnMary AnnView
RichardsonJohn and EmmaJamesView
RandallBenjamin and CharlotteSarah AnnView
RandallJohn and ElizabethRebecca AnnView
RiggienJames and MaryJames HenryView
RandallBenjamin and CharlotteMary JaneView
RandallBenjamin and CharlotteJames HenryView
RiggienJames and MaryElizabeth AnnView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethWilliam ArthurView
Rielly (Reilly?)William and LouisaWilliam HenryView
RolfsenLauritz and OliveCharles Albert SerresView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethAnna MariaView
Rielly (Reilly?)William and LouisaJames AlexanderView
RolfsenLauritz and OliveMalvina Janetta OliviaView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethElizabeth AliceView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethRachel RogersView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethAnnie HelenaView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethCharlotte AdaView
ReevesWilliam and Emma ElizabethDaisy CatharineView
ReevesWilliam and Emma ElizabethLaura MaryView
ReevesWilliam and Emma ElizabethHenrietta EmmaView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethWilliam Arthur ElliottView
ReeveWilliam and EmmaFrank CyrilView
RichardsonJeremiah and Clara SusannaEdwin PrestonView
RixMaurice Hart and Florence PatriciaJohn VignerotheView
ReillyClarence Eric and Emily DoreenDawn PatriciaView
ReynoldsLouis Ornand and Dorothy HildaAnthony Godfrey PatrickView
ReillyRob Selwyn and Gwendoline MargaretJennifer AnnView
ReillyClarence Eric and Emily DoreenStephanie GraceView
ReillyClarence Eric and Emily DoreenAlan SpencerView
ReillyRob Selwyn and Gwendoline MargaretRosemary MargaretView
ReillyClarence Eric and Emily DoreenGraham GeorgeView
RecordFrederick Archibald and Verna MargaretBrent EdgarView
ReillyClarence Eric and Emily DoreenMaridth DeborahView
RichterGordon Basil and Jennifer JanePamela JaneView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnnieRobert HenryView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnnieSarah AnnView
RamseyDavid and RosannaMatildaView
ReevesWilliam and Emma ElizabethFlorence SusanView
RussellJoseph and FannyHarry OvertonView
ReynoldsWilliam Joseph and EmilyMary Susan ElizabethView
RobertsMaynard and ElizabethGeorge MurrayView
ReevesWilliam and EmmaWilliam GardeView
ReynoldsWilliam G. and EmilyMay EthelView
ReevesWilliam and EmmaGeorge FerdinandView
ReeveWilliam and EmmaKatie EthelineView
RussellEdward and Racehl MariaMyrtle AlmaView
RussellEdward and Rachel MariaFrank GordonView
RussellEdward and Rachel MariaMelvillView
ReedFredrick and EstherFredrickView
RochatAlfred Alexander and Edith AliceFrank PercivalView
RossEdward and MargaretEmily MaryView
RossEdward and MargaretElizabeth JaneView
RossEdward and MargaretSarah AnnView
RoellJohn and FriederickaJohn CharlesView
RobertsJohn and Judith JaneRosina Elizabeth SophiaView
RohlandHugo Karl Adelbert and FrederickaHugo Adolph LudwigView
RoellJohn and FriderikaMaria CatarinaView
RoellJohn and FriderikaLouisa FriderikaView
RoellJohn and FriderikaChristiana HenriettaView
RoellJohn and FriderikaLouisa WilhelminaView
ReedWilliam Michael and AnnCharles HenryView
RoellJohn and FriderikaJosephina BarbaraView
RoellJohn and FriderikaAugusta LouisaView
RoellJohn and FriderikaChristina FriderikaView
RogersWilliam Downs and Johanna JacobaMagdalene FreemanView
RorichPaul Conrad Odendal and Anna JohannaAlbertView
RittmannCharles and Mary AnnJoseph Edward AlfredView
RittmannCharles and Mary AnnIda Florence JanetteView
RittmannCharles and Mary AnnLily Evelyn MabelView
RubidgeRobert Henry and Agnes ElizabethNorma VioletteView
RytonAlbert Wilson and MarionThomas Reginald Lawson ForsterView
ReichSimpson and JessieFrancis JosephView
RauschFrederick and AlbertinaEdward FrederickView
RavenscroftWilliam John and Rachel JohannaMary Magdalene JohannaView
RauschChristian Frederick and Albertina WilhelminaJohanna MarthaView
ReynierseMartin and Cornelia Susara SalominaNellieView
RudolphJulius Carl and Emma MariaRedvers Cecil JuliusView
RohrmanCharles and HarrietAlfred BasilView
RamsayWilliam Leslie and Gertrude Sarah (Ka Kinnear)Irene Annie GertrudeView
RossFrans Martin and Mary ElizabethSusanna ElizabethView
ReddingJohn Edward and MargaretSamuel John RichardView
RoodtAndries Johannes and Elizabeth PetronellaElizabeth PetronellaView
RobinsonJames Edmund and Henrietta GeorginaIris ImoView
RennieKeith Hutchison and HelenWinifred Mary HutchisonView
RobinsonJames Edmund and Henrietta GeorginaEdmund QuintusView
RoomeWilliam Bushnell and Violet HelenaWallace Home BushnellView
RobinsonJames Edmund and Henrietta GeorginaIlva DaphnieView
ReimersBertram Llewellyn and Muriel Eily MacDonaldMarjorie EthelView
RennieJohn Milford and Hilda MaudDoreen MurielView
RichardsonCecil Lancelot and Alice CrystalHester CharlesView
ReutersAnthony and Jane Kathleen (Abercrombie)Harry RobertView
RobertsHenry Clifford and MaryReuben Guy HaleView
ReynierseJohn David and Doris Susan ElizabethMalcolm JohnView
RobertsHenry Clifford and MaryRonald HallView
ReynierseJohn David and Doris SusanMelvilleView
ReinhardtFrederick George and Lydia VictoriaJackView
Rowe-RoweCyril Frank and GloriaHelen MichelleView
ReinhardtFrederick George and Lydia VictoriaLydia GraceView
ReinhardtFrederick George and Lydia VictoriaFrederick GeorgeView
ReinhardtFrederick George and Lydia VictoriaJune LillyView
RobertsReuben Guy and Mavis LilianRodney GuyView
RobbJohn Francis and Gail ElizabethKenneth JohnView
RobbJohn Francis and Gail ElizabethGarth PhilipView
RobbJohn Francis and Gail ElizabethMargo ElizaView
RawstorneJames and RachelLawrence Francis AthertonView
RawstorneJames and RachelHorace Francis AthertonView
RousTom and HelenaLydia MargaretView
RousTom and HelenaHelen JaneView
RousTom and Helena JohannaFlorence LouisaView
ReenlanderLouis and SusannaHenry Gustav AdolphView
RobertsonJohn and Alice MargaretteJessie ElizabethView
RitchieAdam and ElizabethWilliam RobertView
RalphJohn George and ElizabethMartha AnnView
RoseHenry Joseph and AmeliaMabel EvelynView
RichardJohn Crabb and AnneAnnie RebekahView
RalphJohn George and ElizabethCharles HenryView
RossRichard Andrew and Emma HardingRichard WilliamView
ReynoldsCharles and Caroline ElizabethWilliamView
RuschAugust and HannahGeorge Christian Paul LouisView
RorieDoraElizabeth JaneView
RawlingsonEdward and HarriettCharlotte AnnView
RobertsRichard and EllenBessieView
RuschAugust Frederik David and HannahLily Frances ElizabethView
RoyffeWilliam and JaneWilliam Angus MartinView
RetiefPieter and Magdalena JohannaPieter CornelisView
RoosJohan Jona and Jacoba PetronellaJacoba PetronellaView
RiversHarry and Charlotte JohannaCharlotte MaryView
RiversHarry and Charlotte JohannaJosias CharlesView
RaffertyJohn and Johanna MargaretJames ClarkeView
RuddyJonathan and SennaAdamView
RoweSamuel and SarahSarahView
RowlandHenry Thomas and NancyGeorge WallaceView
RubidgeHerbert Jones and Sophia BennisonSarah MargaretView
RawstorneJohn George and CarolineGeorge Albert LawrenceView
RussonGeorge and JaneLouisa AnnView
RowlandHenry and NancyWilliam Henry JamesView
RichardsGeorge and MaryRobert LewisView
ReadRobert and Sarah AnnSarah AnnView
RawstorneJohn George and CarolineCharlotte ElizabethView
ReynoldsWilliam and SarahAlexander StirleyView
RussellEdward and BridgetElizabeth AnnView
ReadRobert and Sarah AnnRobert HenryView
RowlandHenry Thomas and AnnCharlotte MarianView
RowleyWilliam and Mary AnnArthur AngersteinView
RauschGotlieb and AugusteEmalie AugusteView
RandallGeorge and Nina FannyGeorge JohnView
RobertsJames and MargaretMatilda PercivallView
RasmussenIan William and Rachel EmilyEmily JaneView
RasmussenWilliam and Rachel EmilyJens Richard WilliamView
RasmussenWilliam and Rachel EmilyRobert Joseph AugustView
RasmussenJean William and Rachel EmilyCaroline MariaView
RasmussenRichard William and Rachel EmilyErnest JohnView
RasmussenRichard William and Rachel EmilyThomas AlbertView
RasmussenJames William Richard and Rachael EmilyHilton LinwoodView
RassmussenJames Richard William and Rachel EmilyEdward HenryView
RassmussenJames Richard William and Rachel EmilyNorman SidneyView
RassmussenJames Richard William and Rachel EmilyJeanetta CeciliaView
RasmussenRobert and MaudeAlwyn William GeorgeView
RasmussenSamuel and VeraMelville William GeorgeView
RasmussenSamuel Oliver and Vera IvelineAubrey OliverView
RasmussenLinwood and HildaSylvia MayView
RasmussenThomas Albert and JoachimaRachel HazelView
RasmussenHilton Linwood and Hilda PaulinaDesmond HiltonView
RasmussenLinwood and HildaDalton LionelView
RasmussenEdward Henry and Edna CharlottaMalcolm AustinView
RajahPercival Robert and RosalineEvangeline Harriet SalomeView
RaynesRobert Arthur and AnnieAlice DorothyView
RobinsonCharles and AnnieEdna MayView
ReynoldsJames and Amy MariaArthur ForbesView
RestallCharles Albert and Ellen NorahAlbert LeslieView
RaynerRobert Arthur and AnnieRosa RhodesView
RajahPercival and RosalineCecil Emmanuel PercivalView
ReidFitzgerald and RachelMartha EmmaView
RidleyFrancis Lewin and Gertrude SarahVera GertrudeView
RohdenJulius Frederick and EmilyDorothy EmilyView
RousJames Cole and Anna LouiseJames ColeView
ReidHubert Theodore and Norah MayEmily MayView
RoweValentine and Beatrice VioletAda Violet DorcasView
RobsonCharles William and CatherineCharles WilliamView
RobsonCharles William and CatherineEthel MayView
RajahPercival and RosalineSolomon SathiarathenView
ReidHubert Theodore and Norah MayBeryl MaudView
RajahPercival and RosalineJoseph Anton PercivalView
RossJohn and Dorothy JeanKenneth JohnView
RingroseAlbert and Christina AllanMaurice DentView
RushbyJames Henry and ElsieMayView
RustebeigAlbert Otto and WilhelminaHenry James (adopted)View
ReadDavid Lancelot and AnnieLouisaView
Rajah(Rajah) Percival and Rosaline Naomi (Percival)Aaron David (Harold)View
RouxHenry William and Mabel AmeliaMary AntoinettaView
RileyWilliam Thomas and Lillian MayWilliam LennardView
RobinsonThomas Frederick and Jessie MatildaGloria EdithView
ReynoldsHerbert Aubrey James and Olive LydiaLeslie FrancisView
RobertsJames Arthur Francis and Anna SusannaGladstone EwartView
RandellRolland Henry and Ethel Elizabeth WhartonHope WhartonView
RennieFrederick William and Gertrude MargaretDorothy MayView
RandellRolland Henry and Ethel Elizabeth WhartonGlanvill WhartonView
RidgeWilliam Ernest and Emily AnnEdna JoyceView
ReadDavis Lancelot and AnnieJohn CecilView
RouxHenry Wilhelm and Mabel AmeliaRose ThelmaView
RandellRolland Henry and Ethel Elizabeth WhartonJoy WhartonView
RobinsonThomas Frederick and Janie MatildaStella DorothyView
RamplingAlbert Edward and Bertha KathleenHazel Lulu MadgeView
RodgersNorman Aubrey and Janet MaryKenneth AubreyView
RouxHenry Wilhelm and Mabel AmeliaPierre AlbertView
RobertsonThomas Alexander and Kathleen MaudMolly MurielView
ReadWalter and MaryBasilView
RushbyJames Henry and ElsieHazelView
RodgersNorman Aubrey and JanetLlewellyn Dold?View
RedmanLionel George and Rosalie MabelJohn LionelView
RobbAlec Arundel and Edith AmyMolly DorothyView
RustebergHermann Theodore and Evelina JaneLawrence ReginaldView
RedmanLionel George and Rosalie MabelDerickView
RobinsonAlfred and BessieCharlesView
RobinsonRobert Samson and Edna EllenValerie MaudView
RoweAlice MildredAngus TrevorView
RawlingsCaryl Alfred and Sylvia TheresaFay ErnaView
RoachHector Baden Elliott and Esme EmilyDulcie AnnView
RobinsonWilliam Albert and Phoebe IrenePhyllis WilmaView
RobertsEric and IreneHarold CarlisleView
RankinPhilip Kirstein and Doreen OnslowJennifer BarbaraView
RobertsonFrancis Herald and Florence AmeliaBlancheView
RobertsonFrancis Herald and Florence AmeliaEthelView
RawsthorneGerald Rowley and LilyMarjorie BerylView
Ross-ThompsonIvan Denis and Barbara JeanJaneView
RossHarold Herbert and Jessie DoreenEric Robert MaxwellView
RadmoreHerbert William Henry and Mary Anne JaneDesmond William JohnView
RowCyril Edward Assheton and Amy Tracy CampbellRita Charlotte AsshetonView
RowCyril Edward Assheton and Amy Tracy CampbellJill Rosalind AsshetonView
ReynoldsHarold Robert and Noel MaryDawn RayeView
