St Johns Anglican Church Clanwilliam Baptisms Search : J
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
Ja(A)NtjiesAlbert07 October 1928View
JaagersSarah16 November 1896View
JaapHarry11 November 1927View
JaarsDavid Jacobus24 July 1904View
JaarsElsie Margreta01 December 1901View
JaarsJan17 January 1897View
JaarsJan16 January 1897View
JaarsJohannes17 January 1897View
JaarsJohannes24 July 1901View
JaarsKatie25 August 1901View
JaarsKatrina05 May 1901View
JaarsLena04 December 1921View
JaarsMaria Sophia18 September 1907View
JaarsSarah03 April 1933View
JaarsSophia07 October 1928View
JaarsSuretta Katrina22 December 1895View
JaarsSusanna17 January 1897View
JaarsZert11 June 1922View
JaasGertruida04 August 1912View
JacksonEdward *Frost Duke14 July 1912View
JacksonJo09h18 January 1931View
JacobSylphia17 November 1858View
JacobsElsie06 November 1898View
JacobsHans25 August 1902View
JacobsJacob Christian06 August 1929View
JacobsJohannes Jacobus03 April 1933View
JacobsJohn21 February 1905View
JacobsKlaas02 December 1928View
JacobsLena24 March 1929View
JacobsNicholas17 September 1930View
JacobsSolomon02 December 1928View
JacobsSophia11 November 1928View
JacobsSusana11 November 1928View
JacobusAnna Helena21 December 1890View
JacobusMentor31 May 1902View
JacobusSophia Katrina21 December 1890View
JagersGertrude03 April 1933View
JagersSophia03 April 1933View
JakobsRegina08 November 1890View
JakobsWillem08 November 1890View
JamesRachel10 November 1928View
Jan TjesVictoria now Kamfir06 March 1932View
JantjesAbraham19 August 1906View
JantjesAlbert24 April 1932View
JantjesChristina10 December 1910View
JantjesElizabeth02 August 1908View
JantjesElizabeth26 January 1908View
JantjesEva Catrina Elizabeth17 August 1890View
JantjesFlora22 July 1906View
JantjesFlora26 January 1908View
JantjesFlora13 May 1919View
JantjesGert19 August 1906View
JantjesGert03 February 1899View
JantjesGertruida05 July 1914View
JantjesHester Margaret Anne20 April 1890View
JantjesJohanna26 October 1919View
JantjesKatrina09 April 1916View
JantjesMargrita05 November 1916View
JantjesMargrita Jantjes13 October 1909View
JantjesNicolaas20 November 1910View
JantjesNicolaas05 November 1916View
JantjesPaul11 October 1881View
JantjesPeter04 June 1922View
JantjesVictoria14 July 1912View
JantjesZacharias Johannes03 October 1880View
JantjiesCatherine03 April 1933View
JantjiesKlaas18 May 1904View
JantjiesMargaret03 April 1933View
JenningsGwendoline Ethel16 February 1890View
JevuCecilia Clarence31 May 1925View
JevuPaulina Vivian07 December 1929View
JoliesMartha03 April 1933View
JonasKlaas Jacobus24 April 1932View
JonkerHendrik Charles05 December 1926View
JoostHans03 February 1899View
JordaanJohannes03 April 1933View
JordanDoreen Thurbin20 December 1910View
JosephAbraham Johannes01 November 1903View
JosephCornelius04 December 1921View
JosephJohanna04 December 1921View
JosephWilliam26 December 1880View
JosterJacob08 June 1920View
JoubertAdriana Maria16 February 1873View
JoubertAnna Elizabeth24 December 1893View
JoubertLeis24 October 1894View
JuliesJoseph17 October 1919View
JuliesMaria03 April 1933View
JuliesPaulus Johannes Andries25 December 1921View
JuliesWillem03 April 1933View
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