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Jewish Year Book 1929 Search
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CAMINSKYIsidore (Economic Furniture Mart, Ltd., Maritzburg). Born in Poland in 1877, and educated there. Mar ...View Full Biography
CAPLANLeonard, Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer. Born in 1898. Educated in England and South Africa. Marri ...View Full Biography
CARASOVJohn. Born in Preluk. Russia, in December, l888. Arrived in England in 1889. Educated at Wrexham Gra ...View Full Biography
CARNIsrael, Turf Accountant. Born in London in 1861. Educated at Jewish Free School, London. Came to Sou ...View Full Biography
CARTERHarry, Manufacturer and Turf Accountant. Born in London in 1888, and educated there. Came to South A ...View Full Biography
CARPELIsaac, M.B., Ch.B., Medical Practitioner. Born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1897. Arrived in South ...View Full Biography
CARTOONBernard, Wine Merchant (President Wine & Brandy Co., Ltd.). Born in Grusd.Lithuania, in 1878. Immigr ...View Full Biography
CASSELLMoss, Sales Manager, E.K. Green & Co., Ltd. Born in West Hartlepool. England, in 1867, and educated ...View Full Biography
CHARLESHarry, Draper. Born in Liverpool in 1887. Educated at Manchester High School. Came to South Africa i ...View Full Biography
CHASKALSONBenhoved, Director of Transvaal Mattress Co.,. Ltd. & Prop. Born in Kovno (Cilael) in 1860. Arrived ...View Full Biography
CHENIKCarl, Musical Instrument Importer. Born in Odessa, Russia, in 1868. Educated in Odessa and Australia ...View Full Biography
CINAMONAlexander, Principal, Natal Office Appliances Co. Born in Barberton in 1886. Educated at Si. George' ...View Full Biography
CLAFFWilliam Henry, Woollen Merchant. Born in Grubin, Courland, in 1875. Educated at. Hanley, England. Ma ...View Full Biography
CLAINBernard, Dental Surgeon, L.D.S. (Liverpool). Born in Capetown in 1902. Educated at Capetown Universi ...View Full Biography
CLOUTSPhilip Matthew, Advocate Supreme Court, Capetown, Barister-at-Law, B.A. (Cape), B.A., LL.B. (Cantab. ...View Full Biography
COBLENTZAaron Kaddish, Minister of Religion. Born in Kovno in 1903. Educated in London and Johannesburg. Cam ...View Full Biography
COBURNDr. Gerali, Dental Surgeon, D.D.S. (Mich.). Born in Kimberley in 1902. Educated Christian Bros. Coll ...View Full Biography
COGHANBertram, Dental Surgeon, L.D.S., R C.S. (Eng.). Born in Pretoria in 1907. Educated at Marist Bros. C ...View Full Biography
COHENColman Victor, Solicitor. Born in Johannesburg in 1901. Educated at King Edward VII. High School, Ra ...View Full Biography
COHENDavid, Advocate. B.A. LL.B. Born in Porterville Road. Cape Province. Educated at S.A.C.S. and at the ...View Full Biography
COHENFred, Shipping Agent (Fred Cohen, Goldman & Co.) Born New Leads, Natal, in 1887. Educated at Barbert ...View Full Biography
COHENHarry, Accountant, Fellow, London Association of Accountants and of Secretaries' Association. Born i ...View Full Biography
COHENJack Andrew, Merchant. Born in Newcastle, England, in 1879. Educated at Singleton House. Came to Sou ...View Full Biography
COHENJohn Neville, Pharmaceutical Chemist, C. & D. Born in Manchester, England, in 1900. Educated at Univ ...View Full Biography
COHENIsidore, Furniture Merchant. Born in Lithuania in 1894, and educated there. Came to South Africa in ...View Full Biography
COHENJoshua, Dental Surgeon, B.D.S. (Witwatersrand). Born East London, C.P. in 1906. Educated at the Tech ...View Full Biography
COHENLouis, Merchant. Born in Shavli, Lithuania, in 1873, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 189 ...View Full Biography
COHENMark, Drapery Merchant. (Propr. Half Price Drapery Stores Pretoria). Born in London in 1873. Educate ...View Full Biography
COHENMorris Joshua, Specialist in Nervous and Mental Diseases, M.D., M.B., Ch.B. (Liverpool), M.R.C.P., L ...View Full Biography
COHENRev. Moses Isaac, Clergyman. B.A. (Lond.). Born in London, 1876. Educated at Jews' and University Co ...View Full Biography
COHENNathan, Merchant. Born in Plock, Poland, 1885. Educated at Plock and People's Palace College, London ...View Full Biography
COHENSamuel (Cohen & Tabacbovitz), Sheet Metal Worker. Born in Courland in 1877. Educated there. Came to ...View Full Biography
COHENStanley H., Ophthalmic Surgeons' Optician, D.S.O.A. Born in London in 1892. Educated at Ealing, Lond ...View Full Biography
COHNAlfred Louis, Solicitor, of Lincoln's Inn, London, Barrister-at-Law. Born in Briesen, Germany, in 18 ...View Full Biography
COLLEYEdward, Medical Practitioner, M.R.C.S (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (London). Born in Oudtshoorn in 1902. Educate ...View Full Biography
CONNACKIsaac (Prop. Rand Furnishing Co., Brakpan). Born in Kovno, Lithuania, in 1892. Came to Smith Africa ...View Full Biography
COOPERIsrael Aaron (Taitz, Mitchell & Co.), Produce and Grocery Merchant. Born in Russia in 1882. Educated ...View Full Biography
COOPERIsrael, Chemist and Druggist. Born in Memel in 1887. Arrived in South Africa in 1889. Educated at Ma ...View Full Biography
COOPERMyer, Manufacturer. Born in Lithuania in 1877, and educated there. Came to South Africa in 1895. Mar ...View Full Biography
COTTONEphraim Harris, Export Merchant, Justice of Peace. Born in Birmingham England, in 1870. Educated at ...View Full Biography
COUZINAbraham ben Jehudah. Born in Dilef, Poland, in 1868. Educated at Cheder and Yeshivah, being a pupil ...View Full Biography
COWENAbraham, Dental Surgeon. Born in Capetown in l882. Educated at Oudtshoorn, Guy's Hospital, London. M ...View Full Biography
COWENMaurice, Architect, M.I.A., of J.C. Cook & Cowen. Born in Capetown in 1900. Educated in Johannesburg ...View Full Biography
CRANKOWilliam Abram, Chemist and Druggist, M.P.S. (Great Britain). Born in Johannesburg in 1894, and educa ...View Full Biography