Eastern Cape Burials Search : L
Surname Names Date of Burial View
LimbreyWilliam Row8 June 1870View
LimbreyWilliam Henry25 October 1871View
LynberyAnnie19 July 1876View
LarsenMabel Eliza07 February 1901View
LeachJonathan20 June 1920View
LarsenWilliam John22 May 1938View
LarsenIda Priscilla01 March 1944View
LymberyAnnie Louisa27 February 1945View
LeggHelen Agusta30 July 1954View
LeggEliza Emma29 June 1955View
LarsenRhodes Doughty21 December 1963View
LeggMary Rodel06 May 1965View
LarsenElizabeth17 May 1966View
LarsenAudrey29 August 1974View
LeggBeryl Restall05 November 1979View
LilfordMary Wentworth16 September 1983View
LeggArthur Wigham25 October 1983View
LangeWilliam Stanton Roderick Gunter9 October 1867View
LextonThomas13 April 1874View
LillyAlfred Eaton6 March 1880View
LutzJacob28 May 1893View
LengWilliam11 May 1894View
LewisSolomon14 May 1894View
LootsHendrick Jacobus27 February 1894View
LottDavid28 May 1896View
LeightonMargaret14 November 1896View
LotteringMagdalena16 October 1900View
Le BronJoseph20 November 1900View
LisweSarah22 July 1901View
LindsayGeorge19 September 1902View
LoloSemon15 September 1905View
LermackPaul27 November 1905View
ListerMaria03 January 1907View
LeonardNapoleon George22 March 1907View
LathamIvy09 January 1911View
LouwSara06 November 1911View
LouisHenry11 August 1913View
LeachAndrew01 December 1913View
LensLina28 August 1922View
LawlerIsabella22 June 1923View
LetsaboMaria28 March 1928View
LucasJohn06 November 1931View
LouwZoutpan22 December 1933View
LazarusGert25 May 1935View
LumkwaraTom05 September 1938View
LansaKlara31 January 1940View
LeadenMary Jane31 May 1861View
LynchAlice Mary5 July 1864View
LeaCharles21 August 1877View
LeadenJames28 November 1884View
LambertDaisy Laura21 March 1892View
LotterKatrina Wilhamina30 January 1896View
LeaSarah Jane17 September 1899View
LotterJames John02 March 1901View
LandGeorge20 May 1901View
LoveEllen14 May 1902View
LyonsWilliam Ernest02 March 1903View
LieseringFlorence07 July 1904View
LeuwJohn15 August 1904View
LeslieJames Leslie23 March 1907View
LennoxAmy L. A.22 February 1914View
LehmannPercy Ernest24 February 1919View
LehmannWilliam Charles Fredrick11 March 1926View
LennoxFrank17 June 1950View
LehmannPauline Martha Elizabeth08 April 1974View
LehmannVera24 May 1978View
LouisWilliam5 February 1859View
LightfootWilliam14 April 1860View
LearyVickers24 December 1860View
LaurenceJohn7 July 1861View
LindJohn23 October 1861View
LeroesMinie Phoebe5 February 1869View
LucasFrederick7 September 1873View
LongHenry17 December 1873View
LindsayDouglas4 March 1876View
Le CheminantCharles John18 November 1878View
LeeWilliam, Major27 August 1878View
LloydRupert Oliver5 September 1879View
LewisHarriet3 December 1823View
LeesRobert14 November 1824View
LoweJohn5 May 1825View
LucasMary6 June 1826View
LewisWilliam13 June 1826View
LucasPhilip2 July 1850View
LawesEdward29 June 1851View
LestiemanHarriet25 July 1851View
LucasRobert23 September 1851View
LucasSarah Maria4 November 1879View
LawsonHugh30 December 1879View
LusterFanny Margaret8 November 1882View
LeeMaria Louisa28 September 1885View
LangleyCharles15 October 1889View
LucasPhilip William25 June 1892View
LongMary Emily Stewart26 June 1892View
LeonardMary19 August 1893View
LucasFlorence Mary20 December 1896View
LowdenAndrew22 December 1899View
LucasWilliam15 October 1902View
LowdenIda May28 July 1903View
LangleyKathleen Henrietta20 November 1904View
LevingsJohn30 June 1897View
LaineJames16 June 1897View
LiebenbergAbraham9 July 1898View
LongCarmen Victoria5 August 1898View
LischmanBlanche Hannah Adelaide5 October 1898View
LishmanIsaac26 January 1899View
LeckyAverau William13 October 1899View
LevingsStephen Charles18 March 1900View
LawlerGrace28 May 1900View
LevingsHenry Stephen07 August 1900View
LevingsSarah20 November 1900View
LappanArchibald26 March 1901View
LanhamJohn Bertram26 May 1901View
LiddellErnest22 July 1901View
LanhamWilliam21 January 1902View
LamHilda Percival04 April 1902View
LucasEliza28 April 1902View
Le RouxJohn L.28 November 1902View
LanhamTryphena12 June 1903View
LiebrandtJohn Henry vos22 June 1903View
LongBlanche Lydia23 October 1903View
LappanDaisy Amelia25 April 1904View
LiebernSusan13 March 1906View
LodewyksAndrew09 June 1906View
LennardWalter Rees13 July 1906View
ListerJames Frederick05 January 1907View
LynnJohn01 October 1907View
LimoignFrank Edward29 April 1908View
LovellWilliam17 June 1909View
LeonardWilliam Henry28 July 1909View
LongJames05 October 1910View
Le GrangeMinnie21 January 1911View
LarkEdwin08 July 1911View
LongEmma Isabella05 October 1912View
LisherWalter16 September 1913View
LeppanCedric Melville28 March 1914View
LebeucherFritz11 September 1914View
LaytonAnnie27 October 1914View
LongEmily Sarah Ann23 May 1915View
LawsonChristian11 August 1915View
LappanJohn24 January 1916View
LighbodyMartha Ann12 February 1917View
LawsonSarah Ann26 May 1917View
LeoSarah Louisa19 December 1920View
LevingsJean Eileen14 May 1923View
Lloyd-WronsleyStillborn baby30 May 1923View
LowderGeorge Owen20 January 1925View
LeathamReginald Barclay26 June 1925View
LingamKatherine24 December 1925View
LambertArthur26 April 1887View
LloydOlive Amy7 June 1890View
LeatherThomas13 November 1900View
LloydGeorge14 May 1907View
LewisEric21 August 1919View
LothianEmelie13 February 1923View
LiefeldtMaria Elizabeth06 July 1930View
LiefeldtBenjamin Joseph13 September 1932View
LawrenceAnnie Frederica10 July 1941View
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