Eastern Cape Burials Search : J
Surname Names Date of Burial View
JacksonHenry23 January 1850View
JacksonJohn Thomas14 June 1850View
JonesWilliam24 March 1879View
JorgensenSamuel John23 February 1887View
JonesOlive May05 January 1977View
JonesEleanor Morgan09 June 1979View
JonesJames Morgan22 January 1981View
JohnsonJack20 April 1859View
JossHelen Ogsten25 June 1865View
JohnstonHenry John20 January 1873View
Jonsen, Aka SimkinsEliza Floraline Maud, aka Lucy2 July 1873View
JulyRichard27 May 1876View
JonsonRichard27 April 1885View
JonsonJames17 July 1885View
JackJim17 October 1880View
JohnsonJames15 January 1890View
January??11 February 1890View
JantjesMumsela4 April 1895View
JenkinsonWilliam B.9 July 1897View
JonesMaria20 September 1899View
JamesCharles27 May 1901View
JoeJan17 October 1901View
JarmanWilliam16 January 1902View
JanuaryAnnie03 April 1906View
JacobusMeitje14 October 1910View
January??26 July 1913View
JohannesJoseph05 August 1913View
JacobsSarah30 August 1916View
JohnsonAmy Alice Maud02 November 1917View
JagersPiet28 August 1922View
JacobsSarah Ann15 June 1925View
JanieHans25 July 1928View
JanCripple10 October 1930View
JanseMietje18 November 1930View
JohnstoneJoseph08 October 1932View
JackNozekewe18 August 1935View
JantjeAlfred11 September 1935View
Jones-PhillipsonCecil Ernest, M. D.13 November 1937View
JohnsonElizabeth14 March 1859View
JohnsonJane Helen13 March 1860View
JellyWilliam Henry18 March 1860View
JohnsonThomas Robert8 April 1862View
JohnsonRobert17 November 1863View
JohnsonLillie11 November 1873View
JohnsonJames William25 November 1873View
JecksMaria3 November 1884View
JubberEliza Ann12 March 1893View
JohnsMildred Florence07 December 1901View
JonesJames20 May 1866View
JonesEdward31 October 1866View
JonesJemima24 September 1873View
JohnsonEdith Mary19 December 1874View
JohnRosanna11 January 1875View
JohnstoneMargaret30 November 1875View
JonesJames, Capt.7 August 1876View
JonesR.22 June 1879View
JenveyArchibald Neale21 April 1880View
JacksonRobert28 June 1823View
JonesWilliam8 May 1825View
JonesHenry James Quested12 November 1849View
JacksonEdward16 March 1851View
Jennings??6 April 1851View
JonesDavid9 November 1851View
JappGeorge Arthur15 January 1883View
JubyHenry Alfred George19 December 1884View
JohanJoseph8 July 1887View
JayCharles30 May 1888View
JenningsSarah Elizabeth21 May 1890View
JenningsAlbert George26 March 1890View
JonesElizabeth Hannah21 April 1894View
JonesRichard James5 October 1894View
Jerdan (Jordan?)George26 June 1896View
JubyBasil Melville21 April 1899View
JubyGladys Lee Metford Hayes27 January 1902View
JubyJohn White02 July 1903View
JeffriesCatherine29 August 1907View
JayMary Elliott25 June 1908View
JonesLizzie16 January 1910View
JonesRichard Cock15 April 1913View
JonesCharles Henry01 January 1913View
JonesClifford Robert9 November 1884View
JeffreysMelville Albert14 September 1897View
JonesHenry3 November 1897View
JonesHerbert Edward10 September 1900View
JennerJoseph18 September 1901View
JohnsonJohn10 March 1902View
JacksonGerald Harold Hardy21 June 1903View
JohnsonWilliam28 February 1907View
JohansenKarl23 January 1908View
JoostenLevinia27 August 1909View
JorgensenThomas John17 December 1909View
JonesLizzie10 January 1910View
JantjiesLayar26 March 1910View
JoubertJohanna Petronella06 May 1910View
JenkinsonEdward Joseph10 June 1913View
JonesHarriet Elizabeth20 August 1913View
JordanGeorge28 November 1913View
JacksonAlexander04 March 1914View
JoosteAnnie Andrina31 August 1914View
JoosteFrances Dorothy09 September 1914View
JamiesonJoseph09 July 1915View
JeffreysLucy Ellen18 September 1915View
JonesAnnie Maria01 March 1917View
JenningsHerbert John04 August 1917View
JohnsonHelen16 March 1918View
JacksonErnest James01 November 1920View
JordanEmily17 April 1923View
JorgensenJohn03 September 1924View
JohnsonMrs. JOHNSON's 2 children??View
JonesAlan Frederick01 September 1901View
JamesElizabeth06 January 1903View
JohnstonJohn18 July 1915View
JohnsonLena06 April 1921View
JohannesFreddie George15 March 1935View
JakobiFrank Frederick10 July 1947View
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