Eastern Cape Baptisms Search : Y
Surname Parents Names Child Names View
YellGeorge Henry and Ann Jane MurrayMinnie RuthView
YellGeorge Henry and Ann Jane MurrayHerbert EdwinView
YellGeorge Henry and Ann Jane MurrayGrace NorahView
YellGeorge Henry and Ann Jane MurrayReuben HaroldView
YoungJohn Campbell and Alice BlancheHelen Kathleen CampbellView
YoungJohn Campbell and Alice BlanchePatrick CampbellView
YatesJames John and Joan Carrick HiltonMary Carrick WaughView
YoungJames Cornelius and ElizabethWilliam HenryView
YoungJames Cornelius and Elizabeth MargaretFrederick JosephView
YellingJoseph and SarahWilliam JosephView
YoungEdmund George Andrew and Ethel LouisaEdward James ReginaldView
YoungEdmond George Andrew and Ethel LouisaIrene Dorothy MayView
YoungAlbert Edward Arthur and Mary EllenGladys NoelView
YoungFrank and IdaEileen PatriciaView
YoungGeorge Edward and Rose MabelRoland StanleyView
YoungReuben Stanley and Annie FlroenceMargaret FlorenceView
YeomanEdward Arthur and Winifred Hilda GraceEna FlorenceView
YoungGeorge Edward and Rose MabelDenzil DouglasView
YoungGeorge Edward and Rose MabelBasil BernardView
YeoGordon Charles and Lois EleonoraLlewellyn GordonView
YoungPaul Goodwin and Jessie VivianChristopher VivianView
YoungArthur George and Peggy DawnLorraine GailView
YoungEaden Stanley and Desire ValerieWayne GregoryView
YoungEaden Stanley and Desire ValerieMichelle AnnView
YoungEaden Stanley and Desire ValerieBrett AnthonyView
YoungAmos William and Myra MayAlbert BurnsView
YoungJohn Hugh and Susan CathrineYvonneView
YoungJohn Hugh and Susan CathrineFelicia MarionView
YoungJohn Hugh and Susan CathrineSandra EsmayView
YoungJohn Hugh and Susan CathrineRodney StevenView
YoungEaden Stanley and Desiree ValerieCraig AlanView
YatesJohn and MaryKeith JohnView
YoungJohn Hugh and Susan CatherineGregory JohnView
YoungJohn Duncan and Sharleen MayWarren JamesView
YoungJames and ElizabethEdmund George AndrewView
YeomanEdwin Arthur and Winifred Hilda GraceCecil CedricView
YoungWilliam Patrick and Anna JohannaIverna AngelaView
YoungJohn Alexander and Fanny LouisaYvonneView
YoungJohn Duncan and Sharleen MayClint PeterView
YoungGeorge Ian and Aletta MagrettaIanView
YellingJoseph and SarahWilliam JosephView
YoungGeorge and Marion SmithGeorge Harold AndrewView
YoungVictor Chumondley and Ida AmeliaDesmond GeorgeView
YounglesonHerman Bernard and VoyFrank SmythView
Young??Victor Henry PrestoView
YoungStephen and Maria ClarissaMaryView
YoungSidney Smith and Susan MargaretSidney SmithView
YoungHugh and Elizabeth Ann BlancheErrol IanView
YoungHugh and Elizabeth Ann BlancheJean RosalandView
YoungHugh and Elizabeth Ann BlancheDenise AnnView
YekaniBillson and MaggieTembekileView
YekariBilson and No WestCelineView
YoungJohn Alexander and Fanny LouisaYvonneView
YoungJohn Duncan and Sharleen MayClint PeterView
YoungAlan Keith and Lorna JoanDebra AnnView
Young??Allen KeithView
YoungJames and Elizabeth MargaretJames SamuelView
YokwePeter and ElizabethRabeekView
YibeMlonyeni and Sarah JaneMildredView
YoungHenry Stephen and Constance MaudErnest NevilleView
YoungAlexander and Sarah MariaKenneth LindenView
YoungAlexander Milne and Sarah MariahIan Frederick WilliamView
YendallRobert and Mary HelenHarold (adopted)View
YendallMoyle Harold and Hester MariaHarold MoyleView
YaleMichael Joseph And Mary Elizabeth (Hogan)Arthur ClarenceView
YardCharles and Nellie (Birtley)Dorothy Mary (NEWTON nee YARD)View
YokoTheodosius Alfred and Ruth (Mcnamara)Alfred PatrickView
YokoTheodosius Alfred and Ruth (Mcnamara)Edward LionelView
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