Eastern Cape Burials Search : C
Surname Names Date of Burial View
ClarkeJohn31 October 1859View
ChristieEllen8 November 1860View
CockLucy Ann25 July 1861View
ClaytonElizabeth30 August 1868View
CooperMatilda6 September 1870View
CooperRobert Harding24 August 1871View
CooperHarding31 July 1876View
ClaytonEvelyn David31 January 1882View
CampbellSelina20 February 1892View
CawoodJames18 September 1895View
CooperAlice Arabella10 December 1901View
CooperMary31 October 1907View
CooperEllen E.23 April 1911View
CamferHarding William10 October 1913View
CooperClara Maria10 November 1936View
CooperFuller Harding13 July 1942View
CooperRobert Middleton04 April 1955View
CollettWilliam Edward17 May 1960View
ClarkJoyce Mary26 May 1965View
CollettCatherine Innes04 November 1974View
CooperWalter John Harding01 July 1975View
CollettMarjorie10 September 1976View
ComynNorman David31 May 1977View
ClarkGeorge Norman Haven13 August 1981View
CronJohn8 April 1859View
CooperMary Ann1 May 1864View
CardwellGeorge22 May 1865View
CarterMary Ann14 September 1870View
CockDorcas31 May 1885View
CockFlorence19 July 1885View
Cochrane??16 November 1885View
ColeGeorge Byng27 September 1880View
CloeteCatherine2 September 1891View
ConnollyRobert3 September 1891View
CarburyMichael6 February 1892View
CameronJohn Allison3 April 1892View
ContaAlan28 April 1892View
Coetzee??3 November 1893View
CoydCatherine20 March 1895View
CapesFrances Eliza29 August 1896View
ClackEdwin Ernest3 September 1896View
CliftThomas22 July 1899View
CellsJohanna Murray25 December 1905View
CannellJessamine Lezaire28 December 1906View
CellsRobert Murray22 May 1907View
CampbellAlice05 May 1909View
CannellWilliam21 September 1909View
ClarkMaria12 August 1912View
ColeEllen05 September 1913View
CockAnnie Caroline30 March 1915View
CarneyJames William28 December 1928View
CebeholaNata Fade23 January 1934View
CaustonJessie C.21 February 1934View
ConstabelWilliam05 August 1935View
ChristianAnnie19 March 1936View
CawseCharles Denny05 June 1938View
CoghillRobert Boyd15 March 1939View
CharlieWilliam17 July 1939View
ColgateWallace Stephen17 October 1939View
CharlesGeorge02 January 1940View
CaldowCamilla Mary Ruth07 April 1941View
CannellEdith Kate10 July 1941View
ChearyMaria Rebecca15 June 1861View
CromarGeorge29 October 1865View
CopelandHerbert Richard1 March 1866View
ClarkAbsolam17 February 1877View
CallawayBeatrice Amy8 March 1885View
ChapmanFrank12 October 1894View
CarlisleMuriel Mona13 December 1897View
CarlileGladys Winifred4 January 1898View
CoopsT.02 February 1902View
CourtDorothy Marion12 April 1908View
ConderGeorge Harris25 January 1909View
ChampanisDimitrius15 January 1952View
Collit (Collett?)John14 September 1859View
CourtThomas21 January 1863View
CouttsJohn5 June 1863View
CloughWalter23 April 1867View
ChartersSarah Ann23 January 1868View
CouttsJames16 May 1870View
CouttsWilliam7 September 1870View
CloggMaria23 August 1873View
ClarkeFrederick11 April 1874View
ClarkeEdward, Capt.3 February 1875View
CarpenterGeorge22 June 1878View
CherryEllen Eliza5 July 1878View
CaneyRobert22 January 1879View
CavanaghCharles2 April 1879View
Casey, Alias FitzgeraldJohn18 April 1879View
CornhillCatherine W.23 May 1879View
CadleJohn13 October 1823View
CadleMary31 October 1823View
ChadwickGeorge5 January 1824View
ClarkeDavid8 June 1825View
ClarkeJohn15 June 1825View
CampbellSarah24 July 1825View
