Eastern Cape Burials Search : P
Surname Names Date of Burial View
PalmerGeorge4 July 1855View
PearceWilliam8 November 1857View
ParrThomas31 January 1860View
PalmerChristina13 August 1870View
PittawayRuth9 November 1879View
PittsRichard17 January 1882View
PittawayHarriett Ann25 August 1889View
ParkerInfant of J. G. L.30 May 1904View
PresslyJohn Smith19 March 1927View
PeddieWilliam22 July 1942View
ParkerHerbert Louis25 September 1949View
ParishErnest16 December 1950View
PetersEdith Roselie27 February 1959View
PeddieHilda Ellenor Gowesdell01 May 1961View
PollackFrederick23 July 1869View
PinchesMary Ann22 May 1872View
PiersJoseph5 August 1872View
PatrickJohn William15 November 1879View
PittawayIda May30 June 1884View
PuttEliza Selina27 July 1884View
PoteMary Ann10 January 1888View
PrestonAugustus Richard R.14 February 1888View
PearsonCharles Isaac12 March 1892View
Phthelo??30 September 1893View
PatersenJoseph James6 March 1894View
PapenfusAlbert20 March 1899View
PriorWilliam13 April 1899View
PotterAnna17 July 1899View
ParkerDavid14 December 1899View
PrinceHendrik13 August 1901View
PetrusC. R.28 May 1902View
PotgieterCatherine Hendrika10 March 1904View
PlaatzesEliza22 January 1906View
PhillipsonWilliam Henry14 July 1906View
PhillipsonElaine Vyvyan Jones21 November 1908View
PageErnes John W.21 May 1912View
PrestonJohn Henry15 August 1913View
PerryClara Caroline07 February 1914View
PotgieterMartha J.03 April 1914View
PotterEdwin Amos09 February 1915View
PetrosCornelius09 August 1915View
PetrosLettie21 July 1917View
PlaatjesJan13 May 1918View
PietbooySarah31 October 1918View
PetersonJohn08 November 1918View
PretoriusJan11 November 1918View
PuttHenry30 June 1919View
PageJohn11 December 1922View
PuttEliza01 May 1923View
ParkinArthur George02 December 1923View
PaulsePiet01 December 1924View
PieterseSanna04 June 1925View
PennySheila Ivy21 December 1926View
PearceMary Ann02 October 1927View
PowellSusannah Maria22 June 1930View
PampierKatie17 July 1931View
PillayPiroomer25 November 1933View
PedgriftHarry11 April 1935View
PascoeWilliam Harris15 July 1936View
PotoKlaas13 February 1937View
PascoeMaud Isobel25 February 1940View
PotterMaria30 September 1940View
ParkerCharles Edwin30 November 1940View
PurkisSidney George12 August 1941View
PetersEmma1 January 1863View
PunshonHester13 November 1864View
PackeThomas Nelson27 December 1877View
PriceJohn7 August 1878View
PayneRose Ellen18 December 1878View
PetersPeter Arthur26 June 1893View
PiersMary25 June 1895View
ParkinsonViolet Lindsay30 June 1895View
PepyersDavid Joseph19 September 1896View
PrimmerEdward22 September 1897View
PriorBridget20 October 1897View
PresslyMargery21 November 1899View
ParkerJoseph20 February 1901View
PookFrederick A. B.04 March 1901View
PerryAlfred J.27 April 1901View
ParkesJ. T.03 March 1902View
PittC. H.03 November 1903View
PaddisonPercival28 July 1908View
PerrinsWalter Leonard15 March 1917View
Preston-ThomasPhilip Cecil Campo01 August 1923View
PietersenJacobus Johannes14 June 1954View
Pungdow??23 October 1861View
PriceRichard27 October 1861View
PalmerSamuel24 April 1862View
PybusJoseph20 January 1863View
PhilpotUnknown18 October 1863View
PhillipsGeorge Douglas24 January 1864View
PhillipsAdeliza Bristowe16 July 1864View
PerthJames21 November 1870View
PalmerMary20 July 1871View
PennyPhilip20 December 1871View
PotterEmily Elizabeth Harriet25 May 1875View
PageEllen Jane8 November 1878View
PranceCatherine Jane11 December 1878View
Peirce (Pierce?)Paul23 July 1823View
PageAnn21 June 1824View
PainJames5 January 1825View
PlasterWilliam8 September 1825View
PaxtonElizabeth26 March 1826View
PursellCharlotte13 April 1826View
PattounAnne29 May 1826View
PriceRobert6 July 1826View
PalmerMillicent23 September 1850View
PinnockPhillip26 November 1850View
PoteEdward Henry8 July 1851View
PalmerBenjamin Ralph??View
PayneSarah20 September 1899View
