Eastern Cape Burials Search : W
Surname Names Date of Burial View
WoodWilliam George2 July 1859View
WillowsFanny Elizabeth8 March 1862View
WelchJames12 April 1872View
WoodIda Victoria22 April 1874View
WestJames12 August 1882View
WebbArthur5 May 1885View
WhittalStanley Gordon30 December 1887View
WhittalOwen George12 December 1889View
WebbGeorge31 January 1890View
WestHenry17 December 1901View
WhitakerThomas H.16 April 1920View
WinterJames Parker Winter09 March 1930View
WorrallJames Vincent Townsend10 October 1930View
WhiteMabel Rose02 January 1938View
WayEffie30 October 1950View
WakefordMontague Cecil26 August 1953View
WelschIsabel Duncan22 June 1956View
WebsterCharles Henry19 April 1957View
WakefordGladys Frances06 October 1962View
WatersPhillip Edward John02 February 1963View
WorrallAlbert Worrall13 July 1970View
WatersAnnie Mary18 March 1972View
WorrallAda E.28 January 1976View
WakefordArthur Gerald31 May 1980View
WardHenry John01 April 1981View
WedderburnDoreen06 July 1984View
WebsterBeatrice Marion Hatton19 July 1984View
WhittleThomas21 November 1858View
Williams??20 April 1859View
WhiteWilliam5 December 1860View
WinsonRobert Bixby2 August 1864View
WrightJohn14 September 1865View
WaltersHenry8 April 1866View
WagnerAmelia Augusta Wilhelmina10 July 1870View
WagnerMabel Alice1 December 1877View
WessonFrederick John18 April 1878View
WessonAnne24 March 1884View
WalkerFlorence Gladys20 June 1884View
WagnerChristina6 October 1884View
WellsGeorge Thomas8 October 1884View
WagnerChristian William James15 November 1884View
WellsJames Frederick5 December 1884View
WellsEllen?? November 1885View
WynneGladys Vaughan4 July 1894View
WarrenBenjamin28 September 1895View
WardFrancis2 March 1896View
WessonJames Stuart28 March 1896View
WentzelAnna13 November 1896View
WrightBenjamin9 April 1897View
WhiteRichard H.15 April 1900View
WebbAnnie08 October 1900View
WoodEliza14 August 1901View
WebberChild of Arthur01 November 1901View
WinterbachCharles Phillipine04 August 1902View
WatsonAlbert Edward Lawrance15 May 1906View
WestonJames05 February 1911View
WattsPhilip Richard16 April 1913View
WykJohanna Maria02 October 1913View
WessonDaniel Edward J.25 October 1918View
WhittalWalter Clayton02 March 1921View
WiddowsCaroline01 November 1921View
WessonM. Y.08 June 1922View
WilsonThomas Henry20 August 1923View
WatsonBeatrice Rosie20 September 1924View
WilsonNorman Straffen02 December 1924View
WrightWilliam Draper02 February 1925View
WessonFanny18 March 1926View
WoodJoseph Charles04 December 1926View
WilliamsPambeni11 April 1927View
WeimersFrancina18 September 1928View
WilliamsDampie12 July 1929View
WaldeckCaroline01 May 1934View
WessonWilliam30 April 1935View
WitinaartJan01 November 1937View
WillanThomas5 August 1859View
WearnGertrude Catharine17 March 1871View
WardhaughJames4 June 1875View
WoodfordViolet Lydia Ashley7 February 1885View
Weeks (Boy)??18 May 1887View
WestwoodJohn18 February 1901View
WarnerThomas George26 April 1901View
Walters?? (Trooper)14 June 1901View
WhiteEdith Annie26 August 1901View
WatsonA.26 January 1902View
WalkerGeorge Christopher Colin10 April 1902View
WeimarAdam12 August 1902View
WhiteJohn James09 May 1904View
WarnerN. L.28 June 1904View
WatsonAnnie Maud14 June 1905View
WeimarMuriel24 July 1905View
WaldburgerCharles18 September 1911View
WeberEdward Austin23 January 1912View
WilhelmCharlotte Elizabeth27 May 1912View
WelshGeorge24 August 1912View
WerdmullerElizabeth J. C.05 September 1912View
WilhelmMartha Elizabeth19 October 1914View
WareWilliam30 November 1920View
WoodsWilliam11 December 1859View
WebbJames22 February 1862View
WalkerThomas12 April 1863View
WeirMary Ann31 May 1863View
WallisWilliam Lovell Heathcote22 August 1863View
WilsonJames19 March 1864View
WalkerIsabella Janet10 November 1866View
WilsonMargaret Annie19 June 1868View
WildSidney William22 October 1868View
WrightAnn Walker3 December 1868View
White??14 April 1873View
WilsonJohn Dawson21 January 1874View
WarringtonW. T.17 January 1875View
WelbyMary20 May 1875View
WebbEdith Mabel13 May 1876View
WinterJoseph16 August 1876View
WestfieldHarry22 January 1877View
WrightWilliam George23 January 1877View
