Eastern Cape Burials Search : F
Surname Names Date of Burial View
ForwordMartha7 August 1856View
ForwordWilliam10 December 1858View
FarrellEliza27 June 1861View
ForbesHenrietta14 October 1867View
ForwordEdith Ann7 February 1869View
ForwordFanny Elizabeth1 September 1871View
ForwordJessie Sylvia14 April 1881View
ForwordJessie Susannah13 March 1884View
ForwordPercival William Joseph10 September 1885View
FletcherJohn30 May 1888View
FletcherEdith Clayton24 July 1889View
ForwordBlanche15 March 1891View
ForwordHenry Cecil Copeland29 July 1898View
FieldWilliam23 March 1911View
ForwordJohn James10 December 1924View
FoxcroftAmelia Ann28 June 1933View
ForwordFrancis Douglas24 April 1946View
FletcherEileen Kestell29 March 1980View
FitzgeraldTerence Symons20 February 1981View
FitzgeraldTerence Simmonds13 March 1983View
FreemantelMary20 April 1859View
FinnWilliam Thomas13 July 1859View
FordBenjamin George28 September 1861View
FonteinJan19 January 1890View
FinnEliza Jane9 September 1894View
FraserPercy Stewart7 April 1895View
FosterMichael29 August 1896View
FridayLena25 March 1897View
FlackDorothy Frances19 October 1897View
FrySarah27 October 1898View
FieldingCatherine07 April 1900View
FilanderFielda27 September 1901View
FitzsimonsBridgett09 June 1904View
FinnWilliam24 November 1905View
FinnThomas21 July 1907View
FayedwaWilliam20 October 1911View
FixterLys13 October 1913View
FlohrValerie Cecilia12 October 1914View
FinnSofia17 April 1917View
FelixSana02 August 1920View
FreeHarne John Ernest30 July 1927View
FourieSusan Margaret14 September 1927View
FutaAnna17 February 1931View
FotheringhamFrederick19 September 1933View
FotheringhamEmily22 October 1933View
FrancisHenry Richard28 October 1933View
FotheringhamEmily Rose15 April 1934View
FrancisBrenda02 April 1941View
FisherCharles25 August 1860View
FleetwoodElizabeth Ann23 December 1862View
FischerAlbert Richard24 August 1884View
FowlerRobert William Byron2 October 1891View
FlushPatrick4 November 1897View
Fleetwoodwilliam John08 October 1900View
FleetwoodIrene Roberta Powell13 November 1900View
FarrellF.02 February 1902View
FaganDiana09 January 1905View
FriedericksPhilip Hermann03 May 1905View
FourieHenry Johannes24 March 1908View
FrewenEileen Joyce27 November 1913View
Feury?Edward Charles15 August 1859View
FlynnJohn28 October 1861View
FoulkesWilliam Thomas6 May 1863View
FoleyWilliam4 April 1867View
FarmerEllen1 February 1871View
FilbyWilliam11 August 1871View
FieldingJames Campbell10 March 1872View
FieldingWilliam23 December 1872View
FlahertyJohn Henry5 March 1873View
FowlerThomas22 December 1873View
FeltonJohn Henry24 April 1874View
FryerAnnie18 October 1876View
FennesseyMatilda Mary14 March 1879View
FraserGeorge Sackville, Lt. Col.22 October 1823View
FishJohn4 July 1825View
FennerDavid11 July 1825View
FitzgeraldMichael6 October 1825View
FlynnCatharine11 November 1825View
FutterSarah16 May 1849View
FennElizabeth Jane6 February 1850View
FutterElleanor3 February 1851View
FisherWilliam1 March 1851View
FisherAlfred2 March 1851View
FitchettDavid15 September 1851View
Furguson (Ferguson?)Harry4 June 1890View
FullerLouisa Constance5 February 1880View
FennellMaud Emily6 December 1881View
Forbeswilliam Melgrove Hopley30 December 1881View
FieldAnna8 February 1884View
FennellJohn14 January 1885View
FieldMatilda Marie Magdalene4 October 1884View
FulhausPetrus H.23 June 1886View
Friskin (Alias Graff)Florence Mose8 September 1889View
FinaughtyJohn Henry10 April 1890View
FitchatIsabella2 February 1891View
FritschRobert3 March 1894View
FyfeGeorge Eaton21 October 1895View
FennellE. M.22 May 1897View
FutterBenetta Pomery16 January 1899View
FerreiraSusan Fredrika5 February 1899View
FranklinEliza Jane Graves27 February 1899View
FrancisJames13 September 1900View
FutterThomas John19 February 1906View
FreemantleThomas19 September 1885View
FennellElizabeth H.21 May 1897View
FennellWilliam Ward29 October 1897View
FrayCharles18 May 1898View
FirthReginald Holstrude20 February 1899View
FranklinEmily Jane Graves27 February 1899View
FishWilliam Edward04 May 1900View
FraserHenry22 August 1905View
FouchePetrus Abram02 March 1906View
FrancisMargaret12 December 1906View
FrancisMaria19 June 1908View
Flett?Charles John18 June 1908View
FraserJohn08 April 1911View
FieldGeorge04 July 1912View
FitzgeraldGerald Eustace22 November 1912View
FinlayAndrew21 June 1913View
FaniJim07 April 1914View
FelixSophia07 July 1915View
FinaughtyAlice Lillian19 September 1915View
FosterCharles Johannes14 October 1915View
FieldNancy Eva Esme04 December 1915View
FisherWilliam Ernest11 November 1916View
FosterMinnie J. Bn. Cameron24 December 1916View
FrancisErnest Edward29 July 1917View
ForbesJohn07 November 1918View
FitchettMildred23 January 1922View
FabertCharles27 April 1924View
FieldJoy Frances Grace04 November 1925View
FerreiraIgnatius29 November 1885View
FilmerThomas30 April 1890View
FraserDr. J.13 June 1897View
FoxcroftCelina19 December 1892View
Fuller (Nee Lanham)Mary Ann24 February 1899View
FoxcroftMary Maria14 April 1901View
FeatherstoneJane26 February 1903View
FlaneganAlma Arthur07 July 1903View
FlaneganEnid Victoria01 June 1902View
FullerMay Dagmar08 December 1903View
FynnInfant24 January 1904View
FullerMaria Charlotte Hunt14 February 1906View
FutterWilliam21 March 1906View
FynnElizabeth Fanny21 August 1909View
FoxcroftJames Robert21 February 1914View
FeatherstoneWilliam George08 September 1915View
FrameWilliam Hamilton12 October 1924View
FoxcroftMidford Raymond21 May 1925View
FlaneganSarah Elizabeth31 July 1925View
FeatherstoneColin Frank09 January 1927View
FutterJoseph George29 January 1928View
FutterLorna30 June 1932View
FeatherstoneAgnes Charlotte10 July 1937View
FutterRachel27 August 1939View
ForemanJohn James Colenso14 December 1939View
ForbesWilliam02 April 1940View
FlaneganLydia Lavinia23 February 1943View
FutterWilliam Elisha21 May 1943View
ForwordArthur Septimus02 May 1948View
FutterLavinia Mary Anne30 August 1949View
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