PayneThomas Woodall21 September 1903View
PraedCarl Peter13 July 1880View
PaulHenry18 July 1880View
PoteCharles St. Clair4 October 1882View
PlattWilliam23 July 1883View
ParsonsRachel18 January 1884View
PageGeorge6 October 1886View
ParkinHerbert Percy Victor19 February 1888View
PriceMary Barbara25 November 1887View
PriceSarah Ann27 March 1889View
ParkinMary Ann16 February 1890View
ParkinWilliam22 February 1892View
ParkinLyle Arthur9 March 1893View
PaddonAlan Evens Cragg16 October 1894View
PollardEllen Martha22 June 1895View
PerkinsSelina31 January 1899View
PalmerClifford George Alexander4 December 1899View
PennihallArthur25 January 1901View
PiggottAlice L.09 November 1900View
PetzerJohannes Frederick15 November 1902View
PeacheyCharles20 March 1903View
PackmanGeorge10 August 1907View
PetzerJohn24 April 1907View
PeacheyFrances26 December 1907View
PalmerGeorge10 November 1885View
PopeThomas9 June 1897View
PageWilliam18 July 1897View
PayneRichard26 August 1897View
PattenAnna27 October 1897View
PerkinsSelina1 February 1899View
PrestonJames10 March 1899View
PearsonAlfred Graham27 December 1899View
PrestonFlorence27 March 1900View
PiggottAlice L.09 November 1900View
PennihallArthur25 January 1901View
PriceEthel Alexandra13 April 1901View
PriceHenry Lenacor19 June 1901View
PeacheyRoper05 September 1901View
PhillipsElizabeth Mary01 November 1901View
PeacheyMatilda20 September 1902View
PriceFrederick01 August 1905View
PrestonWilliam Hangley20 November 1905View
PennyMay18 November 1905View
PienaarHannie16 March 1906View
PennyJames22 August 1906View
PlaistoweFrank Matthew Ellis24 October 1906View
PowellElizabeth H.15 December 1906View
ParsonsFlorence14 June 1907View
PotterLydia Emma12 September 1907View
PoolRalph09 April 1908View
PhilpottRichard09 April 1909View
PalmerWalter J.31 May 1909View
PeltreJulia14 March 1910View
PetersenWilliam23 March 1910View
PriceSarah30 April 1910View
PieterGabriel03 May 1910View
PaxtonPenny28 July 1910View
PottingerEllen02 March 1911View
PigottHarry Stewart27 March 1911View
PerkinsGeorge28 May 1911View
ParkerJohn15 September 1911View
PagePercy William Lambert19 November 1911View
ParsonsAnne03 July 1912View
PinnockAubrey Thomas04 July 1912View
PriceCharles02 December 1912View
PikeMary08 May 1914View
PalmerThomas William24 July 1915View
PenfoldGeorge11 October 1915View
ParkerCharlotte Catherine05 April 1916View
PalmerGeorge Thomas15 June 1916View
ParkerMargaret Harriet10 September 1917View
PettybridgeJohn12 September 1917View
PlumDado10 February 1918View
PrinceGrace Emily08 April 1918View
PerkinsHelen30 June 1919View
PageAlfred Charles06 March 1920View
PannellDudley Ivan17 December 1920View
PetersChapman Lewis22 January 1923View
ParkerHenry Randall Hugh06 September 1923View
PiersBetty Tristram25 April 1925View
ParkerMartha Lilian12 December 1925View
PhillipsLucy9 May 1890View
PalmerMr. Jarvis??View
PalmerGeorge PALMER's daughter??View
PalmerBella, George PALMER's daughter??View
PattersonMargaret Hamilton18 October 1899View
PedersonDoris May15 December 1902View
PalmerGeorge03 January 1912View
PrestonPhyllis09 January 1913View
PalmerWalter Douglas05 February 1918View
PalmerMartha Caroline Spencer19 April 1918View
PhilippsPetronella J.01 November 1919View
PhilippsEsme28 October 1918View
PalmerLouisa Mary26 August 1923View
PalmerEileen Mavis13 May 1925View
PhillipsGeorge Grey15 November 1928View
PhillipsSarah Ann08 April 1929View
PaddockEdith Mary20 July 1930View
PalmerNellie Mary Ann06 December 1930View
PagelCyril Chris16 August 1939View
PagelSon of Leslie Sydney07 March 1941View
Puchart (Puchert?)Norman Reuben11 February 1942View
PagelFrieda Jacoba12 November 1942View
PearsonElmer Eugene22 November 1942View
PaddockCharles10 February 1944View
PhillipsEmily22 March 1948View
PetersonMyrtle Madge24 December 1948View
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