RensErnest Alexander and Myrtle MeyAnthony WilliamView
Ross-ThompsonIvan Denis and Barbara JeanSally DeniceView
RoweHenry George and Dorothea SophiaRomance DesereeView
RussellCharles Richard and ThelmaCharles RichardView
RowlandRichard and Frances JaneMary FrancesView
RandallHarold Angus and Ethel HambletonJohn HaroldView
RensErnest Alexander William and Myrtle MayPeter JohnView
RennieSidney John and Wilhelmina MarthaSidney ErrolView
RobertsonJanet MartinFlorence MaryView
RobertsonNoel Hugh and Mary EdithRosalie ElizabethView
RobertsGerald and MargaretBrian GeraldView
RensErnest Alexander Killian and Myrtle MayPaul AlexanderView
RussellCecil George and VioletAllen CliveView
RogersAlfred Leonard and Violet MayJacqueline AnnView
RidgeThomas Gordon and Ethel MaryAuretView
RossGeorge Sidney Clement and Sheila VioletGeorge Herbert SidneyView
RawlingsVictory Harry and DorisValerieView
Ross-ThompsonIvan Dennys and Barbara JeanRobin StuartView
RoweLionel Escott and Edna JoyTrevor VictorView
RidgeThomas Gordon and Ethel MayFayView
RensErnest Alexander William and Myrtle MayMarion Ruth MyrtleView
RockAlfred James and Hazel MaureenPeter David JamesView
RidgardJohn Herbert and Amy FrancesPatricia JoanView
RileyWilliam Robert and Sarah SylviaSimon WilliamView
RudolphReginald Archibald and Albina CarolineDawn BettyView
RogersStephen George and Gladys HildaPatricia DawnView
RussellCharles Richard and Thelma ElaineDawn HeatherView
RaynerHilton Henry and Thecla ChristinaPamela JoyView
RudolphArthur Ferdinand Friedrich and Phyllis DaphneBevin Arthur HaroldView
RamsayAlfred John William and Ellen SheehanEileen HelenView
RussellCyril Reginald and Pearl RolettaPeter WarrwickView
ReynoldsHarold Robert and Noel MayBarry RobertView
RenderArthur Sinclair and Ruth PawlettGrahame SinclairView
RobinsonArchibald Gerald and Violet EdithDudley GeorgeView
RadloffHerbert Ernest and Esme JoyceGail AliceView
RudolphArthur Ferdinand Frederick and Phyllis DaphneJeffrey Gerald JohnView
RadloffHubert Ernest and Joyce EsmeMargaretView
RostanceCharles Henry and Daphne MavisCharles James HammanView
ReesAlfred John and Maggie MariaMargaret JuneView
RobinsonSydney James and Esme Kathleen MaryGerald WilliamView
RensErnest Alexander William and Myrtle MayJoan LesleyView
RostanceCharles Henry and Daphne MavisJean AnneView
RiesLouis and Dorothy GloriaJoy NoelView
RiesAlfred John and Maggie MariaLorraine RosalineView
RiesAlfred John and Maggie MariaGail PrudenceView
Ramsay??Dawn YvonneView
RouxHermanus Louis and Peggy HopeKevin GlynnView
RoebertJacobus Wessels and Georgina Cathrine (Potgieter)Hilary DawnView
RalphMoran Redvers and Delphine VenetiaGordon MichaelView
Roebert??Shirley Evelyn LoraineView
RadloffHerbert Ernest and Esme JoyceJillianView
RocheEdmund Alfred and Dulcie ElaineLinda JaneView
RouxHermanus Louis and Peggy HopeBeverley LynnetteView
RichardsDavid St. Leger Sneyd and Babette BlancheSuzanne JoanView
RandellLuke Roche St. John and Beatrice AlmaJoan MildredView
RidgeThomas Gordon and Ethel MaryEdwardView
RookAlfred James and Hazel MaureenPamela FlorenceView
RobinsonStanley Joseph and Brenda MurielBrendaView
RawlingsVictory harry and DorisJudithView
RussellArthur Milton Roland and Mavis EileenShane GeoffreyView
RoweHenry George and Iris JoyceHeather BlancheView
RenderArthur Sinclair and Ruth PawlettIan SinclairView
RawlingsHerbert Edward and Dorothy GraceDouglas EricView
RossHerbert Leonard MacKenzie and Constance MaudMarion GailView
RoyceWilliam Anthony and Sheila MadelineElizabeth BlaineView
RangerKeith Morris and Mavis NadineAlan MorrisView
RobertsHarry James and Margaret GunhildCarol AnnView
RobinsonFrederick Thomas and Dorothy NeneNicholas JohnView
RawlingsHerbert Edward and Dorothy GraceLesley JeanView
RalphMoran Redvers and Delphine VenetiaHelen JoanView
RoyceWilliam Anthony and Sheila MadelineJoanna StapletonView
Rowe-PlattsWilliam George and Daphne DorothyLynette WinefredView
RobertsClifford Glen and Elva JuneGlen NoelView
RobertsHarry James and Margaret GunhildGayle MargaretView
RobsonRonald William and Edith JoyceLinda HeatherView
RobertsClifford Glen and Elva JuneBryn ArthurView
RobinsonMorton and Esme YvonneBrianView
Rowe-PlattsWilliam George and Daphne DorothyBrian BarryView
ReaderDesmond Harold and Dolores Stella NitaWilliam JeremyView
ReynoldsLarin John and Beryl JoyceRonald Lionel WilliamView
RobertsGladstone Ewart and Sylvia Mary GraceJennifer AnnView
RangerBasil Clifford and Janet MaryHilda MaryView
ReadEric Leonard William and Gwendoline JoanNicholas BrianView
RiellyBernard Leslie and Petronella HesterBrian LeonView
RossRobert and Patricia NoelShawn MitfordView
RobertsGerald Duncan and Laura FredaShane LeeView
RaperMichael John Carrington and PeggyDavid AnthonyView
RobertsGladstone Ewart and Sylvia Mary GraceLesley JaneView
RamsdenPeter Farrant and Patricia MaryLesley AnneView
RobertsGerald Duncan and Laura FriedaTerri MayView
RandallCornelius John and Anne GillianAntony JohnView
RamsdenPeter Farrant and Patricia MaryHoward DouglasView
RyninksRonald Sydney and JoanChristopher EdwardView
RandallSidney Benjamin and Melvina AmandaBeverley-AnnView
RobersonWilfred and JuliaWilfrid RichardView
RoweCecil Brian and SylviaBeverley-AnnView
RobersonWilfrid and Julia Gladys DorothySherrillee AnnView
RoebertBrian Collin and Ann HazelLyle ColinView
ReesDavid Walker and Margaret AnnMichael Brett StuartView
RandallSydney Benjamin and Melvina AmandaSydneyView
RichardsonRonald William and Barbara IsabelNigel HarryView
RentonGordon Michael Luke and JillAndrew Luke GordonView
ReesDavid Walker and Margaret AnneMark RichardView
RobinsonBryan Alfred and Cherie RossRoss StuartView
RichardsonAlfred John and Margaret RubyDon StuartView
RobertsFrederick William and Jeanette ElizabethAndrew MarkView
RobertsFrederick William and Jeanette ElizabethWendy LeeView
RoebertBrian Colin and Ann HazelInge LouiseView
RobertsonIan Rex and Lynette JuneSimon JohnView
RobertsonIan Rex and Lynette JuneJan GloriaView
RobertsonIan Rex and Lynette JuneLindyView
RussellRobert Kenneth and Miriam ElanorKatie JeanView
RedmondIan Patrick and ElizabethTracy JayneView
RieckRobin Leslie and Catherine MaryLisa ElaineView
ReddieBernice MerylKyle JustinView
RowanLindsay Lawrence and Margaret AliceHeloise MarciaView
RaffanJohn Milton and Glenda JoyRyan PhillipView
RieckRobin Leslie and Catherine MaryClaire LesleyView
RadueGlenn and LynnLeanneView
RaffanJohn Milton and Glenda JoyRoss MiltonView
RichterAndre and Wendy AnnMandy-LeeView
RedfernAndrew Kenneth Dartnell and Lesly-AnnMelissa JadeView
RivarolaMichele and SandraAlexanderView
RichterAndre and WendyTamryn NormaView
RautenbachPeter Christian and Jeanette KathleenSamanthaView
RivarolaMichael and SandraJamesView
RouxPieter Hendrik and Sheri-AnnDonovan PeterView
RapiyaBahleli Marshall and Nosipho NanAyabonga Sinemi BongoView
RossBernard Ruben and Mary LouiseRebecca LouiseView
RholandtLorraine Amber-RoseView
Richards??Annie PenelopeView
RawlinsonEdward and HarrietRobert RichardView
RawlinsonEdward and HarrietJoseph CorneliusView
RossenyBenedict and WilhelminaEmily KristineView
RuschWilliam and CatherineMaud Susannah MabelView
RoyceWilliam Stapleton and Emma LouisaEdwin MorrisView
RobinsonWilliam and Mary SusannahMary AliceView
RawlinsonEdward and HarrietMargaret AnneView
RobertsRichard and EllenCharles EdwinView
RuschWilliam and CatherineRichard NormanView
RobinsonWilliam and Mary SusannaMartha FrancesView
RyanEdward James and Nora MargaretEdward NormanView
RawlinsonEdward and HarrietEmma LinnetView
RuschWilliam and KateWinifred BlancheView
RedlingJohan Leonard and Louisa Mary CarolineGeorge HenryView
RileyBenjamin and ElizabethBenjamin ErnestView
RothwellSamuel Robinson and Catherine JohannaBernice AnnieView
RyanEdward James and Nora MargaretEdith SusanView
RuschWilliam and KateThomas WilliamView
ReidThomas and AmyElizabeth BlancheView
RedlingJohn Leonard and Louisa Marie CarolineJohn Leonard FerdinandView
ReynoldsWilliam and JuliaSidney GeorgeView
RawlinsonEdward and HarrietEdwin WilliamView
RieckLouis and Edna EdaMaureen PhyllisView
RowlandDouglas George and Thelma MurielDeanne MernaView
RichardsonCollin Graham and Florence Victoria MayMerle JoyView
RichardsonCollin Graham and Florence Victoria MayMichael RoyView
RalphJohn Stanley and PeggyPeterView
RochesterTrevor John and JoyceDaleView
RuschArthur James and Joan Dora HarrietRuth LornaView
RossEric Eryl and Lorraine UrsulaVictor ErylView
Robbie??Dolores RuthView
RuschGraham and Sunray ElizabethNeil GrahamView
RaynerHilton Henry and Thecla ChristinaJohn CharlesView
RuschGraham and Sunray ElizabethAnne ElizabethView
RichardsonCollin Graham and Florence Victoria MayCoyla FelicityView
RossEric Eryl and Lorraine UrsulaBarbara NanView
RussouwEric Norval and Susanna PetronellaMavisView
ReynoldsRailton Osborne and May EventrudeJeanette AnnView
RobertsClifford Glen and Elva JuneMichele CaroleView
RendellJohn Simon Anthony and Nadine DrewJohn Robert ArthurView
RuschGraham and Sunray ElizabethPhillip JohnView
RendellJohn Simon Anthony and Nadine DrewAntoinette NadineView
RadloffAmil and Elaine VioletWayne MichaelView
RossEric Eryl and Lorraine UrsulaJanet MaryView
RobertsGerald Duncan and Laura FriedaDale AshleyView
RobertsClifford Glen and Elva JuneCheriView
RadloffAmil and Elaine VioletRenee KerrynView
RuschGraham and Sunray ElizabethBryan TimothyView
RoebertAlexander John and Ellaneen Alette (Campbell)Ann ElizabethView
RawlinsonSullivan George and VeronicaChantelle ElizabethView
RudmanMeredith Alexander and Barbara AnnMeredith ShaneView
RuschPeter Roger and PatriciaRoger ErrolView
RandallRonald and Isabella JacobaRonald MartinView
RandallRonald and Isabella JacobaJenniferView
RandallRonald and Isabella JacobaLaurenceView
RobinsonDouglas David and DorothyDouglas DesmondView
RuschJames Frederick and LorraineLara LeeView
RuschPeter Roger and PatriciaKaren RaeView
RuschGraham and Sunray ElizabethMary LouiseView
RudmanMeredith Alexander and Barbara AnnSamantha ChanteView
RidgeEdward and Joan ElizabethGavinView
RawlinsonSullivan George and VeronicaAlwyn BrehmanView
RidgeEdward and Jean ElizabethDerekView
RuschJames Fredrick and LorrainePaul AndrewView
RobinsonCharles and Charlotte ElizabethCharlesView
RealandHenry and ElizabethMabel Matilda ElizabethView
RobinsonHarry and Mary AnnStephen HerculesView
RobinsonCharles F. and AsenethHarold ArthurView
RoyffeWilliam and JaneMaryView
RobinsonCharles F. and AsenethFlorence DonithorneView
RobinsonHarry and Mary AnnKathleen EthelView
RamplinGeorge and SarahThomas GeorgeView
RoyffeWilliam and JaneHoratia CharlesView
ReidJohn A. and LydiaEmanuel ArthurView
RoomeHenry and FannyLydia ElizabethView
RoomeHenry and Fanny (Nicholson)Margaret JaneView
RoseltJohn James Frederick and Mary Ann ElizabethBrianView
ReaGeorge Arthur and HarrietGeorge ThomasView
RoseltJohn James Frederick and Mary Ann ElizabethIvanView
RyanGeorge Whitney and Susan MaryIsaac HattinghView
RyanGeorge Whitney and Susan MireJamesView
RistowErnest and BerthaErnest FrederickView
RoachJoseph and CarolineGertrude MariaView
RoachJoseph and CarolineLouisaView
RoachJoseph and CarolineMortimerView
RoyGerald and CorneliaAlice SophiaView
RistowErnest and BerthaStanley William GordonView
RoachJoseph and CarolineAnthonyView
RamplingAlbert Edward and Bertha KathleenIris PhyllisView
ReynoldsHerbert Aubrey James and Olive LydiaAubrey EdmundView
RussellSydney Thomas and NellieDoris KathleenView
Rodgers??Cornelius IsaacView
RewitzkyEdward Julius and Mary ElizabethMagdalena WilhelminaView
RistowErnest and BerthaLeslie HugoView
RamplingAlbert Edward and Bertha KathleenAlbert Verdun WilliamView
RistowErnest August and Bertha ReginaMervyn EllersonView
RistowJosephine Alwina EmmaCoila Loraine CarolineView
ReynoldsArthur John Charles and Emily LilyHector ArthurView
ReynoldsArthur John Charles and Emily LilyLewis CharltonView
ReynoldsArthur John Charles and Emily LilyLillian MaryView
ReynoldsHerbert Aubrey James and Olive LydiaDouglas MauriceView
