Eastern Cape Burials Search : S
Surname Names Date of Burial View
SkinnerJosiah James Bond14 April 1861View
SmithEli Pethick15 February 1868View
SchallerSophia Frances12 August 1869View
SchallerAdolphus Ferdinand18 December 1876View
SmithCharles William7 September 1886View
SmithMary16 March 1890View
SampsonAlfred B.20 November 1891View
ShawBarnabas John10 December 1898View
SmithEliza Cecillia14 August 1906View
SmithGordon Louis18 January 1908View
SkeaAlfred St. Clair08 February 1909View
SmithRobert Henry07 July 1912View
SkeaHenry06 June 1913View
StockdaleHubert R. 31 May 1915View
SmithCatherine11 March 1924View
SmithStephen Henry28 May 1928View
StevensMargaret Lily20 October 1936View
StevensWilliam John Cotton17 October 1944View
SmithClement Joseph11 July 1953View
SpiresJohn01 September 1953View
StangerGeorge Charles06 October 1955View
SparrowAshton Wilmore17 June 1956View
SmithBertha Lilian01 October 1956View
SimmondsHilda Barbara21 June 1957View
SmithFrank Cumming27 June 1957View
StrydomColin27 September 1957View
SmithAlex?? November 1958View
SparrowOlive24 June 1962View
StocksGladys May11 March 1964View
SimmondsAlec Ellicott31 August 1967View
SparrowArthur Edwin06 April 1972View
SmithElsie14 August 1978View
SheardJoyce27 April 1979View
SlaughterArchibald George02 October 1983View
SwanepoelKlatsi25 January 1984View
SmithFlorence Lilian10 January 1985View
SloleyLouisa24 February 1859View
SmallmannSarah4 November 1859View
SloleyWilliam21 December 1860View
SyreeFerdinand Joseph18 March 1861View
SyreeOlive Gertrude1 April 1861View
SmithEdwin Hancorn12 November 1861View
StephensJoseph8 November 1864View
StanleyThomas Darcy18 May 1865View
SmithElizabeth Jane22 August 1868View
SmithJohn Edward??View
ShepherdJames5 December 1870View
StyleJoseph Benjamin22 March 1879View
SquirrelJoseph G.11 November 1879View
SmithBetsy24 July 1880View
StyleCaroline19 May 1885View
StyleJames11 March 1886View
SampsonCharles30 March 1886View
StephensStanley12 October 1886View
SheppardJames12 July 1892View
SolomonRachel23 September 1892View
SwemJohnna25 September 1893View
SmithDartje27 February 1894View
SmithFranz17 October 1894View
SmitSusannah Maria5 December 1896View
ShortHannah Jane31 December 1897View
SwartCornelius5 January 1899View
ScarlesIris Rebecca Isabella30 January 1899View
ScarlesAlfred Ernest Luther9 February 1899View
SmytheThomas Fitz A.20 July 1899View
StraussMarthinus David08 March 1900View
SmitAnne Marie01 August 1900View
Silole??07 October 1900View
SpeckmanViolet22 April 1901View
SimmondsFanny26 July 1901View
SpruitJacobus27 December 1901View
SeckerElizabeth Ann17 February 1902View
SmithA. J.30 May 1902View
ShiliRobi07 June 1902View
SpeckmanMrs.07 October 1902View
SkenjanaJoise Theodore23 March 1904View
StyleSarah Priscilla21 November 1905View
SlaterThomas02 February 1906View
SinaLena18 April 1906View
StyleEmma23 April 1906View
SlavinLuke11 February 1907View
SpeckmanHarry14 March 1908View
StyleEmily Jane21 April 1908View
SpeckmanChristopher15 July 1908View
SlabbertEmily05 July 1910View
SpoorMaria14 August 1910View
SaksWillie20 December 1910View
SteinbergTobias01 February 1912View
SikepePeteni10 September 1912View
SlingerPhilip17 September 1913View
SamgoKurimo08 October 1913View
SearleErnest Henry11 May 1914View
SedjujoAnnie05 November 1914View
