Eastern Cape Burials Search : G
Surname Names Date of Burial View
GunningBartholomew8 September 1850View
GoldswainCharles Henry11 September 1851View
GradwellJack19 July 1915View
GillanderAnnie04 January 1921View
GradwellArabella15 June 1928View
GunnClara Constance03 December 1940View
GreenGrace Alice29 October 1954View
GradwellGeorge Wesson05 January 1955View
GreenGerald Arthur Edmund06 May 1957View
GoadCharles Frederick08 March 1964View
GradwellAmy Sophia25 February 1972View
GardnerHilda Joyce07 November 1972View
GardnerCecil Ross23 March 1974View
GoadAlma Lavinia13 December 1976View
GordonPringle01 June 1985View
GorryMary Ann19 July 1860View
GorryAgnes3 August 1860View
GuyWilliam20 February 1869View
GlasenbergCharles4 March 1870View
GoodwinGeorge22 August 1876View
GadeFrederick13 November 1879View
Gizinga??22 January 1890View
GrayEdward20 December 1890View
GoosenMeitje30 September 1893View
GojoFundabruka11 June 1894View
GobaniLiza6 February 1894View
GrobelarHannah5 October 1895View
GeorgeSarah23 February 1897View
GovernmentElizabeth30 December 1898View
GilstainArthur3 January 1899View
GousElizabeth21 January 1901View
GaddEileen Irene22 April 1905View
GodfreyDorothy19 March 1917View
GadlaRetyana05 July 1921View
GodfreyEmma Maria Lear12 July 1924View
GravittGeorge Edwin Harward31 August 1924View
GrahamWilliam29 June 1927View
GajayaJim15 August 1928View
GaikaApril24 July 1929View
GrootboomLys29 November 1935View
GregorowskiHester Johanna M.16 January 1863View
GracieLizzie31 May 1864View
GormanWilliam Henry24 March 1866View
GillardJames Robert John8 July 1874View
GoveJane Wilkie10 March 1891View
GordonHenry David8 August 1892View
GroblerElizabeth Ann06 December 1901View
GallagherW.02 February 1902View
GardinerJohn21 June 1902View
GlenisterWilliam George06 October 1902View
GoltzHerman09 November 1904View
GossKatrina Elizabeth11 November 1906View
GertwahlStella25 April 1918View
GrochHeinrich Carl Wilhelm01 June 1977View
GradyJeremiah18 October 1861View
GlassHenry B.21 October 1861View
GerberHenry Gustavus??View
GunnElizabeth14 August 1863View
GoldsmithClement Augustus18 January 1865View
GibbsRichard William25 October 1865View
GeyleAda Sarah Ann10 January 1874View
GeyleEvelina Mary Emma10 January 1874View
GriggsWilliam Joseph Phery1 May 1875View
Gilbert??11 December 1877View
GrandinIsabella23 March 1878View
GowerW.19 April 1878View
GoodsGeorge20 November 1825View
GunnAlexander18 February 1826View
GilbertJohn4 June 1826View
GoldingThomas6 October 1849View
GowarAnn7 June 1883View
GowerEdwin Richard20 October 1886View
GibbsStephen9 March 1887View
GibbsThomas Stephen21 January 1889View
GibbsAmelia10 July 1891View
GowarRobert Herbert2 April 1893View
GowarDorothy21 February 1897View
GowarFrederic J.25 July 1932View
GuestEdith Eleanor30 March 1878View
GibsonFrances May14 June 1879View
GlanvilleAlbert Edward18 September 1880View
GreatheadErnest William Harding20 September 1882View
GilbertWilliam22 October 1883View
GriffithThomas R.13 December 1883View
GregoryEmily31 May 1885View
GlanvilleAmy Florence29 December 1884View
GarlandMatilda12 August 1885View
GriffithsSamuel J.8 May 1888View
GlanvilleIsabella Mary22 November 1891View
GrantThomas29 August 1892View
GaddEmily31 October 1894View
GaddJoseph4 November 1894View
GuestMary16 August 1895View
GreenVerna Irene Elizabeth7 February 1897View
GoughJane25 April 1902View
GoodingPercy William21 June 1902View
GibsonWilliam George15 December 1902View
GrayHenry Walter03 January 1904View
GilderBarbara Irene08 January 1904View
GibsonSamuel05 September 1904View
GrobelaarSarah20 December 1905View
GrubbThomas Edward12 July 1906View
GreenMary Ann12 April 1909View
GreatheadJulia10 September 1908View
GradwellEmma Frances19 May 1912View
GordonMargaret11 December 1917View
GregoryEmily5 January 1885View
GiddyAllan Crozier19 December 1897View
GibsonArthur William11 January 1898View
GregoryWilliam Frederick Rainier5 February 1898View
GirvinJulia Louisa3 October 1898View
GreenMortimer1 November 1898View
GlassAgnes9 October 1899View
GreenHenry Charles10 December 1899View
GodwinInfant son of Sydney Herbert27 December 1899View
Gardner??30 January 1901View
GodwinBlanche14 September 1901View
GouldFrederick William23 October 1901View
GameEmily Elizabeth23 November 1902View
GlassBenjamin08 July 1903View
GravesRosina Mary01 November 1903View
GossWilliam17 September 1903View
GilderDoris Lillian05 January 1904View
GoddardSarah Hannah20 February 1904View
GilderHarry William12 October 1904View
GreenwoodThomas William14 December 1904View
GrayWilliam Marsden23 August 1905View
GiemreCarolina05 November 1905View
GregorowskiTheodore12 August 1906View
GeisslerAugust06 December 1906View
GrangerEsther M.16 January 1907View
GrantFrederick Tim22 April 1911View
GalpinJames Fussell24 October 1911View
GowerLucy09 December 1911View
Greg, Alias AlecJohn, alias George04 June 1912View
GreenCaroline27 August 1912View
GossEdwin04 December 1912View
GillArthur James Stanley15 June 1913View
GrivellWilliam John13 July 1913View
GreenFrederick Owen11 September 1913View
GillAmy Ethel Louise18 June 1914View
GrantCharles23 October 1914View
GunnRobert Alexander09 March 1915View
GouwsAndries Stephanus09 February 1915View
GascoigneJoseph16 December 1915View
GilderWilliam Henry28 January 1916View
GeorgeFrancis31 January 1916View
GreenWilliam Allen A.04 April 1916View
GibsonEdwin17 August 1916View
GilbertWilliam30 January 1917View
GreenwoodCatherine23 May 1917View
GardnerCharles16 August 1917View
GatonbyHelen22 September 1919View
GreenFreda23 November 1919View
GreenAlice27 October 1920View
GrimesSusan Josephine26 February 1921View
GalpinAlfred Carter20 March 1921View
GrantJames Murray05 June 1921View
GrahamFrank C.14 April 1922View
GreenerEdward Walter09 January 1924View
GibsonMary10 August 1924View
GraingerWilliam Cope13 May 1925View
GardnerOlive2 September 1888View
GardnerEdgar5 September 1888View
GardnerAnnisi7 September 1888View
GardnerAllyene21 September 1888View
GardnerConstance12 September 1888View
GoetschHenry F.14 February 1904View
GoldsworthyLouisa Charlotte31 May 1907View
GunnJohn Bowin14 January 1917View
GordonMarion Rosa Gordon16 May 1935View
GrantGeorge18 May 1938View
GreigJohn Mitchell28 January 1939View
GarstinFrederick Clement08 July 1941View
GunnNellie10 September 1942View
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