RobinsonMcClellan and Annie MabelMcClellan Eric SuttonView
ReynoldsArthur John Charles and Emily LilianCecil AshtonView
RobertsJohn William and BadenAvis MollyView
RileyJuanita PeaceNeville JamesView
RileyJuanita PeaceJoanView
RileyJuanita PeaceMonaView
RustFrances Charles and Paulina Elizabeth LydiaLucy FrancesView
ReynoldsArthur John Charles and Emily LilianPhyllis JoyceView
RussellJames Stewart and Elizabeth FredricaEthel BeatriceView
RadueLilian MayEsme Radue BurringtonView
RidgeWilliam Ernest and Emily AnnJoan ElizabethView
RussellJames Stewart and Elizabeth FredrikaEric GeraldView
RustFrancis Charles and PaulinePhyllis DoreenView
RustGeorge William and Kate MurielSheila MonaView
RidgeGordon Thomas and Mary MargaretRonald ThomasView
RileyWilliam Robert and Sarah SylviaDawn SylviaView
ReynoldsHarold Robert and Noel MayCynthia NoelView
RheederJohann Paul and Christina JacobaJohann PaulView
RasiCharlton and MinaRobert TembaView
Reynolds??Thomas CourtneyView
RustFrancis Charles and PaulineJoan ElizabethView
RudmanLennox Verdock and Monica LidiaLennox DanielView
RobinsonHilton James and Gertrude ElizabethJillian BerylView
RasmussenEdward Henry and Edna CharlotteGraham NeilView
RouxPieter and Ann Elizabeth MariePeter Gynn DelroyView
RowanWilliam Abraham and Vera EmielieBarbara ElaineView
RudmanLennox Verdock and Monica LydiaMargaret ElizabethView
RustCharles Oliver and CatherinePatricia JeanView
RobinsonHilton James and Gertrude ElizabethSheryl AnnetteView
RiversGeorge Norman and Charlotte MagdaleneJennifer RosslynView
RustCharles Oliver and CatherineCharles LawrenceView
RandallDenis Irvin and BerylBrian DenzilView
RandallDenis Irvin and BerylGail WendyView
RouxLeslie and June MavisMichael DerickView
RouxLeslie and June MavisKeith LlewellynView
RandallMalcolm Claud and Johanna Jacoba DorotheaAllanView
RushtonJames Charles Cyril and Maureen AgnesAnthony MichaelView
RushtonJames Charles Cyril and Maureen AgnesWilliam BruceView
RheederJohan Christian and Nellie PetronellaMarieView
RethmanGordon Jack and Pamela CharmainGordon MarkView
RouxLeslie and June MavisDoris AnnView
RustCharles Oliver and CatherinePierre StephenView
RasmussenDesmond Hilton and Veronica EmmaDebra Di-AnnView
RochoyPaul Eugene John and Neva IdaWarren RobertView
RethmanGordon Jack and Pamela CharmaineJanine ElizabethView
RandallDesmond Douglas and Gloria ConcordiaColin NeilView
ReynoldsMelvin William and Rosely YvonneBrenda AnneView
RutherfordHenry William and Jane MargaretTarris ZoeView
RandallDesmond Douglas and Gloria ConcordiaJacqueline AnneView
RutherfordHenry William and Jane MargaretHayley CatherineView
RavenFrank Frederick and Cheryl ElaineMarcView
RavenFrank Frederick and Cheryl ElaineLauri-AnnView
Rhys-DaviesDavid Patrick and Diane JeniferGraham LloydView
Rhys-DaviesDavid Patrick and Diane JeniferGregg HughView
RalphWalter John and Florence EdithBrian KeithView
RalphWalter John and Florence EdithDenise FayView
RalphWalter John and Florence EdithWarwick GrahamView
RamsamyFrancis and JoyceDavidView
RamsayArthur Burrell and Hildred EmilyPamela JuneView
RamsayFrancis John and Nora KathleenNeville OwenView
RangeDaniel Francis and Mary MagadelaneDaniel LawrenceView
RangerCharles Walter and Charlotte DrinkwaterYvonne Thelma RangerView
RauschWilliam Charles and Sophie HeleneEileen SophieView
ReadNeville and Sylvia MaryLesley AnnView
RedgardPhyllis RuthPhyllis Beryl RuthView
Redman??Joan ColletteView
ReeveFrank Weston and Evelyn BanthorpMargaret MaryView
RenaudEric John and Marjorie JoyceAndrew JohnView
RendallBarend and LilianKatie ClariceView
ReynoldsRailton Osborne and May EventrudeRosemaryView
RieckJoe and LettieCornelia WilhelminaView
RieckJoe and LettieEdithView
RieckJoseph and LettieJoseph Albert ThomasView
RieckJoseph and LettieErnest FritzView
RieckJoseph and LettieArthur SidneyView
RileyWilliam Robert and Sarah SylviaThora DoreenView
RileyErnest Alexander and Beatrice MayKeith AlexanderView
RishworthSydney and Veronica MayVeronica Margaret AmyView
RobertsStephen George and Blanche RoseFay DawnView
RobertsRaymond George Kendle and Peggy DoraSpencer Allen KendleView
RobertsStephen George and Blanche RoseNoel BarryView
RoebertClement Marten and Mable RoseColeenView
RogersStephen George and Gladys HildaRaymond MatthewView
RogersStephen George and Gladys HildaSandra GailView
RolandHerbert John and Daphne Caroline AugustaErica JoanView
RolandHerbert John and Daphne Caroline AugustaDaphne Rita NormaView
RoomeGeorge Walter Cyril Mundoon and Dorothy CarolineDenzil GeorgeView
RossThomas and MaryJohnView
RossSarahMarjorie JoanView
RossSarahOwen RonaldView
RosseauMathinus Christian and GertinaDennis MartinView
Ross-ThompsonGerald and Margerytimothy GillView
RowlandCharles Kenneth and ElizabethCharles Walton ChetwoodView
RuddockArthur Edward and Mary Frances KatharineNoelle MaryView
RudolphAubrey Vincent and MargaretBrendaView
RudolphAubrey Vincent and MargaretJuneView
RuitersAdam Isaac and Alice Sarah AnniePaulina ClevinaView
RuitersAdam and AliceSarah FlorenceView
RuschEric Vernon and Amelia WinsomUrsulaView
RuschEric Vernon and Amelia WinsomeFayView
RussellArthur Heindrick and EdithArthur Harry OscarView
RussellHarold and EmilyYvonne Elizabeth AnnView
RussellJames and Violet HelenNoel DerekView
RussellCharles Richard and Thelma ElaineJoan RosalieView
Rusteberg??Herman TheodoreView
RyanJoseph Kenneth and Barbara ElizabethJohn Kenyon EllisView
RyanJoseph Kenneth and Barbara ElizabethPatricia EllisView
RyanHarold Beauchamp and Enid MayHarold FrankView
RobersonRobert Bluett and Mary Anne MargaretSarah MagdaleneView
RyanEdward and ElizabethEdward JamesView
RyanEdward and ElizabethSidney TurnerView
RyanEdward and ElizabethEdithView
ReymentGeorge Thomas and EllenFrederic WilliamView
RyanEdward and ElizabethArthur JohnView
RyanEdward and ElizabethArthur JohnView
RowlesThomas Estcourt and SarahElizabeth MaryView
RobersonRobert Bluett and Mary Ann MargaretCharlotte AgnesView
RyanEdward and ElizabethHenryView
RorkeWilliam Benjamin and SelinaHeloise SelinaView
RyanEdward and ElizabethIsabella MaryView
RobersonRobert Bluett and Mary Anne MargaretFlorence Helen VenetiaView
RyanEdward and ElizabethWilliam ArthurView
RobersonRobert Bluett and Mary Annie MargaretRobert JohnView
ReedThomas and ElizabethElizabeth AnnView
RowlandJohn and HannahJohn RobertView
ReedThomas and ElizabethEardlyView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethBenjaminView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Sarah AnnSarah AnnView
ReddinCharles and Mary MatildaJohn CharlesView
ReddinCharles and Mary MatildaMartha ElizabethView
ReddinCharles and Mary MatildaMargaretView
ReillyWilliam and LouisaGeorge SydneyView
ReillyWilliam and LouisaCharles StephenView
RandallBenjamin and ElizabethEmily ErnestineView
ReynoldsGeorge James and EllenAdelina Louisa Florence EllenView
RowlandHenry Thomas and NancyGeorge WallaceView
RubidgeHerbert Jones and Sophia BennisonSarah MargaretView
RawstorneJohn George and CarolineGeorge Albert LawrenceView
RussonGeorge and JaneLouisa AnnView
RowlandHenry and NancyWilliam Henry JamesView
RichardsGeorge and MaryRobert LewisView
ReadRobert and Sarah AnnSarah AnnView
RawstorneJohn George and CarolineCharlotte ElizabethView
ReynoldsWilliam and SarahAlexander StirleyView
RussellEdward and BridgetElizabeth AnnView
ReadRobert and Sarah AnnRobert HenryView
RowlandHenry Thomas and AnnCharlotte MarianView
RowleyWilliam and Mary AnnArthur AngersteinView
RauschGotlieb and AugusteEmalie AugusteView
RandallGeorge and Nina FannyGeorge JohnView
RobertsJames and MargaretMatilda PercivallView
RadleyRobert James and Mary LilianFlorence EmilyView
RajahPercival and Rosaline NaomiJohn AlexanderView
RajahPercival and RosalineEthel EvelynView
RalphGeorge Richard William and Kathleen MaudAubrey PeterView
RandallHerbert Henry and Florence MariaAgnes LilianView
RandallRichard Miles and Louisa MarianneIris Lydia MavisView
RandallRichard Miles and Louisa MarianHarold ArthurView
RandallRichard Miles and Louisa MarianPhyllis MaudeView
RandallHarry and MonaArthur EdwardView
RandallMiles and LouisaThora EdnaView
RandallRichard Miles and Louisa MarianDaphne MayView
RandallWilliam Douglas and Kathleen ElizabethLaurence LouisView
RandallRobert James and Tina MariaFrederick JamesView
RandallWilliam Douglas and Kathleen ElizabethJoan EdithView
RandallWilliam Douglas and Kathleen ElizabethMichael JohnView
RandallWilliam Douglas and Kathleen ElizabethLoraine MatildaView
RandellRolland Henry and Ethel Elizabeth WhartonDuncan WhartonView
RandellRolland Henry and Ethel Elizabeth WhartonRolland WhartonView
RandellRonald Henry and Ethel Elizabeth WhartonBetty WhartonView
RandillRobert James and Dina MariaMary ElizabethView
RasmussenNorman Sidney and Olga Augusta LindaSheila MaureenView
RasmussenNorman Sidney and Olga Augusta LindaGordon NormanView
RasmussenNorman Sydney and Olga Augusta LindaMichael JohnView
RasmussenHilton Linwood and Hilda PaulinaValorie StellaView
RasmussenNorman Sydney and Olga Augusta LindaLlewellyn ArthurView
RassmussenJohn Ernest and Nellie KathleenEnette SusanView
RaumerFrank Watson and Jean BruceJennifer AnnView
RawlingsJack and Daisy MaryAnthony HenryView
Rawlingsjack and Daisy MaryNancyView
RaynerFrank Watson and Jean BruceMichael GordonView
RenaultAuguste Rolston and Margaret ImrieNoel RolstonView
RennieWilliam Miles and IrisMargaret AnnView
RetallickJames Frederic Ernest and Una DorcasValda Claire ElizabethView
ReynodlsPercival Ashton and Joyce AnneJoanView
ReynoldsJohn Francis and MarthaEnid EdnaView
ReynoldsLionel Ronald and Ida HelenaElaine MarthaView
ReynoldsLionel Ronald and Ida HelenaLavin JohnView
ReynoldsLionel Ronald and Ida HelenaMelvinView
ReynoldsHamilton Ashton and Violet FredaBrenda IsabelView
RheederJohannes Hendrik and Alice HarrietEsmond CyrilView
RichardsonWilliam Speakman and Lilly AgnesErica AmeliaView
RichardsonWilliam Speakman and Else EmilieMarrian FriedaView
RichardsonFreeman George Henry and Erica AmeliaDonald William CollingwoodView
RichterEmil Wilfred and Maude GertrudeLeonard WilfredView
RichterEmil Wilfred and Maud GertrudeFrank AthenaultView
RieckHerman and Johanna SusannaEnid HelenView
RieckErnest Carl and MagdalenaShirley KathleenView
RieckAlbert Frederick Wilhelm and Wilhelmina CharlottaHermanView
RieckHerman and Susanna JohannaLionelView
RieckHerman and Susanna JohannaMelvinView
RiellyVivian and Thelma SophieJosephine AlisonView
RobertsArthur and Sarah Elizabeth EllenHugh FallsView
RobertsArthur and Sarah Elizabeth EllenPercy AllanView
RobertsArthur and Sarah Elizabeth EllenWinston AngusView
RobertsArthur and Sarah Elizabeth EllenElaine ClareView
RobertsArthur and Sarah Elizabeth EllenLoris HopeView
RobertsStephen George and Blanche RoseLeslie LyallView
RobertsonJames William and Agnes ElizabethMarjorie NessView
RobertsonJames William and Agnes ElizabethBrian RolfeView
RobertsonJames William and Agnes ElizabethNoel HughView
RobertsonJames William and Agnes ElizabethJoanView
RobertsonJames William and Agnes ElizabethPatriciaView
RobertsonNoel Hugh and Mary EdithHugh JohnView
RobertsonWilliam Bernard and Cecily Dorothy GraceWilliam EricView
RobertsonWilliam Bernard and Cecily Dorothy GraceKenneth NigelView
RobertsonNoel Hugh and Mary EdithDavid Charles TwinchView
RobertsonBrian Rolfe and Thelma MavisKenneth Brian RolfeView
RobinsonArthur Monty and Jane IsabelPercivalView
RobinsonArthur Monty and Jane IsabelCyrilView
RobinsonArthur Monty and Jane IsabelleStanleyView
RobinsonArthur Monty and Jane IsabelleClaude NevilleView
RobinsonArthur Monty and Jane IsabelleEverardView
RobinsonArthur Monty and Jane IsabelleLeslieView
RobinsonArthur Monty and Jane IsabelleThoraView
RochussenJohn and Johanna CatherineMyrtle JoyceView
RogersAlbert Charles and Maria MagdaleneMyrtle VenaView
RohlandEdward and AnnieWalter Harold EdwardView
RohlandEdward and AnnieEdna DorisView
RohlandWalter Howard Edward and Matilda JudithKeith HowardView
RohlandWalter Harold Edward and Matilda JudithAlwin GlenView
RoosEdward and IdaAlmaView
RoosAnders Edward and IdaGertrudeView
