Eastern Cape Burials Search : I
Surname Names Date of Burial View
IrvingEdward30 July 1863View
IrvingDeborah30 April 1921View
IrvingRosa31 July 1924View
IngemoDavid12 September 1924View
IsaiahHenry04 February 1926View
IsewaAnnie21 October 1927View
Illegible??12 July 1934View
IrvingEdward Harrison13 September 1938View
InchJacoba Christina11 April 1907View
InchWilliam Hanbley06 April 1908View
IngramWilliam H.19 March 1880View
ImpeyFlora Emily5 January 1883View
ImpeyWinifred Shaw12 December 1882View
IveyHenry Edward20 March 1888View
InghamJames26 February 1896View
ImpeyBen Shaw Horton10 June 1900View
ImpeyHenry29 December 1901View
IrvineJaitia?20 April 1898View
ImpeyConney12 August 1903View
ImpeyKate03 December 1903View
IsaacsonHenry01 May 1908View
IvyJames22 August 1916View
IrvingRosa29 July 1924View
IvesonWilliam31 October 1921View
IvesonJohn21 April 1931View
IversonAlice03 June 1936View
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