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INGLESTONEAbraham, Accountant and Auditor, Chartered Accountant (S.A.). (Partner in firm A. & S. Inglestone, 1 ...View
INGLESTONESaul, Accountant and Auditor. Concolidated Buildings, Johannesburg, Chartered Accountant (S.A.). Bor ...View
ISAACSAlder, Accountant and Auditor, Chartered Accountant (S.A.). Born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, in 1882. ...View
ISAACSGeorge, Manufacturer. Born in Sheffield, England, in 1880. Came to South Africa in 1881. Educated in ...View
ISAACSIda. Born in Birmingham in 1887. Came to South Africa in 1894. Educated in Capetown. (Married in 191 ...View
ISAACSWalter (Isaacs Bros. & Co.), Furniture Manufacturer. Born in London in 1874. Educated in England and ...View
ISAACSONCalman, Advocate, B.A., LL.B. Born in Liverpool in 1894. Came to South Africa in 1904. Educated at S ...View
ISAACSONLouis, Merchant. Born in Mitau. Kurland, in 1868, and educated there. Married in 1889 to Sarah Light ...View
ISRAELAaron Jacob, Solicitor (Partner, firm of Israel & During; established since 1908). Born in Prince Al ...View
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