RosinFriederich Jean and Maggie GillisFriederike DieudonneeView
RossCharles Richard and Edith HarrietJean MargaretView
RothmanHenry Alexander and Adalia MaryDallas NigelView
RothmanHenry Alexander and AdaliaDoreenView
RothmanHenry Alexander and Adalia MaryMonaView
RoweRichard Thornton and Alice MildredHarold William RoweView
RoweRichard Thornton and Alice Mildred MortonKathleen AliceView
Rowerichard Thornton and Alice Mildred MortonHerbert GeorgeView
RoweRichard Thornton and Alice Mildred MortonFrederick Horace ThorntonView
RowlandJack Hamilton and Stella DoreenRobin HamiltonView
RowlandJack Hamilton and Stella DoreenPeter CharlesView
RudyJohn Rudy and MaudJohn MilesView
RudyJohn Miles and RebeccaDonald RupertView
RushmereColin and Grace MargaretColin GeorgeView
RushtonCyril Harry and Jessie Frances HesterHubertha Evelyn ClareView
RussellHarry Oveton and Bereneice A'CourtJoseph StewartView
RussellErnest Edward and Anna ElizabethGladys MagdaleneView
RussellErnest Edward and Anna ElizabethGeorge DesmondView
RussellErnest Edward and Anna ElizabethCecil JamesView
RussellJohn Edward and DaisyStanley JohnView
RussouwNicholas and Paulina Wilhelmina (Keth)Erleen RuthView
RustCharles Ludwig and Theresa Wilhelmina LouisaManfred Mavis LavinaView
RustCharles Ludwig and TheresaClarice AudreyView
RustebergHerman Albert and Hazel GlenErrol HermanView
RustebergHerman Albert and Hazel GlenWendy HazelView
RalphGeorge Richard William and Kathleen MaudeKenneth MorayView
RouxDaniel and JohannaClaude GeraldView
RandallWilliam Douglas and Kathleen ElizabethTerence WilliamView
RandallDouglas Laurence and Olga JoyceDesmond DouglasView
RouxDaniel and Johanna CorneliaErrol RoyView
RiddellGeorge and Stella IvyRobin BertramView
RussouwNicholas and Paulina WilhelminaMarjorie WilhelminaView
RowlesErnest William Sansom and Kathleen MurielBrian WilliamView
RobertsonJohn William and Joyce KathleenAnthony WilliamView
RowlandJack Hamilton and Stella DoreenDavid JohnView
RobertsonJohn William and Eileen Lorna BenhamDorothy AnnView
RandallRonald and EunicePatriciaView
RasmussenHilton Linwood and Hilda PaulinaJennifer RuthView
RustebergHermann Albert and Hazel GlenJoan GlenView
RalphGeorge Richard William and Kathleen MaudeDennis NeilView
RussouwNicholas and Pauline WilhelminaIrene PaulineView
RoseCecil John Tebbutt and Elizabeth AnneSusan MaryView
RickardsJames and Ruth DrewHazel DoreenView
RuddockHarold Anson and Phyllis AveleenJudith LouiseView
Rosenthal??Jacob IsaacView
RangerBasil Clifford and Beatrice JoyceWalter GeorgeView
RowlesBrian Nelson and Isobel ThelmaAnne WinifredView
RandallDouglas Laurence and Olga JoyceRaymond JohnView
RudolphWerner Alex and JoanClaudia DawnView
Roberts??John MatthewView
RoseEdgar Percival Patrick and Gwyneth RitaMargaret AnneView
RobertsRamsay Daily and ShorleyMervyn DouglasView
RussouwNicholas and Paulina WilhelminaRalton Nicholas WilliamView
Reckas??Gerald PlatoView
RaduePhillip Johannes and Gladys EdnaGlenn HenryView
RudolphWerner Alex and JoanAnn LouiseView
Rosenthal??Samuel AbrahamView
RandallDouglas Laurence and Olga JoyceNoreen NerissaView
RaduePhillip Johannes and Gladys EdnaIvan PhillipView
Reay??Ian LovetView
ReinBruce Gerald and June RoseRussell BruceView
RaduePhillip Johannes and Gladys EdnaPeter EdwinView
RandellRolland Wharton and Ella MariaRolland WhartonView
RasmussenDelmaine Garcia and Constance AnnSandraView
RasmussenDelmaine Garcia and Constance AnnBelinda LeeView
RandallAvro Gordon and Nancy Patricia MaySusan DickView
RandallDouglas Laurence and Olga JoyceMarlene JoanneView
RasmussenDelmaine Garcia and Constance AnnJohn FitzgeraldView
RickettsSydney George and JudithAntoinette LevonaView
RautenbachAlexander Antonie and Joyce EllenWayneView
ReynoldsLavin John and Beryl JoyceGary RobinView
RoussowMarjorie WilhelmineKaren Lee-AnnView
ReindersMurray and Zelda BenetaJenniferView
RobinsonCecil Slater and Winifred JuliaRoyce NealView
RudmanBenjamin Charles and Laura AliciaLouisa LauraView
RudmanBenjamin Charles and Laura AliciaEvelyn GordonView
RoubesWilliam Charles and AmeliaMarcus CharlesView
RuschVivian George and Olive MaudGrahamView
RudmanSamuel Townley and Daphne AnnieVeronica RosemaryView
RedcliffeJoseph Fred and Sarah MargaretBeverley AnnView
RubidgeAlfred Portlock and ElizabethCyrille ShawView
RubidgeAlfred Portlock and ElizabethIsabella Ira GilmourView
RubidgeAlfred Portlock and ElizabethMillicent Harriet GilmourView
RandellArthur John and Mary AnnTheresa AnnView
RubidgeCharles and Fredrica Louisa WilhelminaEdwinView
RobertsEdward and SalomeJosephView
RichGeorge and SarahAlice FannyView
RichGeorge and SarahElizabeth HarrietView
RichGeorge and SarahEdwardView
RushmerGeorge and SarahJohn Richard DavidView
ReidHenry and AnneMary HarrietView
RobinsonJames and AnnAnnView
RobertsonJames and Mary AnnEmily RebekahView
RoeJohn and Elsie JacobaAnnieView
RogersJohn Omer and Ann MariaBertha ImogeneView
RogersJohn Omer and Ann MariaWilliam HerbertView
RichardsonJohn Wesley and Maria MagdalenaKatherine JanetView
RichardsonJohn Wesley and Maria MagdalineErnest PilkingtonView
RichardsonJohn Wesley and Maria MagdalineJane SophiaView
RolfsenLawrence and OliviaWalterView
RowlandRichard and SusannaSusannaView
RowlesThomas Estcourt and SarahMabel MaryView
RubidgeWalter and Helen JessieCharlotte Viola JessieView
RubidgeWalter and Helen JessieCharles ProbartView
RubidgeWalter and Helen JessieViolet Helen LouisaView
RhindWilliam and Emma Mary DunkinfieldJohn BurnettView
RustJoseph and JaneJohn BernhardtView
ReynoldsCharles Francis and JeanetteAlice MaudView
RustJoseph and JaneGeorgeView
RustJoseph and BerthaHenry LudwigView
RyndersAlbert Joseph and Martha JacobaSuzara Wilhelmina ElizabethView
RustFrancis Joseph and BerthiaHarriet LisettaView
RushmerJohn Richard David and Emma AnneWinifred EdithView
RustFrancis Joseph and BethiaCiciliaView
ReynoldsJoseph Edward and AnnAlice MaudView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethOme FlorenceView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethLewisView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnneEmily alexinaView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnneAnneView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnneLilyView
RamsbottomWilliam and MatildaValentin DavidView
ReynoldsJoseph Edward and AnnEllen FrancesView
ReedGeorge Thomas and Susanna MariaHester MagdalenaView
RobertsGeorge and Mary AnnEdward JamesView
RutherfoordHenry and Anna Jacoba TheodoraHowson Henry TheodoreView
ReedRobert and HannahSarah AnnView
ReedJames Samuel and ElizabethGeorge ThomasView
RutherfoordHenry and Anna Jacoba TheodoraAnna AmyView
RobertsGeorge and Mary AnnMary AnnView
RutherfoordHenry and Anna Jacoba TheodoraInez florenceView
RutherfoordHenry and Anna Jacoba TheodoraRosalia SophiaView
ReedGeorge Thomas and SusannaAgnes LouisaView
ReynoldsAvril Charles and Alva Alice Graeme CharlesView
RussellJames and Violet HellenVaughanView
RoebertRonald Charles and EnaOwen LeslieView
RangerVernon Morris and Isabel IdaJune MorrisView
RentonArthur Luke and Fanny EdithJames HallView
RussellJames and Violet HelenValerie JoyView
RensburgArthur Dudley and Thella Nora ReynoldsAnthony ReynoldsView
RensburgArthur Dudley and Thella NoraValera AnnView
RangerEdgar Lisle and Muriel EileenLois HopeView
RentonFanny Edith and Arthur Luke ElliotAlicia JanetView
ReynoldsAlva Alice and Avril CharlesDavid ShaunView
ReynoldsHarold George Keightley and Gladys MaudPaul HowardView
RensburgArthur Dudley and Thella NoraThella RaeView
ReynoldsAvril Charles and Alva AliceRoger JonathanView
RensburgWilliam Allan and Esther MariaRona AnnView
RussellJames and Violet HellenRaymond CliveView
RensburgRonald and Gladys MaudJennifer StormView
RentonArthur Luke Eliott and Fanny Edith ReynoldsGordon Michael LukeView
RussellJames and Violet HelenLorna EsmeView
ReynoldsHarold George Keightley and Gladys MaudPatricia CecileView
RensburgIvor Allan and Esther MariaGailView
RensburgRonald and Gladys MaudRoger EricView
RensburgIvor Allan and Esther MariaPaddy AvrilView
RusselThomas Arthur and RosalindColinView
RangerKeith Morris and Mavis NadineJohn MorrisView
RangerKeith Morris and Mavis NadineKevin MorrisView
RentonJames Hall and Anitra Maud ElizabethJane HallView
RentonJames Hall and Anita Maude ElizabethPatrick GordonView
RangerKeith Mavis and Mavis NadineDavid MorrisView
ReynoldsDavid Shaun and Valerie JoanMegan JoyView
RolomaJafari and NozintoNtomkiyakeView
RentonGordon Michael Luke and JillSuzanneView
RentonJames Hall and Anita Maud ElizabethStuart MalcolmView
RandallCharles Dell and Bruna MariaLorraine YvonneView
RandallCharles Dell and Bruna MariaPaula AngelaView
RandallCharles Dell and Bruna MariaWendy AnnView
RoodsJohn and EmmaHenryView
RoeWilliam and ElizabethMary AnnView
RoeWilliam and ElizabethWilliamView
RoodsJohn and EmmaJohnView
RoeWilliam and ElizabethHenryView
RoeWilliam and ElizabethThomasView
RoeWilliam and ElizabethWilliamView
RipponCuthbert and Emily SeniorJohn CuthbertView
RipponCuthbert and Emily SeniorWilliam JamesView
RipponCuthbert and EmilySydneyView
RipponCuthbert and EmilyValentineView
RipponCuthbert and Emily SeniorFlorenceView
RoeWilliam and BetseyElizabethView
RipponCuthbert and Emily SeniorGeorge MoxonView
RipponCuthbert and Emily SeniorEdwardView
RipponCuthbert and Emily SeniorClementView
RipponCuthbert and Emily SeniorGrace ThompsonView
RipponJohn Cuthbert and Emily LeacherGertrudeView
RipponJohn Cuthbert and Emily LeacherCuthbert JamesView
RipponJohn Cuthbert and Emily LeacherJohn SydneyView
RudolfHendrick and Anna SophiaAnna SophiaView
RipponJohn Cuthbert and Emily LeacherEthel EmilyView
RichardsIsaac and Leah RebeccaRachelView
RipponJohn Cuthbert and Emily LeacherArthur VernonView
RoeJohn and Elsie JacobaClarice GeorginaView
RoeWilliam and Louisa JaneCuthbert ValentineView
RipponJohn Cuthbert and Emily LeacherWalter NormanView
RichardsIsaac and Leah RebeccaEllen RebeccaView
RipponJohn Cuthbert and Emily LeacherHughView
RipponWilliam James and Alice SophiaMabel CampbellView
RoeJohn and Elsie JacobhaAlbert JohnView
RoeWilliam and Louisa JaneArthur AlexanderView
RoeWilliam and Louisa JaneGordon GodfreyView
RipponWilliam James and Alice SophiaCuthbert Henry CampbellView
RoeJohn and Elsie JacobhaGladys EmmaView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieMinnie MayView
RipponJohn Cuthbert and Emily LeacherGeorge ThompsonView
RipponValentine and Adelaide SophiaMary Katherine BrookesView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieHenry EddieView
RipponValentine and Adelaide SophiaEdward YorickView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieMargaret MariaView
RipponSydney and Anna MariaSydney MoxonView
RipponWilliam James and Alice SophiaVera CampbellView
RoeWilliam and Louisa JaneOlive NorthView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieErnest William ThomasView
RipponValentine and Adelaide SophiaEmily EslieView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieWalter GeorgeView
RipponWilliam James and Alice sophiaHilda CampbellView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieGeorge ClementView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieCuthbert FranklinView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieIvy PriscillaView
RipponValentine and Adelaide SophiaLaura AdelaideView
RipponClement and Lucy HelenClement GeorgeView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieSydney JamesView
RipponClement and Lucy HelenRuth HelenView
RipponValentine and Adelaide SophiaIrene florence MayView
RipponWilliam James and Alice sophiaWilliam Aubrey CampbellView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieLorimer JamesView
RipponJohn Sydney and Ivy FlorenceSydney VernonView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieViolet MaudView
RipponClement and Lucy HelenRuby ElsdonView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieFlorence ElizabethView
RoeHenry and priscilla WinnieKatie ListerView
RomanAlfred and EvaLenaView
RipponClement and Lucy HelenDaisy HelenView
