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Surname Names Date of Burial View
YellGeorge Henry1 July 1897View
YoungsterMaria31 October 1907View
YoungLionel Tristram Meeres06 January 1911View
YoungFrederick Campbell16 November 1893View
YoungAlice Elizabeth30 January 1898View
YendallEdwin Milliner02 May 1901View
YendallAlfred01 January 1904View
YoungGeorge30 May 1884View
YoungmanSamuel31 August 1897View
YoungAlice Elizabeth30 January 1898View
YoungmanCharles9 November 1899View
YoungMaria Stahl10 November 1908View
YeomansCharles29 June 1913View
YoungJames26 May 1915View
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