CampbellMary Deveraux29 August 1825View
ClarkeThomas2 September 1825View
CastingsJohn1 March 1849View
ChittyEliza4 August 1851View
CampbellJohn7 September 1851View
CurrinRichard28 May 1881View
CampbellWilliam19 December 1880View
CollenWilliam21 September 1883View
Crousbrook (Causebrook?)Walter17 August 1884View
CinnamonBenjamin12 February 1888View
ChristieEdward Charles6 April 1888View
ClackEdward7 February 1890View
CurrinSarah15 December 1890View
CoetzeePeter4 July 1892View
CrauseSarah15 June 1892View
CinnamonMartha Anne15 July 1895View
ClementsWilliam14 November 1896View
CinnamonMary Jane17 August 1898View
CrouchAmy Maude04 June 1900View
CausebrookJames26 September 1900View
CooperWilliam15 February 1904View
CalderCaroline12 April 1907View
Connock??03 January 1909View
CurrieMalcolm Gordon20 December 1910View
CloeteLaurance Graham6 March 1887View
CloetePeter Voltelin16 March 1922View
CloeteHester Francina06 June 1923View
CloeteWilliam Brodrick25 April 1936View
ChurchHarry Francis29 March 1897View
ColegateAda Emily4 April 1897View
CannonMargaret15 May 1898View
CollinsEdward Henry9 July 1898View
CannonMargaret14 May 1898View
CinnamonMary Jane17 August 1898View
CheerWilliam23 April 1899View
ConnockWinifred Edith11 June 1899View
CattellEdward29 September 1899View
CrossAlbert Edward8 October 1899View
ConnockGladys Florence12 July 1900View
CousmellerMary Frances06 June 1902View
CooperWilliam18 September 1902View
ConderKathleen01 February 1903View
CholwichSarah Frederica Gertrude23 May 1903View
CooperWilliam14 February 1904View
ColeH. F.08 May 1904View
ChesneyCharles21 May 1904View
CrowleyJoseph21 August 1905View
CherryElizabeth Fanny03 April 1906View
CrockerJohn24 October 1906View
CoalsonSamuel28 January 1907View
ChippendaleEdward10 May 1907View
CarruthersReginald James15 October 1907View
ClarkAlexander Charles23 October 1908View
CloeteJohn Evelyn Gordon16 March 1909View
CoffinRobert Charles17 February 1910View
CotensulaAllan10 June 1910View
CampFrank22 June 1910View
CowleyHenry11 July 1910View
CarstairsRosetta03 January 1911View
CampanyHenry20 December 1910View
CilliersElizabeth Christina23 August 1912View
CrawleyWilliam George27 September 1912View
CurrieRonald Howard17 March 1913View
CookeAnne21 March 1913View
ClintonGeorge21 December 1913View
CausebrookHarriet03 August 1914View
CameronWilliam Mouat16 November 1915View
CloeteSusanna Maria03 January 1916View
CoetzeeMargareta Johanna Maria01 May 1916View
CrimperHubert Heathfield02 May 1916View
CooperGeorge A.21 March 1917View
CurrieAdah L.22 June 1917View
ColeridgeSarah Elizabeth30 May 1919View
CollierSamuel Wood19 April 1922View
CremerMargaret Florence10 October 1922View
CroeserBasil27 December 1924View
ClarkeHenry Tudor18 January 1887View
ClarkeHubert Arthur21 January 1887View
ClarkAlfred19 December 1899View
CoyteLillian Henrietta05 November 1902View
CorfieldEllen27 November 1903View
ConnockChristiana27 December 1903View
CarlinJohn William27 July 1909View
ClarkeRoziana Augusta16 December 1912View
CuthbertGeorge Blythe20 November 1911View
CoxfordWilliam Nichols23 July 1931View
CooperElenor Patricia21 August 1931View
CarlinGordon07 October 1931View
ColesLeslie Tennyson25 June 1935View
CarlinWilliam Arthur27 August 1935View
CawthornMary Ann03 August 1938View
CawthornCharles10 March 1943View
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