Eastern Cape Burials Search : D
Surname Names Date of Burial View
DouglasWilliam19 March 1850View
DaviesEdward William9 February 1851View
DevineMartha Ann1 January 1871View
DraperThomas5 June 1874View
DixonJoseph Elwyn5 September 1890View
DixonEmma28 July 1895View
DixonMatthew Henry12 June 1897View
DixonEdwin Joseph04 May 1906View
DuffyUna M.03 July 1906View
DixonLawrence04 November 1913View
DixonEmma? B.08 February 1921View
DixonJames29 January 1922View
DixonWeymouth28 May 1923View
Dixon???? October 1924View
DixonAlice Mary10 May 1926View
DixonCharlotte14 August 1931View
DixonThomas16 September 1935View
DellHannah Weymouth20 September 1939View
DixonGeorge F.30 August 1948View
DixonAnnie Adeline02 January 1951View
DixonMatthew Henry02 January 1952View
DawGeorge Henry05 August 1952View
DellChristopher29 November 1958View
DixonJoseph Henry25 April 1959View
DixonLouisa Emily07 May 1962View
Du PreezWinifred Alice26 January 1969View
DellGladys27 August 1973View
DellVivian Horace01 September 1973View
DellLouisa Isabel08 April 1975View
DavisonBert14 August 1985View
DohertyJohn28 February 1860View
DixonEdith May20 October 1871View
DoddBeatrice12 November 1877View
DanielCharles19 April 1878View
DrawbridgeRichard12 March 1881View
DunaarLeah14 January 1891View
Du PlessisHester21 June 1897View
DobsonEdward5 May 1899View
DuncanHenry21 June 1899View
Dukiso??12 October 1899View
DanM. C.15 June 1900View
DonovanGerald18 February 1901View
DondashaMeije06 December 1901View
DukinfieldFrances Elizabeth03 November 1907View
De VriesJohn27 July 1912View
DraaghoenderBooi04 September 1920View
DoddsEllen08 July 1923View
Dumbie??27 July 1925View
DavisNellie29 March 1927View
Dummy??20 March 1929View
DavidsCharles03 August 1932View
DanielsLeah Johanna10 April 1933View
DuffyHugh Robert17 November 1933View
DuffyAmy P. A.05 March 1936View
DunlopMargaret Ann27 June 1936View
DickLydia15 September 1936View
DillonFrederick John Lamb04 June 1937View
DavisonJohn George03 December 1939View
DavisWilliam7 May 1874View
DavisJosephine7 May 1874View
DevereuxThomas15 December 1895View
DuncanJames27 March 1901View
De Blanch?? (Trooper)11 November 1901View
DarraghJohn20 March 1903View
DavisDavid T.29 May 1903View
De VosMarianne King17 January 1906View
De LangeJohn Dirks22 April 1907View
DietlefsLouisa Annie25 October 1907View
DavidsonJames04 February 1911View
De LangeBeatrice Agnes08 March 1912View
DavidWilliam10 October 1912View
DickinsonThomas Fink09 August 1921View
DanielsHenry James14 September 1962View
DelportDaphney21 February 1972View
DarvallAlexander20 October 1861View
DuffieldMary Ann27 March 1863View
DickerJames8 October 1872View
DuncanJames Mitchel31 May 1875View
DyasonEdward25 June 1875View
DallasMargueritta Sarah20 December 1875View
DorcasCaroline5 April 1878View
De VilliersCharles15 March 1879View
DunfordFrances Elizabeth23 December 1823View
DenhamStephen23 April 1824View
DixonMargaret25 June 1824View
DunfordJames William21 March 1825View
DenhamMargaret26 July 1825View
DixonAnn14 May 1850View
DoyleThomas31 January 1851View
DobbieRobert31 January 1851View
DyasonGeorge Joseph23 June 1851View
DeetlefsJemima Cecilia14 October 1916View
DurowMargaretta20 October 1917View
Du PreezMary Cecilia04 September 1919View
DredgeRachel Emily20 August 1945View
DamarellCaroline Jane1 March 1881View
DixonHenry W.26 October 1889View
DixonChristina12 February 1891View
DoghertyHenry James30 December 1890View
De BeerCharlotte Fredericka Augusta18 June 1898View
DonaldVernon Wilfred02 January 1900View
DixieClement Gough17 February 1900View
DamantGuyton30 May 1900View
DreessenPeter Joseph John21 March 1900View
DamantEliza Caroline20 May 1901View
DonaldWinifred Alice09 January 1903View
DonaldThomas Bowman07 April 1903View
DelpoortHendrick26 March 1903View
DelportMaria15 September 1906View
DanielMary30 May 1908View
Delport (Fick)Mary Grace05 April 1909View
DaviesAnnie23 December 1885View
De BeerCharlotte Fredrica18 June 1898View
DrummondAnne Amelia Isabella19 June 1898View
DrummondRichard Oliver Gardner23 June 1898View
Du PreezPhilip James27 August 1898View
DredgeAnn9 December 1898View
DemaineJames24 August 1900View
DanversLaura14 April 1901View
DevosJohn06 May 1902View
DrenonDennis04 August 1902View
DeareyKate Maude07 November 1902View
DixMaximilian Gustave Waldemar Reinhold29 November 1903View
DellOlive Louisa Mowbray11 May 1904View
DiggedenFanny16 May 1904View
DykmanHerbert Lancelot31 March 1905View
DykmanDaphne Irene10 April 1905View
DouglassArthur11 October 1905View
Da CostaAlma01 October 1907View
DennisonRichard10 October 1907View
DaviesArchibald Vivian02 July 1908View
De LangeIsabella04 November 1908View
DippenaarWillem Hendrick09 November 1908View
DaggenElizabeth10 August 1909View
DaviesJohn11 October 1909View
DraytonEdith15 January 1910View
DalyAlfred Victor22 December 1910View
DelportMary Susannah10 February 1911View
DennisGeorge19 January 1911View
DellCornelius Edward22 April 1911View
DeareJames William13 October 1911View
DieselRobert Dobson12 August 1911View
DilksIsabel20 March 1912View
DaniellsWinifred Woodruff14 November 1912View
DrennanJohn James Henry10 August 1913View
Davids (Daniels?)William John16 August 1913View
DoyleNorah14 March 1914View
DaviesLaura Kirkhouse03 September 1914View
De KlerkAlbert James15 January 1917View
De BlancheSolomon Nathaniel10 March 1917View
DixonHenry James04 February 1917View
DickFlorence Edith18 January 1919View
DaviesEliza09 April 1919View
De BeerMr. Rhyno??View
DellCaroline01 November 1906View
DicksWilliam16 July 1905View
DobrowskyJulius C.02 November 1908View
DavisChristiana Letitia16 February 1907View
DewingFrederick Richard05 October 1909View
DevlinAnnie May07 January 1911View
DaubermanJoseph F. W.19 April 1918View
DaleStill-born child of William21 November 1927View
DewingSusanah22 March 1935View
DoyleDaryl Carry25 August 1941View
De FriesStella14 February 1943View
DodsHarry Gleed01 September 1949View
DodsHarry Gleed23 March 1950View
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