St Johns Anglican Church Clanwilliam Baptisms Search : H
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
HainElizabeth18 May 1904View
HAllerMargaret Elizabeth Mary12 April 1863View
HamptonReuben James Napoleon19 May 1901View
HanekamKlaas16 January 1927View
HanekomDinah07 August 1932View
HanekomJacobus03 April 1933View
HanekomJanetta24 April 1932View
HanekomJohanna Katrina Magdelena24 April 1932View
HanekomJohanna Margaret Magdalena03 April 1933View
HanekomRachel24 April 1932View
HankeyChristian William03 April 1933View
HankeyMargaret Elizabeth03 April 1933View
HannekamMartheus Christain04 January 1903View
HardyEdgar Bradfield Hardy19 January 1904View
HardyJoyce22 April 1906View
HartAugust12 December 1900View
HartAugustus William James07 March 1920View
HartCatherine24 April 1932View
HartDeborah15 January 1899View
HartHester12 December 1900View
HartHester24 April 1932View
HartJoseph23 December 1917View
HartLouisa21 May 1922View
HartLouisa12 December 1900View
HartMary Magdalene04 May 1924View
HartNellie23 October 1920View
HartNellie24 April 1932View
HartNicholas Godfrey02 December 1928View
HartSarah14 February 1904View
HartSolomon William James18 July 1915View
HartWilliam24 December 1882View
HartWilliam10 October 1926View
HassellMargrietta Anna14 August 1921View
HawkinsElizabeth Jane19 June 1898View
HawkinsJohn Edward20 August 1903View
HawkinsWilliam Henrich15 August 1900View
HaybittelJoyce03 July 1907View
HayesCyril Beauchamp03 June 1894View
HayesEdmund Duncan Tranchell07 March 1891View
HayneJohannes02 April 1899View
HayneWilliam Jacobus25 August 1901View
HeadNellie Elizabeth21 July 1912View
HectorElizabeth15 May 1921View
HectorJacob15 May 1921View
HectorKatrina15 May 1921View
HectorKatrina04 December 1921View
HeinBerend03 April 1933View
HeinMalia03 April 1933View
HeinRachel Maria Johanna24 December 1893View
HeinValtyn24 April 1932View
HemmesEric Marten01 October 1905View
HemmesJohn Richard Montagu26 December 1909View
HendricksAnna Johanna03 April 1933View
HendricksAnnie Johanna21 October 1900View
HendricksGert03 April 1933View
HendricksHenry John04 December 1927View
HendricksJanette Tabitha *20 September 1874View
HendricksLydia Marie Elizabeth05 September 1915View
HendricksMaria31 August 1926View
HendricksMaria * Elizabeth04 May 1913View
HendricksSophia Mathalena12 October 1919View
HendricksWilhemina Katrina31 August 1926View
HendrickseSophia Maria27 June 1897View
HendriksDavid Thomas18 May 1904View
HendriksElizabeth27 May 1902View
HendriksLouisa26 July 1902View
HendriksSarah Jane27 July 1890View
HendrikseEllen Elizabeth07 March 1909View
HendrikseEmily Maria27 August 1905View
HendrikseFelix *Vertuin22 December 1895View
HendrikseHenry Paulus Martinus26 May 1895View
HendrikseJacob William James01 January 1911View
HendrikseMargaret Maria02 December 1894View
HenemesHarriett Alice Eb?18 August 1907View
HerringsAbraham Johannes04 August 1912View
HerringsAndrew John Jacobus30 May 1915View
HerringsChristina Katrina Mathalena02 November 1919View
HerringsElizabeth31 December 1916View
HerringsEva Johanna20 August 1905View
HerringsGertruida19 January 1913View
HerringsJames William02 November 1914View
HerringsMaria13 October 1912View
HerringsMaria Magdalena25 September 1910View
HerringsNicholas09 May 1920View
HerringsWilliam Jacobus05 April 1908View
HeynMartha06 September 1931View
HeynaMargrita Maria Sophia05 July 1903View
HeynsBooi06 March 1932View
HeynsFlora06 March 1932View
HeynsJacobus06 March 1932View
HeynsMargrieta06 March 1932View
HeynsSophia06 March 1932View
HeynsSophia24 April 1932View
HeynsWilliam06 March 1932View
HienerAlwin Wilhelm Sebastian22 August 1880View
HillElizabeth16 February 1862View
HillMaria Jane14 November 1858View
HillmanGladys Annie11 June 1899View
HilloryWilliam FraserView
HohoJahannes Jacobes03 April 1933View
HohoJohn David03 April 1933View
HohoJoseph03 April 1933View
HohoLilia03 April 1933View
HohoSolomon03 April 1933View
HolenbrachtJohn03 April 1933View
HollandElizabeth25 November 1869View
HollenbergPhilip16 May 1927View
HornerMark Newlyn23 December 1917View
HunterJohn Joseph Christian23 March 1879View
HunterMargarita Johanna Maria09 September 1883View
HunterMaria Catherina Jacoba14 July 1881View
HurkanJohn Frederick06 April 1919View
HuxhamHarry Edward21 April 1924View
HuxhamIona Rhuda19 September 1920View
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