SiliziNancy22 May 1915View
SwanNellie H.24 April 1917View
StoffellLoui20 July 1917View
SizibaNora22 January 1918View
SmartAlice Elizabeth06 September 1918View
Supang??08 November 1918View
SirieMarnie20 November 1918View
SchillerClara10 June 1921View
StewartFrances Mary22 July 1924View
SchoemanFanny16 January 1925View
SwartbooiLettie19 October 1925View
SmitHenrick16 November 1925View
ScottMartha01 September 1926View
SilshuluWitbooi Poselela07 October 1926View
Shirelele??02 November 1926View
SefifeAnna15 August 1927View
SackmanLena19 November 1927View
SoulesThomas14 August 1928View
SimonSebastian12 October 1928View
Selanyana??13 November 1929View
SmithRosa Amy15 December 1931View
StamperMaggie09 June 1932View
Siteba??16 January 1933View
SeldinaStoffel15 May 1934View
SnymanEloise Kathleen15 August 1935View
StewartDoris May20 June 1936View
SeftonIsaac21 August 1936View
SmithGeorge22 April 1937View
SchilparJan Elias14 July 1938View
Swartboy??10 May 1939View
SongsikileSivelindawa24 February 1941View
ShupanePiet15 June 1941View
SmithRollo Wentworth8 December 1863View
SmithAlpine B. Biddulph18 May 1865View
SmithSidney Ingram29 May 1865View
StewartJames2 October 1869View
SmithCathrine Pretinala22 March 1870View
SpenceJoseph17 April 1870View
SchlissmannFrancina18 January 1872View
SuttonI. R. C.27 January 1872View
SmithLilian Graham5 March 1872View
SheridanStephen H.2 October 1873View
SpenceJoseph26 September 1874View
SwaartsMargaret13 July 1882View
SmithHarris David4 April 1883View
SmithFrederick23 February 1885View
StumblesCyril Washington15 June 1891View
SearlesCyprian Edward Yarmouth19 July 1892View
SpruceThomas John2 October 1894View
SpruceArthur Jay10 October 1894View
ShillabeerRichard Herbert15 May 1895View
ShawGeorge Arthur15 September 1895View
ShortenMargaret Helen9 May 1896View
StreverCharles Robert30 September 1897View
SuttonClarence Alexander29 December 1897View
StoreyAnne24 May 1899View
SeeberEmily Maud24 September 1900View
SmellekampHildagonda Sara11 October 1900View
SmithJames15 December 1900View
ShortenJames13 March 1902View
SpenceS.02 February 1902View
SteynHarold C.07 February 1904View
StrongMary Jane28 June 1904View
StintonP. C.19 November 1904View
SwartsArie26 July 1908View
SpaldingLetitia Diana Elizabeth20 November 1908View
SchweppenhauserCharles Philip23 March 1912View
SawyerEric Gillard28 May 1912View
SintonAugusta Mary07 September 1917View
SheaMichael J.25 August 1918View
SlaymakerH. Hector13 October 1921View
Smith (Nee Chantler)Ona06 June 1955View
SlaterBertha Alice Margaret06 January 1994View
ScottHenry Douglas17 October 1858View
SmithEliza Weeks22 October 1861View
ShearingJames13 June 1862View
SmithPhoebe Nora5 June 1862View
SamuelsonWilhelmena5 March 1863View
SmittenE.28 January 1865View
SiebelFrederick3 January 1868View
SchmidtMaria23 July 1868View
SmithSarah Bridget10 October 1868View
SmithJoseph, Pvt.16 May 1870View
StewartBridget26 April 1872View
SmithFrederick William8 October 1872View
SmithMary Catharine16 November 1873View
ScheelP. A.10 February 1874View
ScanlonGeorge25 April 1874View
SundstramRobert18 May 1874View
SchmidtJohn30 December 1875View
ShieldFritz20 April 1876View
SmithThomas14 July 1876View
SoulFrederick30 June 1877View
SundstromAnnie Maria9 March 1878View
ScotThomas12 April 1878View
SmithWilliam Thomas29 August 1878View
