St Johns Anglican Church Clanwilliam Baptisms Search : A
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
AbrahamAnna14 April 1925View
AbrahamDavid14 April 1925View
AbrahamJohanna14 April 1925View
AbrahamsDirk11 November 1928View
AbrahamsElsie17 August 1929View
AbrahamsHendrik17 August 1929View
AbrahamsJennette22 July 1928View
AbrahamsSarah22 October 1920View
AbramseElsie Dorothea09 June 1929View
AbramseHendrik Johannes09 June 1929View
AbsolmWilliam30 November 1872View
AdamsAbraham William23 December 1923View
AdamsAdam25 December 1858View
AdamsChristina12 March 1899View
AdamsChristina Magdalena24 December 1916View
AdamsClara Jacoba03 April 1933View
AdamsJohanna07 October 1915View
AdamsJohn Andres19 September 1920View
AdamsMietje13 December 1898View
AdamsSena19 April 1902View
AdamsWilliam05 July 1914View
AdonisAbraham13 November 1910View
AdonisAdonis12 December 1909View
AdonisAdonis Nicolaas24 March 1912View
AdonisAlida09 January 1910View
AdonisAnna11 December 1928View
AdonisCornelia Katrina09 November 1913View
AdonisDamon01 November 1903View
AdonisDaniel12 December 1920View
AdonisElizabeth01 November 1903View
AdonisElizabeth Catharina01 November 1903View
AdonisElizabeth Magrieta03 April 1933View
AdonisFrancina12 December 1909View
AdonisHendrick12 December 1920View
AdonisJacobus08 November 1914View
AdonisJacobus10 November 1929View
AdonisJacobus Hermanus09 January 1910View
AdonisJanetta Margaretta01 November 1903View
AdonisJohannes10 February 1861View
AdonisJuli13 November 1910View
AdonisJuli Lucas22 October 1911View
AdonisJuly Petrus09 January 1910View
AdonisKatrina11 December 1928View
AdonisKatrina Elizabeth09 January 1910View
AdonisPieter Daniel01 November 1903View
AdonisRachel Katrina12 December 1920View
AdonisRachel Maria26 March 1916View
AdonisSamuel11 July 1915View
AdonisSarah Adriana17 December 1911View
AficanderKatrina Willimina03 April 1933View
AfordNicolaas04 August 1912View
AfricaAmerica Samuel06 April 1919View
AfricaWilliam Samuel02 June 1918View
AfricanderElizabeth06 July 1930View
AfricanderJohannes06 July 1930View
AfricanderSusannah06 July 1930View
AfrikanderJacob04 December 1921View
Aierlow25 December 1858View
AllportPercy Hugo12 April 1885View
AmericaAmerica Daniel Africa25 July 1897View
AmineaPetrus Jacobus Johannes24 December 1893View
AndraSMaria19 February 1929View
AndreasElizabeth18 January 1903View
AndrewCornelha03 April 1933View
AndrewElizabeth03 April 1933View
AndrewJacobus Johannes09 October 1898View
AndrewJohanna06 September 1896View
AndrewJohn03 April 1933View
AndrewKatrina01 April 1917View
AndrewKatrina Cornelia01 April 1917View
AndrewMargarita10 April 1891View
AndrewMargrieta Maria Barendina03 April 1933View
AndrewMaria Andrews01 April 1917View
AndrewRobert02 December 1928View
AndrewSusanna Johanna Magdilena03 April 1933View
AndrewsAnna03 February 1899View
AndrewsAnna03 April 1933View
AndrewsAnna Janetta02 July 1916View
AndrewsChristina03 April 1933View
AndrewsFrikkie03 April 1933View
AndrewsJacob03 April 1933View
AndrewsJames03 April 1933View
AndrewsJan Jacobus02 July 1916View
AndrewsJohn03 April 1933View
AndrewsKatrina03 April 1933View
AndrewsKatrina Magrieta03 April 1933View
AndrewsLeah Elizabeth02 July 1916View
AndrewsLouisa03 February 1899View
AndrewsMagdalena03 April 1933View
AndrewsPeter30 September 1900View
AndrewsPiet03 April 1933View
AndrewsRachel03 April 1933View
AndrewsSalina Katrina03 February 1899View
AndrewsSophia Magdalena03 April 1933View
AndrewsVictoria03 April 1933View
AntoncichMarco Antonio15 August 1900View
AprielJacob04 December 1921View
AprielVictoria Elizabeth04 December 1921View
AprilAdam06 October 1929View
AprilAnnie16 February 1902View
AprilAnnie Sophia18 December 1927View
AprilChristy Jeanette22 July 1906View
AprilDora18 June 1922View
AprilEdward27 May 1928View
AprilEzaak18 May 1904View
AprilEzaak25 August 1901View
AprilGert13 December 1920View
AprilHans April25 June 1903View
AprilJacobus24 July 1901View
AprilJacobus Albertus15 December 1912View
AprilJohanna12 December 1900View
AprilJohn06 July 1919View
AprilKuiter Witbooi14 February 1904View
AprilLys12 July 1903View
AprilMagdalena20 April 1924View
AprilMargreta25 August 1901View
AprilMargrita Johanna30 May 1911View
AprilMaria Katrina13 April 1919View
AprilNellie26 July 1931View
AprilSophia Martha04 January 1909View
AprilTroy10 July 1904View
AprilWillie05 June 1927View
AptoerCornelius27 September 1902View
AptoerJantjie27 September 1902View
AptoerJohanna12 December 1900View
AptoerJohn27 September 1902View
AptoerRita26 July 1902View
ArcherStanley Joseph03 April 1933View
ArendsElizabeth Catharina25 October 1903View
ArendseAugust18 May 1904View
ArendseCharles William10 February 1930View
ArendseEva25 August 1901View
ArendseMartha25 August 1901View
ArendsePaulina18 May 1904View
ArendsePeter George03 April 1933View
ArinesSusanna Johanna12 October 1921View
ArriesDaniel Jacobus26 August 1928View
ArriesGert17 March 1929View
ArriesGertrude Frances03 February 1907View
ArriesJacob03 April 1933View
ArriesJohn Christian25 October 1902View
ArriesKatrina09 September 1928View
ArriesMargaret24 April 1932View
ArriesMaria04 December 1921View
ArriesMaria Magdalena Peter04 August 1912View
AtoirJohanna03 December 1916View
AugustEva12 November 1866View
AugustJohanna Eliza02 May 1920View
AugustSophia15 November 1901View
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