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NATHANEmile, Barrister, K.C., J.P. Chevalier, Consul for Greece. Born in Graaff-Reinet, Cape Province, on ...Click Here to View More
NATHANDr. Manfred, K.C., M.A., LL.D., Barrister, Middle Temple; Advocate of the Supreme Court of South Afr ...Click Here to View More
NESTADTMorris, Estate Agent (Partner in firm of George Rennie & Cc. ), Commissioner of Oaths. Born in Johan ...Click Here to View More
NATHANHarry, Solicitor. Born in Capetown in 1903. Educated at South African College and Capetown Universit ...Click Here to View More
NEWSTEADReuben, Director of N. & F. Baking Company, Claremont. Born in Russia in 1883. Came to South Africa ...Click Here to View More
NICHOLAEFFNicholas, Musician and Noted Teacher of Violin. Born in Riga, Latvia, in 1878. Educated at Petrograd ...Click Here to View More
NORRISCharles Kalmen, Accountant and Auditor; Principal, Johannesburg Business College; Chartered Accounta ...Click Here to View More