SmithArthur Clarence2 March 1879View
SmithCharles3 April 1879View
SiebandWilliam19 April 1879View
ShooterMargaret Elizabeth2 October 1879View
SelwynFlorence Emily22 November 1879View
Seyman, Alias SmithGeorge Frederick5 February 1880View
SharpWilliam12 April 1823View
StubbsJohn25 June 1823View
SmithWilliam26 June 1823View
SmithPortius15 April 1824View
StubbsAnn10 July 1824View
StantonGeorge17 July 1824View
SmithMichael27 June 1825View
SmithAnne26 August 1825View
SmithJohn12 November 1825View
StubbsRichard Toplady23 January 1826View
ScottGeorge Dennis23 January 1849View
SmithFrederic29 May 1849View
StyleThomas Holder11 June 1850View
StyleJames Palmer26 June 1850View
SkeaJohn4 July 1850View
SayerLouisa13 April 1851View
SmithStephen27 April 1851View
SimpsonWilliam Joseph10 June 1851View
SermonCharles Henry14 August 1885View
SmithJohn17 May 1897View
SansomAlice Julia07 February 1915View
SansomJohn Richard??View
StyleJane Chapman Evans13 May 1880View
SherwoodGeorge B.5 November 1880View
ShortElisabeth30 October 1882View
StanleyMay2 June 1882View
SnowdenRobert18 January 1883View
SachelRosina21 May 1883View
SmithGeorge3 July 1885View
SmithEdward Francis28 February 1888View
Symonds (Or Simonds)Thomas28 July 1888View
SmithAlfred Ernest24 November 1889View
StanleyAlan Gillespie11 July 1892View
SampsonAnna Margaret20 July 1894View
SuckowWilliam Henry8 September 1894View
StroudDorothy E.2 August 1898View
SheaySarah12 August 1898View
SuckowFrederick11 June 1898View
ShandeFrederick09 January 1900View
StandenDavid22 September 1900View
SimpsonWilliam14 January 1901View
SmithR. Douglas22 November 1900View
StoneElizabeth05 May 1901View
SmithElizabeth Allen01 October 1902View
SmithWilliam Saunders30 June 1903View
SmithCecil John03 August 1903View
SchallerHarold M.04 June 1904View
SmithCharles Alfred17 May 1905View
St. PriestDouglas Stewart De21 April 1907View
StockJulia28 March 1908View
SchallerSusannah02 May 1909View
SurmonJane09 April 1910View
SuckowEliza15 March 1913View
SolomonMary18 April 1884View
StephensJoseph12 July 1884View
SmithWalter3 October 1885View
SilomAxel10 May 1897View
StedmanWilliam Samuel17 September 1897View
SkinnerFrayton20 November 1897View
StrauchJoseph5 June 1898View
SutherlandFrances Ogden6 July 1898View
StroudDorothy Elfrida2 August 1898View
SkeaSarah12 August 1898View
SaundersDorothy Gertrude2 September 1898View
ScheenerJohanna18 October 1898View
StunardDaisy Elizabeth3 November 1898View
SaundersLucy Florence23 December 1898View
SnymanJacob7 December 1899View
SandhamViolet16 May 1900View
StricklandRhoda26 May 1900View
SmithRobert18 May 1900View
StoneEthel Maud11 June 1900View
StricklandIda Charlotte13 July 1900View
SimkinsWilliam Wallace01 December 1900View
SimpsonWilliam14 January 1901View
StockArthur12 August 1901View
SollJohn15 January 1902View
SurmonSusannah06 May 1902View
SmithRobert06 February 1903View
SchoombeeMartha Magdalena11 May 1903View
SmithMaria06 November 1903View
SheffieldJane05 July 1904View
StebbingErnest Edward19 April 1904View
SurmonGertrude Alice25 June 1905View
SmithCharles Alfred16 May 1905View
StyleCatharine01 August 1905View
ShieldsMary Jane16 April 1906View
SloanMargaret Elizabeth03 September 1906View
StrydomHendrick Johanna26 December 1906View
SmithWalter George31 January 1907View
