St Johns Anglican Church Clanwilliam Baptisms Search : M
Surname Names Date of Baptism View
MJan03 October 1907View
MacgregorJames Gordon30 June 1903View
MacmanusBridget Johanna Maria Catrina20 February 1865View
MaderPercy Lionel29 June 1873View
MagsonGert Gustav16 July 1901View
MainAnieNorma03 April 1933View
MalingwaneEllen Sophia03 April 1933View
MaltonMargirietta27 March 1921View
ManelKatrina Sarah09 April 1882View
ManelPetrus Jacobus01 June 1879View
ManleyJocelyn Merle03 April 1933View
ManuelChristina Louisa13 October 1918View
ManuelMaria Elizabeth11 June 1916View
MaquaziJohannes14 July 1902View
MarchantThomas Fothergill Lightfoot29 May 1904View
MarcusJohannes Nicholas22 July 1928View
MartiniusMargaretha Emma05 April 1896View
MartisieJosiah Charles Johannes03 April 1933View
MathuisMaria03 April 1933View
MattheeDaniel Kawood14 April 1915View
MatthuisSarah Magrieta03 April 1933View
MawbyLilian Maud08 April 1883View
MawbyWilliam Plamer27 March 1886View
MawleyMarylyn Lois03 April 1933View
Mc GregorAgnes16 July 1916View
Mc GregorAnnie Maria22 December 1912View
Mc GregorDuncan22 October 1911View
Mc GregorMathew William Wallace30 June 1907View
Mc GregorWalter James08 November 1914View
MeiringFrederick John Noble21 November 1875View
MeiringMagdaline Mary Johanna05 August 1877View
MeiringMaria Susan04 May 1879View
MentoorSophia Elizabeth03 April 1933View
MeschenSarah16 June 1898View
MeyerDaphne Clara16 May 1931View
MichaelMargaret20 April 1930View
MichaelSana10 August 1930View
MichanLena Katrina27 November 1921View
MichanNichlas Petrus27 November 1921View
MichausMarguerita de Mowbray01 October 1911View
MichielElsie12 May 1929View
MichielKlaas12 May 1929View
MiddletonEthel Lilian Angelique01 December 1912View
MissentJohannes27 July 1861View
MorleyEdna11 July 1905View
MorrisMaria08 June 1926View
MorrisMaria Martha21 May 1922View
Morris (Mooris)Johannes03 April 1933View
MudgeSusannah Maria Johanna Jacoba10 July 1881View
MullerAnna Margarita Francina09 July 1897View
MullerCornelius Petrus03 April 1933View
MullerEllie Dorothea Maria03 April 1933View
MullerJacobus03 April 1933View
MullerKatrina24 April 1932View
MullerPetronella26 December 1897View
MullerPieter03 April 1933View
MzwahuleLucas19 February 1929View
MzwakaliAdelaide03 April 1933View
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