Eastern Cape Burials Search : R
Surname Names Date of Burial View
ReadEllen Margaret2 November 1861View
RandallSusannah Elliott25 December 1901View
ReillySusannah Elizabeth15 December 1928View
ReillyGeorge09 February 1932View
ReillyAmy Deborah10 July 1959View
ReillyClara Constance09 August 1963View
ReillyClarence Eric12 March 1967View
RounthwaiteThomas18 September 1973View
ReillyGwendoline Margaret02 November 1977View
RigbyDorothy Elinor Herbert15 March 1978View
ReeleyGeorge18 May 1865View
RindallCharlotte18 August 1868View
ReadJohn26 December 1869View
RobinsonJohanna Caroline30 March 1877View
Rose??17 May 1878View
RobertsAlfred Scanlen23 July 1880View
RintoulPeter30 May 1880View
RussellFrank Gordon6 October 1880View
RodgersElizabeth30 March 1890View
RoosenFytje10 April 1890View
RensburgMichael25 May 1890View
ReedGordon Lavan1 May 1891View
ReedReginald Aubrey William1 April 1893View
RoentgenA. J. L.04 June 1900View
RankinJames24 December 1900View
ReddingSydney Eliza04 February 1902View
RoddWilliam24 June 1902View
RochatEdith Alice17 September 1902View
RamoonRamo11 January 1907View
RintoulRobert Baldie25 October 1912View
RobertsJoseph30 November 1915View
RexMaria Elizabeth20 June 1918View
RichardsonWilliam Duff03 November 1918View
ReedFlorence Mary09 June 1931View
RuitersRuiters10 November 1934View
RussellWilliam Marcus, M.D.11 October 1936View
RiddinInfant02 March 1937View
RobertsJohn Bailey17 July 1939View
RyanJane8 May 1858View
ReedGeorge Matthew22 August 1863View
ReedElizabeth22 November 1868View
RoellLouisa Friderika18 July 1870View
RaenscroftMary Magdalene Johanna9 April 1894View
ReichJames6 March 1896View
RunceJohanna Magdalena18 May 1896View
RichardsAlbert14 July 1901View
RobertsJohn10 December 1901View
RiddleA. G.21 March 1902View
RossSusanna Elizabeth11 June 1902View
RouxAntionetta Caroline09 April 1907View
RawlinsJames19 April 1919View
RobertsMary Ann04 January 1927View
RobertsReuben01 May 1933View
ReedLouisa Frances15 October 1933View
RobertsMary21 July 1968View
RobertsClifford15 January 1974View
RorbeckFrederick15 January 1859View
RoweRichard14 September 1863View
ReillyJames12 August 1867View
RalphJohn George4 May 1870View
RichardAnnie5 April 1871View
RogersAmbrose17 October 1872View
RobinsonWilliam28 November 1873View
RolandsJames19 December 1874View
RiggienJemima Maria9 May 1877View
RaffertyHarriot Margaret3 June 1823View
ReithMargaret7 September 1824View
RowlesThomas27 January 1825View
RussEdward18 January 1849View
RussonLouisa Ann12 October 1849View
RasmussenFrederick August23 September 1876View
RasmussenFrederick August23 September 1876View
RasmussenMaria8 November 1890View
RasmussenEmily Jane26 May 1892View
RasmussenJens20 March 1900View
RasmussenJens Richard William18 May 1913View
RasmussenSheila15 January 1936View
RobertsElizabeth10 February 1880View
RankinAnn Cecilia29 August 1881View
ReedEdwin Gustavus le Neve26 October 1882View
ReaderElizabeth2 November 1882View
RichardsonMary Ann25 December 1888View
RamsbottomLeah Margaret22 March 1892View
RichardsonElizabeth Martha2 December 1894View
ReynoldsVictor Wilfred13 January 1899View
ReynoldsJames Thomas11 July 1899View
RandalMary Geraldine14 February 1899View
ReedElizabeth06 June 1900View
RollandElizabeth02 May 1901View
RoweJohn Robert04 July 1901View
RandallGeorge14 June 1902View
RousseauxDora05 August 1904View
RandallGeorge John22 September 1905View
RothwellIsabel Jessie09 April 1907View
RorkeSusannah11 January 1909View
ReynoldsIvy May29 May 1884View
RoweWilliam Herbert12 February 1898View
RheedersJohannes Hendrick Nicholas14 May 1898View
RoweAngelina Josephine17 November 1898View
RandallMary14 February 1899View
RooneyAnn1 April 1899View
RobinsonJessie Rebecca17 May 1899View
RogersMaria C.28 July 1899View
RandallReuben James06 September 1900View
ReesThomas Victor29 September 1900View
RussouwRyk10 February 1903View
RichardsCharlie31 December 1903View
ReesRoyden V. O.09 June 1904View
RoweJames30 July 1904View
RouxDavid21 January 1908View
RichardsMary14 December 1908View
RautenbachJacobus Stephanus16 March 1909View
RathboneSamuel29 January 1910View
ReynoldsJoseph04 April 1910View
RudmanCornelia Elizabeth26 May 1910View
RogersJohn Omer11 June 1911View
RobinsMary M.25 July 1911View
RichardsThomas Henry20 July 1912View
RobinsonChristopher13 November 1912View
RichardsonSidney20 November 1912View
RandallJohn William22 January 1914View
RooiSannah02 May 1914View
ReynoldsGeorge20 July 1914View
RautenbachIgnatius L.03 July 1914View
ReddinCharles13 July 1916View
RobertsJ. C.16 November 1916View
RuiterAnnie17 January 1918View
RuitersElizabeth02 April 1919View
RichardsSarah Lydia17 May 1919View
ReddinFrederick Hilton13 September 1921View
RavenDaphne Frances17 November 1921View
RichardsElizabeth Ann02 September 1922View
RamasamyChild of Maurice R.02 December 1924View
RischbeterMuriel Dorothy16 April 1925View
RichardsGeorge Impey21 September 1925View
RussonJane24 February 1902View
ReynoldsHugh Falls11 September 1904View
RandallCharles Melville19 July 1903View
RuschAugust29 May 1907View
RussonCaroline Ann24 September 1925View
RickardEdmund24 August 1926View
RoodeMuriel24 May 1931View
RampfJosias Alexander14 May 1941View
ReidWilliam Ewen01 January 1944View
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