Eastern Cape Burials Search : A
Surname Names Date of Burial View
ArmstrongEdward7 April 1857View
AllenWilliam Thomas27 March 1858View
ArmstrongCatharine Adelaide3 December 1860View
AllenWilliam Thomas2 September 1865View
ArmstrongGeorge Henry12 August 1877View
ArmstrongHenry9 June 1885View
ArnoldJohn Frederick8 November 1887View
AllenCatharine29 September 1889View
AllenEliza11 October 1901View
ArmstrongLouisa Helena26 December 1907View
ArnoldMargret Eliza23 April 1911View
ArnoldThomas Leslie23 April 1911View
ArmstrongRobert John29 August 1916View
ArmstrongLouisa30 April 1918View
AdlerPercy Clayton25 March 1926View
ArnoldIsabella24 March 1937View
ArchdeaconAmy Maud07 December 1939View
ArchdeaconCharles John19 February 1941View
ArnoldJohn28 November 1944View
ArnoltShirley Leighton29 August 1949View
ArnoldSidney John29 April 1951View
ArnoltSarah Ann13 September 1954View
ArnoldRobert Leslie14 August 1956View
ArmstrongArthur Clifford11 June 1961View
ArcherCyril Thornton19 October 1964View
ArnoldIda Genieve18 June 1968View
ArmstrongIna Lilly01 November 1969View
ArnottAlfred George07 January 1975View
ArcherLetitia08 September 1979View
AnschutzPaul Charles28 October 1983View
ArenholdCaroline Sarah Louise27 January 1863View
AprilStoffel11 November 1889View
AfricaAbraham25 May 1892View
ArnuldusGoliad24 August 1894View
AlexanderDaniel27 May 1907View
AitchisonAlexander William Hay20 October 1908View
AugustPeter14 February 1911View
AndrewLouisa Ann24 August 1923View
AtterburyWilliam Joseph23 February 1924View
ApthorpKendal Pretyman03 June 1925View
AdamsWalter Thorne17 January 1927View
AtherstoneFanny16 April 1927View
AbrahamsNellie13 October 1931View
ApthorpLouisa Clayton23 April 1934View
AlexanderSophie27 May 1935View
AitchisonDonald Charles29 June 1930View
AugustAndries05 March 1937View
AbbottAlice Maud17 March 1938View
AtherstoneWalter Herschel11 April 1941View
AndrewsBertha19 May 1873View
AndrewsAndrews de Leur20 June 1877View
AndrewsJames William Herbert8 November 1878View
AbrahamsEva12 November 1881View
AndrewsGerald Hardwicke6 June 1884View
AndrewsRobert James18 August 1886View
AbrahamsMagdalena21 October 1887View
AllisonMary Jane15 April 1893View
AhrendsJohanna18 July 1895View
AhrendsAbraham2 November 1897View
AndrewsArthur Ayliff16 December 1897View
AshleyH.02 February 1902View
AndersonHarriett17 July 1902View
AhrendsEliza02 October 1902View
AndrewsBarend30 December 1903View
AllsopAugustus26 September 1905View
AlderwickEric James31 August 1907View
AlderwickGeorge James22 June 1967View
AllcockLouisa Agnes Rosetta10 February 1859View
AnthoineJane22 November 1860View
ArnoldGustav8 March 1861View
AtkinsonCatherine20 March 1863View
AllenCharles11 January 1870View
AltmannJohann15 January 1876View
ArncesElizabeth13 December 1876View
AyresJohn, Pvt.11 January 1877View
Armstrong??5 May 1878View
AuldWilliam9 March 1879View
ArmstrongAlexander1 August 1823View
AdamsJames7 September 1823View
AllenSarah21 February 1824View
AustinAnn17 March 1824View
AdcockMaria24 March 1824View
AllisonSamuel26 March 1849View
AtherstoneJohn Frederic18 February 1850View
Ashley??4 April 1851View
AllisonJohn Henry29 July 1851View
AustenHenry24 October 1851View
AbernethyJoseph Henry James28 November 1881View
AllenbyRobert Charles17 December 1882View
AllisonLeslie John24 August 1889View
AltenkirchSusanna5 November 1893View
AdyAlfred Jesse8 October 1894View
AustinMarjory W.27 August 1901View
AnsleyArthur24 May 1902View
AnsleyWalter E.15 March 1901View
AlexanderNatalie Gordon27 September 1902View
AshingtonJanet13 December 1909View
AnsleyRachael09 January 1910View
AtherstoneFrank de Grey19 February 1911View
AtherstoneMary23 October 1913View
AtherstoneWalter24 October 1914View
ArmstrongGeorge22 September 1897View
AtherstoneWilliam Guybon26 June 1898View
AspinallMaria Caroline18 July 1898View
AtherstoneEdwin29 September 1898View
AnnalsLizie28 January 1899View
ApplebyJames25 February 1899View
AdamEthel May28 February 1900View
AddisonGladys M. A.01 November 1903View
AbernethyWilliam George14 November 1903View
ArsonHarriett20 August 1905View
AndrewsDaisy16 March 1906View
AssocDaniel21 June 1906View
AndersonGrace Eleanor26 October 1906View
AdonisJohn Henry27 January 1908View
AndersonOtto Wilhelm15 November 1908View
AnnisonHenry Christmas05 March 1909View
AntillWilliam15 January 1909View
AnsleyRachael10 January 1910View
AdamsAnnie15 January 1910View
AshplantThomas02 May 1910View
AndersonCharlotte29 June 1911View
AndersonEdward James Heathfield31 December 1911View
AtherstoneGuybon Damant15 February 1912View
AppletonCharles27 February 1912View
AndrewsWilliam14 May 1913View
ArnottRachel Jane06 July 1913View
AllenJohn11 September 1914View
AtherstoneWalter24 October 1914View
AtwellBenjamin Booth12 January 1914View
ArnottWilliam29 May 1916View
AustinElizabeth Susanah13 July 1916View
AngoveEric Floyd04 October 1916View
AbrahamsCarel02 September 1916View
AitchisonThomas Hood08 February 1917View
AikenAllan Lancelot15 September 1918View
AndersonEllen Mary Ann16 October 1918View
AustinMyrtle C.01 November 1918View
AndrewWilliam Plant02 December 1918View
AttwellCordelia16 December 1918View
AustinJames Philip13 November 1920View
AbernethySarah Maria29 November 1921View
Aldridge (Brown)Dorothy28 February 1922View
AngoveAdelaide20 November 1923View
AllenMuriel Emily04 February 1925View
AikenRita Isabel Pauline27 August 1925View
AndersonLilian Myrtle29 September 1900View
ActonEthel22 June 1903View
ApplebyCedric Ralph11 December 1902View
ArnoldJoyce19 August 1915View
AustinEllen M.20 August 1918View
AndersonSarah17 March 1936View
AndrewJohannes25 December 1940View
AndersonAnthony Frank02 September 1941View
ActonThomas05 December 1943View
ArendsAnna28 March 1948View
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