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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
NaitersJacobus26 December 1897View
NeethlingHugh Lorenzo23 December 1883View
NeethlingLauretta Anne05 April 1885View
NelAbraham Dickie Henry22 August 1915View
NelCatherina25 October 1931View
NelCatherine Leah Magdalena19 January 1913View
NelDina Magretha07 March 1920View
NelDora Maria Catherine01 March 1914View
NelElizabeth16 September 1906View
NelElizabeth26 January 1908View
NelElizabeth Margrieta Nel07 February 1932View
NelEva Christina07 April 1918View
NelGert Phillip Tim20 April 1924View
NelJohanna24 May 1905View
NelJohanna Margrita31 December 1916View
NelJohannes Jacobus17 February 1907View
NelJohannes Jacobus03 April 1933View
NelJohn George Jacobus24 January 1909View
NelKatrina Wilhemina12 October 1925View
NelLeah01 April 1917View
NelMaria Katrina05 February 1927View
NelPeter03 May 1930View
NelPetrus Johannes13 May 1912View
NelWilliam Adam17 March 1912View
NellAdriaan03 April 1933View
NellAugust Johannes Jacobus03 April 1933View
NellFertjie03 April 1933View
NellHarry18 May 1904View
NellHarry03 April 1933View
NellHugo09 August 1902View
NellJannetjie03 April 1933View
NellJohn14 May 1902View
NellKatrina07 February 1932View
NellKoos03 April 1933View
NellLeah03 April 1933View
NellSarah03 April 1933View
NellWilliam03 April 1933View
NeroElizabeth09 May 1909View
NeroJanetta14 September 1913View
NeroKlaas26 April 1908View
NeroKlaas09 May 1909View
NeroLena26 April 1908View
NeroLena Christina Margrita25 October 1908View
NeroPiet Anthony25 October 1908View
NeroRachel Wilhalmina25 October 1908View
NeroRosaline09 August 1908View
NeroSarah25 September 1910View
NeroSolomon09 May 1909View
NeroTheresa03 May 1930View
NieuwoudtMargareta Magdalena Gertruida06 September 1896View
NogokokaEnoch03 April 1933View
NogokokaLeah03 April 1933View
NogokokaSarah03 April 1933View
NovemberRobert03 April 1933View
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