Eastern Cape Burials Search : V
Surname Names Date of Burial View
Van RooyenIsaac9 November 1860View
Van Der MerweLouisa Elizabeth12 July 1894View
VenterPieter Jacobus14 September 1896View
ValtinRachel8 March 1897View
Van Der DeckenEmma25 December 1901View
Van DigglenLauncelot Bosch22 November 1908View
VerceuilFrancina J.28 September 1909View
VogesCatharina Petronella J.07 November 1916View
Van RooyPiet11 November 1918View
Van Loggerenburg (Nee Smith)Alice Marian29 July 1929View
VenterLynne Gerritt22 February 1934View
VercueilHenry David Samuel01 July 1941View
VorsterViolet27 February 1859View
Van StavarenJacob10 October 1861View
Von BroembsenHermann4 February 1863View
VercueilRebecca Margaret Jane15 March 1873View
ViceJessie Clara16 August 1878View
Von KleistMargaret20 March 1895View
Van Den HeeverThelma18 May 1896View
Von KleistCatharina Johanna19 February 1901View
VigursThomas Etches7 April 1873View
VennWilliam Henry Bauman16 November 1875View
VennWilliam22 February 1879View
VennJohn Francis Stanley7 October 1879View
ViceCharles21 June 1850View
ViceAlfred Henry1 July 1851View
Van WykHenry13 January 1899View
Van WykWilliam20 May 1899View
Van NiekerkJ.24 July 1897View
Van Der MerweChristina Magdelina29 September 1897View
Van WykeHenry14 January 1899View
Van SittertPeter3 April 1899View
Von WykeWilliam26 May 1899View
Van WickHendrick08 August 1902View
Van HeystFrederick de Vries07 March 1903View
Van WykSarah26 August 1903View
Van WykJohanna04 August 1905View
VulingJohn10 September 1905View
VessilVictor06 October 1905View
Van Der MerweHester Johanna04 July 1906View
Van LooPaula H. Sluytermas07 February 1908View
Vowles?Thomas Arthur09 June 1910View
VorsterBarend22 April 1911View
ViljoenJohannes Hercules23 May 1911View
VorsterLukas Martha26 November 1912View
VincentJohn Ranulph12 May 1914View
VenterEva Cecilia19 May 1914View
Van Der RietJessie Dand28 January 1915View
VoslooMichael Jacobus24 December 1915View
Van Der RietThomas Barry25 August 1916View
VogesWilliam Thomas05 July 1923View
Van Der MerweJan A.08 September 1923View
Van Der MerweDaniel12 March 1925View
Van RyneveldJohn Joachim20 July 1901View
Van Ryneveld??09 February 1903View
Van De BergAnnie C. M.12 August 1910View
VogtsMarie Adelaide29 January 1917View
Van Der MerweMale infant of A. M.16 December 1922View
Van Der LingenAngelina E. M.25 January 1927View
VercueilVera Kathleen14 February 1934View
VogtBertha01 October 1934View
Van Der WesthuisWillie Petrus07 August 1936View
Van ZylLeslie John14 January 1941View
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