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Surname Names Date of Burial View
UsherWilliam Henry14 June 1876View
UsherLydia Ann3 August 1878View
UsherRhoda Ann11 September 1878View
Utetani??31 December 1860View
UmliliEliza12 December 1891View
Unozikili??17 February 1913View
Unknown??31 May 1936View
Unknown??26 July 1936View
UnknownUnknown woman02 September 1911View
UnknownUnknown23 October 1861View
UnknownUnknown24 October 1861View
UnknownUnknown8 November 1861View
Unknown Unknown child??View
UnknownUnknown Pvt.20 February 1877View
UptonOtee Mary Christina17 March 1825View
UptonWilliam2 September 1850View
UrquhartEmily Isabella18 December 1910View
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