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Surname Names Date of Baptism View
OckhuisAnna Jacoba18 May 1904View
OckhuisCornelius22 August 1906View
OckhuisJohn18 March 1917View
OckhuisMargrita06 November 1914View
OckhuisSarah18 May 1904View
OctoberGert06 July 1919View
OctoberIsaac James03 April 1933View
OctoberJohn Peter03 April 1933View
OctoberLena23 January 1908View
OctoberLena04 December 1921View
OctoberMargrietta Katrina Johanna05 May 1921View
OhlssenChristian Olaf Wetton26 June 1913View
OkhuisJohanna18 April 1920View
OlipotJohanna Jacoba Elizabeth07 December 1903View
OlsenSophia12 December 1926View
O'roiJohn19 January 1902View
OrvisGert14 June 1931View
OttoMaria16 August 1899View
OuevierKatrina Christina13 April 1919View
OviesDaniel Johannes16 July 1916View
OviesFrans Johanna17 December 1911View
OviesShilla Wilhelmina17 December 1911View
OviesWillem22 October 1911View
OwiesCathrina18 May 1904View
OwiesJacobus03 April 1933View
OwiesWillem03 April 1933View
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