St Johns Anglican Church Clanwilliam Baptisms Search : L
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
LabarAdam21 January 1902View
LambertMargaret Elizabeth Frances07 August 1892View
LangeMargrita03 November 1912View
LanieElizabeth18 June 1911View
LaubscherClaudia Iris Brown13 December 1928View
LaurenceAdolph Henry05 January 1886View
LaurenceGeorge28 December 1882View
LeensAmerica07 February 1932View
LeensDina04 December 1927View
LeensDinah20 June 1926View
LeensJohanna03 April 1933View
LennardGert Johannes21 April 1912View
LennartJohn03 April 1933View
LensChristoffel03 May 1914View
LensDaniel23 July 1905View
LensDina Margrita04 January 1909View
LensHannah Johanna20 January 1907View
LensJohanna Katrina01 January 1911View
LensSanna07 November 1920View
LensSarah Cornelia23 December 1917View
LensStoffel19 August 1906View
LenthallMary Rose03 April 1933View
LenxJames Jacobus25 December 1892View
LeslieAgnes Mary13 October 1895View
LewisAnna Johanna16 October 1910View
LewisBenjamin Mathews26 July 1900View
LewisHenry Jacobus21 January 1906View
LewisLisa03 April 1933View
LewisMargreta Elizabeth19 January 1902View
LiddleAlice Muriel17 June 1883View
LiddleCharles Montagu Fryer20 December 1885View
LiddleJoy Constance13 April 1884View
LiddleVera Dorothy24 April 1892View
LindJanetta04 September 1921View
LinertJan06 September 1908View
LinertJohannes26 December 1897View
LinksDina14 April 1925View
LinksGert14 April 1925View
LinksJacob14 April 1925View
LinksLena14 April 1925View
LinksMeas14 April 1925View
LinksTom14 April 1925View
LittleJohanna Maria25 December 1892View
LofFrancina03 April 1933View
LombardWilliam Lawson03 April 1933View
Lonksen (Lopez)Katrina Wilhelmina24 April 1932View
LopezChrissie03 March 1931View
LopezEdward17 December 1929View
LopezFrancis Williams03 April 1933View
LopezGertrude Johanna03 April 1933View
LopezKatrina Elena03 April 1933View
LopezMary Wilhelmina03 April 1933View
LopezR?ie Magdalena03 April 1933View
LordArrie24 April 1932View
LordCecilia Elizabeth04 May 1930View
LordFelah04 December 1921View
LordJohanna03 April 1933View
LordJohn11 November 1928View
LordMagrieta Janetta24 April 1932View
LordMargaret24 April 1932View
LordPaulina26 July 1931View
LordSaul Petrus06 March 1927View
LordWilliam Jacobus02 May 1920View
LortSophia05 November 1927View
LosperAnnie Magdalena01 January 1911View
LosperElizabeth Maria03 August 1913View
LosperJohanna Sophia09 January 1916View
LouisAndreas Mathew17 April 1910View
LouwKatrina Johanna09 August 1908View
LouwKatryn10 November 1872View
LouwMartha Helena09 January 1910View
LowisThomas Henry03 April 1933View
LucasLucas30 November 1908View
LucasMaude Elizabeth Mary Anne02 June 1895View
LuckasSophia24 July 1901View
LudewykChristina24 May 1905View
LudikBettie03 April 1933View
LudikErens03 April 1933View
LudikJohannes Jacobus08 May 1927View
LudikKlaas03 April 1933View
LudikLeah Christina17 February 1929View
LudikMagrieta03 April 1933View
LudikMartha03 April 1933View
LudikMartinus03 April 1933View
LudikMietjie Maria03 April 1933View
LudikMietjie Maria03 April 1933View
LudokArend11 October 1908View
LudokGertrude27 December 1907View
LudokJohanna19 August 1906View
LudokLeah Magdalena12 August 1909View
LudowijkGert11 April 1915View
LundMatthys Gustaaf26 September 1880View
LustyEric John03 August 1913View
LyellAgnes Laura29 November 1885View
LyellAnn Charlotte30 September 1883View
LyellJane Eliza20 April 1879View
LyellMagdalena Phoebe01 February 1881View
LyellMary Susan Jane12 August 1877View
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