RoeHenry and Priscilla WinnieHerbert Vivian SinclairView
RomanAlfred and EvaLettyView
RipponArthur Vernon and Mary Katherine BrookesValentine OswaldView
RoeMinnie MayJane MayView
RipponArthur Vernon and Mary Katherine BrookesAdelaide EileenView
RipponArthur Vernon and Mary Kathleen BrookesMary Thelma VernonView
RipponCuthbert Henry C. and Lilian Mary TalbotVera MaryView
RipponCuthbert Henry C. and Lilian Mary TalbotMay LilianView
RipponSydney Moxon and Mabel ConstanceDoris MurielView
RipponSydney Moxon and Mabel ConstanceMarjorie JoyceView
RipponCuthbert Henry Campbell and Lillian Mary TalbotDudley CuthbertView
RipponSydney Moxon and Mabel ConstanceAudrey HazelView
RipponSydney Moxon and Mabel ConstancePhyllis EmilyView
RipponCuthbert James and Ida PriscillaAllan JamesView
RipponCuthbert James and Ida PriscillaFrank GrahamView
RipponGeorge Thompson and GraceNeville HughView
RipponSydney Moxon and Mabel ConstanceJoan DaphneView
RipponSydney Moxon and Mabel ConstanceDennis Moxon MoodyView
RipponClement George and Eunice AgnesKathleen HelenView
RipponClement George and Eunice AgnesClement BrianView
RipponValentine Oswald and Eveline MargaretIan ArthurView
RipponValentine Oswald and Eveline MargaretAnn Patricia MaudView
RipponValentine Oswald and Eveline MargaretMichael HenryView
RipponDennis Moxon Moody and Dawn HildaDesiree DawnView
RoeBryan and Dilys Ann BruceMoira JillView
RipponDennis Moxon Moody and Dawn HildaMark DennisView
RoeBryan and Dilys Ann BruceNicolette JoanView
RipponClement Brian and Elizabeth Mary JuneCraig Clement StahlView
RipponClement Brian and Elizabeth Mary JuneAlastair GeorgeView
RipponKyle Claude Hallier and Colleen RosalieClive ClaudeView
RipponMichael Henry and Joan LetitiaKatherine ReneView
RipponIan Arthur and Alice GenevieveVanessa AliceView
RipponMichael Henry and Joan LetitiaDerek ValView
RipponIan Arthur and Alice GenevieveJohn GregoryView
RipponDavid Bernard and Rosemary ElizabethMelissa ElaineView
RipponIan Arthur and Alice GenevieveChristopher IanView
RipponKyle Claude and Colleen RosalieClaudia JeanView
ReedJohn Harvey and Cheryl VidaMichael JohnView
Rasmussen??Thelma MarahView
RaffertyJames George and Janet JessDaniel Alfred RufusView
RaffertyJames George and Janet JessGeorgina JohannaView
RutherfordWilliam Henry and Kathleen MariaHenry WilliamView
RandallHenry Ernest and Elizabeth LilianIvan NevilleView
RoebertClement Edward and Cicely BerthaGraham ClementView
RaffertyJames George and JanetRobert CharlesView
RoebertClement Edward and CecilyRobin EdwardView
RieckAlbert and WilhelminaErnest CarlView
RieckErnest Carl and Magdalena KatrinaViolet SusanView
RieckErnest Carl and Magdalena KatrinaGertie MinaView
RieckErnest Carl and Magdalena KatrinaDoreen PhyllisView
RehlaMiriamRussell SinaView
ReynoldsHarold Robert and Noel MayNeil HayhurstView
RossouwGabriel Crouse and EllaJosephine CatherineView
RieckErnest Carl and Magdalena Cathrina SophiaLennie AlbertView
RasmussenHilton Linwood and Hilda PaulinaRaymond EdwardView
RandallRobert James and Dina MariaMaria JoanView
RasmussenHilton Linwood and Hilda PaulinaClaude WilliamView
RutherfordWilliam Henry and Kathleen MariaLouis BasilView
RudmanLennox Verdock and Monica LidiaLennox DanielView
RobinsonHilton James and Gertrude ElizabethJillian BerylView
RasmussenEdward Henry and Edna CharlotteGraham NeilView
RouxPieter and Ann Elizabeth MariePeter Gynn DelroyView
RowanWilliam Abraham and Vera EmielieBarbara ElaineView
RudmanLennox Verdock and Monica LydiaMargaret ElizabethView
RustCharles Oliver and CatherinePatricia JeanView
RobinsonHilton James and Gertrude ElizabethSheryl AnnetteView
RiversGeorge Norman and Charlotte MagdaleneJennifer RosslynView
RustCharles Oliver and CatherineCharles LawrenceView
RandallDenis Irvin and BerylBrian DenzilView
RandallDenis Irvin and BerylGail WendyView
RouxLeslie and June MavisMichael DerickView
RouxLeslie and June MavisKeith LlewellynView
RandallMalcolm Claud and Johanna Jacoba DorotheaAllanView
RushtonJames Charles Cyril and Maureen AgnesAnthony MichaelView
RushtonJames Charles Cyril and Maureen AgnesWilliam BruceView
RheederJohan Christian and Nellie PetronellaMarieView
RethmanGordon Jack and Pamela CharmainGordon MarkView
RouxLeslie and June MavisDoris AnnView
RustCharles Oliver and CatherinePierre StephenView
RasmussenDesmond Hilton and Veronica EmmaDebra Di-AnnView
RochoyPaul Eugene John and Neva IdaWarren RobertView
RethmanGordon Jack and Pamela CharmaineJanine ElizabethView
RandallDesmond Douglas and Gloria ConcordiaColin NeilView
ReynoldsMelvin William and Rosely YvonneBrenda AnneView
RutherfordHenry William and Jane MargaretTarris ZoeView
RandallDesmond Douglas and Gloria ConcordiaJacqueline AnneView
RutherfordHenry William and Jane MargaretHayley CatherineView
RavenFrank Frederick and Cheryl ElaineMarcView
RavenFrank Frederick and Cheryl ElaineLauri-AnnView
Rhys-DaviesDavid Patrick and Diane JeniferGraham LloydView
Rhys-DaviesDavid Patrick and Diane JeniferGregg HughView
RidgardHerbert Helwin and GertrudeMyrtleView
ReynoldsRobert Newton and Louisa HarrietDesmond Charles BurseyView
RatcliffeCharles Laurian (deceased) and Constance GeorginaCharles BruceView
RandallAlma Rodger and Ellen Amelia MatildaVera AletheaView
RossTom and Mary AnneWilliam JamesView
RensburgDaniel and SusanNicholasView
ReynoldsRobert Newton (deceased) and Louisa HarrietRobert Newton BurseyView
ReckliffeCharles and SarahJames CharlesView
RajahPercival and Rosaline NovomieMoses DavasagayamView
RidgardHerbert Helwin and GertrudeHerbert HelwinView
RaffertyMargaretCelia Benetta LerouxView
Robinson??George Hercules PercivalView
RobinsonGeorge Hercules Percival and Helene MathildeArchibald GeraldView
Reynolds??Lilian ConwayView
RamsayAlfred David and Violet HelenLyra Helen MaudView
ReynoldsHerbert Aubrey James and Lillian MayHerbert GeorgeView
RevanJohn and Sarah Ann MabelJohn GordonView
RajahPercival and RosalineAlbertView
ReckliffeCharles and SarahEvelyn IsobelView
RudmanBenjamin Charles and Laura AliciaGladys MayView
RossThomas and MaryNellie JohannaView
RileySimon and Margaret JaneAllan GeorgeView
RattrayGeorge and Mary MillicentJohn WoodView
RobinsonGeorge Hercules Percival and Helena MatildaArthur AlfredView
RussellHarry Oreton and Berenice CourtPhyllis Joyce and Louisa HintonView
RajahPercival and RosalineDorothy Pauline GuamatheloumView
RudmanBenjamin Charles and Laura AliceVerdock LennoxView
RutherfordJames Edward and LouisaWilliam CyrilView
RaleighHilary Mason and Margaret Isa VioletMichael AdrianView
ReckliffeCharles and SarahErnest FrederickView
ReidFredrick Ellis and FannyWilliam Charles ThomasView
RossThomas and MarionGeorge ArthurView
RauschWilliam Charles and Sophie HeleneDouglas WilliamView
RossThomas and MarianMargaret AnnView
RutherfordJames Edward and LuluDavid StanleyView
RamsayAlfred David and Violet HelenJoyce FlorenceView
RussellThomas Fraser and Olive CarolinaElfreda MargueriteView
RadloffHerman and Caroline Whyard?Caroline Whyard?View
RauschWilliam Charles and Sophie HelenClaude WilfredView
RobinsonAlfred Edward and AlmaDouglas FrancisView
ReckliffeCharles and SarahGeorge DouglasView
RobinsonGeorge Hercules Percival and Helene MathildeEdna IrisView
RobinsonGeorge Hercules Percival and Helene MathildeEnid RoseView
RandallBarend Stephanus and Lilian HildaOlive Martha MargaretView
RauAugust John and Susan BairdGilbertView
RobertsStephen George and Blanche RoseShirley IreneView
RobertsGordon Pasheet and Edith CatherineNorma KarenView
RamsayArthur Burrell and Hildred EmilyMargaret DawnView
ReidFrederick Charles Montague and Minnie DorothyJoyce DorothyView
RossThomas and MaryStanleyView
RossThomas and MaryLevi ClementView
RoodtMatthew Frank and Ethel JohannaGeorge RichardView
RussellHarold Everitt Greaton Gordon and Emily Henrietta WilhelminaBereneice Rosalind FannyView
RobinsonAlfred Edward and AlmaBrian AlfredView
RamsayFrancis John and Nora KathleenDudley GrahamView
RobinsonArthur Monty and Jane IsabelArthurView
RoebertClement Martin and Mabel RoseCollinView
RoeberClement Martin and Mabel RoseTrevorView
RuitersAdam and AliceWinifred AnnView
RobinsonArthur and ShirleyCheryl AnneView
RowlandCharles Kenneth and ElizabethAnthony St. John SpenserView
RadloffBertie and Ethel FianoLeonard LionelView
RuitersGerald Peter and Ivy MayEdna MayView
RadloffAmil and Elaine VioletSharon LynnetteView
RieckJoseph and AlettaAletta GertieView
RauschDouglas William and MyrtlePeter DouglasView
RiesRay Maurice and Shirley MargaretMichael MauriceView
Raasch??Colin WilliamView
RobersonLucas Marthinus and Edna BerylGregory PeterView
RobersonLucas Marthinus and Edna BerylaChristina SusanView
RobersonLucas Marthinus and Edna BerylEdna MabelView
RuitersGerald Peter and Doris JohannaNeville AshleyView
RobinsonArthur and ShirleyBrenda GayView
RadloffAmil and Elaine VioletIan BrianView
RidgeThomas Gordon and Ethel MaryWendyView
RadloffBertie and Ethel FionaBernard AlfredView
RossSarah JeanettaElsa EsmeView
RobertsonKenneth and Mildred MargaretAlwyn AlexanderView
RaushDouglas William and MyrtleGavin CharlesView
RuitersGerald Peter and Doris JohannaJennifer AnnView
ReynodlsReginald Cecil and Marion MayJeanette AileenView
RawsonRaymond George and Cynthia YvonneHelen LouisaView
RadloffAmil and Elaine VioletAlan DavidView
RaynorWilliam and Johanna LucyUna LillianView
RadloffBertie and Ethel FionaGerald CliveView
RossSarahAvril AnnView
RuitersWillie and DorothyFelicityView
RidgeThomas Gordon and Ethel MaryBruceView
RuitersAliceKeith EdwardView
RuitersAliceRichard WilliamView
RadloffAmil and Elaine VioletDerick WaymethView
Revell??Annie JohannaView
RoodtFrank Charles and Sylvia AnnTerry-AnnView
RoodtRonald Carl Matthew and Muriel MyrleErwin RonaldView
RangeDaniel lawrence and Daphne EuniceCharmaine CarolView
RangeDaniel Lawrence and Daphne EuniceDenise DaphneView
RawlingsVictor Reginald and Eileen GraceMichael RoyView
RickettsSidney George and JudithColin DenselView
RossDavid and MavisKevin BrianView
RoodtFrank Charles and Sylvia AnnHelenView
RossFredricks and Janet Thomas FredricksView
RomanJeanEric Reginald RansomView
RheederJacob Solomon and Audrey Rosemary MyrtleJacob SolomonView
RiellyBernard Leslie and Petronella HesterSandra LynnView
RussellRaymond Clive and Gladys DorothySandra LeaView
RaynerUna Lillian RaynerRaymond HowardView
RadloffPeter and Blanche WinifredDenise GailView
RickettsSidney George and JudithVanessa ShayleneView
RadloffBertie and Ethel FionaPatricia PamelaView
RossStanley and Dorine? NancyKingsley ThomasView
RichardsEdward and Winnifred BarbaraEdwina FrancesView
RangesamyTony and Maureen Susan (Peters)Sanita ColeenView
RollerBasil Edward and Maria MargaretSharon KathleenView
RoodtRonald Carl Matthew and Muriel MyrleRene SandraView
RossStanley and Monica NancyUrsula ElizabethView
RoodtFrank Charles and Sylvia AnnJanineView
RidgwayGeorge Vincent and MavisRussell StewartView
RichardsEdward and WinnifredRussell NagelView
RollerBasil Edward and Maria MargaritaRobin NeilView
RixRonald and Joan EvaJanetView
RaymentBrian and SybilHeather JillView
Ross-ThompsonTimothy Gill and Lorna JuneMary JaneView
ReesDavid Walker and Margaret AnneRobert David MurrayView
Rowe??Lorraine MemoryView
Rossdonald James Blacklock and PamelaAnthony JamesView
RoseHenry William and Merle BlossomCheryl DawnView
RidgeEdward and Jean ElizabethEvan EdwardView
RousMichael-Jon Cole and Rosemary PringleSheradene MollyView
RadlofBertie and Ethel FionaEhteresia BernadineView
RussellAlistair Kethel Storm and Anita MarionRodney JamesView
RadfordDavid John Christopher and Penelope JeanLesley KarenView
RussellAlistair Kethel Storm and Anita MarionSimon DennisView
RadloffBertie and Ethel FionaTeresa ElizabethView
RandallJohn and ElizabethSarah JaneView
RandallJames and ElizaJames HenryView
RandallJames and ElizaWilliam WalterView
RandallJohn and IsabellaJohn HenryView
RiggienJames and MaryGeorge CopeView
RandallJames and ElizaSarah JaneView
RiellyWilliam and LouisaLouisa AnnView
Riggin (Riggien?)James and MaryMary JaneView
