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OBELLouis Theodore, Architect, Member of Institute of South African Architects, M.A.A. (London). Born in ...View
OBLOWITZRaphael, Wholesale Merchant. Born in Kovno in 1881. Educated in Russia. Came to South Africa in 1902 ...View
OCHBERGIsaac, Timber Merchant; Commissioner of Oaths. Born in Uman, Kieff, Gub., Russia, 1879, and educated ...View
OPPENHEIMERSir Ernest, Kt., M.L.A. for Kimberley. Chairman, Anglo American Corporation of South Africa, Ltd. Bo ...View
ORDMANBenjamin, Medical Practitioner. M.B.,Ch.B. (Honours). Qualified Chemist and Druggist (Gold Medal). B ...View
ORKINAron, Merchant, Director of Orkin Bros., Ltd., Pretoria. Born in Latvia in 1880, and educated there. ...View
ORKINHenry, Hotel Proprietor. Born in Russia in 1894. Came to South Africa in 1903. Educated in South Afr ...View
ORKINNathan, Managing Director, Orkin Bros., Ltd., Pretoria; Merchant in Pretoria since 1901. Born in Lat ...View
OSRINGustav, Wholesale Merchant, Managing Director, Pyramids Trading Co., Pretoria. Born in Johannesburg ...View
OSRINIsaac Woolf on of the late H. Osrin, one of the founders of the Jeppestown Hebrew Congregation and T ...View
OSRINRaphael Barnett, Veterinary Surgeon, Bachelor of Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc.), University of South A ...View
OSTROFSKYMaurice (the late). Born in Odessa, Russia, in 1863. Came to South Africa in 1888. Married in 1898 t ...View
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