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KAHANIsaac Meyer, Timber and General Merchant. Born in Russia in 1885. Educated at Berne, Switzerland. Ca ...View
KAHNGertrude (nTe Nyberg). Born in London. Educated at Brussels. Arrived in South Africa in 1904. Marrie ...View
KAHNBernard, Grain Broker. Born in Johannesburg, in 1896. Educated at Technical College. Durban. Married ...View
KAHNI. Julius, Solicitor, Commissioner of Oaths, P.W.M. Freemasonry. Educated at Gymnasium High School, ...View
KAHNJacob, Attorney and Conveyancer. Born in Kenilworth, Cape, in 1903. Educated at Boys' High School, W ...View
KALLENBACHHermann, Architect. Born in 1871 in Russ, East Prussia. Educated at College Tilsit, studied architec ...View
KANTORAbraham, Attorney-at-Law, Notary Public. Born in Lithuania. Came to South Africa in 1891. Educated a ...View
KAPLANAbraham, Solicitor. Born in Oudtshoorn in 1888. Educated in Oudtshoorn and Capetown. Married in 1923 ...View
KAPLANAsher, Managing Director, M. Kaplan & Co., Ltd. Born in Kieff, Russia, in 1880. Educated at Kieff an ...View
KAPLANAaron L., Minister of the La Rochelle Hebrew Congregation. Rabbinical Degree of the Mirer Yeshiva. B ...View
KAPLANAbraham Morris, Minister of Religion Jeppestown Hebrew Congregation, and Principal, Jeppestown Hebre ...View
KAPLANBernard, Medical Practitioner, M.R.C.S. (England), L.RC.P. (London). Born in Port Elizabeth in 1904. ...View
KAPLANHarry, Solicitor and Notary. Born in Russia in 1900. Came to South Africa in 1907, Educated at Oudts ...View
KAPLANJacob John, Produce Merchant. Born in Lithuania in 1868, and educated there. Arrived in South Africa ...View
KAPLANMaurice, Wholesale General Merchant. Born in Russia in 1892. Educated in Russia and South Africa. Ca ...View
KAPLANMaximilian William, Medical Practitioner, M.A., M.D., B.Ch. Born in 1897. Educated at Durban High Sc ...View
KAPLANSamuel Attorney and Notary. Born in Russia in 1886. Came to South Africa in 1893. Educated in the Ca ...View
KAPLANSamuel, Merchant (Founder and Partner of C.T.C. Bazaars, South Africa). Born in Pokroy, Lithuania, i ...View
KAPLANZelda. Born in Russia in 1894. Came to South Africa in 1897. Educated at Pretoria. Married in 1916 t ...View
KAPNEKJames Frederick, Director of Companies. Born in Bessarabia in 1881. Educated at Philadelphia, U.S.A. ...View
KARKS.E., Physician, M.D. (Edinburgh), Ch.B., L.M.R.C.P.I., C.T.M. Born in Shavli in 1879. Came to South ...View
KARSTAEDTSchmerl, Produce Merchant. Born in Candau, Courland, in 1877. Educated there and at Yeshiva. Came to ...View
KATZJohn, Wholesale Jeweller, Director of the firm of Katz & Lurie, Ltd.; Director of three other Compan ...View
KATZRebecca, Medical Practitioner, B.A. (Cape), M.B., Ch.B. (Liverpool). Born in Lithuania. Came to Sout ...View
KATZIsaac, Solicitor, Notary Conveyancer and Advocate of Cape Supreme Court, B.A., LL.B. Born in Lithuan ...View
KATZENAbraham William, Attorney. Born in Plungian, Russia, in 1889. Came to South Africa in 1905. Educated ...View
KATZENHerman, Produce Merchant. Born in Kreutzburg, Latvia, in 1873. Educated in Russia. Married to Elsa G ...View
KATZENELLENBOGENHerman, Merchant. Born in Krettinga in 1877. Educated at Mamel and Munden, Province Hanover. Came to ...View
KAUFMANCharles, Medical Practitioner, M.B., Ch.B. (Liverpool), B.A. (Capetown). Born in 1904. Educated at S ...View
KAUFMANOscar, Merchant. Born in Roumania, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1900. Married in 1910 ...View