RiggienJames and MaryThomasView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethAmy FrancesView
ReynoldsJohn C. Reynolds and AnnieFanny ElizabethView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethElizabeth AnnView
ReynoldsJoseph Edward and AnnAlice MaudView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethOme FlorenceView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethLewisView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnneEmily AlexinaView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnneAnneView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnneLilyView
RamsbottomWilliam and MatildaValentine DavidView
ReynoldsJoseph Edward and AnnEllen FrancesView
RamsbottomWilliam and MatildaSeptimus FrederickView
RandallJeremiah and Adelaide AnnThomas EdwardView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethAlfred JohnView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethFrances MayView
RouxPiet Antonie and Maria Elizabeth WilhelminaJohannes PetrusView
ReynoldsJohn Charles and AnneAgnes SophiaView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnnLewis HenryView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethArthurView
ReynoldsJoseph Edwards and AnneEdward Charles JosephView
ReynoldsAlfred Samuel and ElizabethSydneyView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnnClement RowleyView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnnArthur John CharlesView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnnOliver SpriggView
ReynoldsCharles Frederic and Mary JaneJoseph Edward CharlesView
RandallJohn and FrancisMinnie ElizabethView
RandallJohn and FrancisLouis HaywardView
Rainell (Hrdtsroth?)Henry and ElizabethNellieView
ReynoldsRobert and May AnnHubert Aubrey? JamesView
ReynoldsCharles J. and Agnes JuliaBerry AnnieView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnnJoseph CourtneyView
ReynoldsCharles John and Agnes JuliaIda MayView
ReynoldsGeorge James and Susannah EllenEdwin JarvisView
RandallArthur William and Annie JaneArthur Albert JamesView
ReynoldsCharles John and Agnes JuliaEthel AgnesView
RandallArthur William and Annie JaneIrene ThorntonView
ReynoldsGeorge James and Susannah EllenAlma MaudView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnnFrances Henrietta MaryView
ReynoldsCharles John and Agnes JuliaAlkin CharlesView
ReynoldsGeorge James and Susannah EllenReginald WintonView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Elizabeth AnnJohn LewisView
ReynoldsCharles John and Agnes JuliaAlan FrankView
ReynoldsCharles John and Agnes JuliaArchibald BlagdenView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnnCecil Augusteine GeorgeView
ReynoldsCharles John and Agnes JuliaCharles WilliamView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and ElizabethGladys MayView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnneRachel JaneView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaAlexina PhillisView
ReynoldsCharles John and Agnes JuliaMyrtle MinnieView
ReynoldsJohn Francis and Martha SelinaOlive AmeliaView
ReadeEdward Frank and Mary MacLeodCharlton Leverton RidoutView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaBertram WilliamView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Mary AnnFlorence OliviaView
ReynoldsJohn Francis and Martha SelinaMartha IvyView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Elizabeth AnnLilith Annie SarahView
ReynoldsCharles John and Agnes JuliaGladwin GeorgeView
ReynoldsJohn Francis and Martha SelinaJohn StanleyView
ReynoldsGeorge James and Susannah EllenHilary LeightonView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaThomas UptonView
RowleyArthur Angiston and Frances MayRonald GeorgeView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Elizabeth AnnAlice GertrudeView
RowleyArthur Angiston and Frances MayBadenView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winfred GeorginaAlethea FrancesView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Elizabeth AnnPercival AshtonView
ReynoldsWilliam L. and Rosetta M.Eric OwenView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winifred GeorginaFlorence AnnView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaHarold ArthurView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winfred GeorginaHarold George JosephView
Richard-PrestonAgustus William Hillary Richard and Carrie SheppertonAlgernon DisneyView
ReynoldsRobert Henry and Elizabeth AnneGlenmore DouglasView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaWill AubreyView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winifred GeorginaMyra CharlotteView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winfred GeorginaMervyn CharlesView
RamsayAlexander and Florence EdithThirzaView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaIsabel Rosetta EdithView
ReddinJohn Charles and Ruby MaudGwendolen IvyView
RowleyArthur Augusta and Frances MayMerle FrancesView
RandallLawrence Hilton and Dora WilhelminaWilliam DouglasView
RamsayAlgernon Clifford and Annie IdaOswinView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winfred GeorginaNorah IreneView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaAthol RoyView
ReddinJohn Charles and Ruby MaudLorimer EverettView
RowleyArthur Angestone and Frances MayAlwin RobertView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winfred GeorginaEdgar AshtingtonView
ReddinJohn Charles and Ruby MaudeFaith LorainView
RamsayAlexander C. and Florence EdithFabianView
ReynoldsWilliam Louis and Rosetta MarthaJeane LouiseView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winifred GeorginaKathleen JoanView
ReynoldsAlfred John and Gladys MayLesley MayView
RandallLewis Hayward and Gertrude Olive MayFlorence MayView
RamsayAlgernon Clifford and Anne IdaAthlestanView
ReynoldsLewis and Amy LilianNathalie PatienceView
RandallLewis Hayward and Gertrude Olive MayAlma EverardView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winifred GeorginaThelma Audrey LydiaView
RamsayAlexander and Florence EdithRaymondView
ReynoldsJohn Lewis and Catherine HelenMary ClareView
RandallLewis Hayward and Gertrude Olive MayEileen PhyllisView
RandallLewis Hayward and Gertrude Olive MayJimmy HiltonView
RandallWilloughby Jeremiah and violet MaudMatthew NathanView
ReynoldsLewis and Amey LilianHamilton AshtonView
RoeCuthbert Valentine and Dorothy ElizabethArthur GeorgeView
ReynoldsAlan Frank and Clara MayNancy ElizabethView
ReynoldsAllen Frank and Clara MayNeville GrahamView
RandallHarry and MonaDenis MervinView
ReynoldsMervyn Charles and Bernice TalbotCharles TalbotView
ReynoldsEdward and Winifred G.Myra CharlotteView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winifred GeorginaMervyn CharlesView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaIsabella Rosetta EdithView
ReddinJohn Charles and Ruby MaudGwendolen IvyView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winifred GeorginaNorah IreneView
ReynoldsWilliam Lewis and Rosetta MarthaAthol RoyView
ReddinJohn Charles and Ruby MaudLorimer EverettView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winfred GeorginaEdgar AshingtonView
ReddinJohn Charles and Ruby MaudFaith LoraineView
ReynoldsWilliam Louis and Rosetta Marthajeane LouiseView
ReynoldsAlfred John and Gladys MayLesley MayView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winifred GeorginaKathleen JoanView
ReynoldsLewis and Amy LilianNathalie PatienceView
ReynoldsEdward Charles Joseph and Winifred GeorginaThelma Audrey LydiaView
ReynoldsJohn Lewis and Catherine HelenMary ClareView
ReynoldsHarold and EllaLynette GayView
ReynoldsMervyn Charles and Bernice TalbotPatricia Winifred AnneView
ReynoldsMervyn Charles and Bernice TalbotCharles TalbotView
RhodesErnest Borrill and JulianaCecil JohnView
RussonWalter Fredrick and RachelRonald GlenView
ReynodlsHugh Falls and Elizabeth MurielHugh FallsView
RussellSydney Thomas and Nellie SusanSarah NellieView
RobinsonWilliam Alfred and Louisa Matilda MargaretWilliam AlexanderView
RussellSydney Thomas and Nellie SusanJohn StuartView
ReimersBertram and MurielGladys AudreyView
ReimersBertram Llewellyn and Muriel Emily MacDonaldRoyse GrahameView
RandallRichard Miles and Louisa Mary AnneAgnes Adelaide MizpahView
RousGeorge Richard and Caroline MaudDoreen MaudView
ReimersBertram Llewellyn and Muriel Emily MacDonaldEric ColvinView
RuschThomas Frederick and Eleanor EmmaArthur JamesView
RuschThomas Frederick and Eleanor EmmaVera MayView
RoyJoseph Samuel and Rhoda ReginaRhoda Margaret LesleyView
ReimersBertram Llewellyn and Muriel Emily MacDonaldStella HarveyView
RuschThomas Frederick and Eleanor EmmaEric VernonView
ReadWalter Henry Simpson and Mary Ann IngramDoreenView
RudolphCarl William and Lizzie HermineSylviaView
RangerVernon Morris and Isabel IdaKeith MorrisView
RocheEdmund Joseph Walter and Winifred MaryEdmund AlfredView
RocheEdmund Joseph Walter and Winifred MaryLennox NormanView
ReabowWalter Herbert and Graldina Christina AnnaJohn ArthurView
RabieJohn Bastian and Mary MarthaErrol DerrickView
RudolphEdgar Charles John and Mona AliceHopeView
ReebeinDudley Augustus Brown and Pamela PercinetteJohn Michael CrosbyView
RouxPieter Daniel and Mary CatherineEzra DanielView
RowlesBrian Nelson and Isobel ThelmaPeter MichaelView
RheederJacob and Edith DorothyAlthea LorenaView
RheederJacob and Edith DorothyMaureenView
RobbMichael John and Inez ParryJane SusanView
RetiefJacques Francois and Leslie LillianPeter GrantView
RadloffAmil and Elaine VioletTerrence GaryView
RossDallas Alexander and Sheila MaryDebbieView
RoweJohn Herbert and MaryMary ElizaView
Rivett-CarnacArthur Temple and Edith HildaArthur JohnView
RipponValentine and Adelaide SophieKenneth Cuthbert SamuelView
ReesMartin and CharlotteHarold MartinView
RischbeterTheodorus Carl and LelaGladys IrisView
ReadGeorge Matthew and ElizabethKathleen AliceView
Rivett-CarnacArthur Temple and Edith HildaEdward StirlingView
RobertshawErnest and Kathleen LeslieErnest MontagueView
RichardsGeorge Impey and Susan JessieLilian Maude Margaret CrozierView
RipponValentine and Adelaide SophiaVivien MurielView
RomanAlfred D. and K.Alfred DavidView
RischbeterTheodore Carl and LenaEdward Joseph CarlView
RobertsJohn and Elizabeth Magregor Helen RoseGertrude MadelineView
ReesEmil Martin and Charlotte ElizabethDulcie Phyllis FitzroyView
ReynoldsClifford Owen and Florence MabelMary Constance HopeView
ReadGeorge Matthew and ElizabethGeorge GrahamView
ReynoldsClifford Owen and Florence MableMary Constance HopeView
RochatHorace Louie and Emily MaryClarence LouieView
RichardsonRussell Oscar and Clara MariaClara Ivy MayView
Rivett-CarnacArthur Temple and Edith HildaElizabeth HildaView
ReindersHerman Jacobus and Harriet Emily JessieJessie MurrayView
RischbeterTheodore Carl and LenaPhyllis Olive MayView
RichardsSarah LydiaAudrey JoyView
ReynoldsAlfred James and Susan ElizabethEdward Turpin ErlankView
ReesEmil Martin and Charlotte ElizabethChristine MonsenView
RischbeterTheodorus Carl and LenaJoyce MerleView
RochatHorace Louis and Emily MaryVernon EarlView
RaineStanley and Hester SusannaKeith WilmotView
RobertsonEdward Percival and Elizabeth DentonGeorge EdwardView
RalphSamuel Richard and May Maria WalkerStanley RutherfordView
Rama-SamyRama and EllenMary AgnesView
Rama-SamyRama and EllenEdith ElizabethView
Rama-SamyRama and EllenJames GeorgeView
Rama-SamyRama and EllenAndrew KennethView
Rama-SamyRama and EllenJohn IsaacView
RichardsonRussell Oscar and Clara MariaOlive MyrtleView
RipponGeorge Thompson and Grace HelenEmily ColleenView
Rama-SamyGwenda and ThayaMaurice RamaView
RipponEdward Yorrick and Edith ConstanceIrene GwennethView
RichardsSarah LydiaGraceView
RaynhamHarry Lucas and Johanna Louisa MosenthalHarry FrederickView
RavenCharles and Alice MaudDaphne FrancesView
RouxJack and Myrtle FlorenceNoreen GildaView
RipponArthur Vernon and Mary Katherine BrookesLorna Ethne VernonView
RoeGordon Godfrey and MarianHilda MarjorieView
RamasamyRama and EllenMartha LillianView
RipponGeorge Thompson and Grace HelenAvis DentonView