SwailesMoses02 February 1907View
StrydomNickolas03 January 1907View
Scott??10 June 1907View
SimcoxHarold Leonard25 January 1908View
SavageOlive Ellen24 March 1908View
SpencerSamuel Walker26 July 1908View
StuartCharles20 October 1908View
SmithGeorge Harrison16 January 1909View
Slowgroove (Slowgrove?)Albert Arthur13 July 1909View
SweetmilkCarl07 September 1909View
StevensWilliam14 October 1909View
SchurnagelCarl16 November 1909View
ShearJohn03 June 1910View
SchoemanCornelius Wilhelm06 July 1910View
SmitClara26 September 1910View
SavageWilliam24 November 1910View
SmitNicholas21 January 1911View
SmithJames Lewis22 April 1911View
SmithEmily May22 April 1911View
SmithArthur Maynard22 April 1911View
SmithWilliam Robert22 April 1911View
SherwoodMildred Irene Marian22 April 1911View
SippettWilliam Henry22 February 1912View
StauntonGeorge P. C.05 June 1912View
ShooterJames13 August 1912View
StohrJohn20 November 1912View
SmithMary Ann Georgina31 December 1912View
SnymanTheunis19 December 1912View
SmithJames20 February 1913View
StaigerJacob12 July 1913View
ScottGeorge15 September 1913View
SaleBridget Florence18 January 1914View
StockdaleThomas13 July 1914View
SeeberCharles Leopold28 August 1914View
SheltonFredericka Agamina09 July 1915View
StroudCharles Horace07 December 1915View
SteynMargaritta Christina19 April 1916View
ShakerleyAnnie14 April 1917View
ScottMary Ann04 April 1918View
Somers-AndrewsZita09 July 1918View
SealeWilliam Thomas29 October 1918View
SmithPiet23 September 1919View
ShakespeareRichard11 October 1919View
SampsonMavis Clare03 July 1920View
ScanlanWilliam Ross07 August 1920View
SharpHenry12 June 1922View
SugdenBeatrice Helen23 February 1923View
SurmonSusanna16 October 1923View
SmithH. Christie26 October 1923View
SurmonSarah Ann10 December 1923View
SlaterFlora Elizabeth19 March 1924View
SmithJessie Caroline09 August 1924View
SurmonJohn12 October 1924View
SmithMelville15 October 1924View
SansomErnest Walter04 October 1925View
SimonJoseph Jones02 March 1926View
SeeberMrs. W.??View
SmithClarice Evelina4m, 7dView
StaplesMargaret Lillian05 May 1900View
SmithCecil Melville01 October 1902View
SimmonsEthilda Duodesima10 July 1906View
SmithJohn Guybon27 February 1908View
SullivanChristopher Amory27 February 1907View
SullivanFanny Blanche23 March 1907View
Saunders (Nee Lambert)Charlotte Annie04 July 1912View
SutherlandGeorge20 January 1913View
SaundersMillicent A.07 October 1911View
SkenjanaKlaas06 March 1913View
SaundersSusan10 March 1917View
SmithAlthea Catherine29 November 1915View
StaffordThomas Edward01 April 1928View
SolJohn16 January 1929View
ShoreWilliam21 October 1929View
SutherlandJoan Doris12 March 1931View
SucklingFrancis Earle11 November 1931View
SchroederFrederick William28 June 1932View
StaplesFrances Marian27 September 1932View
SchroederFrederick William03 February 1934View
SansomJames Essen09 September 1936View
SutherlandJeanie08 August 1939View
SmithWilliam Lumsden18 October 1942View
SchroederElizabeth Broster27 June 1943View
SmartAlice Maude10 December 1946View
SchwarzMolly Irene25 February 1947View
SamsonSarah Jane08 October 1947View
SparksMary Kathleen27 June 1948View
SuterAlbert Edwin05 August 1948View
SutherlandAlice Mary22 January 1949View
SchwulstBernard Eric13 April 1949View
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