KAUMHEIMERBernard, Merchant. Born in Germany in 1877, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1894. Marrie ...View
KAVONICKAbraham Benjamin, Managing Director, Barney Miller, Ltd., Merchants, Potchefstroom. Born in Sheffiel ...View
KENTRIDGEMorris, Solicitor. Born in Lithuania, Russia, in 1881. Eldest son of Rev. Wolfe Kentridge (Kantrovit ...View
KERBELIsaac (I. Kerbel & Co., and Algoa Cement Industries), Timber Merchant and Joinery Manufacturer. Born ...View
KESSELBenjamin, Chartered Accountant (S.A.). Born in Johannesburg in 1892. Educated at Konisberg, Germany, ...View
KESSELSolomon, Merchant and Manufacturer. Born in Shavly, Lithuania in 1864. Educated Shavly Gymnasium. Ca ...View
KEYSERJohn, Industrial Underwriter and Director of Companies, and Founder of the Parent Corporation Limite ...View
KIRSCHSimon, Director of Ackerman's, Ltd., Merchant. Born in London. Educated at Jews' Free School, London ...View
KIRSONBenjamin (Wholesale Clothing Manufacturer). Born in Russia in 1898. Came to South Africa in 1902. Ed ...View
KIRSONHarry, Hotel Proprietor, Mount Ayliff. Born in Russia in 1891. Educated there and in South Africa. C ...View
KLOTZJoseph, Attorney and Notary. Born in Rutiva near Plungian, Russia, in 1898. Arrived in South Africa ...View
KOGANFrederick, Dental Surgeon, L.D.S., R.C.S. (England). Born in Capetown in 1899. Educated at South Afr ...View
KOONINDr. Alfred J., Dental Surgeon. Holder of Kchakov Diploma, D.D.S.I.U. (Khar.). Born in Minsk, Russia, ...View
KOPEGodfrey Samuel, Stockbroker. Assoc. Inst. M.M. (London), B.Sc. (Mining) Cape. Born in Sydney, Austra ...View
KORBFJacques, Diamond Manufacturer. Born in Libau in 1881. Educated at Libau and at KView
KOSSUTH-SIERADZKIHilda. Born in Kroonstad in 1882. Educated in South Africa and Brussels. Married in 1905 to Samuel A ...View
KOTTLERMorris, Wholesale Merchant. Born in Kupeshek, Lithuania, in 1872, and educated there. Married in 189 ...View
KOWARSKYNoah, Produce and General Merchant. Born in Malat near Vilna. Russia, in 1871. Educated at Vilna. Ma ...View
KOZINSKYAbraham, Wholesale Tobacconist. Born in Poland in l892 and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1 ...View
KRAMERLeopold, Governing Director, Castle Wine and Brandy Co., Ltd., Director of Companies. Born in Courla ...View
KRAMERMorris, Managing Director, King Tanning Co., Ltd., Kingwilliamstown. Ex-President of Federated Chamb ...View
KRAMERRobert, Merchant and Wool Broker. Born in Courland in 1853, and educated there. Married in 1878 to J ...View
KRETZMARNoel, Physician and Surgeon, L.R.C.P.E., L.R.C.S.E., L.R.F.P. and S.G., M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E. Educ ...View
KRETZMERNathan, Solicitor. Born in Johannesburg in 1905, and educated there. Postal Address: P.O. Box 4935, ...View
KRIKLERHerman Aaron, Merchant. Born in Telschi, Lithuania, in 1896. Educated in Lithuania and Johannesburg. ...View
KROOMERHessel, Produce Merchant. Born in Kreitzburg, Latvia, in 1880. Educated at Jacobstadt. Came to South ...View
KRUGERSam, Boot Manufacturer. Born in Warsaw in 1879, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1895. Ma ...View
KUPERSimon, Advocate, B.A., LL.B. Born in Johannesburg in 1906. Educated at Jeppe High School, University ...View
KUPERIsrael, Solicitor, J.P. (I. Kuper & Co., Estate Agents, etc.). Born in Kovno, Russia, in 1883. Educa ...View
KUPERMorris, Director of Companies. Elder son of late Chaim Kuper. Born in Lithuania in 1875, and educate ...View
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