RochesterArchibald Frank and Dorothy VioletRegina DorothyView
RainierLionel Christopher and Bertha LouisaMary LouiseView
RipponEdward Jorick and Edith ConstanceJames AustinView
RingArthur John and Dorothy Elizabeth JaneAshley William FrancisView
RavenCharles and Alice MaudCharles DudleyView
RamasamyMaurice Rama and Ellen ElizabethRose EvangelineView
RobinsonGeorge Edward and Irene MaryHilary JoyceView
RipponCuthbert Henry Campbell and Lilian Mary TalbotIris MerleView
RoeGordon Godfrey and MarianMarionView
RipponArthur Vernon and Mary Katherine BrookesEthel Vivien VernonView
RischbeterTheodorus Carl and LenaMuriel DorothyView
RingArthur John and Dorothy ElizabethJean LilianView
RingArthur John and Dorothy ElizabethDoreen ElizabethView
RoeAlbert John and Hilda AlexandraJoan Oriel ConstanceView
RiellyVivian and Thelma SophiaElaine ThelmaView
RobinsonGeorge Edward and Irene Mary NitaAdele ChristineView
RavenCharles and Alice MaudElaine SheilaView
RipponEdward Yorrick and Edith ConstanceNina MayView
RookWilliam George and Dorothy WilhelminaJohn AlanView
RiesJames Leonard and Doreen MayNancy PaulaView
RicholdFrancis Henry and ElsieFelicity Joan HildaView
RicholdFrancis Henry and ElsieDawn FredaView
ReynoldsPercival William Wesson and Jessie MargaretGloria ThelmaView
RiellyVivian and Thelma SophieValerie KathleenView
RosePaul and JubileeMildred Johanna ElizabethView
RookWilliam George and Dorothy WilhelminaMargaret ConstanceView
RoeAlbert John and Hilda AlexandraJohn HastingsView
RavenCharles Paul and Alice MaudStella Alma LilianView
RuitersAndries and SarahSarah CathrineView
RiellyVivian and Thelma SophiaTrevor VivianView
RipponEdward Norick and Edith ConstanceEdward Leonard ValentineView
RischbeterJohn Bernard and Katie ListerNoel Carl HenryView
RipponArthur Vernon and Mary Katharine BrookesArthur VernonView
ReynoldsPercival William Iversen and Jessie MariaEllen ImogeneView
RoeAlbert John and Hilda AlexandriaBryanView
RipleyRoderic George and Kathleen Dorothy BabingtonJune SartorisView
RipponGeorge Thompson and Grace HelenGodfrey GeorgeView
RichardsonGordon and Elizabeth MariaShirleyView
RushmereHarry and Blanche Elizabeth EgertonMichael Egerton CreighView
ReubenAndries and AnnieMilton ReubenView
RichardsAudrey JoyDorcas Geraldine View
RipponKenneth Cuthbert Samuel and Elaine AudreyKenneth LeslieView
RipponKenneth Cuthbert Samuel and Elaine AudreyGraham ValentineView
RipponValentine Claude and Jean BernardineKyle Claude HallierView
RobinsonThomas Henry and AnneJoyce ElaineView
RipponKenneth Cuthbert Samuel and Elaine AudreyTrevor KeithView
RichardsJoyGweneth MarinaView
RipponKenneth Cuthbert Samuel and Elaine AudreyShirley LynetteView
RogersDouglass Herbert and MonaPatricia DouglassView
ReilleyCharles Stephen William and Isabella JonnettaQueenie Isabella JonnettaView
RichardsonGerald Russell James and Freda GraceDennis RussellView
RandallHilton George and Maisie EngelaStanley RolandView
RushmereHarry and Blanche Elizabeth EgertonMargaret ElizabethView
RipponValentine Claude and Jean BernadineRosemary Charmaine HallierView
RandallHilton George and Maisie EngelaMyrtle JoyceView
RandallBernard Stephen and Anna JohannaRosemaryView
RiellyCharles Stephen Williams and Isabella JuanitaEdwin JohnsonView
RichardsonGarnet Wolsey and Edith Grace (Webber)Freda GraceView
RichardsClaude Wright Kitchener and Eileen RossBarbara JessieView
RamasamyAndrew Kenneth and Connie JohannaJuanita Kenrethea MaureenView
RiellyCharles Stephen William and Isabella JonnettaElizabeth MargaretView
RipponValentine Claude and Jean BernadineGavin Andrew HallierView
RogersDouglass Herbert and MonaDenise DouglassView
RamasamyKenneth and ConstanceConstance Kendrick RositaView
RitchEric Reginald and Margaret HelenJoan LouiseView
ReadmanGeorge Ellis and Mary LouiseJohn EllisView
RoeJohn Albert and Hilda AlexandraMarilyn AlbertaView
Rama-SamyAndrew Kenneth and Connie JohannaColin KennethView
RussellDennis William and Jessie FlorenceDenice FlorenceView
RaineKeith Wilmot and Hilda MarjoriePeterView
RandallHilton and MaisieVerona MaureenView
RichardTheodore Bevil and Frances AnnHeather AnnView
RichardsonWarren Charlton Warner and EnidRosemary Enid WarnerView
RobertsMichael and Ann MacKinnonJane Morton McGregorView
RobertsReginald Eastwood and Ethel MaudDavid CarsonView
RiellyPhilip Peter and Ada MariaGertrude Maria VioletView
RossPeter And Johanna (Fisher)FrederickView
ReidAlexander And Catherine (Storan)Thomas JosephView
RizzoGiovanni And Elizabeth (Oppioli)Bastiana AgostinaView
ReidAlexander And Catherine (Storan)Ben MatthewView
RossFrederick And Dora (Johnson)FrederickView
RuddyLawrence And Diana (Taylor)Lawrence WalterView
Robifor?Mariello And ElizabethFrancisView
RyanMartin And Nora (Mcdonald)Thomas PatrickView
RossPeter And Johanna (Fisher)CatherineView
RyanThomas And Ellen (Maher)Sydney ChristieView
RabeauEmile And Julia Rosa (Jouaneau)Camille EdwinView
RuddyLawrance And Dina (Taylor)MonicaView
RitzerAnnieRufia JosephView
RiceCharles Henry And Catherine (Watkins)Maud LouisaView
Robesso Francesco Marcella And LizzieFrancisView
RomanLevinaJohn Henry JamesView
RyanThomas And Ellen (Maher)Catherine MargaretView
RabeauEmile And Julia Rosa (Jouaneau)Pope EliotView
RussellJohn And Gertrude (Bloemestein)Emily MaudView
ReidAlexander And Catherine (Storan)Margaret MarionView
RabeisoMarcello And Elizabeth (Roleva)ManuelinaView
RyanMartin And Nora (Mcdonald)Mary EllenView
RodgersEnoch And Mary (Hansen-Allen)Margaret LauraView
ReadingJohn And Maggie (Murray)Edward JosephView
RobertsonJames Joseph And Florence Mary Edith (Ward)Francis MiltonView
RolfesWerner And Julia (Von Sachs)Erica HannaView
RuddyLaurence And Diana (Taylor)Laurence SidneeView
RutherfordHenry And Mary Jane (Wood Nee Stone)William HenryView
RyanThomas And Ellen (Maher)Ellen MaryView
RubigioMarcello And Elizabeth (Rigmalla)AntonyView
ReddanMichael And Mary Jane (Tyghe)Connor JamesView
RobertsonJames And Florence (Ward)James HughView
RainsboroMartinus And Catherine (Christian)Peter CharlesView
ReaperWilliam And Sarah Ellen (Killeen)Ellenora FrancesView
Rolfes??Hans Joachim SachsView
RitterHerman Hilser And Anna Oluffiene Apolline Marie (Muller)Carl Herman HelmuthView
ReddanMichael And Jane (Tyghe)Mary AgnesView
RuddyLaurence And Dianna (Taylor)Patrick HenryView
ReadingJohn And Margaret (Murray)John PatrickView
ReaperWilliam And Ellen (Killeen)Elizabeth KirkView
RobertsonJames And Florence (Ward)Mary FlorenceView
RuddyLawrence And Diane (Taylor)Harry MichaelView
ReddanMichael And Jane (Tyghe)Reginald JohnView
RobertsonFlorence MayMargaret MaryView
RoachJohn And Elizabeth Ann (Brown Nee Cranmer)Mary AnneView
RezeyFrederick And Bridget (Maloney Nee Henley)Mary AgnesView
RyanThomas And Ellen (Maher)Thomas PatrickView
RensburgMartin And CatherineJohanna MariaView
RoweJohn Fraser And AnnieMary JosephineView
Reid??Alexander McmillanView
RobertsonJames Joseph And Florence (Ward)BasilView
RyanMartin And Nora (Mcdonald)MartinView
RaybouldAlfred Jones And Anne (Norton)Edith ClareView
RienssettStephen Theodore And Eugene Sara (Benedig)Albert HenryView
ReaperWilliam And Sarah Ellen (Killeen)James Taylor RobertView
RensburgAdam And Elizabeth (Domingo)Maria ElizabethView
RobeissoMassilu And Lizzie (Rietmuller)DullmugarView
RoachJohn And Elizabeth (Brown Nee Cramner)Edith MayView
ReddanMichael And Jane (Tyghe)Thomas AquinasView
ReadingJohn And Margaret (Murray)Michael WilliamView
RourkeMichael And Elizabeth (Eliza) (Shelley)Elizabeth EllenView
RutherfordHenry And Mary Jane (Wood Nee Stone)Ellen DorahView
ReidAlexander Mcmillen And Anne Mary (Kenny)Marion RebeccaView
RensburghMartin And Catherine (Christian)MagdaleneView
RobertsJohn Albert Dixon And Ellen (Phelan)Walter JohnView
RuddyLaurence And Diana (Taylor)Gertrude MayView
RobertsonPeter And Marie Theresa (Van Iseghem)Pauline Sidoni MariView
RensburgAdam And Elizabeth (Domingo)Catherine ElizabethView
RawHubert Ernest And Lucy Tyrrell (Byrne)Eric George HubertView
RoachJohn And Elizabeth Ann (Brown Nee Cranmer)James JosephView
RobertsonJames And Florie (Ward)Victoria MayView
ReidAlexander Mcmillen And Anne (Kenny)Alexander ThomasView
RowenJohn And Margaret (Brennan)GladysView
RussellThomas Henry And Mary AnnRoland HillView
ReddingJohn And Margaret (Schalkwyk)Mary EllenView
ReddanMichael And Mary Jane (Tyghe)GeorgeView
RockmanWilliam And Charlotte (Coleman)John CharlesView
RussellThmas And Susan (Frost)IvyView
RolfesWerner And Julie (Von Sachs)Ilse Sonja SachsView
RussellThomas And Susan (Frost)VioletView
RuddyLawrance And Diana (Taylor)Douglas WalterView
RensburgPeter (Adam) And Elizabeth (Domingo)Sarah JohannaView
RezeyFrederick And Bridget (Maloney Nee Henley)Elizabeth MayView
RitterHermann Hilser And Anna Oluffiene Apolline Marie (Muller)Johann BernardView
RobertsJohn Albert Dixon And Ellen (Phelan)Florence MaryView
RobertsonPeter And Marie Therese (Van Iseghem)Albert JamesView
RichardsJames And Maria Elizabeth (Williams)Mary HelenView
ReidAlexander And Catherine (Storan)Catherine Anna VictoriaView
ReaperWilliam And Sarah Ellen (Killeen)William TaylorView
ReaperWilliam And Sarah Ellen (Killeen)Isabella HepburnView
RoachJohn And Elizabeth Ann (Brown Nee Cranmer)John EdwardView
ReddingJohn And Maggie (Murray)Winifred MayView
RobertsJoseph And Frances (Pitfair)Lulu Johanna AntoinetteView
RobertsonPeter And Marie (Van Iseghem)Sidonie (Marie) JaneView
RabeauRobert Emile And Sarah Christina (Le Roux)Silva ElizabethView
Rabistis?Marshell And Elizabeth (Rietmuller)MarshellView
RileyThomas Joseph And Alice (Neilon)JosephView
RobertsonJames And Edith Florence (Ward)Aidan HilaryView
RobertsonWilliam And Anne (Ward)Joseph EvelynView
RobertsJoseph And Frances (Pitfair)EdwardView
RobertsJohn Albert Dixon And Ellen (Phelan)Alfred ErnestView
RoachJohn And Elizabeth A. (Brown Nee Cranmer)Irene MaryView
RezeyFrederick And Margaret (Maloney Nee Henley)Percival JamesView
RodeiroRichard And Manuela (Pena)MichaelView
RodeiroRichard And Manuela (Pena)HenryView
RobertsonPeter And Marie Theresia (Van Iseghem)Guillaume LouisView
RobainaJose And Emearnasiron (Ruiz)MariaView
ReaperWilliam And Sarah Ellen (Killeen)Patrick GeorgeView
RivenhallCharles Edward And Mary (Burrows)Blanche Mary RosaView
RileyThomas Maurice And Elizabeth (Kelly)KathleenView
ReidAlexander And Kate (Storan)Arthur Edward ClaudeView
RogersAlfred James And Lilian Alice Kathleen (Flannery)Catherine Mary AnneView
ReddanWilliam And Annie (Bennette)Stanley (Stanislaus) CarterView
Ritter?? (Nee Muller)Anna Oluffiene Apolline MaryView
RudlinHenry And MariaSophia RuthView
RensburgAdam And Elizabeth (Domingo)Thomas JohnView
RivenhallCharles Edward And Mary (Burrows)Cathrine Amy ChaseView
Reyes??Dorothy Mabel MaryView
RileyJoseph And Rose (Peters)Arthur JamesView
RobanoJose And Encarnasio (Ruiz)JoseView
RiceFrederick James Southwell And Nellie Elizabeth (Cowley)Doris EilleenView
RockFredrick And Sarah M. (Damon)William FredrickView
RoachJohn And Elizabeth A. (Brown Nee Cranmer)JuliaView
RogersAlfred James And Kathleen Lilian Alice (Flannery)Francis EdwardView
RuddyJohn Joseph And Sarah Mabel (Tait)John William LaurenceView
RynnJames And Margaret (Maggie) (Buckley)James VincentView
RobertsonPeter And Terese Marie (Van Iseghem)Peter JosephView
RetierJoseph Saint-Ange And Marie (Madat)AlbertView
ReddanWilliam And Annie (Bennette)William EricView
RensburgAdam and Elizabeth (Domingo)Martin AntonyView
RobertsGustave and Frances (Pitfair)Augusta FrancesView
RivenhallCharles Edward and Mary (Burrows)Gertrude Constance DorothyView
RoachJohn and Elizabeth Anne (Brown nee Cranmer)Arthur MartinView
RoachJohn and Elizabeth Anne (Brown nee Cranmer)Teresa AgnesView
RedondoRosendo and Dominga (Bareira nee Phillipe)Mary CurriniaView
RedondoRosendo and Dominga (Bareira nee Phillipe)Constance View
RobinsonJohn and Maria (Carles)CatherineView
RichardsJames and Maria Elizabeth (Williams)Charles EdwardView
RogersAlfred James and Cathleen (Flannery)Alfred JamesView
RiceFrederick James S. and Nellie Elizabeth (Cowley)John Joseph ConwayView
