Jewish Year Book 1929 Alphabetical Index

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WAINSTEINBernard, Dental Surgeon, D.D.S. (Mich), Diploma State Board of Chicago. Born in Paarl, South Africa, ...Click Here to View More
WAINSTEINHyman Raphel, Auditor and Accountant, Chartered Accountant (S.A.). Born in Johannesburg in 1900. Edu ...Click Here to View More
WALTIsaac, Wholesale Merchant. Born in Wilkemer, Russia, in 1879, and educated there. Came to South Afri ...Click Here to View More
WALTMorris, Wholesale Grocery Merchant. Born in Russia in 1880, and educated there. Married in 1907 to R ...Click Here to View More
WARSHAWMarks, Solicitor, Notary. Born in London in 1893. Came to South Africa in 1898. Educated at Normal C ...Click Here to View More
WAYBURNEIsrael, Architect, Member Institute S.A. Architects (M.L.A., M.C.Q.S), Member Chapter, S.A. Quantity ...Click Here to View More
WAYNICKIsaac, Medical Practitioner. M.R.C.S. (England), L.R.C.P. (London), L.M.S.S.A. Born in Kovno in 1901 ...Click Here to View More
WEILSamuel (Major), Born in London in 1862, son of Louis Weil, of London. Came to South Africa in 1876. ...Click Here to View More
WEINBERGJohn, Medical Practitioner. B.A., M.B., Ch.B. (Capetown). Born in Hopetown, Cape Province, in 1899. ...Click Here to View More
WEINBERGLeo., Analytical and Consulting Chemist (partner in the firm of Dr. L. Heymann's Laboratories), M.Sc ...Click Here to View More
WEINBERGNorman, Medical Practitioner, M.B., Ch.B. (Liverpool). Born in Capetown in 1901. Educated at Christi ...Click Here to View More
WEINBERGReuben, Manufacturer. Past Master Lodge Oe Goede Verwachting, and Past Provincial Grand Treasurer. B ...Click Here to View More
WEINBERGSamuel Joseph, Partner, Standard Shoe Co., Princes Street, Port Elizabeth; also at Durban and Johann ...Click Here to View More
WEINBERGSamuel Joseph, Merchant. Born in London in 1886. Educated in England and South Africa. Married in 19 ...Click Here to View More
WEINBRENNMax, Most eminent violin pedagogue, whose pupils have won many overseas scholarships and hundreds of ...Click Here to View More
WEINREICHJohn Morie (son of the late Mr. A.E. Weinreich, the well-known Zionist and Communal Worker of Kimber ...Click Here to View More
WEINRONKBernard, Handy Furniture House, 65/69 Princes Street, Port Elizabeth. Born in Russia in 1870, and ed ...Click Here to View More
WEITZMANNM.A., Bottle Store Keeper. Born in Libau, Latvia, in 1893. Educated at Libau. As violinist, was prom ...Click Here to View More
WENDELLDr. John, Medical Practitioner, M.B., Ch.B. (Edinburgh). Born in Boksburg. Educated at Jeppe High Sc ...Click Here to View More
WERKSMANHarris, Contractor and Builder. Born in Keidan, Russia, in 1861, and educated there. Married in 1882 ...Click Here to View More
WERKSMANNathan, Attorney. Born in Keidan, Russia, in 1897. Came to South Africa in 1903. Educated privately. ...Click Here to View More
WESSEIKDavid Berel, Director, The Hide and Skin Export Co., Ltd. Born in Lithuania in 1889, and educated th ...Click Here to View More
WESTERMANHenry Bernard, Pharmaceutical Chemist, M.P.S. Born in Capetown in 1899. Educated in Capetown and in ...Click Here to View More
WESTONHarry, Attorney. Born in Barberton in 1896. Educated at King Edward VII. School, Johannesburg. Marri ...Click Here to View More
WILDERLouis, Merchant. Born in Russia in1878, and educated there. Arrived in South Africa in l8935. Marrie ...Click Here to View More
WINERSamuel, Dental Surgeon, L.D.S., R.C.S. (England). Born in London in 1899. Came to South Africa in 19 ...Click Here to View More
WITKINJacob, Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer. Bern in Popelan, Russia, in 1894. Came to South Africa in 1 ...Click Here to View More
WITKINMorris, Medical Practitioner, M.B., Ch.B., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. (Edinburgh). Born in Weksna, Lithuania ...Click Here to View More
WITTERTHarris, Merchant. Born in Lithuania in 1872, and educated there. Married in 1899 to late Sarah Abram ...Click Here to View More
WOLFAngel, Merchant. Born in London in 1874. Educated in London. Came to South Africa in 1901. Married t ...Click Here to View More
WOLFSONPhillip, Auctioneer, Estate Agent and House Furnisher. Commissioner of Oaths. Born in Focsain, Rouma ...Click Here to View More
WOOLFEphraim Benjamin, Medical Practitioner, M.R.C.S. (England), L.R.C.P. (London). Born in New York in 1 ...Click Here to View More
WOLPERTMax, Accountant and Auditor, Chartered. Accountant (S.A), R.P.A. (Natal). Born in Johannesburg in 18 ...Click Here to View More
WOOLFSONMendel (Mannie), Merchant Tailor and Outfitter, Durban. Born in Russia in 1897, and educated there. ...Click Here to View More
WULFS0HNMax, Medical Practitioner. M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., B.A. Born in Kovno, Russia, in 1900. Arrived in Sout ...Click Here to View More
WYSCHIEKWigdor Hirsch, Minister. Germston Hebrew Congregation. Born in Poschnityn, Lithuania, in 1871. Educa ...Click Here to View More