WalkerGeorge, Capt.18 May 1877View
WycheHenry Herbert4 October 1878View
WhiteAnnie Beatrice2 December 1879View
WebsterHenry21 June 1824View
WildeRobert18 March 1825View
WyattHenry Gilbertson23 September 1825View
WillettGeorge16 January 1849View
WhiteGeorge James 22 February 1849View
WildMary10 June 1851View
WilkieWilliam13 August 1851View
WestonElizabeth Agnes21 September 1851View
WillowsCaroline24 September 1851View
WarrenAnnie Maria Ellen16 November 1913View
Warren, Sr.Thomas Howlett30 January 1915View
WarrenGladys Beatrice6/??/??View
WarrenJemima Susan04 January 1933View
WebsterFrances Jane10 August 1878View
WooldridgeJames9 February 1879View
WebsterWilliam Albert1 August 1879View
WhiteWilliam James27 May 1879View
WhiteElizabeth Jane7 February 1880View
WillowsHarold Samuel13 December 1879View
WillowsEthel Jane17 December 1879View
WilliamsonJohn E., M.D.3 August 1880View
WinterGeorge Edward4 July 1881View
WatchamMary18 June 1885View
WhiteMary17 May 1888View
WhiteRichard2 October 1888View
WebsterWilliam31 December 1891View
WallisDaisy Merlyne1 January 1891View
WrightGeorge Archibald4 August 1892View
WebsterBenjamin Robert7 November 1893View
WallisIsabel25 August 1894View
WatsonMaggie14 June 1896View
WebsterGeorge Robert14 January 1896View
WallAlexander18 February 1896View
WellsHenry Edward15 October 1898View
Wewege?Maria Margarita13 August 1900View
WebsterEmma S.16 October 1901View
WillAlbert Edward08 March 1902View
WaltersLeslie Gordon10 January 1903View
WinterSarah10 March 1905View
WoodLois Sarah21 May 1906View
Whitnall??18 June 1906View
WiseAlfred James02 July 1906View
WiseGeorgina Jaine30 March 1908View
WilkieJohn08 October 1909View
WebbThomas Edward08 November 1909View
WhiteOlive Mary31 May 1889View
WestEmily Margaret12 March 1897View
WaltonJabez Bunting7 August 1897View
WinshipMark Thomas9 July 1897View
WaltonJabez Bunting7 August 1897View
WhiteGeorge29 January 1898View
WaylandCaroline A.28 May 1898View
WelfordEmma22 January 1898View
WimbleClarice Merlyne25 January 1898View
WhiteGeorge29 January 1898View
WallaceConnie Noel29 May 1898View
WrightAnne Amelia Isabella19 June 1898View
WebsterMarie Teresa6 July 1898View
WellsHenry Edward15 October 1898View
WillsonRobert3 January 1899View
WebbSarah Jane19 April 1899View
WarnerMabel E. D.30 December 1899View
WasserfallHarry M.05 March 1900View
WilieElizabeth16 February 1900View
WarrenPhilip Thomas William19 April 1900View
WestSarah Hutchinson08 September 1900View
WallenAugust William17 September 1900View
WomburgFloris Johannes07 September 1900View
WallisGeorge Alfred05 October 1900View
WinnyRose Hannah28 October 1900View
WinchHenry William02 January 1901View
WardJohn14 January 1901View
WebbHenry James09 July 1901View
WinfieldAlbert14 August 1901View
WebsterEmma S.16 October 1901View
WhyteAlexander24 February 1902View
WilliamsRobert August Lloyd28 November 1902View
WatsonAnnie Elizabeth16 June 1903View
WhitnallAlfred Stokes29 June 1903View
WalkerDavid11 September 1903View
WiseEdwin07 November 1903View
WomersleyEdward Cayzer10 November 1903View
WellfareJane13 December 1903View
WillcoxJohn Syms24 May 1904View
WoodmanFrancis George26 August 1904View
WrightArthur J.06 December 1904View
WaughCharles Edward03 April 1905View
WallerMary Jane01 November 1905View
WalkerFrederick Evelyn24 November 1905View
WebbElizabeth Emma01 February 1906View
WilmotJoseph Edward01 October 1906View
WebberHenry Born, the Rev.10 March 1908View
WatersWilliam29 April 1908View
WereEdward Kennet09 May 1908View
WoodFrances Elizabeth Cotterell26 September 1908View
WatsonWilliam30 November 1908View
WeirMargaret Park25 October 1909View
WallaceJames24 January 1910View
WalkerJames Williamson30 April 1910View
WessonIvy01 February 1911View
WanlessGeorge03 February 1911View
WrightAdolphus Henry22 April 1911View
WhiteMary Jane30 April 1911View
WhiteFrederick27 May 1911View
WilbrahamHarry Walter25 October 1911View
WillowsEdwin19 June 1912View
WatsonEllen Jane10 July 1912View
WinterGothile20 September 1912View
WatsonAlfred Albert26 November 1912View
WebbJohn17 January 1913View
WoolardGerald11 June 1913View
WeckeJohan Albert14 September 1913View
