Eastern Cape Burials Search : N
Surname Names Date of Burial View
NorrieAlexander9 April 1861View
NellEllen Margaret06 June 1917View
NashSamuel Walter15 July 1951View
Nel (Daniel)Stephen James02 June 1963View
NevillePhyllis Audrey Mary08 December 1977View
NicholasElizabeth14 June 1868View
NicholasDorothea27 May 1874View
NicholasEliza Catherine9 April 1878View
NorrieJohn26 March 1879View
NewmanThomas Henry26 February 1880View
NicolasBenjamin4 November 1884View
NgukaErnest Morris31 October 1890View
NicholasJames12 February 1891View
NgukaD'Urban Dilima17 June 1893View
NyantiPiet24 July 1893View
Nyamana??5 August 1893View
Nomtshino??4 November 1895View
NonhleMeitje17 January 1896View
Nogudi??20 April 1897View
NolbGeorge18 April 1900View
NgongoJonas Jacob08 April 1901View
Notari??20 May 1902View
Notase??26 December 1902View
NeportIsabella25 March 1912View
NkatoMartinus30 April 1912View
Nomagcaka??04 September 1912View
NogalanusaJames10 March 1913View
NicholasSophie16 July 1915View
NosenkuluKate22 May 1915View
NewboldCharles02 August 1917View
NyokiNoma31 October 1918View
NiekerkJacob30 May 1921View
NtsasaRosabel26 October 1922View
Nanziwe??26 July 1923View
Ndlangazi??14 July 1924View
Nohaniri??05 September 1929View
Nompilo??14 September 1929View
NcocaAbraham22 November 1929View
NicholsonEdith Sybil10 June 1930View
NgweneMqwelele30 June 1931View
NdukuLillian03 August 1936View
NqutoNonda11 November 1938View
Ngubane??25 April 1940View
Noncingane??31 May 1941View
NelMaud Elizabeth2 February 1896View
NeedhamDorothy Margaret24 July 1896View
NeedhamHarold Searle1 August 1896View
NicholsJames28 May 1899View
NellRebecca03 November 1900View
NicholsElizabeth Ann20 June 1915View
Neynoe??18 January 1863View
NeilPatrick31 August 1863View
NewtonWilliam19 January 1874View
NagelCarl Detlef August Dietrich20 March 1875View
Nash??15 June 1876View
NewtonJames1 May 1879View
NasonJohn28 January 1849View
NichollsGeorge Ross11 December 1849View
NeedhamHenry16 January 1850View
NicholsonAnna Elizabeth12 March 1851View
NelsonBenjamin26 November 1886View
NelsonAnnie Myrtle10 April 1893View
NelsonJohn Burrell12 May 1901View
NelsonJohn Reckless15 February 1905View
NelsonJoseph09 October 1908View
NelsonMaria16 July 1917View
NelsonThomas Robert09 December 1933View
NelsonCatherine Emily21 June 1938View
NelsonClement Benjamin28 May 1941View
NosworthyJohn07 November 1900View
NelsonKathleen Frances04 February 1901View
NortonReginald Cobham04 February 1909View
NelsonRachael16 February 1910View
NortonSelina29 February 1912View
NortonMatthew24 November 1912View
NelsonFanny Millicent13 January 1913View
NortonDora Mitford6 March 1887View
NortonJohn Ogilvie9 August 1899View
NortonMary Elizabeth24 February 1936View
NaudeThomas Johannes11 October 1898View
NorthWilliam20 February 1899View
NorthRaymond27 September 1899View
NaudeB. J.24 July 1900View
NelsonKathleen Frances04 February 1901View
NelsonAlbert Edward11 November 1902View
NelsonErnest Edward13 August 1904View
NelsonOlivia Adelaide15 March 1905View
NelsonRichard William01 July 1906View
NobleJohn16 October 1908View
NortonRachel17 February 1910View
NaboMary07 March 1910View
NteteDouglas22 March 1910View
NelsonCharles01 September 1913View
NelsonJohn Charles10 June 1914View
NolanMartha02 July 1914View
NicholasWilliam25 April 1918View
NorrisWilliam Ernest14 September 1918View
NicolEffie05 December 1918View
NearyWinifred Joyce23 July 1921View
NelsonFlorence Maud18 November 1924View
NiemandSarie Johanna Magdalena09 March 1925View
NelBeak Wolhuter14 November 1925View
NicholsonDeborah Elizabeth16 January 1904View
NellElizabeth Ellen14 May 1906View
NicholsonEmily Agnes02 August 1909View
NellEneth14 December 1914View
NicholsonMargaret Maud08 June 1913View
NicholsonGeorge Hartley15 February 1914View
NivenCharles K.16 February 1918View
NormanAnnie Sutton23 March 1938View
NanschutzJohannes Frederick23 November 1939View
NormanHarriet Elizabeth29 July 1940View
NellHendrina Magdalena14 February 1942View
NormanAlfred George10 March 1943View
NormanAda Maude14 April 1947View
NicholsonMary Sinclair11 June 1950View
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