Jewish Year Book 1929 Alphabetical Index

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TABACHOWITZMorris (Cohen & Tabachowitz, Sheet Metal Workers), Born in Lithuania in 1879, and educated there. Ca ...Click Here to View More
TABACKJacob Stanley, Dental Surgeon, L.D.S., R.C.S. (Edinburgh). Born in Pietersberg, South Africa, in 189 ...Click Here to View More
TANNENBAUMCharles, of the first of Tannenbaum Bros., Roodepoort (estab. 1898). Born in Pinsk, Russia, in 1870, ...Click Here to View More
TANNENBAUMSamuel Henry, Partner in firm Tannenbaum Bros., Roodepoort (estab. 1898). Born in Pinsk, Russia in 1 ...Click Here to View More
TAYLORRev. Morris, Chazan Shochet and Mohel. Born inYelinevo, Poland, in1881. Educated at Yeshivas. Marrie ...Click Here to View More
TEEGERHenry, Chemist, M.P.S., Commissioner of Oaths. Born in Plungian, Lithuania, in 1883. Educated in Dub ...Click Here to View More
TEPERSONEdith. Born in Kelin, Russia, in 1895. Came to South Africa in 1903. Educated in Oudtshoorn, South A ...Click Here to View More
TEPERSONLipman, Livestock Dealer; Government Contractor. Born in Russia in 1875, and educated there. Came to ...Click Here to View More
THALAlexander, Incorporated Accountant. A.S.A.A. (England), Chartered Accountant (South Africa). Born in ...Click Here to View More
TOKERMax, Attorney and Notary Public. Born in Poneves, Lithuania. in 1897. Came to South Africa in 1907. ...Click Here to View More
TOMSONSam, Sheet Metal Works. Born in Russia in 1888, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1914. Ma ...Click Here to View More
TORBINMax (born Press), Manufacturer of Chemica1 Products. Managing Director of the U.S.A. Product Co., Lt ...Click Here to View More
TRENHerman, Medical Practitioner, M.B., Ch.B., Born in Vryheid Natal, in 1890. Educated at Maritzburg Co ...Click Here to View More
TRENRudolph, Montagu, Dental Surgeon, L.D.S., R.C.S.I. (Edinburgh). Born in the United States of America ...Click Here to View More
TYFIELDLazarus, Advocate, Supreme Court of South Africa, Barrister-at-Law, Inner Temple, London, South-East ...Click Here to View More