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Surname Names Date of Burial View
OpenshawOwen George Gradwell01 October 1900View
OpenshawLydia Olive19 February 1956View
OrsmondAdeline Jane11 January 1861View
OlsenChristian William24 July 1885View
OrrenAnnie3 October 1880View
OliverFrederick18 August 1895View
Orren? (Oyen?)Louis Joseph17 April 1900View
Otty??03 December 1900View
O'ConnorPatrick10 July 1908View
OctoberCharlotte20 May 1914View
OleinMartinus14 November 1918View
OrsmondAlice Mary23 May 1861View
OrsmondElizabeth Ann12 May 1876View
O'BrienSt. Patrick O'Shaughnessy19 November 1888View
O'ReillyAnthony Alexander28 May 1870View
OgilvieHarry Arthur Diamond29 January 1872View
OgilvieCaroline11 January 1874View
OsseyHugh18 December 1877View
O'SheaCelia15 April 1826View
OrsmondElizabeth26 June 1849View
OppellJohannah Catharine12 June 1850View
O'ReillyAnthony Augustus12 October 1850View
O'ReillyAntoinette Augusta21 November 1851View
OwenJohn Edward9 December 1879View
O'TooleJames17 August 1881View
OliverAlfred12 August 1883View
O'TooleJane14 May 1883View
OliverMartha09 May 1910View
OliverEleanor Moss24 December 1909View
OvertonElizabeth Gardner30 April 1897View
OmakerMary Anne7 December 1898View
OxleyFrancis Arthur15 March 1899View
OgilvieAlfred Charles Henderson05 May 1900View
OgilvieJohn Clarke13 December 1902View
OlivierJohannes22 March 1905View
OdendallDaniel08 July 1908View
OgilvieMarie Elizabeth07 February 1909View
OliverMartha09 May 1910View
OliverGert22 February 1911View
OliverEdith Ann23 July 1913View
OuldCharlotte Mary30 October 1913View
O'FlahertyA. J.16 April 1916View
OlivierStephen James18 September 1920View
Orgen?Ellen08 August 1924View
OlivierDaphne Jane05 July 1930View
OgilvieAnnie Herries04 October 1947View
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