WoodrooffeHenry Reade04 October 1913View
WitterBenjamin James02 January 1914View
WessonMarian17 May 1914View
WhittalFrank10 April 1914View
WoodrooffeElizabeth Marion08 July 1914View
WillettMaria12 July 1914View
WrightJohanna Sophia17 September 1914View
WensgerterHeinrick W. F.16 December 1914View
WilsonThomas23 December 1914View
WatsonJohn Morfit08 February 1915View
WhiteMary Ellen19 February 1915View
WhitbooiJacob13 March 1915View
WaltersCharles06 March 1915View
WaltersAlice Martha01 October 1915View
Whitnall??06 January 1916View
WestHerbert George26 January 1916View
WoodEleanor K. W.31 August 1916View
WrightJohn Edward02 October 1916View
WalkerJ. W.16 March 1917View
WaltonGeorge Henry27 May 1917View
WhinfieldJessie Isabel28 November 1916View
WallaceGeorge Gough25 May 1918View
WrightThomas Mason10 July 1918View
WentworthSarah A. R.29 June 1919View
WatsonWilliam24 July 1919View
WessonRobert William08 August 1919View
White??17 January 1920View
WaltersRobert23 January 1920View
WallisMay30 October 1920View
WilliamsLouisa26 November 1921View
WardThomas24 January 1922View
WelsfordThomas G.11 July 1922View
WynnePercy Williams27 September 1922View
WrightMarjorie Avis09 June 1923View
WoodrooffeGeorge Borries09 November 1923View
WoodHarriet Jane13 March 1924View
WilliamsCharles22 August 1924View
WatsonKelly Kathleen Isabel29 December 1924View
WhitnallAlfred Samuel24 August 1925View
WilliamsCharles Henry22 October 1925View
WarrenGertrude6 January 1890View
WarrenGertrude15 March 1891View
WrightFrances Gertrude13 November 1888View
WynnMrs. (Mrs. W. WRIGHT's mother)??View
WyldeMrs. F. WYLDE's little twin daughter??View
WyldeMrs. Ed. WYLDE's little girl??View
WeberMrs. J. WEBER's baby??View
WatersEvelyn14 January 1892View
WicksGeorge19 October 1892View
WicksGeorge19 October 1892View
WarrenGertrude Winnie15 March 1891View
WilsonDouglas14 January 1899View
WebbSidney Jameson15 March 1900View
WebbErnest01 May 1900View
WeberJohan31 May 1900View
WebbChristopher Evans10 December 1900View
WeberAdolphine Emilie Elise12 February 1904View
WebbNowell Raymond07 March 1904View
WyldeAlfred C.04 November 1906View
WilsonFlorence05 July 1905View
WainwrightDaniel17 October 1905View
WarrenJane13 April 1908View
WainwrightAlfred03 October 1912View
WainwrightJohn henry08 June 1914View
WyldeMary11 March 1915View
WarrenWilliam Joseph08 June 1913View
WhittalSarah Ann25 August 1913View
WyldeFrederick W. F.19 October 1917View
WicksJohn Edward27 January 1918View
WyldeAnn Elizabeth28 December 1915View
WebsterDaphne Frances29 August 1916View
WicksEthel Julia12 November 1918View
WebsterArchie D. Reuben23 April 1919View
WainwrightMargaret Hellen28 August 1919View
WilsonJane31 August 1919View
WarrenJack Gray02 November 1918View
WarrenFlorence Elizabeth08 November 1918View
WarrenDorothy09 November 1918View
Webertheodore B. A.29 October 1922View
WarrenOwen Victor20 April 1924View
WillisDorothy Ethel12 March 1925View
WentzelJan David12 March 1927View
WillardMaud Josephine27 May 1927View
WeberFrancisca Ethel11 October 1928View
WebbMargaret Jane28 July 1929View
WarrenErnest Michael12 August 1929View
WarrenGeorge Joseph16 December 1929View
WyldeFanny Shepperson06 April 1932View
WhiteheadLiza Catherine09 July 1932View
WentzelAntonie Michael31 July 1932View
WarrenVaughan Robert01 July 1934View
WeaverOlga Luise20 July 1934View
WhittalJames William01 February 1936View
WeberEmma Matilda11 September 1936View
WhittalRoland Vivian07 January 1937View
WiggillAgnes16 February 1938View
WhittalEleanor Jane10 May 1938View
WarrenJennifer Winifred06 February 1939View
WebbCharlotte Agnes10 June 1940View
WhittalShirley Winifred07 August 1940View
WhittalAlbert Henry18 April 1941View
WarrenAlbert Herbert26 May 1941View
WyldeCharles Ryneveld28 July 1941View
WarrenElizabeth Hannah06 March 1942View
WyldeDawn15 August 1942View
WarrenIda Miles07 January 1944View
WarrenRobert Oswald30 April 1944View
WarrenGeorgina Caroline08 November 1944View
WyldeFrank Shaw26 April 1946View
WarrenWilliam Robert18 March 1947View
WeaverBaden05 January 1948View
WilsonIvan Frederick Holbery28 February 1950View
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