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Surname Names Date of Burial View
EvansCharles10 March 1854View
EstmentHenry James23 August 1864View
EstmentAmy Rebecca7 May 1874View
EvansMary8 April 1875View
EstmentSeptimus Levi27 May 1876View
Elliot??14 July 1876View
ElliottNathan22 June 1894View
ElliottWilliam9 April 1899View
ElliottOwen08 December 1901View
ElliottIvah?11 September 1906View
ElliottWilliam03 January 1907View
ElliottGertrude12 July 1925View
ElliottLeslie Henry24 April 1929View
ElliottWilliam George16 March 1931View
ElliottSarahann28 July 1936View
ElliottWilliam John Christopher10 October 1941View
EstmentRichard William13 December 1943View
EstmentHarold Lisle Stanley04 January 1946View
EstmentElizabeth Alice08 December 1949View
ElliottEmily Catharine Elizabeth21 February 1955View
EstmentSylvia Lucy Nellie28 July 1956View
EstmentAthold Eric25 August 1970View
EstmentGertie16 July 1972View
ElliottWilliam Bertram??View
ErasmusPeter16 May 1865View
ErasmusElizabeth28 May 1890View
EsauJacobus24 September 1891View
EvansIvor Llewellyn10 November 1895View
EatonWilliam9 September 1893View
EvansColin Cameron3 July 1899View
EverardFrederick30 July 1900View
EsterhausenAndries15 January 1906View
EalesHerbert A.02 March 1908View
ExtonMona21 January 1909View
ErwinThomas24 November 1910View
EyapiHannah, alias Nomanti28 February 1911View
EvansMary29 May 1920View
Espin (Nee Thom)Dorothy Cissy M.03 July 1920View
EspinWilliam Mallam18 May 1926View
EastawayHenry Mimmuck26 December 1863View
EastawayWilliam Richard18 March 1866View
EarleJohanna Margaret23 February 1885View
EveryMark Rogers19 July 1885View
ElliottVera Amy19 September 1887View
ErasmusLouw Stephanus31 May 1905View
EveryWilliam George09 July 1909View
EveryLucy22 September 1920View
EdwardsMaynard Montague14 October 1961View
EichhornDorothea12 February 1864View
EvansThomas, Capt.7 August 1876View
EllicSamuel, Pvt.17 July 1878View
EatonJohn Taylor Duffield5 May 1879View
EatonMary Hodgkinson Duffield27 May 1879View
EyreJohn, Esq.29 October 1825View
EstmentJames Daniel??View
EdwardsJames27 September 1877View
EvensHerbert C.11 February 1880View
EmmsSarah Ann19 September 1883View
EdwardsSophia18 July 1884View
EvensJohn10 January 1888View
EuleyCaroline9 November 1887View
Evens??12 July 1892View
ElentonGeorge11 May 1897View
EstmentHenry6 December 1899View
ElliottRobert26 March 1900View
EvensAnn Rebecca31 July 1901View
EltringhamW. M.08 May 1902View
ElertonGeorge10 May 1897View
EarleFrederick1 November 1897View
EvansJohn Henry6 February 1898View
EvensJohn Henry6 February 1898View
EversleighEthel7 August 1898View
EnslinAlberta Carolus14 April 1900View
EganWilliam Hamilton28 January 1901View
EdwardsMary18 May 1901View
EstmentSeptimus Joshua11 August 1901View
EdgarTalis03 June 1902View
EalesDaisy05 October 1902View
EvansWilliam20 November 1902View
EspinCatherine27 January 1905View
EspinJohn, D. D.24 October 1905View
EthertonWalter07 November 1905View
EvansAlexander Wilmot Frampton17 September 1906View
EndleyErnest26 January 1909View
EllisEdith24 August 1909View
EgesaFred12 July 1910View
EdwardesEdith05 June 1913View
EddieLindsay Atkins01 November 1913View
ElseCornelis Susanna12 November 1913View
EdwardsCharles30 May 1916View
EdgeFrederick Albert21 May 1922View
EverettMarion26 December 1923View
EdwardsElizabeth Seanor09 August 1924View
EvansHarold Smethurst17 May 1901View
ElgarFrederick28 March 1900View
EdwardsAlma Neale?25 May 1904View
EspieHenrietta28 March 1909View
EllisThora Ruby30 March 1915View
EvensArthur Stubbs22 October 1918View
EdwardsClyde Thorne01 March 1925View
EdwardsFanny21 November 1926View
EvattRosena Emma09 April 1944View
ElstonAlbert06 June 1946View
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