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Surname Parents Names Child Names View
UptonGeorge and MariaSusannahView
UptonGeorge and MariaSarah MiriamView
UlyateHenry and Amelia Susan??View
UlyateHenry and AmeliaJohn AdamView
UlyateHenry and AmeliaDonald GeorgeView
UlyateHenry and AmeliaLucy AmeliaView
UsherHenry and Rhoda AnnCharlotte LouisaView
UsherHenry and Rhoda AnnWilliam HenryView
UsherHenry and Rhoda AnnArchibald EdwardView
UptonHugh Bagot and Florence Mary AnnFlorence MaudeView
UnknownUnknown (Eichhorn)Thomas (adopted)View
UrryGeorge and AugustaAlice GeorginaView
UpwardsHoward and Queenie AdelineArthur SydneyView
UpwardsHoward and Queenie AdelineDorothy GloriaView
UpwardsHoward and Queenie AdelineTrevor HoratioView
UpwardsHoward and Queenie AdelineRhona MarjorieView
UpwardsHoward and Queenie AdelineNeville VincentView
UpwardsHoward and Queenie AdelineGladys JennerView
UpwardsHoward and Queenie AdelineAlcie MayView
UptonRichard Arthur Strelley and Joyce MadgeShirley-Anne DeniseView
UnderwoodDavid FrancesDonald DavidView
UnderwoodDavid Walter and Frances JacobaBrian EdwardView
UnderwoodDavid Walter and Frances JacobaMichael JohnView
UnderwoodBrian Edward and JeanetteMichelleView
UnderwoodBrian Edward and JeanetteBevanView
UdalRobert Chase and Noel MaryRobert Pountney ChaseView
UdalRobert Chase and Noel MaryBridget Blashford ChaseView
UptonDaniel and EmmerenzaSusannah JohannaView
UrenWilliam and AlidaPeter Mark IvanView
UrquhartPhilip John and Gladys Adelaide SylviaPhilip Ian James BasilView
UlyateHenry and Amelia SusannahArchibald MoulsView
UlyateHenry and Amelia SusannahAllan MacKenzieView
UsherHenry and Rhoda AnnClifford HenryView
UdemanEdward and May Myrtle (Morgan)Resley IvorView
UneyFred and Gwendoline VioletJulie Anne (adopted)View
UneyFred and Gwendoline VioletPamela DorothyView
UdemansBasil GeorgeAlan JamesView
UrenBridget and LevinaLouisView
UrenBridget and LevinaOlga MaryView
UrenWilliam and HildaGavin SmithView
UrenWilliam and HildaJean FredaView
UrenWilliam and HildaRaymond Luther FrederickView
UrenWilliam and Alida HarriettDorothy RuthView
UrenWilliam and Alida HarriettWilliam MichaelView
UrenWilliam and AlidaJudith MyrtleView
Umlungweni??Sarah AnnView
UttonPierre Joseph Albert and Amey LilleyOscar Charles GordonView
UttonPierre Joseph Albert and Amey LilleyUndine Haidee ThalassaView
UtyldeDouglas Charles and Edna MurielMichael DouglasView
UysFrederick Johannes and Ada DoloresIgnatius StephenView
UlbrishAlfred And Lucy Jane (Pettit)Annie ThedaView
UithaalderWilliam And Annie (Clare)Lena AnnieView
Uithalder William and ElizabethMary IsabellaView
UithalderBellaCatherine FrancesView
UithalderLeahCatherina (Kathleen)View
UithalderPetrus Jacobus and Dora (Koorat)Rebecca CeciliaView
UithalderPeter and Dora (Koreat)JacobView
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