ReidAlexander McMillan and Annie (Kenny)James LawrenceView
RensburgAdam and Elizabeth (Domingo)Elizabeth MaryView
RussellVioletAugustine Bertram (adopted by ELLARD)View
RitcherJoseph and Marie (Madatt)JosephView
RuddyMonaBertha DianaView
Reudolphei, Aka Petterson??JohnView
RichardsJames and Maria Elizabeth (Williams)Felicita MayView
RiceClaude and Mabel Esther (Smith)ClaudeView
ReddanWilliam and Annie (Bennette)Gordon Cecil ClementView
Ruddy?? (Nee Tait)Sarah MabelView
RadmeyerPhilip and Emily (Jaftha)Peter EdwardView
RuddyJohn Joseph and Mabel (Tait)Dorothy Mabel MaryView
ReadJames Walter and Susan (Petersen)Agnes LeonoraView
ReidAlexander McMillan and Annie (Kenny)Mary GertrudeView
RensburgAdam and Elizabeth (Domingo)PeterView
RothUlrich and Anna (Scheurer)JohnView
RiceClaude and Mabel (Smith)CatherineView
ReidAlexander and Elizabeth (Reid)AlexanderView
RobertsonJames and Florence (Ward)Imelda EileenView
ReidJohn and Bessie (De Witt)Thora Sophia EmmaView
RandallEdward Jacob andMargaret (Maggie) (Murphy nee Ambrose)Mary NoraView
RobertsJoseph and Frances (Pitfair)Mary MagdelenView
RiceFrederick James Southwell and Ellen Elizabeth (Cowley)Frederick SouthwellView
ReidAlexander and Elizabeth (Nicholson)Catherine MaryView
RushThomas and Esther (Ellis)Beryl Philomena ElizabethView
RadmeyerPhilip and Emily (Jaftha)William GeorgeView
RichardJoseph and Mary (Madox)MaryView
RubenGeorge and Salvem (Arulathem)MaryView
RensJames Philip and Anna (Mullane)David JohnView
Rinsberg?? (Nee Domingo)Mary ElizabethView
RoyJohn and Florence (Duncombe)Robert JosephView
RoyJohn and Florence Amy (Duncombe)Myrtle MaryView
RensbergPeter Charles and Christina J. (Desmond)Thomas JohnView
RobertsThomas and Meta (Arantis)AliceView
ReidJohn Joseph and Elizabeth Catherine (De Witt)John Joseph RobertView
RensburgAdam and Elizabeth (Domingo)John AloysiusView
RiceWilliam and Ethel Agnes Isabella (Fielding)Aileen EllenView
ReddanWilliam Carter and Annie (Bennette)Lionel ClementView
ReidAlexander M. and Annie (Kenny)Donald PatrickView
RensburgPeter and Christina (Desmoer)Susanna MagdalenaView
RushThomas and Esther (Ellis)Kenneth Joseph WilliamView
RudmanCharles Benjamin and Catharina Regina (Vermaak)Gert JacobView
RademeyerAbraham and Hester Caroline (Niekirk)Catheline ChristinaView
RensburgMariaErnest AugustineView
RoyJohn and Florence (Duncombe)MonaView
RennardGeorge W. and Marcott Teresa (Hayes)George FrederickView
Rafalingum?? (Ammoodm)Victor Thomas (ROBERTS)View
RyanThomas Patrick and Kathleen Violet (Desbery)Martin ThomasView
RosaNicholas and Maria (Francis)Matilda Mary MagdelineView
ReidJohn Joseph and Elizabeth (De Witt)Richard DenisView
RadmeyerPhilip and Emily (Jaftha)ThomasView
RichardsGeorge and Mary (Lewis)Charles HurstonView
ReidAlexander J. and Elizabeth (Nicholson)Monica SylviaView
RobertsVictor Thomas and Meta (Arantis)Mary DoraView
RensJames Philip and Anna (Mullane)MaryView
RobertsVictor Thomas and Meta (Arantis)Lily MinnieView
RobertsVictor Thomas and Meta (Arantis)RachelView
Robertson MarcillaElizabethView
RobertsJoseph and Frances (Pitfair)John GeorgeView
RensbergPeter and Christina (Dismore)Agnes MariaView
RiceWilliam and Ethel Agnes Isabell (Fielding)Stella MaryView
RichardsonLouis and Katie (Stewart)RayView
RedelinghuisFrank and Catherine (Odendaal)Alice FrancesView
RedelinghuisFrank and Catherine (Odendaal)Sarah MargaretView
RademeyerAbraham and Caroline (Niekerk)Abraham SamuelView
RobertsLuluJoseph AugustineView
RemmeltonAbraham and Emily (Erkeldon)Andrew JosephView
RyanThomas Patrick and Kathleen Violet (Desbery)Cecil EdwardView
RoyJohn and Florence (Duncombe)Douglas PatrickView
RousseauPhilip and Annie (Martin)MaryView
RobertsonGeorge and Catherine Eva (Hunter)Thomas LawrenceView
RadmeyerPhilip and Emily (Jaftha)Doreen PhyllisView
RankinFrederick Thomas and Clara Jane (Parker-Nance)Cecil RaymondView
RizzoJohn and Christina Amelia (Wilson)Lucia ChristinaView
RademeyerPeter Andrew and Mary Aletta (Armoed)Mary (Wilhelmina Johanna)View
Redelinghuys ??CatherineView
RedelinghuisFrancis and Catherine (Odendaal)CatherineView
RedelinghuisFrancis and Catherine (Odendaal)ElizabethView
RensburgPeter and Christina (Desmore)Martin AnthonyView
Rogue-NunenCurren and Jassodah (Barath)Ida CurrenView
Rogue-NunenCurren and Jassodah (Barath)Flivia CurrenView
RademeyerAbraham and Hester (Niekerk)HesterView
RoyffeWilliam Angus and Gertrude Margaret (Victor)Jacobus RichardView
RiceWilliam and Ethel (Fielding)Edward VincentView
RensbergMariaMary MagdaleneView
Rossouw?? (Nee Smith)CarolineView
RyanJames and Mabel Alvina (Maree)Maria CatherinaView
RuddyJohn and Elizabeth Susan (Stevens)James TerenceView
RensburgPeter and Christina (Desmore)Catherine EvelynView
Rogue-NunenCurren Rogue and Jassodah (Barrath)Clarence RogueView
RivesElie and Genevieve (Lescale)Suzanne EliseView
RyanJacobus and Mabel (Maree)DinahView
RuddyHenry and Elizabeth (Bailey)IrisView
RadmeyerPhilip and Emily (Jaftha)Rose KathleenView
Raymond (Montay)Albert and ApolloniaJoseph AlbertView
Ries Nicolas and Mary AnneJohn CharlesView
Rogers (Mcaloon)John and MaryFredrick ArthurView
RaymundAlbert and ApolloniaCecilia ElizabethView
Ruddy (Taylor)Laurence and DianaJohn JosephView
Rogers (Mcaloon)John and MaryStephen GeorgeView
RudolphAugustus and JosephineMaria AnnaView
Ruddy (Taylor)Lawrence and DianaAlbert MichaelView
Ryan (Descally)Joseph and EileenEileen Ann BanksView
Reeks (Golledge)Charles and AnnEthelView
Raymond (Trone)Albert and AblaniaAntony FredrickView
Rogers (Mcaloon)John and MaryJohn RubenView
Reynolds (Wicks)John Michael and Elizabeth AnnReginald JohnView
Ruddy (Taylor)Lawrence and DianaFlorence MayView
Ryan (Descelly)Joseph and Eileen NoraMildred LilianView
Ruhrmund (Manthei)Albert and ApolloniaHenry ChristianView
ReesN/EDr. AlbertView
Reynolds (Wicks)John and Elizabeth AnnRobert Newton View
Ryan (Descelly)Joseph and Eileen NoraMary UrsulaView
Robinson (Oberem)Francis Joseph and GertrudeWilliam HenryView
Ryan (Descelly)Joseph and Eileen NoraMichael EugeneView
Roller (Pachonick)Vincent and JosephineAnna Maria ElizaView
Ross (Horrocks)John and SusanWilliam John FredrickView
Ruhrmund (Manthei)Albert and ApolloniaRosa AlbertaView
Roller (Pachonick)Vincent and JosephineJosepha Christina RosaView
Ruhrmund (Manthei)Heinrich and ApolloniaJohn Albert ChristianView
Reed (Smith)William James and Elizabeth MargaretHarold St. Aubyn BoyleView
RossN/ESusanna HorrocksView
Rieusset (Benedig)Stephen Theodore and Eugenie SaraMildred Margaret ConstanceView
Robinson (Oberem)Francis Joseph and GertrudeFrances MayView
Roller (Pachonick)Vincent and SophiaWilliam JuliusView
Rissling (Schwitzer)August and MariaJoannes Bapt.View
Ross (Snell)John William and AgnesAndrew JamesView
Roller (Pachonick)Vincent and SophiaJoseph EdwardView
Robinson (Oberem)Francis Joseph and GertrudAlfred EdwardView
Ries (Hendry)Henry Michael and Maud MaryHenry NicolasView
Ries (Hendry)Henry Michael and Maud MaryMaurice Fitz HenryView
Roller (Pachonick)Vincent and SophiaAgnes Maria TheresiaView
Ries (Hendry)Henry Michael and Maud MaryBeatrice MaryView
Reed (Lespade)Morris Edward and JosephineAdelaide GladysView
Ramsbottom (Brennan)Charles Stanford and Ellen CatherineOliver EdwardView
RyanVincent and MaryDorothy MaudView
Rawstorne (Kedian)Charles Edward Atherston and SusanSheila FlorenceView
Ries (Hendry)Henry and MaudGeraldine MayView
Romia (Gustein)Simon and MaryMaryView
Ronaldson (Keth)John George Hunter and Charlotte DorothyCharlotte HenriettaView
Ralph (O'Hara)Charles Henry and Margaret EllenKathleen MargaretView
Rissling (Schwitzer)August and MarieWilhelmina MariaView
Ryan (Matzke)William and AnnieTheresa BridgikaView
Roumia (Simon)Antonius and MaryLouisaView
Romanos (Assad)Elick (Alexandrus) Joseph and HelenAnnaView
Riedel (Kruger)Paul and AugustaHermannView
Ryan (Matzke)William and AnnieAnna Maria EllinaView
Romia (Gustein)Simon and MaryMaryView
Romanos (Assad)Alexander Joseph and HellenJoseph Michael JosephView
Rosslyn (Steyn)Francis and Cornelia Ja Winifred Carolina ElizabethView
Roumie (Simon)Simon and MariaMariaView
Rawstorne (Kedian)Charles and SusanNorah AthertonView
Rodgers (Nelson)Charles Daniel and EthelAgnes NoelView
Romia (Gustein)Simon and MaryMariaView
Romanos (Assad)Elick Joseph and HelenMary Alice JosephView
Rennie (Cathro)Miles Bokeris and GeorginaViolet Janie BarrieView
Romia (Gustein)Simon and Mary AntoniMaryView
Romia (Salime)Antony and MaryAnnaView
Riedel (Schultze)Hermann Charles Henry and Pauline LouisaLucy Ellen EleanorView
Ries (Sutton)John Charles and Mary AnneJasper Augustus SuttonView
Romia (Gustein)Simon and MaryJosephine MaryView
Restom (Rihal)Moses and Afefa BelrossEmilia MaryView
Rennie (Cathro)Miles and GeorginaMyrtle GenivieveView
Romia (Tarras)Said and ZahuaJosephView
Reardon (Gleeson)John and Mary AnneRosina Alice EdithView
Romanos (Assad)Elick and HelenMarion KatieView
Ries (Sutton)John Charles and Mary AnnRichard JohnView
RamsayN/EWilliam JamesView
Riedel (Schultze)Herman Charles Henry and Pauline O. LouisaAlice PaulineView
Romia (Fares)Saade and ZahuaJohnView
Romanos (Assad)Elick and HelenMichaelView
Roy (Duncombe)John and Florence AmyN/EView
Ramos (Holdsworth)John and Elizabeth (Bessie)John Marathon WilliamView
Romia (Gustein)Simon and MaryPeter SimonView
Rochoy (Brenchley)Eugene August and IsabelleRobertView
Rochoy (Brenchley)Eugene August and IsabelleAlice MaudView
Ramsay (Bolger)William James and Sarah JaneFlorenceView
Riedel (Schultze)Hermann and PaulineGeorge Victor CharlesView
Robinson (Klaas)Harry and AnnieWalter JosephView
Ruhrmund (Mcfarnell)Henry Christian and Alice MargaretEdward HenryView
Romanos (Assad)Elick Joseph and HelenFrancisView
Romia (Gustein)Simon and MaryMaryView
Radue (Joyce)William Charles and Aileen Gladys (Elizabeth)Uta TyvendaleView
Repsold (Cook)John Henry and Agnes Mary CeciliaSydney John LawrenceView
Roselt (Walker)Frederick and Mary AnnKathleenView
Roe (Wenzler)Ernest Victor and Theresa ReginaDorothyView
Roe (Wenzler)Ernest Victor and Theresa ReginaMargaret EvelynView
Roe (Wenzler)Ernest Victor and Theresa ReginaAlan VictorView
Ruhrmund (Mcfarnell)Henry Christian and Alice MargaretHenry JamesView
Radloff (Brand)Ferdinand and PhileminaWilhelminaView
RalphElizabeth AnnAndrew FrederickView
Rassow (Groepe)Harry and JohannahHenryView
Rassow (Groepe)Harry and JohannahMary R.View
Ramsay (Bolger)William James and Sarah JaneReginald DesmondView
Romia (Augustine)Simon and MaryGeorgeView
RestomMoses and EffieEvelyn BeatriceView
Ruhrmund (Mcfarnell)Henry Christian and Alice MargaretWilliam JohnView
Repsold (Cook)John Henry and Agnes Mary CeciliaLeslie AlbertView
Repsold (Cook)John Henry and Agnes Mary CeciliaStella Nellie MaryView
Rousell (Austin)James Henry and Minnie LouisaHenryView
Romanos (Assad)Alic and EllenJohnView
Rennie (Cathrow)Miles Bowker and Georgina GenevieveMiles BowkerView
RobsonGraceSepparella KathleenView
Radloff (Neilson)Gustav and SarahPhilomena ElizabethView
Ruhrmund (Mcfarnell)Heinrich Christian and Alice MargaretAlbertView
Reddy (Jonas)David and ElizabethElizabeth AgnesView
Rassow (Groepe)Harry and JohannaJamesView
Repsold (Cook)John Henry and Agnes Mary CeciliaJoyce MaryView
Romia (Augustine)Simon and MaryTeresiaView
Romanos (Assad)Alic and EllenCatherineView
Rassow (Groepe)Harry and JohannaMaggie LouisaView
Ruhrmund (Mcfarnell)Henry Christian and Alice MargaretFrancisView
Roodt (Botha)Andries Johannes (Andrew) and Elizabeth PetronellaMargaret MagdalinaView
RoodtMargaret MagdalinaGabriel Louis BertrandView
Ramncwana (Myosane)John and AgnesMaryView
Robinson (Lear)Charles and Annie Martha AgnesEdna MayView
Robinson (Lear)Charles and Annie Martha AgnesRuth MarianView
Rayappan (Antony?) (Magrimo)Anthony (Alfred?) and LouisaMichael CharlesView
Rooi (Stuurman?)Frank and KateLily Mary (EASTRACE nee ROOI)View
Rossie (Versasie)Harry Louie and Johanna MariaWilliamView
Ragavalo VelangomiAntony MichaelView
Eastern Cape Baptisms Alphabetical Index

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